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No Matter the Time

Chapter 8

It was nearing Halloween. Casey was working on the costume that Emily would wear Trick-or-Treating. She was carefully attaching bunny ears to the hood of the little white, footed sleeper. The fluffy tail was already on. Emily was going to make an adorable bunny rabbit.

Daniel was in the den, working on one of the tablets that had been in the stack of artifacts unloaded earlier in the week. He hadn’t surfaced for almost three days. He’d eaten the food she'd taken in to him, and she'd seen him dozing in his chair a couple of times. But she had slept alone for two nights.

She took the final stitches, tied off the thread and cut it. She put everything back into her sewing basket, and put the outfit on the counter. She stretched, then looked at the doors of the den, the light from the room filling the hallway. She smiled. He had worked on that thing long enough. He deserved - needed - a break.

She went into the bedroom, stripped down to her bikini panties, then turned back the bed. The bottle of flavored body oil came out of the drawer. He never even looked up when she entered the den. Moving up behind him, she began to knead his shoulders, could feel the tension around his neck.

He leaned back against her. "That feels good, Angel," he said softly.

"You’re all tense. Why don’t you come lay down and let me give you a massage?"

"I need to get this done," he said, his eyes closed.

She shrugged, pulled her hands away. "If you insist." She started to walk out of the room.

He turned to look at her, saw that she was almost naked. "On second thought," he grinned, dropping his pencil onto the pad he had been writing on. He followed her into the bedroom. Saw the bottle of oil sitting on the bedside table.

"Come here, my love," she whispered, patting the bed beside her.

He undressed, then stretched out on his stomach. She poured a bit of oil on his back, and then began to rub his tired muscles. He hadn’t realized how tense he was, how tired he actually was. Her hands both relaxed him, and sent flames shooting up and down his spine. "That really feels good."

She smiled. "I’m glad. You’ve been working so hard lately…" Her hands worked down to his hips, his buttocks.

"Feeling neglected, Angel?"

"Not really. Well…maybe a little bit," she admitted. She was rubbing his legs now, her fingers digging into his calves.

"I’m sorry."

"Don’t be. I understand that you have work that’s important, that needs to be done. But you aren’t going to do a good job if you work yourself past the point of exhaustion."

She was right. He thought back to his life before her, when he would work hours, days on end, with little or no sleep, existing on coffee and whatever he grabbed when he surfaced long enough to even think about food. Why did it seem that he did better when she made him take a break? Guess it was true that a clear mind worked better. All he knew was that after a good meal, making love, and a good night’s sleep, he accomplished more in a matter of hours than he used to in days. She had let him work, how many days now? Two? Or three? Yep, he needed this break.

Her hands were pushing against him, signaling him to roll to his back. He obeyed, closed his eyes as her hands worked the front of his shoulders…down his biceps…to his forearms…his wrists…even his hands and fingers received her attention. Her fingers toyed with his nipples before she dug them into his chest, massaging the tension out of each and every muscle. She was straddling him, he could feel the heat coming from between her legs, just below his rising manhood. She slid lower, ignoring his cock, but ran her fingers fleetingly through his pubic hair before massaging his thighs.

She gave each foot tender, loving attention. He was nearly asleep, his body relaxed, his mind nearly empty of thought. He jerked awake when he felt her move off of the bed. He watched her strip off her panties, smiled at the sight of her naked body, and the thought of making love.

"Where do you think you’re going?" he asked, watching her move toward the door.

"I’ll be back," she said. She had that smile on her face. The dangerous one.

He nodded, then laid his head back on the pillow. He felt so good, so…relaxed. He hadn’t realized how tired he was…He was half-asleep, felt her climb back on the bed beside him. She began to massage his arms again, moved them up slightly. He heard two soft clicks. She was moving to the foot of the bed. What the hell? He opened his eyes, found her tying his ankles with what looked to be two old ties that he never wore. He tried to move his hands, couldn’t, looked up to see them securely cuffed to the spindles on the headboard. "Casey, what are you doing?" he asked with exaggerated calmness.

She giggled. "Tying you up. Or down, as the case may be."

"Uh huh. Why?"

"So I can have my wicked way with you."

His erection, which had been going down as he dozed, sprang back to life with aching speed. "Pissed off at me, aren’t you?"

She giggled again, shook her head. "No, Sweetheart, not at all. But it just…this chance was just too good to pass up."

He watched as she took a can of whipped cream and began to cover him with it, from his neck to his thighs. Goddamn, that's cold!

She sat back on her heels to admire her work. "Chocolate. I think I want some chocolate syrup, too." She got off the bed, disappeared down the hallway, only to return a few seconds later with a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. She squeezed it on top of the whipped cream, began to giggle again. "Oh, yeah. Just what I wanted. A Daniel Sundae with chocolate syrup."

She stretched out beside him, let her tongue dart out and touch his side. He jumped slightly at the contact. She looked up at him, smiled that dangerous, seductive, mind-altering smile, and began to lick the toppings from his body.

He closed his eyes, her tongue warming his cold skin, driving him crazy. She took her time, licking every inch of him clean. When she finally took his aching shaft into her mouth, he thought he was going to blow right then. Her hands squeezed around him, held off the eruption that threatened. She backed away, kissing, licking his belly, his chest, back down to his thighs. He sighed when she began to lick his cock again, certain that now he was going to come…she opened her mouth, took him in. His hips were thrusting up towards her now, meeting her sweet mouth with every down-stroke she made. Her hand was cupping, massaging his aching balls, the other wrapped around the base of his cock as far as she could get it. He moaned, the sound coming from deep in his belly. He could feel his orgasm building again…almost there…almost … Goddamn it! She pulled away from him, stretched out beside him, her fingers toying with his nipples, a smile on her face.

"You’re so close," she whispered.

"Babe, please…"

She smiled at him. "I know, my love. You want to come so badly…need to come. I just haven’t decided where you’ll do it. My mouth? Inside me…maybe my ass? Hmm…what do you think?"

"I think you’re a sadistic Little Slave intent on killing me," he gasped.

She giggled. Her fingers were moving up and down his chest…to his belly…she wrapped them around his throbbing cock, gently stroked him, keeping him just on the edge. "Love you, Daniel."

"Love you, Angel. Please, I can’t take it…" he begged.

"I just can’t make up my mind…" she said. She leaned over and kissed him. "Then again, maybe I have." She grabbed the bottle of oil, poured some on her fingers, and covered his raging hard-on, her touch so light that it was painful. He watched, his eyes widening, as she reached around and anointed her sweet ass, making herself ready for him. She watched his eyes, gave him that smile again. "You like watching me do this, don’t you?" Her other hand moved to the front of her body. She threw her head back, closed her eyes, let her hands move, bring her own body to the edge of release.

"Sweet Jesus," he moaned, watching her. He didn’t even realize he was pulling at the handcuffs that held him fast on his back.

"Are you ready for me?" she whispered.

"Oh, hell yes," he replied.

She leaned over him, opened the drawer, took out a large vibrator. It was shaped like a real penis, with a large, mushroom shaped head and wide veins. It was the largest that she could get in this particular style, came the closest to being the same size as he was. The fact that it was purple was beside the point.

His eyes went wider. He knew for a fact that she had never owned any kind of…toy. "When…where?"

She smiled down at him. "Lover’s Package online. It arrived yesterday. Nice plain, brown, unmarked box," she replied.


"So I could do this…"

He watched her take the latex toy into her mouth, making it warm and wet. She sighed when she slid it between her thighs. "Case…I’m really starting to hurt here…"

"Oh, Daniel…I’m sorry," she murmured. She was moving the vibrator in and out of her sweet well. She stopped, held it in place, then positioned herself over his body. "You’re sure you want this?"

"Damn it, Casey!"

She giggled again, then eased back, taking him into her tight, hot backdoor.

He groaned as he felt her body take him in. He could feel the base of the vibrator against his pubic hair. "Oh, god!"

She was moving, slowly grinding back and forth against him, then she began to move up and down, raising up until he was barely inside her before pushing back down against him.

His hips were moving, thrusting up hard against her, trying to speed up the rhythm. He couldn’t get the leverage he needed, it was driving him out of his mind. He was so close, his heart was pounding, his chest heaving. "Don’t you dare stop this time," he hissed between clenched teeth.

"I won’t, I promise," she whispered. She watched his face, knew that he was seconds from his release. She reached down between them, pressed the tiny switch that activated the vibrator. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experience before, being full front and back, and the vibrations were about to make her scream with pleasure. As it was a whimper of delight escaped from her lips.

"Sweet Jesus!" he cried out, feeling the vibrations against his cock through the membranes that separated her two holes. The sensations threw him over the brink, his back arched off of the bed, his hips shoved up against her, nearly unseating her. She put her hands on his chest, and began to ride him, the movements sending him completely into oblivion. He emptied himself into her, again and again and again, his body shaking from the force of his release.

"Oh, yes!" She cried, her head thrown back, her own orgasm shaking her to the core. Her fingers were trembling when she reached down to turn off the vibrator. She collapsed onto his chest. She curled her legs against his hips, laid her head against his shoulder, her hands caressing his sides. "Better now?" she asked, once she was breathing normally.

"You do realize I am so going to make you pay for that," he said softly, a smile on his face.

"You didn’t enjoy it?"

"You know I did. You’re still going to pay for tormenting your Master like that."

She giggled. "Oh, I hope so."

Her words made him shiver.

"It’s not my fault, you know," she said softly.

"What isn’t your fault?"

"All the wicked thoughts that come into my head. I look at you, and get so turned on, and then…I just can’t help but think about all the things I want to do to you to make you feel good."

"I do that to you?" he asked incredulously.

"Yep. All the time."

"So where do you get all of these…wicked…ideas?"

"Erotic romance novels can be very…enlightening," she replied.

He laughed out loud. "Guess maybe I should take a look at some of those books," he teased.

She giggled. "Don’t know that you’d find them particularly…interesting." She raised up, gently moved her body off of his. The vibrator was so wet it dropped from her, fell between his outstretched legs. She picked it up, sat it on the table by the bottle of oil. She picked up the key to the handcuffs, released his hands.

He grabbed her, pulled her close, hugged her tightly. "Love you, Angel," he said softly, his face pressed into the valley between her breasts.

Her hands caressed him. "Love you too, my heart." She let him go, eased away from his embrace and untied his ankles. "Bath?"

"Absolutely." He got to his feet, amazed to find himself still a bit unsteady. She had definitely taken it out of him this time!

It didn’t take long to fill the tub. She snuggled back against his chest, the warm water making their skin slick. "You weren’t…uh …what I did didn’t…"

He frowned, kissed her ear. "Babe, how many times do I have to tell, you, nothing that we do together is going to upset me, or repulse me. Just when I think you can’t surprise me, can’t turn me on any more than you already do, you do just that! I love that you do that, love that you like to try new things…like to…experiment."

"So my…toy…doesn’t bother you?"

"No, babe. It doesn’t."

"You’re not mad that I tied you up like that?"

He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close. "I think that was the most amazing thing we’ve done yet. Although I was beginning to think your real intent was to kill me."

She giggled. "You came so hard…it…it was incredible."

"Yeah, it was."

She grabbed the loufa, turned slightly in his arms and began to gently wash his chest. "I love you so much it hurts, Daniel Jackson," she whispered.

"Right back 'atcha, babe," he whispered in return. He kissed the tip of her nose.

When they were laying once again in the bed, cuddled tightly together in the dark, he smiled. He wondered if she would ever cease to surprise him…briefly wondered if one day she would succeed in killing him. He nearly chuckled out loud. What a great way to go. Come back and do it all over again. His arm tightened around the woman he loved more than life, felt her arm tighten around his waist. "Love you, Angel," he whispered.

"Love you, sweetheart," she murmured sleepily.

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