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 Leather, Feathers, and Garters


Chapter 7

She'd been on edge all morning. Not in a bad way. No, this feeling was pure anticipation. Waiting for him to make his move...to reveal whatever plans he'd made for the day. He had read the newspaper from front to back, working the crossword puzzle, chuckling over the comic strips. Had spent time paying the bills that had arrived in the mail. It was becoming increasingly more difficult to remain as calm as he seemed to be, knowing that he had something up his sleeve. Feeling the need to move...to do something...she jumped up from the sofa, where he was now stretched out, the leather-bound copy of Charles Dickens' 'Tale of Two Cities' propped on his chest as he read. She left her book, 'Anatomy of Love', on the coffee table.

He watched peripherally as she poured another cup of coffee. Bit back his grin. She'd been like a cat on a hot tin roof since they'd finished their late breakfast...blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup, scrambled eggs and sausages. She had, she'd told him, wanted to them to be 'fully fortified' for whatever the day held. He'd managed not to laugh out loud. Silently thanked her for being so efficient. He'd be burning up every calorie, he was certain of that.

"More coffee?" she asked from the kitchen.

"I'm good," he replied. Barely kept from chuckling when he heard her sigh. She was damned impatient when it came to wrapped gifts. That impatience apparently applied to anticipated activities as well. Even if she had no idea what was going to happen...she knew that something was. It hadn't been easy for him to just lay here on the couch, when what he wanted to do...had even spent the better part of thirty minutes contemplating it...was to pick her up, carry her to the bedroom, strip her, tie her to the bed, and commence with driving her out of her mind. It was nearly one in the afternoon...and he was just as anxious as she was. He'd hoped to wait until tonight...He closed his book. "Think I'll take a quick shower."

She nearly dropped her mug. As he'd said so often, 'Let the games begin'! "Want company?"

He had to bite his tongue, clamp down on his desire to have that slender body in the shower with him, slick with soap...he shook his head mentally. He needed time to get everything set up. The perfect solution came to mind. He almost grinned. "I thought maybe you'd like to take a nice bubble bath after I'm finished."

She took a sip of coffee to hide her smile. Okay, so he needed her out of the way for a little while. She'd play along now, so he'd cooperate tomorrow. "Sounds nice. It's been awhile since I've had time to just relax like that."

Well, that had been easy. A fact that escaped him, for the moment. He carried his mug to the sink. "Stop trying to figure it out," he whispered in her ear.

"But I'm not!" she declared...although the protest was a bit weak. His laugh only left her more frustrated. Whatever he was planning, it had better be good!

She glanced at the bedroom door as she walked past the island. Decided she'd try to at least finish the chapter she'd started reading thirty minutes ago. She hadn't been able to concentrate, she had no idea what was happening in the book. When she heard the water in the shower, she gave up, tossed the book onto the cushion beside her, crossed her arms over her chest. Began to giggle. She had no idea about other couples, but there was no doubt in her mind that she and Daniel had to be unique in their approach to lovemaking. She just couldn't picture other couples planning and scheming; their sole intent to drive one another insane with need and pleasure. Felt sorry for those who'd never had such deep, committed love in their lives. Only a couple secure in their love, a couple totally dedicated to one another, could find real pleasure from planning the perfect afternoon or evening or night. When giving was more important than receiving, then, and only then, could the lovemaking reach incredible highs. She sighed. She and Daniel soared to the very stars each and every time they came together, using their bodies to declare the love that filled their hearts and minds, their very souls.

Less than fifteen minutes later, Daniel called from the doorway to the bathroom. "Bathroom is all yours, Angel."

She examined him carefully as she walked toward him...the towel tucked around his waist, her attention momentarily sidetracked as her eyes moved over the tattoo on his chest. Her name blazoned there, surrounded by white wings. Her gaze traveled back up to his eyes. Which gave away nothing. They were full of amusement, he was smiling at her. But there was no hint to what he had planned. "I'll get my robe-"

He reached out and grabbed her arm, caressed the skin gently. "You won't need it," he told her quietly.

She shivered imperceptibly. Gave a small nod of understanding.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes," she breathed in reply.

"Good." Without another word he turned loose of her arm. Waited until she was in the bathroom, then firmly closed the door. He listened for a moment...grinned from ear to ear when he could make out the faint sounds of her undressing.

Water was already running in the tub, bubbles foaming, the soft smell of jasmine filling the air. She twisted her hair up, caught in in place with a banana clip, then settled down in the water. Something poked at the back of her mind. She examined it, on the verge of cutting loose with a string of curses if she was about to get a download. No...this was something else. Her mind trying to grab hold of that something. Experience had taught her if she tried to force the thought or memory to the front of her mind, it would simply slide farther back into the shadows of obscurity. She heaved a sigh. Whatever it was, she'd remember it soon enough, she supposed.

A glance at the closed door had her straining to hear any movement on the other side. She thought she could hear music...it sounded as if he'd turned on the stereo in their bedroom. Okay...so their bed was involved. That really wasn't a surprise. She'd even go so far as to lay money down that the handcuffs would be involved. She smiled...how she loved the way those beautiful blue eyes flared with lust...and love...each time he cuffed her hands, whether he attached them to the bed or not.

She was tempted to make quick work of her bath...but decided that Daniel would let her know when he was ready for her to emerge from the bathroom. Her heart was already beginning to beat harder and faster as anticipation for the afternoon continued to build.

Daniel pulled on the leather chaps. They went on much easier this time than they had the first time he'd pulled them on. Candles were lit, music was playing. The feather was in the drawer beside the bed. He'd be able to retrieve it when she was in position. He sorted through the duffel on his closet floor...found the handcuffs and the black silk scarf that he would use to blindfold her. He'd already planned how he'd get that on her. She never minded the handcuffs, he had no worries about her cooperation on that note. He shivered. Wondered for the umpteenth time just how loudly she would scream her pleasure. God how he loved that scream, first heard in that hotel room in Denver...his grin went wider.

A glance around the room...the bed was turned back, the handcuffs hidden beneath the pillows, no sense giving anything away in case he had to resort to Plan B to get her to the bed. The candles flickered, the blinds of the room blocking out the sun, casting enough shadows to make the golden light just perfect. The CD of love songs that had played the first time he'd worn the leather chaps filled the room with soft, ambient sound. Okay, playtime!

He knocked on the bathroom door. "Case? Ready to get out?"

"Give me ten minutes," she called.

"Okay. Ten minutes."

She hurriedly washed. Planned to be out of the bath sooner...hoping to get an idea of just what her very sneaky, incredibly wonderful Husband was doing. She applied her lotion...the fact that the bottle from Victoria's secret was setting on the edge of the counter told her that he'd moved it there...his way of requesting that she use it. She brushed her hair. Flipped the lever to let the water out of the tub. Tiptoed to the bathroom door, pressed an ear against it...

He'd been standing beside the door, heard her shift things on the bathroom counter...he'd intentionally pulled the lotion forward, then pushed a few of her bottles of lotion into the spot where she normally kept it. Heard her put her hairbrush back down. When the sound of water draining filtered to him, he tensed. Stepped just inside his den, standing where he'd be able to see her when she came out.

Casey opened the door slowly, poked her head out and looked into the bedroom. Yep, candlelight, music...where was he? She looked toward the living room, stepping into the hallway with the intention of slipping into the bedroom. She never got the chance. Something soft, and very black, was suddenly around her eyes. When she started to reach up to her face, his hand caught hers.

"Trust me," he whispered.

She dropped her hands to her sides. Felt him tie whatever it was firmly around her head, covering her eyes completely.

Glad that she couldn't see the wide grin on his face, Daniel led her into the bedroom. Helped her to stretch out on the bed, making certain that his leather clad legs didn't come into contact with her body. "Put your hands over your head, Angel," he instructed softly.

Without hesitation she complied, felt the fur-lined cuffs snap around her wrists. She waited, could smell him, the soap that he used...he was close by. There was another scent...something familiar...leather! Oh, goddess he was wearing those chaps, and she was blindfolded and cuffed down and how damned cruel was that?

"You've always done such an incredible job of blowing my mind," he said, his voice still soft, "that I wanted to do something...special...for you." He was unable to resist the urge to touch her, cupping her cheek, rubbing the pad of his thumb over her lips, then trailing his fingers down her throat, to her shoulder, between her breasts to her belly.

"That's very...generous...of you," she replied, shivering from the gentle caress.

"I thought so," he grinned. He opened the drawer on the bedside table. Noted that she'd heard him by the way she turned her head toward him. He let the ring, which he wouldn't be using this time around, and the dildo, which would be utilized, clatter slightly on the wood top, grabbed the feather and shut the drawer firmly. She might know about the toys...she had no idea about the feather. He looked at her, felt his breath catch in his throat. Lying there, her arms stretched above her head, her skin glowing gold in the candlelight..."So beautiful," he whispered. He leaned over, gently kissed her, delighted at the startled reaction, then the warm response, the way she kissed him back with such love.

She whimpered softly when he moved away from her. Moaned out loud when she felt him straddle her legs, the warm leather against her skin tantalizing, filling her mind with images of him in the black chaps.

"I'm gonna make you scream, Casey," he said quietly. "I'm going to make you feel so good, take you so high, that you'll scream for me."

He was just too damned sure of himself. "What makes you think that?"

"Oh...this." He trailed the feather from just beneath her wrist to her elbow. Grinned at the way she jerked, then squirmed.

Whatever it was, it was soft...very soft. Almost like a...Feather! Oh hell! That had been in the paragraph about Annika wearing that maid outfit! She'd picked up a nice ostrich feather duster because that had been mentioned as well...she could see the letter in her mind...

"The first thing you need is a feather. Yes, a feather. The longer the better, and it should be as soft as possible. Then you’ll need a blindfold, and something to restrain your wife to the bed. (I am well aware of how kinky this sounds. Trust me, it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience!) Annika adapted the version that the other Casey told her, by a bit of role-playing in the sexiest French maid outfit, (complete with feather duster of course!) which was as tantalizing to look at as it was to slowly remove. I stuck to the 'traditional' game plan with a couple of toys for good measure, but the essential bit is the feather! Touching, tickling, and caressing your wife’s body with that feather will bring both of you immense pleasure, the love you’ll make as a result is absolutely mind-blowing. The best part is, it’s as much fun to ‘receive’ as it is to ‘give’."

She certainly hoped that last part was true. She was certainly on the receiving end at the moment!

Research had convinced him that coque tail feathers were the softest, and would suit his purposes perfectly. From her reaction, and the ease of controlling it, he'd been correct. He moved it up her other arm, again delighted in her jerk of surprise, the shiver her body gave.

Now was a hell of a time to remember that damned letter! She should have known that using a feather would've been something Daniel would be eager to try, especially if the idea had come from...himself. Which was a paradox she wasn't about to try to decipher at the moment. She jumped again when the feather moved around her navel, unable to stop her belly from contracting. "Feather," she ground out.

"Very astute." He frowned. "How did you guess?"

"Letter," she gasped, as he moved the feather in lazy circles on her abdomen.

Well, that was interesting. She must have read the letter from the other Daniel...he had no idea when she would have done so. Possibly during the time she had believed him dead. Nothing in his office had been disturbed, though... It didn't matter. She knew about the feather. She didn't know what he planned to do with it...or what else he had planned for her. He moved the feather back to her belly button, slowly dragged it upward, to that sweet valley between her breasts. She was already breathing hard, her body both fighting against the touch, and arching toward it. He couldn't help but grin.

When he twirled the tip of the feather against her nipple, she gasped out loud. When he swished it gently, barely touching the curve of her breast, she began panting. He painted hieroglyphs of love against her skin, covering his beauties with barely there touches, then more firm passes. When he dragged it back down to the top of those dark blonde curls, her body bucked beneath him.

She was going to lose her mind. By the time he was finished tormenting her...torturing her...arousing her...she'd be nothing more than a heap of mindless jelly. Oh, she was so going to make him pay! Thoughts of the feather duster hidden in her closet, and what she was going to do with it, flashed through her mind, just before the feather moved over her throat and collarbones.

His cock was hard and aching, her sighs and gasps and moans and whimpers arousing him as much as the sight of her body, the way she shivered and trembled from the caress of the feather, her nipples hard and pointed and standing proudly from those luscious curves...and he knew just how to relieve the problem. Shifting on the bed, he slid upward, laid his throbbing flesh between her breasts.

Hot and heavy, she felt his anaconda settle against her skin, felt each pulse it made. Apparently what he was doing to her was affecting him as well. Feeling the need to do a little mind blowing of her own, she licked her lips, then whispered softly. "Please, let me suck you."

Oh god! The little minx is trying to kill me! She was damned determined to turn the tables on him. All she needed was half a chance...

"Please...I know you need the relief-"

"This is about you, for you," he managed to whisper.

"Then let me taste you...let me give you pleasure. I can't take pleasure if you're not getting any," she replied.

He knew without a doubt that she was telling the truth...it had always been that way between them. They both had to enjoy an activity, or neither of them did. With a groan, he rose up, reached down and pressed the tip of his shaft against her lips. She opened to him and he slid forward, his hand around his aching erection, making certain that he didn't try to push too much into her warm, eager mouth. He put the feather on the bed beside him, reached down and caressed her cheek with his free hand as she made love to him.

She could feel his hand, knew that he was stroking what she could never take in...the mental image making her moan as her tongue moved around him, flickered against the sensitive underside. Not having control, not able to move to the way she needed to in order to tease him, she settled on sucking as steadily as she could...felt his hips moving back and forth. As hard and fast as he was throbbing, it wouldn't take long before he was coming.

He watched her, didn't think he'd ever seen anything so damned erotic: his beautiful Wife blindfolded, her hands bound in the fur-lined handcuffs...his cock moving in and out between her pink lips.

When his climax hit, she swallowed as quickly as she could, listened to him groan loudly as he took flight. Felt him move away from her..."Daniel?"

"That was amazing, Angel," he said quietly, still shaking from the unexpected, much needed release. "Now, it's your turn."

It was impossible not to tense slightly, waiting to feel the touch of the feather. She wasn't prepared to feel his lips wrap around her nipple, suckle gently for a few blissful moments, the feather moving against the tender flesh between her thighs at the same time. She cried out from the sensations.

When his mouth moved to her belly, the feather began an assault on her nipples. She had no idea how he was doing that...concentrated on what he was doing, almost giggled when she realized that the feather and his tongue were moving in the same direction. Then coherent thought was pushed out of her mind when his fingers began to caress the tops of her inner thighs, moving gently over her tattoos.

Her body arched, her hips bucked as she tried to move that sweet twat toward his hand. He couldn't help but grin. He was kneeling beside her now...dipping and twirling the feather, dragging it along her skin, then dancing it over her nipples...back to torment her belly button. Took the time to write a short love poem against her skin. Her ragged breathing, the way her chest heaved, told him that she was moving closer to the edge. "You are so beautiful, Angel," he said softly. "So very beautiful."

The feather, his fingertips, his hand, the leather that encased his legs...which brushed against her each time he moved or shifted...her senses were nearly overloaded as he continued his loving assault on her. The fire that raged through her body was an out of control inferno, her need so great that she was willing to do what was necessary to get the release she craved. "Please," she begged, gasping for breath.

She was writhing on the bed. Putting the feather on the table, he picked up the vibrator, made certain that he'd be able to activate the switch easily. Situated himself between her thighs, laughing silently at how quickly and how far she opened for him. Her nether lips were puffy...swollen with need, glistening with the sweet honey that was already flowing.

He wrapped his lips around her hard little nub at the same time he pushed the toy into her, listened to her cry out, barely kept from being bucked away as her hips flew upward. He set up a steady rhythm with the toy. Yep, the other Daniel had been right...this was certainly going to make his Wife scream her delight.

When his hand caressed her breast, tugged at her nipple, she thought she'd lose her mind. How did he manage to do all of that? Two hands and his mouth, her mind managed to point out. Just before coherent thought once again became impossible. Lights were beginning to flash...colors were whirling...she was almost there...wanted to scream with frustration when she felt him slow down, pull his mouth away from her. "No, no, no...don't stop," she moaned in frustration. Moaned again when she felt him begin to suckle at her breast once again, the dildo moving with maddening slowness. He moved to her other nipple, taking the time to leave a mark between her breasts. Her body was shaking with need. "Please," she begged.

"Time to scream, Angel," he whispered, kissing her gently. He settled once again between her thighs. Flicked his tongue over her clit once...twice...three times. He took that bundle of sensitive nerves between his teeth, held her gently and began to flicker his tongue back and forth, turned on the vibrator, pushing the purple latex cock as deep into her as he could.

That beautiful whimper filled her throat, built up to her aria of love, and then she screamed...low and breathless; ended in a moan as her orgasm rocked her from head to foot. He was grinning like an idiot as he pulled the vibrator away before the stimulation could become painful, switched it off, then licked her clean,. He kissed his way up her body, spending several minutes on her breasts, then kissed her, the desperation with which she returned his kiss testament to what he had just done to her...for her.

He found the key, uncuffed her hands, was barely able to move back before she was tugging the blindfold off and reaching for him, one hand going around his cock, which was throbbing once again, the other moving through his hair, pulling him close for another toe-curling kiss.

He'd been kneeling on the bed as he released her, she was now kneeling beside him, her hands suddenly moving over his skin, to the leather of his chaps, and back again, repeating the caresses almost frantically...nearly as frantically as she had done the first time he had worn them. His heart beat a tattoo of pleasure...of pride...against his ribs. Only he could drive her to this level of need, only he could make her this out of control.

"Stand beside the bed...I want to see all of you...I need you to stand there in those chaps...please," she begged, tugging his lower lip between her teeth.

Daniel pulled away from her. Stood beside the bed. Couldn't help but grin at the fire he could see in the depths of her amazing green eyes as they moved over him, devoured him as surely as a starving man eating at a banquet table.

"Oh, goddess," she moaned softly. "Daniel, take me, please take me! Now! Hard and fast and please don't stop!"

He crawled back onto the bed beside her. She was wrapping her arms and legs around him before he was completely settled over her, her slender hips pointed up, the heat of her womanhood making his manhood throb in anticipation. He felt her feet moving over the leather of the chaps, couldn't help but smile. Pushed into her, and moaned deeply, her own soft whimper creating a duet of pure need that echoed in the room.

Wanting to prolong this beautiful ride, if just for a bit, he moved his hips slowly, almost leisurely, rubbed back and forth against her each time he buried himself. He sought her lips, kissed her, then began to take her in both places, just the way she liked it. Her soft moan of approval was proof of that.

Faster, goddess she needed faster and harder and deeper...her hands slid to his ass, caressed the bare skin she found there, her legs locked behind his thighs, the warmth of the leather as pleasing as a caress. She ground her hips against him, tried to move faster. Felt him push against her and still completely. When she attempted to ride him, he pulled away, until just the very tip of his shaft was inside her. "No," she murmured.

"Easy, Angel," he whispered in return.

"I can't wait...oh,goddess! Daniel, take me!"

He began to thrust into her, still taking his time, not rushing his movements. Grinned against her hair at her murmurs of complaint. He rose to his knees, grabbed her hips and began to pound into her. Watched as she nearly mauled her breasts as her need ripped through her. His own body was on fire, making demands that only the hard thrusts could meet.

When she screamed for the second time, his own shout of completion echoed only seconds later. He collapsed onto her, felt her arms and legs circle him once again. Her hands caressed him as he tried to catch his breath.

He worked his arm beneath her hips, rolled to his back, keeping her close, remained buried inside her.

"That was...intense," she said softly. Wondered just how much he would enjoy having the favor returned.

Tremors were still moving over her body, her well still contracting sharply around him each time she shivered. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh, yes," she whispered. "It was...it was intense and awful and wonderful and amazing and mind blowing."

He grinned, kissed her temple. "You were so beautiful lying there, so...vulnerable; so damned sexy."

Her eyes drifted closed before she could from a reply. Wasn't aware that he started snoring just minutes afterwards.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It was just after eight in the evening; they were sitting at the coffee table, eating the Chinese food they'd ordered immediately after taking a quick shower together. The television was on, and the History Channel was playing, although they weren't actually watching at this point, rather discussing the program that had just ended.

"It takes a special kind of crazy to do that job," she said, shaking her head. "Driving a heavily loaded big rig over ice...that's just insane."

"It's the cheapest way to get supplies to science stations and research projects...and the towns that support them," Daniel replied.

"But they're driving on ice!"

"Eight feet thick," he pointed out.

She shook her head. "If you ever came home and told me you were going to do something that stupid, I'd smack you until your common sense returned!"

He couldn't help but chuckle. "I promise, I'll never take up ice-road trucking."

"Damned straight you won't," she grumbled. "Are you going to eat that last egg roll?"

"I'll split it with you."


He was thrilled to see her eating...granted, all of the extra curricular activities were no doubt to thank for her healthy appetite tonight. Since his return 'from the dead'...as Jack insisted he'd done, since he really had died, even if he hadn't been dead the entire three weeks he'd been missing...she'd been eating, and those soft curves were once again filling out, her cheeks weren't hollowed, her ribs weren't so pronounced.

"You know," she sighed, "the one thing about living that far north that I could really get into is the peace. You could work on a book about your theories and discoveries, we'd only have to leave the house once a month or so for supplies-"

"You'd be stir crazy in a week," he said.

"Bet I wouldn't."

"Angel, you're too social. You enjoy spending time with family and friends. You wouldn't like living somewhere so isolated."

She stared at him for a moment. She'd always been the shy one. The quiet one. Never spoke unless spoken to. Now...had she changed that drastically? Or had Daniel's love, and the warm friendship of those she worked with deep in the belly of Cheyenne Mountain, allowed her true self to finally surface? "I suppose the cure for that problem is to make certain that my friends and family were with me," she replied after a moment.

He frowned as an idea bounced through his mind. One that he thought might have actual merit. "You know, if things get too...risky; if having the Stargate in Cheyenne Mountain ever becomes more of a security risk than we can take, there's always the option of moving it to one of the poles," he mused out loud.

"I thought the second 'gate was found in the Antarctic," she said, helping herself to more moo goo gai pan.

"It was," he confirmed. "It was there long before the second 'gate was put into place in Egypt...or Jordan or Iraq, wherever Yu...er...Anu...decided to put it."

"He didn't know about the first 'gate?"

"I doubt it. The Antarctic was already a frozen sheet of ice miles thick by then."

"So, was the Antarctic where Atlantis was located?"

He frowned slightly. "I never believed that theory. In fact, with what we know now, I can't help but wonder if the true Atlantis, the city of the legends, was even on Earth."

"Wow, interesting theory," she said.

"And something that will remain theory for the foreseeable future," he replied.

She glanced at him, but didn't reply. If he'd found evidence that supported his theory, she'd know it. He hadn't, at least, not yet. Who could tell what the team might find, or what any one of the other SGC teams might locate during routine recon missions?




After dinner, they played several games of chess, Casey actually winning two of them. It was well past two when they cuddled together in bed. Their pillow talk turned to the activities of the afternoon, sharing their experiences, delighting in the new game they'd discovered...with the help of Daniel's counterpart in another reality.

Just before sleep claimed her, Casey wondered if perhaps Daniel and Annika were very much like she and Daniel. Mentally rolled her eyes. Of course they were! Because the key factor was Daniel. Who was, she knew, the most incredible man in any universe or reality. Damned inventive in the bedroom, too. Which made her...and Annika...very lucky women. Of course, turn about was always fair play!


A  A  A  A  A  A


It was her turn to watch him as he pretended not to be thinking about her plans for the day. She intended to start early enough that driving to Denver for dinner would be a possibility. If he survived, that was. She had every intention of driving him out of his mind, prolonging the delicious torture as long as he'd done to her. Had even contemplated using the feather he had used...pink and long and soft...

He was sitting on the sofa, reading his book, although he hadn't actually turned the page in awhile. She smiled. Time to get ready.

Daniel stared at the page, had given up trying to read nearly thirty minutes ago. So far she hadn't said a word about what she had planned. He was, at that moment, trying to figure out just what sort of little teddy she'd be wearing. He liked her in green, it always made her eyes seem all the more emerald in color. Blue was nice, too. She had a couple of blue teddies. Then there was that fire engine red number...he'd damned near shot off in his jeans when she'd shown up at the door of the den wearing that little scrap of silk and lace. She had at least three white ones...including that little number she'd worn for him at the hotel in Denver. There was the white one that laced up, and had been a 'Christmas gift'. He'd certainly enjoyed unwrapping that present! She'd actually worn that for him a couple of times now, the memories of those nights sending a shiver over his frame. She had a couple of black ones that were enough to melt his brain...

She dressed carefully, listening for any movement in the hallway. The heels on the shoes weren't as high as most of her dress shoes, but the open toed, sling back pumps were black patent, and had a black bow on the vamp. Which matched the black bows on the garters perfectly. She tugged and adjusted, wanting to look just right. Peeking into the hallway, noting that he was still on the sofa, she scurried to the bathroom, closed the door to check the outfit in the full length mirror that hung there. Fixed her hair...an idea culled from hours of looking online for the costume. All of the 'maids' had had their hair up. She hadn't ordered the cap, but she did have a black bow...that also matched the bows on the garters. Couldn't help but smile. If this didn't fulfill his fantasy, she'd eat her boonie!

Feather duster in hand, she walked quietly into the living room. Waved it over a couple of the artifacts, moved them slightly to one side, then back into place. Glanced over her shoulder. He was frowning at his book, he hadn't even looked up! She barely refrained from huffing a sigh. Walked over and stood in front of him. Cleared her throat. His reaction was every bit as fun as it had been when she had donned the leather for him.

Oh, sweet Jesus in Heaven! She was wearing a sexy little French maid costume! Her hair was pulled up, although curls were hanging loose, as if she'd been hard at work all day. She had a narrow black ribbon around her throat, and black ribbon straps...which held up the little dress, and connected to a bodice that barely covered her nipples - white lace trim disappearing into a black bow that was nestled between her breasts...adorned her slender shoulders. The boned bodice fit tightly all the way to her hips, where a ruffle flared out over a starched, white lace crinoline. Her hips were barely covered, and the ruffles allowed a peek at the lacy black panties she was wearing. Black garters with black bows were holding up the sheerest black stockings he'd ever seen. He loved garters. Definitely loved the black ribbons that decorated her slender thighs at the moment. The heels on her feet were just high enough to make those sexy legs look even more incredible. "Oh, god," he murmured, the book falling from suddenly nerveless fingers.

His eyes, which had gone wide, and then darkened with desire, had moved from the top of her head to her feet at least a half dozen times, stopping each time on her hips and breasts...he was already licking his lips. "You called for a maid, sir?" she asked quietly.

She began waving the feather duster back and forth, just barely touching her thigh with it, then twirled it up to twist it just beneath her breasts. His eyes followed that duster as it moved over her body randomly, from her breast to her hip to her belly, then back up to her breasts. He couldn't catch his breath, and his cock was straining against his jeans, watching those white feathers touching her. "Uh...I did? I mean, yes, I did."

She bit back her giggle at his breathless, nearly strangled response. "I'm a Merry Maid. Special Division. We only take on the most discerning, and discreet clients."

"Do tell."

"I was told that you were very discerning, and most discreet."

"Oh, I am. Positively discerning, and absolutely discreet. I promise."

"Well, then, is there anything...special...I can do for you?"

"Ah. 'Special' division. I get it," he grinned. "I'm completely open to suggestions."

"Completely open?"


"In that case, perhaps you'd care to follow me? Sir?"

"Right behind you...uh...Miss." It wasn't easy to stand...was going to be damned difficult to walk. She raised an eyebrow when he unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. It was, however, necessary, if he was going to make it to the bedroom.

He watched her walk toward the kitchen. Just enough of her sexy ass was visible to alert him to the fact that she was wearing a thong. The way the ruffles of the tiny skirt moved as her hips swayed with each step kept his eyes riveted on that part of her body as he followed her. Fantasy. She had told him she was going to fulfill his fantasy. Yep, she'd read that in the letter as well, he was certain of it. Wondered just when she'd ordered that sexy outfit...damn isn't she beautiful! She'd planned this...specifically planned this for him. Danny, you are a lucky, lucky man.

He couldn't help but grin. He was lucky that his wife would dress up for him. Lucky that he hadn't fallen over dead when she'd worn that leather outfit two nights previous. He stopped short as that thought moved through his brain. Twice. She'd dressed up twice this weekend, willing to fulfill his fantasies. Yes, he was a very, very lucky man!

She was waiting beside the bedroom door. "Shall I turn back the bed, sir?"

"I believe that would be appropriate, yes," he murmured. Role playing. Oh, this was just too much fun. Jack's unexpected question on their last mission flittered through his thoughts. Nope, he didn't feel weird at all. Hornier than hell, hard as a rock, eager to get to the fun and games part...but definitely not weird!

The feather duster was placed with care on the dresser, then she walked toward the bed. When she bent over, she did so with exaggerated movements, making certain that the little skirt would totally expose her fanny. Bit back a smile when she heard his sharp intake of breath. She carefully removed the pillows, then pulled the comforter and blankets to the foot of the bed.

He watched, totally enraptured by her appearance; noted that as she bent over, her breasts nearly fell out of the scanty top. Held his breath waiting...hoping that one of his beauties would bounce free from the black satin that barely covered her bosom.

"I have...special...training in the use of the feather duster," she said softly, seductively. "It would be my pleasure to demonstrate, if Sir so wishes?"

"Oh, Sir most indubitably wishes," he replied, starting to take off his shirt. Not realizing that it would be he who would be restrained on the bed, being tormented. Instead visions of teasing that feather duster over her luscious body danced through his mind.

"Ah, ah, ah. Please Sir, it is my duty to serve you," she said. She moved to stand in front of him. "If I may?"

"By all means."

She ran her hands up his arms, over his shoulders, down his chest to his belly, then her fingers moved to the placket, slowly slipping each button through the buttonhole, her fingers teasing his skin as she did so. When it was completely unbuttoned, she ran her hands up his bare chest to his shoulders, eased the shirt down his arms.

Each touch was so soft, so gentle...had his body burning with desire.

"Does Sir wish to remove his trousers as well?"

"Yes, I do wish that," he smiled.

He wasn't wearing shoes or socks, which, she thought with a secret smile, made this part easier. Once again she slid her hands over his bare skin as she moved them between his hips and the denim cloth of his jeans. Barely bit back a giggle...he'd gone commando, a fact she'd been made aware of when he'd unfastened his jeans to give the swelling anaconda a bit of room. And a fact that totally amused her. He'd teased her about being anxious for the surprise he'd planned! It seemed that he was just as anxious to play the game she had planned.

The tiny smile that tugged on the corners of her mouth let him know that finding him sans boxers pleased, and amused, her. He sucked in a breath when her soft hands moved to his ass, between the fabric and his body. She began to push gently, her hands caressing him as she moved down, taking the jeans with her. She looked up at him expectantly when she reached his ankles, he obligingly lifted one foot and then the other so that she could pull them free. He couldn't help but grin as she carefully folded them, and then picked up the shirt, placed it on a hanger.

"If Sir would get comfortable on the bed...please," she said primly, standing with her hands clasped in front of her.

Still not understanding that he was about to be the recipient of her attention, Daniel stretched out.

"It has been noted by...other maids of the Special Division...that often clients find it difficult to remain in position. To ensure compliance, I must cuff your hands to the headboard." She leaned over, giving him an eyeful of barely contained breasts, opened the drawer and withdrew the handcuffs.

Oh, shit. He wasn't going to be using that feather duster on her...she was going to use it on him! He was gonna die. What a way to go! Without a word, he wrapped his hands around two of the spindles of the headboard. Wondered if she would take as much pleasure from the activity as he had. Wondered just how loudly he was going to scream. The crisp white crinoline was scratchy against the skin of his shoulder as she knelt on the bed, then snapped the fur-lined handcuffs around his wrists.

"It has also been noted that expecting our clients to be...cooperative...when keeping their eyes closed is...difficult...at best. If Sir would please raise his head slightly, so that I might blindfold you. After all, the anticipation is as delightful as the actual caresses," she murmured.

Once again he followed her instructions, remained silent as the black scarf, which he had dropped into the drawer after their...game...the day before, was tied securely around his head. He strained to hear her movements...could hear the rustle of the silk, it sounded as if she had walked to the dresser. Probably to get the feather duster.

"Oh, my," she whispered softly, when she turned around, feather duster in hand, taking in the sight before her. Naked, cuffed to the bed, blindfolded. He was absolutely...ravishing. The rush of lust that filled her from head to foot made her shake with anticipation.

Her voice had been low, and just a little uneven. "Case...er...Miss? Are you all right?"

She cleared her throat. "Yes, Sir, I'm fine. I was just..." She paused. How often had he told her, as she lay handcuffed before him, how beautiful she was? "I was just...taken aback...by your...by how beautiful you are," she said, her voice filled with awe. "So beautiful!"

Knowing how beautiful she looked to him, lying exposed...vulnerable...totally his for the taking...he had some idea of what she was seeing, and feeling. His aching cock throbbed in empathy with the feelings he knew she was dealing with.

She reached for the pink feather, then gently closed the drawer. She took a deep breath...blew it out slowly. "If at any time Sir wishes to...end...the game, all he need say is, 'enough'."

Daniel frowned behind the blindfold. He hadn't thought to offer her that opportunity...hadn't even considered that she might have felt frightened, or overwhelmed, or just need a few minutes to catch her breath. He'd given her that choice their first night together...had he become so accustomed to the fact that she never refused him, never turned him away, that he felt he no longer needed to think about what she might want...or need? It wasn't that he didn't want to please her, didn't want to give her the most pleasure possible, that was always his ultimate goal. Still...when had he become so...callous? Danny, you're a crass, selfish idiot, he thought, berating himself for his lack of forethought. "Has...Miss...been in such a situation, where she had no chance to...pause - or stop...an activity she found not to her liking?"

It took a minute for her to understand that his question had nothing to do with the game...to realize just what he was asking. "No, I never have. I have been quite fortunate in my...encounters. My lover is quite gentle with me, yet knows how to take me beyond what I believe I'm capable of enduring, to places beyond the stars where even the gods dare not go," she replied softly.

He smiled. "Your lover is a very lucky man, to have such a beautiful woman, who trusts him so implicitly."

"Trust is never given blindly, Sir. It is earned. And my lover has most definitely earned mine."

"I don't believe that I'll have need to halt any games that might be played today," he said softly.

"As you wish," she replied. She bent over, gently kissed his lips. It startled him, she didn't think he had been aware of the fact that she was so close to him. He responded so sweetly that it brought tears to her eyes. "Breath of life," she murmured as she slowly pulled away from him. Taking a moment to kick off her shoes, Casey settled onto the bed, watched his body tense in anticipation.

Where to start, she thought, giving a mental chuckle. She dragged the feather over his knee, watched him jerk, pull up his leg slightly before returning it to the position in had been in. "The rules of the game are quite simple, Sir. You must do your best not to move."

"And you'll do your best to make that simple feat impossible," he said drolly.

"It is how the game is played," she replied, moving the feather over the inside of his thigh.

Oh, god that was intense! When the feather danced over his nipple, he barely bit back his cry of surprise.

He was already breathing faster, his nipples were hard...the brown disks puckered around them, the anaconda standing proudly, the nearly purple head beginning to weep in anticipation of what was to come. Had she looked as...arousing...as he did? The memory of feeling the heavy, hot weight of his erection between her breasts made her smile. He'd been every bit as turned on as he teased her, as she was now teasing him. She moved the feather to his belly, flicking it over and around his navel, watching the firm muscles roll beneath the skin as she did so.

Yep, he was gonna die. That was a given. He honestly had no idea how long he'd spent teasing Casey the day before. He had no doubt that she knew to the second. And was in the process of exacting her revenge. The sudden feeling of her warm mouth wrapped around the tip of his aching cock made him groan out loud, his hips jerking upward in reflexive response.

He had used his mouth and his hands, as well as the feather to driver her out of her ever-loving mind; she had plans to do the same thing. What she was doing...tasting him...teasing that magnificent anaconda, was for herself as much as it was to please him...torment him.

"Oh, god," he groaned again, when that talented tongue began to flicker around the sensitive glans. His entire body rocked when the feather moved over his balls, to his thigh, and up to his belly.

When she let him fall from her mouth, the heavy weight of the engorged organ caused it to slap against his belly. She giggled, moved the feather over his shoulder with one hand, ran a fingertip over his nipple with the other.

His chest was heaving as he gasped for breath, the dual caresses nearly overloading his mind. 


The word flashed through his brain. All he had to do was utter that word, and the torture...the wonderful, horrible, mind-bending caresses would cease. No way, he thought determinedly, even as he acknowledged full understanding of her describing the game as being awful as well as wonderful.

This was definitely fun, she decided, savoring each reaction to her touches, her caresses. She took the feather duster, twirled it up and down over the throbbing shaft of his rigid anaconda.

"Sweet Jesus!"

His hips had come up off the bed, his shoulders and the heels of his feet supporting his body. She waited until he dropped back down to move the duster over his arms, the clanking of the handcuffs against the spindles competing with the sound of his ragged breathing when his entire arm began to spasm. A fine sheen of perspiration covered his body, and she reveled in the fact that she was offering him the same incredible sensations as he had given her. She leaned over to suckle on a hard, pebbled nipple, pulling away to lick the pectoral muscle that clenched slightly from her gentle attention, before nipping tenderly at him.

Every nerve ending in his body was on fire. He was going to burst into flames...Spontaneous combustion, he thought frantically. Not too sure that Immortality would bring him back from a pile of ashes. He groaned again when her soft hand began stroking him. He wouldn't delude himself into thinking she was anywhere near finished torturing him. Not, he thought with a sigh of resignation, that this wasn't the most erotic thing he'd ever experienced. Though he'd be loathe to admit it, for fear of being tied down and teased to death far too many times if she knew.

His member was as hard as a steel rod, each pulse so deep that it became difficult to keep her hand around him. He was too close...she wasn't finished with him just yet. A tip she had learned from Janet flashed through her mind. She wrapped her fingers around his balls, tugged gently.

The release that had been so close, that had been working its way through his belly was suddenly weaker, leaving him panting in the wake of her action. "Cruel, Miss," he gasped. "Very cruel."

"Not at all, Sir. I just wish to prolong your pleasure," she replied. She put the feather and the feather duster on the bed just long enough to pull the thong from her hips, tossed it to the floor. "Would Sir perhaps wish a taste of...nectar?"

"Oh, god yes!" He'd tease her, work that little twat into a frenzy, and then she'd have to ride him to oblivion. Too worked up himself to realize she could simply pull away from him at any time, he licked his lips in anticipation, straining to feel her movements.

She straddled his shoulders, moved up slightly, grabbed the headboard, lowered herself so that he wouldn't have to hold his head up to reach her.

The sweet floral and vanilla scent of her, flavored with the musk of her arousal, filled his nose and mouth, the warmth of her body caressed his face. His tongue darted out, came into contact with that velvet flesh, and he began to lick her, the gasp she gave making his pounding heart beat all the faster.

"Sir is quite talented in this pursuit," she managed to say, her voice breathless, as fingers of pleasure shot up her spine, spreading the heat of desire to her fingers and toes.

The compliment only made him more determined to please her, to move her toward the peak, as close to her release as he could get her. And then, he had every intention of halting his attention to her. Her sweet honey was flowing, just as he'd been turned on by having her tied down and at his mercy, she was every bit as aroused as he was. Further investigation with the tip of his tongue told him that her little clit was nearly as hard as his aching cock.

If she didn't stop him, she was going to come. And she didn't want that...not this time. With concentrated effort, she pulled away. "I believe Sir has taken all that he needs."

Damn it! She's not playing fair! He ran his tongue over his lips to collect any honey he could, not having reached the point of being ready to stop. "I disagree. I'd like to request more of that sweet nectar."

"Later, perhaps," she replied firmly.

Oh, she was so not playing fair! He jerked when the tip of a feather moved over his nipple.

She glanced at the drawer. "One moment, Sir," she said. Leaning over, she opened the drawer, unaware that she had put her breasts on his face...until she felt his teeth close gently over an aching nipple. She cried out, both from surprise, and from the sensations that shot from that nipple straight into that secret place between her thighs. She grabbed the ring, slammed the drawer shut, and sat up.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist."

The grin on his lips told her he was anything but sorry. Well, she'd see about that! She slipped the cock ring over his turgid shaft, his gasp of surprise making her smile.

If she was doing that, she must be getting ready to move on. Thank god! But he so wanted the opportunity to undress her...to expose her beautiful body inch by tantalizing inch. A thought that made him throb all the harder. "May I make a request?"

"Of course," she replied.

"When you have...wearied...of tormenting me in such a fashion, and are ready to...pursue...other means of impressing me with your very special training, might I have the privilege of divesting you of that very sexy, very lovely outfit?"

She giggled. "Sir, are you asking me to allow you to disrobe me?"

"Yes, please."

He sounded like a little boy, asking for seconds of dessert. She leaned over to kiss him, the taste of her honey lingering between their lips. "I believe that is allowed," she whispered.

He shivered in anticipation.

"Is Sir ready to proceed?"

He didn't want her to know just how ready he was. Wouldn't admit that he wasn't certain he could take much more of her sweet torture. "If Miss is ready."

Smartass, she thought, giggling mentally. She dragged the feather duster over his chest. Teased both flat nipples with the pink feather, then dragged it over his throbbing shaft so lightly that he moaned.

"Ready to proceed," he said from behind gritted teeth.

She dropped the duster and feather onto the bed. Leaned over to kiss him, tugging the black silk scarf from his head. As soon as she had released his wrists from the cuffs, his hands reached for her, pulled her close. He nuzzled her cheek before kissing her again.

"Such a tempting, talented maid," he whispered.

"I'm glad I please you, Sir," she whispered in reply. She pulled away from him, stood beside the bed and primly folded her hands in front of her. "Sir may now undress me, if he so pleases."

"Oh, he pleases," Daniel growled. He ran his fingertip below the ribbon that circled her throat, then followed one of the straps down to the bodice. His hands gently cupped her breasts, squeezed them slightly. "Such a lovely costume," he murmured.

She arched into his caresses, nearly whimpered with disappointment when his hands moved to her shoulders. He eased the straps down, let them fall to her arms.

"Just a hint," he whispered, his hands moving from her belly to her back, and then returning.

She giggled out loud. Obviously he was in no state of mind to search for the fasteners that held the little dress in place. "Hooks in the back," she whispered in return.

He found the hidden hooks and zipper, eased the back of the dress open. When he pushed it past her hips, she was left wearing the black garter belt and the stockings. "Sweet Jesus," he murmured. "I think for now we'll just leave that tantalizing little item in place."

"As you wish," she replied. "If Sir would return to the bed, we might proceed."

He stretched out, so damned aroused he was afraid that the first touch of her hand would set him off. He watched as she straddled his hips, lowered herself so slowly onto his raging erection that he thought he'd die waiting to feel her surround him completely. Watched as her puffy nether lips parted to take him in.

She dropped her head back when he was fully sheathed inside her. So full, so wonderfully full! His hands were on her ass, kneading the firm mounds, making her moan softly from the incredible sensations his touch caused.

"Oh, god," he moaned, feeling that massage deep inside.

"My aim is to please," she whispered.

"Your aim is perfect," he replied breathlessly.

She began to move slowly, rising up, then settling back down on him, then moving her hips back and forth to find the stimulation she needed. The vibrator ring pressed against her aching clit, made her shiver.

"Don't know how long I can hold out," he said, his breath hitching in his throat when she clamped her body around him.

"Let go," she whispered.

"Not yet," he replied. She was falling first if it killed him. It was a matter of pride.

The dance of love that had started slowly became more intense as the pace of their hips increased. His hands were on her breasts, hers on his waist as she continued to ride him. Primal need burst through, and he rolled them over, began to pound into her as soon as she was beneath him...the embrace of her arms and legs only driving him to move harder...faster...deeper. Her hips met him thrust for thrust, the headboard on the bed keeping cadence with a steady tap-tap-tap against the wall as they continued their journey up the side of the mountain.

He felt the quiver in her thighs, heard the soft whimper that filled her throat, waited just a few seconds longer. He slid his hand between them, activated the ring that surrounded his swollen flesh, pushed against her, and shouted out her name as the vibrations rocked him from head to foot. Her own cry filled the air, she bucked against him as her climax overtook her. One...two...three thrusts and it was over, his body jerking and twitching as he emptied himself into her warm well. She switched off the ring just before he collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath.

With what little strength remained in his body, Daniel rolled to his back, holding her tightly. "Sweet Jesus!"

She snuggled against him, her head on his shoulder. "That was fun," she grinned.

"Damned near killed me."

"Now you know how I felt yesterday."

"That was fun," he replied, grinning.

She crossed her arms, rested her chin on top of them. Waited until he had positioned the pillow behind his head, allowing them to look at each other. "When I found that letter...I missed you so much, and I wanted so badly to wear that outfit for you...to please you," she said softly. "I ordered it as soon as I knew you were alive. I wasn't going to rest until I'd fulfilled that...this...fantasy for you."

He brushed a lock of hair from her face, cupped her cheek. "My precious Angel," he murmured. "Thank you. It was incredible. You know, I think I'd like to have a picture of you in that outfit. To keep with the one of my Fantasy Angel."

Casey smiled. "I'll talk to Tiesha."

He glanced at the clock on the beside table. "Feel like a drive to Denver?"

She nodded eagerly. "Our second anniversary dinner."

"Yep. Um...can I ask one more thing of you?"

"Anything," she replied, reaching up and caressing his cheek.

"Would you wear that little black skirt, and that bustier, and the little red jacket? I love you in that."

Another smile. "Of course." She sighed. "I'd ask you to wear the chaps, but I suppose you'd be in danger of freezing important assets off if you did. So instead I'll ask you to wear those black trousers with the black shirt and tie. You look so delicious in that."

He chuckled. "Delicious, huh?"


"Let's shower, Angel, and go have dinner."


A  A  A  A  A  A


In spite of their best intentions, to be in bed and asleep early enough that they'd be coherent at the Monday morning briefing, it was well after two when Daniel rolled them over, both of them breathing hard, their hearts still pounding from the love they had shared.

"I know that technically it's over...but...happy anniversary, Casey," he said softly.

"Happy anniversary, Daniel." She kissed his chin.

Sleep wrapped around them, took them gently to the land of Nod. Their weekend had been beautiful and enjoyable. Even if they hadn't been in a bed and breakfast in Oregon. It didn't matter where they were, as long as they were together. Together, their love was like a beacon that lit up the sky...together, nothing could hurt them...together, they were undefeatable.


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