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Have Faith in Love

Chapter 12

They were asleep before they collapsed face first onto the bed in their quarters. Casey was the first to awaken, probably because she had given up less of her own energy and Fire. Daniel was asleep on his side, his head on one arm, the other on his hip. She crooked her arm, rested her head against her hand and watched him. Her heart beat faster as she examined his face, taking in every handsome feature. Unable to resist, she reached over and traced his jaw with her finger, barely touching him, the whiskers rough against her skin. The tactile input made her shiver with desire.

The hand on his hip reached out, felt around him, searched farther. When his fingers came in contact with her body, they relaxed, but stayed against her. She smiled, knowing that he needed to touch her as much as she needed to touch him, even while asleep.

She lowered her arm, rested her head on it, continued to watch him. She put her hand against his chest, could feel him breathing, slowly and steadily. Within minutes she was asleep again.

Daniel opened his eyes. Casey was beside him, facing him, her hand on his chest. He smiled, took her fingers and raised them to his lips. She stirred slightly, rolled to her back, stretched her legs out. He scooted closer to her, supported his head with one hand, the other gently running up and down her side. She murmured something, he couldn’t understand it. His eyes drank in the delicate features of her face. The dark bruises that had been under her eyes had faded, her cheeks were filling out again, as much as they ever did. She had always been so very slender.

He kissed her fingers again, smiled to himself when her pink lips curved upwards slightly in her sleep. He let his hand move over her breast, caressing it lightly. He could feel her nipple harden against his palm. She murmured again, started to roll to her other side. His hand held her firmly on her back. She relaxed, her breathing still slow and steady. His fingers went to work on her breast again, moved to the other one, gave it the same gentle attention. He was hard, it wouldn’t be long until his need would be undeniable. He trailed his fingers down her stomach, worked the snap of the BDU she was still wearing. When he had her pants unzipped, he slid his hand inside, felt the soft curls, moved farther down. He stroked her thigh gently, waiting for her to move. He didn’t have long to wait. The skin between her legs was soft and warm, and it didn’t take his fingers long to have her wet, and hot. He was moving two fingers in and out of her, his thumb at the top of her folds, pressing against that swelling nub. Her hips were starting to move against his hand. He watched her face, waiting for her to wake up.

She took a deep breath, tried once again to roll over. Her eyes opened wide when she realized what was happening. She looked up at him, smiled sleepily. "Decided to play a little bit, huh?"


"Bet you’re getting uncomfortable."


She reached down and unfastened his BDU pants, slipped her hand inside and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing shaft. She gently stroked him, sighing as his hand brought her closer to her release.

"Want more than just my hand, babe?" he asked softly. He leaned over to kiss her.

"Mmmhmm. Worship me, Daniel," she whispered.

He wished briefly for more hands, then pulled his hand from between her thighs to push at her pants. She used her free hand to help him rid her of them. He kissed her again, then moved down on the bed, his body screaming from the sudden deprivation of her touch. He wrapped his arms around her slender thighs, buried his face between them, licking her from top to bottom and back up again. When he began to tease her with his tongue, her hips came up off of the bed. "Like that, don’t you, Angel?"

"Yes," she moaned.

"Want more?"

"Yes," she whispered.

He lowered his head once again. He slid his fingers inside her warm, wet well, felt her come. He knew that her orgasm was only seconds away. When he felt the quiver in her thighs, he pulled away from her, moved up slowly, kissed her belly through the tee shirt she was still wearing.

He rolled away from her long enough to strip. When he turned back, she was naked as well. He stretched out beside her, watched as she slid down and took his erection into her mouth. He was so aroused that it didn’t take her long to have him on the edge. He rolled to his back. "Ride me, babe. Make it good," he whispered.

She straddled his hips, guided him between her moist folds, then sank slowly down until her body was tight against his. She began to move, slowly, back and forth, using the muscles deep inside to massage him.

He grabbed her hips with both hands, began to gently thrust up into her. He felt her fingers move between them, could feel her caressing herself. The sensation nearly made him lose control.

Her breath was coming harder, faster, and once again he could feel the quiver in her thighs, pressed so tightly against his hips.

"Come for me, Angel. Do it, babe…make it good," he whispered.

Her head dropped back as the whimper he loved to hear filled her throat.

"Lean over here, babe, let me taste you," he instructed softly. She obeyed, and held her breasts for him as he suckled. He was thrusting harder into her now, his hips grinding up against her.

"Fill me, Daniel," she whispered. "Give me your love." She put her hands on the bed beside his shoulders, began to move her hips back and forth against him, drawing him deeper into her body, massaging him as hard as she could.

He gave a cry, then rushed headlong over the abyss into completion. He moved his hand between them to bring her to her second orgasm. She collapsed onto his chest, breathing hard. He put his arms around her, held her tightly against him. "Love you, Angel," he whispered.

"Love you, sweetheart," she whispered in reply.

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