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Dance of the Heart

Chapter 6

"So, we don’t know where he’s going, don’t know if he’s buying or selling weapons, and from or to whom. We do know that Doria Olmstead is working with him or for him. Anything else?" Duncan asked.

"The traders on Alteria don’t trust him because of her," Daniel said.

"Okay, I’m going to give Jacob a call, and Bra'tac as well. I’ll alert Jonas too, just in case Zinder decides to do a little trading on Langara. You all go home, take tomorrow off. When you get back, we should have more answers to our questions," Duncan said. "Oh, before you leave," he said, just before they could stand. He turned his attention to Casey. "There’s a little matter of unauthorized ‘gate travel."

She smiled sweetly. "You authorized it, Duncan."

"I did not." He was frowning.

"Yes you did. Kyle has the paperwork."

"I don’t remember-"

"I keep telling you…at your age the memory starts to go."

"Do this again, Imp, and I’ll pull you from the roster permanently," he threatened.

She looked at him, her eyes wide. Then she smiled. "No you won’t. You know how miserable I can make your life if you do."

He tried to maintain his frown, felt his cheek begin to twitch. "You are such a brat."

"Yeah, well you love me anyway," she smirked.

He wadded up a piece of paper and threw it at her. "Go home, before I give in to the urge to turn you over my knee!"

The group laughed, and left the conference room.

"So, what was that trip all about, anyway?" Jack asked as they made their way to the infirmary for their post-mission check-up.

"Daniel’s birthday," Casey replied.

"So, did she get you anything good?" the older man asked his young friend.

Daniel looked at his wife and smiled. "Oh, yeah."

Jack held up both hands. "Okay, don’t want to know…wait…yes I do. What?"

"Harem dance," was all that Daniel would say.

"She did it?"


Sam looked at Casey and grinned. "That’s what you were doing at Carly’s studio every day!"

Jack and Daniel turned in unison to look at the tall blonde. "You knew where she was going?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah. So?"

"And you didn’t think to tell me about it?"

Sam shrugged. "I figured if she wanted you to know about…whatever she was doing…she’d tell you."

"You didn’t wonder what she was up to?"

"Not really."

"You didn’t wonder if she was…cheating…on me?"

Sam gasped. "Daniel Jackson, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Everybody knows how much Casey loves you. So much so that she was kept in the dark concerning a certain mission! And you thought…you could think…oh, Daniel, how dumb can you be?"

He grinned. "Pretty dumb, apparently." He looked at his wife, saw her grinning and shaking her head. "Next time, I talk to you and Tessa," he grinned at Sam.

Sam giggled. "Do that." She turned to Jack. "And you! How could you think that Casey would do something like that?"

"Hey, we didn’t know that we only had half of the facts. What we had were the classic signs of a cheating spouse."

Casey burst into giggles. "That sounds like an article from a woman’s magazine!"

"I believe it was the Lady’s Home Journal," Teal'c said. "O’Neill and Daniel Jackson located the article online." The two men gave the Jaffa a pained look.

Sam and Casey shared a look and doubled over with laughter.

"Hey, it’s not funny," Daniel told them. "You had me scared, babe. Every sign on that list, I was living with."

Casey stopped laughing, looked up into his eyes. "What do I have to do to prove that I love you, that there is no way that any other man could ever take your place?"

He smiled as he recognized his own words. "Tell me every day."

"I think I can do that," she smiled. She put her arms around his neck, pulled him closer for a kiss. "Love you, my heart," she whispered.

"Love you, too, my star," he replied softly.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Emmy ran towards them as fast as her little legs could carry her, a wide smile on her face, her little blue eyes shining with excitement. "Mommee! Mommee!"

Casey grabbed her and hugged her tightly. "Hi, Baby! Mommy missed you!"

She was already squirming to get to Daniel. "Daddee! Daddee!"

Daniel took her from Casey’s arms. "Hey, Princess! How’s daddy’s girl?"

Erin stood smiling, already gathering her things together. "I take it that the birthday surprise worked out all right?"

Daniel grinned. "It was great."

"The next time you get some crazy notion in your head, come talk to me," the older woman said, patting his arm.

He leaned over and kissed his mother-in-law’s cheek. "I will, Erin, I promise."

"Well, I’m going to leave the three of you alone now. Call me when you need me, darling," Erin said to Casey.

"I will, Mom. Thanks! Love you. Give my love to Dad."

Erin’s eyes glistened with unshed tears. "Love you too, Casey…so does  your father. I'll give him your love. Bye-bye, Emmie."

The baby held her hand out, palm facing her, and opened and closed her little fingers. "Bye-bye, Meemaw."

Erin smiled brightly, kissed Emmie’s leg, patted Daniel’s arm, and headed out the door.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel was already in bed when she came into the room. He had his hands behind his head, and a smile on his face.

"You’re looking pleased with yourself, Doctor Jackson," she said, smiling at him. She dropped her robe and crawled into the bed beside him.

"Just thinking about how lucky I am." He held the blankets up, waited for her to scoot closer. "Angel, what gave you the idea for my…uh…birthday…gift?"

She shrugged. "Originally, I was going to hire a stripper for you. But…I just didn’t like the idea of you oogling some woman while she stripped, getting all…excited…over her. Then I thought maybe I could learn a routine, and strip for you. So I did. But Carly suggested the harem dance, she said it was more…sensual, not just sexual. Ancient Egypt is your favorite culture, so, I learned to dance just like the harem dancers did for the Pharaoh."

He chuckled, then went quiet, his eyes widening. "Did you just say you learned a strip routine?"

She giggled "Yep."

"And am I ever going to get to see it?"


"You know you’re making me crazy."

"I know."

"You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?"

She giggled again. "No. But if you fall over dead, I’ll just wait ten minutes or so and start all over again."

He laughed, pulled her closer. "So when are you going to strip for me?"

"You’re going to keep bugging me until I do it, aren’t you?"


"Well, one of these days, when you least expect it. I’ll tie you to a chair. Turn on the stereo. And strip. And drive you completely crazy when I do." She felt the shiver run through his body.

"Yep. You're definitely trying to kill me."

"If you’re very, very good, it might happen sooner than you think," she whispered. "Goodnight, my love." She snuggled down against him, a grin on her face.

"Oh, I don’t think so! You don’t lay there and tell me you know a strip routine, and then go to sleep!"

"I don’t?"


She kissed his shoulder. "Better?"

"It’s a start," he replied.

She moved up, began to nibble on his neck. "How about that?" she whispered.

"It’s okay."

She kissed him, her tongue claiming his mouth. "That?" she asked when she pulled away.

"Very nice."

She slid down on the bed, took him into her mouth, smiling at his gasp.

"Oh, yeah, babe, that’s it," he whispered, a smile on his face. He filled his hands with her hair, closed his eyes and savored every sweet sensation that she gave him. It didn’t take her long to have him on the brink of his release. "Lay back, babe, my turn," he whispered to her.

She stretched out beside him, her hands already on his head as he lowered his mouth to her breasts. He took his time, making love to each breast fully before moving down to her belly. He licked around the little platinum ring, tugged it gently with his teeth, rewarded by the sharp gasp she gave. He slid his fingers inside her warm well, tugged it once more, felt the shudder in her body. He moved down again, sighing as he settled himself between her thighs. He teased her, brought her to the cusp of orgasm, backed away, kissing her thighs, her belly, licked around her navel again, tugged at that little ring. Then back to that sweet, tender flesh.

"Please, Daniel, I can’t take anymore…please let me come!" she begged, her breath coming in hard, short gasps.

He felt his body harden even more at her words. "Need in you, babe," he whispered in her ear.

As soon as his body was in position, her legs were around him, pulling him closer, her arms around his shoulders, holding him tightly. He drove into her, felt her come as soon as his hard cock hit the back of her sweet well. She moaned, the sound echoing in his ears, drumming through his veins.

She was rocking her hips against his, grasping him, holding him, massaging him. He ground his hips against hers, smiled when her thighs began to quiver and the whimper that he loved filled her throat. "I’m gonna come…" she whispered, her body shaking, still just on the verge of climax.

"Give it to me, babe. Come for me, Angel," he said softly. He rubbed his body against hers, and she cried out, her body arching off of the bed, her hips pushing against his as her second orgasm washed over her. He could feel the spasms deep inside.

She held him tighter. "Fill me, Daniel, I need you to love me," she whispered.

With a moan, he began to drive into her, harder, deeper, faster. His body was on fire, his brain was on fire, his very soul was on fire. She was moving beneath him, meeting him thrust for thrust. He cried out, feeling as if he were exploding into millions of pieces of light. Her name was on his lips when he dropped onto her, gasping for breath. Every time, his brain told him. Every time I make love to her, it's as sweet, as good, as exciting as the first time I held her in my arms. "Love you, Angel," he managed to murmur..

"Love you too, Sweetheart," she replied, still panting.

He rolled over, held her tightly against his chest. They were both asleep within minutes. 

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