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Dance of the Heart

Chapter 2

The hardest part of the plan had been arranging to get him through the gate to Alteria, a desert planet, but well known for its luxury hotels. It was an odd combination, she thought, but worked perfectly for what she had planned.

She had arranged their departure with Kyle weeks in advance, afraid that Duncan would get too nosey, demand too many details that could filter back to Daniel. Kyle had managed to get permission without Duncan actually knowing what he was giving permission for. He’d find out later, she thought. She had asked Tony and Texas to help her, thrilled that SG-6 was now stationed permanently on Gamma. Those two would keep any secrets she asked them to…take them to their grave if that was her wish.

The two SG-6 members slipped into Daniel’s office and managed to sneak up behind him, catching him unaware just before four the following afternoon; blindfolded him, gagged him, and tied his hands in front of him. The two SF’s led him to the ‘gate room, where Casey was waiting with their duffel bags. Kyle had opened the gate, and she led him through.

On the other side a cart pulled by camels was waiting for them, another arrangement Kyle had made. Thankfully the driver asked no questions as he helped her get her husband into the vehicle. Daniel had stopped groaning and complaining, as much as he could around the gag, and now sat quietly at her side. The driver agreed to wait, although it cost her extra, while she raced into the hotel lobby to check in, and get the key to the small villa that would be theirs for the next twenty-four hours.

Another twenty credits, and the driver helped her get Daniel into the lovely room. She looked around. The architecture and furnishings were definitely ancient Egyptian. Braziers provided both light and heat from the cooling night air. There were other lights as well, strategically hidden from sight. She pulled the gag from his mouth.

"Casey Renee Jackson, what the hell is going on? I know you’re there, I can smell your shampoo!"

She giggled. "Daniel, calm down. And Happy Birthday." She took the blindfold off, but left his hands bound. He held them up; she shook her head, her eyes dancing.

She pulled a chair to one side of the room, took her portable CD player from her duffel, put it on the low table near the door, hooked it up to the speakers she was borrowing from Tony, then put in the CD that Carlotta had made for her. Next she pulled a robe from his duffel…one that he had worn when he lived among tribes people of Vis Uban after he had returned to mortal form. She untied his hands. "Put this on," she said softly. She helped him undress, running her hands over his body, lighting the Fire in both of them. When he was properly attired, she sat him down in the chair. "Now, be a good boy and stay put."

He watched her leave the room, then looked around. He could be somewhere in the middle of ancient Egypt! So this was what she had been up to! How long had she been planning all of this? He stared at the CD player. And just what else did she have up her sleeve? He settled back in the chair and waited. She hadn’t really given him a choice to do anything else.

Grabbing her duffel, she disappeared into the bathroom. It took her a few minutes to get all of the scarves wound around her slender frame the way Carly had shown her. She had to unwind three of them when she realized she had forgotten to put the dangly jewelry on her bellybutton ring. When the scarves were all in place, she dabbed a bit of perfume on her wrists and behind her ears, nothing that the Ancient Egyptians would have used, unless they had access to a Victoria’s Secret. It was Daniel’s favorite. She brushed her hair, covered it with a scarf, then put the sheer veil over her face.

When she came back into the room, Daniel felt his heart stop. She was beautiful…tantalizing…so damned desirable. She knelt at his feet. "I am yours to command, My Master," she said softly

"I take it you have something planned?" he asked, a smile on his face, anticipation thrumming through his veins.

"Shall I dance for you, Master?"

"I’d like that very much, Angel," he replied quietly. He had an idea about this dance. His body was already responding. She turned on the music, then slowly began to dance around the room, her slender body moving in ways that were going to turn his brain to complete mush.

He watched as her body moved, as each scarf came off, revealing more and more of her creamy skin. Suddenly she was leaning back across him, her breasts thrust toward his face, only three of the scarves left, if he was seeing the colors correctly, and they gave him enough of a view to have his entire body hard. The tempo of the music increased, and she moved her hips, right in front of him, so quickly that he couldn’t actually focus on them. Then it slowed again, those three scarves came off…so damned slowly he thought he’d die waiting to see her body. A final drum beat and she was at his feet, naked. "Sweet Jesus!"

She was breathing rapidly, her face down, as was proper. She couldn’t help but smile. She had indeed surprised him…and pleased him.

He reached down with one hand, took her arm and had her rise to her feet. He sat there, looked at her…the sheen of perspiration that covered her body, the navel decoration that stopped just above those dark blonde curls, moving as she breathed. "Casey, that was the most…it was incredible, babe. Thank you."

She smiled brightly, her eyes shining. "That’s what I’ve been doing every afternoon. Learning an authentic Egyptian harem dance. Carly taught me."

"Wow," he said softly. He reached up to trace his finger over her breasts, softly circling each areola, down her belly to her navel.

"I thought a nice soak in the tub about now-"

He was on his feet, opening his robe. "On your hands and knees babe, please?"

She looked at him, reached out and caressed the raging hard-on that her dance had created. She knelt down. He was instantly behind her, pushing into her. His hand came around her slender hips, and he began to caress her in time to his thrusts. Her back was arching, her dance had aroused her as well. She began to whimper, and cried out just seconds before her name echoed off of the walls around them. "Happy birthday, Daniel," she said softly.

He kissed her shoulder. "Thanks, babe. That was…thanks."

"Now can we get in that huge sunken tub with the jets?"

He laughed. "Yeah, let’s do that." He watched her as she carefully took off the navel jewelry, although the tiny ring remained in place.

She glanced up, saw him watching her. "Carly says if I take the ring out, the Quickening will heal it over in a matter of minutes. I can do that if you want." She started running the water into the tub.

He shook his head. "Leave it, babe. I like it. It makes you more sensitive there."

She nodded. When he had run his tongue around it last night, she had nearly gone insane, her belly rippled and heaved under his mouth. The skin had felt as if it were about to burst into flames. She started to giggle.


"Tattoos and body piercings. I never thought I would have either!"

Daniel grinned. "We didn’t really get a choice on the tattoos, did we?" He slid the robes from his body.

She reached up and traced her fingers over the Mayan symbol on his chest, then ran her tongue over it. "No, we didn’t. But, goddess, it turns me on so," she whispered, licking it again.

His finger was tracing the symbol above her left breast. "Me too, Angel."

She pulled away, stepped down into the tub, held her hand out. He took it, followed her in.

He settled against one of the sloping sides, pulled her against him. "So, you really liked it?" she asked shyly.

He kissed the side of her face. "I really liked it. A lot. In case you didn’t notice afterward. There was no way I could have waited."

She giggled. "Yeah, you did seem a little…uncomfortable."

He chuckled. "I’d have been in pain if you had insisted on waiting." He had one hand moving over her breasts, the other gently caressing her belly button, tugging softly on the ring.

She gasped.

"Oh, babe, I’m sorry," he said, kissing her cheek.

"No…no…it was…do it again…easy…oh yes…just like that. My god, I didn’t know…" she laid her head back against his shoulder. "You have no idea what that is doing to me."

He slid his hand down between her thighs. "I think I have some idea."

A sudden yawn surprised her. She was so relaxed, something she hadn’t been for weeks.

"Let’s get washed and get some sleep, Angel," he said softly.

"No! This is your birthday! I wanted-" she protested.

"Babe, you’ve been strung so tight lately, trying to keep all of this a secret, working hard to learn that dance. This is the first time you’ve relaxed in weeks. We’ll sleep. Then I’ll ravish your beautiful, nubile body."

She giggled. "Promise?"


Thirty minutes later they were snuggled together on the soft, low bed, the netting pulled around them for additional privacy. Casey was asleep within minutes. Daniel laid there, holding her close to his side, grinning into the darkness. Leave it to her to come up with a birthday surprise like this. One day, he thought, one day she’s going to kill me doing something like this. God what a great way to go!

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