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Chapter 7

He snuffed the flames of the candles while she turned the bed back. She applied lotion while he checked the doors, made certain they were locked, and the new alarm system, the one that Jack had insisted be installed, was turned on. She stretched out in the middle of the bed. When he walked into the room, he paused at the door, just to look. So damned sexy! She smiled at him, ran her hand over the empty space beside her, then patted it lightly. With a grin, he joined her. They settled on their sides, face to face, heads propped on their hands.

"You are so beautiful," he sighed, running his free hand over her shoulder, to her hip.

"In your eyes," she replied.

"I don't know about you, but it feels like forever since we made love."

She smiled. They'd made love orally in their quarters the night before. But it did seem as if more than just forty-eight hours had passed since she'd last held him in her arms, felt him deep inside. "I feel the same," she replied softly.

His hand moved down her arm, wrapped around her fingers. He toyed with the rings she wore, rings that signified that she was spoken for; announced to the world that she belonged to him, and him alone. He could clearly recall proposing in that rental car, on his way to McChord Air Force base; because her gift had alerted him, and General Hammond in turn, that Sam, Jack, and Teal'c were in danger. He'd planned to propose at the top of the Space Needle, down on one knee. At least he'd had the opportunity to take her there, when the team took a vacation together.


"Hmm?" He looked up, into green eyes filled with concern.

"Are you all right?"

"As long as you're by my side, everything is fine," he replied.

"What are...were...you thinking about?"

He smiled. "The day I proposed to you."

The memory rushed forward in her mind, sweet and precious. "I remember," she said softly. "I felt as if I'd stepped out of the shadows and into the sunshine for the first time in my life when you kissed me in the apartment. I'd never felt so...alive."

He smiled. "I hadn't either. I tried to hide how lonely I was, from everyone, but mostly myself. If I could bury myself in work, I didn't have to face an empty apartment. You opened that door, looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes, and I felt my heart start pounding in my chest. It was as if I was coming back to life."

Casey reached out and traced his jaw with her finger, ran it lightly over his lips. "I love you,"

He smiled. Captured her finger with his teeth, sucked it gently before letting her pull it from his mouth. "I love you."

She initiated their love making at least as often as he did. A fact that seemed to thrill him. She leaned forward, pressed her lips against his, waited for the tender caresses of his tongue that would make her gasp. She surrendered to him, let him take what he needed, gratefully accepted what he offered.

Her kiss was sweet and gentle, and soothed his very soul. When she shifted to her back, he followed, felt her arms wrap around him as he settled on top of her; never breaking the kiss that aroused him, even as it comforted him.

She took her time, tasting him, touching him; then allowing him to take back control. The heat of desire was already moving through her body, the result of his kiss. As much succor as she took from his kisses, they never failed to light the fire of passion that filled her soul; passion that had remained dormant and untouched until Daniel's first kiss. Before the night he held her for the first time, she hadn't even been aware that that passion existed. She knew that he delighted in driving her out of her mind, arousing her, teasing her until that passion broke free and she demanded greedily from him.

There was no frantic need in their kiss tonight. Their caresses were soft and tender. Tonight they would take and give the comfort that was needed, having already reassured themselves that they were together...safe...alive...and very much in love.

Daniel eased his lips from hers, placed kisses along her cheek to her jaw. Began the journey of discovery that would lead him to paradise, and the nectar that his body craved. He nibbled an earlobe, whispered his love in her ear just before tracing the delicate whorl with the tip of his tongue. His mouth blazed a trail down the slender column of her neck to the curve of her shoulder. Felt the tremor that moved through her body, a direct result of his loving attention. It pleased him, turned him on to know that he was arousing her.

His lips were warm against her skin; the touch of his tongue, the rasp of his teeth when he gently nipped at her collarbones, the sensation of his day-old beard as his face moved against her sent shivers of delight down her spine, increased the heat, the ache in that secret place between her thighs. He was the conductor, leading her where he wanted her to go, eliciting the responses he desired. Creating such need in her that when he finally concluded the symphony of love he was composing in, and on, her body, she'd twirl among the stars, dancing amid streamers of color and light. The anticipation continued to build as he slid down slightly, preparing to make love to her breasts.

Round and firm, soft and warm, sweet and sexy. Words that aptly described her beautiful breasts. Pink nipples hardened against his tongue as he teased first one, then the other. He took his time, greeting each of his beauties separately, licking and kissing every inch of those beautiful orbs. Her back arched, pressing upward, offering more of her body to his ministrations. He smiled against her skin as her breathing became shallow, each breath coming just a bit faster than the last. He cupped the curves of her breasts, moved his mouth back and forth, kneading gently as he suckled. He continued until the areolas were puffy, the nipples standing proudly. When he tugged gently on those pink pearls, her hips pressed up against him, the silent message letting him know that her need was continuing to build.

She wasn't aware that she was making soft sounds of pleasure, of need, as he continued to make love to her. All she knew were the sensations that raced through her body, fingers of titillation stretching from the center of her being to the very tips of her fingers and toes. She wondered briefly if he was aware of the soft moans of contentment he gave as he suckled. Her hands moved gently through his hair; the short, dark blond locks tangling around her fingers. Oh, goddess it feels so good! Daniel was well aware of the fact that the attention he lavished on her breasts set her on fire, made her fully ready for him. She moaned softly when he began to suckle with relish, teasing her nipples, nipping at them until she thought she'd lose her mind.

Her body was writhing, her hips pressed up against him, one leg wrapped around his hips, her fingers tugging gently at his hair. All were signals that she was in dire need, that she was ready for him to move on. He gave one final kiss to each pink tip before sliding down, his mouth never leaving her body as he kissed and licked his way to her belly button. No matter how often they made love, no matter how often he performed these rituals of worship, he'd never weary of them. The sweet smell, the sweet taste of her skin was like ambrosia to him, and he would always, always delight in every moment of making love to her...with her.

It was impossible to lay still when he moved his tongue over her piercing, and toyed with her belly button the way that he did. He licked around the tiny platinum ring, the sensations making her moan out loud. Oh, goddess, how she loved everything he did to her...for her. Her body was humming with pleasure, vibrating with need. Building up to the finale that she was so eager to experience. When he began to kiss her hips, nuzzled the curls that covered her mons, she knew that the overture was about to begin.

That sweet floral and vanilla scent, flavored by just a touch of musk, made his mouth water. His own body was beginning to shake in anticipation, his thirst for her sweet nectar driving him on. She sighed when he wrapped his hands around her thighs, held them firmly as she opened completely to him. Puffy and swollen, her nether lips pouted at him, the moist heat rising from the center of her being alerting him to the fact that she was moving closer to the edge. He began to write his love against her skin with the tip of his tongue. Such a wonderful little trick. He reveled in each jerk her body gave, every sigh and moan that were wordless pleas.

He was tormenting her, as much as he was giving her such incredible pleasure. She loved every second of the 'torture', even as she moaned her displeasure at his continued refusal to touch her in the one spot where she wanted it the most. She managed to push her hips down against the bed, trying to force his attention to her aching clit. She'd be reduced to dealing with it herself if he didn't do something soon!

A grin spread across his face as those slender hips moved down a second time. His Angel was growing impatient. He finished the line from the Egyptian love poem that he'd been writing against her honeyed skin. Felt her wiggle again. He locked his eyes with hers, shoved his tongue into her warm well, listened to the low moan that accompanied the gush of sweet nectar. He drank his fill, then proceeded to write his gratitude against those puffy nether lips.

She wasn't going to be able to take much more. She was standing on the very edge of the precipice, ready to leap into the clouds; it wouldn't require much attention from that very talented tongue for her to do so. If he ever managed to give her the release she was straining toward. "Please," she whispered.

Oh, yeah! That's what he wanted to hear! Begging in that soft, breathless voice that made his already aching cock just that much harder. Heart pounding his love against his ribs, he flicked his tongue over that swollen nub.


It wouldn't take much, she was ready to fly. He ran the tip of his tongue around that hard little button, felt her squirm with anticipation. Flicked his tongue over it again, and again, her soft gasps each time pleasing him. He slid two fingers inside her hot well at the same time he took that tender flesh between his teeth. He held it gently, began to suck it into his mouth.

"Oh, god...nngg...oh!"

Heart pounding, cock twitching, holding her gaze...watching the need that filled those emerald depths, he began to flick his tongue back and forth over her clit. He watched her eyes drift closed; her breasts began to heave as she gasped for breath, her flat belly rolled as sensations of pleasure washed over her.

Wrapping both hands around his head, holding onto him as he took her higher still, she closed her eyes. Lights flashed, colors twirled. Her entire universe consisted of his tongue and her aching clit. So close, she was so close...another pass of that tongue...oh goddess it felt so good...she let go, leapt into the boiling waves of pure, sweet bliss.

That special whimper filled her throat. Built up, became an aria of love as her body began to shake, her well convulsing around his fingers. He continued to stimulate her until she gently pushed him away, her signal that the touch was now too much. Stroking hard and deep, he kept her flying for as long as possible. When her body dropped back onto the mattress, he gently licked her clean, kissed his way back to his beauties, where he nipped the pink tips for just a moment, before moving up to kiss her.

"That was amazing," she whispered, when he finally pulled his lips from hers.


She planted a hand in the middle of his chest and pushed. "My turn."

He gave a shiver of appreciation, rolled to his back. "Do it," he whispered to her. Shivered again at the look of glee that filled her eyes. He was about to go to heaven...after she exacted her revenge for the torment he put her through before letting her have the climax she'd been waiting for.

In her mind, she'd spent three and a half weeks, give or take a day or so, in a reality where this incredible man was...she couldn't even think the word, not here, not now. She'd been alone, without him, for so very long...or so it seemed. Every day without him had been cold and empty, even before she remembered the truth about her life, and that he was a part of it...that he was her entire universe. She didn't feel the panicked need she had the night before. Tonight the desire to drive him out of his mind was her motivation.

Most talented tongue in the universe, he thought, closing his eyes as she began to lick him, moving over every inch of his throbbing cock. Oh, god, that felt incredible! What she did to him...so willingly...so lovingly. Those soft hands worked in concert with that warm, eager mouth, making him feel so damned good that he couldn't help but moan softly.

She glanced up at him. Smiled to herself. His eyes were closed, one hand curled into a fist at his side, the other on the back of her head, not pushing, just gently holding her. Once again she took the time to examine every inch of his magnificent manhood with her tongue. How could his former lovers not want to do this for him, to him? How could they resist the taste of him? The feeling of velvet-covered steel in their hands...how could they resist the delight of giving him such pleasure? Your loss, ladies, she thought gleefully.

That absolutely has to be illegal somewhere! His hips jerked slightly when she began to suck gently on the tip of his shaft, her tongue dancing around it, teasing the sensitive underside until he was certain he'd lose his mind before she let him go over the edge. The stimulation made him ache, made him feel so damned good! He jerked again when she began to stroke behind his balls, rubbing her finger against the perineum, the sensation enough to make him moan again.

How she loved making love to him! Loved to offer him as much pleasure as he gave her; loved to send him flying as high as he sent her. At times like this, when they were sharing the most private, intimate moments that two people could share, she felt the most alive, felt the power that she held over him. When they were making love, none of the doubts, the fears that often assailed her, could find purchase in her mind. None of the darkness that lurked in her heart...the result of scars from wounds inflicted on a defenseless child...could hurt her. When she made love to him, with him, her heart, her very soul was free to give, and take.

She'd settled into a steady rhythm. Oh, he had no doubt that she'd take him to the cusp, let him reach for the shimmering climax that he ached for, longed for. But she wouldn't let him grab it, wouldn't let him fall. Not until he was out of his mind with need, not until he was begging. He couldn't help but grin at that thought. Since their time on that tropical island, three glorious days of making love, she seemed determined to hear him beg in as many languages as she could elicit from him. She didn't care what it was, just as long as he was begging, breathless and needy. Not, his mind taunted him, that you ever do that to her.

There was no way of knowing what he was smiling about. His hips were meeting her hands and mouth with each stroke. He was throbbing hard and fast. Not just yet, Stud Muffin, she thought. She pulled her head back, sucking hard all the way up to the tip of his throbbing erection. Swirled her tongue around the swollen head, then let him fall completely out of her mouth. His groan of protest brought a smile to her own lips.

Her mouth moved from one hip to the other. Her hands were on his thighs, caressing them gently. Damn it! He tried thrusting his hips upward, only to have her pull completely away from him. He opened his eyes. Watched as she leaned over to greet his nipples. Her eyes sparkled with glee as she watched him, nipping at the hard buds on his chest until the brown discs that surrounded them were puckered from her attention. He would not beg! He was not about to give in! Right, his brain jeered. Sure you won't, his cock taunted.

She wrapped her hand around him, stroked him gently. Was that a challenge she saw in those beautiful blue eyes? Oh, she was so up to a challenge! She licked her way from one side of his chest to the other. Left a trail of kisses down his belly. Ran her fingers through the coarse dark blond hair that surrounded his throbbing cock. Felt his body tense with anticipation when she slid down, settled between his thighs. Their gazes locked, she lavished her attention on his heavy balls, then showered his thighs with kisses.

Okay, this was getting serious! If she didn't get back to business pretty damned soon, he'd take matters into hand! Please, he begged silently, still determined to remain silent, please suck me! His eyes rolled back into his head when she moved up and gobbled him down as far as she could, and began to suck and stroke him with such gusto that he was certain he was going to blow right then and there.

Who's your baby? she thought, grinning mentally. She stilled her movements, her tongue moving slowly, barely touching his skin, licking him gently, from the base of his shaft to the nearly purple tip, then making certain to explore every inch of his girth one more time. She could feel his body beginning to shake. Oh, that was a very good sign, she thought delightedly. Once again she set up a nice, steady rhythm. And once again, as soon as he was throbbing hard and fast, she backed away, stroking slowly, keeping him right on the edge.

"Please," he gasped, "don't stop!"

Satisfied that he'd been repaid for the torment she'd suffered, she shifted to her knees. Took as much of that beautiful cock into her mouth as she could, her hands working on what she couldn't take. Slow and steady, building up the pace little by little, until his hips were rocking up with each downward stroke, and his hands were holding her head, she moved him to the edge of the cliff.

Oh, god, it feels so damned good! He was so close that he was certain he'd be able to count the time before the ride was over in seconds. He knew when she'd relaxed her throat, he felt himself slide deeper into that amazing mouth, could feel the tip of his shaft rubbing against the back of her throat. This is it, he thought, when she began to swallow. The sensations were mind blowing. Like molten lava, fingers of pleasure poured over him. That most wonderful of all feelings built up, dropped into his stomach. Raced up and out of his throbbing cock. "Sweet Jesus!"

She continued to swallow, taking every drop of his precious white love. Continued to lick and kiss him, cleaning him as he always did her. When the throbbing had stopped completely, she slid up, settled herself on top of him, folded her arms and rested her chin on them. "Better?"

"Oh, yeah," he moaned.


He managed to smile. "You enjoyed that way too much."

"What, making love to you? Giving you pleasure?" she asked innocently.

"Trying to kill me."

She giggled. He made the same claim nearly every night. "Just wanted you to soar as high as I do," she said softly.

Tit for tat. Kiss for kiss. Lick for lick. The most amazing lover he'd ever held in his arms. "I did, Angel, trust me."

She settled against him, rested her head on his shoulder. "Do you think Jack and Sam play games in bed, like we do?"

He snorted at the unexpected question. Jack was Mr. Straight-and-narrow. He just couldn't visualize the man doing more than the missionary position. Maybe a nice slow trip around the world. Games? No way. Sam, on the other hand - he could see her being passionate, out of control; a bit...demanding. Hmm...that was an interesting combination, wasn't it? "I don't know," he replied. "I don't really care, either. As long as they're together, and happy, that's all I need to know."

"I'll bet they do. Jack would do whatever Sam asked. And Sam has some wicked ideas."


She blushed. "Well, where do you think I learned about Lover's Package online?"

He started laughing. "I did wonder about that."

"I never dreamed it could be so wonderful," she sighed.

"Making love?"

"Mmmhmm. I suppose the key is the 'making love' part. You know, I've never had just plain sex," she said, sitting up, her hands moving to caress his chest as she straddled his hips.

"Is that a complaint?"

"Oh, no!" she replied quickly. "It's bragging."

Daniel grinned. "Good."

"I don't think I'd enjoy just sex."

He frowned. Thought about the few women who'd shared his bed. Realized that two had actually been girls, neither over twenty-one. He wondered briefly where Amelia was, what she was doing. Wondered if Carrie had finished her graduate work. Was she Dr. Carrie Weaver now? He'd cared about Carrie, although god forgive him, Amelia had been nothing more than a way to ease the ache in his balls as he mourned the end of his relationship with Carrie. And he realized for the first time that he couldn't think of one without thinking of the other. The two had become inexplicably entwined in his memories, one relationship the result of the ending of the other. "It's nothing more than physical release," he said softly.

She'd been watching his eyes. The frown that creased his brow let her know that his thoughts were troublesome. "Daniel?"

He looked up into worried green eyes. "I'm sorry to say I have had 'just plain sex'," he admitted softly.

"You were young, and hurting," she replied, sensing those two things immediately. She was certain he was thinking about that girl in Egypt, she couldn't remember the name. It was typical of him to feel guilt over what had been nothing more than the mutual exploitation of one another.

"Yeah, I guess I was," he replied.

"And I really don't want to talk about this, not here, not now," she said, pulling her lip between her teeth. She didn't want memories of his old loves sharing their bed. There was no way she wanted to compete with those memories; feared that she'd be unable to do so.

"Neither do I," he said. "Just you and me, Angel. We're the only ones here."

She smiled. "Now who's psychic?"

He reached up and cupped her cheek. "I know you, Case. I know what we've talked about. I know what hurts you, what you worry about."

"You know me better than I know myself, sometimes," she said, closing her eyes and pressing against the warmth of his hand. "You know, it's really not fair."

He frowned. "What's not fair?"

"I don't have scores of boyfriends to tell you about. Well, there was Jimmy Palmer. He proposed to me, you know."

A surge of jealousy roared through him. "Really. When did this happen?"

She giggled at the clipped words, the cool tone. He was ticked at the thought of someone else asking for her hand in marriage. Which sent a shiver of happiness down her spine. She did so love it when he was possessive of her! "Right after he'd shared his peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me, because I didn't get lunch that day. In the old oak tree in the backyard. And I was in the tree hiding from...her."

He stared at her for a moment. "Just how old were you?"

"Oh, Jimmy was a much older man. He was eight. I was six," she grinned.

Daniel began to laugh. "Smartass!"

"You know, since I met Dad, I'm remembering more of the good memories," she admitted.

"I'm glad," he replied softly. Feared that there were far too few good memories for her to recall. "So, he proposed, huh?"

"Mmmhmm. We were going to live in his bedroom, and she'd never be able to hurt me again. When we announced our 'engagement' to Grandma Rose, she said she'd be proud to have the wedding in her living room."

He grinned. "So how long did this engagement last?"

"Until school started, and he remembered that girls were yucky," she giggled.

"Well, I'm glad you broke up. Gave me a chance to capture a Fantasy Angel of my very own," he said, grinning wider.

"I'm glad too," she said softly. Frowned slightly. "I wonder what Jimmy is doing now? Of course, if he turned out like his father, he's short, bald, and has a beer belly the size of a pregnant woman two days from her due date!"

It was impossible not to laugh at the mental image. When she leaned down to kiss him, he responded with all of the love he could feel her offering. His body stirred to life. He knew she was aware of that fact when she moved her hips back and forth, rubbing that sweet twat along the length of his shaft. "I need to be inside you," he whispered, barely moving his mouth far enough away from hers to speak.

"I need you inside me," she whispered in reply.

He wrapped his arms around her, rolled over, putting her on her back beneath him. He continued to kiss her, his hand moving up and down her body, stopping to cup her breasts, rolling her nipples with his thumb.

She was beginning to breath faster as the kiss deepened. Oh, goddess, how she loved his kisses! Her arms tightened around his shoulders, one hand playing through the hair on the back of his head.

He slid his hand from her breast, down her belly, moved it over that sweet, tantalizing flesh between her thighs. Stroked her gently, until her hips were moving up to meet his fingers with each tender pass. "Wrap around me," he whispered. Felt the warmth of her embrace as she complied. He gasped when he felt her hand move between them, wrap around his aching shaft.

She pointed her hips upward, rubbed the tip of his erection against her body, before guiding him between her wet folds. The sigh of contentment that passed her lips as he sank into her brought a smile to his face, one that she responded to with a shy smile of her own.

So good! She always felt so damned good! He gasped again when he felt her using those muscles deep inside to massage his throbbing length. No, there had never been a more passionate, loving woman in his bed, in his arms. He'd never been with a woman so willing to indulge every fantasy, every need, every desire. Only her. Only Casey. His Fantasy Angel.

Her eyes fluttered closed when he began the ancient dance of love, moving slowly and gently at first. The rocking of their hips started a soft thump of the headboard that matched the wild, primitive beating of their hearts.

Oh, god, yes! She was wrapped around him like a warm blanket, her body taking him, welcoming him with every thrust. This was what he'd wanted...what his heart had needed in order to reassure all of his senses that he was back in his reality, right where he was supposed to be. He reveled in their oral love making. His addiction could only be fed by tasting her, partaking of that sweet nectar. But there was nothing to compare with being inside her, her well wrapped as tightly around his cock as her arms and legs were around his shoulders and waist.

She met him thrust for thrust, wanting, needing all that he could give her...his body deep inside hers, creating of them one entity, one being. There was no sweeter, more special feeling in the world. She tugged him closer, felt the strength of his chest against her skin, her breasts flattened, the weight of his body a delightful burden. Only Daniel could make her feel this way. Only Daniel could fill her completely...heart, mind, body and soul. Only Daniel could take her to that secret place that was meant for them, and them alone.

There was no reason to rush. No frenzied desires to quell, no out of control fires to quench, just the need to feel one another, to be connected physically as well as emotionally and mentally. From the top of his head, to the tips of his toes, the gentle pleasure of their love moved over him, leaving his heart soaring, his soul singing, as his body continued to move, to dance with hers.

When the passion rose, she could do nothing more than hold on for the ride. There were times, however, when the love...the passion...was subdued and gentle, satisfied by the easy movements of their bodies. Tonight was one such time. As much as she loved the nights when their love was wild and primal, she enjoyed just as much the nights when their love was such a sweet thing that it brought tears to her eyes.

Time stood still as they moved, as they danced. The love they felt surrounded them, warmed them, held them in silken arms. Forever. He wanted this ride to last forever. He never wanted to let go, never wanted to be away from her. He could feel the heat burning, growing hotter.

Each time he rubbed his hips against hers, offering her that bit of stimulation her body craved, she couldn't help but push back. The tempo was picking up. Soon their journey of love would be over...for awhile. The tingle that meant soon she'd be flying began to take over her senses.

He thrust a bit harder, a bit deeper, a bit faster. Felt her pushing back against him, grinding her slender hips against his. He lowered his lips to hers, worked the combination that would grant him entrance. Began to move his tongue in and out of her mouth with the same beat as his cock moved in and out of her well. Gloried in the moan that filled her throat, the way her arms and legs tightened around him.

She loved it when his kisses mirrored the movements of his hips, taking her in two places, two ways at once. It always served to set her senses on overload. The tingle settled between her thighs. The whimper she could never control moved up from her belly.

Oh, yeah! Sing for me, Angel. He maintained his rhythm, listened to her sing her love, even as he continued to kiss her; felt her thighs quiver against his sides, her body shiver beneath him. The convulsing of her well, gripping him tighter, pulling him deeper, was all he needed to complete his own journey to the top of the mountain. He groaned, filled her completely with his seed.

She held tightly to him when he relaxed against her, trying to catch his breath. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too," he replied softly. He worked his arm under her hips, and with a groan rolled them over.

"I needed that," she said, snuggling closer.

His hands moved up and down her back. "I did too, babe."

"I don't think I'll have nightmares."

"You don't?"

She shook her head. Reached up and ran her finger over his jaw. "As long as I can sleep in your arms, I'm safe. Nothing can hurt me, or frighten me."

His heart soared at her declaration. "What you do to me, woman."

Within minutes the lovers were asleep, clinging to one another, their love a gauntlet of protection from all of the fears that hid in the shadows of the night.

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