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No Matter the Time

Chapter 6


Sitting at his desk, Daniel slumped with relief. Aaron kept a tight grip on his hand. "Oh, Angel, are you all right?"

‘I am now!’ He could hear the excitement in her voice. It brought a smile to his face. ‘Please tell me you can get me home!’

"I wish I could, babe. Sam’s working on it. But we don’t know exactly where you are," he said, his heart pounding. She was safe, she was alive. All they had to do was find a way to get her home.

‘The Sam here thinks it was a solar flare. We need to know when there will be another one, but…I’m sort of in the past as well as a different time line. It’s hard for them to calculate that far into the future.’

Daniel thought about this for a moment. "Babe, what time is it right now…day and time?"

There was a pause. ‘Daniel? It’s September 14th, ’97, nine forty-five p.m.’

"It’s the same day and time, Angel. Same day and time. Just a different year."

‘Daniel, if Sam can find out when the solar flares appeared in ’97, she can compare them to the one that just happened, she’ll know when the next one is going to happen, and you can tell me-’

"Then you can be on RZ4 329 and dial home at exactly the right time," he finished. He was already picking up his phone. "Hang on babe, I’ll be right back." He hurriedly explained to Sam what he had learned, she assured him that it wouldn’t take long with the new computers to find out about any solar flares in the region of the planet where SG-6 had been.

Aaron sat down in the chair in front of the desk. He knew that he had very little power left; at least that he'd be able to draw on without causing undo 'interest' in his activities. "Daniel, you’ll have to wait until Sam has the information you need to give her. I…I don’t think I’ll be able to do that more than one more time."

The young man in front of him blanched. "I…" He nodded slowly. "I understand." She was alive. She was safe. And they would get her home. He folded his arms on top of his desk, lowered his head to rest on them. One more miracle. That’s all he'd ask for. One more miracle. Because after this, she wasn’t leaving the planet without him. He wasn’t leaving without her. They would work together, or not at all.




In her lab, Sam’s fingers were flying over her keyboard. She pulled up all the data on solar flares that she could find for the galaxy where RZ4 329 orbited, and already had a statistical algorithm program working on the problem. Duncan had already calculated that Casey was down to less than seven hours before entropic cascade failure erased her from existence. She could do this. She had to do this. To lose Casey would cause them to lose Daniel as well. No way was she losing either of her good friends.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey waited, listening for him to talk to her again. A frown creased her forehead. Maybe there was some sort of interference? At least she knew that Daniel was all right, and that they were working on a solution to the problem on that end. She was sure that the Sam in her universe would have more success to find out about any solar flares, the computers on Gamma were the best that could be had, with technology from Langara, Terra, and even Tollan upgrades had been added. Daniel had promised that he would get the information that she needed. He had never lied to her…not when it mattered. He would save her. He was The Chosen. He had always been there for her, he would always be there for her. Would always save her. When she got home, she was never leaving his side again. In fact, it wouldn’t break her heart to never leave Gamma again. He could work on all the artifacts, do all the translating that waited to be done. There was enough to keep him busy for years.

Jack leaned against the worktable where she sat beside Sam. "Casey, you’ve mentioned Immortals. That they were created by the Ancients. Do you suppose we have Immortals here?"

"I don’t know, Jack." She found a piece of paper, looked for a pen or pencil. Daniel handed her his pen. "Here's a planet designation for a planet that we call ‘Immie Central’. It’s also known as Lodonia. There are tablets there that explain about Immortals, and what they were created for. Contact this man," she said, writing down Joe Dawson’s name and where he could be located. "And these numbers are for the Immortals I know about…or did then, anyway… or…whenever," she said with a smile. "Know this, they need to be brought in on everything. Trust me, having them on your side is the best thing that could happen to you."

Jack nodded. "Thanks, Casey. For everything. You’ve probably saved several lives. Most assuredly Daniel’s," he said. General Hammond had already decided that any contact with Kelowna would wait at least a year from the date that Casey had given them.

Daniel watched her, something he had become proficient at in the past few hours. He knew that she was leaving, either through the ‘gate to go home, or…he shuddered. And he was already mourning her loss.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel was pacing Sam’s lab, listening to the whir of the computers.

"Relax, Daniel. We should have the answer we need any time now," Sam said.

"What if there isn’t going to be another flare?" He asked suddenly. The thought had been nagging at him for some time now. Every time it crossed his mind it became hard to breathe, his heart constricted until he couldn’t stand the pain.

Sam smiled. "Luckily, solar flares come in clusters. Usually several within a matter of hours."

"She’s running out of time," he said softly. By their calculations, she had little more than an hour and a half left.

"I know, Daniel," she replied in kind. "But it’s already been several hours since the last solar flare. It’s time for another."

He nodded, letting her words, the confidence in her voice, assure him. "I’m not letting her leave without me. Never again."

"I understand."

"I’m thinking maybe we both need a break for awhile. It’s been a rough couple of years for us. I don’t think I can take much more of this."

Sam nodded. "I understand," she said again. "Jack and I were thinking that we’d like to be home more with Evvie. Teal'c has already been talking to Jack about joining one of the largest rebel Jaffa outposts. He’d like to work with Bra'tac to bring more Jaffa to their side. Just for awhile."

"Maybe SG-1 needs to just take a…an extended vacation from missions," Daniel said.

"I think so, too. I don’t think Duncan will argue."

Daniel looked over at his friend. "I don’t give a damn if he does. Sam, I can’t do this anymore. I…Case and I are emotionally exhausted. We need time to heal…time to just be together, nobody shooting at us, or chasing us, no Goa’uld to pretend to…nobody trying to sell her…" he shook his head. "I just want some semblance of a normal life with her…just for awhile."

Sam stood up and crossed the room, put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him. "Daniel, you’ll get that chance. I promise."

He nodded, rested his head against hers. "I’ll hold you to that, colonel."

The computer began to beep. Sam grinned and pulled away. "That, Doctor Jackson, is the sound of an expected solar flare." She walked over the computer and read the results. "We’re pushing it, but according to all the calculations, there will be a flare in one hour, fourteen minutes and thirty two seconds."

Daniel grinned. "Write down the time for me, I have to find Aaron. He’s the one who helped me get through to her the last time."

Sam nodded, checked her watch, and wrote down the time of the expected flare.

Daniel took the paper, raced to his office. Aaron was still sitting in the chair in front of the desk. He looked worried. "We have it," he said quietly.

Aaron smiled, held out his hand.

The younger man grasped it firmly. "Angel?"

‘Daniel? I was so afraid that something had happened, that you couldn’t get through again!’

"I’ll explain later, babe. I have the time for you. It’s going to be close Angel."

‘I understand.’

"You need to be on RZ4 329 and go through the gate at exactly four fourteen and thirty-two seconds. You have to go through at exactly that time, do you understand? Exactly. It’s three thirty-three and…thirteen seconds here."

‘I understand. Four fourteen and thirty-two seconds. It’s three thirty-three thirteen there. Got it. See you soon my love.’

"See you, My Star. Love you."

‘Love you, Sweetheart.’

"I have to go, Casey. I’m waiting here for you."

‘I’ll be there, I promise.’

He let go of his father-in-law’s hand. The older man sat back wearily. "Thanks, Aaron."

The older man smiled. "You’re welcome, Daniel. She is, after all, my daughter."

Daniel looked at the clock. Forty-five minutes. Not even an hour. She’d be home and safe in his arms in less than an hour.

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