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Dance of the Heart

Chapter 5

It didn’t take long to discover that Doria was either wearing the perfume, or that there was some other method of dispersing the ‘Hathor drug’. Within minutes of their arrival, all three men were insisting that she be untied and un-gagged. As a result, Sam and Casey were forced to tie and gag them as well. Casey also found that the drug seemed to interfere with her ability to ‘communicate’ with Daniel.

"Daniel, look at me," she said softly. She grabbed his chin, made him look at her.

He managed to drag his eyes from Doria.

"My heart, do you understand that we’re in danger?"

He nodded.

"Daniel, I want you to talk to me…our special way, can you do that?"

He closed his eyes, shook his head.

"Shit!" She sat back on her heels, watched as the men stared at the dark haired woman as if hypnotized. "Do you think blindfolding them would help?"

"It might," Sam said thoughtfully. "Jack, we have to blindfold you. We’re not sure how or what she’s doing, but it might help. Do you understand?"

He nodded, and closed his eyes.

Doria’s eyes had gone from frightened to angry to haughty, and were now frightened again. If she lost all control over these men, she was indeed in trouble. She was beginning to cry, whining that her wrists were being chafed by the ties, trying to move her body so that she could see the men, hoping that they would fight their bonds, manage to free themselves, and her.

Casey glanced over at her, and in a fit of frustration and rage, walked over and hit the woman across the jaw. Doria's head banged against the steel beam to which she was tied, and she slid to the floor, unconscious. Casey tied her feet to the beam as well, making sure the woman couldn’t move.

"Let’s get her out of her. There’s a small closet down this passageway. We can put her there and see if the guys snap out of it," Sam suggested.

It took effort and several long minutes, but they managed to get the woman into the closet. They ran back to the hold, hoping that their gagged, tied, blindfolded husbands would soon be free of the effects of the drug.


She grinned. "Yes, sweetheart?"

'You want to come untie us?'

Casey looked at Sam. "I want to believe that they’re okay, but what if they’re not? What if they’re still affected?"

"Let’s see if we can find some sort of shuttle or something, get the hell off of this ship."

"I think that sounds good. We have the guys hidden well enough that they’ll be okay for awhile. Uncomfortable, but okay."

'Casey, are you there?'

She started to answer, then cocked her head to one side. "Yes, love, I’m here."

'Good. Come untie me, okay?'

She could feel the tears. "They’re still…under the influence. Daniel is talking to me…but it’s not…him."

Sam nodded, tears in her own eyes. "We don’t have a choice then. Let’s go. I’m thinking that if there's any type of shuttle, it will be in one of these other bays."

The two women were feeling desperate as they entered the last bay. Both nearly sank to the floor in relief. There was a shuttle, its presence offering a chance for escape. Now, the problem would be getting their men into that shuttle, and getting it off of the ship.

There was no one around, but they figured there were cameras somewhere. They moved with as much stealth as possible, got onto the shuttle and checked it out. Sam was sure that Teal'c would be able to pilot it, if they could trust him to do so. Casey found a crate of what appeared to be weapons, and they carefully pulled it onto the small craft. It took them nearly thirty minutes to do so, as the crate was quite heavy.

She was getting tired. She ached to talk to Daniel, to know that he was all right, but since the last communication, he had been silent, and she didn’t want to risk talking to him right now. The bay where the men were tied was getting colder, they noticed, when at last they returned. They were able to get them on their feet, and although the men acted groggy, they didn’t fight as they were led into the passageway and to the other bay.

Once they were on the shuttle, Sam took the blindfold and gag off of Teal'c. "Are you with us?"

He raised an eyebrow. "When was I not ‘with you’?"

"T, can you fly this thing?" she asked.

He looked at the controls. "It is very similar in design to a Goa’uld shuttle. I believe I will be able to pilot this craft."

"Can I…we…trust you?" Casey asked softly, looking into his eyes, searching for the answer she needed. She thought she saw sadness in his eyes for just a second.

"Indeed, Casey Jackson. You can trust me."

She hesitated, shared a look with Sam. "Do you think you could hack into their computer and find out where it is they’re going?"

"I do not believe that is possible," he replied.

She grinned, and untied his hands. "Get us out of here, Teal'c,"

Sam looked at her. "How did you know?"

"Just a hunch, Sam. If he had agreed too readily, I’d have known."

The Jaffa raised an eyebrow before he slid into the pilot’s seat. "We must find a way to open the bay doors."

"I don’t suppose this thing has weapons that we could use to blast our way out," Casey said dryly.

"It does not."

Casey sighed. "Okay, we’ll go find the magic button to open the doors."

Teal'c looked at her, his eyebrow moving higher.

"Never mind, T. Just be ready to go," Sam giggled.

It took ten agonizing minutes before they located the control panel. As soon as they pushed the lever down, alarms began to go off around them. Casey zatted the controls to the door that led to the passageway, buying them a few precious minutes to get back to the shuttle.

Teal'c had already started the engines on the craft, and as soon as the doors were open wide enough, he grabbed the controls and flew them out into space. They could still see Alteria, and he headed the shuttle in that direction. For whatever reason, Zinder allowed them to escape. They didn’t question their luck.

"Land us as close to the ‘gate as you can," Sam instructed.


Casey grinned. "Yeah?"

'What the hell is going on?'

She ran to the back of the shuttle and began to untie her husband. Once she had the gag and blindfold removed, she kissed him deeply. Sam was untying Jack as well.

"So when did you get into bondage?" Jack asked his wife, a weak smile on his face.

"Either Doria was setting us up, or she was wearing that perfume, or there’s some other way that she was infecting you guys," Sam said.

"Bad?" Daniel asked.

"Bad," Casey replied. "We left her tied up and gagged in a storage closet. Wonder if they’ll find her?"

"Probably. She’ll be able to kick at that door until somebody opens it," Sam replied.

Teal'c announced that he was preparing to land. Once down, Casey and Daniel took enough time to slip back to the hotel and gather their belongings. Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c managed to drag the crate of weapons up the steps, and through the ‘gate. When the crate was opened, they found an assortment of weapons from various cultures. The question then became: was Zinder buying them, or selling them?

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