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Seek and Ye Shall Find

Casey's Poem


"Dance of the Silk Clad Chickens"


In a far kingdom small,
Hidden inside a mountain,
From the prying eyes all,
Queens and Kings,
Princes and Knights,
Carried a banner,
Fought for Right.

One day the Queens,
In accordance declared,
It's time we had
A springtime fair!
And so it was,
The call went out,
News of the festival,
Was spread about.

From hither and yon,
From here and there,
Everyone gathered,
At the SGC fair.
And all were attired,
In silk of the finest,
A rainbow of colors,
Bright, brighter, and brightest!

And to the fair came,
Unknown to the Queens,
A group of tall Chickens,
The first time seen.
They danced in a circle,
They danced in a square,
They danced by themselves,
And with everyone there.

Spinning and flapping,
Slapping their knees,
Laughing and chanting,
Doing just as they pleased.
And the Queens were amused,
"We've never seen,
Such talented Fowl.
It's only proper,
To Knight them all now."

And so the Chickens,
Still dancing and laughing,
Were given a knighthood,
For all of their sporting.
And One Queen said,
"Tis the best day
That I've ever had!"
And the King of her heart,
Said, "Angel, I'm glad."








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