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Chapter 4

Nergal was in a good mood today. He loved demonstrating his power, taking over new planets, new human settlements. It always enriched his holdings. Always added to his harem, which was in need of fresh young women at the moment. In a fit of anger over the escape of Lady Xena and Gabrielle, he had tortured and killed almost thirty of the women in his harem, all of them blonde. Those actions had calmed his immediate rage, if not his actual anger.

He studied the ship that had put itself between him and the planet beneath them. His interest was peaked when two Tok'ra ships appeared on the scanners, moving quickly on an intercept course. What was on Pangeria that was so valuable? His advisors had told him that Geb had abandoned the planet to a handful of humans; that he had found nothing there worth troubling himself over. Surely a handful of humans weren't worth this much effort!

"This is the Alpha Ship Prometheus. You are ordered to leave this sector immediately. If you fail to do so, we will open fire."

The Goa'uld waited for the translation. His eyes narrowed. Who did these humans, these…Tau'ri…think they were? He was Nergal! The most powerful System Lord in the universe… their god! His fingers lightly stroked his moustache. Geb never abandoned anything that he had any use whatsoever for. Perhaps this was just a show of resistance, and had little or nothing to do with the handful of humans on the planet below them. Yes, that would certainly fit with what he had learned of these Tau'ri so far. They were trying to defy him! If so, a lesson in humility was in order!




On the Phoenix, Casey reached out. She felt him, wasn't sure why she was able to. Perhaps because he was one of the oldest Goa'uld living, perhaps because he was so powerful, perhaps because she feared and hated him so. She had never tried this before…wasn't so sure that she should now…but…she hesitantly moved forward. He was troubled, trying to decide what to do about the planet below. 'Leave it,' she whispered. 'It's not worth your effort. You have more important matters to deal with'. She pulled back slowly, carefully, terrified that he would sense her.




Nergal sat up. It just wasn't worth the effort. He could come back and take this pitiful excuse for a colony anytime he pleased. He had more important matters to attend to. He gave a cold smile. He had a hold full of tribute, and at least a hundred virgins on board now, waiting for his attention. That thought made his body hard. Yes, he had other things to attend to. He gave the order, and to the surprise of the Jaffa on the pel'tak, he ordered the ship, and the two escort al'kesh accompanying it, to return him to his palace.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey slumped against the console. Daniel was at her side, his arms around her, in just seconds.


"I…uh…I sort of planted an idea in his head, I think," she said softly.

Jack grinned. "I hope you encouraged him to blow his friggin' ship up, and to stay on it!"

She smiled. "No, didn't think of that. I just…suggested…that the planet wasn't worth his attention right now."

Sam grinned. "It must have worked, he's leaving!"

Daniel frowned. "Don't you ever do that again. Not without me, do you understand?"

Casey nodded. "I understand. I promise, I won't."

"Problem, Danny?"

Daniel looked over his shoulder at the older man. "Yeah, if Nergal had caught her, he could have done some real damage to her."

Now Jack was frowning. "I don't understand…how?"

"He could have followed her back into her own mind, and wreaked havoc," was the simple answer.

"Ouch," Jack said.

"To say the least." He looked into his Wife's eyes. "I'm glad we know that you can do that, babe. But don't you go near him again, not alone."

She nodded. Just the brief touch she had made on the Goa'uld's mind was enough to have left her shaking and weak. She felt as if she had touched pure evil. She allowed the strength, the warmth, the loving touch of her Husband to comfort her.


A  A  A  A  A  A


SG-1 returned to the planet. Wade was standing near the 'gate, talking to the Marines who guarded it.

Casey was talking to Sam, looking at her friend, and wasn't paying attention to where she was walking. "…I told him I wanted him to strip for me. I figure that he owes me, and it would be such a turn on! The man has a body good enough to be a Chippendale, and to actually be able to touch him…and play with him-" she broke off with a giggle. "I hope that Carly will-" She walked directly into Wade's back.

He felt someone walk into him, turned around, and came face to face with…her. His…brother's…wife.

Her green eyes went wide, her cheeks flamed with embarrassment. "I'm so sorry! Excuse me! I…I…wasn't looking where I was going…" she stammered. She looked frantically for Daniel.

"It is nothing, do not concern yourself," Wade said softly. He wanted to say more, wanted to let her know that she had nothing to fear from him, that she was beautiful…but he remained silent. His entire body was still tingling from the unexpected contact with hers.

Daniel had been witness to the entire thing. He frowned slightly. Was it an accident, or something that her subconscious mind had arranged? He shook his head. No, he wasn't going there! He would not hold her responsible for her subconscious! He had done that once, and nearly lost her. She was looking around her, when she saw him, her eyes locked with his. 'Babe?'

'Oh, god, Daniel, I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose, honest! I just wasn't paying attention to where I was walking! I love you, Daniel, only you, always you!' She was frantic with worry, he could see it in her eyes even from this distance.

'It's all right, Angel, calm down. I saw the whole thing.' He could feel her fear, her panic. He caressed her gently as he walked toward her. 'Shh…take it easy, babe. There's nothing to worry about. I love you, too, Angel.' When he was close enough, he pulled her into his embrace.

Wade watched, saw the fear that filled her eyes. His own eyes narrowed as he looked at Daniel. Surely the man would not be angry with her for something as insignificant as walking into him! He thought about Daniel's anger over the dream…the nightmare…that she had suffered. He held her accountable for things she had no control over. Wade set his jaw. If he found out that Daniel was hurting her, brother or not, he would kill him! When Casey wrapped her arms around Daniel, clung to him, buried her face against his shoulder, it caused pain that was physical. He watched the dark blonde haired man hold her close, whisper in her ear, his love plain on his face, burning in his eyes. Wade forced himself to turn away.

"Love you, Angel," Daniel whispered.

"I love you, Daniel, with all my heart," she replied.

He reached out, caressed her again, made sure that the worry was gone before gently withdrawing. He smiled when he felt her soft, tender caress in return.

Jack was standing beside the DHD. "Okay, campers, let's go home. Colonel, dial the 'gate."

Sam pushed the symbols that would open the wormhole to Gamma. The 'gate opened with the customary splendor.

Two pairs of eyes watched as SG-1 walked up the steps. A gray pair watched the blonde man. Still longed for him. A blue pair watched the slender young blonde woman, every movement her body made causing an ache in his heart, and his groin.

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