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Chapter 7

It was Friday evening, and she had yet to say anything more about her...desire. She hadn’t mentioned the kiss, either. But, if she wasn’t aware that he’d witnessed it, she wouldn’t say anything...would she? Once again his heart grabbed onto the fact that she was clinging to him as tightly as she ever did. She was chattering about the dinner she was planning for the next evening, trying to decide between baking a cake, or buying a gallon of ice cream.



Casey barely resisted rolling her eyes. "Daniel, I know this Ancient weapon is important, but please...stop thinking about it for a little bit? You need a break. We’ve made significant finds this week. In fact, all that’s left is going out to pick up the pieces." She stopped, thought about what she had said, and giggled softly. "Literally."

He couldn’t help but smile. Her giggle always brought a smile to his face. "Well, we know where they should be," he pointed out.

She stopped, turned him to face her. Wrapped her hands around his jaw. "Daniel, put that damned thing out of your mind. After we go grocery shopping, and we have dinner, I want your attention all to myself."

"You do, huh?"


"Have I been neglecting you, Angel?" His question was only half-joking. If she felt that he wasn’t paying enough attention to her, no doubt she’d search out Mitchell to fill that emptiness.

"No," she said softly. "But we’ve discussed that weapon almost non-stop all week. I’m tired of thinking about it. It scares me to think about it. I just want tonight to be for us. No Ancient weapon. No Goa’uld. No SGC. Just you...and me."

No Mitchell? He berated himself instantly for the thought. "I like that sound of that. You and me."

"And no one else."

He glanced at her. Bit his tongue to stop the snarky question that filled his mind from filling the air. If he didn’t say anything about their...discussion...would she bring the subject up again? Or would she assume that his lack of interest meant he had no desire to indulge her? And if that was the case, would she seek to start an affair with Mitchell anyway? "No one else," he murmured. Ever.

"Now, answer my question. Should I bake a cake, or just pick up some ice cream?"

"I love your cakes," he said. "But I think ice cream would be just fine."

Casey nodded. "That’s what I thought, too." She put her hand on his chest. "Two hearts, one entity. We think alike, Stud Muffin."

Simpatico. The word bounced through his head. His pulse raced at her touch, his heart grabbed at her words. He refused to listen to the dark fear that tried to whisper its doubts into his ear. Two hearts. One entity. That didn’t leave room for anyone else, did it?

Following her through Piggly-Wiggly, he was able to push aside his anxiety. For tonight, he would think only about her...about her love. When she put a can of Reddiwhip into the cart, giving him a wicked little smile as she did so, his heart did flip-flops in his chest. Apparently tonight was going to be one of their ‘special’ nights. He’d prove to her that she didn’t need any other man to please her...that he could be anyone, do anything she wanted.

Anything she wants...

He ran his hand over his face. How would he ever survive watching another man touch her...taste her...experience her, and her amazing passion? It would be sheer hell to watch her respond, to hear those sweet moans and soft sighs, uttered for someone else...for Mitchell.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He couldn’t help but smile. Dinner had consisted of a salad...from the deli, and a frozen pizza. A bottle of wine. It seemed that Casey wanted to get to their evening’s...entertainment...as quickly as possible. That’s a good thing, he thought. Once again grabbing hold of the implications of her actions. She’d never lie to him, of that he was well aware. Like her, however, he understood that actions often spoke what words didn’t...or couldn’t.

Her eyes had never lied to him, either. The emerald depths were full of desire, of anticipation. Tonight was about their pleasure - celebrating their love for one another, those beautiful eyes told him. Her smile made promises that his body would definitely hold her to.

"You’ve been working so hard this week, how about a nice massage?" Casey suggested, her voice soft, low...just a bit breathless.

"I’d like that," Daniel replied, smiling at her. Warmed to the core by the smile she flashed back.

"Good. Give me a few minutes to get the room ready...ambiance is important, you know."

He chuckled. "Right. I’ll load the dishwasher, you go get the room ready."

Casey jumped to her feet, took time to drop a kiss on his lips, then dashed toward the bedroom.

It was impossible not to laugh at her eagerness. He rose, gathered the plates they had used, and carried them to the sink. Busying himself by straightening the kitchen, he ignored the soft sounds of her movements that drifted to him.

Maybe she’s doing all of this because Mitchell is going to show up.

The thought echoed around him as loudly as if it had been shouted. Oh, god - no! His knees nearly buckled, and it was impossible not to glance at the front door. He half expected to see the porch light on, and the shadow of a man waiting there.

To his relief, the porch was dark. He refused to give in to the need to check...just to make certain no one was there.




Since the brief visit with ‘herself’, Casey had been thinking about the perfect way to become Daniel’s ‘little slave’. Sex slave, she giggled mentally. She'd spent the entire weekend before going through her romance novels, seeking the perfect inspiration. A bit of research through several of Daniel’s books on the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians had helped her as well.

It hadn’t been easy, but she'd managed to slip away from the SGC long enough to make a run to the mall. And a trip to Lover’s Package. Where a very nice, very helpful lady clerk had assisted her in finding exactly what she needed.

The decorative pillows were on the chair, the bed turned back. Candles lit the room with their golden glow, and their scent perfumed the air. Instrumental jazz was playing softly, adding just the perfect touch.

Now...it was time to get herself ready. She glanced at the bedroom door, then darted into her closet. Found the plastic bags that held her purchases.

The first item had her frowning. Granted, the clamps that the Chinese goon had used to connect wires to her nipples hadn’t been anything like what she'd purchased. She had no intention of ever having anything like that attached to her tender skin again! Pain she was definitely not into! What she had found were simple gold rings. They were adjustable, and slid around her nipples, a delicate gold chain connecting the two. She was already so aroused at just the thought of what the night would hold that it was easy to slip the gold hoops around the taut buds. It took several adjustments before the rings fit snuggly, but weren’t pinching.

Half a dozen thin gold chain belts went around her hips, several sitting low enough to brush against the top of her pubic hair.

She hadn’t been able to find a collar that would work, and she wasn’t sure about a leash anyway...what she'd found was a lovely gold choker. It had cost more than she’d ever dreamt she’d pay for a single piece of jewelry, but is was absolutely perfect. She put it on, the weight making her think about the slaves she was emulating. Had any of them been in love with the men they served? Had they been as excited...anticipating each and every touch that was to come...as she was in that moment? She shivered slightly as thoughts of Daniel’s hands moving over her body filled her mind, the memories of such touches adding to the flames that were already burning within her.

Her final adornment was a wide, filigree earring that she attached to the tiny ring in her belly button. It probably wasn’t exactly what the slaves in the harems of the Pharaohs of Egypt or the Kings of Babylon had worn, but it would do for her archaeologist, she was certain.

She was ready. Kneeling down on the floor beside the bed, she was in the position to put her forehead on the carpet, just like a slave would be expected to do. She barely bit back her giggle of anticipation. "Daniel, you can come in here now."




When he heard her call, he walked toward the bedroom. Just me and you, Angel, he thought desperately. Please, just you and me.

He came to an abrupt halt in the doorway. On the floor, in the subservient position assumed by slaves, was his naked wife. He could see the glitter of gold chains around her hips. "Casey?"

She rose up to her knees. "I’m here to serve Thee, Master."

The smile she gave him was enough to melt his brain. Gold glittered around her neck, the wide band reminiscent of the slave collars he’d seen far too often on those ‘owned’ by Goa’uld, signifying their ‘favored’ status. A gold chain swung slowly between her breasts; her pink nipples were stiff, and surrounded by gold rings. Another bit of gold flashed at her sexy belly button. "Oh, Sweet Jesus in Heaven!" he breathed, his body going hard at the sight before him.

Casey couldn’t help but giggle at his wide-eyed, nearly slack-jawed response to her appearance. "Like what you see?"

"You bet I do!"

She giggled again at his adamant proclamation. Then cleared her throat. "If it would please you, Master, allow me to...disrobe...you, and massage the stress from your muscles."

"It would please me very much," Daniel replied softly. For him. She’d done this for him, and him alone! He watched as she rose to her feet, as graceful as a ballerina. She stepped closer, ran her hands over his shoulders, to the placket of his shirt. Slowly, button by button, her fingers dipping inside the ever widening opening to gently caress his skin, she unfastened his shirt. Ran her hands over his shoulders once again, easing the material down his arms. The shirt hit the floor. He barely noticed. When she pressed a kiss to the hollow of his throat, he hissed a sigh.

Soft fingers blazed a trail of fire around the top of his pants, before she began to work the buckle on his belt. It took considerable effort not to rip the clothes from his body, so anxious was he to be naked, and next to her...lying on top of her...

A low moan filled the air when she slid her hand inside his jeans, caressed the turgid shaft that her appearance...and attention...had produced. She stroked slowly, gently, from tip to root...again and again. As she pushed his pants and boxers to the floor, she lowered herself just as slowly as she’d been doing everything else. Knelt in front of him, his raging anaconda just inches from her face.

He watched as she stared at his erection, then licked her lips. That look of sheer hunger was enough to have him throbbing all the harder. Her green eyes looked up at him, darkened by her desire.

"Please, Master, may I taste you?"

"Oh, god yes," he moaned, unconsciously thrusting his hips toward her.

She placed her hands on his thighs. Leaned forward and began to lick him, noting how his member jerked and throbbed with each gentle lap. She moved her tongue over him, tiny little tickles that brought yet another moan from his chest.

For the briefest of moments Daniel wondered if he’d survive the night. Then, just as quickly decided that if he died in the throes of his orgasm, he wouldn’t care at all. Even if it would mean three days before he’d be able to return the favor...lick for lick, kiss for kiss, caress for caress.

Knowing from experience that her Husband had incredible stamina, and that no doubt he’d be rising again before she’d finished massaging him, Casey took him into her mouth, her hands surrounding, caressing that part of him she could never fully take, then began to bob up and down on him. His hips matched her rhythm instantly, his fingers curled through her hair.

"Sweet Jesus!" he breathed second time. Her mouth was hot and eager, and she was doing an incredible job of sucking him off. He didn’t have time to worry that she’d tease him mercilessly...before he realized it, he felt himself slide deeper...she was swallowing..."Casey!"

Taking down every drop of that precious white love, she licked him clean, then stood, taking a moment to deliver kisses to his hard, flat nipples. "If you’ll get comfortable on the bed, Master, I’ll give you that massage now."

For a moment, he was afraid he was going to collapse where he was. Casey’s blowjobs were always incredible, but tonight it had been especially so. Maybe it was the setting...the way she looked...the gleam in her eyes. Whatever the reason, this was definitely going to be a night to remember. He took a wary step, his body cooperated, and he crossed the room, stretched face down on the bed.

The woman in her did a ‘happy dance’ when he hesitated, as if he was afraid he was going to fall over if he moved. His body had been trembling from the moment she'd started her ministrations, there was no doubt in her mind that she had pleased him.

She straddled his hips, reached for the bottle of body oil. Squirted a bit into her hands, then rubbed them together to warm them slightly. Just as she had been doing, her motions were gentle...slow...each touch, each caress deliberate.

He could feel every bit of tension flee his body as she worked, her fingers digging into the muscles, then soothing them with touches as gentle as a caress. His mind moved back in time, to the first massage she had ever given him...in a hotel room in Denver, the day she'd arrived to join him, to live with him, to become his Wife. What a day that had been! He’d first heard that sexy, sensual, adorable scream that day. He couldn’t help but grin. Just thinking about that beautiful sound still filled him with masculine pride, thrilled that he’d been able to give her so much pleasure.

When she saw the smile on his face, she couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking about. She grinned when, as she slid down, his legs moved apart slightly, offering her more access to them. She knelt between those long, muscular legs, gently massaged one, then the other.

Barely awake at this point, he felt her shift again, closer to the foot of the bed. The sigh that left his lips when she began to massage his feet was one of utter contentment. "That feels so good," he murmured.

"I’m glad," she whispered in reply. And grinned from ear to ear. A few more minutes of gently rubbing his feet..."Master, if you will roll to your back, I can massage your arms."

"Right. Roll over." He tried to move. His body was not in any mood to cooperate. He was relaxed, he was feeling good, he’d just been the recipient of one of her amazing blowjobs...moving just wasn’t possible at the moment. "Give me a minute."

"I’ll be right back," she giggled.

It was his turn to grin. She was going to get that can of Reddiwhip, no doubt. It had taken less effort to move that damned stele, he decided, when he finally managed to roll over. His arms did little more than flop out at his sides, he couldn’t have held them up if he’d wanted to. How in the hell did she do that?

"Oh, my!"

He opened his eyes, looked at the doorway. A shiver moved him from head to foot as he watched her standing there. The gold chains that circled her hips and dangled between her breasts flashed and glimmered in the candlelight. "Casey?"

"You are so beautiful," she said softly.

"You should see the view from here," he replied. "Absolutely breathtaking."

She blushed, shook her head slightly. "You see me with eyes of love." She held up the can. "Mind if I have dessert?"

He grinned. "Just save some of that for my dessert," he replied.

Shaking the can as she approached the bed, she went over in her mind the plan she had concocted earlier in the day. Her pleasure tonight was secondary to his. This night was about him, for him. She refused to think that the guilt she felt over the attempted kiss had anything to do with her desire...her need...to prove her love to her Husband.

He gasped when she covered both his nipples with the cold whipped cream. Sighed when she licked it off...then suckled at him until he thought he’d scream from the sensations that raced through his body.

When she covered his once again swollen shaft, he couldn’t help but smile. She was going down on him again...how incredible was that? He didn’t know whether to be disappointed or worried when she stopped, just before he’d reached the point of no return.

"Do you wish to take me, Master?" she whispered.

What he really wanted to do was fill that sweet honey pot with whipped cream and have his dessert. If he had a choice in the matter..."In a few minutes," he replied. "Lay down, Angel. Open up for me."

There was no doubt what he had in mind. Not that she’d argue. She’d be spinning among the stars in just a few minutes...as he composed the music of their love on her body. She complied. Her back arched off the bed as the cold whipped cream touched her, filled her. She whimpered when he settled between her thighs, cupping her ass in his hands, and began to lick her from stem to stern, again and again.

It didn’t matter how often he did this...how often he worshipped at the altar of pure, true love. Each time was as special, as wonderful, as the first time he had tasted her. He teased her until she was squirming, her fingers tugging at his hair. "Let me watch. Don’t look away."

She nodded, her breath coming in gasps. Green eyes locked with blue.

He lowered his head, teasing that hard nub at the top of her folds with just the tip of his tongue.


His tongue moved side to side...up and down...then in small circles around that swollen bundle of nerves. When he sucked that sensitive button into his mouth, nursing on it gently, she cried out, her hips pushing up against him.


How he loved it when she begged! Time to sing, Angel. He concentrated on stimulating her clit, sliding his fingers into her hot well, stroking deep and hard.

Lights were flashing...colors were twirling...the whimper she could never control filled her throat, burst free, until she was crying out once again.

Her sweet aria of love filled the air, drowned out the soft music that was playing softly. Victorious, he took down every drop of the sweet nectar she produced just for him. Just as she had done, he left not one trace of her orgasm on her skin.

"I need you inside me," she said, still breathing hard. She rose to her hands and knees. Looked over her shoulder at him. "Please?"

He grabbed her hips, positioned himself and slid into paradise. His eyes fluttered shut as her body greeted him, wrapped around him and held tightly.

"Oh, goddess, you feel so good!"

"You feel good, too," he replied, breathing hard. The chains around her hips swished softly...the soft sound as erotic to hear as the chains were to see...as he began to move. He opened his eyes, ran his fingers over the delicate links, warmed by her body heat. As good as this felt, he wasn’t going to stay in this position for long. He wanted to watch her ride him, watch that chain that connected those enticing pink nipples. Then he was going to take that thing off and greet his beauties properly.

No doubt this was the preferred way for a Master to take a slave, Casey thought, because then he didn’t have to look at her, see whatever emotion might be in her eyes. While she would never deny how good it felt to be taken this way, it had never been her favorite. Nor, it seemed, was it Daniel’s. So she wasn’t surprised when he gently pulled away from her, and laid back on the bed.

"C’mere," he said softly, reaching for her.

Holding his throbbing shaft with one hand, steadying herself by placing the other hand on his shoulder, she lowered herself, took him back into that part of her body made just for him, that ached to hold him.

"Oh, yeah," he sighed. "That’s it, just like that."

His hands kept her to a steady pace, tightened around her hips when she tried to speed up. "I need more," she begged.

"Easy, Angel. Make it last."

The man had a hell of a lot more control than she did, she grumped silently as her body clamored for the release that was so tantalizingly close.

The chain between her breasts was hypnotic as it swayed back and forth, those beautiful breasts bouncing with her movements as she rode him. He could feel one of the chains she was wearing graze his belly each time she came down all the way. Just one more sensation to add to the symphony of pleasure that surrounded him.

"We have all night," she whispered, when he once again held her to that steady pace that had her on the brink of insanity.

His gaze locked with hers, he tightened his grip on her hips, brought his knees up, planted his feet flat on the bed. He began to thrust up into her, his hips meeting hers each time she came down.

"Yes, oh goddess, yes!" she moaned.

His heart soared beside hers when she took flight, singing her love once again. He cried out her name as he emptied into her, filling her with his seed. Locked his arms around her when she collapsed onto his chest, both of them panting from the exertion of their lovemaking.




It took several minutes before they could breath normally. "Have I pleased you, Master?" Casey asked shyly.

"More than you’ll ever know," Daniel replied honestly. The skin of her back was soft and warm, and he relished in the way her body moved to maintain contact with his hands.

"I’m glad I listened to myself, then," she giggled.


"Never mind, Stud Muffin." She sat up. "Your eyes were so wide when you saw me!"

He grinned. "You were...are...breathtaking." His fingers gently caught the chain between her breasts. "This is erotic as hell-"

"And it has to go," she finished, her eyes twinkling.


"What about these?" she asked, slipping her thumb beneath the top two belts.

"Yeah, they can go too. And this," he said, flipping the ‘adornment’ on her belly button.

One by one the belts came off, were dropped onto the floor. She smiled when Daniel carefully slid the rings from around her nipples, caressing each as he did so. The earring she had used was tossed onto the nightstand. She liked the pair well enough to wear them occasionally, she thought, even though she normally didn’t wear earrings that were so large. Reaching beneath her hair, she unfastened the gold choker, it went on the bedside table next to the earring.

Daniel sighed contentedly, his hands moving over her again and again. "This is the way I like you best. Totally naked."

She giggled. "Yeah, but you liked the decoration."

He chuckled. "Not denying that." He rolled over, putting her on her back. He kissed her, offering his gratitude for the gift she had offered, promising more to come. The journey of love was about to begin.




For forty minutes he’d been doing his best to drive her out of her mind...trailing kisses around her throat, across her shoulders...nibbling her collarbones...leaving a purple bruise between her breasts. The entire time he’d been caressing her, squeezing those soft curves. He grinned against her skin when she wriggled beneath him again. Nearly laughed out loud at the sigh she gave when he began to drag his tongue over the soft skin of those perfect orbs.

After what felt like an eternity, when he finally took a nipple so hard it hurt into his mouth and began to suckle, she couldn’t hold back her whimper of sheer relief. She tightened her arms around his shoulders, steadfastly refusing to allow him to move until they both were ready to proceed to the next pinnacle. She was already plotting her revenge.

When he slid down to tease that sexy little ‘inny’ belly button, he felt her body stiffen. Surprised, concerned, he looked up at her. Just in time to see a flash of glee in her eyes. Her legs were wrapped around him, she grabbed his shoulders, and before he realized what had happened, he was lying flat on his back. "I take it that’s a move you learned from Teal’c?"

"Modified just a bit, to serve my purpose," she grinned. "Now, it’s my turn."

He didn’t know whether to laugh, or begin begging for mercy. Her kiss was full of love, and they took the time to fully taste and touch one another before she finally, gently pulled away. Every kiss, every caress he’d bestowed on her, she returned. He was beginning to pant when her hand wrapped around his straining flesh at the same time she lavished kisses and tender bites to his own hard nipples.

There was no doubt he wouldn’t allow her to continue much longer, she thought. Before she could slide up, her intention to mount him once again, she found herself beneath him. Her hips rose up, seeking that intimate connection that would make of them one entity.

Sliding into paradise, he hissed his pleasure. Situated himself more squarely on top of her. And began the dance of love that would take them both into the stars once again. She met him, step by step, thrust for thrust.

The tapping of the headboard added its cadence to their primal dance, the sound intensifying their need. He rose up on outstretched arms, her hands moving over his chest, branding him with her touch. He pounded into her, seeking the release she offered; grinding his hips against hers to give her the stimulation she craved.

"Nngg...don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop," she chanted breathlessly.

"Give it to me, babe," he begged, just seconds from his own climax.

She rushed to obey, cried out...her back arching as she sailed over the edge of the precipice into the waves of absolute pleasure.

His voice echoed hers, and he dove in beside her. Spent, panting, he dropped onto her. Smiled as her arms and legs closed around him, holding him tightly.

"Amazing," she whispered.

"Totally amazing," he agreed. With what little strength he had left, he rolled to his back, keeping her body close to his, remaining sheathed within her.

They continued to cling to one another as they returned from heights they had climbed together, little by little their breathing returned to normal.

"I love you," she said softly, tracing his jaw with her finger.

"I love you," he replied.

She raised her head far enough to look around the room. "I need to douse the candles."

"Okay. I should check the locks and turn on the alarm."

"Back here in five."


Five minutes later she snuggled into his embrace as he held her once again. Pressed her cheek against his shoulder, and drifted to sleep.

He shifted slightly, pulling her back on top of him, needing to feel the sweet burden of her body against his. She cuddled closer, sighed softly, and continued to breathe slowly. Surely, if she had an interest in being with another man...to be with Mitchell, she’d have said something more, would have brought the subject up again. For not the first time he wondered if his refusal, which was in reality his cowardly inability, to broach the subject had left her with the impression that he wouldn’t be willing to join her in any sexual experimentation...of the threesome variety...she might be interested in. He admittedly wouldn’t be willing. But he’d do whatever it took to make her happy...to keep her at his side.

She moved slightly, rubbed her cheek against the bare skin of his shoulder, sighed with what sounded like contentment. Tonight had been wonderful, as incredible as all of the other ‘special’ nights that they’d shared. That had to mean something, didn’t it?


A  A  A  A  A  A


He watched her surreptitiously. The night before had been...amazing. He’d awakened to the smell of waffles and her maple sauce. She’d been loving and playful all day. So much so that he’d been able to push away any thoughts of her leaving, or even having an affair.

That peace he’d found hadn’t lasted long, however. She’d become...tense...when she’d started fixing the lasagna. Had even snapped at him about getting his socks picked up, ‘just once’, as she had put it. Every fear that he’d battled all week was writhing in his heart, squeezing with an intensity that left him wanting to gasp out in pain. There hadn’t been any mention of Mitchell...but if she had invited him to dinner, chances were she wouldn’t bother telling him, Daniel thought. Not after what had happened on the Daedalus.

Casey pulled the casserole from the oven, just as the doorbell rang. "Daniel, get that, would you?"

Casting a glance at Sam and Jack...who were sitting on the sofa, having arrived just a few minutes prior...Daniel forced a smile to his face, struggled to control his growing uneasiness, and rose to his feet. "Sure."

Standing on the porch, Charley adjusted the sleeves of her blouse. "You’re sure Casey will be okay with this…with us?"

"Honey, she’ll be happy as long as we’re happy," Gary reassured his lover. Glanced over his shoulder when he heard a car pull into the driveway. Didn’t know what Fates had intervened, but Janet had just arrived. This was the first time the two women had seen one another since…well, since everything had changed so drastically.

Charley’s eyes followed his. She swallowed. Gary loved her. No doubt about that. And they had already discussed the fact that Janet was very much a part of his daughter’s life, and as such, they’d be seeing a lot of her. She could barely conceal her surprise when that giant of a man, the alien, Teal’c, slid out of the passenger side of the doctor’s car.

"Well I’ll be damned," Gary said softly. She had invited the Jaffa to join them for their usual ‘break’, and they'd seemed...friendly. If he didn’t miss his guess, Teal’c was the man Janet loved. Whether or not the feelings were reciprocated, he didn’t know. He watched the two walk toward the porch. The way they moved so closely to one another. Well, that settled that question, didn’t it? Had either of them acknowledged even to themselves what was obvious to anyone watching them?

She watched the two approach. "Not sure, but I don’t think they’ve come to terms with it yet," Charley murmured softly.

Gary smiled. Once again the thought that Charley was ‘gifted’ danced across his brain.

The door swung open, and Daniel almost sagged with relief to see Gary and Charley standing on the porch, and Teal’c and Janet coming up the walk.

Seeing the archaeologist had his hackles rising. Casey’s visit had left him more than a little pissed off, and he hadn’t had a chanced to speak to his son-in-law since that evening. Gary poked a finger into Daniel’s chest. "We need to talk, Casanova."

"Huh?" What in the hell was wrong with Gary? He looked angry enough to spit nails. Casanova? Just why was he the recipient of so many…odd…nicknames? Was there some secret bet on between Jack and Gary…and Ferretti…to see who could come up with the weirdest?

Nearly pushing Charley into the house, Gary stepped aside, allowing Teal’c and Janet to follow, ignoring their looks of concern. Before Daniel could step back, he grabbed the young man by the arm, and yanked him onto the porch. "I’m only going to say this once. Hurt her, and I’ll make damned sure you pay."

Daniel wrenched his arm free. "I’m certain the warning would make more sense if I knew what the hell you were talking about."

"I think you know damned good and well what I’m talking about. Marriage is sacred, Daniel. No need to drag in outsiders."

Well, it seemed that Casey’s father knew about the ‘situation’. However, for some reason Gary thought he was the one wanting to bring someone else to their bed. "Maybe you should tell that to Casey," Daniel spat, the bitter words out before he could stop them.

"What?" Hells bells! There was no way that he wanted to contemplate the fact that his daughter might be the one wanting to play fast and loose with her love life!

Before Daniel could reply, Casey appeared in the doorway. "I have no idea what you two are plotting, but get in here. Dinner is almost ready."

The men exchanged glaring looks, which Casey missed completely as she whirled around, before following the slender blonde into the house.

Casey hurried into the kitchen, pulled the French bread from the oven, and turned to put it on the island, just as Gary put his arm around Charley’s shoulders. She frowned slightly. When had that happened? She'd thought maybe her dad and Janet had been arguing the last time the family had gotten together for dinner…when her Aunt Janelle, Daniel’s grandmother, and Jack’s sister had all shown up at nearly the same time. They’d practically ignored each other the entire evening.

Her glance moved on to Janet and Teal’c, who were standing together beside the table, across the room from her dad and his secretary, and…Wow. The bright white light around the two couples was unmistakable. And totally different! The glow around her father and the woman who was…if their auras could be believed…his lover, was soft and glowed steadily. The glow around her best friends was brighter, and seemed to spark. "Holy shit! That’s the reason…!" She smacked her forehead with her palm. A wave of relief so strong it nearly buckled her knees washed over her. "Of course! Two couples!"

Everyone stared at her.

"I thought-" Her cheeks went crimson under the inquisitive stares of her Husband and family. "I can’t believe what I thought!"

Sam frowned. She looked from Gary and Charley, to Janet and Teal’c; the two couples had been the focus of Casey’s intense scrutiny for several long seconds. Suddenly everything Casey had said, or rather had tried to say during that very - odd - conversation, made perfect sense. The slender blonde hadn’t been referring to her own feelings for ‘another man’, she wasn’t the ‘woman’ in the equation. Given the looks, she’d thought that Janet had a thing for two men, and those two men just happened to be Casey’s best friend and her father! She began to laugh.

Daniel had been watching Casey’s eyes. They way they had lingered on Teal’c and Janet, then had gone to Gary. He’d noticed the green depths widen slightly when Gary had put his arm around Charley. Apparently she hadn’t known, well, none of them had actually known that Janet and Gary were no longer a couple. It seemed that Janet was perfectly fine with the arrangement. For the first time he noticed the how closely Teal’c and Janet were standing. The fact that Teal’c had his hand on her back…oh, hell! But if Casey hadn’t known…

The conversation they’d had when Casey had wanted to speak privately with him began to play back in his head. A woman who was ‘adventurous’? He’d heard enough from Casey to know that Janet had been a bit on the wild side for a year or so after her divorce... She was the woman? His gaze went back to Teal’c. One of the two men involved was ‘open-minded’...the Jaffa’s upbringing, alien as it had been, lacked so many of the taboos, or ‘hang-ups’ of the majority of societies on Earth. Her eyes had watched her father as well. Janet? Gary? Teal’c? That was the ménage à trois his Wife had been talking about? She hadn’t been talking about Mitchell, or bringing him to their bed? Sam’s laugh confirmed his own conclusions. His laughter filled the air as well, his heart rejoicing that his deepest fears had been for naught. He could feel the sunshine that Casey had brought into his life shining fully on him once again, as those fears withered, disappearing back into the recesses of his heart, rendered powerless by that sweet, precious love.

"What’s so funny?" Jack demanded.

"Yeah, care to let us in on the joke?" Janet said, her face mirroring her confusion.

"Go ahead, Angel, explain," Daniel snickered. His heart was pounding his joy against his ribs, consoled by the revelation regarding the meaning of Casey’s question.

Casey tossed an annoyed glance at him. "Hey, I never see auras. Except for…" she waved a hand in the direction of the two couples, "them. And I didn’t have the whole picture, okay? So bite me!"

Gary frowned. The confusion was obvious in his blue eyes. Glanced down at Charley, then at Janet, realization dawned in his features. "You mean you thought-"

Casey nodded. "I thought you and Janet and Teal’c-"

"Teal’c?" Gary gasped, his voice almost a squeak.

"I’d only seen the three of you together, and that damned white glow all around you, and I thought…well, you know," Casey admitted, her cheeks turning crimson once again.

"Me…and Gary…and Teal’c? At the same time?" Janet gasped, her own cheeks turning red. "Are you kidding me?"

"You mean Daniel wasn’t pressuring you for a threesome?" Gary demanded.

"What?" Casey’s eyes went wide. "Daniel? Me? Threesome? No way in hell! Daniel promised me that would never happen!"

"I thought you were concerned about your feelings for me," Teal’c said, just as bewildered as the others in the room.

"Why on earth would that concern me?" Casey asked. "You’re my best friend, of course I love you, and there’s nothing upsetting about that in the least."

Daniel crossed the floor, wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close. "I take it that Colonel Mitchell won’t be joining us for dinner…or anything else?"

"Why on earth would he-" The color that had signaled her embarrassment drained from her cheeks. "You saw him try to kiss me," she said softly.

The linguist in him jumped on exactly what she had said, even as he nodded the affirmative. "He tried to kiss you?"

"I don’t think he actually intended to…it just sort of happened...I almost knocked him on his ass before he could actually do it," Casey admitted softly. "I ran out of the room..."

Once again his mind played back a conversation, this time what he had overheard on the Daedalus. And for the first time, the full meaning was crystal clear...

"...I think we should be careful about how we tease one another... It’s just that I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. It would break Daniel’s heart if he thought I was being…unfaithful. Probably piss him off as well..."

He was staring at her, a slight frown on his face. She could feel the panic begin to well up inside. He was angry, and he had every right to be! "Daniel?"

His heart was doing summersaults of sheer relief within his chest. "So you’re not attracted to him…even a little bit?"

Green eyes filled with disbelief. How in the world could Daniel ever believe that anyone…any man…could ever compare to him? He was everything to her! She shook her head sharply. "No!"

Daniel tightened his arms, pulled her as close to his body as possible. In spite of the house full of guests, he lowered his head and kissed her...gently, with all the love that filled his heart, his very soul, in her name.

"Would someone please explain what the hell is going on?" Jack said loudly. Rolled his eyes when everyone in the room, save for Charley, who was looking as confused as he felt, began to speak at once.




"So let me get this straight," Jack said, after hearing Sam’s laughing explanation, "you thought that your dad, and Doc, and the Big Guy, were getting it on? Together?"

"I told you I don’t see auras…but I do with them!"

"Radar, you scare me," Jack muttered. He was too shocked to even consider the fact that he was the only one she hadn’t ‘confided’ in. He glanced first at his ‘old’ Special Ops friend, and then at the Jaffa. Brown eyes watched the petite doctor for a moment, before a shudder moved him from head to foot. "That’s just wrong!"

"You’re telling me?" Casey huffed.

Janet continued to watch the slender seer for a moment. Then put into words the question that had been dancing through her head since the seer had uttered the comment. "You said, ‘two couples’."

"Yep. Dad and Charley, and you and Teal’c," Casey replied.

Teal’c and Janet exchanged almost panicked looks. "You see this…aura…around us?" the Jaffa asked.

Casey couldn’t hold back her smile. "I know the two of you are still fighting your feelings for one another, but I have it on good authority that auras never lie."

"Well, I think this time there must be a mistake," Janet sputtered.

Casey’s smile widened. "I’d tell Jack to order Teal’c to kiss you, just to get it over and the two of you on the right track, but I don’t think Teal’c would listen anyway."

"Teal’c? Kiss the Doc?" Jack’s eyes narrowed slightly. Something was tickling the back of his brain…something that had been bothering him for some time…

"That would be appreciated, Janet Fraiser."

"Well, I’ll be damned," Jack muttered, then grinned. He pointed his finger at Teal’c. "You called her Janet Fraiser. Not Doctor Fraiser!"

"What are you talking about?" Janet asked. She was feeling more than a bit alarmed by the revelations of the past few minutes. She was, she decided, on the verge of good old fashioned hysteria. It was one thing to contemplate her feelings for Teal’c when she was alone. Or rather, try not to contemplate her feelings for the Jaffa. But to have the entire team, as well as her former lover and his new girlfriend, telling her what she already knew-oh, hell!

Daniel and Casey exchanged looks. That was what had been going on! "I knew something was...different," Daniel said slowly. "I just didn’t realize what it was."

"There was so much going on that weekend," Casey replied. "It’s no wonder we missed the obvious signs."

Janet grabbed a chair, barely sat down before her legs decided they weren’t going to support her any longer. Head back, craning to look up at the Jaffa, she saw the same emotions in his eyes that she felt scrambling around in her head, and bouncing around in her heart.

"I do not recall this," Teal’c said stiffly.

"In Doc’s office at the hospital. Rachel and I were getting ready to leave, and Doc offered you a ride back to the base. You called her ‘Janet Fraiser’," Jack replied.

Casey crossed the room, took the Jaffa’s large hands into her own. "You’ve avoided love for so long…because you’re afraid of being hurt again. Afraid of hurting the one you love again," she said softly. "Love is a risk, Big Guy. But it’s so worth it. You and Janet are happy together. I’ve watched you. If the aura around you is any indication, it’s meant to be."

Black eyes sought brown. Confirmed that what he was feeling was reflected in those warm depths. "Indeed," he said quietly.

"And it’s no one else’s business," Daniel said firmly, giving first his wife, and then Jack, a hard look of warning.

Gary looked at his son-in-law. "Guess I owe you an apology."

Daniel grinned. "Don’t worry about it. I think Casey had us all chasing our tails on this one."

"What? Me?" Casey squeaked. "What did I do?"

Sam chuckled loudly. "Casey, you’ve spent the past week asking the damnedest questions about love, and relationships, and multiple persons in a relationship, and that it was ‘okay’ and ‘nobody’s business’. Given what you were trying so hard not to say, you left us with just enough information to get the wrong idea."

"That’s what she was talking about?" Janet asked, her eyes going wide once again.

"Hey, I heard it from you, Daniel, and Teal’c," Sam laughed. "Plus the conversation she had with me."

"Fine," the slender seer huffed. "Next time I’ll just come flat out and ask if so-and-so is doing the deed with more than one person at a time."

Daniel snorted. "Just be certain to restrict your questions to me, and I’ll tell you what you need to know. That it’s none of your business. Agreed?"

She snuggled deeper into his embrace. "I promise."

"Okay, now that we know that no one is getting kinky, twisted, or totally weird in the bedroom..." Jack paused, his gaze moving to Daniel and Casey. "Except for you two, and I so don’t want to know-"

"Yes, you do," Sam muttered, casting a laughing glance at her lover.

Jack took the time to glare at her for a moment. "Can we eat now? I’m starving!"

"I suppose so," Casey sighed. "I didn’t cook all of this just for us to stare at it."

Jack jumped up from his place on the couch, settled into the chair beside Janet. "So, Doc, you gonna get the Big Guy to move in with you?"

"Colonel, unless you want me to use a cardiac needle for every injection you need from now until your butt falls off, I think you should just drop the subject," Janet warned.

His cheeks paled slightly. "So when do we leave to find this next weapon piece?" Jack asked Daniel, to the amusement of all.

Janet couldn’t help but gloat over her ‘victory’. Just a little bit, anyway. She smiled when Teal'c pulled out the chair on the other side of her.

Chairs scraped against the floor as everyone gathered around the table. Gary sat down between Charley and Sam, looked at his daughter and shook his head again. Where in the hell did she get some of her ideas? A threesome? He gave an involuntary shudder when he glanced at Teal’c. No way in freaking hell! A fantasy was one thing...and his usually involved those of the soft, curvy, feminine variety. But fantasies were just that. Making them reality was not only unnecessary, it wasn’t even desirable!

Daniel cut the lasagna, began filling plates as they were passed to him. "To answer your question, Jack...as soon as the general approves the mission. Monday if we’re lucky, Tuesday at the latest."

"Do you have any idea how we’re going to get onto Ba’al’s ship to get that scepter?" Casey asked.

"As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking about that," Jack replied.

"And?" Daniel asked.

"Remember how we ringed to his ship looking for Casey?"

Sam, Teal’c, and Daniel nodded. "Selmak did something to screw with their sensors, made it appear that the ring transport activated almost a full minute after it actually had," Sam said. "That gave us time to get away from the rings and hide."

Jack nodded. "Can you figure out how to do that?"

"I could contact Dad, find out if Selmak would divulge her little trick," the major replied.

Daniel was frowning slightly. "Ya know...Ba’al was on the storage level...where he kept the Stargate. Just standing in front of one of the bay doors. He had reached out. Touched the door...almost like a caress."

"I heard rumors about those bays," Casey added. "That he had everything he’d taken from the First World stored there. ‘Treasures untold’ was how the servants described it."

"It’s as good a place as any to start looking for it," Jack nodded. "Of course, we’ll have Radar take a look before we ring over, just to see if she can find it for us."

"I hope I can," she said wistfully. "Maybe now my gift will work like it’s supposed to."

"Radar, it’s always worked. You just didn’t have enough faith in yourself," Jack said gently.

She ducked her head, blinked back her tears. "Thanks, Jack," she said softly.

"Well, we do know what we’re looking for, what it looks like," Sam said, watching the seer for a moment. "If you can tell us what something is by looking at it, holding it, maybe you can focus on its location."

"I’ll do my best," Casey promised solemnly.

"That’s all any of us can do, Angel," Daniel told her.

"Indeed," Teal’c said, nodding his agreement.

Gary lifted his glass. "Here’s to SG-1. The only team in the whole SGC that has a snowball’s chance in hell of pulling this off."

Grins were exchanged, glasses clinked, and the toast was drank to. Conversation turned from the somber topic of the Ancient weapon, and moved to happier subjects. The fact that Teal’c held Janet’s hand under the table after the meal was finished...and the group remained seated, the conversation and the wine flowing, creating an atmosphere of congeniality...didn’t go unnoticed, although no comments were made. How quickly their relationship developed would depend solely on them. And their friends would be accepting, and supporting, of whatever they decided worked best for them.

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