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Let the Games Begin

Chapter 11

She was murmuring in her sleep. She was on her side, Daniel’s body pressed tightly against her own. She attempted to move away from him, to put distance between them. He opened his eyes, tried to figure out what had woke him up. He heard a soft whimper beside him. Another nightmare. The first night he had taken her hand and made every effort to get into the nightmare and change it, but hadn’t been able to do so. He thought perhaps the guilt that she still harbored was blocking him. Maybe he didn’t try any harder because he didn’t want to see what had transpired between his Wife and the Goa’uld, he thought guiltily. At least the nightmares were only coming once a night now.

"Shh…babe, it’s okay. Angel, it’s okay," he whispered against the soft skin of her neck. He felt her hand reach back and touch him, slide down between his legs. She left her hand there, settled back into sleep. He couldn’t help but grin. Apparently touching him…there…was all she needed to ascertain who was beside her. Of course, her soft fingers against his skin would arouse him. It always did. He tried to gently move her hand, grinned wider when her fingers wrapped around him possessively. He’d wake up with a raging hard-on…again. But that was okay. They would make love, he would reclaim her once more, and they would go to work. Just like they had every morning this week.




Casey was brushing her hair out when Daniel got out of the shower. He watched her for a minute, then slathered shaving cream on his face to shave. "Babe, I have a question for you," he said, already dragging the razor over his jaw.


"Uh…it’s kind of hard to ask." He moved the razor over his chin.

She stopped brushing her hair and looked up at him. "Just ask it, Daniel."

"Well, when you have…that nightmare…as soon as you grab me, you settle right down and go back to sleep…I was just wondering how that helped."

"I guess just knowing you’re there-"

"No babe, you grab me. As in you wrap your hand around my cock and won’t let go."

She looked at him, her cheeks flaming, then began to giggle. "So that’s why you’ve been so ‘uncomfortable’ every morning this week."

"Yep," he grinned at her. "So?"

She began brushing her hair again, thinking. "Well, my love, I guess maybe in the dark, half-asleep, a chest is a chest, an arm is an arm…but that, my love…that is totally…it’s a totally …individual thing," she said finally. "I know exactly how you feel in my hand, in my body. I keep telling you that Adonis has nothing on you. Unlike…a certain Goa’uld… you’re very…um…well… you’re…um…blessed…um…well endowed."

He was blushing now, but the grin remained. "Think so, huh?" He wiped his face off and put on his glasses.

"Know so, my heart." She walked over to him, pulled the towel from his lean hips and caressed him, began to stroke him gently. "No other man feels this way in my hand, against my fingers."

"Case?" His body was fully aroused from her touch.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"You woke it up. You put it back to sleep," he said softly.

She smiled at him, then lowered herself to her knees to give him the relief he needed, wanted.

She delighted in his every gasp...her eyes told him so. He filled his hands with her silky hair and began to thrust into her mouth. She looked up at him, her eyes telling him that she was in complete control. She took him as deeply  into her throat as she could, smiling a secret smile as he emptied himself. She kissed his thighs, then stood up. "Better?" she asked, a satisfied smile on her face.

"Much. Case…thanks…for…" he shrugged, unable to put into words what her answer had meant to him.

She hugged him tightly. No other words needed to be said.

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