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Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter 9

Faces looked expectantly at the general as he stood near the top of the ramp. "I know you're all wondering why I've asked you to report here," he began. "I spoke to the president this morning. As of today, the search for Doctor Jackson and Casey Jackson, will be conducted by SG-1. All other teams will return to mission rotation."

Worried glances were exchanged. The base had been on full alert, every team doing what they could when Ba'al had captured the resident seer, and was holding her in a castle, where Tem's fleet was suspected of being. This was no different! To be told that they'd no longer be actively pursuing any and all leads on the missing Jacksons was not at all what they wanted to hear.

"Excuse me, sir," Major Ferretti said, stepping out of formation.

"Yes, Major?"

"Sir, it just makes sense to me that the more of us looking for the Doc and Radar, the better chance we'll have of finding them," the Marine said, using the common base nicknames for Daniel and Casey, bestowed upon them by himself and O'Neill.

"I agree, Major. But the president is adamant that we continue to do what the Stargate Program was launched to do," General Hammond replied.

"Sir, this is just crap," Jack exclaimed. "We all know that none of us are willing to walk through the 'gate with less than the needed intel. Casey is the one who provided us with the best intel we could get. How many people have to get hurt, or die, before the president realizes that?"

Murmurs of agreement filled the air. General Hammond held his hands up for quiet. Something, he thought briefly, he shouldn't have to do. And something he was sure should bother him more than it did. "I understand your concerns, Colonel. Truth be told, I don't like sending anyone out there without the best possible advantage they can have."

"Then don't do it, sir," Jack said

"Colonel, what you are suggesting is insubordination at best, a court martial offense at worst," Hammond said firmly.

"No, sir, I don't see it that way," Jack argued. "You'd be making a command decision to make the best of a bad situation. In an effort to protect those under your command. We know it's a pretty safe bet that returning to places we've already been will keep teams relatively safe. There are several planets we need to check on, and like Ferretti said, the more eyes and ears looking for Daniel and Casey, the sooner we'll find them, and this place gets back to business as usual."

He bit back his smile. Thank you, Jack O'Neill! He'd been hoping that someone would make just such a suggestion. One that he could pretend to think about. "I'll consider this a request, Colonel. And take it under advisement. Until that time, there are missions to be planned. Major Newsome, I believe one of your team members is on medical leave with a broken leg?"

"Yes, sir," the Major replied.

"Then I will task you to search the mission records, and supply a list of all planets with societies where we have made a promise of return."

A collective sigh of relief went up, not audible, but felt certainly. "Yes, sir," Major Newsome grinned.

"Colonel O'Neill, I believe you and your team should be going back out to search for your teammates."

"Yes, sir," Jack nodded.

"I'll let you know my decision on the continuation of the search involving all personnel. Dismissed."

Jack followed his CO back the his office. "Why do I get the feeling that was a dog-and-pony show, and that I just suggested what you wanted me to?"

General Hammond chuckled. "I suppose you know me almost as well as I know you. I hate like hell to pull any teams off of the search, and I sure as hell hate sending them into the unknown."

"I know, sir," Jack acknowledged quietly. "Amazing how fast we all got used to having Radar's input for every mission, isn't it?"

"Yes it is. The fact that she's saved every life in this mountain at least once plays a great part in those feelings."

"We'll find them, sir."

"I hope so, Jack."

"Just before we went to play with the Vikings, Casey made a little prediction. Said that no matter how dark things seemed, everything would be okay."

"Then we'll just have to trust that she's correct."

"When was the last time Radar was wrong, sir?"

The general smiled. "Good point. Go on, Colonel. Find them. Bring them home."

"Yes, sir." With his usual sloppy salute, Jack shoved his hands into his pockets, and hurried toward the armory. Sam and Teal'c would be there waiting for him.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Shanda caught up with Casey, looked around quickly to make certain they wouldn't be overheard. "I told Ba'al that you were very angry with him, for calling for me."

"Good, I told him the same thing," Casey replied.

The young slave sighed. "I am sorry I had to disturb you."

She smiled. "At least you waited until we were finished."

Brown eyes danced with mischief. "I tried to be quiet."

Casey stopped, looked at her young friend, then giggled. "Thanks. You'd better go get some sleep."

"As must you, My Lady. We have not much time to make our escape, before Dan'yel's presence is discovered."

She grimaces slightly. "I know. Daniel's brilliant. He'll think of something. Go, before you fall asleep on your feet," she said, when the young slave yawned.

"I will check on him as soon as I am able."

"Thank you." She gave the young slave a quick hug, then watched the slip of a girl hurry to her own chamber. "I suppose I should return."

"I suppose so, My Lady," O'nan agreed quietly. He followed the beautiful blonde back to the quarters of the Goa'uld. The creature who would be god.


A  A  A  A  A  A



He opened his eyes. Looked up into the excited face of the engineer who had befriended, and was helping his Wife, and him. "Nutesh, what is it?"

"I'd heard rumors, and I had to make sure they were true. It is said the Tau'ri of SG-1 go many places through the Chappa'ai, is it not?," Nutesh said.

"Yeah, we've gone many places," he said, sitting up.

"There is a Chappa'ai in the largest of the cargo holds! Ba'al had it brought aboard before he deserted Babylonia to its fate."

"How in the hell did he do that?" Daniel demanded to know.

"I do not know, Dan'yel. I know it is possible for a cargo ship to lower itself upon large items, such as statues, or ships, that the gods wish to move," Nutesh supplied.

"So, he had a ship go retrieve the 'gate...er...Chappa'ai...Nutesh, is it possible for a mothership like this to...hover...lower itself and do the same thing as a cargo ship?"

"I suppose so," Nutesh replied. "If the Chappa'ai were first removed from its place..."

Daniel frowned. It would've taken a dozen or so men, but it could be done. The Stargate on Earth had been moved from the Giza desert, the one sitting in Cheyenne Mountain had been brought from the Antarctic. He shook his head mentally. It didn't matter how Ba'al had done it, the result was that there was a 'gate. If the ship stopped, or slowed, it would be possible to dial out, get a lock and be through it before anyone was the wiser. "Take me to it!"

Nutesh frowned. "I am not certain-"

"If we're going to get out of here, I have to find an address that will lock. Do you know if we're moving?"

The dark haired man shook his head. "We are traveling at light speed. Ba'al is trying to prevent his enemies from locating him. He dare not use the hyperdrive, lest he drop from it in front of another Goa'uld ship."

"Good, that's good," Daniel nodded. If the ship was moving at a relatively slow pace, the chances of finding a planet nearby with a 'gate increased. It had worked when he escaped from Klorel's ship.  It had to work again! "Get me to that 'gate...er...Chappa'ai."

"This way," Nutesh said, standing to his feet. He led Daniel to the stacked crates.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Ryk'teal had slept little. He continued to fear that Ba'al would demand to see the prisoner...the Tau'ri who should now be a mindless slave. He reported for duty; Ba'al insisted that he oversee the scanning of the sector where they remained hidden. It seemed that his god wanted to know immediately if any ships wandered too near their position. He nearly sagged with relief when no questions were asked about Daniel Jackson.

Ba'al remained on his throne, lost in thought. Casey had returned to his chambers, said nothing to him, pulled a coverlet from the bed, and slept curled on the couch on the opposite side of the room. He'd allowed her to remain there. She'd still been asleep when he awoke. He'd gently carried her to the bed, placed her in it, and then performed his morning ablutions. He didn't know if she'd awakened or not, she'd remained curled on her side, and silent.

The First Prime watched furtively. As long as Ba'al was distracted, he wouldn't be demanding to see a prisoner no longer in the training room. And it was possible that he might slip away, and continue his search. The Tau'ri had probably crawled somewhere and died, he thought angrily. He was still certain Daniel Jackson had received help. He was holding his breath, waiting for Ba'al's Consort to betray him, tell his Master what he had accused her of, about his failure, demanding to know where her husband was. He knew her routine, the path she followed everyday. He avoided her, not wanting to see her, to remind her of their confrontation.

Until he found Jackson, or his secret was revealed, he would continue to search. And when he found the Tau'ri, he would kill him...slowly. The sarcophagus would guarantee that Ba'al was not cheated out of a slave.

"My Lord, there are other daily duties to which I should attend," Ryk'teal said quietly, hoping that Ba'al would not recall that the training of the new slave was one of those duties. "I will put Sel'tak in charge of the scanning."

"Very well," Ba'al sighed, not actually hearing all that his First Prime had said. He stood to his feet. Casey never wanted his company when she paced the corridors. However, she'd stopped protesting when he did so. He'd hoped that by now she'd have stopped the endless wandering. Perhaps she'd allow him to be with her. Perchance he would find a way to speak his love to her, beg her forgiveness. The thought that he, Ba'al - a god - should beg anything gave him little pause. When it came to Casey, he'd do whatever was required to win her mercy...and her love.




Casey smiled as she showered quickly. Washing away the evidence of Daniel's love. They hadn't had long, but what time they'd been in one another's arms had been heavenly. She ate from the food that Shanda had brought in for Ba'al, her appetite returning for the first time since her capture. No one would ever know, she'd never eaten breakfast on the ship.

O'nan was waiting beside the door.

"Do you ever get to sleep?" she asked, concern in her voice.

The Jaffa smiled. "As soon as you were safe within Ba'al's chambers, I returned to the barracks and was able to kel-no-reem."

"Good." They began walking. "You're not too tired are you? I mean, I could find a reason not to walk today."

"Your concern is most appreciated, My Lady," O'nan replied. "I am Jaffa. Wandering the corridors of a ship is little effort."

"You sound like a friend of mine," Casey smiled. "Teal'c of Chulak."

"The shol'va?"

"No, he's not a traitor. He's one of the bravest men I know," Casey responded softly. "You'll like him. And I predict he'll like you as well."

"If he is your friend, it will be an honor to meet him."

With a smile and a nod, Casey resumed her silent pacing.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel raced toward the DHD as soon as he saw it. Closed his eyes for a moment. He'd need to keep track of each combination he tried, and certainly to record one should it work. "I need something to write on," he said, almost absently.

"If you hear the door activate, you must hide," Nutesh instructed. "I will return with the items you need."

He nodded. Okay, the first choice would be home...the SGC. Without a GDO, it would also be the most risky. Okay, that left the next logical 'first' choice. He dialed carefully. Listened to the chevrons clang into place. And hoped fervently that no one else heard the 'gate activation. Five chevrons...six..."Come on, come on," he whispered.

The seventh chevron refused to lock. So much for the Alpha site.

"Okay, let's see...Abydos." He knew those dialing coordinates by heart as well. Again the seventh chevron refused to lock. The same for the planet of the Nox.

When he heard the door lock clicking, he dove behind one of the crates nearby.


He poked his head up when he heard Nutesh's voice. The engineer was carrying a papyrus scroll, a quill, and a bottle of ink. He was standing on a spaceship, trying to find a valid address for a Stargate, and he'd be keeping notes in one of the oldest methods available. Daniel shook his head at the incongruity. He should be accustomed to such oddities by now, he thought.

For an hour he tried every dialing address he could think of. Wrote down those that he'd tried, hoping that doing so would spur memories of other, similar addresses.

"I must return to my duties soon," Nutesh said.

"Which means I need to go back into hiding."

"I am afraid so."

"Okay, one more..." He frowned. He wasn't certain how safe it would be...he 'd managed to befriend Chaka...but if that particular Unas wasn't around...they had no choice. And they wouldn't actually be on the planet long, just as long as it took to dial to the Alpha site. The two men watched as the inner ring rotated.

Chevron one...locked. Chevron two...locked. Chevron three...locked. Chevron four...locked. Chevron five...locked. Chevron six...locked.

Daniel held his breath.

Chevron seven...locked.

"Yes!" he nearly shouted. He turned to Nutesh. "We have a place to go. We need to get Casey and Shanda."

Emotions flooded his eyes, his face. Freedom! For years he'd refused to even allow himself to think of escape...now...now he was literally just minutes, an hour at the longest, from walking away from the slavery that was his life as Ba'al's engineer. He was shaking as he watched the event horizon open...and then the shimmering blue that filled the center of the Chappa'ai. Freedom! It was all he could do not to race forward. "I will do what I can to see to it that they know this wonderful news. For now, you must return to your hiding place. As soon as we can safely do so, we will come here, and be free."

The event horizon collapsed, leaving the cargo bay darker, and silent. "I need to get a message to my friends. I only need a few seconds," Daniel said.

Nutesh nodded. "Come. We must hurry. I will take you through the ventilation shafts."




The engineer pointed toward the computer console in the laboratory that was his work room.

Sam was the gizmo expert, he thought frantically. Okay, calm...just stay calm. You can do this. Just a few seconds. Not long enough for them to notice. He scanned the controls. There, communications. He hoped like hell it wasn't just for internal ship communications! The prompt requested a frequency. Okay, so far, so good. What the hell was the one the Tok'ra used? He closed his eyes, searched his memory. Quickly keyed in the numbers, and then the planet designation. Amazing how being captured by an Unas, nearly winding up a sacrifice in some pre-historic ritual could burn such things into one's mind, he thought. P3X-888. With luck, whoever picked up the short burst would recognize the two letters and four numbers as being a Tau'ri planet designation. "Done," he said.

Nutesh raised an eyebrow. Whatever message Dan'yel had sent, it was very short! "I will take you back to your hiding place. Then I will find Shanda and Lady Casey."

His heart pounding with excitement, he nodded, followed the stocky man back into the shafts. Wondered how Nutesh, as stocky and broad shouldered as he was, managed to get through without becoming stuck.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Ryk'teal stepped onto the storage level. He'd search each room. Each level. Until he found the Tau'ri who dared to escape from him. Four of the rooms were locked, sealed by Ba'al himself. He had no idea what might be in any of those rooms. He knew the access codes. He'd have to work quickly. But it was possible to open the doors, check inside room, and reseal it before the alarms were tripped.

The first rooms to be searched were those which weren't sealed. All of them were empty. He took a deep breath. Keyed the access code into the control panel beside the door of the first sealed room.

He gasped when the doors slid open. Statues made of gold, chests, and crates, baskets from which silks and linens poured in a rainbow of color, filled the room from wall to wall. He slapped the control, panting with fear as the doors closed. Trembling fingers pressed the keys that would seal the room once again.

Sweat beaded across his forehead as he opened the second room. It too, was full of treasure.

His fingers gripped the zat'nik'tel tightly. The third room held only a few crates. The Jaffa wiped his hand over his forehead. If Ba'al were to find out that his First Prime was aware of the treasure hidden on the ship, the punishment would be severe. No doubt he would be come a mindless slave. Just as Daniel Jackson would be!

The fourth door opened.

Daniel whirled around. "Oh, shit," he muttered. Just before the zat blast hit him, and rendered him unconscious.




Ba'al watched her face. She'd said nothing. In spite of her anger, there was a light shining in her eyes. Her lips were curved upward ever so slightly. It seemed that the bruises beneath her eyes were not as dark on this day. She was happy, he could sense it. Because he'd finally taken her...made her his completely? Even if she'd been furious with him the night before, was it possible that she was falling in love with him?

Casey had no idea her happiness, her excitement, was so plainly visible. She had her arms around her waist, hugging herself tightly. She'd been with Daniel. He'd held her, loved her, taken away her fears. They would escape, she had no doubt of that now.

"Something pleases you," Ba'al said after nearly half an hour of walking silently beside her.

She jerked slightly. Glanced at the man beside her. "What makes you say that?"

"I can see it in your eyes, Beloved."

"Don't call me that," she said immediately. Automatically. Cursed her inability to hide her feelings. It was a good thing she didn't play poker for a living! "I guess I am...as much as possible, given the situation."

"What situation would that be?"

"I'm a prisoner on a Goa'uld ship."

"You are not a prisoner."

"Yeah? Let me go home, then."

He frowned.

"I rest my case." When his frown deepened, she rolled her eyes. "Anyone kept against their will is a prisoner. Even if they can walk around a ship freely. Or...with relative freedom."

"What is it that you feel eases this...burden?"

"The fact that I never have to let you touch me again." Not that you actually have, snakeface, she thought, giggling mentally. But as long as Ba'al didn't know that, she might be able to get out of this without anything...bad...happening.

The reply was like ice water in the face. He stopped walking. "You came to this conclusion...how?"

"I told you last night, snakeface. I don't want you touching me at all, in any way. I submitted to your...I let you...because I didn't want to be hurt. But when you think you're going to force me and a slave to put on a show for your entertainment, you are sadly mistaken. You'll haul your sorry ass to the harem whenever you feel an ache in your cock, and you're never going to touch me again!" Okay, let's see if she could get by with this. With her luck, he'd toss her over his shoulder, take her to his chambers and rape her, just to prove her wrong.

"I see."  He began walking again, his long legs catching up to her quickly.

His quiet response surprised her. "No glowy eyes? No proclaiming that you're a god and I have to obey you, and that you'll take me whenever it suits you? No demanding from me what I will never give you?"


She stopped short, causing O'nan to stumble in his attempt not to run over her. "No?"

"No. When you wish to come to me, you will. I will leave you to your walk. If you wish to speak with me, I will be on the pel'tak." Ba'al turned on his heel and walked away.

"Well, I'll be damned," Casey muttered. And fought down feelings of guilt. What did she care if she'd hurt his feelings? He was a freaking Goa'uld!




Daniel opened his eyes. Fuck! He was manacled onto that damned web! Oh, this was not going to be good. He never even saw the first blow coming. He felt his nose break...again. God, that hurt!

"You will suffer for your insolence!"

"I suppose you think you're a god, too?" Daniel asked, spitting blood. The next crash of the fist against his face left his eye swelling; he could feel blood running from a cut on his eyelid as well.

"Someone helped you escape. Used a healing device on you. It does not matter! You are nothing! You are a slave!"

The blows began to fall like rain, every part of his body pummeled and punched. He wasn't sure how long the beating had been going on, it felt like forever, when he recognized the prick of a needle. Oh hell no! He needed to be coherent to dial the 'gate! He could feel the fog close around his mind.

"Now, slave, you will learn what it means to feel pain!" Ryk'teal picked up a large metal rod. Swung with all his might, brought it down on Daniel's left hand.

The pain was excruciating. He nearly lost consciousness when his right hand was broken. The last thing he heard before passing out, as Ryk'teal began to batter him with the rod, were the sounds of his own screams.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Aldwin frowned as the short burst of information flashed across the monitor. He adjusted the settings, then replayed what appeared to be a message. Two letters. Four numbers. His frown deepened. What was so familiar about that particular combination of symbols? Tau'ri! Those were Tau'ri symbols. He rapidly checked the origin of the message. At first he was unable to believe his eyes. He checked the results. Checked them again. Couldn't stop the grin that spread over his face. He raced to the newly created quarters where Selmak and her host were resting. This was of the utmost importance!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Nutesh located Shanda. Whispered the message in her ear. He promised to meet her, Dan'yel, and Lady Casey in the cargo bay where the Chappa'ai was hidden. He told the young slave precisely where to go, how to enter the bay. There were two things he would do before leaving the ship. He'd gather what few belongings he had. And he'd see to it that none of the schematics, none of the drawings for any of the buildings or ships that he'd worked so laboriously on, remained.

Shanda fought the urge to run. Instead, she hid among the shadows, waiting for Lady Casey to pass by. She was trembling as she thought about what she was doing...or rather, what she was about to do. She'd been so young when she'd been taken from her home, dreams of escape had not lived long in her heart. She'd struggled to survive, learning what to do, what to say, how to behave in a manner that would prevent the beatings that were always so painful. She'd been put into the harem, where she'd been used by many of Ba'al's 'guests'. Whenever her god was near, she'd done her utmost to please him. Her diligence had paid off when he chose her to be his lo'taur, after killing the woman who'd served in that position for many years. She suspected that the woman's death was the result of nothing more heinous than daring to age. Being near Ba'al every day, seeing to his every need, indulging his every whim, earning his praise, had given her a reason for living. She'd fallen in love with the man who was her captor.

How things had changed since Lady Casey had entered their lives! Ba'al...she'd never think of him as a god again!...had been obsessed with her. Was still under her spell. Perhaps even loved her, as much as he was capable of loving...

Casey turned the corner, and Shanda hurried to her side. "You must go and change, My Lady. Nutesh will meet us in the cargo bay, where a Chappa'ai awaits. Dan'yel has found a place for us to go."

Her heart leapt to her throat, then dropped back down, only to hammer against her ribs so hard it was nearly painful. Not willing to trust her voice, afraid she'd burst into tears of relief at the slightest provocation, she nodded. Without waiting to see that O'nan was following, she raced towards Ba'al's chambers. She didn't give a damn who saw her running, nor if they wondered why.

When she came out of the bathroom, dressed in her BDU, O'nan and Shanda were waiting.

"My Lady, I will join you in the cargo bay," O'nan said. "I must see to it that none of the alarms are triggered when we use the Chappa'ai."

"I understand. Be careful."

"You also, My Lady." With a cocky grin, O'nan left the room.

"Quickly, for Nutesh will be waiting," Shanda whispered.

Casey smiled. The young slave seemed quite taken with the engineer. She wondered why the two hadn't met before...she'd seen the looks the stocky man had given Shanda. Oh, yeah...Shanda had been in love with Ba'al. Before she understood just exactly what he was.

They dropped down into the storage room, only to find it empty. "I fear something has happened," Shanda said, a quaver in her voice. Ba'al had discovered their deceptions...her deceptions. She'd be killed!

"Daniel probably decided to meet us there," Casey said, willing her heart out of her stomach. She was trembling as much as the slave beside her. She fought against the sinking feeling that Ryk'teal had found Daniel. "Let's go."




The two women dared to use the door to the cargo bay, after arriving on the cargo level through the ventilation shafts. Nutesh was pacing beside the DHD.

"Where's Daniel?" Casey asked. Fear was growing in the pit of her stomach.

"I believed him to be arriving with you," the engineer replied. He clutched at the papyrus that Daniel had written on. Something told him he'd need it.

"Oh, god, Rky'teal found him!" Casey moaned.

Nutesh hesitated for only a moment. He'd forgotten how to dream, how to wish for freedom. For the first time the opportunity to escape had presented itself. He would not lose it now! "Come, we must hurry."

The detention level was only one above the cargo bays. Nutesh led the two women straight to the elevator. Whatever true gods ruled in the heavens were merciful as the three slipped quietly down the corridor.

They listened at the door, not wishing to enter if there were anyone inside who'd try to stop them. There was no sound at all.

When the door opened, Shanda slapped her hand over Casey's mouth, to muffle the scream she knew would come.

Daniel was hanging by his wrists. Stripped to the waist, his body was a mass of bruises and cuts. The linen pants were stained red.

He'd feared as much. He prayed to his god El, then turned to Casey. "These are the keys Dan'yel touched, that will take us off of this ship," he said, pointing to the quickly sketched symbols.

Shaking with fear, with rage, with anguish, Casey wrapped numb fingers around the thick, yellow paper. Nodded her understanding.

Nutesh hurried across the room. Once again took Daniel from the web, and heaved the wounded man over his shoulder. "We must go."




Ryk'teal had been on his way back to the 'training room', one which he'd heard referred to more often as the torture chamber. He grinned maliciously. It was one in the same to him. What he witnessed surprised him. Angered him. Delighted him. Ba'al would be most interested to know just who was betraying him!




O'nan was waiting, pacing worriedly when the three entered the room at a run. Casey darted toward the DHD as soon as her eyes lit upon it, and trembling fingers pressed the keys. Time seemed to stand still as the inner circle spun, locking each chevron into place. The 'whoosh' that signaled that the event horizon had been established filled the room.

Daniel groaned, tried to move, only to find that for some reason he was hanging upside down. He ached. No, it was more than that. He hurt like hell!

Nutesh put the injured man on his feet. He wasn't certain that Dan'yel could stand alone, so he remained close by. O'nan stood on the other side of the man whom Lady Casey loved. He would protect him as fiercely as he did the woman who gave him the hope of freedom. The two men exchanged a look when Daniel sank to his knees. Putting their arms around his waist, they gently helped him stand, pulled his arms over their shoulders, holding his wrists above broken hands as carefully as possible, allowing him to lean heavily upon them.

The prisoners and the Jaffa hurried toward the glowing ring.

"Shol'va!" The word was punctuated by the sound of a staff weapon charging.

Casey turned to stare into the cold, dark eyes of Ba'al's first Prime.

"I knew you were involved in freeing him!" Ryk'teal spat.

"Gee, figured it out all by yourself, did you? Color me impressed. Let's go," she said to her companions.

"Halt! I will fire!" Ryk'teal moved closer to the group that stood in front of the gate.

"Keep moving," Casey said firmly.

The sound of the staff blast echoed in the room. She turned just enough to see that the impact had literally beheaded the victim. She began to scream. The men, still linked with their arms around one another, staggered slightly...then, propelled by the force of the body falling, they stumbled into the event horizon. Shanda grabbed Casey's arm and yanked her into the watery blue surface.

The event horizon hissed closed. Ryk'teal stood staring. His life was forfeit, when Ba'al learned whom had just escaped. At least he'd had the satisfaction of killing one of them.


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