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Dance of the Heart

Chapter 3

Casey had made love to Daniel so thoroughly and enthusiastically the following morning that he went back to sleep for another hour and a half. She had used the time to fold and repack the scarves, bathe and call room service. After breakfast she was hoping he would be willing to do a little exploring. There was a spaceport near here, and she wanted to see it.

She was eating an orange, or the local version of the fruit, when he woke up. She had a map of the area spread out on the table in front of her.

"Planning your escape, my Little Slave?" he asked, a smile on his face.

She looked over at him and returned the smile. "Never, my Master. I would never leave you. I happen to be crazy in love with you."

He crawled out of the bed, pulled on his robes. "We should find you something, so you can ‘go native’ as well."

"I’d like that. I’d also like to see that spaceport. I mean, I never in my life thought I’d have a chance to see something like that! How Star Wars can you get?"

He sat down and ate with her, then took a quick shower. Dressed once again in his robes, he led her from the villa down the street toward the marketplace. The planet had an interesting juxtaposition of cultures, one of the tribesmen of the planet, who still lived the same way as their ancestors, and those who had arrived later and turned the wasteland into a money making proposition. The sharp contrast made Alteria all the more interesting.  Stepping into the marketplace was like stepping back in time, it was very much like an Egyptian market would have been during the time of the Pharaohs. Daniel speculated that a Goa’uld, possibly Ra or Apophis, had brought the tribesmen to this planet, and then abandoned them, or perhaps simply forgot about them. They searched and found a stall that sold the native robes, and the long shirt for men, or the long dress for women, that was worn beneath it. The owner of the stall showed her several lovely robes, all soft and silky. She chose one in pale blue. She insisted on returning to their villa to change.

"So, native enough?" She asked, coming out of the bathroom and twirling for him. The robes were soft and feminine and accentuated her slender frame.

"You look great, babe," he said.

"Uh, you are supposed to go…uh…commando in these, right?"

He laughed. "Your choice, I guess. Are you telling me that you’re naked under there?"

She giggled. "Oh, sweetheart, I’m always naked under my clothes."

Great. That was another thought that he’d never be able to get out of his mind. He shook his head. As if there weren’t already enough erotic thoughts and images of his wife bouncing around to torture him at the most inconvenient times.

She grabbed his hand. "Come on, my beloved Master. We only have a few hours before we have to get back to our world."

He grinned, and led her back out to the marketplace.

They found small gifts for their family and friends…a doll for Emily…a new, larger navel ring for her…and several small clay tablets with cuneiform on them for him. Probably fakes, Daniel thought, but they were interesting anyway.

They wandered over to the spaceport, its appearance somehow not as incongruent with its surroundings as one would believe. She was as excited as a child when they watched two ships…freighters one of the dock workers told them when asked…take off and disappear into the sky. Daniel watched her, smiled at the way her eyes danced; the way she practically bounced when another ship landed. She seen Goa’uld ships take off and land, had been in space on the Phoenix, and on several Goa’uld ships. But for her, this was different. This was special, because there was no threat involved.

They watched several people walking off of the newly arrived ship, and they were about to turn and leave when Casey froze, a frown on her face. She stared as the group of new arrivals drew closer. Then, with a soft cry, buried her face against his shoulder. His arm went around her automatically, and he turned them slightly, so that whoever it was she had seen and recognized would not get a good look at his face.


"Zinder," she whispered.

Not good, his mind told him. "Are you sure?" He felt her nod against his shoulder.

"He knows I’m here. I felt his buzz. I know he felt mine," she said softly.

"Will he recognize you?"

She shook her head. "I don’t think so. I’m dressed a lot differently than I was the last time we met."

Daniel didn’t mention the fact that no matter how she was dressed, her lovely face and beautiful green eyes would always be recognizable. "Okay, let’s head to the gate. We’ll send a message through, get the team and some equipment here. We need to know what he’s up to."

The Stargate sat alone at the very edge of the village, and it seemed that nobody cared if they dialed and activated it. Casey had packed her IDC transmitter and a radio, so Daniel sent a brief message - told the team where to find them, and to hurry. They secured the room for at least another two days, then went back to the market.

Being dressed like natives allowed them to move without drawing attention. Daniel bought a veil for Casey to wear…her eyes would be the first thing that Zinder would notice and remember, he was sure.

They walked through the village, Casey staying just one step behind him in the same manner as the native women did. Her fingers itched for a 9mm or a zat, but until the rest of SG-1 arrived, they were unarmed. She caught sight of Zinder twice, the last time when he entered a large tavern. Women weren’t allowed inside, and Casey wasn’t about to let Daniel go in alone. They agreed to return to their room. Chances were that he would still be there when the team arrived.

Daniel also bought more robes, so that the entire team would blend into their environment. He wondered if Sam would be as docile about wearing the veil and walking one step behind the men as Casey was. He smiled. Casey had fallen a step behind him almost automatically, trusting him as he led her through the market and the village. Sam understood about doing what had to be done for a mission. He bit back a chuckle.  No doubt Sam wouldn’t like the required 'behavior', and they would hear long and loud about it. But he had no doubt that she would do what she had to.

By the time they returned to the villa they were hungry, and ordered room service once again. They were still eating when there was a knock on the door. They exchanged a glance, and Daniel stepped behind the door, ready to leap onto any intruder. He nodded, and Casey slowly opened it.

"Oh, sorry ma’am," Jack said, touching the bill of his ball cap, a wide grin on his face. "We were looking for some friends of ours…"

Casey grabbed his arm and yanked him into the room. Sam and Teal'c followed. The Jaffa was carrying two extra packs, which included weapons. "Glad to see you guys made it. Teal'c, I love the presents you brought me!"

Teal'c smiled. "I was sure that you would."

"Case, are you sure it was Zinder?" Jack asked, lowering his own pack to the floor.

"Absolutely. All of Framone’s…Knights…were presented to me at that feast," she said softly. "You can’t forget a face like his."

"That bad?" Sam asked.

Casey shook her head. "That good."

"Huh?" Sam’s eyes went wide.

"Dark hair, gray eyes that you wouldn’t believe…he was absolutely…down right…hubba hubba," Casey explained.

Daniel looked at her, a frown on his face.

She giggled. "Hey, I’m married…happily thank you very much…but I ain’t dead!"

Jack and Sam laughed, Teal'c grinned and raised his eyebrow.

Daniel shook his head. "It’s a good thing I know how much you love me."

She snorted. "Right. That’s why I got the puppy dog eyes and twenty questions day before yesterday."

"Puppy dog eyes?"

"Yes, puppy dog eyes. You get this wounded sad little look on your face, like a poor little puppy dog," she replied, shaking her head.

"And it breaks her every time," Jack grinned. Sam punched him on the arm. "You gotta teach me how to do that, Space Monkey," he said, receiving another punch from his wife.

Casey turned to Jack. "I suppose you were the one who convinced him that I was having an affair…all the classic signs and that rot?"

Jack dropped his eyes. "I didn’t believe it for a minute," he said he muttered.

"Remind me to shoot you when this is over," she said, her displeasure clear in her voice. "Right now we have to figure out what Zinder is up to."

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