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Heroes and Jellybeans

Chapter 3

When the 'gate activated, Teal'c was on his feet, waiting for the MALP. It hadn't even stopped before he was bending over the camera, giving his report. He requested a team in full hazmat suits, who could fix the DHD. Then he told them that he was going to the ruins to find Jack and Daniel. He explained that Daniel had hoped to find something that would help them there. Duncan promised that assistance was on the way.

Knowing that help would soon arrive, Teal'c began to run toward the ruins. He knew that both of his friends were affected enough that it was possible they would harm their wives. He had to make sure that didn't happen.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Jack and Daniel were leading their wives through the tunnel. It ended in a large subterranean room. There were steps that led upwards against the far wall, but investigation revealed that the entrance was completely blocked by fallen stones.

"O'Neill, are you in danger?"

Jack and Daniel looked at each other. They had completely forgotten about their radios! "Teal'c, buddy, we sort of fell into a tunnel. We'll have to make our way back to where we fell in. Think you can get us out?" Jack said.

"I cannot, O'Neill. However, I believe that once SG-6 arrives, they will be able to assist me in rescuing you."

"That works. We've found some sort of room down here. Daniel is going to check it out. Let us know when you're ready."

"I will do so. I have located the hole into which you fell. It should not take long," Teal'c said.

"Okay. Daniel's going to take some film of this place."

"I understand."

The men looked around the rocky chamber. "Any ideas, Daniel?"

The archaeologist was examining several drawings he had located. "These people were still fairly primitive. They had learned how to make mud bricks, and this depiction would seem to indicate that they were learning how to farm. From the marks over here, I think this cavern was used for ceremonies."

Casey watched every move he made. Her body was humming with need…with desire. He was so handsome, his body so pleasing…she wanted him! She worked her hands free of the belt. She had to have him. She moved slowly, while he was busy looking at the cave paintings. When she was close enough, she slipped her arms around his waist, pressed her breasts against his back. "Give?" she asked softly.


Her body trembled. She slipped her hand down, between his skin and the clothes that covered him. She could feel the coarse hair that surrounded the flesh she ached for. Felt his shaft harden at her touch. She wrapped her hand around him and stroked him gently.

Sam watched the woman touching the man. She needed! Oh, she needed so badly! She looked at the other man. He was watching her. "Give," she said softly, crawling toward him.

"Give," Casey said again.

"No." Daniel growled.

"Give!" Casey demanded. Her hand became more persistent. "Give, please?"

He pulled her hand away, his body screaming in protest. He shoved her against the wall. "Submit."

She nodded slowly. He pushed her tee shirt up, unfastened her bra. His hands caressed the soft, firm flesh, his fingers tugged at her nipples. Her breath was coming in gasps. She was incoherent with need. "Give," she begged.

He took her hand, put it against the zipper of his pants. Her fingers fumbled with the button, then tugged the zipper down. He sighed when her hands freed him, and began caressing him again. He lowered his head and began to suckle, one hand moving against her breasts, the other working her pants open, slipped down to that hot, wet flesh between her thighs. He began to stroke her.

She closed her eyes as his hand began to give her the attention her body craved. She pushed against his clothes, freeing him further. When she tried to push her own pants down, he moved his hand from her breast and grabbed her hand.

"Submit," he said softly. He pushed her pants down to her knees, then eased himself into her warm body. Oh, god, she's so tight this way! It feels so damned good! His hips moved back and forth, pushing him in, pulling him out. She had dropped her head forward against his chest. He kissed the back of her head.

It didn't take long until she was whimpering, her body jerking against his, pushing against him. He cried out only seconds later. Other cries echoed in the cavern, but his brain didn't recognize them. As soon as the haze had cleared from his mind, he realized that once again he had made love to his wife. At least, he hoped that’s what he had done. He pulled his pants up and fastened them, redressed her…she seemed less aware with each passing moment. "God, we have got to get out of here," he whispered.



"Sam isn't doing so well."

"Neither is Casey."

The two men retied their wives, hating to do so, but knowing that it was the only way to keep them…subdued.

"Do you hear that?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah. Sounds like water," Jack replied.

They began to shine their lights around them. A small tunnel led away from the chamber.

"Should we check it out?"

Jack shrugged. "Might just as well."

They went slowly, making sure that the women who were depending on them for everything now were walking safely.

The sound of the water grew louder as they came to the end of the tunnel. They flashed their lights around the room, watched in amazement, as the walls seemed to glow with purple, red and green light. In the middle of the room was a pool, perhaps six feet across, and fairly deep from what they could see. It was being fed by a flow of water down one side of the rock wall.

Casey began to pull against the belt that held her hands. She was staring at the water. Daniel wasn't sure if she was afraid of it, or fascinated by it. Not knowing why, but having the feeling that it was important, he loosened her hands. She knelt beside the pool. When Jack saw what was going on, he freed Sam's hands as well.

She suddenly jumped to her feet, shaking her head as if trying to rid herself of an errant thought. She turned to him, reached out for him. "Give!"


"Give!" she insisted again. She leaned against him, kissed him, again biting at his lips, his tongue. "Give," she said softly.


She shook her head. "Give." She slid her hands down his body.

With an angry grunt, Daniel backhanded her, watched her body collide with the rough rock wall beside them. She crawled back toward him. Reached out for him. He kicked her, shoved her back toward the pool of water. She tried to hang on to his leg. He reached out and struck her with his fist, nearly knocking her unconscious. She let go, and fell into the pool. Suddenly off balance, he fell in beside her.

She surfaced, pushed her hair back. "Daniel Melburn Jackson, that was not funny!"

He shook the water from his head. "What wasn't funny?"

"Pushing me into this pool."

"Babe, I didn't push you. At least…I don't remember pushing you."

Casey looked around, pulled herself from the water. "Okay, at the risk of sounding completely crazy, where the hell are we, and how did we get here?"

Daniel hauled himself onto the rocks and looked at her, his eyes wide. She seemed…fine…now! While his own memory of their time on this planet so far was riddled with holes, he remembered enough. "You and Sam have sort of been…out of it."

"Out of it?"

"Yeah. Some sort of weird virus. Made you…demanding."


"Yeah. Very," he grinned.

She looked at him. "I don't remember a thing."

Daniel picked up his light. Then nearly dropped it. Her Quickening hadn't quite healed the massive bruise on her face. "Oh, god," he moaned. He reached out and touched her cheek.

"What?" She flinched slightly when his fingers came in contact with skin that felt tender and sore.

"Babe…I don't know what is going on. You…demand…and when I give in…or sometimes when I give in, I get…violent …and hurt you, or at least that's what must happen...I don't remember it, but…the proof of the abuse is there. Your face, babe…I beat you. Oh, god I'm so sorry!"

She wrapped her arms around him, held him tightly. "Sweetheart, I don’t remember it, and if you don't remember it…"

Daniel turned to look at Jack. "Into the water, general. It will clear your heads, both of you."

Jack nodded; pushed Sam in, then jumped in beside her.

Once their heads were cleared, they sat and discussed what had been happening.

The thought that had been nagging at him for finally broke through. "Saliva!" Daniel said suddenly.

"Excuse me?" Jack said.

"Every time Case kissed me, or…uh…went down on me…I had…black outs…it has to have something to do with the saliva!"

Jack nodded. "Now that you mention it, yeah…that seems about right. And as soon as…" he broke off, reached out and caressed Sam's face, "as soon as I had…hit her…my mind cleared up."

"Now the question is, can we get them back to the gate without them being re-infected," Daniel said. "We know to keep them tied if they do, and to avoid…" he reached out and ran his fingers over Casey's lips. "Avoid their mouths."

She shivered. "Let's hope this isn't something that's going to last long." She couldn't live without his kisses!

"O'Neill? Are you there?" Teal'c's voice echoed in the small chamber.

"Yeah, T, we're here."

"We are ready to lower a rope to you."

"On our way, buddy." The four SG-1 teammates hurried back to that narrow tunnel into which they had fallen.


A  A  A  A  A  A


When they were all standing on the surface again, Casey looked toward the ruins. They were visible in the distance. "It seems a shame to come all this way and not take just a quick look," she said softly.

Daniel was already looking at the ruins, the desire to investigate them burning in his eyes.

"We could stay, if you want to go back," she said to Jack, watching her husband's face.

"No way. We stick together. We all go, or we all stay and look around." He glanced at Teal'c. "If Casey and Sam are okay, I can't see a reason not to stay.

Daniel adjusted his pack, took Casey's hand in his. "Let's go take a look. Maybe we'll find some answers there."

"Look, why don't you take Teal'c, and Tony and Texas. Do your rock hunting. Sam can help work on the DHD or we're not going to get out of here," Jack said. "Stay in radio contact."

"Okay." Daniel walked toward the ruins.

"Daniel, did we…talk…mind to mind?" Casey asked as they walked toward the ruins.

He shook his head. "No, babe, we didn't. I didn’t…feel…you either. It was as if I was being blocked. You didn't have any of your feelings, as far as I know, before you and Sam were affected."

She nodded. With a tiny smile, she reached out and gently caressed his mind. Her smile widened when she felt the caress returned. 'Love you, My Heart.'

'Love you, My Star.' He raised her fingers to his lips. And prayed that he never remembered beating the woman he loved more that life.

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