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Love to the Rescue

Chapter 6

When Daniel opened his eyes, he knew that his nightmare was just beginning. He looked around the large room, it looked like a barracks, noted that every man there had dark blonde hair. A tall, thin man wearing bright red pants and a black shirt, carrying a…whip?…yep, that's a freaking whip!…was walking through the room, taking note of who was still unconscious.

"You!" The man pointed at him. "Follow me."

Daniel looked around, realized that the man was talking to him, and slowly rose to his feet. Well, wherever he was, they spoke Goa’uld here. "Where am I? Where are we going?"

A large hand impacted across his cheek. "Lesson number one, slave, you speak only when spoken to!"

For one second Daniel was tempted to call up the Fire and blast the bastard across the room. He shook his head. That would make him no better than a Goa’uld. Besides, he needed to find out where Jack and Tony were. He nodded, then followed the man into another room. He almost laughed out loud. It looked like a Roman bath.

The tall man turned to him. "Strip, and get into the water."

Daniel wanted to tell the guy to go screw himself, but one glance at that whip made him think better of it. No sense in letting them know he was Immortal. He obeyed. The water was warm and felt wonderful. He knew that he still stank from the afternoon of sex in that tent. He leaned back against the side of the pool and closed his eyes. Opened them when he heard a splash.

A lovely young woman…she couldn’t have been more than twenty, if she was that old…walked toward him in the water, carrying soap and a sponge. She was naked, her slim body covered with the scars of many beatings. She smiled hesitantly.

Oh, shit, now what? If this woman tried anything, he'd risk that whip to prevent causing any more pain to Casey.

"Clean him, and make him ready to be presented," the thin man said.

Daniel looked at the man, watched as he turned and left the room. He said nothing as the woman washed him…thoroughly. When she indicated that he should sit on the side of the pool, he lifted himself up. He grabbed her arm when she lowered her head toward his lap. "Uh…no way!"

"You must be…ready," she whispered, fear in her eyes as they darted from his face to the open door where the thin man had disappeared.

Be ready? Ready for what? Daniel shuddered. Somehow he didn’t think he was going to like what was about to happen. He glanced over his shoulder at that open doorway. While he was distracted, the young woman had taken his cock into her mouth, and was working her tongue around him. Try as he might, he couldn’t help but moan. He hadn’t really gotten off at all with Ishtar. The young woman continued until he was so hard it was nearly painful. Then she backed away from him, and left the pool.

The thin man came in, nodded, pulled his hands behind him and cuffed them. The man helped him to his feet and motioned for him to follow.

Damn! Daniel forced himself to think of something else, anything else. His mind began to search through all of the myths he had learned, focusing on complex details, as he followed the man into yet another room.

Seated on a large sofa in a room so garishly furnished it was painful to look at was a woman who had to be every bit as big as Helen Webster. Maybe more so. Her fleshy jowls shivered as she spoke. "One of the new ones?"

"Yes, milady," the thin man said, bowing deeply.

The woman hoisted herself to her feet with an audible grunt, then walked to where Daniel stood. She looked him over, walked behind him, pinched his ass, then circled to stand in front of him once more. She reached out, wrapped her thick hand around him and stroked his aching hard-on. "Impressive! Very nice. Very nice indeed."

His cheeks were blazing, he wanted nothing more than for the floor to open and swallow him whole.

"Shall I begin his training?" Thin Man asked.

The woman stood looking at him. She could see his embarrassment, took pleasure from it. But she noted that he continued to meet her eyes, saw the anger flare in them. "No. Not yet. Put him in a cell for now. I do not want his spirit broken."

Daniel almost sagged with relief when Thin Man lead him out of the room. His hands were released, and he was given a sleeveless tunic; it was short, but covered him to the top of his thighs. He was put into a small cell. It reminded him of the cell he and Casey had been in on PY2 498. He sat down on the bed, his heart pounding as the adrenaline that had flooded his veins began to leave his system. He leaned his head back against the wall. His erection had gone down quickly, due no doubt to the situation in which he found himself. He ached to hold Casey, draw comfort from her. ‘Babe?’

‘Daniel? Oh, god, are you all right? Where are you? What happened?’ Her voice was full of panic, he could sense her fear and worry.

He reached out with his mind to comfort her. ‘I’m okay, babe. I think I’m on a planet, but I can’t be sure. I…uh…right now I’m in a cell. Seems I might be here for awhile.’ He opted not to tell her about his bath…or the ‘inspection’.

‘Not if I can help it!’ Her determination was fueled by her anger. He smiled as the emotions filtered through.

‘I have no clue where I am, Angel. If I can find out anything, I’ll let you know.’ He closed his eyes, letting the love he felt from her soothe him.

‘Thor thinks he knows exactly where you are. If his information is correct, we’ll be there soon enough.’

Daniel’s heart jumped. ‘You have the engines running?’

‘Not yet…but…Daniel…this may sound really weird, but can you send your Fire to me? You’re much stronger than I am, but, maybe, with your help-’

‘You can start the engines like I did on that ship on Thor’s planet!’ he finished. He made himself comfortable. ‘Okay, babe, I’m going to try.’ He began to concentrate, willing the Fire to her, sending it to that place where she ‘felt’ the strongest.

‘What do I do?’ He could sense her confusion, her doubts, her fear.

‘Relax, babe. Find the console that controls the engines.’

‘I’m standing in front of it.

He nodded. ‘Good. Put your hands on the console. Just think about the engines. Nothing specific, just...think...‘on’.’

‘Okay, here goes nothing!’

He waited for several long minutes. He could feel the Fire flowing up and down his spine, could feel it moving toward her.

‘I did it! Daniel, I did it!’ He grinned at her excitement…could feel her exhaustion. He tried to soothe her, relax her, pulled back the Fire that had flooded her slender body.

‘That’s my Tiger!’ His grin widened. If Thor knew where he was, and was on his way, freedom, and the arms of his wife, were close enough that he could endure whatever he had to until she arrived.

‘We’re on our way, my heart.’

‘Good. Rest now, Angel.’

‘I think I have to.’ He could hear a smile, could tell that she had slipped into sleep. "Love you, Angel," he whispered.


A  A  A  A  A  A



Casey cried out with relief when his voice echoed in her head. She closed her eyes, hugged herself tightly. ‘Daniel? Oh, god, are you all right? Where are you? What happened?’

‘I’m okay, babe. I think I’m on a planet, but I can’t be sure. I…uh…right now I’m in a cell. Seems I might be here for awhile.’ She could feel him, almost as if he were caressing her. She could also sense that there was more, but if he was okay, she wouldn’t press…for now.

 She felt her anger surge. The Chosen had been kidnapped, taken from her side, was being treated like - was going to become - a slave, if she didn’t intervene soon. If she ever found this Seleconne, she was going to kill the bastard! She reached toward him with her mind, sending the love that pounded in her heart. ‘Not if I can help it!’

‘I have no clue where I am, Angel. If I can find out anything, I’ll let you know.’

‘Thor thinks he knows exactly where you are. If his information is correct, we’ll be there soon enough.’ She didn’t want to tell him too much, afraid that if he knew what he was facing it would only cause him to worry. Chances were that he was going to have to do some things to survive that neither one of them would like. At least, she wouldn’t like it! She was fairly sure that he wouldn’t. She hoped that he wouldn’t, at least!

‘You have the engines running?’ She heard the excitement, the hope, in his voice.

She took a deep breath. She had been thinking about this for nearly two hours now. It seemed to be the only solution to the problem. She could only hope it would work. ‘Not yet…but … Daniel…this may sound really weird, but can you send your Fire to me? You’re much stronger than I am, but, maybe, with your help-’

‘You can start the engines like I did on that ship on Thor’s planet!’ She smiled. He understood! ‘Okay, babe, I’m going to try.’

She could feel the power flowing into her mind, into her body. She walked over to the console where Thor still worked, trying to bring the dead engines back online, ignoring the startled look that Sam gave her. ‘What do I do?’

‘Relax, babe. Find the console that controls the engines.’

She shook her hands out, took a deep breath. ‘I’m standing in front of it.’

‘Good. Put your hands on the console. Just think about the engines. Nothing specific, just…think...‘on’.’

She put her hands on the console. Thor had stepped back, aware that she was communicating with Daniel. ‘Okay, here goes nothing!’ She felt the influx of Fire from him, hotter and stronger than what she was accustomed to. Her body began to shake, her fingers sending blue arcs of electricity into the console. "On, damn it! Come on!" she said out loud, gritting her teeth as the Fire became hotter, the power almost more than she could handle.

Suddenly the lights on the console indicated that power had been returned. Thor immediately stepped up beside her and maneuvered the ship ahead, fleeing the area as quickly as possible. Sam was already alerting the Prometheus.

"I did it! Daniel, I did it!" Casey said, her smile bright, her eyes shining. She dropped to the floor, exhausted.

‘That’s my Tiger!’ She could hear the pride in his voice, the excitement.

‘We’re on our way, My Heart.’ Her heart was racing at the thought that soon, within hours, hopefully, he would be safe in her arms once more.

‘Good. Rest now, Angel.’

‘I think I have to.’ Without even realizing it, she had stretched out on the floor. Sleep overtook her before she could say any more.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel paced the narrow confines of his cell. He had seen others brought in. Several were still naked, and those men had been just as quickly removed. He still didn’t know where he was, or what exactly was going on.

"Hey, take it easy!"

His heart began to thump. "Jack?" he called out.


"Yeah, it’s me."

"Glad to know you’re okay."

He could hear the relief in his friend’s voice. "You, too, Jack. Uh…did you get a…uh…bath …and…uh…"

"Yeah." Jack grimaced, the memory bringing back the flush to his cheeks. "Not exactly what I’d call a good day."

"Yeah. I talked to Case. Thor’s ship is up and running. They’re on their way."

"Now that’s the best news I’ve had in several long, miserable days," Jack sighed

"I agree. With luck, we’ll be out of here in a few hours." Daniel settled onto the bunk. Soon, he thought, soon he’d be at home. And he’d be damned if he was ever going on a mission without her again!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey woke up after a short nap, her head resting in Sam’s lap. She looked up at her friend and smiled. "Tell me we’re almost there."

Sam smiled back at her. "Thor says another forty minutes at the most."

She sat up, wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands. Cocked her head sideways as that feeling flooded her. "Oh, good grief!"


"This is…oh wow! Sam, we have to be buyers. This is a really…rough place…and we have to look and act as tough…as mean…as we can." Her dream came crashing back into her mind, a dream no longer. "Thor, can you…uh…fabricate…some outfits for us?"

"I believe so, Mrs. Jackson. What is it that you need?" The small alien replied.

Casey described the outfits that she and Sam would need, that woman’s eyes going wider with each word. They were scanned by the computer, and twenty minutes later were standing in their new clothes. Weapons, including two daggers apiece were also provided.

The two women stood looking at one another. "Sam, I don’t know how to tell you about this next part…" Casey said, lowering her eyes.

Sam smiled. "Just tell me, sweetie. It’s okay, I’m a big girl, I can take it."

"Well, you have to be a slave trader…and looking for…um…companionship…I’m sort of your…assistant…the one who does the talking. You’ll nod at me, whisper in my ear, that sort of thing," she said softly.

"Okay, no problem. What should I do?"

"I’m not sure yet…except look mean." She giggled. "Try and think about something that really pisses you off."

"Like this entire situation?" Sam grinned.

"Yeah, that works!"

Thor approached them, and handed Casey a data crystal. "I have created an ‘account’ which shows several…illicit…deposits, just as you requested. It also has your ‘identities’ on it."

Casey smiled. "Thanks. Now, we just have to get there without anyone noticing that we arrived in an Asgard ship!"

Thor looked at her. "I can send out false readings and images. What type of ship would you like?"

Casey closed her eyes, searched her mind for the answer. "Something that a smuggler would have."

"Very well."

While they waited to get close enough to the planet to beam down, Casey and Sam went over every bit of information that Thor had on it; the thriving slave trade…and its specialties…that were there.

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