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Leather, Feathers, and Garters


Chapter 6

His hand went to her chest, just above the swell of her breasts; he applied gentle pressure, until she was lying on her back. Their kiss continued as they settled themselves. His hand caressed her face as he lingered, drinking from her sweet lips, taking all the love that she offered, every pass of her tongue over his sending that special message. He stroked her in return, letting her know with his touch, with his lips, through his kiss, that she was everything to him, all that he ever wanted or needed. He sighed contentedly when her arms locked around his shoulders, one hand making its way into his hair.

There was nowhere in the universe as wonderful...as safe...as where she was at that moment. In Daniel's arms. Kissing him. Being kissed by him. His body, hard and warm and solid pressing against her, protecting her...arousing her. She tightened her grip on him when it felt as if he were going to move away from her. He shifted slightly, the pulsing length of his manhood pressing into her hip. Amazing recovery time. The thought bringing a private smile. How very lucky she was...how very blessed she was...to have a man who believed in making love...not just 'having sex'. Never did they 'fuck'. From the very first time he'd held her, to that very moment - every time they'd indulged their desires, their needs - it had been an act of love...using their bodies to physically express the emotions that filled their hearts.

His hand was moving gently, from her shoulder to her ribs, past her waist to her hip; then unhurriedly reversed course. Her back arched automatically when his hand cupped her breast, his thumb rolling slowly back and forth over her now aching nipple. His fingers plucked at that hardening bud, then his hand covered the soft mound and began to knead it gently. The simple caresses added fuel to the fire that his kisses had sparked. She moaned softly, pressed against his hand as the pleasure she received from his touch moved up and down her spine in a wave of gratifying sensation.

Every time she wiggled, or moaned or squirmed beneath him, each time she pressed her breast more firmly against his hand, his heart soared. To know that only his touch was welcome, that her body responded only to him, that her heart belonged wholly to him both awed and delighted him. His first attempt to move his lips from hers had resulted in a moan of protest. Never able to deny her what she wanted, he'd deepened the kiss, secretly satisfied to hear another low moan from her. Her fingers were curled in his hair, holding tightly. That was such a turn-on, made his heart skip a beat with unadulterated joy. He loved the way she responded to his caresses and kisses.

The second attempt to leave her lips was more successful. Allowed only because she was ready, needed him to move on. Planting tiny kisses on the corners of her mouth, he made his way over her cheek, back to the other, then down her jaw, taking his time in reaching that elegant throat. He inched his body down a bit, putting his face at the same level as her neck. Slowly began to lick and kiss and nibble his way from one side to the other, tugging gently at her earlobes. Suckling those places behind her ears that always made her shiver. There was no rush...they had all afternoon...all evening...all night...all weekend. He would take his time. Taste or touch every inch of her before their 'trip' was completed. Knowing his Wife, she would reciprocate...kiss for kiss, touch for touch, taste for taste. Because she gave more than she ever took. That was her way...

Her skin was always sweet, the body oil accentuated that natural sweetness, gave her already alluring scent a heady bouquet that had his senses reeling, his body responding ardently with each breath he took. He settled on a spot where her neck and shoulders met, began to mark her, the shivers in her slender body letting him know that the action was pleasing her as much as it was him. A rush of primal need had him sucking that tender flesh into his mouth, nipping at it, her whimper and the tightening of her fingers in his hair, the way the fingernails of her other hand bit into his shoulder having a dual affect on him...calming that urge, and fanning the flames of his desire.

He pulled away from her slightly, couldn't help but smile at the purple bruise he'd left. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She shook her head. "No...no...more," she murmured.

He acquiesced, leaving a matching bruise on the other side of her throat. By the time he slid down to greet his beauties, she was shivering beneath him, her hips pressing up against him.

Round, firm, soft, beautiful...the most tantalizing breasts he'd ever seen in his life. He gently kissed the pink tips of each, his hands holding them, his fingers caressing the satiny skin. "Hi, girls," he whispered.

Casey giggled. "Stop talking," she admonished.

"Geez, she's so bossy," he grumbled, still addressing her beautiful breasts.

"Package deal, Daniel."

This time he chuckled. "Right." He flicked the tip of his tongue over one nipple, then the other. Did it again. And a third time.

"Are you going to tease me all day, or get down to business?" she asked breathlessly, arching her back further.

"Now who's talking too much?"

"Please, Daniel..."

Oh, begging was such a good sign. Begging so soon...even better. He began to bestow kisses to the curves of her breast, working his way toward the nipple that he'd already teased into a hard point. Suckled happily for a few minutes, then moved to the other breast to repeat the process. Her breath was coming faster as he continued to divide his attention between his beauties. Altering his methods slightly, he began to take as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, pulling away slowly, sucking ever so gently, until just the nipple was between his lips, which he flicked his tongue back and forth against.

"Mmm..." she sighed, both hands on his head, never letting him move too far from her body. His loving attention was driving her out of her mind...her body was making demands for more...and further down. She wasn't even aware of her hips pressing against him, almost humping against his belly as she sought what she needed.

It had been awhile since he'd taken the time...had the time...to work her up to such a fevered state. He wanted her as close to the edge of that cliff as she could go without falling, for as long as possible. He casually reached for the hand that had moved from his hair to his shoulder, the intent, no doubt, to urge him to move on to that sweet little twat. Holding her gaze steady with his, he slowly took her thumb and sucked, his tongue moving over the pad. Her sharp intake of breath pleased him...encouraged him. When he released her thumb, he took her index finger, relishing the way her hand jerked slightly as his tongue tormented her finger tip. Each finger was privy to the same treatment. His lips moved to her wrist, his tongue blazed a path to her elbow. To her upper arm...her shoulder. He left soft kisses over her collarbones, worked his way to the other shoulder, tugging her hand from his head. Kissed his way to her elbow...her wrist. Made love to her other hand just as slowly, just as methodically as before. Gloried in how dark her eyes had become, the need that had filled them...the love that burned so deeply.

As soon as he released her hand, both returned to his hair. Holding on as he continued to compose the most beautiful of symphonies. His lips returned to her breasts, and he suckled with abandon, eyes closed, hands caressing her. Two can play that game, Stud Muffin, she thought, her eyes fluttering closed when his mouth moved to the valley between her breasts, leaving his mark there as well. She had every intention of repaying him, as soon as she was making love to him.

There was no rush as he moved almost lazily, kissing her stomach, playing with the platinum ring that adorned her belly button. The fire that filled her, settled deep in her belly, reaching into that secret place between her thighs, was a raging inferno...burning so hot that she feared she'd never survive.

The tremors in her body were constant now, her need obvious in every reaction to his caresses, in the soft scent of the hot, sweet nectar that he was certain was flowing from that honey pot. As eager as he was to taste her again, he took his time. Building up her need, and his own, minute by minute, kiss by kiss, caress by caress. She whimpered again when he nuzzled the soft curls at the apex of her thighs. Opened completely to him when he slid down to settle between them.

He slid his hands beneath her, cupping her shapely ass with his palms, holding her as if she were a precious chalice. He breathed deeply of her intoxicating scent, then lowered his head and barely touched his tongue to her puffy nether lips. Grinned like a madman in his mind when her body jerked in response, and those hips pressed downward in an attempt to put that swollen little nub right where she wanted it.

If he thought for one minute she was going to lay there and let him drive her completely insane, he was absolutely...Oh, Goddess! She hadn't been prepared to feel him shove his tongue into her, she cried out as the first waves of bliss rolled over her. His tongue was flickering over her...from feather light touches to firm strokes against her aching flesh. She had no idea what he was doing, but she was certain that she couldn't take much more. You just wait, she thought, her breath coming in gasps now, waiting for him to offer the release she so desperately needed. You'll get yours in spades!

He finished the lyrics he'd been inscribing against her skin, chuckling mentally at the thought that she'd probably be amused to know he'd just written out the first verse and chorus to 'She's My Cherry Pie'. A song he had always found entertaining. The video hadn't been too bad, either. Knowing that she'd reached the limits of her endurance by the way her head moved from side to side, the way her body was shaking, he concentrated on that hard little pearl at the top of her folds. Listened to that soft whimper build, until she was singing her love to him as he drank greedily from the flood of sweet, sweet honey.

Lights flashed, colors whirled, somewhere symbols crashed as she took flight, riding the torrent of pleasure that crashed over her in wave after wave. "Daniel," she sighed, her body dropping back onto the blanket.

He kissed his way back to her lips. "Beautiful," he murmured.


"You're so beautiful when you're in the throes of an orgasm," he replied.

She thought about the way he looked when he took flight, the way his body stiffened, his eyes squeezed shut, the way his brow wrinkled slightly. "Not having seen it myself, I can only take your word for it. Although I suspect it's not as...attractive...as you're making it out to be. My face is probably all scrunched up and red."

He laughed out loud. "Nope. Your head is back, your throat arched so tantalizingly, your breasts are heaving and your belly rolling, and you get this look of absolute...pleasure. It's beautiful."

"You're weird," she said.

"But you love me anyway," he teased.

She trailed one still shaking finger over his cheek. "With all that I am," she said softly. "You know, I always like making that first stop twice."

Daniel laid back. "Me, too. The first time...is just to take the edge off."


"You're gonna do your best to kill me now, aren't you?"

"I'm gonna try," she retorted. "Payback and all that."

"What a way to go," he grinned. Let the games begin, he thought, when her lips descended on his. He wasn't about to give in easily, no matter that his cock was so hard it hurt. His body was already laughing at him.

She loved kissing him. Whether he was in control, or she was, it was one of her very favorite pastimes. To her, kissing was as intimate as any act of making love, especially when they were indulging in deep, toe-curling kisses. And the kiss he was giving her at the moment had her heart pounding, her pulse racing, and yep, her toes were curling.

Slowly, deliberately she pulled away, looked down into his blue eyes. Watched them widen slightly, the pupils flaring when her hand wrapped around his rock hard erection. Her thumb passed over the top, spreading the bead of precum that she found there. Felt the intensity of each pulse as she moved her hand up and down the shaft.

When her hand slid down between his legs, cupped his balls and began to roll them against his body, he couldn't hold back his moan of disappointment. Nor could he stop his gasp when she suddenly leaned forward and began to suckle determinedly on his nipple. Oh, yeah. He was going to die. She'd take him to the top of the mountain, and strand him there, until his body collapsed from sheer need.

Her mouth moved upward, until she was leaving soft kisses on his throat. When she began to mark him, as he'd done to her, his hands wrapped around her arms, moved up to her shoulders, then down to her hips, as if he wasn't quite certain what he wanted to do, or what he wanted from her. His hands and arms were given the same loving attention hers had been. His chest was her next target, every inch of those firm, strong muscles saluted with a kiss, until she had worked her way back to his nipple. While her fingers teased one, she nipped gently on the other.

Her belly was wet from the increase in the viscous fluid that seeped with increasing volume from his cock. She smiled to herself when he pushed his hips up against her, trying to find a bit of relief in the friction between their bodies. She reached down, ran her fingertips up and down the shaft, over the head, back down to his balls. She repeated the motions until his hips were moving up and down with more urgency.

There was no doubt that as soon as she took him into her mouth, he was going to shoot off. It was a fact, just as sure as he was lying there, breathless; his body in such need that it was nearly agonizing each time she touched him. He watched her with expectant eyes as she settled between his thighs. A warning alarm went off in the back of his head when she smiled up at him. This was it...he wasn't going to wake up until Monday. "Don't you dare," he ground out between gritted teeth.

"Don't I dare what?" she asked innocently, just before flicking her tongue around the tip of his cock.

He moaned. "Don't kill me...I have plans for tomorrow," he gasped.

She giggled. "Should have thought about that before you took an hour and a half torturing me."

"Please, Casey, I really need to come."

"I know, Stud Muffin. And you will." She lowered her head, watching him, his eyes locked on hers, begging...pleading for the release he so desperately needed.

He cried out, his shoulders coming up off the floor when she sucked him all the way to the back of her throat. "Sweet Jesus!"

Experience had taught her that he was at the end of his endurance, that any further teasing would be too much, would border on pain. Neither of them were into that...they suffered far too much pain being tortured by Goa'uld...or angry villagers. Her hands moved in perfect time with her mouth, one gently rolling his balls, the other stroking him. Never taking her eyes off of him, she established the perfect rhythm, felt it in the shivers of his body, the way his hips rose and fell each time she moved up and down on him.

He wrapped his hands in her hair, held her head, thrusting upward, his body demanding the climax that shimmered just out of his reach. He'd given up trying to hold back the instant her mouth had wrapped around him. He groaned when the lights began to flash behind his closed eyelids, tried to say her name when he felt his cock hit the back of her throat for a second time. She began swallowing...he turned loose and shouted his relief as he soared into the stratosphere, spinning and tumbling among the stars as his aching balls emptied down her slender throat.

She tenderly licked him clean. Kissed her way up his belly to his chest...to his lips, ending the journey with a sweet kiss of victory, his gratitude reflected in the way he returned her caresses.

His body, arched and stiffened as he rode the waves of his orgasm, relaxed and dropped back onto the blanket. Pulled her close when she settled on top of him. "Thank you," he said softly.

"You're welcome."

He ran his finger over her jaw. "Is it sore?"


"Your jaw. It should be sore."

She smiled. "Well, it's not."

"You're gonna have to give me a few minutes," he said.

"We have all night," she murmured, cuddling closer to him.

He tightened his arms around her. "Yes, we do," he replied.




The CD that had been playing had repeated at least four times. Casey pulled away from the warmth of his body long enough to change it, choosing a collection of Celtic ballads to play quietly in the background.

He smiled against her hair when she resettled on top of him, her head on his shoulder, her fingertips painting designs against the skin of his sides and hips. Locked his arms around her and held her tightly. He watched the flames that danced merrily on the hearth, their warmth preventing the need for the quilt that was beside them.

"Penny for them," she said softly.

His smile widened. "Just thinking how lucky I am. How happy I am."

She snuggled closer. "Can't be luckier than I am. I never knew it was possible to be so happy. Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd find a man like you...have such an incredible life."

For all his linguistic abilities, not one sentence would form...her declaration sending pride and joy dancing in his heart, knowing that he was the one who provided the love she'd so long wished for...had craved; provided the life that she'd never believed she could have. It was tinged by the anger and the pain that knowing what her life had been before they had met always raised. The scars on her heart and soul would take a very long time to heal...if they ever did. They were a part of her, colored her perceptions of the world around her. Again the thought of what an amazing woman she was moved through his mind. How easy it would have been for her to turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with the pain...the loneliness...the emptiness...that had filled her. Instead she'd risen above the darkness in her life, letting the light from her beautiful, caring heart shine brightly. He pressed a kiss against the side of her head.

As she wiggled and squirmed, their oil-slick skin made the movements all the more arousing. She'd just sucked his balls dry...twice. Yet that familiar tightening in his groin alerted him that he was ready to move on. There had never been a woman who could affect him the way that she could. One touch from her hand, her lips, and he was always able to rise to the occasion. Part of him believed it was a result of his Immortality, this ability to make love several times in one night, or afternoon as the case may be. Mostly he believed it was simply the natural response to her...his Destiny.

She could feel him harden beneath her. She'd always been amazed at his ability to make love again and again...realized that there were not many men who'd been blessed with such amazing stamina. Perhaps, she thought, her own body responding to the gentle touch of his hands as they gently kneaded her ass, his amazing recovery time was due in large part to the power of their love. Surely something so strong, so...pure...had a positive affect on the libido. She certainly felt as if she were in a perpetual state of arousal...a simple touch from his hand could make her burn with lust for him, the fire as hot as the love that burned in her heart, each flame flickering in his name.

When she began to slowly move her hips back and forth, sliding that sweet twat against his now fully engorged member, he held her to a slow, steady pace, cupping the firm, sexy globes of her ass in his hands. "What you do to me, woman," he murmured softly. Didn't protest when she rose up slightly to settle her lips against his.

Slowly, languidly, they kissed. Taking the time to fully explore one another's mouths. Repeating any touch that brought a sigh or a shiver. Whispered words of love, of devotion passed between them. Hands moved with gentleness, fingertips offered soft caresses. Even as the heat began to build, they continued to make love slowly, tenderly...holding out against the torrent of need that would soon have them demanding greedily, giving and taking and quelling the thirst...the hunger...that they had for one another.

The quiet tick-tock of the clock on the wall, the beat of the music that played softly in the background, set the pace as the flames danced higher, the fire burned hotter. Feeling as if it had been longer than just the twelve or so hours since he'd last been buried inside her, he rolled over, waiting only long enough for her to shift to a comfortable position before he pushed his hips against hers, and slid into paradise. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, held him close, her hips meeting his as he began to rock against her.

The dance of love began, building in intensity as the dancers moved more quickly, with more passion. With a grunt of need he rose up, supported himself on his outstretched arms, began to drive into her body again and again, thrusting harder and faster each time. Her legs never allowed him to move too far from her welcoming embrace. Her thighs began to quiver, her dulcet song of love drowned out every other sound in the room, save his own cry of release, the two of them reaching the summit of their pleasure simultaneously.

Bodies shivered and pulsed and throbbed together, he dropped down on her, the soft caresses as they caught their breath keeping his soul in flight. He rolled to his back, holding her tightly, keeping the connection between them complete.

"You know what?" she asked drowsily, content to lay on him as they continued to come down from their incredible high.


"I'm glad we missed that flight. No interruptions. We haven't been interrupted once. Didn't have to find something to do while the maid cleaned the room. Haven't had to worry about ordering meals by a certain time. Home is the best place on Earth," she declared.

Daniel smiled. "Very valid points. Maybe we'll get out there someday. I think you'd enjoy it."

"I'm certain I would, as long as we're together," she replied. "But I think we should take note...on our honeymoon, we were basically alone. The hotel kitchen was open twenty-four hours a day. That little hut on that beautiful beach for our first anniversary was secluded, and we never even saw or heard our hosts coming and going. This," she waved a hand in the air, indicating the room around them, "is just as perfect. Home...where it's safe. Where we can be away from the rest of the world."

He had to admit that after her surprise for him the night before, and so far today, he hadn't been as disappointed over the ruined plans. Felt his heart swell with pride once again to know that he'd been able to provide a home she loved so dearly, where she felt so safe. "So what you're saying is we need total privacy when we're commemorating our marital landmarks."

"Or we need to be absolutely alone when we celebrate our anniversaries," she teased.

"So on our anniversaries we'll just tell everyone we're out of town, close the blinds, and spend a couple of days in total seclusion right here."

She sighed, settled her head against his shoulder. "You'll get no argument from me."

He closed his eyes, content to just lay there for a bit, hold her close...feel the warmth of her body, the softness of her skin, smell her sweet scent. Had no idea where the memory had been hiding, or why it had chosen that particular moment to reveal itself...


He looked around. Sighed. He hated shop class. His foster father insisted that it would give him a basic idea of how to use simple hand tools. Declared that learning about civilizations long dead and gone was a waste of time...that Daniel needed to get his head out of the clouds and into the here and now, and develop skills that would provide a living for him when he graduated. He was fourteen, and was set to graduate in two years. What kind of a job could a sixteen year old get anyway?

He sighed again, walked quietly to the seat he'd been assigned. Ignored the stares and taunts of the older boys in the class. He would, Daniel decided, be the greatest archaeologist who had ever studied the Ancient Egyptians. He'd make significant finds. Teach at one of the finest universities in the country...in the world! And Larry Sheffield would still be working on car engines. Not that mechanics weren't important, or needed. Even at his tender age, he understood that. Not everyone was suited to for manual labor, just as there were those not suited for more intellectual pursuits. The thought of Larry in the classroom of a college or university, teaching on the importance of the language of the temple of Ptah brought a smile to his face.

"What the hell are you laughing at, geek?" a voice sneered, pulling him from his daydream.

"Nothing," he mumbled.

The speaker, a tall boy with dark curly hair dropped down in the empty seat beside the quiet, studious boy. "Hey, geek. Ever seen a woman's pussy before?"

Daniel started. "N-n-no," he stammered. Could feel the heat rise in his cheeks.

The dark haired boy gave a cruel grin. Plopped a magazine on the table in front of Daniel. It was a centerfold. The woman was beautiful, her skin unblemished. She was naked, and he couldn't help but stare, unaware that his jaw had dropped open. He'd seen pictures of naked women before...well, mostly naked...their breasts decorated with mud and paint, in the National Geographic magazines he devoured each month, reading every word within each volume. He had not, however, seen a woman's genitals...and certainly not spread open as this photo depicted.

"Hey, look, he's already drooling," the dark haired boy taunted, calling the attention of the other boys. He grabbed the magazine. "Forget it geek. That's the closest you'll ever get to a pussy!"


The teacher had walked in at that moment, and the boys had scattered, leaving Daniel blushing at his desk, fighting one of the first erections he'd had outside of his bedroom, or the bathroom. Daniel had been mortified when the teacher had insisted that he help hand out the blueprints for the class project. The subtle pointing at his crotch, the knowing snickers...he could still feel the embarrassment. He wondered what...what had that kid's name been?...he couldn't remember...wondered what he was doing now. Daniel shrugged mentally. Remembered the boy bragging about working for his father's car dealership. Slimy car salesman, he thought. Still, wouldn't it be interesting to see the guy's reaction to the beautiful woman to whom he was married...the enchanting creature who had been declared his Destiny before either boy had been born?

"What are you snickering about?"

He glanced down at her, the smile on her face making his wider. "Nothing," he replied. "Just something that happened at school once."

He never liked talking about his childhood. She could certainly understand that...talking about it meant having to examine those memories. Casey snuggled against him, wiggled her hips back and forth. "Gonna make it to that last stop?"

"Are you intimating that I'm not up to it?"

She giggled. "You're not up to it yet," she replied.

"I will be, don't you worry," he asserted. Daniel had never been the kind to kiss and tell. But part of him peevishly wanted to find that little bastard, face the man he was now, and tell him that he regularly worshipped at and feasted on the most incredible pussy that had ever been created. When she wiggled her hips again, he could feel his body's ardent response. So, apparently, did she.

"Why, Doctor Jackson, I do believe you're right," she teased. Wiggled again.

"Why don't you take a ride?" he suggested, grinning at her.

Casey sat up. Gasped slightly as he continued to swell inside her, reveling in the feeling of being so full, of being stretched to hold him. Moving back and forth, she fed the flames that were beginning to burn, fanned from the embers that smoldered constantly in her body.

"Oh, god...that's it," he hissed when she began to massage him from tip to base, the muscles deep inside her closing around him like a fist.

With a smile of satisfaction she concentrated on giving him pleasure...this was about him...for him...only him, she thought. The fact that he was beginning to throb each time she clamped her body around him, the resulting sensations sending fingers of delight up and down her spine, were merely pleasant side benefits.

When she curled her legs beside his hips and began to move up and down on him, he groaned with approval. Watched as she rose up until only the head of his now aching shaft was between those velvety nether lips...watched as she slowly sank back down, taking him in inch by tantalizing inch.

Her entire body tingled with pleasure as she moved up and down, sliding her hips back and forth against his each time their bodies came into contact. It was all the right stimulation in all the right places. Her fingers moved over his nipples, even as his hands caressed and massaged her breasts.

His hands dropped to her hips, held her steady, refusing to let her increase her rhythm when those slender hips had sped up, nearly banging onto his hips each time she moved downward. "Easy, babe," he murmured, silently amused at how quickly she could reach the point of being out of control. His ego swelled considerably at the thought that it was because of him...because of his body...that she could find such pleasure, find it so easily.

"More," she whispered, a soft moan punctuating her request.

"Slow and easy, Angel. We'll get there." To insure that she didn't just ignore him, and race for that climax that was now glittering just out of reach, he ran his hands up over her back, to her shoulders, tugged gently until she was lying on him once again, then rolled over. There was still the chance that she'd simply grab his ass, try ride him to oblivion. But he'd be able to pull away from her if she made the attempt.

Clinging to him, her body clamoring for more...harder...faster; she let him set the pace. Was totally unaware of the soft moans that filled her throat each time he buried himself inside her, filling her completely. Had no clue that one hand was in his hair, tugging just a bit, the fingers of the other clamped onto his shoulder.

Every signal she sent him indicated that she was moving too quickly toward her release. And this, he knew, would be the end of the journey. He wanted her pleasure prolonged, wanted it to last until the last possible second, before erupting into those excruciating sensations of pure ecstasy. He lowered his head, nuzzled her cheek. Found her lips, and began to match the thrust of his tongue to that of his hips. Her moan of approval filled his mouth, he swallowed every note.

She was so close...so very close! She also knew that he had no intention of allowing her to fall...not yet. So it wasn't a surprise when he tempered his pace until he was barely thrusting in and out of her. Minute by minute they continued to hold back the passion that would soon have them demanding from one another. Her already racing pulse sped up just a bit more when he pulled his lips from hers. She didn't know how much time had passed, only that he was finally ready to move on...

"It's time," he whispered. Sliding his arm beneath her hips, he rolled to his back.

The implication was clear to her, his signal on just how he wanted to arrive at that last stop. She would ride him, the vibrator deep in her well, his beautiful anaconda taking her ass. She reached for the toy, made certain that the vibrator ring was attached, so that she was completely driven mad by pleasure.

The deprivation she felt when she rose up made her cry out softly in protest. The toy was cold, and her body jerked slightly away from it when the tip of the purple latex came into contact with her overheated skin.

He reached down, held the toy in place while she slipped her hand around her hip, found him and guided him toward that tight, hot back door. He groaned in pleasure as she sank down slowly...the heat of her body, feeling himself slide so easily into her, the pressure from the toy pushing against the walls of her well adding to the sensations.

Oh, goddess! So full...completely full! She dropped her head back, oblivious to the fact that her hair fell against his thighs, was too lost in the sensations that were filling her own body to notice the shiver in his.

She began to move slowly, just pushing her hips back and forth for a moment, the sharp intake of breath from the man beneath her letting her know that it felt just as good for him. Knowing that he always liked to make the final stop of the trip last as long as possible, she kept her movements unhurried. At first she only rose up an inch or so, then back down.

He had no idea how long it took before she was moving up all the way, until he, and the toy, were barely inside her, before she came back down...taking her time to fully engulf him once again. So tight and hot and oh god that feels good! He watched her face, the way her lips curved upwards, the flush of pink that colored her cheeks and throat and breasts, the way the muscles in her belly flexed and contracted with each movement, the way her breasts bounced slightly, the nipples jutting out proudly, a sign of her arousal. So damned beautiful!

Burning need clashed with rampant desire to culminate in the incredible feelings that were flooding her senses. She began to move faster, moving back down with more force. She moaned her appreciation when she felt his hands on her breasts. Apparently he wasn't going to try to slow her down...his need as great as her own.

Her hands were on his waist, holding to him as she began to literally bounce on him. His toes curled and his belly heaved as the sensations went from incredible to mind-blowing. Felt himself being damned near hurled toward the precipice, praying that he didn't lose control before she went over the edge.

"Ready?" she asked breathlessly, her fingers searching for the tiny switch on the ring.

"Yeah," he groaned. His hands went to her hips. When she turned on the vibrator, she'd begin to buck, and it wouldn't take but a few seconds for the ride to be completed.

Goddess! She cried out, her hips moving harder and faster as she slid back and forth on him, pressing first against the cock that throbbed so hard in her ass, then against the purple toy that didn't fill her quite as well as he did, but still managed to give her the sensations she needed. The vibrations against her swollen, aching clit were all the stimulation necessary...lights flashed, colors twirled, and the whimper she could never control filled her throat.

He pulled his legs up, feet flat on the floor. When she began to sing that dulcet aria of love, he was thrusting upwards, his body shaking as he took the final steps to the edge. Lights were flashing when he cried out her name, exploding inside her, the pleasure so great it left him breathless.

She needed his help to get the vibrators turned off, her trembling fingers unable to maneuver the tiny switches. She collapsed onto his chest, gasping for breath.

His hands began to move up and down her back, from her shoulders to her hips in a gentle, rhythmic pattern.

"What a trip," she said, after several minutes of recovery time. Her voice was muffled against his shoulder.

"One of the best," he replied.

She smiled against his skin. He said that every time they took a trip Around the World. "I'm beat."

"That makes two of us."

Several more moments of contented silence passed before she managed to sit up. "Let's take a shower, and a nap."

He grinned. Casey fell asleep as quickly as he did after making love. Which, she'd informed him, when he'd teasingly mentioned that fact to her, was totally his fault for loving her so thoroughly. Something that had the man in him strutting like a proud peacock. "Sounds like a good idea."



"I love you."

"I love you, too, Angel."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Their nap lasted almost four hours. Hunger drove them immediately to the kitchen. A brief discussion and they had concluded that pulling on more than sweats or a robe just wasn't necessary. After considering the options in the freezer, Daniel stating that one of the chicken enchilada casseroles sounded good, they stood side by side, cleaning vegetables for their salad, sipping the wine that he'd opened.

"You know, I was thinking," he said, breaking apart the head of broccoli, dumping the florets into the bowl, "if the roads have cleared up enough by Sunday, maybe we could drive to Denver. Have dinner at that little Italian restaurant we found."

She frowned slightly. He'd told her not to plan anything for tomorrow. Obviously he had something up his sleeve...or on his mind, she thought, glancing as his bare arms and chest, shivering slightly in appreciation. She really wanted to wear that maid's costume for him...and she had no idea how long that little role-playing game might last..."We'll see," she murmured in reply.

He looked over at her. "Have something on your mind, Case?"

Her eyes met blue ones that were filled with puzzlement...a bit of concern...a hint of amusement. "Yes, I do as a matter of fact. Let's just wait and see what happens."

Did she have something else planned, something in addition to the mind-bending leather she had worn for him? He frowned, remembering that the leather boots and corset had been forgotten until she'd found them in her closet. Okay, it was their anniversary. No doubt she had found some lacy little satin number...either at Frederick's of Hollywood, or Victoria's Secrets, or some other boutique or shop that sold such delightful little items. And, granted, when they took their time making love, it could take hours. Not that he was complaining. He couldn't hold back his grin when he thought about the fact that if not for their Immortality, there were mornings it would have been damned difficult for either of them to walk, after one of their nights of 'marathon lovemaking', as Casey referred to them. "Anything you want to share?" he asked, hoping to catch her off guard enough to get a hint at what she was planning.

"Nope. Just going to fulfill another of your fantasies," she replied flippantly. Then bit back a curse. Damn it! Now he'd spend the rest of the night trying to figure it out, and if he did...would it still be as fun if it wasn't a complete surprise?

Fantasy? Oh, hell! His mind began to race, trying to recall anything and everything he might have mentioned, some memory or idea that she'd remembered, had latched on to and would use to drive him out of his skull...leave him half dead with need before nearly killing him with a mind-altering orgasm.

"Please...don't ruin it," she begged softly.

That simple plea went straight to his heart. "Won't be easy," he told her.

"Just don't think about it," she suggested.

Daniel laughed. "Right. My Wife is going to fulfill a fantasy, and I'm not supposed to think about it."

"Just concentrate on whatever it is you have planned for tomorrow," she said, keeping her eyes focused on the carrots she was cleaning, waiting to see if he would slip and give her a clue to what he was planning.

"Sneaky. But it won't work. You'll just have to wait." He thought about what he did have planned. "And trust me."

Oh, now that caught her attention. She trusted him implicitly. He knew that. What could he have in mind that would warrant such a...warning?

He grinned. "Give up, you'll never figure it out."

She considered what he said. Found herself giggling at the thought that while most people attempted to guess what their lover was thinking; she and Daniel attempted to guess what 'bedroom game' the other had planned.

"What are you laughing about?"

"Do you think any other couples stand around, trying to guess what games their lover has planned for the bedroom?"

He snorted...chuckled...laughed. "I have no idea."

"I propose a deal. I won't try to figure out what you're up to, and you don't try to figure out what I'm up to," she said.

He grinned. "Deal. Of course, it will be easier for me to live up to my end of the bargain."

She gave an unladylike snort. "You are so full of it!"

With a laugh, he planted a kiss on the side of her head.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Dinner was eaten, the table glistening with Grandma Rose's china and crystal. They passed the evening sharing memories of their favorite moments during the year...avoiding the dark days when they'd been apart, for whatever reason. They cleaned the kitchen together. Daniel put on Harry Connick, Jr. Gave in to Casey's request...when she told him that she'd always wanted to dance naked. So they did, their bodies swaying to the music, the intimate positions lighting their passion all over again. Which led to more love making.

The clock was striking three when they snuggled together in bed, and allowed sleep to tiptoe in and carry them away, their dreams full of pleasant imagery, their hearts and souls happy and content.

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