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Love to the Rescue

Chapter 7

Thor set them down just outside of the city. They already knew exactly where they had to go. Casey led the way, Sam trying to look as intimidating as possible. She must be succeeding, the tall blonde thought, because the women who filled the streets moved aside quickly. Neither woman broke their stride as they encountered a group of women near a corner, they pushed straight through them and down the street.

When they arrived at the tall, black bricked building, Casey shoved open the door.

Two armed women…freaking Amazons…Casey thought fleetingly, jumped to their feet. "Who are you, and what do you want?"

The woman spoke Goa'uld. That was a piece of good luck. Casey glanced at Sam, who nodded at her. "My mistress seeks…companionship."

The two Amazons looked the interlopers over. "Why have you come here with such a request?"

She tried not to tremble visibly. She had no idea what she should say. She was trying to remember every gangster movie, every pirate film, every drug dealer in every show that she had ever seen. Casey smiled, tried to make it as menacing as possible. She didn’t realize that it was the flames of anger in her eyes that the women were reacting to. "When the right questions are asked, under the right…conditions, one can learn of many things." 

The Amazons exchanged a glance, then one of them disappeared through the only other door in the windowless room. A few minutes later, she returned. "Follow me," she said.

Casey glanced at Sam again, waited until the tall woman moved ahead of her, then followed both into the room. And almost dropped dead into a faint. The room was filled with men. Naked, healthy, well-built, drop-dead gorgeous men. Tall men. Short men. Solid pecs and abs and tight asses and…erections…everywhere! Almost all of them had long hair…black, brown, blonde, red. And every one of them turned to smile at the two blonde women, several of them stepping forward, flexing muscles and winking.

"Holy Hannah!" Sam whispered.

"Oh, Momma," Casey said, standing beside her friend.

The Amazon smiled. "I see that the selection…surprises you. If you have the proper… identification, you are more than welcome to…browse."

Casey pulled the data crystal from her pocket and handed it to the woman. Beside her, a man with long blonde hair pushed the cape behind her shoulder, ran his finger down the arm left bare by her bustier. She shivered slightly, jumped when she felt his lips touch her skin. Another man approached from in front of her. He knelt down, put his face on the floor, then began to lick her leather boot. "Oh, god," she whispered. She looked at Sam, found she could barely see the woman. Several men surrounded her friend. Two more men approached Casey, smiling at her, touching her, hands sliding over her hips, her waist, her breasts. Neither woman noticed that their weapons were quietly removed and hidden away.

She wasn’t sure how long they stood there. All she knew was that these men knew exactly how to get a woman’s attention! Her body was responding ardently, her nipples hard points against the soft leather. A door at the back of the room opened and an obese woman with short black hair and beady brown eyes hurried toward them. "Greetings, travelers! Come, sit, drink with me, and we’ll discuss the companionship that you seek." She shooed the men away as if they were small animals.

They followed the woman to a seating area, watched as she settled her considerable bulk onto a large chair. The woman indicated that they should sit also. As soon as Casey and Sam sat down in chairs opposite their…hostess…several of the men lowered themselves to sit at their black booted feet.

"I am Drucilla Seleconne," the woman said.

It was difficult to hide their response to the name.

Drucilla signaled and wine was poured. She looked at Sam, and raised her glass in a toast. "To your health!" It was rude to ignore a toast, and the woman counted on her…guests…to be too polite to do so. She was right. They took a tentative sip. Once the wine, and its special ingredients, went to work, the two women downed the rest.

Casey spoke up. "My mistress is the Lady Xena. I am her faithful assistant, Gabrielle." She glanced at Sam, tried not to grin at her friend’s recognition of the fictitious names.

"I see. Welcome, Lady Xena." Obviously a welcome was not required for a mere assistant.

Sam nodded graciously.

"Your…identification is quite…intriguing. I hope that you find this galaxy to be a bit more…welcoming...than the last few you have visited."

Casey smiled. She couldn’t help it. Thor had been a bit enthusiastic when creating their identities. "So do we. Or at least as profitable."

Interest flared in the beady eyes. "Yes, I did notice that you have been quite…successful …in your endeavors." She studied the two women. She had been looking for a way to expand her business into other sectors. The information on that data crystal told her she just might have found the partner she needed. "Lady Xena, I realize that we have only just met, but your…reputation, impresses me. I would like to propose a business deal…a partnership."

Sam and Casey exchanged glances. "Such as?" Sam asked.

Drucilla smiled. If the Lady deemed to answer, she was already interested! "I have a thriving business here. But there are areas that are devoid of such…entertainment. I would like to open another house, but haven’t found anyone I trust well enough to work with."

"What makes you think you can trust me? I certainly don’t trust you," Sam replied coolly.

Casey looked down in order to hide her smile. Sam was playing her part to the hilt, and brilliantly!

At this the large woman laughed. "You prove me right! Trust is earned, over time." She leaned forward in her eagerness. "I will provide you with all of the…talent…you need. As well as food, wine, linens, everything. All you need provide is a place to do business…and a bit of security."

Sam looked at Casey.

"And what profit is there for the Lady?" Casey asked.

Drucilla nodded. Excellent. This was wonderful! She was already seeing her profits doubling, perhaps tripling! "Thirty percent of the profit after expenses."

Casey looked at Sam, who shook her head. "Unacceptable."

The woman could hardly contain her excitement. Even a fifty-fifty deal would increase her profits to nearly double, more than enough to make the partnership worth the expense. "Forty percent."

Again Sam shook her head.

The woman beamed. "Fifty-fifty. You can ask no better than that!"

A thought struck Casey, and she rose to go to Sam’s side, not easy to do with three men sitting at her feet. "Sam, we should demand to see the rest of the ‘operation’ before we agree to anything…maybe we’ll be able to find Daniel and Jack by looking around," she whispered.

"Good idea. I…uh…haven’t seen them in here. Thank god," she added.

Casey nodded and returned to her seat. She stumbled against the leg of one of the men, put her hand out to steady herself, only to have her fingers come in contact with a strong, naked shoulder, felt several hands on her legs and hips. She was trembling when she sat back down. "Lady Xena requires a…tour…of your operation before she considers your offer further."

Drucilla beamed at Sam. If she had a daughter, this…pirate…would be exactly what she wished for! "Of course, of course!" She signaled, and three men helped her to her feet. "Follow me."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel looked at the food that had been put on the small table in his cell. There seemed to be a lot of it, and it leaned heavily to protein. He wasn’t hungry, but again realized that any escape would be hampered if he were weakened from hunger.

"So, Danny, do you think it’s safe to eat?" Jack asked from his cell.

"Considering what we’re here for, probably," Daniel replied.

"Yeah, probably. You realize that if Thor doesn’t get here soon, we could be in real trouble."

The younger man shuddered as the thought of what could happen to them, be expected of them, flashed through his head. "Yeah, I know."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was following Sam and Drucilla when Thor spoke to her through the communication device he had given them.

"I have located O’Neill and Doctor Jackson. They are indeed at your location. There is some sort of dampening device around the building. However, I can easily focus on the communicators that you each carry. If you can get close enough to them, I can bring all of you to the ship."

"That’s great, Thor. We’ll try," she whispered. The knowledge that Daniel was nearby made her heart skip a beat. Soon, my love, she thought, soon. We’ll be out of here soon.

The two women spent an hour in a small office, where Drucilla showed them her bookkeeping ledgers. It was obvious that this pleasure house was very profitable.

Sam looked at Casey. Casey nodded and stood up. "Lady Xena would like to see all of the men you have here. Surely there are more than just those in the front."

Drucilla smiled. "Of course there are, my dear. I just received a new shipment today. These men are untrained, but…" she pushed a button on her desk, and a panel slid back on the wall behind it. Several monitors were lined up, giving them a full view into what could only be called a prison cellblock.

Casey almost gasped when she saw Daniel in one of the cells. A glance at another of the screens revealed that Jack was there as well, although there was no sign of Tony. She glanced at Sam, then gently touched her arm. When Sam looked at her, she shook her head slightly.

Sam’s eyes told her that she understood, and the women turned their backs to the monitors.

"I’m interested in your proposal. If I can choose the men who will accompany us."

Again the woman thought that if she had a daughter, she’d want her to be just like Lady Xena. "Of course. If you wish any of the untrained men, I will have them trained first, of course."

"Of course," Sam murmured.

"Come! Let us celebrate our partnership!" Drucilla led them into yet another large room. Before she left, she activated the remote cameras for the room. The men in the cells would be privy to everything that went on at the ‘party’. So would her recording device.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Thin Man saw the view screens come on in each cell. "Hear me, slaves! You will notice that your view screen is on. Watch carefully. Learn. The slaves that you will see are the best that Madame Drucilla owns. Each of you will be expected to behave as well as they. Learn!"

Daniel looked at the wall across from the small bunk. And nearly dropped his glass of water when he watched his wife walk into the room. Sam was just in front of her, and they were following that fat bitch. Sweet Jesus, what is she wearing? It didn’t register at first that the man who took the cape off her bare shoulders was naked. She had on what appeared to be a leather bustier and leather pants, which followed the curves of her hips and legs in such a way that he was getting hard just looking at her.

"Uh, Danny?

"Yeah, I see it, Jack."

He was too stunned to think, too shocked to contact her. He dropped down onto his bunk, unable to look away.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Drucilla offered more wine. The women eagerly accepted, as she knew they would. She didn’t think that Lady Xena would care one way or the other if a record was kept of this…special celebration. Normally it was kept on file for future use…blackmail was the use of the recordings of more important women in the system. She didn’t think blackmail would work on this woman. But, better safe than sorry. And the only way to get a good…record…was to make sure that all inhibitions were safely knocked out.

Sam and Casey settled themselves on the cushions that littered the floor, still not consciously feeling any effects from the wine. The air was filled with the smell of sandalwood, from candles that sat on various surfaces, the aroma masking the other chemicals that filled the air.

The Madame opened a box, and took out several carefully rolled cigarettes.

Casey knew at a glance that they weren’t ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Considering the availability of hallucinogens, she was sure that that was what was contained in the thin paper. Why did her mouth water so for just a taste? She shook her head slightly.

"Share with me," Drucilla said softly. She lit one of the joints, and handed it to Sam. Sam took a deep hit, then passed it to Casey, who eagerly did the same.

Oh, god, she hadn’t had anything this good in…never! She'd smoked a little pot at parties she'd attend while she'd been in college. She never got much of buzz, just the munchies. She never had enough extra money to ‘indulge’, and once she left college, she was so busy focusing on her job that she never even thought about partaking. Oh, lord, this was good!

Sam was smiling, took the joint back and took another long hit. Casey grabbed it and took a second as well. Wineglasses were filled and emptied. Another joint was lit.

In his cell, Daniel tried desperately to get through to his wife. The drugs and the alcohol were affecting her. She wasn’t responding. He wasn’t even sure that she heard him. "Damn it, Casey! Talk to me!" he whispered fiercely, trying again to fight through the haze that was enveloping her brain.

One of the men lowered himself to sit beside the beautiful blonde with such bewitching green eyes. He took the joint, inhaled, then sealed his lips against hers and blew gently.

Casey closed her eyes, inhaling slowly, feeling the man’s tongue caressing hers. She pulled away, looked at him, holding the smoke in her lungs. He was handsome, deep blue eyes, short black hair and a black goatee. He looked…familiar. Very familiar. She ran her hand down one muscled arm, up his chest, to his lips. He smiled. Even the smile was…familiar.

In their cells, Jack and Daniel had already noticed that the man beside Casey could have been Daniel’s twin, if not for the black hair. Daniel’s hands clenched into fists as he watched the man’s hand move up his wife’s side, to her breast. He knew this ‘party’ was just getting started. What he didn’t know was whether or not he could watch and keep his sanity. He knew damned well he couldn’t not watch!

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