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To Elvis, Or Not To Elvis 


Chapter 8

The receptionist smiled brightly as the group was ushered into the lobby by the jovial limousine driver. The man offered his congratulations to the bride and groom, then retreated to a side room to wait until the wedding party was ready to return to the hotel.

The group glanced around, and noted with varying degrees of surprise that the room was very tastefully decorated. Soft cream-colored walls, wood trim polished to a sheen, dark cream and beige carpet, and three large floral arrangements, the colors remaining in the neutral palette.

"Welcome to the Graceland Wedding Chapel," the buxom woman said. "Now, where's the bride?"

Sam stepped forward. "That would be me."

Jack grinned from ear to ear. "She's a knock-out, isn't she?" he beamed proudly.

"Yes, she is," the receptionist agreed easily. She took in the way the group was dressed, her smile going wider. "I'm going to take a wild guess here, and say that you've selected the Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package."

"Got it in one," Jack snickered.

"Well, let's get the show on the road," the woman said. She glanced at the slip of paper in her hand. "Samantha?"

Sam nodded.

"You'll come with me. Did you want your girlfriends to proceed you down the aisle?"

"Yes, please."

"Okay ladies, you'll come with us. Gentlemen, if you'll follow Ruth," the receptionist said, pointing to a woman who had appeared from the office next to the lobby, "we'll get started."

Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c followed Ruth…a tall woman who looked as if she could play basketball professionally…into the chapel. A tiny woman of obvious Latin descent, wearing a traditional Hawaiian grass skirt and a tiny bra, which was mostly covered by the large leis around her neck, was already there, standing off to one side. A welcoming smile lit her face as the group headed toward her.

The receptionist led Sam, Casey, and Janet into another room. Like the lobby, the small room was done in a relaxing motif, the colors taken directly from the desert that surrounded the city.

Waiting there, adjusting one of what looked like a half dozen lei's around his neck, was 'Elvis'. Wearing white pants and boots, and a white shirt with full sleeves which were gathered at the cuffs. A red sash was tied around his waist, the knot above one hip, the ends of which hung down to his knee. The man looked enough like the real Elvis to have the women doing a classic double take. "Well, which one of you beautiful ladies is the bride?" he drawled, sounding like the real deal as well.

Sam smiled. "Me."

"Well, darlin', congratulations," 'Elvis' smiled. He leaned over and kissed Sam on the cheek. "Thanks, Danielle," he murmured at the receptionist.

"Everything is ready," Danielle replied.

'Elvis' offered his arm to Sam, which she took with a slight giggle. He picked up a cordless microphone, and led the three women toward a back hallway.

Danielle hurried ahead, and opened the chapel doors. Inside the room, Ruth and the three men of SG-1 turned around to look.

The chapel was larger than Sam had expected. A dozen rows of pews lined a wide, central aisle, each pew painted in cream, to match the cream, silk wallpaper. On either side of a podium at the far end of the room were large floral stands, and on each were arrangements of brightly colored tropical flowers. The flowers had been Jack's idea, surprisingly enough. Seeing them in place made her glad they'd spent the extra on the special arrangements.

"This is the moment I've waited for," 'Elvis' began to sing, as strains of the Hawaiian Wedding Song came from hidden speakers overhead, "I can hear my heart singing. Soon bells will be ringing."

This is it. The sudden thought had Jack gasping for a moment. Watching the woman he'd loved for so long; her eyes locked with his own, and sparkling like sapphires. He still wasn't used to the idea that they had permission to even admit their feelings to one another. Now they were making a very public, very permanent commitment to one another.

"This is the moment of sweet Aloha. I will love you longer than forever. Promise me that you will leave me never. Here and now, dear; all my love, I vow dear. Promise me that you will leave me never. I will love you longer than forever," 'Elvis' continued to sing, as Casey and Janet walked down the aisle to the front of the chapel. He waited until they were standing beside the men of the wedding party before leading Sam through the open doors. " U-a, si-la. Pa-a ia me o-e. Ko a-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e i-po. Ka-'u ia e le-i a-e ne-i la. Now that we are one, clouds won't hide the sun. Blue skies of Hawaii smile on this, our wedding day. I do love you with all my heart."

With all my heart, Jack thought. I love you Sam, with all my heart.

She couldn't hide her smile when she saw the love in Jack's brown eyes. Always so guarded when they weren't alone, his eyes declared to everyone who looked at him that he loved her. Her smile widened at his broad wink.

When they'd reached the front of the room, 'Elvis' greeted the men of the wedding party, then, Sam's hand still on his arm, turned to face Jack. A new tune began to play, and once again he began to sing. "Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you. Shall I stay would it be a sin, If I can't help falling in love with you?"

Nope, didn't have a chance of not loving you, Jack thought, memories of the first time he met then Captain Doctor Samantha Carter dancing in his mind. The way those beautiful eyes had flashed with indignation at his insinuation that she wasn't up to the task at hand. The way she'd been so nervous before that first trip through the wormhole.

I've loved you from the minute you began complaining about me being a scientist, Sam thought, her eyes soft with love.

'Elvis' was still singing…"Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling so it goes some things are meant to be. Take my hand, take my whole life too for I can't help falling in love with you. Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling so it goes some things are meant to be. Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can't help falling in love with you. For I can't help falling in love with you."

The music ended, 'Elvis' took Sam's hand, and placed it on Jack's arm. He stepped behind the narrow lectern. "Dearly beloved, we're gathered to witness the marriage of this man," he glanced at his notes, "Jack O'Neill, to this woman, Samantha Carter. If there be any among you who can show just reason that these two should not be wed in holy matrimony, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Daniel, Casey, Janet, and Teal'c all exchanged grinning glances, then turned their attention back to 'Elvis'. There were no reasons to oppose the marriage. And oh, so many to support and approve of the union. The love between Jack and Sam wasn't even supposed to exist, according to military regulations. But it did, and had endured so much there wasn't a doubt in their minds that the two would be able to face anything and everything that life tossed at them. Not even the Goa'uld would be able to threaten their love.

"Marriage is a promise. It's a vow to communicate and to share. Marriage is saying to that special man or woman, in front of the whole world, I'm Yours, and I'll Never Let You Go. That I give you All That I Am, that you're Always On My Mind; I accept Anything That's Part of You. Marriage is saying out loud, and in front of witnesses that I'm Pledging My Love to you."

Sam's lips were twitching. Jack was grinning. Teal'c had one eyebrow raised, and a look from Janet assured him that she would explain the…odd…comments as soon as they were alone.

Casey glanced at Daniel, to confirm her suspicions. His smile brought one to her own lips. So, how many song titles can be used in this ceremony? she wondered.

"Marriage is a way to say As Long As I Have You, I can face anything that life holds for me. Marriage is proclaiming to the world that My Wish Came True."

In spite of his attempts to remain silent, Daniel snorted softly. Relaxed when he heard Janet's barely suppressed giggle.

"Because of Love, You'll Never Walk Alone. For the Good Times, in the bad times, your love is a Good Luck Charm. Startin' Today, you're embarking on a new life. What a Wonderful Life you'll have together. Jack and Samantha, you're here to vow yourselves to one another in holy matrimony." 'Elvis' stepped from behind the lectern. "Jack, take Samantha's hand in yours. I want you to repeat after me - I Just Can't Make It By Myself."

Jack grinned, reached for Sam's hand, caressed her knuckles with his thumb. "I just can't make it by myself."

"I Need You, I Want You, I Love You," 'Elvis' prompted.

Jack repeated the words.

"I'm glad that A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You could find A World of Our Own."

Again, Jack repeated the line. He was starting to chuckle, and Sam was giggling as well. Snickers and chortles from behind them let him know that his friends were as amused as he was.

"And you're a hunka-hunka burnin' love," 'Elvis' said, gyrating his hips.

"You're a hunka-hunka burnin love," Jack said, moving his hips in a fair imitation of 'The King'.

Daniel, Casey, and Janet lost the ability to remain silent, and began to laugh loudly. Even Teal'c was smiling. Sam was giggling as well.

"And I've gone From a Jack To a King because of your love."

Even though he was grinning, the love in his brown eyes told Sam that he meant exactly that, and she caught her breath once again to see that love so visible.

'Elvis' turned to the happily blushing bride. "Sam, I want you repeat after me. I'm So Glad You're Mine."

"I'm so glad you're mine," Sam said, her fingers tightening around the longer, stronger fingers of her lover…the man who would, in a few short minutes, be declared as her Husband.

"And I'll never step on your Blue Suede Shoes."

"I'll never step on your blue suede shoes," she said, laughing as Jack looked down at his bare toes in the red flip-flops he wore.

"I'll never leave you in Heartbreak Hotel," 'Elvis' prompted her.

Her words were emphasized by the love in her eyes, leaving no doubt that she had no intention of ever letting Jack slip away from her.

"I Feel That I've Known You Forever," 'Elvis' said.

Sam's eyes misted over as she repeated the line, her heart agreeing with the sentiment wholeheartedly. Before she'd met Jack, she'd never known true, deep love. She'd never been loved as unconditionally as Jack loved her. She could barely remember those days. All that came to mind were days of knowing him, loving him. Even though she'd not been able to declare that love, or even admit it to herself. It was nothing short of a miracle that she was standing where she was, declaring to him, to the world, that her heart belonged only to Jack O'Neill.

"You're Gentle On My Mind," 'Elvis' continued.

"You're gentle on my mind," Sam repeated.

"Love Me Tender, and Forget Me Never," 'Elvis' said softly, seeing the emotion that played across the bride's face.

Jack reached out to brush the tear from Sam's cheek, then smiled and mouthed the words 'always', and 'never'.

'Elvis' wrapped his hands around the entwined fingers of the couple standing in front of him. "A Hundred Years From Now, you'll still be living in a Fairytale, as long as you keep this in mind: It Feels So Right to be together, until death do us part."

Picking up the microphone he'd used while singing before, 'Elvis' began to sing 'Blue Hawaii'. "Night and you," 'Elvis' crooned, "And blue Hawaii. The night is heavenly. And you are heaven to me. Lovely you. And blue Hawaii. With all this loveliness There should be love."

The hula girl that Jack had insisted upon began to dance, the graceful movements of her arms bringing the love song to life.

Casey laced her fingers with Daniel's. The love in the eyes of her best friends brought tears to her own as she watched.

"Come with me," 'Elvis' continued, his voice so much like 'The King's' that it was spooky, "While the moon is on the sea. The night is young And so are we, so are we. Dreams come true, In blue Hawaii. And mine could all come true, This magic night of nights with you. Come with me, While the moon is on the sea. The night is young, And so are we, so are we. Dreams come true, In blue Hawaii. And mine could all come true, This magic night of nights with you."

The hula girl finished with a flourish, then stepped back to stand beside Ruth.

Elvis stood directly in front of the bride and groom. "Jack, do you take Samantha to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." There. I said it. Out loud and everything. And I do love you, Sam.

"Samantha, do you take Jack to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Wow. I never thought I'd utter those words…not like this. I do. I do. I do!

"Jack and Samantha, do you have rings to exchange?" 'Elvis' asked.

"Yep," Jack replied, producing two wide, platinum wedding bands from his pocket.

'Elvis' accepted the rings, then returned the smaller of the two to the groom. "Jack, slip this ring on Samantha's finger, and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed."

Sliding the ring on the third finger of her left hand, Jack repeated the words.

'Elvis' offered the larger ring to Sam. "Samantha, put this ring on Jack's finger, and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed," Sam said softly. She worked the ring over Jack's knuckle. Stared at it for just a moment. The ring was so different from the narrow gold band she'd seen him wear briefly, from his marriage to Sara. The platinum band that shimmered in the soft chapel light signified that Brigadier-General Jonathan J. O'Neill was her Husband. And that thought set her heart hammering against her ribs with sheer joy.

Taking a lei from around his neck 'Elvis' placed it around Jack's neck. He did the same for Sam. "By the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Jack, you can now tell your bride to Kiss Me Quick."

"Kiss me quick," Jack grinned. He pulled his Wife into his arms and kissed her, felt the slight trembling of her lips beneath his.

Sam wrapped her arms around Jack's shoulders, clinging to him as they shared their first kiss as Husband and Wife. Her heart was racing, her pulse pounding…she was so happy it frightened her.

Married. He was married. Again. This time I won't screw it up, Jack thought, holding as tightly to Sam as she was to him.

"Hey, come up for air," Daniel said, sending Casey, Janet, and Teal'c into gales of laughter.

"Smartass," Jack muttered.

"Payback," Daniel retorted, grinning from ear to ear.

"Congratulations," 'Elvis' grinned, offering his hand to Jack.

"Thanks," Jack grinned.

'Elvis' hugged Sam, then turned to hug Casey and Janet as well. The photographer, who had been moving around the group unobtrusively, posed the happy couple and their friends for at least a dozen photographs, with and without Elvis, then made certain the information for mailing the photos was correct before congratulating the bride and groom, and hurrying out of the chapel.

'Elvis' escorted the group to the lobby, kissed the bride on the cheek, shook Jack's hand again, and wished them well. In a flurry of excitement, the happy group found themselves back the limo that had been waiting for them.

Daniel poured champagne from the newly opened bottle and lifted his glass. "To Jack O'Neill and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Jack O'Neill."

"Hear, hear," Janet said, lifting her glass in salute as well.

Crystal glasses clinked together, and Jack and Sam gazed lovingly at one another as they sipped.

"How about a nice, celebratory lunch?" Daniel suggested, glancing at his watch. It wasn't quite two forty-five.

"Sounds like a good idea," Jack nodded.

"I'm famished," Sam admitted.

"Me, too," Janet said.

"I would also welcome a meal."

Daniel frowned, glanced at Casey when she remained silent. Groaned aloud to see her head cocked sideways. "Bad?" he asked.

"Nope. Annoying. Something is totally annoying," she said softly. She shook her head, gave Jack and Sam an apologetic look. "There's been a poke since last night. Nothing important, at least…" her voice faded.

"It's okay," Sam assured her.

"Yeah, you waited until after the wedding," Jack added cheekily.

"Well, the two of you are getting a wedding night," Casey declared, to the amusement of her companions. "But…"

"But?" Jack prompted gently.

"I think we need to get back to the SGC first thing in the morning. No later than noon."

"The annoying something is happening at the SGC?" Jack wanted to get as much information about what the team faced as possible.

"Yep. You need to…" Casey frowned. "Well, you'll know what to do when you talk to Walter. Sam," she said, turning her attention to the colonel, "there's no need for you to even go to the base."

"I could get the extensions removed while you're doing…whatever," Sam said.

"What about Teal'c and me?" Daniel asked.

"You should probably talk to Beth," Casey said, eyes closed. "She has a couple of questions for you. Teal'c and Janet can just stay home…spend the day together."

Janet looked up at Teal'c, gave him a wicked grin. Which he acknowledged with a smile of his own.

"So, whatever this is, it won't take long?" Jack asked.

"Nope. Twenty…maybe thirty minutes at the most," Casey replied.

"I can live with that," Jack grinned.

"It's damned inconvenient," Casey muttered.

"Well, it could be worse," Jack pointed out.

"True. Some Goa'uld could have gone stupid and totally screwed up our days off," the slender seer huffed.

"So we're still going to get the rest of our week off?" Daniel asked, hopefully. If that were true, he was taking Casey to that hotel near the airport in Denver. With luck, he'd still be able to spend a couple of days in bed with his Wife.


"Sweet," Jack declared. He put his arm around Sam's shoulders, gave her a tight one-armed hug.

"I agree," Sam said softly.

"Now that we know there's nothing serious happening, where shall we eat?" Janet asked.

The discussion began, and the team agreed that eating at the hotel was a good idea, and the women insisted that they go attired in their 'wedding finery'. If anyone around them found their clothes…unusual…the group never noticed.




Rubbing his hands over his face, Vidrine heaved a sigh. Nine hours, and not one blessed thing had been accomplished.

"Sir, Ketill suggests that he return to his people. He doesn't believe the conflict can be resolved," Major Davis said, interpreting what the alien leader had said.

Arnbjorg rose to his feet. "This man is impossible to talk to! He will not listen. He wishes to leave. It is the only thing I agree upon. He should leave, so that the three of us can find a solution the problem my people have."

"As if I would allow you to cheat me and my people out of what is rightfully ours? Ha!" Ketill snarled.

Davis looked at the clock. It was nearly eighteen-hundred hours. "General, what if we offered VIP rooms for the night? We could separate them, send dinner to them, let them get a good night's sleep, and perhaps we can make more progress tomorrow?"

"It's worth a try," Vidrine replied, not at all certain the results of another meeting would be any different.

With a nod, Davis turned back to the leaders. "The General has offered each of you a place to rest for the night. We'll see that you have food, and tomorrow we'll try again to find a answer to this…most perplexing…problem."

"I agree," Arnbjorg nodded.

"I will agree, only if my place of rest is nowhere near his! He stinks of sheep!" Ketill growled.

"I promise, you won't even be on the same level," Davis sighed.

"Then I accept."

With a nod, Davis excused himself long enough to make certain two rooms were made ready. He took Ketill in one direction, General Vidrine led Arnbjorg in the other.




The two alien leaders were secured in their rooms, and according to the MPs monitoring the situation, each man seemed to be content. Anrbjorg, it appeared, was practicing some form of meditation. Ketill was exercising, or something like it, the guards reported.

Another call from Doctor Lee had him on the way to level nineteen once again. When Vidrine stepped off the elevator, for a moment he wondered if he'd stepped through a bizarre, magical doorway and directly into a jungle…a very dark jungle. Not even the red emergency lights were on.


The general turned toward the voice. A flashlight clicked on, the man holding it pointed it toward his own face for a moment, giving the acting CO a chance to see him. "This way, sir."

The walls of the corridor were covered with vines and wide, thick leaves. Sergeant Siler, wearing a miner's helmet, which offered him light to work in, was hacking at the plant with a machete, although the general wasn't at all sure the man was making any progress.

Doctor Lee was waiting nervously in his office, pieces of plant leaves on his desk, several tiny specimens had been put on glass slides. "Well, the good news is, it hasn't eaten anyone yet."

"That's the good news?"

"Um…well, we've obviously underestimated its growth properties. It seems to respond…um…dramatically…to any kind of visible light."

Which explained the reason the entire level was currently in the dark. "I see."

"I just wanted…er…we'll get it under control, sir. I just thought I should let you see what had happened," Lee said nervously.

Vidrine looked around. "You're certain you can get this thing controlled?"

"Yes, sir."

"General Vidrine, line one. General Vidrine, line one"

He glanced up, toward the sound coming from the speaker he knew was on the wall somewhere. No doubt it was George Hammond…again. So far the general had called at least once during the day to ascertain that all was well. He had no intention of admitting the troubles that were plaguing him at the moment. These people dealt with similar situations all the time. If Doctor Lee said he could contain the plant, well then…"See that you do. Airman, get me to the elevator."

Lee watched for a moment as the beam of light moved down the corridor, the leaves of the plant moving toward the passing brightness. "Right. Under control." He heaved a sigh, and sat back down at his desk, hoping that one of the samples of weed killer that he'd managed to procure would have at least some effect on what he was calling 'Audrey Three'.




Jack toyed with the long blonde locks. "You look good like this," he said softly.

"Thank you," Sam replied. Thrilled that her 'wedding gift' had been so successful.

"Wanna know something?"

She bit back her smile. With Jack…her Husband (a thought that had her shivering with happiness)…that could be anything! "What?"

"I kinda prefer it short. It's…it's…sexier," Jack said, shrugging slightly.

"You really think so?"

"I really think so. This is great," he added, worried that he might have hurt her feelings, once again wrapping a lock around his finger, "but I love you just the way you are. Scientist and all."

She let her smile break free. "Thank you. I love you just the way you are. Grumpy general and all."

"Aw, crap, Sam! Can't we leave rank outa this? I am not general material!" Jack protested.

"You're a good man, Jack. And you've earned the position. You probably deserve it more than the majority of generals out there," Sam insisted.

Jack contemplated the comment for a moment, seeing it as the compliment it was meant to be. "Really think so?"

"I really think so," Sam confirmed.

"Ya know," Jack said, trailing a finger over Sam's jaw, "this is our wedding night."

"Yes, it is," Sam agreed.

"So, shouldn't we be doing wedding night stuff?"

She giggled out loud. "Stuff?"

"Oh, you know, a bit of this…" he leaned forward and kissed her gently. "Then a bit of this…" He trailed kisses along her jaw.

"Then what?" Sam asked breathlessly.

"Well, let's just see where it leads, shall we?"

"Interesting idea," Sam replied. There was no chance to say more, Jack's lips settled firmly over hers once again.

This was their wedding night. And Jack had every intention of making it a night that Sam would remember...and cherish...forever.




The phone on the bedside table began ringing, rousing the occupants of the bed from their slumber.

"It cannot be seven-thirty," a soft voice complained.

"Sorry, Angel," Daniel replied, his voice raspy from sleep. He lifted the receiver. "Hullo?"

"This is your requested wake-up call, sir. It's seven-thirty a.m."

"Yeah, thanks." The phone rattled slightly as he dropped the receiver back into place. "Shower, Case."

"Goddess, you're so damned bossy."

He couldn't help but grin. It was a complaint he heard every morning. Before he replied, Casey sat upright on the bed. "Case?"

She began to giggle. "Oh, Jack's gonna love this!"


"Doctor Lee has an out-of-control plant. And General Vidrine has a couple of out-of-control diplomats."

"That's the annoying problem at the SGC?" Daniel asked.

"Yep. Walter will have the details Jack needs." She cocked her head sideways. "I have no clue why I have to help him," she sighed.

Daniel bit back this grin. No doubt her presence would befuddle those diplomats long enough for Jack to deal with them. "I still need to talk to Beth?"

"Hmm? Oh…yes."

"Guess we should get up, then."

"I suppose so," Casey sighed.

"After you've finished helping Jack with…whatever, and I've talked to Beth, we're heading to Denver."


"Mmmhmm. You and me. And no poking or downloads," Daniel growled.

"I'll give that message to Miss Eloise," Casey grinned.

"Good." Daniel tossed the blankets back. "Let's get moving, Angel. Jack's gonna want to get this all dealt with so he can finish his honeymoon with Sam."

"Are they going to Denver, too?"

"He said something about disappearing for a couple of days. Probably just a hotel in Colorado Springs."

"Good enough," Casey said. "As long as they get time alone together."


Casey followed her Husband into the bathroom. Stepped into the bathtub behind him as he adjusted the temperature of the water. Closed her eyes as his hands began to gently, lovingly bathe her. She was determined to return the favor with fervor.




It was just after eight when the team met in the lobby. Opting for breakfast at the buffet, they discussed the possible problems, speculation and debate sparked by what Casey had 'seen'. The fact that she wasn't seeing danger, or any threats of any kind, made the conversation one of frivolity, rather than fueled by the need to plan a mission of any sort.




Jack took the time to call Sergeant Harriman while the team waited to be checked onto their flight from Las Vegas to Colorado Springs. He was grinning from ear to ear by the time he'd finished.

"Casey, as soon as we get to the base, I want you to take a couple of SFs and get one of the holding rooms on level sixteen set up to accommodate two people. Get a nice fruit basket. Something big enough for two. I think the cooks can put something together. And a case of bottled water."


"And, make sure there are two blankets and two pillows for the bunks. You'll have to put a folding cot in there. It might be crowded, but it'll do."


"You should be able to locate a small folding table. And two chairs," Jack continued.

"Jack?" Daniel asked, curiosity burning in his blue eyes.


"What's going on?"

Jack grinned. "Walter says that SG-5 brought home a couple of guys who've been fighting a turf war on their planet. Seems these guys figured we could help them out. But they can't even agree to disagree on anything," Jack explained. "So, we'll fix it so that they have to talk to each other, rather than at each other."

Daniel smiled. It was a ploy he'd used a time or two, when bickering parties wouldn't even attempt to find common ground on which to base a treaty.

"So, anybody need to stop at a bookstore before we get on the plane?" Jack asked, leading his team toward the gate where their flight waited.

"Nope. The flight isn't that long, and you'll do more talking about your wedding than bitching about your promotion," Casey quipped airily.

Sam laughed. "What she said."


"Oh, you're all just a laugh a minute," Jack grumped, disappointed to have failed in his attempt to garner apologies from his 'kids'.

"So you keep telling us," Daniel grinned.

Janet looked up at Teal'c. "Are they always like this?"

"Yes." Teal'c replied, his cheek twitching. "I am often amazed at our ability to perform the tasks at hand."

Janet began to laugh…laughed harder at the pained looks his teammates tossed at her lover.

The flight to Colorado Springs was surprisingly smooth, and totally uneventful. Two hours after take-off from Las Vegas, the members of SG-1 were gathering their duffel bags and heading for Cheyenne Mountain.

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