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Have Faith in Love

Chapter 11

Casey was lacing up her boots, listening to the last minute instructions that Duncan was giving all the teams who had pulled this assignment. They had located Anubis’ base and would be joining teams from Alpha and Beta. There were a handful of Tok'ra, and Jonas Quinn was bringing three of the teams from the Langara Stargate Program. All in all there would be over one hundred Immortals and mortals sneaking onto the Goa’uld’s base. The mission objective: total destruction. Three Tok’ra ships, the Prometheus and the Phoenix were poised to take on his huge mothership.

Using the information on the Kull warriors that Daniel had managed to get, Sam had been able to perfect weapons against these super warriors. It had been close, time-wise, but every zat gun had been armed with the new device that would kill these seemingly unstoppable warriors.

"Jack, you’re in charge out there on the field. I’ll be coordinating backup efforts with General Hammond," Duncan said. "All team leaders will receive orders for their respective teams from General O'Neill."

"I’ve alerted every team CO that if Case starts getting any of her ‘feelings’ we’ll pass on that information and whatever seems to be important at that time," Jack added.

With wishes for good luck, last minute good-byes to those not going, the teams filled the ‘gate room and started heading to Alpha, where they would ring up to the Phoenix. General Hammond wished them all Godspeed, and then they were on their way.

Casey went through her pack, checked her equipment as they waited for Jack to start the briefing that would give them the final break down of what each team would do.

SG-1 would be one of the first teams in. They were depending on Casey’s ability to sense danger, and were going to give her a few minutes to ‘check things out’ before bringing down the rest of the teams. The base was large, and SG-1’s mission objective was the large power source located near the center of the base. They would transport down as close to their target as possible.

Just before they stepped into the center of the rings, Daniel gave her a quick kiss. He smiled reassuringly at her. She stood between him and Jack, Teal'c standing just behind her, his presence representing safety to her.

It was the middle of the night on the planet, and they carefully adjusted their night vision goggles.

Jack led the way, Teal'c on their six. The men glanced occasionally at Casey, watching for the signs of trouble.

They entered the large complex that housed the power generators. 'That' feeling hit her suddenly and hard. She grabbed Daniel’s arm and jerked him back just before he stepped into a corridor.

Jack had been waiting for them, crouched beside the wall opposite of them, saw the action. "Case?"

"Bad, Jack, really, really bad." She closed her eyes, trying to sense what was wrong. She had been working with Teal'c and Carlotta, and was learning how to ‘see’ some of the things that she ‘felt’. She suddenly grinned. What she had felt, what she saw, could be used to their advantage. "With a little luck, we’re about to kill three birds with one stone, general. Better tell our friends in the sky to watch out, there are two al'kesh ships out there. I’m not sure who. They’re with Anubis right now…I think," she added, never willing to make her ‘predictions’ sound as if they were hard facts.

Jack grinned back at her, contacted the Phoenix. The rest of the teams began to transport down. He led them into the corridor. He signaled each team member into a separate section of the inner complex, all of them ready to set the charges and get out.

Casey was moving into the next room when she got another feeling. The worst kind. As when all hell was about to break loose. She stood slowly and turned around. And came face to face with Anubis. She shuddered as he looked at her.

"You will die for your attempts at sabotage," he told her, his voice giving her chills. He lifted his hand, and suddenly several Jaffa appeared and grabbed her. She was stripped of her equipment.

"Daniel, I could really use some help right now," she whispered. "I just ran into oily-face himself."

'Oh, god! Where are you, babe?'

She didn’t dare speak out loud again. She could only think, hoping that he would hear her. ‘Second room on the left. Be careful. Jaffa everywhere!’

'We’re on it, babe. Hang tight. Tell me when they move you,' he replied.

‘Damn straight I will!’

Jack was already spreading the word that the mission had been compromised, and that each team was to complete their part of the objective and get the hell off the planet. The warning about the Jaffa proved to give the Tau’ri and their allies an advantage. Gunfire and the sound of staff blasts were starting to echo across the base, although still too far away for the Goa’uld to hear.

Anubis moved to stand just in front of her. There was something about this woman…a power that she possessed. He could sense it. He would have it. He caressed her cheek with the back of his gloved hand. "You are very beautiful," he said. "I will keep you for my own pleasure. Jaffa, kree!"

She was grabbed roughly and forced to follow behind the black robed Goa’uld. ‘Daniel, we’re on the move, don’t know where yet.’

'It’s okay babe, we have you in sight.'  She relaxed visibly at his words. He was watching, his heart in his throat. He saw her glance around, looking for him. 'Don’t look, babe, you’ll give us away,' he whispered. She looked at the Jaffa on each side of her, an attempt to hide the fact that she had been trying to see around her. Then she focused on the back of the Goa’uld who walked in front of her. He grinned. He followed Jack and Teal'c as they made up the end of the parade of Jaffa.

"Shit!" Jack hissed. They were taking her onto that freakin’ ship! He gave the order, and SG-1 met up with SG-6 at the entrance to the huge craft. They slipped onboard, dispensing with Jaffa as quietly and quickly as possible.


A  A  A  A  A  A


So far, the Kull warriors had been on the far side of the base. Jack was certain that this ship was crawling with them.

'Daniel, he’s taking me to his chambers. I do not like this, just to let you know. Up three…down the corridor…fifth left…pass two corridors…third door on the right.'

He grinned. 'Okay, babe, we’re right behind you.'

'Hang on, we’re going up!'

Her warning came just fast enough to give them time to brace for the acceleration.

Casey looked at the Goa’uld as he settled himself onto the throne in his private chambers. She was looking around, trying not to appear as terrified as she felt. She knew that Daniel and Jack and Teal'c were on their way. Right now, however, she was alone with a partially Ascended, mostly descended, somewhat Immortal Goa’uld. A real monster.

"What is your name, Tau’ri?"

"I’m the right hand of God. Gonna kick your snake ass. You can call me Vengeance," she replied. She was amazed that she managed to sound calm. She was shaking inside.

The hideous creature actually laughed. "You have fire. Unlike so many who stand before me, groveling on their knees, begging for their lives. Soon I will know everything that you know."

She shuddered, knowing that Jonas had been subjected to the device that could, and would, pull every bit of information from her mind. "Why don’t you just ask nicely. I’d be glad to tell you all about my home and my baby and my parents and my friends. Some of whom, by the way, are laying waste to your base right about-" she checked her watch, "now."

She could look out the window and see the base going up in flames. It was a large base, and the explosions were easily seen from their vantage point. She could feel the sudden surge of rage that radiated from him.

"Didn’t see that one coming, huh? Sucks to be you," she said, shrugging her shoulders. She was terrified, her knees practically knocking together. If he was angry, chances were he'd kill her where she stood.

She didn’t see the hand signal that resulted in two Jaffa dragging her to stand directly in front of Anubis. ‘Daniel now would be really good. He’s getting a bit too close for comfort, here,’ she thought desperately


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel could hear the panic in her voice. 'Almost there, babe,' he replied. They were on the same level, making their way to the room where Anubis held her. A group of Jaffa were coming directly towards them. They beat a hasty retreat to a corridor behind them, waited until the way was clear.

They secured the corridors around the Goa’uld’s chambers. Jacob Carter managed to get three of the SG teams from the surface onto the ship undetected, using the Tok’ra devices. The ship was too large to take over with so few, but there were enough of them to blow the damned thing up. After a whispered debate, it was decided that Daniel would rescue his wife, with Teal'c’s help. The rest of the group split up to plant as many charges as possible, Jack taking the engine room himself. They agreed to set the charges for detonation in fifteen minutes. That would give each group ample time to get to a ring platform and get to one of the waiting friendly ships.

Daniel edged around the column that led to the entrance of the room. The doors were open. He could see Casey. She looked absolutely terrified. ‘Hang on, babe, almost there.’

'Please, hurry!'

Daniel looked at Teal'c and held up three fingers. Teal'c held up four. Seven. The two men exchanged a look, then with a nod, rolled into the room, firing as they flew to the floor. The Jaffa fell. Teal'c managed to close the doors, fired on the controls to lock them in.

Anubis roared in anger, and grabbed Casey around the throat, pulled her against him. "Lower your weapons or she will die," he ordered.

‘Casey, give me your fire,’ Daniel thought, looking directly into her green eyes. "This time Oma isn’t here to save you," he said to Anubis.

‘I don’t understand…how?’

‘Just think about the fire babe, then ‘think’ it to me.’ He had no clue what he was talking about, it just seemed…right.

"Ah, yes, Daniel Jackson. Thrown out of the company of the Ascended. If you could not harm me while you had the powers of the Ascended, you can certainly do nothing now that you are merely a mortal human being," Anubis taunted.

Daniel felt the power she was sending him. ‘When I say now, you drop, babe. He won’t be expecting it.’


"I’m not as helpless, or harmless as you think," he told the Goa’uld. The Fire was filling his body, running up and down his spine. He concentrated, and forced the power into his hands. He could feel it building, could feel it burning. Almost enough…almost… "Now!"

Casey dropped to her knees. Anubis had not expected her to lean back against him and slide down. She was rolling away from him before he could reach out to grab her.

The Goa’uld was amused. He lifted his hand, ready to kill Daniel with a blast of energy. Instead, the blonde man’s hands came up, and blue bolts of power flew from his fingertips.

Taken completely by surprise, he watched as Daniel cupped the energy, formed it into globes, then hurled them at him. He tried to hold them off with his own power. They stood there, locked in battle, each trying to get past the other’s defenses.




Jack was standing on the other side of the door, watching as Tony Sabotti and Texas tried to get the damned thing open. They were unaware of the battle raging within the room. And they had less than five minutes to get to the rings.




Casey watched the battle. It seemed as if Anubis was about to overpower Daniel. She raised her hand toward the black robed figure and concentrated. She could feel the power flow through her, gasped as it flew into the ribbons of blue that flowed from Daniel’s hands. It was enough.

Anubis was forced to take a step backwards, then another, as the power that Daniel held on him grew stronger. His furious thoughts turned to the woman on the floor who was responsible for this shift in power, and what he would have done to her for this insolence, once he had destroyed the man in front of him.

Suddenly Daniel was able to ‘see’ what Anubis had planned for Casey…torture…rape …enslavement. He felt his anger surge, white hot and deadly. The blue stream of energy turned to pure white.

Anubis was on his knees, fighting to keep his own stream of energy flowing, getting weaker by the second.

Daniel took one step nearer to the kneeling Goa’uld, then two. In an instant it was over, and Anubis was destroyed in a blinding flash of white-hot light. He sagged to the floor. Casey collapsed as well.

Teal'c reached for his radio. "O’Neill, we are locked in Anubis’ chambers."

"We’re just outside the door, T," Jack’s voice said over the radio. "Be through it in just a few seconds."

The door slid open. Jack looked around. "Let’s go campers. We’re down to two minutes."

He grabbed Casey and flung her over his shoulder, Teal'c reached for Daniel and helped him to his feet, kept him upright. They ran through the corridors, firing their modified weapons at the Kull soldiers who seemed to be everywhere. They had ten seconds to spare as they ringed to the Phoenix. The explosions on the huge mother ship lit up the darkness of space, shook the ship around them.

"What the hell happened over there?" Jack demanded as soon as Daniel and Casey were able to speak. Teal'c had already described the battle he had witnessed.

Daniel shook his head. "I don’t know, Jack. I just…knew…what I had to do. If Case hadn’t been there, he would have won. Lya was right, it took both of us working together." He took her hand, gently kissed her fingers. Her smile lit her face, warmed him to the very center of his being.

"Morrigan managed to get away, although we got whoever else was here for the party," Jack told them.

"Yeah well, with Anubis out of the way, the System Lords will start fighting each other again. Makes them easier to pick off," Casey said. She tried to bite back a yawn. She was exhausted.

Jack grinned. "You two go get some rest. I think you both need it."

Daniel was yawning as well. "Yeah, I’m damned tired."

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