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Heroes and Jellybeans

Chapter 2

Casey was humming as she tied her boots. She had survived the reporters. In fact, the man who Duncan had ‘assigned’ to them had been friendly, charming, and not annoying at all. He'd promised them a free copy of the magazine with the article in it, and she had already received the photo disc in the mail; and would have several of them printed out.

Daniel was excited. They were going on what could prove to be a very interesting dig. The ruins on PR3 291 had shown evidence of being one of the earliest human settlements they had found off world…so far. He glanced at his wife and smiled. She was just as excited about this as he was. A glance over his shoulder told him that Jack wasn’t quite as eager to go looking at a bunch of ‘old rocks’. But the man wouldn’t miss the mission, Daniel knew that for a fact.

Duncan came into the armory and looked around. "Okay, MALP isn’t showing anything alive out there…but it doesn’t mean there isn’t something hiding. The ruins are far enough from the gate I'll only expect a report once every twelve hours. Try to stay out of wells this time, Case."

"Bite me, Highlander," she grumped, as her teammates laughed around her. She waited until Daniel had finished tying the do-rag around his head, then handed him her hairbrush and a tie. He quickly braided her hair, which was nearly down to her hips now. She was planning on having it cut…just to the middle of her back…but she hadn’t told him that…yet…exactly. She had hinted about getting it cut a little bit. So far he hadn’t said anything to her about it.

Sam and Jack watched as Daniel’s fingers worked through the long blonde hair, exchanged a grin. They both remembered his reaction to Casey’s ‘haircut’ on Langara.

"Let’s go campers," Jack said as soon as they were all ready.

Daniel had the braid wrapped around his fist as they walked to the ‘gate room. ‘Love your hair, Angel.’

‘I know. It’s still too long.’


‘You don’t get your head jerked off when you sit on it, or when you lay on it, or when your husband lays on it, or…’

‘You’re going to cut it?’

‘Only to the middle of my back.’

‘I guess I could handle that.’


'I'll miss feeling it against my legs when your head drops back as you come, when you ride me.'

She glanced at him, saw the innocent smile. 'You're impossible, sometimes!'

'Yeah, but you love me anyway.' He was grinning now.

She sighed. 'Yeah, I do.' And knew that it would be awhile before she even thought about cutting her hair…again.

"Okay, SG-1, you have a go. Godspeed," Duncan called down to them.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The planet was semi-arid. Casey thought it looked a lot like New Mexico, or maybe Arizona. She followed the team down the crumbling steps.

"Doesn’t look like there's been anyone here in a very long time," Daniel said softly.

Jack looked around, adjusted his sunglasses. "Let’s just hope it stays that way. Daniel, you’re with me on point. Teal'c, you’ve got our six. Ladies, keep your eyes open. Let’s go kids. Time’s a-wastin’."

The ruins were about half a day's walk from the 'gate. There seemed to be a lot of pollen in the air, and Daniel was thankful that being Immortal had finally rid him of the allergies that caused him so much misery in conditions such as these. They moved at steady pace.

Casey and Sam were singing "My Guy", and doing a fair amount of giggling. They were even beginning to stagger back and forth a bit as they walked. While it wasn't unusual for Casey to sing during a hike, this behavior was highly unusual. Teal'c caught up with the women.

"Samantha Carter, Casey Jackson, are you all right?"

Casey began giggling. "I'm fine as frog hair, Teal'c, darlin'!" she drawled.

"Oh, now that's fine, sister!" Sam giggled. "I'm fine as wine!"

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. "O'Niell! Daniel Jackson!"

The two men turned to look back, just in time to see Casey drop to the ground, giggling hysterically. She was pounding the ground with one hand, one foot mirroring the motion.

"A fine haired frog with fine wine!" she gasped, then burst into another bout of giggles.

Sam dropped to the ground beside her, laughing just as hard. "What color is that fine frogged hair?"

Casey screamed with laughter. "Fine haired frog! It's a fine faired frog!"

Jack looked down at the two women. "Last time I saw them like this they were shit-faced drunk."

Daniel nodded. He reached out his hand and caught several of the tiny 'leaves' that seemed to be floating everywhere. "Well, something here is affecting them, and it affected them pretty fast. We haven't even been here a full hour yet."

The men exchanged glances. "Okay, why aren't we affected?" Jack asked.

"I have no idea," Daniel said, watching his Wife. The women were sitting quietly now, just looking around them. He crouched down in front of Casey. "Babe? Are you okay?"

"Space Muffin! How ya doin'?" She reached up and wound her arms around his neck, pulled herself to her knees. "Oh, baby, could I use a little bit of attention from that big anaconda of yours right now! I am sooo friggin' horny!"

Daniel felt his face flush. "You are, huh?"

Jack started to laugh, until Sam reached up and tried to unzip his pants. "Whoa, there colonel! Just what do you think you're doing?"

Sam giggled. "I need Big John," she said simply, trying to pull her wrists from his hands.

The men exchanged another look. "Take 'em back, or go on?" Jack asked.

Daniel was holding onto Casey's hands, she had been trying to unfasten his pants as well. Now she was kissing and licking his neck. "I think we should take them back. This is…ow!" He looked at her. She had bitten him. Hard. She'd never done anything like that before. He stood to his feet, pulled her up with him. "There's something really wrong here," he said.

"Ya think?" Jack muttered. He had his hands full of Sam, who was trying to bite his hands now. "I hate to do this, baby, but, lights out," he said. He hit Sam squarely on the jaw. She crumpled in his arms, unconscious. He looked over at Daniel, then shrugged.

"Love you, Angel," he said, just before he hit Casey. She went out like a light.

"Let's move," Jack said, tossing his wife over his shoulder.

They rushed back to the 'gate. Daniel looked at the DHD. "We have a slight problem," he said softly.

Jack looked down. The large dome in the middle of the DHD was broken. "Oh, hell! Sam could fix this…if she wasn't…out of it!" He turned to the Jaffa beside him. "Teal'c, buddy, can you do anything with this?"

"I cannot, O'Neill. I do not possess the knowledge to attempt a repair of this kind."

"Well isn't that just peachy!"

"What if we try giving them antihistamines?" Daniel said. This was one of the drugs that the teams had started carrying in their first aid kits…ever since one of their very first missions, to a planet where a virus that acted upon the natural histamines in the body to reduce the 'infected' to Neanderthal type creatures. Those affected had remained on the permanently 'dark' side, hiding among the shadows, while those unaffected lived in the sunlight, shunning their infected kin.

Jack looked at the fuzzy little things that floated in the air. "Yeah, okay. Let's give it a try."

Daniel dug through his pack for his first aid kit, found the vial of antihistamine, and loaded a syringe with 10cc's of the fluid. Casey was starting to come around just as he pulled her shirt away from her shoulder.

"Oh, that's it, I want you too," she purred, trying to reach for his shirt. Unsuccessful, she let her hand drop to his crotch. "Oh, come on, let's do it!" she whispered fiercely.

He pulled her hand away before she could bring him to full arousal, and quickly injected her.


"Sorry, Angel. But you're not leaving me much of a choice." He put the syringe back into the kit, closed it carefully.

Casey was on her feet, wrapping herself around him, pushing her breasts against his chest. "Love me, Daniel! I need you, here, now!" She began to kiss him hungrily, her hands pushing at the shirt he wore. She became frustrated, ripped the shirt open, buttons flew to the dirt around him.

He grabbed her arms, pushed her away. "Casey, look at me, babe. There's something wrong with you…"

"Damned straight there is cowboy," she said. "I need my man, and I need you right now!"

Daniel glanced at Jack, who was having the same problem with Sam.

"I believe that your best course of action is to have sex with your wives," Teal'c said calmly.

"Can we at least put a tent up first?" Daniel asked irritably.

"That would be preferable…damn it, Sam, quit!" Jack said, pulling away from his wife's grasp.

Daniel looked at Casey. "Help me get the tent up, Angel. Then we'll make love. I promise."

Her eyes were glassy, the fire that burned was…different…than what he had ever seen before. "I need you now!" She reached for him again.

He grabbed her wrists. "Tent first. Sex later."

She growled, but helped him erect the tent. The two men opted to pitch their tents on opposite ends of the 'gate. Somehow Daniel didn't think that was going to make much difference…everyone was going to hear everyone else. He glanced at Teal'c. "Teal'c, do you think you can make it to the ruins? See if there's anything there that might help us figure this out?"

Casey grabbed his face and began kissing him, biting at his lips.

"I will try, Daniel Jackson." The Jaffa lifted an eyebrow as he watched Casey trying to undress Daniel, then turned on his heel. He hurried back in the direction of the ruins.

"Ow! Casey that hurt!" Daniel said, pulling away and touching his lip. Blood. She grabbed him again, and began to lick the blood from his face.

He managed to get her inside the tent before she began to pull her clothes off. She was on her knees in front of him, unzipping his pants. Before he could pull away, she had taken him into her mouth. He was a bit worried, she'd been rather…out-of- control…and had bitten him several times. The thought of having his cock bitten wasn't a pleasant one. But she seemed to have calmed down some, and was now giving him one of her incredible blowjobs. "Oh, yeah, babe, just like that," he moaned.

She pulled away from him slightly. "Give!" she whispered.

He put his hands on either side of her head. "That's right, babe…suck me…do it!"

She was taking him as far as she could, sucking…swallowing…sucking…

"Oh, god!" he moaned, and emptied himself down her eager throat.

She pulled away with a smile, laid back on the carelessly tossed sleeping bags. She held her arms out. "Give."

He pulled his clothes off, watching her through a haze. He dropped down beside her. She reached between his legs.

She needed him, needed him inside her, and she needed it now! "Give!"

He pushed her away. When her hands reached for him again he slapped her, his hand leaving a red imprint on her creamy skin. "Submit!" He wrapped her braid around his fist, jerked until her head was back and her throat exposed to him. With a growl he lowered his head and began to kiss the soft skin of her neck and throat. Just as she had done to him earlier, he began to bite her, leaving marks, drawing blood. Her cries of pain made the blood boil in his veins.

"Give!" She cried, pushing her body against him.

He pulled away from her, grabbed her face roughly in his hand. "Submit!"

She raised her hands to him. He took her wrists in one hand, pushed her back and lowered his head to her breasts. He made love to her, gently at first, until her body began to arch toward him. His teeth began to pull hard on her nipples, left marks on the tender flesh. Her body was on fire, and only one thing would put it out, only one thing would give her the relief she so desperately needed.

He needed to taste her…had to taste her. He let go of her wrists. "Submit!" he demanded with a low growl. He slid down between her thighs, ran the flat of his tongue from the top of her folds to the bottom. He tasted her, teased her, made love to her. In the back of his mind he could feel that something was… wrong…but he didn't know what it was. Her hips were moving, meeting his mouth with every stroke his tongue made against her.

"Give," she whispered.

He moved up, buried his rigid shaft in her warm well. "Submit," he whispered back. He smiled when she wrapped her legs around his hips. He began to thrust; hard, deep strokes that moved her slender body against the sleeping bags beneath her. A loud cry from nearby only added to the flames that raged inside him. He looked down at her, the tattoo above her breast mesmerizing him as he moved in and out of her body.

"Give," she whispered again. She began to whimper, her body began to spasm around him.

He felt her get suddenly hotter, wetter. He lowered his mouth, captured her lips with his, kissed her, then tossed his head back and cried out as his orgasm overtook him. When at last his body finished pulsing, he dropped down on top of her. Something poked at him, told him that he needed to roll over, keep her on top of him. He managed to do so before he passed out.


A  A  A  A  A  A


When Teal'c returned to the gate several hours later, the two couples had a fire going. Sam and Casey were sitting beside their husbands, their hands tied in front of them.

Jack jumped to his feet when Teal'c approached the fire. "Daniel says he sent you to see if you could find anything. Did you?"

The Jaffa lowered himself beside the fire, accepted the tea that Daniel had made for him. "I did. There is a warning posted near the entrance of the village."

"Would have been nice if they had posted it closer to the gate." Jack muttered. He settled back down where he had been sitting. Wondered briefly why he had felt the need to get up at all.

"What was the warning, Teal'c?" Daniel asked quietly.

"There is a 'disease' that lurks here. According to what I was able to find, and understand, this 'disease' affects women, turning them into-"

"Nymphomaniacs?" Jack suggested dryly.

"I do not know this term."

"A nymphomaniac is a woman who wants sex all the time, from anybody and everybody," Jack explained.

Teal'c thought about this. "It is possible that this is what they meant. They say that the women demanded from their men, until the men killed them. There was one section that said some men caught the sickness from their women, and became cruel and abusive."

"Doesn't sound good," Daniel said. Something about that abusive part nagged at the back of his mind…

"The antihistamines didn't work," Jack said. "If we keep them tied, they stay fairly submissive."

The Jaffa raised his eyebrow. "Submissive? Do you not mean calm?"

Jack looked at the man sharply. "Submissive!"

The eyebrow went higher. "O'Neill, I believe that you and Daniel Jackson may also be affected."

"Jack, maybe we should just go on to that village. Until Sam is back to being herself, we aren't going anywhere. Maybe we can find an answer for all of this there," Daniel suggested.

"Yeah, I think maybe you're right. T, if we are being affected by this, and you aren't…well, don't let me…I don't want her hurt," Jack said softly.

"Same for me, Teal'c," Daniel said.

The large man nodded. "I will protect them. I will attempt to do so without damaging you."

Daniel smiled. "Thanks. I appreciate that." He looked at Casey. Her eyes were still feverish, she watched his every move. When he looked at her, she smiled, then let her gaze linger on his groin.

"Give," she whispered softly. She began to crawl toward him.

He shook his head. "With luck we'll have the strength to get there tomorrow," he said. He stood up, picked Casey up and tossed her over his shoulder.

Teal'c watched. His two friends were affected more than they realized. He could only hope that Duncan MacLeod would send the MALP through in the morning, after not hearing from them. He would tell them that the DHD was inoperative, and that SG-1 was under the influence of an alien virus. He could only hope that those at the SGC could come up with a way to get them home, and cured.

Daniel dropped Casey unceremoniously onto the sleeping bags. "Submit. Strip."

She stood to her feet, held her hands out. When he had untied them, she pulled her clothes off once again. She knelt in front of him. "Give."

He pulled his clothes from his body, stood in front of her. "Do it, babe. Suck me off."

She began to make love to him. He was so hard, tasted so good. She could feel the flames raging like an inferno within her. She needed him, needed everything he could do for her, everything he could give her.

He watched as she worked her mouth around his aching flesh, put his hands on her head, worked his fingers through the thick, blonde silk. His hips were moving toward her, the movements slow and steady. Before he lost all control, he shoved her away. "Submit! Hands and knees," he growled.

She obeyed, her fingers already working between her slender thighs. She sighed as he entered her, filling her completely. She knew that he, and only he, could put out the fire that burned so hot, so uncontrollably hot. Something poked at the back of her mind…something about danger. She pushed it away. She had only needs, desires. They must be fulfilled!

Oh, god, she felt so damned good! He moved slowly, reached between her thighs, wanting to make her feel good as well. His fingers encountered hers. He pushed her hand away. He began to stroke her in time to the thrusts his hips made. She began to whimper, shoving her hips back against him. When she cried out, he grabbed her hips with both hands and began to pound into her body. She cried out again before he finally shuddered and moaned his release.

She curled up beside him, her head on his shoulder. His arm pulled her tighter when she cuddled closer. "Love you, Daniel," she said softly.

It was the first coherent thing she had said in hours. He smiled. "Love you too, Angel."

He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The following morning, Teal'c suggested that they try the antihistamines again, and that all four of them should be injected. While it didn't seem to have any effect at all on Sam or Casey, Jack and Daniel both seemed…calmer. When he told them this, they agreed that they would use the rest of the drug for themselves in an attempt to maintain control.

The large man also suggested that he wait by the gate until the MALP came through. As soon as it had been long enough without communication, Duncan would send the machine through to find out what was going on.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel had tied Casey's hands again, using her belt, and held the length of it like a leash. He tugged impatiently when she began to slow down beside him.

"Water," she said simply.

"Oh, god, babe, I’m sorry," he murmured. He held the canteen, let her drink her fill, took a drink for himself, then began to walk again.

"Give," she said softly.

He shook his head. "No. We have to get to those ruins. The answer is there, I know it."

"Give," she said again, more insistently. She tried to reach for him.


"Give, please," she said, looking up at him, a soft smile on her face.

He looked down at her. Felt the Fire shoot through his body. He held her face between his hands. "Submit," he said softly, just before he kissed her. When he finally pulled away, his body was raging. He pushed her to her knees in front of him, unzipped his pants. "Submit," he repeated.

She made love to him once again, taking him to paradise with her sweet mouth and talented tongue. When he had finished, he pulled her to her feet. "Give!" she demanded, her green eyes flashing with anger and raw desire.

He fastened his pants. "Later." He pulled at the belt that held her hands in check. She struggled, pulled back on the belt. "Submit!" he demanded. She continued to fight him. With a surge of anger, he struck her across the face. He let go of the belt when she fell to the ground. He reached for her, grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. He slapped her again, his hand leaving angry marks against the soft skin of her cheeks. Again he let her fall. When he jerked her to her feet, he could see the blood trickling from her nose. "Submit!" he hissed into her ear, just before he slapped her for a third time. He pulled her to her feet, yanked on the belt. "Submit!" he said.

She nodded. Her face was on fire with pain. Her body was on fire with need. She followed the man who could give her relief, or withhold it from her, at his whim.

Jack and Sam were nowhere in sight. They must have gone on to the ruins, he thought. He began to lead her in the direction they had come the day before. They hadn't gone very far when they fell straight down into a dark hole. They lay stunned for a few moments.

Daniel stood up, found his flashlight, turned it on. They were in a tunnel. He saw a flash of light just ahead of them. "Jack?"


"Yeah. We fell down here too."

"How's Casey?"

"Out of it. Sam?"

"Out of it."

"Jack, I think we are too," Daniel said. He looked at his watch. They should have been to the ruins by now. Why hadn't he seen them? He shined his light on Casey, noted the blood that streaked her cheek, and her hand, where she had apparently wiped her nose. He felt a chill run down his spine. "Oh, god," he moaned.

Jack had come back toward the archaeologist, having found nothing but a dead end behind him. "What's wrong?"

Daniel shined his light again on Casey's face.

"Oh, hell," Jack hissed. He shined his light on Sam's face. Her eyes reflected with the fever. She too had dried blood on her face.

"Jack, we have got to do something! I don't even remember…I don't remember hitting her," Daniel said.

"I don't either."

Something continued to poke at the back of Daniel's brain. "There's something weird going on…if I could just get it figured out."

Jack looked at his young friend. "Do it fast, Danny, before we hurt them worse than we already have."

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