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Seek and Ye Shall Find

Chapter 10

Their flight back to Silver Springs wasn't until the next day. They had all afternoon...all night. She couldn't wait to see his reaction to the special outfit she'd purchased...a white satin corset, white stockings and white stiletto-heeled shoes. She had planned to wear them for their anniversary...but that hadn't worked out exactly the way she'd thought it would. Not that she was complaining. Three days with Daniel in a tropical paradise was worth waiting to dress up for.

While he'd been taking his shower, after she'd finally managed to wake him up that morning, she had found the jazz station she liked, and remembered. During the day they played a great mix of jazz...perfect for doing a little dancing. The radio was set, she walked over, turned it on. Strains of a Miles Davis tune filled the room. "Why don't you get comfortable?"

She was up to something, he was well aware of that. As anxious as he was to get to the 'main course', he'd play whatever game she wanted to play. He put his arms around her when she moved to stand in front him. "How comfortable?" he asked teasingly.

Her fingers moved over his chest. Carefully unbuttoned his shirt, tugged it from his pants, then pushed it from his shoulders. She let her fingertips move over his skin, stopping to gently caress his nipples, delighted in the shivers she could feel move over him. He took a deep breath when her fingers skimmed the waistband of his khaki pants, then slowly unfastened his belt buckle. It wasn't easy, but she managed to avoid touching the thick, warm flesh of his manhood, which was beginning to stir as she moved her hands slowly, sensuously between the cotton of his boxers and the skin of his belly, to his hips, back to cup the firm curve of his ass. She pushed, forcing the pants and boxers over his hips, down to his thighs.

Her eyes locked with his, she moved down, pushing his pants further, until she ran into the obstruction of his shoes and socks. She took his hand, kissed each knuckle, suckled each finger, then put it on her shoulder. Her fingers fumbled slightly as their gazes remained fixed while she worked to remove his shoes and socks, waiting for him to lift each foot in turn, taking the opportunity to push his pants free as well. She stood back up, and moved away from him, felt him watching her as she turned back the blankets on the bed. "Come get into bed," she said softly.

With a grin, he walked over to the bed, dropped down on it, stretched out, his cock already hard and waving at her. Put his hands behind his head. "Okay. Now what?"

She carefully took his glasses from his face, put them on the night table. "Wait here. Don't move."

He shivered. "Okay."

There was no way to pull out everything she needed without him seeing it. She took her garment bag, and disappeared into the bathroom. Her heart was already racing as she closed the door.

He had no idea what she had planned, but planned she had! This had been on her mind before they'd left Silver Springs. She'd packed something...special. He shivered again. More memories, she said. He ran his hand over the mattress beside him. Right here. Right in this spot she'd given him everything she was, made love for the first time in her life. He'd held her, tasted her, felt her for the first time...right here. He shivered as the memories, precious and beautiful, filled his mind. The look of amazement in her eyes the first time he'd sent her soaring into the clouds...the soft sounds, the way his name echoed around them...he smiled. Sensual. Spiritual. Sacred. The most amazing night of his life.

She took the time to apply his favorite lotion. The first time she'd made herself ready for him, she'd been scared to death. Now...she smiled. Now she felt as if she couldn't get enough of him. He was addicted to her, to what she provided for him, what he always called her sweet nectar. But she was just as addicted to him - to his kisses, his caresses. To the feeling of being so full of him, holding him in her arms while he took them to the stars and beyond. She dressed carefully, adjusting the garters, making certain that everything was just right. Glanced at herself in the mirror. If this didn't have his tongue dragging on the ground, she thought with a giggle, nothing would! She opened the door, poked her head around the jamb. "Ready?"

"Oh, yeah," he grinned.

She stepped out, walked slowly toward the bed.

"Sweet Jesus in Heaven!" It was a good thing he was lying down...he'd have collapsed watching the amazing vision of beauty, the erotic angel of love walking toward him. His cock went absolutely rigid as she approached the bed. The satiny-looking thing around her waist accented her slender frame, pushed up and exposed those beautiful breasts, and left paradise uncovered and tantalizing. The garters that held up the sheer white stockings were lacy, and lay against her slender thighs like white fingers. The shoes...dear god the shoes were ankle strap sandals, and he could see the extremely high heels on them. "Turn around, babe, slowly," he begged.

With a smile, she complied, moving in a slow circle.

"Sweet Jesus," he hissed again. God, what those heels do for those amazing legs and that incredible ass!

"Like what you see, Doctor Jackson?"

"Oh, hell yes!" he replied. He sat up, reached for her.

She giggled. "Not so fast."

Her slender hips began to sway in time with the music. She was dancing slowly...moving her hands over her body...oh, god! Her smile was sweet and sexy at the same time, he had no idea how she accomplished that! As happened when she stripped for him, his eyes continued to move over her, afraid of missing some mind-altering caress, or the way her hips pointed toward him, that sweet pink flesh winking so seductively at him. He wasn't even aware of grabbing his cock until his hand was moving up and down, in time to the slow swing of her hips.

Oh, yeah! His eyes had gone wide, and now he was nearly beside himself wanting her...needing her. A thrill raced through her when she watched his hand begin to move faster when she slid her fingers between her thighs.

"Do it, touch yourself," he whispered.

She shivered. Let her fingers move gently over the soft, swollen skin of her womanhood. Her tongue moved slowly over her top lip, heard him gasp. "I'm going to make you feel so good," she promised softly.

He moaned. His body tensed with anticipation as she moved closer to him. He watched her dip her finger into her honey pot, sucked it eagerly when she then put it in his mouth. The fleeting thought that what he'd seen in porn videos was nothing compared to some of the things he and his Wife did, made his heart pound all the harder. Who'd have believed that the geek named Daniel Jackson would ever have a woman as beautiful, as passionate, as Casey in his life?

She crawled onto the bed, couldn't help but smile when he so willingly moved his legs so she could kneel between them. She leaned forward to kiss him, both of his hands went immediately to her breasts, his thumbs rolling back and forth over nipples so hard they ached.

Every time he touched her, caressed her, she arched toward him, her body responding without her even being aware of it. Only my touch, his heart sang happily. Only he could bring forth the soft moans and breathy whispers. The possessiveness that he had discovered lurked in his soul only since meeting her rushed through him.

"Six days," she murmured against his lips as they kissed and nipped at one another.


"The only thing I want to do for six days is this," she explained, kissing her way to his jaw.

Six days? What the hell is she talking about? He tossed about in his mind, barely able to concentrate as she began to rub her body against his. He slid his hands to the soft, firm mounds of her ass. He moaned out loud when she moved back and forth, her nipples barely grazing the skin of his chest. He grinned when he was finally able to conjure the answer to the puzzle. The preparations for the Purification Ceremony. "I'd like to try that," he agreed.

She was eager to taste him...to make him fly...She moved down, making certain that his throbbing shaft was between her breasts as she trailed kisses from his throat to his chest. Whenever she moved, one or the other would rub against him, making the swollen flesh jerk against her skin. She took her time greeting his nipples, running her tongue over and over them, then sucking gently.

He filled his hands with her hair, closed his eyes, and let his other senses take over...the soft sweet scent of flowers and vanilla, the scent that was so uniquely her, one that never failed to arouse him. The feel of her silky hair around his fingers, the way her breasts moved against his aching cock, making his hips move upwards automatically, the sensations of her lips and teeth against his skin. The sound of his own ragged breathing, the jazz that continued to play in the background. The errant, random thought of the list of 'make-out' music he had compiled in college, not actually having the chance to use it until grad school...and then learning that what young men thought was good 'make-out' music didn't often mesh with what young women wanted to hear while they made love. The thought brought a smile to his face, just before it was pushed away by the onslaught of sensations that washed over him. His eyes opened and he moaned out loud when her teeth closed gently around the hard nub of his nipple...fire raced from his chest to his balls, his need growing with every passing second.

She loved the way his chest rose and fell harder, faster, as his breathing became more erratic. His low moan let her know that he was enjoying her attention, that she was making him feel as good as he always made her feel. She licked and kissed her way to his belly, smiled with satisfaction at the gasp that left his lips when she wrapped her hand around him and began to stroke him slowly, from his balls to the tip that wept precum so copiously. The first time she'd made love was in this very bed...with this incredible, wonderful man. She could remember clearly the wonder...the delight...the worry that she'd never be able to please him...the absolute thrill of doing so. She tried to remember if she'd ever thanked Kelley for insisting that they learn how to perform fellatio. That thought, and any other not directly related to making love to the man laying beneath her, fled as she opened her mouth, and took him in.

"Oh, god," he murmured shifting slightly, his hips moving up to greet her. There was so much love...in her eyes as she looked up at him, in her hands as she caressed him, even the way her mouth moved over him was a physical expression of her love. It was such a turn-on, watching her move up and down on his shaft, her hair spread out around her, tickling his thighs and hips and belly.

His eyes had darkened with lust, his lips parted as his breath came in gasps. He was the most handsome man she'd ever lain eyes on, and to know that he loved her, to be doing to him, for him, what she was doing made her heart batter her ribs. She loved him, with everything that she was, every fiber of her being. Nearly desperate in her need to show him the love that filled her, to express that love, she renewed her efforts to please him, moving down slowly, sucking steadily as she moved back up, her tongue moving against the velvet skin of his rock hard length.

"That's it, just like that," he whispered, gasping as she teased him with her tongue. She had his balls in one hand, gently caressing them, rolling them up against the base of his cock, the other hand moving up and down on what she could never get into her mouth. The combined sensations were about to short-circuit his brain.

She took her time...not in any rush to send him hurtling over the edge of the cliff into oblivion. This was for him...about him...and she wanted him to feel as good as possible, for as long as possible. When he began to throb harder, faster, a signal that he was drawing too close to his release, she varied the rhythm, changed the way she held him, began to lick him from his balls to the tip as if he were an all-day sucker.

He was going to lose his mind...it was impossible to feel this good and remain sane. Just when he was certain that he couldn't get any harder, she began to nibble around the base of his cock, then up and down, not missing one inch of throbbing flesh. He groaned from the force of the pleasure that impacted on him. His body was beginning to shake, his toes were curled as she took him slowly up the side of the mountain.

His chest was beginning to heave...his belly to roll. He was close...and she knew that he wouldn't be able to take much more. Shifting so that she was directly above him, she began to suck more intensely, increasing the pace of her movements, her hands sliding down the shaft one after the other, never leaving his skin untouched. He was throbbing hard and fast. This was it. She relaxed, took him into her throat, and began to swallow.

"Oh, god...Casey!" His eyes rolled back in his head as he began to fire off, lights were exploding around him, waves of pleasure - so intense they left him gasping - hurled him upward into the clouds. He held onto her head as he pushed once, twice, three times deeper into her throat as his balls emptied themselves, leaving him weak and breathless. He hadn't even been aware that his body had arched off of the bed until he dropped back down, completely spent, and totally satisfied.

When she was certain that she hadn't left a trace of that precious white love anywhere, she kissed her way back up his chest, nibbled his throat...and jaw, then kissed him. His arms went around her, held her tightly as he took control, began to touch her, taste her, as if it had been days, rather than just the hour it had been since he'd last kissed her. "Feel better?"

"Feel incredible," he replied. His hands moved over the silk of the corset that encircled her slender body. It never ceased to amaze him that she was always so willing...hell, she was eager to make love to him orally...never rushed, never made him feel as if she were doing it only to placate him. In fact, he often felt as if she were indulging her own desires when she went down on him, some of the soft sounds she made were those of pure pleasure. Not that he was complaining!

Casey carefully climbed off of the bed, making certain her feet were firmly on the floor before trying to stand in the ridiculously high heels.

"Just where do you think you're going?" he asked drowsily.

"This is a good song," she replied with a smile, once again swaying to the music that continued to play on the radio.

He watched her for a moment. Wondered just how he'd gotten so lucky. He remembered the stack of Playboy magazines that Mike had kept in the closet of his dorm room; magazines that only he was allowed to borrow. And how the older student had confided that they provided great fodder for the fantasies that accompanied his 'jerk-off' sessions. Daniel remembered being shocked to learn that fact...not that Mike masturbated, but that he had a need to. It seemed that Mike was always with one girl or another. When he'd been able to afford it, he'd started his own subscription of the gentleman's magazine. Right now, standing there swaying to the jazz that filled the room, Casey looked like one of those beautiful Playboy models, especially in the sexy little get-up she was in. How in the hell had the skinny, too-smart-for-his-own-good geek managed to capture the attention, the heart, and the love of a woman as beautiful, as sensuous as her? "You are so damned beautiful," he said softly.

"Only in your eyes," she replied.

Daniel shook his head. "Any man who's breathing sees the same thing I do."

Her eyes flashed with mischief, and a sly smile tugged at her lips. "Not exactly. They don't get the...private...view."

For one moment Daniel contemplated what it would be like to see Casey in the pages of Playboy, her luscious body bared for every man to see...whoa, hell no! "Damned well better not," he muttered.

She giggled. "Why, Doctor Jackson, I do believe you're a bit possessive."

"And jealous, don't forget jealous. Very jealous. Extremely jealous. And possessive."

"Only you, Daniel," she said softly. "Only you see me...touch me...love me."

"Only me," he replied. He rose from the bed, went to stand in front of her, his hands going reflexively to her breasts. "I love you," he said softly. "I love the way you love me, the things you do to drive me out of my mind...the amazing way you give yourself to me, again and again."

She put her arms around his neck, her body arching toward his hands. "Can't have you getting bored."

He smiled. "That could never happen."

"I bought this outfit for our anniversary," she admitted.

"I see."

"But that didn't work out the way I had planned."

"I'm not complaining. I enjoyed our time in paradise."

"So did I. And dinner and dancing," she added, wanting to let him know she hadn't forgotten the wonderful evening they'd spent together on their actual anniversary.

"It was nice...I liked the making love part when we got home the best," he grinned. His hands moved over the corset, down to the tender flesh between her thighs. She was hot and wet, and moaned softly when he stroked her gently before sliding a finger inside her. "You need a bit of attention, don't you, Angel?"

"Mmmhmm," she moaned softly.

"C'mere." He settled into one of the chairs that flanked the round table. Guided her knees to either side of his legs, against his outer thighs. When she leaned over to wrap her arms around his neck, it put those beautiful breasts right in front of his face. Once again his hands sought and caressed those soft, firm curves. He began to kiss and lick around each orb, teasing her nipples until they were standing proudly, the areolas puffy from his loving attention. One hand slid back between her thighs, dipping into that hot well, coating his finger with the honey he found there, rubbing it around the swollen nether lips, teasing her hard little clit.

When he moved his hands to her waist, drew her closer, she understood what he wanted. She straightened, thrust her hips forward, watched as he nuzzled the curls that covered her mons. She had no idea that she was fulfilling another of his fantasies, one that he'd long ago forgotten. One that had filled the dreams of a young grad student still too shy, too insecure to ask a girl out. All she knew was his touch, the exquisite pleasure of his intimate kisses, the rapture of feeling his tongue moving over her aching flesh.

His fantasy could never come close to the reality of loving her, holding her, touching her, tasting her. In his mind, the blonde in the pages of the men's magazine faded, and Casey took that place, beautiful and tantalizing and so damned sweet. He took his time, licking her, tracing each swollen fold with his tongue, teasing her clit, then licking her again. Over and over. His hands held her hips steady as he made love to her, he grinned inwardly as her fingers curled in his hair, began to tug ever so gently the closer he moved her to the edge of the cliff.

She moaned out loud when he shoved his tongue inside her, shivered as the gentle waves of that first peak of pleasure washed over her. His moan echoed with hers, as he took what he wanted, what he needed from her. She could feel the shudder that moved over his body...the reaction exactly the same as it was every time he satisfied his craving, his addiction. He'd told her once that he could feel the rush of adrenaline, felt as if he could do anything when her pheromones entered his bloodstream. The narcotic effect in him was just as real as if he were ingesting any other drug. Sometimes that thought frightened her. Daniel reveled in his addiction. Called her his sweet 'jones'. Tormented Jack with it whenever he could.

It was a good thing she'd already taken care of him...the images from his memory, coupled with the reality of what he was doing, what she was giving him, would have sent him over the edge far too quickly. When she felt him move his hand to his raging hard on, she started to pull away. "No, don't move, let me do this," he murmured against her skin.

Not exactly sure what he was doing, or why, she acquiesced. Her hands remained curled in his hair, her body continued to respond to his gentle, yet determined attention. He continued to move his mouth and lips and tongue over her, one hand on her hip, the other slowly stroking himself. She'd do whatever he wanted, would please him in whatever manner he demanded of her.

Her hips were moving back and forth, her breath was coming in soft gasps. He slid his hand from her hip, slipped two fingers inside her, the soft moan she gave urging him on. She was close, he could feel it...sense it. He was going to send her flying to the stars, and then he was going to bury himself in that sweet warm body, his Fantasy Angel. He glanced up at her, and for one brief moment thought he could actually see snowy-white wings attached to her slender shoulders. He blinked his eyes, and they were gone.

"Nngg....oh...oh god..." The whimper she could never control...the one that she discovered only he could draw from her, right here in this very room...filled her throat.

His heart was pounding at the sweet sounds she was making. He continued to stroke her well, and his cock, his mouth moving over her. Time to make her fly. He let go of his throbbing flesh, put that hand on the small of her back, preventing her from being able to move away from him. He held her steady, stroked her deeper and harder. She moaned again when he began to suck on her hard little clit. When he held it between his teeth, teased it with the tip of his tongue, she cried out his name, and began to shiver, her thighs quivering against his arm.

"Daniel!" An explosion of color burst behind her closed eyes, lights flashed, her body shook, and she could feel the strong contractions that took hold in the very center of her being, grabbing at fingers that still moved gently as her climax washed over her. Before she could breath again, his hands grabbed her hips, pulled her down onto the velvet and steel shaft that waited for attention.

"Oh, god, yes!" he moaned, burying himself to his balls in her warmth. She was already moving her hips back and forth, using those muscles deep inside to massage him. He groaned a second time, began to thrust into her as much as his position would allow.

She slid back on him until her knees were beside his hips, used her legs for leverage, and began to ride up and down on his shaft, his hands holding her, guiding her. She wanted...needed...hard and fast. He didn't seem to be inclined to argue. She continued to impale herself on him again and again, until she cried out a second time, the sensations that flooded her senses nearly blinding her with pleasure.

"Sweet Jesus!" He held her tight against him, pushed into her and began to throb, his hips twitching with every pulse that sent his essence deep into her willing body. He locked his arms around her when she collapsed, her body shivering against his. His own body was quivering as well.

They held one another as they slowly came down, drifting back after the earth-shattering pleasure that had propelled them beyond the stars, into that special place they could only find together.

"Thank you," Daniel said softly, his face pressed against her breast.

"You're welcome."

"I need a new fantasy."

She giggled. "Glad to hear it."

It was like her to not press, to simply accept that she'd helped him fulfill a fantasy that she hadn't known existed. Someday, he'd tell her exactly what she'd given him. For now, those words, that explanation, had no place in their afternoon of love.

She kissed the top of his head, waited for him to give her the signal that he was ready for her to move. Smiled when she felt his fingers examining the corset, looking for the hooks that would release it from around her body. He was leaving soft kisses over her breasts as he did so.

Ah, here they were. In the back..."As sexy as this is, it's time for it to come off."

"Um...I should probably take the shoes and stockings off first."

His head came up. "Really?"

"Mmmhmm." She slowly moved away from him, gasping slightly as he slid from her body, that instant of depravation always leaving her cold and empty. She put one foot between his legs. "You like ankle straps," she said, smiling at him.

He grinned up at her, then slowly unbuckled the strap, slid the shoe from her foot. He reached up, unclasped the garters, and rolled the stocking down as well.

She reached out to him, held onto his arm as she put her bare foot down, and put the other between his legs, so that once again he could remove the shoe and stocking.

That sweet pink flesh winked and flirted with him as he tossed the second shoe onto the floor. He let his fingers move between her thighs before removing the stocking, pleased at the gasp that she gave. "C'mere," he said softly.

She repositioned herself on his lap, smiled when his mouth went to her breast, and his hands to the back of the corset, working each of the small hooks free.

He sighed when at last the lacy, white satin dropped free. He tossed it to the floor, ran his hands over her naked torso. As much as he loved the sexy little numbers she wore for him, he liked her naked best of all.

When he stood up, she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Giggled when he fell onto the bed with her. "You're insatiable," she whispered.

"Only for you," he whispered in return. They lay kissing, caressing, hands moving languidly over bodies that began to shiver with desire once again. When he rolled, putting her on her back beneath him, he only had to push once to slide his aching shaft into paradise. The first time he'd held her, in this bed, he'd been so blown away...so thrilled that she could take him...every inch of him. He'd been terrified of hurting her, only to have her sweet whispers and cries of passion setting his own passion free, taking her like he'd never been able to take a woman before, pounding into her body again and again like a mad man. And she'd met him every step of the way...taking him, demanding more.

Their love making was slow, gentle, easy. They were in no hurry to reach the pinnacle, they had all the time in the world. Their hips rocked together, hands caressed, lips kissed and tasted. It just did not get any better than this, she thought, tightening her arms around his shoulders, pulling him close. "I love you," she whispered.

"Love you, too, Angel," he whispered in reply. That most incredible of feelings was beginning to settle in his belly. It wouldn't be much longer before the climax they were striving for was theirs. It wouldn't rocket them to the stars. It would instead wash over them in gentle waves of sweet, pure pleasure. And would be every bit as delightful.

As much as she enjoyed it when they rode the waves of passion, nearly out of control, she treasured the gentle times as well. She felt the quiver in her thighs as the feeling of pleasure moved to center in her well, just before the whimper filled her throat.

"That's it, Angel, come for me," he whispered.

With a soft cry she obeyed, then softly begged for him to join her.

He moaned, shivered, and once again filled her with his essence. He dropped down on her, smiled when her hands moved so softly over his shoulders and back. When his breathing had slowed, he rolled them over.

She glanced at the clock. They'd need to shower before going out for dinner. But she was in no hurry to move. Within minutes the lovers had succumbed to the charms of Morpheus.




It was well after seven when Daniel stirred. "Wake up, babe."


"Let's take a shower and find something for dinner."


He grinned. "How about pizza?"

Casey lifted her head from his shoulder. "Pizza?"

"Yep. Our second night together."

"I remember," she said softly. "Delivered?"

"Good idea, Mrs. Jackson."

"I have them from time to time," she teased.

"Yeah? What was the best idea you ever had?"

"Opening the door to a total stranger," she replied.

He cupped her cheek, then kissed her. "Yeah, that was a good one."

Daniel called for the pizza before turning on the water to heat up. Gentle caresses and tender kisses accompanied their efforts to wash away the last remnants of their afternoon of pleasure. They were barely dressed when the knock on the door announced the arrival of their dinner.

Casey put the extra towel in the middle of the bed, and they sat cross-legged, eating pizza and talking about everything that came to their minds. Daniel marveled at the fact that their love felt just as 'new', still had that same heart-thumping quality that it had had the first night they were together, even as their year together had made them totally at ease with one another. They were extremely lucky...they'd been blessed, and they were both well aware of that fact.  

After satisfying their hunger, they made love again, taking a most incredible trip Around the World.  They were barely out of the room by check-out time.  They agreed that a quick stop to see Kelley was in order before heading for the airport, and their journey home.


A  A  A  A  A  A


While Daniel parked the jeep in the garage, Casey checked the mail. The box was empty, so Emma had already put whatever had arrived for the day into the basket. She was sorting through it when she came upon a small envelope. The handwriting wasn't familiar, but the return address was. She smiled, and eagerly tore the envelope open.



He walked into the kitchen, found her standing there, tears on her cheeks, a letter in her hand. "Casey?"

She looked up and smiled. "I got a letter from my Dad," she said softly.

Her face was glowing. "So, what did he have to say?" Daniel asked casually.

"He's going to be out of the country, and he'll call as soon as he gets back. Jack's right, he and the people who work with him will be perfect for watching the NID."

Daniel couldn't help but grin. "That'll be great. One less thing for us to have to worry about."

"I like the sound of that," she replied.

When he hit the play back button on the message machine, Jack's voice filled the room. "Hey, kids! Hope you're nice and rested up. MALP come back with some damned weird images. Briefing at oh-eight hundred."

"So much for being off the roster," Casey said dryly.

"It's our job," he said softly.

"I know."

"Any feelings?"

"Hungry. A bit horny."

He guffawed. "Smartass. What about the mission?"

"Nothing yet."

"Okay. So what's for dinner?"

Casey smiled. "Whatever I pull from the freezer."

"Start pulling woman, I'm starving!"

She rolled her eyes, hid her smile as she found an chicken enchilada casserole, and slid it into the microwave. The salad greens she'd picked up the week before were still good, and Daniel stood beside her and helped her make a salad to go with it. They discussed the 'mission' that Gary was on, and what could possibly be waiting for them at the SGC.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She snuggled close to him, her breathing still not back to normal. "I so love the way you do that," she sighed.

He grinned into the darkness. "You're pretty good yourself," he replied. He tightened his arms around her. "Sleep, Angel. We have a briefing in the morning."

"Just once I'd like the briefing to be at noon. Just once," she grumbled.

"Did you set the coffee maker to come on at six?"


"Good, we'll at least be coherent when we get there."

"Thank god for coffee."



The old woman smiled. It had been the least they could do. Oma had done just enough. One thought, in one person. Amazing how it had cascaded, each event falling neatly into place, like dominos carefully arranged. Just one thought. And the woman in charge of the reunion invitations would never know the result of that one thought.



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