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Chapter 5

Casey smiled as she opened the door of the Silver Scissors Beauty Salon. Emily was already excited, asking a multitude of questions about where they were going, and why and what was going to happen when they arrived.

Marcie met them at the reception desk, and introduced herself. "It's such a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Jackson!"

"Please, call me Casey."

The young brunette beamed. "Sure, Casey! I have Miss Emily scheduled with D'arya, she works at the booth next to mine. That way the two of you can be together."

"That's great, thanks Marcie." Casey looked down at Emily. "Are you ready to let D'arya make you beautiful?"

Emily looked around, her blue eyes wide, her little mouth an 'o' of surprise and wonder. She looked up at her mother. "Me as pwetty as you, Mommy?"

Casey felt her heart jump, then melt at the words. She knelt down and hugged her daughter tightly. "Oh, Baby, you're already prettier than me! Let's go get pampered." She took the little hand, and followed Marcie to the back of the salon.

D'arya was a Terran woman, and was delighted to work with Emily. She carried the tot to the sinks, let her watch as Marcie started washing Casey's hair. "Are you ready to have your hair washed, Emily?"

Emily nodded, squirmed to get into the chair. A booster seat had been placed in position. "Mommy, my hair washed!" she announced excitedly.

"That's good, Baby," Casey smiled. Her eyes were closed. Marcie had a wonderful, gentle touch.

When their hair was clean, the two Jackson women were led back to the booths. "Now, what are we doing today?" Marcie asked.

Casey looked over at Emily. "This is her first haircut, I don't want it short, just trimmed and evened up. No more than a couple of inches off," she said. D'arya nodded. "I want my hair no shorter than my waist. Is it still possible to layer it a bit?"

Marcie smiled. "Sure it is. I can do long layers, so that when you curl it, it will look…curlier, fuller. Okay, stand up, and we'll get the length put in."

The snip of scissors filled the air. Casey glanced at her daughter. Emily was watching in the mirror, her eyes wide with wonder as D'arya began cutting her silky blonde hair. "Please, I'd like to have a little bit of her hair for her baby book."

D'arya smiled. "No problem." She took a tissue, and wrapped a section of just cut hair into it.

It didn't take more than thirty minutes for the haircuts, and for their hair to be dried and styled. Emily giggled and laughed as they were given their manicures and pedicures. Soft pink was put on Emily, and Casey decided to go bold, and had rich scarlet painted on her finger and toenails. By five minutes after five, they were finished. Debra, the manager, took several photos of them, for the ad that would run in the Hope Sentinel.

Casey borrowed the phone, and called Daniel. She left a rather cryptic message for him, telling him only to change his clothes and get a table at Curly's, and that she would meet him there by six. She raced home long enough to grab clothes for her and Emily, and then drove to her mother's, who was babysitting Nicholas.

"I thought you were going to cut it shorter, and get it highlighted." Erin remarked when her daughter arrived, after telling Emily how pretty she looked.

"I just couldn't, Mom. He loves it so…I just couldn't. I had to get it cut a little bit, I was tired of sitting on it. But this is okay. I can deal with it. I'll do the highlights later. When Emmie isn't with me to get bored waiting."

"I see that it is layered a bit. I like that," Erin said, running her fingers over the curls.

"Me, too. Marcie said that it will still braid just fine. Which is good, because that's how I wear it for missions."

"Well, if you're going to meet Daniel for dinner, you'd better hurry and change."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel sat at the table waiting. He had no idea what was going on, only that he was to meet Casey here. He did know that she was getting her hair cut today. The thought of that long blonde silk being shorter nearly broke his heart. But he had agreed to it, and Casey was so excited over getting it cut. He brushed a bit of lint off of his light gray, tweed jacket. Tried to prepare himself for the sight of his wife with shorter hair.

Casey saw him when she led Emily into the dining room. He had on his summer jacket, and a white shirt with light gray checks, and his gray trousers. He looked…gorgeous, as always. He was watching out the window, waiting for them to arrive.

His breath caught in his throat when he saw her. Emily was by her side, her hair pulled back and held with tiny little blue bows that matched her dress. Casey was wearing that short little blue denim dress, with the embroidery around the bodice, and the little blue and white-striped bolero jacket. Her high-heeled sandals gave him a peek at brightly colored toenails, which totally turned him on. He noticed that her fingernails matched. And her hair…her beautiful hair, was still long. The curled ends swung around her slender waist as she approached him.

"Hi, handsome," she said softly, when she was close enough.

"Hi, gorgeous. God, babe…" he smiled. "You look beautiful. And thank you."

She smiled. "Thanks, and for what?"

He reached out and caught a handful of blonde silk. "You didn't cut much off," he said.

"About six inches," she replied. "It's layered now, but Marcie says it will still be easy to braid."

He leaned down and kissed her. "Thank you, Angel. You look beautiful." He looked down at Emily, then picked her up. "Hey, did you get your hair cut too?"

The tot nodded. "The lady cut-ted my hair, just like Mommy's!" Emily's hair wasn't quite to her waist, but the ends were all neat and even now.

"You're beautiful, Princess," Daniel replied, kissing her cheek.

"See, Daddy, I gots fingers polish too!" She held her little hands up for his inspection.

"Wow. You just got all prettied up, didn't you?"

Emily nodded happily. She looked over at her mother. "Mommy is pwetty."

Daniel smiled at his wife. "Yes, she is, Princess. Very pretty."

Casey blushed. "Thanks, both of you."

Daniel sat Emily on the booster seat he had requested, at Casey's instruction, then held the chair for his wife to sit down. "So I take it that dinner here tonight is so that I can show off my two beautiful girls?"

Casey giggled. "Yep. We didn't go through all of that to just sit at home!"

He let his fingers move through her hair for just a second before he sat down beside her. He took her hand, lifted it to his lips. "I was really nervous about seeing you, I wasn't sure I could handle seeing all that beautiful silk gone. You don't know what it means to me, Angel, that you would keep your hair long for me."

She smiled, let her fingertips caress his lips. "I do know what it means to you, Daniel. That's why I couldn't cut it. Not short. I won't sit on it like I did when it was down to my hips, and that's really all I was after."

He reached out, unable to keep from touching her cheek, then her hair. "God, I love you," he whispered.

She caught his hand, turned her face and kissed the callused palm. "I love you, too, My Heart," she whispered in return.

When the waiter arrived to take their drink orders, Daniel ordered a bottle of champagne.

"What are we celebrating?" Casey asked, her eyes dancing.

"You, and how beautiful you are," he replied.

"And the fact that my hair is still long," she teased.

"That too," he grinned.

She smiled, reached out and caressed him, felt his joy, his happiness. Her smile widened when she felt his gentle caress in return.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, brushing her hair when he came into the room. He watched her for a few seconds, then sat down behind her, took the brush from her fingers.

He took a handful of hair, held it to his face for just a minute.

"I like your shampoo better," he said quietly.

She smiled. "You're just used to it."

"Maybe. I like how sweet it makes your hair smell. Like the rest of you. Sweet." He lowered his face, pressed his lips to her shoulder.

"Sweet, huh?"

"Yep. You have always smelled and tasted…sweet. So very…sweet. Delicious. Intoxicating. Addicting." He moved her hair aside, his lips trailing kisses over her skin.

"I’m addicting?" she was smiling, her eyes closed as his lips moved closer to her neck.

"Very. Can't live without you, Angel."

"I know exactly what you mean," she replied. "I'm so addicted to you, and your kisses, I'd suffer a serious case of DT's if I ever had to do without them."

"Don't worry, Angel, that will never happen. I need to hold you, Casey," he whispered.

She stretched out on the bed, held her arms out to him. "I'm here, Daniel. I'm always here for you."

He pulled her teddy off, tossed it, and his boxers, to the floor. He settled himself over her, felt her arms wrap around his shoulders. He kissed her lips, one hand already moving over her breasts. He kissed his way to those perfect orbs and began to make love to them.

She sighed with pleasure when he finally took an aching nipple into his mouth. Her hands were where she wanted…needed them to be, one in his hair, the other moving slowly over his shoulder and neck. His mouth and hands moved back and forth, from one breast to the other, sending the flames raging through her body. Her back arched slightly, offering more of her flesh to him, urging him on, begging for more of his loving attention. When he began to gently tug at her nipples with his teeth, her hips began to move, the sensations racing to the center of her need, between her thighs.

Daniel closed his eyes, made love to her the way he wanted to. He adored her body, loved her breasts, enjoyed taking his time. He knew that the longer he spent on them, the more ready she would be for his further caresses, and ultimately ready to take him into her body. Her hands were arousing him, he loved that she held his head close to her body, loved that her hand moved over his skin so softly, setting fire to every inch that she touched. He smiled to himself when he felt her hips moving with each tug he made on her sweet nipples. It was time. He slid down, teased her belly. He watched as the firm muscles undulated from his touch. Watching her body move in that manner as a result of his attention only served to turn him on more, made him harder, needier. When he settled himself between her slender thighs, he sighed. This was definitely his most favorite of places. He began to worship her, teasing her, delighting her, taking her ever closer to her release. He watched her every reaction to each pass of his tongue against her skin.

She looked at him and smiled, ran her fingers through his hair. "I love it when you do that," she whispered. She could see him smile. She let her head fall back, closed her eyes and let the sensations he was giving her take her ever higher. Her own mouth was watering at the thought of tasting him, and that thought turned to desire, which turned to need. "Please, Daniel, let me taste you…let me worship you," she begged breathlessly.

His heart raced as she begged to make love to him. He licked her delectable flesh a few more times, teased her clit once more, then moved to lay beside her. He caught her hair back in his hand so that he could watch her take him into his mouth. She had closed her eyes, and was doing an incredible job of driving him out of his mind. He watched her mouth and hands work in concert over his swollen flesh, the sensations nearly making him crazy. When she moved up over him, he knew what she was about to do. He pulled her away from him. "In you, babe," he whispered, his breath coming in ragged gasps.

She straddled his hips, her hands on his shoulders. She moved slowly, deliberately, using those muscles to massage him. She savored the feeling of having him inside her, feeling him throb with every gentle squeeze she gave him.

"Oh, yeah, that's it, babe," he whispered.

"Like that, do you?" she asked, a smile on her face, her own voice breathless.

"Very much." His hips were moving up toward her with every movement she made.

She settled herself on his chest, her hips still moving in a slow, steady rhythm. His arms were around her, holding her close. She loved that feeling! Her hands moved up and down his sides, her intent to add to the pleasure he was feeling. She closed her eyes. He always felt so good, filled her perfectly, made her entire body tremble with delight. He was warm and strong and smelled so good and felt so good, and she could feel her body reaching for that sweet release.

He held her closely, the warmth of her skin against his just adding to the sensations she was giving him. Between those muscles in her sweet well, her hands on his sides, and the touch of her skin against his, he was about to lose his mind. Her body always welcomed him, made him feel this good. The need was growing stronger. He fought against it, wanting to hold her like this just a little longer. So good…so sweet…so gentle. She was using those muscles to clamp down on him, and it was making it difficult to maintain control.

Unable to resist, she began to kiss his neck. His arms tightened around her, and suddenly he was rolling them over putting her on her back. He reached down, caressed her thighs, and when she lifted her legs to put them around his hips, he wrapped his hands around them and pushed them against her shoulders.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned, when he began to move, pushing deep and hard into her body.

"Like that?" he asked, as he rubbed his hips against hers.

"Oh, yes, I love it," she whispered. Her hands were on his shoulders, her fingers digging into the muscles as he began to move ever harder, ever deeper, until he was pounding into her. She could feel her orgasm building, it wouldn't be long until she was crying out.

He pushed into her beautiful body, his heart thrilling once again that she was the perfect fit. He closed his eyes, no longer in control of what was happening. His body, his senses, were dictating what happened now.

Her thighs were beginning to quiver as that feeling built up, hotter and hotter, so strong it was palpable. "Oh, yes...oh...I'm gonna..." she whispered.

"That's it, Angel, come for me," he replied, panting slightly as his body continued to drive into hers.

That whimper filled her throat, she cried out as her release hurled her into oblivion, her body exploding into pure, sweet ecstasy. Her body was still trembling when she began beg him in soft whispers. "Fill me, Daniel, let me feel you throb!"

With a groan, he pulled her farther beneath him, stretched his arms out, slamming his body into hers with each thrust. Suddenly he was there, and he cried out as he began to pulse deep inside her. He was shaking, the pleasure on the verge of pain. When the tremors stopped, he dropped onto her, long enough to catch his breath. He smiled against the pillow. So good. It was always so damned good. No matter how many times he made love to her, she did this to him. Made him crazy, drove him to the brink of insanity with the pleasure she gave him. He slipped his arm under her hips and rolled them over, helped her pull the blankets up, waited until she was settled against him to kiss the side of her head. "Love you, Angel."

She snuggled down against him. "Love you, sweetheart." She sighed happily. Making love with Daniel was always so incredible. Tonight was no exception. She wondered briefly how many other married couples could say the same. She had heard some of the women in the locker room complaining about their husbands. Perhaps it was because of the Fire. Maybe because he was The Chosen. Or maybe she was just simply lucky enough to be married to Daniel. She closed her eyes. Whatever the reason, she would be eternally grateful.

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