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Chapter 8

Casey dropped down onto the chair. Sam smiled, pushed the pot of coffee toward her best friend. "Rough day?" Sam asked.

"The day is fine," Casey replied, filling one of the mugs that was waiting beside the pot. "It's that database that's giving me fits. Do you know that so far there are thirty-seven links for Ares' page? Thirty-seven! And he's not even mentioned in more than two myths!"

"You're working on the Olympian pantheon?" Sam asked.

She took a sip of her coffee, nodded. "Daniel wants as much information gathered as possible. He said with Ares here, it's a sure bet the others will be soon, as well."

Sam grimaced. "No doubt."

"So, any luck with those little device thingies?"

She grinned. Casey was as apt to invent a word to describe the devices they encountered as Jack was. "So far, they don't seem to be giving off any sort of energy readings."

"Totally dead, huh?"


"Did you get the notes that Daniel had on them?"

Sam nodded. "They were actually quite a bit of help. The devices are small enough to be implanted, and from what I can tell, that's exactly how they're to be used. You know, I've been thinking about that. If it was possible to dial in a date, and I'm assuming that it would have to be one in the past, and then visit any number of realities that would've...shifted, or changed...because of an event associated with that date, it's possible that it was used to predict what might happen if certain steps were taken in the present."

"Now that's a very interesting theory," Casey replied. "Seems the Ancients were hung up on time, doesn't it? Almost as if they were trying to control it."

"That's an interesting observation as well," Sam smiled.

"They also seemed to like their gadgets and implants. Do you think that memory devices were the first to be invented? I mean, they're much larger than the devices from that pyramid. Sort of like Ipods. Cathy Masterson's new Ipod isn't any bigger than a matchbook! The one I bought for Teal'c is the size of a cellphone!"

"It's possible," Sam allowed. "From the photos we have, and what I was able to recover, Doctor Lee was able to build a virtual 'copy' of the pyramid. I'm hoping to get more of an idea on what was inside it."

"Cool! I'd like to see that!"

"Come to the lab later and I'll show you," Sam offered. "Oh, did you get a message from Doctor MacKenzie?"

Casey nodded. "Guess I was right, huh?"

"Yes, you were. He sent over the implant they found on her. You know, it's so similar to what was in that pyramid..." Sam paused, frowned deeply.

"You don't suppose that Tem had that thing do you? And that he took some of the devices out of it?"

Sapphire blue eyes went wide. "Casey?"

She shook her head, indicating that she hadn't 'seen' anything. "Think about it! The Goa'uld haven't created or invented one thing that they claim to be theirs. He had to have found those devices somewhere, I'm assuming he had more than one."

"I'm going to compare the one taken from Shannon, and the ones from the pyramid. If I can figure out how to open them, I can determine if there have been any changes made," Sam declared.

"Is that even possible?" Casey asked, wide-eyed.

Sam grinned. "With the right tools."

The grin that spread across Casey's face was one full of mirth. "One of the perks of working in the SGC is having the latest technology at your fingertips."

"Care to join me?"

"I wouldn't miss this!"

The women finished their coffee, then headed for the elevator and Sam's lab, the tall major explaining just what she hoped to find. Casey didn't understand the complex technical details, but she trusted Sam to know what she was talking about, and to recognize any modifications, if there were any.




Sam took one of the devices from the box that was labeled 'pyramid remains'. The other she took from the tiny plastic bag that had a tag directing it to her lab. She examined each one carefully beneath the microscope. "Look! Do you see the grooves along the outer edge on this one?"

Casey waited until the major had stepped back, then looked into the eyepieces. It took a moment for her untrained eyes to spot the marks that Sam had indicated. "What are they?"

"Just a guess is that they're the marks left from opening that device."

She pulled away, looked at her friend. "Okay, if this device was altered, and we know from the text on the pyramid that there was supposed to be a 'guide' and a 'seeker'; somebody, somewhere, has the mate to this thing!"

"I wouldn't think that the person could be too far away," Sam replied. "These devices are too small to be able to transmit over vast distances."

"So when Shannon said she heard..." Casey's voice faded. "She really was experiencing being raped, again and again."

"If there's a way to control which reality is 'visited'." She frowned. "Do you think it's possible that the device could be used like the memory device?"

"I have no idea," Casey replied, shrugging.

"They're basically the same principal. If that's true, then the only thing needed would be to activate the memories. Following that line of reasoning, it's possible that the devices can create new memories, that the 'guide' can manipulate existing memories to 'create' new ones."

"Is it possible to experience sensations with the memory device?"

Sam shuddered slightly. "When the memory is stimulated, everything associated with it are just as...present...as if the event was actually taking place."

"Poor Shannon," Casey whispered. "At least with the device removed, she can't be hurt any longer."

Sam put her arm around the slender seer's shoulders. "Doctor MacKenzie reported that after it was removed, she slept peacefully for the entire night, something that hasn't happened since her arrival."

"Then maybe there is hope for her," Casey said softly.

"I remember having a certain seer tell me that there's always hope," Sam smiled.

She flashed a smile of acknowledgement...and gratitude. "Okay, if this thing's been modified, and there's another one out there, how do we find it?"

"If I can figure out what frequency the device transmits on, I might be able to modify a scanner to search for anomalies that would indicate a transmission."

"Wouldn't the other user, the 'guide', know that the receiving device wasn't working?"

"If the device doesn't function without implantation, it is possible that there is some sort of feedback. It's also possible that because it was modified, there's no way to know for certain if the 'messages' are being received," Sam said.

"You said that you didn't think it was possible for these things to transmit over vast distances. That would mean that whoever is on the other end is close to that hospital," Casey pointed out.

Sam nodded. "It still won't be easy to find whoever is."

Casey studied the device. "Put it in me. Then, you can use some gizmo to triangulate the transmission."

"No way! Daniel would come unglued!"

"Daniel would come unglued over what?" a familiar voice asked from the doorway.

"Doctor MacKenzie sent over the device that was in Shannon and it's the same as the ones from the pyramid but it's been modified and Sam says that the transmissions can't travel very far which means that whoever was trying to torture her is somewhere near the hospital and the only way to find that person is for there to be an active transmission so Sam should put it in me," Casey said, in her 'get-it-all-out-at-once' manner.

Daniel walked into the room. Wreathed her face with his hands. "No way in hell."

Sam smirked. "Told you so."

"She'll put it in me."

"What?" Twin voices cried out.

"Ahem. Something the three of you want to share?"

Three blonde heads swung around in unison. "Hi, Jack," Casey said, forcing a smile to her lips.

"Might as well wait a few minutes, Teal'c should be here shortly," Daniel said dryly.

"Yeah, seems the team ESP is working. What the hell is going on?" Jack asked.

Before Sam could reply, Teal'c stuck his head into the room. Casey couldn't help but giggle. "Joined at the hip," she quipped.

Sam carefully explained to the male members of the team what she and Casey had discussed, and discovered.

Jack frowned. "We know that Tem left his 'board members' high and dry. It's possible that one of them is behind this."

"Whoever it is, he's determined to bring Dennis back into the fold through Shannon," Casey pointed out.

"I think it's only fair that whatever we do, he's included," Daniel said quietly.

"I don't like the idea of one of those freaks being here in Colorado Springs," Jack said.

"Should we not inform General Hammond of our findings?" Teal'c asked.

"Yes, we should," the colonel nodded.




When all five members of SG-1 trooped into his office, General Hammond bit back a sigh. No doubt they had something to tell him that he wasn't going to want to hear. And with this group of individuals, that something could be damned near anything!

"Sir, Carter and Radar had a little conversation about those doohickeys that were in that pyramid," Jack started.

"It seems that Tem had a few of them; or at least two of them," Daniel added.

"We have no idea if they were from our pyramid, or if there are more of them out there," Casey tossed in.

"Tem modified the device that was in Shannon Ballard. Well, we don't actually know that...all we know is that someone modified them," Sam said.

"The device was altered from its original purpose, and it is a fair assumption that Goa'uld are responsible," Teal'c finished.

The general sat back in his chair. "I see."

"Sir, the devices are too small to be able to transmit over a wide distance. It's a safe bet that whoever has the other device-" Sam said.

"The devices were meant to be used in pairs," Daniel interjected, "by a 'guide' and a 'seeker'."

"So whoever's using the 'mate' to the one that was in Shannon has to be nearby," Sam finished.

Hammond frowned. "How close?"

"Not more than a few blocks," Sam replied.

"Sir, if one of us...wears...that thing, it would allow Sam to pinpoint the location of the other device," Casey said. "I can-"

"No way, Case. If anyone wears it, I will," Daniel objected.

"Sorry, Danny. Can't risk that brain of yours," Jack sighed. "I'll wear it."

From what he was being told, the device needed to be implanted before it would accept transmissions. Jack had the training, and the experience, to deal with what could possibly be a most traumatic encounter. "How long to set up?" the general asked.

"Just a few hours," Sam said. "If we park in the main parking lot of the hospital where Shannon is being...treated...then we should be able to pick up any transmissions."

"I take it that Colonel O'Neill would need to be inside the hospital?"

"Yes, sir. If there's a room nearby, he could wait there."

"We'll be right there with him," Daniel said quickly.

"Indeed," Teal'c nodded.

The general fingered the printed message that he'd received from Jacob Carter. He'd intended to brief SG-1 about the contents within the next day or so. This was as good a time as any to break the news to them. "Let's go into the conference room."

Glances were exchanged. Nothing was said however, as the team filed into the adjoining room. The general waited until they were settled into their usual seats before speaking.

"Jacob Carter sent a copy of a report filed by the Tok'ra agent hidden among Ba'al's servants."

Casey shivered at the name. "I suppose he's up to no good."

The general gave a grim smile. "It seems that he's taken over Ares' fleet. And Ares now serves him."

"That's not good!" Daniel exclaimed. "That'll make the others more apt to back down, or even capitulate to him!"

"That's what the Tok'ra are concerned about. There's more."

"That's not enough?" Jack grumped.

"Apparently Ares has ordered a Goa'uld by the name of Mehen to kill Tem. Tem escaped, Mehen is after him."

"We know this how, sir?" Sam asked.

"Apparently the Tok'ra have several spies working for both Tem and Ares."

"That was fast," Daniel remarked.

"Mehen was, until recently, confined to a canopic jar. Punishment meted out by Ra," the general continued.

"Who's the unlucky host, sir?" Jack asked.

"None other than former Senator Robert Kinsey."

Shocked expressions covered five faces. "If this Goa'uld can reach Kinsey's memories, we could be in serious trouble," Jack said.

"I agree, Colonel. There's one more thing you should know. Ba'al hired Tieel Mogba again. He's after the entire team. The bounty on each of you has been raised. One hundred measures of gold per head. According to Jacob, that's equivalent to a million dollars each."

"Sweet!" Jack grinned.

The general gave his second-in-command a stern look.

"Sorry, sir," Jack mumbled. Although the twinkle in his eyes remained bright.

"Going off world just became more risky for SG-1," Hammond said.

"Sir, it's always been a risk to go through that 'gate," Jack said quietly. "There've been Goa'uld after us from the moment we took out Ra. We just didn't know it at the time. Going after Apophis, taking out that snake, and Hathor and Seth and Cronus and Marduk and Anubis...have I forgotten any of them?"

Daniel stared, then smiled. How very typical of Jack. "No, I think that's the full list. So far."

"My point, sir, is that we've been in danger from the beginning. Every success we have makes the bad guys gun for us all the harder. We sure can't sit here on base and hide from them," Jack finished.

General Hammond smiled. "I understand what you're saying, Colonel. And as much as I might want to, I can't keep SG-1 here, it wouldn't be fair to the other teams who are in just as much danger."

"Sir, it's possible to use this to our advantage," Sam pointed out. "If the Tok'ra have spies among the servants, it might be possible to allow ourselves to be captured, and get close enough to take Ba'al out for good."

"I agree, sir," Jack nodded.

Hammond frowned slightly. "The idea has merit. However, for now, let's see who is using Goa'uld technology to terrorize an American citizen." He held up his hand. "I know the device has been removed from Ms. Ballard. However, Doctor MacKenzie has informed me that the mental and emotional damage done to this young woman will be years in healing."

Casey's eyes dropped to her hands. Why hadn't she been able to save Shannon? Had the information been there, and she too blind, or too stubborn, to see it? She glanced up into blue eyes when Daniel's hand closed firmly over hers. She gave him a small smile, attempting to ease the worry she could see in those cerulean blue depths.

"Major, how long will it take you to isolate the frequency of these devices?"

"I'm not certain, sir. I won't be able to isolate the frequency until it's active. I don't know how long it'll take me to activate it," Sam replied.

"Get on it. I want this bastard located as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir."

"Doctor Jackson, I'd like to know what we can expect to happen among the Goa'uld now that Ba'al has made a successful move against Ares. Can you have a report ready, based on what information we have available?"

"Yes, sir," Daniel replied.

"Good. Best time, Doctor."

"Yes, sir."

"Colonel, it's safe to assume that Ba'al will be heading this direction. I want contingency plans for as many possible scenarios as you can devise. Including evacuation plans if the worst happens. Teal'c will be able to assist you with Goa'uld strategy, I'm sure. As soon as possible."

"Yes, sir," Jack nodded.

The general focused on Casey. "I'd like for you to take a look at this report. We need as much information as we can get."

"Yes, sir," she said softly.

"Major, as soon as you have that frequency, let me know. Dismissed."

The team rose, waited until the general had left the room before huddling at the end of the conference table.

"I'd say things just got a bit more interesting," Jack drawled.

"Do you think it's possible that if the Olympians show up, the ensuing war will focus the Goa'uld on one another long enough for us to catch our breath?" Sam asked.

"It's possible," Daniel replied. He was going over the report that the general had handed to Casey. "From what I can tell from this, there's a lot of bad blood between the two 'families'."

"Any theories on how or why Ra managed to become the king of the hill?" Jack asked.

"He controlled the Stargate," Daniel answered. "That alone put the majority of power in his hands. That he was able to maintain that control speaks of his ability to keep the others too weak to threaten him."

"Until they started banding together," Casey said dryly.

He grinned. "I suppose they'd all been so busy establishing themselves in their little corners of the globe that they didn't think about how powerful Ra had become, until it was too late."

"I've always wondered why so many Goa'uld chose to come here," Sam mused. "Why be satisfied with just a small piece of the pie, when they could have had other planets to themselves?"

"Ra was the first to take a human as a host," Daniel told them. "They came here looking for hosts, found groups of primitive humans just ripe for the taking. It's possible that until that time, they hadn't started believing themselves to be gods."

"So they all show up, get a nice human host, and take up residence, because the people worshiped them?" Jack asked.

Daniel shrugged. "Pretty much, yeah."

"And everything was fine, until Ra started getting too big for his britches," Jack mused.

"That doesn't explain why the Asgard were here," Casey pointed out.

The archaeologist shook his head. "The Asgard might have been here to keep an eye on the Goa'uld. It's possible they didn't realize what a threat to all humans that the Goa'uld would become."

Jack took a deep breath, blew it out. "Well, why they came, or when they started fighting isn't our concern right now. Let's get busy. The general is going to expect those reports within the next day or so. Teal'c, you're with me. Carter, whatever you need, take it, use it."

Sam nodded.

"Daniel, I'd like a copy of your report as well, it might help decide what steps we should take."

"Right," Daniel nodded.

"Let's go, campers."

Casey wiggled her fingers, took the report and headed into the general's office. The rest of the team dispersed to their assigned tasks. So far, everything was the same for the members of SG-1, and those who worked inside the secret facility known as the SGC. There were bad guys to fight. Those bad guys would use every unfair advantage available to them. It was up to the good guys to counter those attempts...and win.




She settled into the chair that she'd pulled in front of the general's desk. "I can't see anything specific," she told him. "But I do get a sense of...desperation. I'm not sure just who...although I suspect it's Ba'al. If things don't fall exactly right for him, the others will turn on him in a heartbeat."

"Any idea what the results would be if Ba'al was eliminated?" Hammond asked.

"No, sir. I do know that he won't stop until he gets what he wants," she said softly.

"I can guarantee there is one thing he'll never have," the general replied, his voice just as soft.

"What's that?"

"You as his consort. Won't happen."

She smiled. "Not as long as I have anything to say about it!"

He chuckled. "You, and Doctor Jackson, and your teammates, and every other team working in this mountain."

Her smile widened. "Maybe we should just send him a message, tell him we're a bit busy, but we'll be more than glad to take the time to whip his butt if he insists on being such a pest."

The general laughed. "I'd love to send that very message!"

She put the report onto the desk. "Unless I get an 'information dump', I can't tell you any more."

He nodded. "Let me know if that happens."

"I will, sir."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. It was...it wasn't easy to....witness...that reality."

"I'm sure it wasn't."

"Having time off helped. Daniel and I, well...being at home helped us to...helped us reconnect with our reality."


"If that's all sir, I'd like to help Daniel, if I can."

Hammond nodded. "There will probably be MALP reports to deal with tomorrow."

"Just call when you're ready for me to look at them."

"I will. Have a good day, Casey."

"You, too, sir." She gave the man a smile, pushed the chair back into the corner, and left the office. Ba'al gaining any advantage wasn't a good thing. Knowing that 'new' Goa'uld were on their way, not knowing for certain what would happen when they arrived...not a good thing, she thought. She slid her ID tag through the scanner, waited for the elevator doors to open.

Tony Sabotti was leaning against the far wall, arms crossed over his chest, a smile on his face when she stepped into the car. "Hey, Casey."

"Hey, Tony. You're looking happy."

He grinned from ear to ear. "Met a really nice girl over the weekend."

"Tony, that's wonderful!"

"On your way to the Doc's office?"


"Give him a message for me?"

"I'd be happy to."

"Tell him thanks."

"For what?"

The grin widened. "He'll know."

When she stepped off at level eighteen, she looked back at the man. "Just a hint?"

"If Doc wants to tell you, that's fine by me. But I'm not saying a word." He began to chuckle at the look on her face as the doors closed behind her.

Curious, Casey hurried into Daniel's office. He didn't even look up from the computer. He was definitely working on the report for the general. As much as she wanted to know what Tony was talking about, she wouldn't disturb him. She wrote a hasty note and stuck it on the lamp sitting on the work table. She'd use the computer in the lab to continue her work on the database. 

She was nearly finished with the entry for Nirrti when she felt a cold chill. Cocked her head sideways. Jumped up and ran for the elevator.




Sam huffed a sigh. Two hours, and she was no closer to activating either of the devices as she'd been when she'd started. There was only one conclusion to draw. The device had to be imbedded to operate. She pulled her lip between her teeth. How dangerous could it be to implant it in herself? She only needed it in long enough to isolate any transmission frequencies. If she knew that the images, the emotions, the sensations were all false, sent to her by someone trying to control her, would she be able to overcome the panic that she'd no doubt experience?

Would the device burrow on its own once it was against her skin? She held the tiny, flat, circular bit of metal between the prongs of medical forceps. There was only one way to find out. Slipping latex gloves over her hands, she swabbed a spot behind her left ear with alcohol. Picked up the device...

"Don't you dare!"

She whirled around, nearly losing her grip on the tiny object between her fingers.

Casey strode into the room. "Just what are you doing?"

"The only way to activate this is to implant it," Sam sighed.

"Oh. Well, then, I suppose we should call Jack."


"He has special ops training. And since the device was implanted in a woman, I'm thinking that whoever's on the other side will continue to believe it's in Shannon, and continue to torment her with her memories as Tem's slave. Jack doesn't have any. I don't know what he'll see, or hear, or feel, but it won't be 'real'. And he'll be aware of that. If that makes any sense," Casey explained.

Sam smiled. "It makes perfect sense."

"I'll get everybody together. You let the general know."

"I'll alert Janet as well."

Casey stopped before she reached the door. "Maybe we should just go over to the hospital."

"But I have no clue what frequency-

"Sam, how hard would it be to isolate something that shouldn't be there?" Casey asked softly.

"So simple!" Sam murmured, shaking her head. How often had Jack been the one to point out the obvious to her? Sometimes, she thought, I over-think the situation. "I'll meet you and the rest of the team in the general's office."




"How...why were you here?"

"Little heads up from a friend," Casey smiled, tapping her temple.

Sam smiled in return. "Right."

"General's office."

"Five minutes."

"We'll be there."


A  A  A  A  A  A


As soon as the general had been informed, he gave SG-1 permission to plan the operation that would take place at the military hospital. Janet would monitor Jack's vitals, and at the first sign of trouble would remove the device from his neck.

A van was parked on the street near the hospital entrance, filled with the equipment that would isolate every radio, television and cell phone transmission being made from the building. As soon as they'd done so, a feed would be sent to one of the two scanners that Sam had set up in the room the team would be using. Any transmission not already identified would register on the second scanner. Which would then be relayed to the team in the van. Their job would be to determine just exactly where the 'rogue' transmission was coming from.

A hospital wide announcement had been made that all cell phones, televisions and radios had to be turned off for an unspecified amount of time. Sam had suggested waiting until after midnight. Only night staff would be present, any patients would be asleep, and none of the offices would be affected.

Dennis Ballard had been notified. After checking on his daughter, he slipped into the only room on the floor that wasn't locked. "Have you started?"

Casey looked over at him, smiled and shook her head. "Still waiting. Three SG teams are making a sweep of the hospital to make certain that everything that's supposed to be shut off, has been."

"That's one advantage to being in a military hospital," Sam said. "There are civilians who work here, but they understand that even when the orders don't make sense, follow them anyway."

"There are always one or two determined to prove that they're not part of the military machine," Dennis pointed out.

"Thus the reason for the teams making the sweep. They'll continue to monitor until this is over. Ow!" Jack said, jumping slightly as Janet injected him.

"Just a mild sedative. Not enough to knock you out, but enough to help you remain calm," the petite doctor informed him.

One of the two scanners began to beep. "This is it," Sam said, her voice calm, even though she was beginning to shake on the inside. They had no idea what Jack was about to go through. She could only hope that the source location could be identified quickly, if...or when...the transmissions started.

Janet held the device up to the skin behind Jack's right ear. Pushed gently. Watched wide-eyed as it burrowed beneath the skin. "It's in. On its own."

"Jack, you should probably lay down," Casey said softly.

He glanced at the seer. "You're sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." She hoped that what they were about to...witness...wouldn't be something that would be more than he could bear.

It was nearly an hour before anything happened. Dennis had an idea of what the colonel would endure. Had no desire to 'see' the man being raped. He whispered to Casey that he'd wait in Shannon's room, and to let him know when they were ready to leave.

"I have something!" Sam whispered.

Jack had been dozing, more from boredom than from the sedative. He sat upright in the bed, his eyes focused on the wall across the room. He shook his head slightly. What the hell was going on?


Before he could determine what was happening, he felt himself grabbed...strong hands, much too strong to fight. Someone else was ripping his clothes from his body. Breathless, terrified, he felt himself pushed over a table. He yelped with pain as someone, probably whoever had their hand on the back of his neck, shoved a cock into his ass. The pain turned to fire; as time passed, and more men took him, his body became numb. He lost count just before he passed out.

He awakened to slaps across the face. Iraqi guards? Oh, hell! No way, he wasn't giving the bastards the satisfaction. He'd die before he let them know how damned close to breaking he really was!

"O'Neill, Jonathan. Major, United States Air Force. Service Number 69-4-141."


The others in the room exchanged glances. When he'd yelled, it had obviously been from pain; rather, the pain that his brain was telling him that he was experiencing. His recitation indicated that he believed himself to be a prisoner...he was reliving his time in that Iraqi prison.


The guard disappeared. Three men took his place, all of them dressed in dark suits. They began talking, smiling at him, undressing the entire time, until they stood naked in front of him. He knew Spanish, and a bit of Farsi. Whatever language they were using, he didn't recognize it. One of the men reached out, and at that moment he realized he was naked as well. A hand closed around his flaccid penis. Began to stroke it gently. He cringed when he realized he was getting hard.

Another man dropped to his knees. Jack moaned when he felt a warm mouth close around him. No...no way! He was straight, damn it! He didn't...oh, god that felt good!


Casey turned her back when she saw evidence of the erection that strained against the zipper of his jeans. She would not watch this. Jack would be mortified if he thought she'd seen anything of a sexual nature. Janet was a doctor. Sam was his lover. Teal'c and Daniel were his best friends. She was his friend as well, but she was a woman. She wouldn't deny him the dignity he deserved during this...this torture session.


Before he could stop himself, his hands were around the head that bobbed up and down on his raging hard on. He shifted his legs when he felt the gentle pressure of hands pushing against them. Moaned again when he felt a tongue moving up and down the cleft of his ass. "Holy shit!" He was beginning to pant as a tongue moved over his sensitive anus. Between the blow job and the rim job, he didn't know how long he could last...

Sinking...he was sinking...down onto something soft...firm, but soft. A bed? He turned his head away when a cock was pressed against his lips. When he gasped as the two mouths moving over his body began to become more insistent, that cocked slipped past his lips. He was sucking it, licking it before he realized what he was doing. No! No! Wrong! This was all wrong! No...stop...no!

The tongue that had invaded his ass had been replaced by something hard. It moved forward slowly. When he felt the unmistakable sensation of pubic hair against his ass he groaned. Oh, god, he was being fucked again!

The mouth on his cock was replaced by a different mouth, the technique was different. There was still a cock in his mouth, moving back and forth now as he sucked, helpless to do anything other than obey the subtle, silent instructions. His arm was pulled away from his body, someone was pressing a hard cock against his fingers. Instinctively they closed, began stroking.

Just when he was certain he was about to blow his load, the mouth moved away from him. The cock in his ass had been moving hard and fast. He felt the pulsing that denoted the fact that his insides were being sprayed with come. The cock had no more than left his body than another one entered.

He began to gag, then swallowed quickly as the cock in his mouth began to throb. Again, it was no more moved away from him than another one took its place. When the cock in his hand drenched his fingers with warm come, someone took his hand and wiped it across his chest.

"So good, you have been so good," a voice told him. "You may come now."

A mouth fastened around his aching, throbbing cock, a hand massaged balls heavy with the need to come.

"That's it my pet, let go," the voice whispered.

With a whimpered moan, he let go of the control he'd been clinging to. The last spurts landed on his chest as a hand pumped him until the throbbing slowed. Two more loads of come, from where, he had no idea, landed on his face and chest as well. The cock in his ass was removed, and the cock in his mouth sent another stream down his throat.

Used. Pet. Just a pet. But they'd let him come this time. They'd been gentle and kind...this time...


Sam grimaced as she watched him. He was breathing hard, his hips humping against the air. When he gave a low moan, sank back against the bed, she knew he'd orgasmed. Hurry up, damn it! she thought, hoping that the worst was over. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice in her ear announced that the location had been made. "They have it! Get that damned thing out of him!"

Janet hurried to the side of the bed. Dr. MacKenzie had reported that just opening the skin above the device had brought it to the surface, allowing it to be removed with tweezers. She carefully made a tiny incision above the dark spot. Just as the psychiatrist had said, the tiny device moved upwards. She grabbed the tweezers, pulled it gently away from the colonel's neck, dropped it into the plastic bag that Daniel held open for her. She carefully wiped away the blood, applied antiseptic and a square of gauze. Two strips of medical tape held it in place.

"Let's give the colonel a little time alone," Casey suggested.

"Indeed," Teal'c said softly. He led Janet and the Jacksons into the hallway, Daniel closed the door quietly behind them.

Sam chose to remain at his side. She was holding his hand when he opened his eyes. "Hey," she said, offering him a trembling smile.

"Hey." In an instant it all crashed in on him. Damn! He rubbed a hand over his face. Then glanced around. "Where is everyone?"

"Waiting in the hall."


"Are you all right?"

"I think...no," he admitted. It wasn't what he experienced that bothered him, however. He knew that part wasn't real. "I came."

"I know."

"Did they..." he turned his head away from her.

"No, they didn't...watch. Casey was on the other side of the room, her back turned, the entire time. Teal'c and Daniel, well, they stood and looked out the window. Close enough to help if you needed help. Janet stayed by the bed, ready to get that thing out of you as soon as possible, but she didn't watch, she was focused on the monitors," she told him gently.

"The first time...bad...really bad. Not so much the second time," he admitted. "But I'm not writing a report about it. No way in hell."

"I don't think General Hammond would actually want one," Sam replied.

"If I'm conscious, and they're out there, I take it that you have an address?"

"Yes, we do."

"Let's go."


He ran his finger gently over her lips. "I'm okay. I've suffered a hell of a lot worse."

She flinched mentally. Jack had never talked about his time as an Iraqi prisoner. She'd never asked about it. Between being tortured by sadistic prison guards, and being tortured by Jaffa and Goa'uld, she had no doubt that Jack had indeed suffered worse than being made to come. Sam had some idea of what had happened, Casey'd shared enough of what she'd 'seen' of Tem's treatment of his 'pets'. As long as Jack was all right, mentally and emotionally, she didn't care what had happened. "I know you are. I guess it's a good thing we pulled you out when we did," she smiled.

He frowned. "Why?"

"I have no idea what would happen to them if you kicked their asses there...wherever there is...was."

Jack stared for a second, then chuckled. "Yeah, well, I suppose that could have thrown a monkey wrench into the deal."

"Ready to go get this asshole?"

"Yep." He sat up. "Maybe I should clean up a bit."

Sam retrieved a duffel from the corner of the room. "Casey said you might want a change of clothes."

"Remind me to buy her a big Hershey bar."

"With almonds," Sam grinned. The entire base knew of Casey's love of the giant candy bars.

"With almonds," Jack grinned in return. He kissed her gently, then stood to strip off his damp clothes. "Ya know, we could..." He wiggled his eyebrows, then glanced at the bed.

Sam giggled. "Later, colonel. I'm going to give you a blowjob that'll leave your eyeballs spinning."

He gave a tiny gasp. It was very rare that Sam spoke that way...at least, outside the bedroom. He shivered, pure anticipation rushing over him. "I'm so going to hold you to that!"

Five minutes later, SG-1 was on their way to the elevator. And to the location of whoever it was who had the 'mate' to the device that had been implanted in Shannon Ballard.

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