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No Matter the Time


"...It only takes a minute, girl
To fall in love, to fall in love
It only takes a minute, girl
To fall in love, let's fall in love..."
"It Only Takes a Minute"
The Tavares 



He nervously adjusted his tie. Checked his jacket pocket for the letter. Took a deep breath. Slightly shaking fingers rang the doorbell. His heart began to pound against his ribs when she opened the door, stood looking at him, her deep green eyes filled with curiosity. "Hi. My name is Daniel Jackson. Doctor Daniel Jackson. I’m an archaeologist. I’d…well…this is…I wonder if you would read this please?" He pulled the envelope from his pocket and handed it to her.

"Is this some sort of joke?" she asked softly, taking the envelope hesitantly.

"No, it’s not. Please, just read the letter." His blue eyes were pleading.

She studied him for a minute, then carefully tore open the envelope and pulled out a hand written letter...



She looked up at him. No one could have known about the things written in this letter. The handwriting was even eerily familiar. She looked up at the man again. He was handsome, and his eyes were incredibly blue. She held the door open for him. "Please come in. I think we should talk," she said softly. Why was her heart racing so? Her pulse was beating so fast that she could feel it. As he walked by her she sensed it, that…little something…in the back of her mind that told her that this man was the one she had been waiting for. She closed her fingers tightly over the letter. It was as if she could hear the woman who wrote it telling her that this was right, that he was the one.

His pulse was racing as he moved past her into the small apartment. He could smell the floral fragrance of her shampoo, the scent intoxicating and sweet. He stood awkwardly in the middle of the living room.

"Please, sit down. Can I get you something to drink?"

"Coffee?" he asked.

She smiled. "I can do that."

The kitchen was open to the living room, he watched her as she found the coffee, filled the coffeemaker with water. The jeans she was wearing fit tightly over her hips and ass. The sight was enough to make him hard.

Once she had the coffee brewing, she turned to look at him, her arms wrapped around her slender frame. "So, you’re Doctor Daniel Jackson."

He smiled. "Yep. And you’re Casey Webster."

"That’s me."

They stared at each other for a few minutes. She started giggling. "This is weird, isn’t it?"

His smile broadened. "Yeah, it is. The woman who wrote that letter…well…I was able to spend some time with her. She was someone that I could…did…care about. But she didn’t belong in this time. She was able to go home, but before she left, she wrote that letter, told me where to find you."

Casey pulled her lip between her teeth. "She knew some things that nobody knows, I mean nobody!"

"That’s because she is you…just in an alternate timeline," he explained.

"Okay. I’ll accept that for now." She knew instinctively that this man wouldn’t lie to her.

He glanced at his watch. "Would you like to go out for dinner? With me, I mean."

She smiled at his nervousness. "I think I’d like that very much. Let me change, it won’t take long. Coffee’s ready. Mugs are in the cupboard by the sink. I’ll be right back." She disappeared into what looked to be a bedroom.

Daniel grinned and went into the kitchen, found a mug, poured coffee into it, took a sip. She made really good coffee. He sat back down on the sofa, looked around. There weren’t any family pictures out, just one of her with two other women. The place was neat and clean, if not expensive. He sipped more of the coffee. Thought about Casey…not the one in the bedroom changing, the other one, from the future alternate universe. She had been right about Sha’re. It had been hard to watch her held as a prisoner once they had found her on Abydos. And when they located the Tok’ra, those people had been surprised…shocked actually…that SG-1 had approached them. They had been reluctant to help at first. When the team had finally managed to get Sha’re to them, the Goa’uld inside her had known it was going to die, so in anger took the innocent woman with it. He had been hurt, deeply hurt. Even so, Casey had filled his thoughts often. It was only after going back for the one-year remembrance ceremony that he had thought about the letter, and of seriously trying to find the Casey Webster of this timeline. It hadn’t been difficult to locate her. It had been difficult to get the courage to come and meet her.

She came out wearing a short black skirt and a deep green blouse. Her hair was pulled back, held by two tortoise shell combs, and she had put on eye shadow and lip-gloss.

His breath caught in his throat as he looked at her. "You look…you’re so beautiful," he said softly.

She blushed and lowered her eyes. "Thank you."

He stood, held out his hand.

She put her fingers against his long, strong warm ones, felt them close around her hand. It felt so…right. She smiled up at him. Just when she had convinced herself that she would never find the right man, he showed up on her doorstep. She silently thanked the woman who had written the letter. She knew, somehow, deep in her heart, that this man was going to be a part of her life for as long as she lived.

He opened the door of the rental car, held her hand as she settled onto the seat. She looked up at him and flashed that amazing smile, he felt his knees go weak. As soon as he was in the seat beside her, he felt her fingers on the sleeve of his jacket.

"This is really…forward of me…and I’m not usually this forward…but…" she leaned over and kissed his cheek. He smelled so damn good! His skin tasted good against her lips, her tongue.

He gasped slightly at her touch. Turned his face toward her, let his hand find its way to the nape of her neck. He pulled her gently towards him, watched as her lips parted slightly, her eyelids fluttered shut. His heart was beating so hard he was sure that she could hear it. His lips met hers, tentatively, gently. The first taste of her was enough to send his body rocketing out of control. He struggled to keep from grabbing her, to keep his movements slow and gentle. He certainly didn’t want to scare her! He slipped his tongue between her lips, tasted her, stroked her, learned the secrets of her mouth. When she moaned softly, and began to tease him, trying to take control of the kiss, he knew he was lost. She owned him now; heart, mind, body, soul.

When at last she pulled away, her body was humming with desire. She had never before felt this way, had never wanted from a man what she wanted from Daniel, never wanted to give a man what she wanted to give Daniel. "I hope you don’t have plans for after dinner," she said softly, a seductive smile on her face.

He smiled back at her. "As a matter of fact, I do."

She started, her smile fading, tried to ease away from him. "I’m sorry, that was very presumptuous of me," she said.

He refused to let her move. "I plan on making love to you, Casey. All night."

Her smile returned. "Good." She reached up and touched his cheek with trembling fingers. "Just so you know…I…uh…I’ve never…"

His eyes widened. "You’ve never…you’re a virgin?"

She nodded shyly.

If he thought his heart was pounding before, now it seemed determined to beat its way out of his chest. "Wow."

"Daniel, I just have to know, do you…feel it…too?"

"Yeah, I do, babe. Destiny. I’ve been looking for you my whole life."

"And I’ve been waiting for you to find me," she replied, her voice a soft sigh, shivering slightly at the endearment he used. It felt so…so damned right!

He smiled, let his hand move to her throat, his fingers caressing her jaw. "I’ve found you, babe," he said softly.

"Yes, you have. At long last." She leaned forward and kissed him again.

Daniel felt her flow into his heart, his soul, filling the empty places, healing the hurts. His Destiny. She was his Destiny. He already loved her more than he thought possible. As her sweet lips tortured him, delighted him, he sent a silent prayer of thanks to whatever gods had brought that other Casey to his world, into his life. He sent a prayer of thanks to her as well.

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