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No Matter the Time

Chapter 5

Casey felt her heart fall to her stomach when she walked into the lab. Sam’s face told her all that she needed to know.

"I’m sorry, Casey, we need more time," Sam said softly, not certain when the young Immortal had awakened. She had been exhausted, and Dr. Fraiser had insisted that she get a little bit of sleep.

"How much time do I have left?" the blonde Immortal asked.

"About seven hours. Give or take a few minutes," the astrophysicist replied.

She nodded. "I’d like to go back to RZ4 329. I’d like to at least try to get home from there. Maybe I’ll get lucky," she said. Her voice was flat, emotionless. She had never felt as hopeless as she did now.

"I’ll talk to General Hammond," Sam said.

She turned to Daniel, who hadn’t left her side since her arrival. "I…I…" Tears formed in her eyes.

He pulled her into his embrace, held her tightly. "Shh…don’t worry…we’ll get you home, somehow, I promise," he whispered. He looked over the blonde head at his friend. "Keep trying?"

"Absolutely," Sam replied quietly.

Jack entered the lab, followed by Teal'c and General Hammond. None of them needed to ask what progress had been made.

"I have a call in to the president. We’re going to get some help from NORAD and NASA on this. We still have a few hours left. We’ll find the answer to this problem," the general said, looking at Casey.

She gently pushed away from Daniel, nodded her head in understanding. "Thank you," she said softly.

‘Casey? Angel? Can you hear me?’

"Daniel?" Casey whirled around. Her heart began to pound, her eyes started to shine. She smiled, hugged herself, not caring that the people in the room were now staring at her.

‘Oh, Angel, are you all right?’

"I am now!" she declared, her pulse racing, the smile lighting her face brighter than any that those around her had seen before. "Please tell me you can get me home!"

‘I wish I could, babe. Sam’s working on it. But we don’t know exactly where you are.’

She dropped back into her chair. "The Sam here thinks it was a solar flare. We need to know when there will be another one, but…I’m sort of in the past as well as a different time line. It’s hard for them to calculate that far into the future."

‘Babe, what time is it right now…day and time?’

She looked at Sam. "What’s today’s date…and the time?

"September fourteenth, nine-forty-five p.m. Why?"

"Daniel? It’s September fourteenth, '97, nine-forty-five p.m."

‘It’s the same day and time, Angel. Same day and time. Just a different year.’

Her mind began spinning. "Daniel, if Sam can find out when the solar flares appeared in ’97, she can compare them to the one that just happened, she’ll know when the next one is going to happen, and you can tell me-"

‘Then you can be on RZ4 329 and dial home at exactly the right moment,’ he finished. ‘Hang on babe, I’ll be right back.’

Casey looked at the faces around her, the light dancing in her eyes bringing smiles to all of their faces. "That was Daniel," she said, giggling.

"So we surmised," General Hammond said with a smile.

"The date and time are the same for both timelines. So he’s going to have Sam check to see when the records show the next solar flare, he’ll tell me, I’ll gate to RZ4 329, and just dial home. It should work. It has to work," she added softly.

Daniel dropped his eyes, lowered his head. So far there had been no luck in locating Casey Webster anywhere near Tacoma, Seattle or Seacouver. That didn’t mean she didn’t exist however. Jack had already started a nationwide search for her. Maybe…just maybe…if she did exist here, he’d…he’d do what? Waltz into her life and say ‘here I am, love me’? He glanced up at the beautiful blonde sitting beside Sam. How could he have fallen in love with this woman in just a matter of hours? How could he so easily forget Sha’re? Forget? No, he hadn’t forgotten. He was just finally facing reality. He would always remember her. Always cherish the year that they had together. A part of him would always love her. He glanced at Casey again, saw that she was watching him. He suddenly felt as if she knew exactly what he was thinking, as if his very soul was laying open before her. It wasn’t a bad feeling at all.

Casey watched his eyes. She had seen the flashes of love, of desire. So familiar, yet, different. There were differences in this Daniel; he wasn’t quite as sure of himself, not nearly as…bold, as her Daniel was. Her Daniel had been in the SGC longer, had suffered more by the time they had met. Still…she thought about where she had been in 1997…she had quit school, was living in…"Bellingham!" she said out loud. Although there were no birth records for her, not that she expected any, and no adoption records had been found, it was possible that she…her alternate self, was in Bellingham going to the business school there.

"Excuse me?" Jack said, a frown on his face.

Casey ignored the older man, looked directly at Daniel. "There’s a business school in Bellingham…Washington. Brown’s Business College. See if I’m…er…she’s registered there."

Daniel nodded slowly. "Do you think…?"

Casey smiled at him, the action making his pulse race, his heart pound against his ribs. "Yeah, I do. Destiny, Daniel. I’ll…explain to her, as much as I can, in a letter. Give it to her, then… then love her."

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