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Hell to Pay

Chapter 3

The sun was barely over the horizon when Gandalf and his family began to stir, rising to begin their work for the day. The Viking sent his sons to the three nearest villages, by nightfall the leaders of those villages would be in Bodoborg. Because the strangers had approached his village first, he would retain first rights, and would be the one to seal any agreements reached between the visitors and the Viking settlements.

Nanna watched the man named Daniel, wishing that he would wake up...before his wife, so that they might have a few minutes alone together. As alone as two people could be in a house that protected six others from the chill morning air. Held her breath as he began to move.

Daniel opened his eyes. Glanced around. His gaze was caught and held by the eyes of young Nanna. For the first time he recognized the look of love...no, he thought, shaking his head mentally, not love. Infatuation. He hated to be rude, but it was important that the young woman know that he was not interested in her. He rolled to his side, putting his back toward the room...and Nanna. Knew that even though she couldn't see his hand, the young woman would recognize that he was touching, caressing his wife.

He ran his hand from Casey's throat to her hip and back up to caress her cheek; slowly, taking his time to let his fingers find every curve beneath her BDUs. He smiled at her when she opened her eyes. "Good morning, beautiful," he whispered.

"Good morning," Casey replied. She yawned, stretched, and snuggled closer to him. "How long have you been awake?"

"Just a few minutes." He lowered his head, kissed her gently. "Tell the girls I'll say a proper hello as soon as I can," he whispered in her ear, daring to caress each breast gently.

She giggled. "I'll pass the message along," she promised playfully. Caught sight of the young Viking woman just over his shoulder, watching intensely. "Your admirer is watching."

"I know. Any advice on how to discourage her?"

"Let's see...you're handsome...sexy...cute...well built...have a killer smile...you're sweet and kind and...nope. You're an attractive man, Daniel Jackson. And that girl isn't the only one to have a crush on you."


She giggled again at the confusion in his eyes. "There are three nurses and half a dozen airmen, well, female airmen, who have crushes on you. As does Cassie Fraiser. And at least two of the biologists, and I think one of the bio-chemists-"

His blue eyes were wide. "You have to be kidding! Cassie?"

"Oh, Daniel, you had to have known!"

"I didn't!" he insisted. He frowned deeply. "I'm happily married!"

"That doesn't stop women from being attracted to you. A couple of men, too."

He couldn't help the shudder that moved over him. He had no qualms about gays; he wasn't homophobic. He just wasn't gay, and found the thought of another man seeing him in...that way...to be rather...overwhelming.

"Relax, Stud Muffin," she whispered. "I'll protect you."

"I'll hold you to that," he replied.  He took his glasses from the top his pack, put them on.

The sudden thought that she had to protect him from more than love-sick admirers skittered through her mind. She immediately pushed it down. Soon, she thought. I'll deal with it soon.

"I need to take a leak," he announced, the comment evidence of his time among the military men of the SGC.

"Such a pleasant phrase," she grumped, following him off of the sleeping platform. "I myself need to answer nature's call."

"And that's a nonsensical comment," he said, teasingly.

"It's too early in the morning for a linguistics lesson, Daniel," Casey said, yawning again.

"Let's go find out where the outhouse is," he said, taking her hand.




Bergthora watched the couple furtively, it wouldn't do to let them know they were being observed. The love the couple shared was palpable. She glanced at her daughter, who gaped at the stranger openly. "Nanna! Stop staring!" she hissed softly.

The young woman started, then hurried to help her mother begin preparations for breakfast. "Will Father offer me to Daniel?"

The older woman looked first at her daughter, then after the couple who had disappeared through the door, followed in quick order by their friends. "If it must be done," she said slowly. She wanted so much more for Nanna...a husband who would love her first...and foremost. And she had always hoped that her daughter would remain nearby. If she were betrothed to this Daniel, she would be second in his life, always. And live oh so far away!

"Don't worry, Mother," Nanna said softly, correctly interpreting her mother's sad countenance. "I love him. And he will love me, I'll make him love me," she vowed determinedly.

I don't think so, Bergthora thought sadly. She had already sensed that Daniel was a rare man. He would give his heart to one, and to no other. He would be kind to Nanna, he would see to it that she had all that she needed. But he would never love her. When he did bed her...in order to give her children...it would be duty, not love, that would put him there.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Tieel Mogba stared at the First Prime. "Remain here. If the villagers see you, we will not leave this place alive."

"Lord Ba'al-" the First Prime began.

"Is not here," Tieel said firmly. "Lord Ba'al wishes this woman to be brought to him. I will capture her. If you do not interfere."

The stubborn set of the trader's jaw let the Jaffa know that he would not win this argument. "She is not to be harmed."

"She will not be," Tieel confirmed. He nodded to the two men with him, men who served him well. He had only just learned of SG-1 of the Tau'ri. The information he had gathered left no doubt in his mind. Taking the woman would not be easy. "We will go into the village, trade a few trinkets, locate the woman known as Casey Jackson. When the time is right, we will take her."

The men nodded solemnly. They had worked for the trader long enough to know that the man had instincts honed from years of capturing run-away wives and lovers. That instinct rarely failed him.

They moved silently, unseen, through the brush, until they were certain that no one would see them climb onto the path. They would enter the village quietly, unobtrusively...making it obvious to all who would see them that they were traders.  They would trade a few things, nothing of consequence, nothing that could ever be traced to the original owners of the items.  They would find out what they needed to know in order to locate, and take, a woman named Casey Jackson.  A woman who had captured the heart of the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Nearly a dozen people were already moving about in the covered area where the market stalls were, preparing for the days' business. Word had spread about the strangers as soon as Gandalf had finished speaking with them through the MALP...although the villagers viewed it as a mechanical dragon. His brothers had let it be known that the visitors had arrived. Smiles greeted the team everywhere they went, from shy and uncertain to warm and welcoming.

Gandalf greeted his guests, introduced them to each person they met as they walked slowly toward the center of the village. The Viking leader was also a very talented wood carver, and had a thriving business, which he was pleased to tell them about. His sons were learning the trade as well. He seemed almost apologetic about the fact that he and his men had never conducted a true raid, had never sacked and burned an enemy village. But, he told Daniel, the quiet life suited him, and most of his people. There were young men who longed to take up the ways of their ancestors, but circumstances being what they were, it would never happen. There were several villages, he told them. But all were closely related through marriages, and interdependent on one another for goods and food. To go 'a-Viking' meant nothing more than a hunt for the Norse people of this planet.

Daniel moved among the stalls, explaining to his friends what each man or woman specialized in, stopping to speak with the traders, taping his questions and their answers. He would transcribe everything once he returned to the SGC, then compare it to what was known of the Vikings of Earth.

Sam and Casey were examining the delicate weave of several pieces of lace, and pressed Daniel into service as their translator. The old woman, her daughter, and granddaughter beamed proudly when the two Tau'ri women, through Daniel, exclaimed over the beauty of the lace. And haggled over the price of three pieces, two that Casey fell in love with, which would be beautiful beneath the crystal picture frames that held wedding photos; and Sam had found a small handkerchief with lace as dainty as a spider's web around the edges.

Thankfully the two SG-1 members had thought to pull on their vests, and began to search through their pockets for anything that might be of interest and worthy of trade. Casey offered the Bic lighter she always carried, demonstrating it for the old woman. She insisted that Daniel explain that it wouldn't last forever, and when she did so, he smiled, kissed her cheek, and tossed his own lighter and emergency fishing line and hook onto the table as well.

Sam had a standard issue compass, and was fairly certain she could get by with trading it, insisting that it was part of the process of becoming friends with these people.

Jack had found a stall where a man was tying intricate fishing lures. He was nearly bouncing on his feet by the time Daniel had finished translating for Sam and Casey. He grabbed Daniel by the arm, yanked him in the direction of the stall where he'd paced anxiously, and dug in his own pockets for anything that he could use to trade.

Purchases in hand, Jack the proud owner of a dozen lures in exchange for his hunting knife, Sam and Casey still exclaiming over the lace, the team returned to Gandalf's home with their host. Not one of them noticed when three men, wearing the robes of traveling traders, entered the village. Rarely did such strangers arrive in Bodoborg, but neither was it an unheard of event. So no one among the locals took notice, or raised the alarm. The three men did a bit of trading with the blacksmith and tanner, then sought out a place to find food and rest for a bit. Their questions were typical of such men, and they listened unobtrusively as the villagers chatted about the 'visitors'; those who had been lucky enough to trade with them proudly showing off their new acquisitions. The leader of the 'traders' watched carefully, recognized two of the items being excitedly displayed. Definitely Tau'ri.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"I have sent my sons to the neighboring villages, to gather the leaders. When they arrive we will go to the Hall of Thor and discuss your proposal," Gandalf told Daniel as they ate a breakfast of porridge and scrambled eggs, served with thick slices of dark brown bread and a bitter tea that tasted similar to coffee.

"Do you know how long this will take?" Daniel asked.

"They will be here by tonight, I sent them horseback," Gandalf replied.

Daniel nodded. Gairwyn and her people had horses as well, no doubt taken with them when Thor had moved them from Earth to those places where he had scattered the Norse and Scandinavian peoples he had 'transplanted'. The archaeologist theorized that Thor had felt the people were in danger. Perhaps illness had broken out among the clans...or perhaps he could see the end of the Vikings and wanted to preserve their society, their way of life. "Is this Hall of Thor your meeting place?" he asked.

"It is," Gandalf replied. "Although stories handed down from those who came before us tell of an Evil One who arrived in Bodoborg, and first built the Hall. Thor himself rode in on his Chariot of Thunder and sent the Evil One into exile, and all those who served him as well. They had not time to gather their belongings, and Thor told our ancestors that what was left in our villages, belonged to us."

That explained the Chinese markings that seemed to crop up among the runes as decorations. He was certain that none of these people understood that the characters were actually letters and words. "We need to talk to our leader, who waits to hear from us. Then we would like to test the soil. If that is permissible."

"You are free to do so," the Viking replied.

"Thank you. We'll be back before sundown," Daniel promised his host.

"Will you sup with us?"

"We'll probably just have an MRE while we're running our tests; it will take several hours," Daniel replied. It was only a white lie, the tests wouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. So far each of the team had suffered a bout of diarrhea; nothing serious, but no doubt the stew they had eaten, as good as it was, had had an adverse affect on their digestive tracts. He could only hope that their breakfast wouldn't cause the same problem. It had been a relief to learn that the Vikings had very clean outhouses, one for each dwelling, and half a dozen behind a large barn for anyone to use.

"Will you need shelter again tonight?"

Daniel hesitated. Would Gandalf be offended if the team didn't want to eat with his family, but would be willing to sleep under his roof for a second night? "Let's just wait and see how the meeting with the other village leaders progresses. If they are willing to allow us to mine, we can return immediately to our home, and send others to set up the actual mining camps."

The reasoning was sound. Even if Nanna, who had whispered her request to him before the visitors were completely awake, would be disappointed. There was plenty of time for Daniel to spend with her after the agreements had been reached, and the terms of the alliance were agreed upon. He would even stipulate that the man must spend his wedding night in the village, to make certain that his first wife didn't interfere. "When the sun is low on the horizon, we well expect you in the Hall of Thor."

"We'll be there," Daniel smiled. He turned and rejoined the rest of the team, who waited off to one side. Explained that they had the day to themselves to run tests to determine just how much ore was available.

As friendly as the villagers had been, and they had been quite welcoming, it was a relief to slip away and be able to talk freely, without being watched. One didn't need to understand the words to pick up on tone and inflection of the voice, and facial expressions. And the Vikings had watched each of the five SG-1 members carefully.

They waited until they were near the Stargate before they began to exchange their impressions of the people who had welcomed them to the village. Casey was feeling no deceit from any of the Vikings, although she was aware of an undercurrent of expectation.

"Daniel, are you sure you can get out of this marriage thing?" Jack asked.

"Gandalf seems to be a reasonable man," Daniel replied. "I think that once he understands that the old Viking ways aren't the way of all societies, he'll be willing to forego some of the...arrangements."

"Damned well better," Casey mumbled beneath her breath.

Sam wasn't as 'quiet' on the subject. "I am not a bargaining chip for anyone," she said firmly.

"I know, Sam," Daniel sighed. He glanced at Casey. Reached for and grabbed her hand, tugged her close to his side. "No room, Angel," he said softly. "Only you, always you."

A smile tugged at her lips. "Only you, always you," she replied just as softly.

"Let's check in, kids," Jack said. He had faith in his best friend. If Daniel said he could handle the problem, he could.

General Hammond agreed with Sam's assessment of the value of the ore, giving the team an additional two days if needed. He also agreed to send through the items that Daniel had suggested, as tokens of esteem, which would make negotiations go much smoother. The fact that the Vikings seemed to be traders more than war-mongering pirates had sparked the idea. The items would be waiting for them when they were ready to return to the village. Jack signed off, and turned to the team's gizmo expert. "Okay, Carter. What is it that you need to do?"

"If I can collect soil samples near the site where the UAV sensors picked up evidence of the biggest ore deposits, it will give me an idea how rich the veins are," she replied.

"Okay, let's go," Jack said. "Carter, you know where you want to go. You have point. Teal'c, you have the six."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Tieel was thrilled to learn that the strangers, SG-1, had left the village, alone, to examine the soil. Something about ore. If they were alone, he and his men could capture the woman, and be gone before anyone in the village was aware of the fact. It was a simple matter to follow the boot prints that led away from the village, to the Chappa'ai, and then away from it. He smiled. Catching the Tau'ri off guard would only make his job easier. He would have the woman within the hour!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Nanna had rushed through her chores, anxious to be free for an hour or so. She had every intention of 'accidentally' coming upon the visitors. And of getting Daniel alone. If he would spend just a few minutes with her, he would see that she had been raised well, would honor him as his wife. Even if she was the second wife.

Bergthora watched her daughter slip away from the house and into the woods.

"You are worried," Gandalf said softly.

The woman turned to her husband. "She is after the unattainable."

"She will be offered as part of any agreement. She knows that. Accepts it. You have done well, my wife."

The words were meant as a compliment. She gave him a sad smile. "The offer will not be accepted. The stranger's ways are not ours."

"If Daniel wishes to mine our ores, he will comply with our terms," Gandalf said firmly.

"You are so anxious to see your daughter in such a position?"

The man frowned. "It is true that I would prefer that she be the first wife of a worthy man. But being the second wife to one such as Daniel, as part of an alliance, is also honorable."

"Being second wife to a man such as Daniel will leave her lonely and heartbroken."

"I do not understand," Gandalf admitted.

"Daniel is very much in love with his wife. His eyes see no other."

"Time will change that," the Viking replied sagely. "There is always the chance that Nanna will become his favorite."

Once again the woman shook her head. "I do not share your optimism."

"Everything will be fine," Gandalf said soothingly. "You will see."

"And you are willing to let him take her so far away?"

"As willing as he will be to leave the woman named Samantha in my house."

Bergthora turned away. Worrying about her child had enabled her to ignore the other 'half' of any alliance between Daniel's people and her own. Gandalf would take Samantha as his second wife. And she had already seen his appraising looks at the younger woman. Her hands moved over her belly. She hadn't been able to conceive after Bruadar had been born. The midwife feared that the trouble she'd had during the pregnancy and delivery had damaged her internally. She and the baby had nearly died that winter. It would be nice to have little ones in the house once again, she thought, even if they weren't her own.

Gandalf watched his wife closely. "You are the first wife. You will always run my household for me. I will always love you."

"But will you love her more?"

He smiled tenderly. "Never."

Now it was Bergthora's turn to smile. "And when she asks if she is your favorite, you will tell her that she is."

"Of course," he teased.

Her heart told her not to fear. That the exchange of brides would never occur. Her eyes went back to that place where Nanna had disappeared. The young woman would be sorely disappointed. She was already weaving fairy tales in her head about the man called Daniel. "I have tasks to attend to. As do you."

"I do," he admitted. "Do not worry so, my dearest. All will be well."

She smiled. Even though she didn't believe for a moment that the current situation would come to a satisfactory conclusion. She shivered as a feeling of dread moved over her. And then she went back inside. There were furs to beat and blankets to shake and spinning to do. She squinted up at the sun. Perhaps she would sit outside to spin. The sun felt warm and comforting.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel had located what appeared to be the pieces of an ancient monument. There was no sign of 'Thor's Hammer' near the Stargate, but something told him that the Asgard hadn't left the planet unprotected, especially if the history of the local people told of the god Thor returning to protect them. "I wonder why the pieces were brought here," he asked, more to himself than to his companions.

The remnants of what had been Thor's Hammer were scattered, dumped obviously, and here they had remained. It wasn't a full hour's walk from the 'gate. Perhaps the stones had been too heavy to carry them farther. Perhaps there had been some significance in this particular place. Weeds grew tall around the stone pieces, obscuring several from view completely. Only by searching among the green stalks had he found them. If there had been a reason for choosing this place, it was lost in the passage of time, if the people had ever known, he mused. He squatted beside one particularly large piece, trying to read the runes that he could see.

"Daniel! C'mon!" Jack called, still following Sam as she continued to move toward the low hills.

With one last look at the stones, Daniel rose to his feet. He had no fear of the people of the planet, and was busy puzzling over where Thor had placed the 'new' Hammer that protected these Norse descendants. He paid no heed to his surroundings, too busy theorizing over the past events that had occurred, confident that Jack and Teal'c would sense any danger long before he did. Thus, he didn't even notice the young woman who remained in the shadows of the nearby forest, watching him intently.

Teal'c, however, had felt the prickle of being watched, and had caught site of young Nanna as she stood, half hidden by a large tree. The way she watched Daniel Jackson told the Jaffa all he needed to know about the situation. He frowned slightly. Casey Jackson had been deeply hurt when she believed that her husband had turned his attention from her to his former girlfriend. How would she feel if the archaeologist could find no way out of the arranged marriage? Even if it was only ceremonial? No doubt he would find out. It seemed that Casey came to him as often as she went to Samantha Carter or Dr. Fraiser when she had the need to talk about things that troubled her; especially if they concerned her husband. He smiled inwardly at the thought that just as Daniel Jackson had become a close friend, in spite of the circumstances that had brought their paths together, Casey had become a close and dear friend. His teammates were as close to him, to his heart, as any family he had. Perhaps closer.

Jack's thoughts were running along the same lines as those of his large friend, his trained eyes seeing the girl as well. No way in hell was Sam being married off to one of these Vikings! He'd marry her first, on the spot, if that's what it took! The idea of marrying the woman he'd loved for six years wasn't a new thought. He'd purchased an engagement ring just days after he'd spent the first night with her. He'd realized, as he'd held her in the afterglow of their first time together, that he wanted to be in her arms, and she in his, forever. He loved her, she loved him, why shouldn't they get married? When they got back to Silver Springs, he'd work out a way to propose to her. Worry about regulations and such later. Then wondered when he'd stopped trying to keep everyone at arm's length. When he'd allowed his 'kids' to become as close, as important, to him as family. Just when he'd allowed himself to fall so deeply in love with his second-in-command. And admitted to himself that his life had taken a turn for the better when an excited, geeky, brilliant young archaeologist named Daniel Jackson had stumbled into it.




Jack, Teal'c, and Daniel stood watch as Sam and Casey gathered samples, running the simple field tests on the soil. The villagers were friendly enough, but enemies, both two-legged and four-legged, could be lurking anywhere, and they had learned the hard way that being distracted was the quickest way to wind up in serious trouble.

"Well?" Jack asked, after thirty minutes.

"There seems to be a large concentration of iron ore here," Sam replied. "Trace amounts of copper."

"That explains the copper pots," Daniel mused.

"I'm not sure there's enough copper here," Sam said.

"Maybe they've already mined the copper from this area," Casey offered.

"Possible," Sam agreed. "No doubt there are other veins of ore nearby."

"So the Pentagon is going to want a mining treaty," Jack surmised.

"Yes, sir," Sam concurred. "But not if the Vikings insist on exchanging brides to get it."

Jack grinned. No doubt that was more Sam talking than any knowledge of what the brass at the Pentagon would or would not agree to. "Right. No weddings. Unless you take a fancy to one of those fellas."

Sam glared at him. "Not very likely!"

"Good," he replied, turning back to watch the meadow spread out before him.

The blonde major stared at his back for a moment, then a slow smile spread over her face. "Of course, I haven't met all of the men of Bodoborg, or any of the men from the other villages."

Daniel chuckled at the frown that immediately darkened Jack's features. "That would certainly guarantee mining rights with at least two villages...Nanna as my second wife, and Sam as the wife of one of the leaders of a nearby village, yep, that could work!"

"Not even if hell freezes over," Casey tossed in hotly. "If you can't get out of marrying that...that child, then I suggest you just stay here. And I'll shoot you if you try to come back to the SGC!"

"I promise, Case, no second wives for me," Daniel grinned.

"Of course, girlfriend," Sam said, winking at the slender blonde. "A second wife for Daniel means a little something-something on the side for you."

Casey grinned. "Now I hadn't thought about that! I could handle that. Ya know, there's that new bartender at Little Joe's, he's hot-"

"And he has the hots for you," Sam interjected playfully. "He bought you three drinks the last girl's night out, just for smiling at him!"

"That's right, he did. I'm sure he'd be willing to be my second husband...or at least my lover," Casey teased.

"Not funny, Case," Daniel growled.

The two women burst into giggles. "It was funny enough a minute ago," Sam pointed out. "When you were the one getting a bit on the side."

"What? I would never...she's just a kid! It would have been ceremonial only, just for the treaty!" Daniel objected.

Jack was chuckling now as well. "Give it up, Danny. Let's just agree that nobody is getting married to anybody while we're here."

Casey studied Jack, then cocked her head sideways. "What about back home, Jack? Anyone marrying somebody there?"

The older man coughed and sputtered for a moment. "Never can tell," he said finally, avoiding any glances toward the women at all.

Sam blushed, and smiled. Jack had made vague references to marriage several times now. Always when in the company of the team. Obviously he was thinking about it!

"Are we finished here?"

Sam nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Do you want to look around more?" Jack asked.

"Might be handy to know exactly where Thor put his replacement Hammer," Daniel mused.

"It is possible that the device is in synchronous orbit above the villages," Teal'c said quietly.

Daniel nodded. "I hadn't thought of that," he admitted. "That would explain why there isn't anything near the 'gate."

"But couldn't Goa'uld just come through the 'gate and take over?" Casey asked.

"Not necessarily," Daniel replied. "It's possible that the satellite monitors space and the area around the Stargate as well."

"Undoubtedly," Teal'c agreed.

"Let's head back, then kids. Pick up the presents and get them handed out," Jack said. He took point, Teal'c was on the six, and Daniel walked between Casey and Sam, holding his wife's hand. 

The three men looked around warily. Shifted slightly...silently...ready to rush the group and grab the slender blonde. They would disappear into the forest, and be at the ring transport and on Ba'al's ship before the others could stop them.

Each of the team members had sensed being watched, but assumed that those spying on them were from the village, or one of the other villages. They unobtrusively tightened ranks, in spite of the fact that they believed themselves to be in no danger. If there was someone with less than honorable intentions toward them, it would be impossible to take on one of them without the others being right there. The message was not lost on the three men who watched silently from the brush.




Three containers were waiting on the steps beside the Stargate. Teal'c carried two of them, Jack and Daniel carried the third, heavier box between them. Casey and Sam kept guard, P90's in hand, ready to send a warning to anyone who approached suddenly, threateningly.

Gandalf watched as the strangers returned. He was as curious as the others in the village when he saw that the men of the group were carrying dark boxes. "You are back much sooner than I expected," he said when Daniel approached him.

"Sam...er...Samantha found that there is sufficient ore to consider a treaty for mining," Daniel replied. "If we are able to come to an agreement, then others will come through the portal, and conduct more extensive tests, to determine where it would be best to mine."

The Viking frowned. "You will not remain here, to oversee the mining yourself?"

Daniel shook his head. "No, there will be group of men...and women...assigned by my leader to stay here and run any mining operations. They are good people...they will be trustworthy," he assured the village leader.

He'd been able to convince himself that if Daniel married Nanna, the young man would remain nearby...and would be the leader of those who would mine. He had even hoped that Daniel's first wife would return to their home, leaving Nanna as first wife in appearance if not in fact. Now...his gaze drifted to his home, where his wife and daughter sat watching, their spinning forgotten for the moment. "I see," he said quietly.

Daniel frowned now. "Is there a problem?"

"No," Gandalf replied shortly. Bergthora had been right. Daniel would take his daughter, his only daughter, far from her home, and the protection of her family.

He took a deep breath, his eyes following those of the Viking. Nanna smiled shyly at him. This wasn't going to be as easy as he had hoped. There was one thing to be thankful for. This planet offered no trace of naquadah. If there had been, he had no doubt that any 'sacrifice' would be expected in order to secure mining rights. And Casey wouldn't stand by and see him 'married' to anyone, even a child, and even if that 'marriage' was in name only.

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