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Open Arms

Chapter 14

Erin showed each of the team members where they would be staying, the rooms were white and filled with white furniture. She told them to make themselves comfortable while she saw to dinner, refusing any offers of help. Casey grinned to find that the three rooms opened on to one another. The first thing the team did was to open the connecting doors. They all ended up in Casey and Daniel’s room. Sam and Casey were sitting in the middle of the large bed, Daniel stretched out beside Casey, and Teal'c was stretched out at the foot of the bed.

"So, Case…wow, huh?" Sam asked a grin on her face.

"To put it mildly. I still expect to wake up and find all of this has been a dream," Casey admitted. "Teal'c, you haven’t said a thing since we got here. Is all of this for real, or is there something going on that we just haven’t figured out yet?"

Teal'c looked at her, then smiled. "I believe, Casey Jackson, that things are as they appear to be. I see your mother and your father in you. You have many of the same mannerisms as your father. You look very much like your mother. I have no doubt that they are indeed your parents."

Casey leaned forward and grabbed Teal'c’s hand. "Thanks, T. I figured if anybody could spot a fake, it would be you." She sat up again, leaned back against Daniel. "What did Jack say when you told him?" she asked Sam.

"I think he was a bit stunned. But when I told him that he was invited to dinner with your parents, he said, and I quote, ‘sweet’," Sam said.

The team continued to talk quietly, coming to terms with what they had learned during the course of the afternoon, settling into more comfortable positions...not even aware of drifting to sleep.




"Aaron, come look," Erin said softly standing in the open door of the room nearly an hour later. Sam was laying with her head on Teal'c’s chest, Casey was laying stretched out next to Daniel with her feet on the Jaffa’s legs. Daniel had one arm wrapped protectively around his wife, the other thrown over Sam’s legs.

"They are indeed connected at the heart," Aaron said. "I’m glad that our daughter has found her way into such a group. I am also glad that Oma convinced the others to give them Immortality. They truly deserve it. Come, let them rest."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Sam and Teal'c went to the ‘gate to meet Jack, leaving Casey and Daniel alone with her parents. Methos was nowhere to be seen, although Erin assured them that he would be joining them for dinner.

"So, my daughter, tell me about your life, your childhood," Erin said, a smile on her face.

Casey exchanged a glance with Daniel. "My childhood," she said, a frown on her face. She stared at the floor for several minutes. "Let’s not go there, shall we?"

Her parents exchanged a glance, and both knew in an instant that their child had suffered. Aaron’s jaw worked as he stared out of the window, his eyes glistening with tears. Erin simply looked at Casey, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"This is exactly why we wanted to raise you ourselves," Aaron finally managed to say.

Erin reached out and touched him. He took her hand in his. "Well, Framone did us a favor when he destroyed the nursery, did he not? Now all will be as it should have been."

Neither Casey nor Daniel understood what she meant, but before either could ask, Sam and Teal'c came into the room, Jack right behind them.

The gray haired man grinned at Casey. "So, Case, introduce me to Mom and Dad!"

Casey giggled and stood up. She took Jack’s hand and pulled him to the center of the room. "Mom, Dad, this is General Jack O’Neill. OIC of the SGC. My boss and friend. Jack, this is my Mom, Erin, and my Dad, Aaron."

Jack glance down at her, his eyebrow going up. "You’re kidding, right?"

Aaron laughed. "No, she’s not. Unusual, I know. But she’s worth it," he said, winking at his wife.

"O-I-C of the S-G-C?" Erin asked slowly, a frown on her face.

Casey grinned. "Officer in Charge of Stargate Command," she replied. "It’s a military thing."

It was at that moment that Oma walked into the room. She looked from face to face, and then smiled. She walked to stand in front of Daniel, took both of his hands in hers. "When you were sent back to the mortal world, I had no idea that one day you would be my cousin’s husband. I am pleased that her heart has chosen you." She turned to Casey. "We were aware that Framone had ‘programmed’ you, and we watched with great delight as you fought him, refused to accept what he tried to do to you. You have chosen well, little cousin. You and Daniel are our future." She looked over at Sam, Jack and Teal'c. "Once before I told you that the power of your love for one another amazed us, reminded us of our duty to the Innocents. Even as we acknowledged your love for one another, we still didn’t comprehend its depth. We still learn from you. I have been granted the power to do one more thing before I am no longer one of the Ascended." She motioned for Casey and Sam to follow her.

The three women stood in the center of the room. Oma stood between the two blonde women, and placed a hand on each of them, flat against their abdomens. Soft light emanated from her hands. Casey could feel the warmth enter her body. Oma smiled at Aaron and Erin, then nodded her head.

"What did you just do to us?" Sam asked, her own hands on her stomach, still feeling the warmth.

Casey’s eyes grew wide. "You’ve altered our Quickening!"

Aaron smiled. "Didn’t I tell you she was as smart as her father?" he asked, grinning at his wife.

Sam frowned. "Which means?"

"We’re still Immortal, the Quickening will still heal us quickly, but now we can…" she looked over at Daniel, her eyes shining with excitement. "I think we can get pregnant now."

Oma smiled. "Indeed."

"Holy Hannah," Jack whispered, looking at Sam.

Daniel crossed the room and took his wife into his arms. The thought that they could have a family, that he would get to see his child grow inside her, was overwhelming. He pressed his lips against her hair, his eyes glistening with tears.

"I have just one question," Casey asked, looking at Oma. "Isn’t it a bit risky to have children when we’re in the middle of so many battles?"

Oma smiled. "You and Samantha will know when the time is right. When it is, you will conceive."

Jack studied Oma for a few minutes. "If that was the last thing you will do as one of the Ascended, does this mean that you’ll be tossed naked and brain damaged onto some planet?"

Oma blushed, then lowered her head. "As I was an Immortal, and a member of the Immortal Council before I became Ascended, so I return to my Immortality."

"So, no memory loss, no dropping naked anywhere?" Jack asked.

She shook her head.

"Well, at least you didn’t completely wipe Daniel’s memory. Guess we have to thank you for that." He turned away from her and walked over to where Sam stood. "So, kids, huh? Sweet."

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