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Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter 8

Shanda prepared the tray carefully.  She had liberally sprinkled the meat with an herb mixture, three of which would render Ba'al unconscious in a matter of an hour or so after ingesting them. She whispered as much to Casey.

Casey continued to gather her own food; it would have appeared suspicious to the other slaves, and to Ba'al, if she suddenly allowed the slave who hated her to bring her food. The slender blonde glanced around the room. It was empty, save her and the young slave. "Do you know where I can get more ker'nish'ta?"

"The priests always have a supply," was the soft reply.

"I don't suppose you get your hands on a few vials, could you?"

"I will do my best."

"Thanks. See you later!" With a wink, Casey carried her own tray toward the chambers where she'd be forced to keep Ba'al company, until he passed out. She sat down at the table, picked at the pieces of fruit she'd chosen. Shanda had promised to take the food that she'd prepared for Daniel as soon as possible. She hoped it would be soon, he had to be starving by now!

Ba'al entered the room, watched her toy with her food for a few moments. He'd contacted Ryk'teal, demanding so see the prisoner, only to be told that the man was still within the sarcophagus. It seemed that his First Prime had been rather...enthusiastic...in his training. It didn't matter. As soon as the Tau'ri was healed, he'd suffer the same, again. Only from his hand, this time. He'd see the man broken, and then drop the slave at the feet of his Consort. She'd see once and for all who she belonged to!

Casey remained silent. Refused to look at him as he took off the robe he wore over his shirt and pants. Averted her eyes when he began to undress.

"There is no need for such coyness, Beloved," Ba'al said, charmed at the flush that colored her pale cheeks.

"Right," she said, sarcastically.

"You pleased me very much last night," he said softly.

She choked on the bite of mango she'd popped into her mouth. "I'm just overjoyed."

"Did you not find pleasure in my arms?"

"The only man who pleases me, who knows how to please me, is Daniel," she retorted. And he was going to be doing so in just a little bit, if the damned snake would just sit down and eat!

His eyes flashed, but he said nothing. He pulled another robe over his naked body. Sat down and poured a chalice of wine. He offered her a glass, not surprised when she refused, as she always did. "Tonight, we shall be together again," he said, looking pointedly at the bed.

Dream on, snakeface, she thought irritably. "So you're into rape, are you?"

"I have not raped you! Nor do I intend to!"

"Slice it however you want, snakeface. If one party isn't willing, it's rape."

"You were willing last night."

"Because you drugged me!" The words were out before she could stop them. Okay, how far could she stretch this little white lie?

Ba'al frowned. He couldn't remember specific details...which was rather odd...he smiled. Of course. He'd used a bit of the love potion that Balathu had given him. If he'd taken it as well, drinking the same drugged wine, in order to convince her to drink her fill...that explained the headache..."You came to me of your own accord, Beloved. Held nothing back as we made love."

His imagination must have been working overtime, she thought giddily. So far, so good. She'd seen him glance at the carafe of wine, frown slightly. She sighed. "Well, if you're going to drug me, might as well get it over with. The less I remember, the better."

She must have seen him put the potion in the wine, he thought. Better for her to think that he'd not do so again. "I have no need to use drugs on you, Beautiful One," he replied.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that snakeface! And would you eat, damn it! I really do want to make love tonight! With my Husband, she thought, her heart fluttering with the knowledge that soon, very soon, she'd be with Daniel. "Since when?" she snapped.

He shook his head. "As much as I love the fire that burns in you, I weary of your constant struggle against me."

She looked up at him. Was taken aback by what looked like hurt in his eyes. "Oh...well...I..." she stammered. "I'm tired of fighting you. Let me go home, Ba'al. Let me return to my Husband, the only man I love, the only man I will ever love."

"I love you, Casey," he said softly. "And soon, you will love me as well."

"You seem pretty sure of yourself," she taunted.

"I have the means to make you understand that you belong to me, that you are my Consort."

He was speaking, no doubt, of Daniel. He still believed Daniel to be in that torture chamber. She frowned. Felt the first 'information dump' she'd experienced in almost a month. Ba'al had every intention of breaking Daniel, turning him into a mindless drone. And then dropping him - broken, beaten, his memories gone - at her feet. As proof of his power over her. For one brief moment she was nearly overwhelmed by feelings of anguish. Daniel's all right, her brain told her. He's waiting for you, her heart told her. She sighed. "No matter what you do, I will always love Daniel. You can't force someone to love you, Ba'al. The harder you try, the more that person will hate you."

For the third time his name left her lips. It was not, however, a declaration of love. His frown matched hers. She was stubborn. And wild. There was always the possibility that seeing her husband broken, a mere slave, would lead her to do something drastic...no! He couldn't allow it! He'd speak to Ryk'teal in the morning. He wanted the Tau'ri killed, and the body disposed of immediately, lest Casey find out that he'd been on board the ship.

Casey picked a bit more at the food on the tray. As she had hoped, Ba'al began to eat as well. She was glad she'd always refused whenever he'd offered her meat from his tray. The tidbits she snuck when he wasn't looking kept her going.

"I wish for you to do something for me," Ba'al said, when he'd finished his meal. He sipped slowly at his wine.

"And that would be?"

"I wish to observe you as you bathe."

"You what?" Casey squeaked, her eyes wide with disbelieve. She'd had every intention of showering before sneaking away to see her Husband.

"You will bathe. And I will watch you."

So the snake was a voyeur, eh? Okay, this could work to her advantage. If he only wanted to watch, it would keep him from getting grabby. And give that stuff Shanda had put on his food time to work. But she couldn't give in...not easily. Not without making him suspicious. "Yeah, dream on."

"It is a simple thing."

"To you! I belong to Daniel! He's the only one I'll be putting on any little shows for! You want to watch a woman take a bath, go visit your harem! I'm sure one of them would be more than happy to indulge your sick, twisted fetish!"

Brown eyes glowed. "You will do this for me."

"Or what? You'll kill me? Go for it!" she hissed.


Oh, goddess! Who knew that Goa'uld could do the 'sad puppy dog eyes' thing? She shuddered visibly. The only man who could pull that off, tug at her heart strings...get his way...was Daniel. "No," she said quietly.

"I ask you, as a man in love asks the woman of his affections."

Geez Louise! If he started spouting poetry, she was going to be ill! Pass out, damn you! With a sigh of resignation, she nodded. Tossed the cloth napkin onto the table. She tried to ignore the fact that his robe was mostly open. And that he was becoming aroused. The only man she wanted to see sporting a hard-on for her was Daniel! She moved slowly toward the bathroom. Ba'al followed eagerly.

She thought about the time in the cavern, when she'd dropped the soaking wet robe that had been her only covering. Of making love in front of who knew how many people on the altar in that same cavern. Both times, Daniel had been there, holding her, protecting her. Fingers trembling, she unfastened the hooks that held the gown together, gasped when she felt his fingers push hers away. Felt him slowly, very slowly push the straps from her shoulders. The gown slid to the floor. She kept her eyes lowered when his hands slowly...gently...turned her to face him.

"Exquisite," he breathed.

She sat down on the side of the gold-leaf bathtub, her back towards him. It never ceased to amaze her that there was hot and cold running water on a spaceship!

Ba'al opened one of the cabinets, rummaged through several flasks that sat on the shelf. Chose one and handed it to her.

She pulled the stopper from the top of the bottle, added a generous amount, hoping for a mountain of bubbles. She sniffed. Honeysuckle. It smelled like honeysuckle. Not looking at him, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, she slid into the water.

"Beautiful," he said softly. His body was ready for her. She would relax, and he would join her, take her in the comfort of the warm water. He wanted to make certain that their pleasure was prolonged. As aroused as he was...perhaps a bit of relief before he slid into the water beside her. "Shanda!"

Casey flinched. She had no idea if the slave was in anywhere nearby. Nor did she know exactly why he wanted her. To watch her wash his consort, perhaps?


"Yes, My Lord?"

She sighed with relief when the young woman stepped into the room. Refused to look at her, fearing that neither of them would be able to hide their true feelings.

The Goa'uld eased back on the stool where he sat, motioned with one hand. The slave immediately dropped to her knees. He moaned softly when the soft, warm mouth began to work his aching flesh.

She wanted to scream. How could he do that? The sudden realization that he had every intention of having both of them in his bed flooded her mind. He'd watch as Shanda 'prepared' her. Then he'd take her, get his rocks of, and make the slave finish the job, making certain that she cried out with pleasure. She was certain there were other things he wanted to do as well. But that was all she could see clearly.

"Wash yourself, Casey. Prepare yourself for me," he gasped.

Shaking, hatred burning once again in her eyes, she obeyed. But only because she wanted to be especially clean for Daniel! What would Ba'al do if she encouraged him? Would those herbs move through his system more quickly? So he'll pass the fuck out! "Does she please you, Ba'al?"

His eyes flew open. He couldn't see her hand, but her arm was moving rhythmically. He had no idea she was really just washing. "Not as much as you do when you make love to me in this manner."

"Take your time, Shanda," Casey said, wondering just when she'd given the snake a blowjob. Shit! While he'd been training me as a slave! How many times? She forced the sickening thought from her mind. And silently begged the young slave's forgiveness. She'd apologize as soon as the Goa'uld was asleep. "Long, steady strokes."

Shanda was confused. Had Lady Casey fallen in love with Ba'al after all? She was able to glance over at the slender blonde. The look of unease in those green eyes reassured her. She nodded subtly. This was part of the Lady's plan.

"Yes," Ba'al sighed.

The young slave began to choke. It seemed that Ba'al had been closer than either of them had realized. And he passed out at the same time he began coming. When his head hit the wall behind him, both women stared at him for several long moments.

Casey grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her shivering frame. "I'm so sorry! I just thought-"

"Do not fear, My Lady. Pleasuring Ba'al is...was...one of my duties."

Her eyes went wide. "You mean...he...he expected you...and...ooo! I am so gonna kill him! But I'm cutting his dick off first!"

She didn't understand all of the threat, only that Lady Casey was furious at what Ba'al had expected from his lo'taur. Did the Lady not understand, it was the life of a slave? There was no other choice than to obey, no matter what the command. She shook herself mentally. "We must move him to the bed. He will sleep for several hours. I will remain here to insure that he is not disturbed."

"Thank you," Casey whispered.

It took the two women ten minutes to have Ba'al actually in the bed. "You must finish preparing yourself for your Husband," Shanda said, smiling shyly.

Her smile lit up the room. "I suppose so. Oh, Shanda, you don't know what this means to me!"

The young slave looked at the man who lay snoring on the bed. "Yes," she said softly, "I do."

"He wasn't worthy of your love," Casey said immediately, instinctively.

"No, he wasn't." It was an admission that surprised her. Shanda pulled herself straight and tall. "Perhaps I will meet a man who will be worthy."

"I'm sure you will," Casey replied. If you haven't already, she thought, Nutesh's face flashing through her mind.

"Your Husband awaits," Shanda said, pushing the slender blonde toward the bathroom

Rinsed of all of the soap residue, her skin covered with the oil that Shanda had provided, her hair dried and brushed until it shimmered, Casey pulled the emerald gown over her naked body. It was a bitch to climb around in, but she was certain Daniel would like it.

"Be careful," Shanda whispered, as Casey pulled herself into the ventilation shaft.

"I will be. Knock him over the head if you have to," Casey grinned.

The young slave giggled. "I gave him more than enough passionflower and Valeriana to make him remain unconscious for most of the night."


"When mixed with other herbs, it is a very effective sleep aid," Shanda explained.

"I'll believe you. Thank you."

"You have already thanked me. Now, go!"

With a smile of sheer excitement, Casey disappeared into the shaft.

Shanda wandered back into the main room of the Goa'uld's private chambers. Stared at the man who lay unconscious on the bed. She'd been the one to sleep at his side for so long...until he had met Lady Casey. She was ashamed of the things she'd thought, had wanted to do. The things she'd done. Lady Casey had proven to care more about her in the short time she'd been here, than Ba'al had done since she had become his lo'taur. Lady Casey had opened her eyes to what a...monster...Ba'al truly was. And Lady Casey was offering something she'd never dreamed possible...something she'd stopped wishing for so long ago she'd forgotten...freedom!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Nutesh had checked on him, bringing more water. He'd managed to bathe, and put on the clothes Shanda had given him. The young slave had brought him food, and he'd eaten, knowing that Casey would be forced to share a meal with Ba'al. A thought that had his blood burning. He was pacing anxiously in the dark room, knowing by now the exact location of each crate and box. He rubbed his hands together, fighting the nervous energy that flowed through him.

When he heard the now familiar sound of rustling coming from the vent above him, he turned on the lantern. And gripped the zat that Nutesh had been kind enough to bring. "Hey gorgeous," he grinned, when Casey stuck her head into the room.

"Hey, handsome." She clambered the last few feet of the shaft, accepted his help as she stretched one leg toward the crates.

He could barely wait until her feet were on the floor before he was hugging her. "You're okay?"

"I am now," she sighed.

"I was going crazy," he whispered against her hair, holding her tightly. "I was so afraid for you."

"I'm okay. I kept trying to find a way to get a message to the SGC, but even if I could have gotten to one of the computers, which I can't, I wouldn't know how to work it."

"Does Ba'al know I've escaped?"

"No, not yet," she replied. "But his First Prime knows. He's been looking for you. He's as cruel as Ba'al, and he won't give up. Which means we have to find a way to get the hell of off this ship!"

"Nutesh - very nice fellow, by the way," Daniel said with a smile, "told me that he's going to do a bit of 'looking around'. Something seems to have caught his attention. He wouldn't tell me what it was, but he seemed excited about it, and said it might be our way off."

She frowned. "I haven't seen Nutesh since we brought you here yesterday. I can't just go looking for him. Well, I suppose I could, but we all need to just lay low."

"For now, it seems there isn't anything we can do," he admitted.

Casey pressed her body against his. "Oh, I don't know. I can think of a thing or two."

Daniel smiled as she carefully undressed him, pushing the linen shirt from his shoulders slowly, pushing the pants down until they fell to the floor, the emerald green of her eyes darkening as he stepped out of them. His breath caught in his throat when he watched her push the satin ribbons down her arms, then allowed the silk gown to puddle onto the floor at her feet. The soft glow of the lantern gave her skin a golden hue, and he gasped slightly at how beautiful she looked, naked, waiting for him...wanting him. Before he knew what she was doing, before he could protest, she was on her knees in front of him; taking the erection that had been growing from the moment he saw her beautiful face smiling at him, into her hand. He moaned, deep within his chest, when he felt her mouth close around him.

Watching Shanda pleasure Ba'al had affected her more than she wanted to admit. Had made her hungry to taste Daniel, to feel the velvet and steel of his warm length in her hands and mouth. She was starving for him, and ran her tongue over him again and again, until his shaft was wet, and he was throbbing gently.

It took Herculean effort, but he managed to pull away from her. "Light off," he gasped. "Let me lay down before you make me collapse."

With a giggle, Casey continued to stroke and lick at him as he settled back onto his 'bed'. Took him as deep into her mouth as she could while he turned the lantern off. The light stone glowed softly on the floor beside them.

He filled his hands with long, blonde silk. Safe! She was safe and that bastard hadn't hurt her and...oh, god that feels good! He had a feeling he knew what she was doing. She wanted him to come, so that they could take their time making love. She understood that a few days without her and he was climbing the walls, even with the Hathor-gene serum to prevent him from suffering withdrawal from her sweet honey. It had been a good a thing the birth control shots she received had caused her to stop having periods...he was able to indulge his need for her daily. He thought again about that sweet honey, and his mouth began to water, his body to shake with need.

She moved her hand and her mouth in concert, long strokes that kept him throbbing with each caress. She teased the head with her tongue, then re-established the rhythm that would send him soaring. He tasted so good...it had been so long...she tried to take more of him into her mouth, shook her head from side to side, listen with absolute glee as he moaned again.

His hips were moving upward to greet her each time she moved down. Her hair tickled his belly and his thighs as she rushed him toward the precipice. He couldn't help but moan a third time when he felt his cock slide deeper, rub against the back of her throat. She was determined to having him coming, he thought, just as she began to swallow. His belly began to clench, then roll, as that white hot feeling of absolute pleasure shot up his spine, tingled in the back of his skull, dropped into his stomach before racing into his balls and up his cock. "Oh, god!"

Still the champ, she thought, grinning to herself. She took down everything he gave her, relishing that warm white love as it poured down her throat. Her hands continued to gently caress him, she tenderly licked him clean, before moving up to settle at his side. "Better?"

"Hell, yes," he grinned.

"I think now you'll be able to make love...without having to rush," she added playfully.

"I do believe that's possible," he replied, still grinning into the darkness. He eased his arm around her shoulders, sighed happily when she settled as close as she could get to him. It didn't matter that they were hiding in a storage room on a Goa'uld mothership. It didn't matter that in an hour or so she'd have to return to Ba'al's chambers. They were together. She was safe. That was all that mattered at this moment.

"I love you," she whispered.

He tightened his arm around her. "Love you, too, Angel."



"I have a really, really bad itch."

Daniel rolled to his side, putting her on her back. "Sounds uncomfortable."

"It is...very."

"Let's see if I can do something to make you...not uncomfortable."

"I'd be ever so grateful if you could," she whispered.



His lips claimed hers, his tongue playing out the combination that allowed him access to her warm, sweet mouth. When she opened to him, he pushed in...gently, giving as much as he took, wanting to offer her the comfort, the reassurance that he knew she needed. Nothing had happened, her eyes had told him that much. But she'd still feel guilty for being held at Ba'al's side as his consort. He didn't want to think about what that meant, what she was forced to endure.

All that she needed to make her world right, she had in that moment. Daniel was in her arms, and kissing her so tenderly that it brought tears to her eyes. When he retreated, offering her a chance to taste him, touch him, she eagerly accepted the invitation, tracing his lips with her tongue before pushing into his mouth.

Best damned kisser in the universe, he thought, as she drove him crazy with her shy caresses, then her bold demands. Her fingertips were moving over and over his jaw, caressing him, the fingers of her other hand already beginning to curl in his hair. God, he so loved that!

When he moved his lips from hers, began to trail kisses along her jaw, she knew that soon he'd have her flying among the stars. She could only hope that no one could...or would...hear her. Daniel claimed to love it when she 'sang her love to him'. Tonight, she thought, perhaps she should skip that particular performance. If she could. She lifted her chin, offering him greater access to her throat, shivered when he began to nip gently at her.

She tasted good. She smelled good. And she felt so damned good! His hands were already caressing her breasts, his fingers curled around those soft, firm curves, the pads of his thumbs teasing her nipples as they hardened.

His touch was exactly what she wanted, what she craved. She was safe in his arms, and the fire that had been burning in her all day, her need for him, would soon be quenched. When he began to kiss his way to her breasts, she sighed softly.

He grinned against her skin. Every sigh, every time she shivered and wiggled and arched toward him, sent his heart soaring.

"Only you," she whispered.

"Only me," he replied. "Mine," he said firmly, before taking an erect pink nipple into his mouth.

"Yours," she sighed, arching against him. Fingers of pleasure danced up and down her spine, fanning the flames that burned within her, that seemed to be concentrated between her thighs.

He took his time. It had been over two weeks, perhaps longer...he wasn't exactly sure how long he'd been on the ship before she'd found him...but it had been too long since he'd greeted his beauties, made love to his Wife. She'd made certain that he'd be able to take his time, make love to her the way he liked...preferred...to do. Taking her slowly up the side of the mountain, holding her at the very edge until she could wait no longer, and then letting her fly. He kissed and licked his way from one taut peak to the other. He pulled away just far enough to speak. "Did ya miss me, my sweet beauties?"

She couldn't help but giggle. "Very much," she replied. "The girls always miss your attention when they don't get it."

"Glad to hear it," he said, before beginning to suckle in earnest. Her soft, low moan of assent had his cock twitching in response. Her body pressed up against him, her back arched completely off the soft blanket that served as his bed. He wrapped his hands around her slender waist, gently forced her to relax.

She could feel the tremors in his shoulders. He'd been too long denied, and though she was thoroughly enjoying his attention, she wanted more...wanted the intimate kisses that would send her soaring. "Please," she whispered.

"What, Angel? What do you want?"

She put her hands on his shoulders, applied gentle pressure. Let her legs fall open completely. "Please," she whispered again.

Oh, god, what she could do to him! He allowed her to push him down toward paradise, stopping long enough to tease her belly button, tug on that tiny platinum ring. She was so aroused now she was almost gasping with each breath. That sweet, tantalizing scent rose to greet him. Made him shiver with delight...with need.

When he settled between her thighs, she gave a little whimper of approval. Her body tensed as she waited for the first of the kisses that would ultimately send her on the first flight of the night. Her fingers were in his hair, clenching tightly, her hips pointed upward with anticipation.

"Mine," he whispered. Felt her jerk when his tongue moved from the top of her folds to that sweet, warm opening.


Oh, hell yes! She hadn't been joking when she said she had an itch! He traced every soft, swollen fold, let the tip of his tongue flick over her hard little nub, then worked his way back down to her well. The honey was flowing, and he needed...wanted...all that she could give him. When he pushed his tongue into her she moaned softly again, and rewarded him with a flood of sweet nectar.

She could feel his body shake as he quenched his thirst, as he took from her what only she could give him. She sighed his name when he began to tease her, taking her so close to the edge of the cliff that she could feel the breeze blowing against her.

It was time to let her fly. He wrapped his mouth around her, pulled that swollen little bundle of nerves between his teeth and flickered his tongue over it. Her thighs quivered. That beautiful little whimper filled her throat, and built up into an aria of love. Never willing to waste a drop, he slid down and licked at her convulsing well until her hips finally relaxed against the blanket, and he could find no more of her sweet honey.

"I want you inside me," she whispered.

With a groan of delight, Daniel slid up, and buried his aching shaft in her warm, welcoming body, felt her well close around him like a fist. "Oh, yeah," he sighed.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, drew him closer. "I love that feeling," she whispered.

"Me, too," he replied. He began to move slowly, starting the dance of love that would send them both spiraling into the heavens.

Casey tugged his shoulders, wanting to feel him closer, needing his weight to make his presence real. "Are you really here?" she asked softly.

He gently nipped her shoulder. "I'm really here. Are you?"

Just as he had done, she nipped at his shoulder. "I'm really here."

"Good." He pressed his face against her hair. "You smell so good."

"You feel so good," she responded.

Her hips were pressing up against his, meeting him step for step. He began to grind against her, feeling the resulting shiver in her slender body. She was making those soft little noises that always turned him on so. When he felt her thighs begin to quiver, he began to nibble her throat, listened happily as that whimper filled it. "Let go, babe...give it to me. Let me hear you sing," he whispered.

Lights were flashing behind her closed eyelids, colors were twirling, her body felt as if it were suspended in the clouds, just waiting for the explosion that would send her into orbit. Daniel pushed, thrusting deep, grinding his hips against hers. She pushed back, rubbed up and down against him, and felt that exquisite feeling rush to the core of her being before setting off the climax she had been reaching for. Her moan filled the air around them, rising slowly as she sang her aria of love.

Her body clutching, pulling at him, convulsing around him was enough to set off his own release, and he cried out her name as he pulsed hard and fast, pouring his love into her. He collapsed, felt her arms and legs tighten around him.

"My Lady?" a soft voice whispered from above them.

"Shit!" Casey murmured against his shoulder. No doubt the young slave had heard their cries of passion. "What?" she answered.

"Ba'al stirs, My Lady. O'nan waits, prepared to follow you as you pace."

"Smart thinking. I'll be right there," Casey replied. "Where's that lantern? I need to get dressed," she whispered.

He pulled away from her, disappointed that they wouldn't be allowed to hold one another in the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking. His fingers searched for and found the lantern, turned it up slowly. He grabbed his pants and pulled them on, watched as Casey slid the dress over her head. It struck him at that moment that she wasn't wearing underwear. "Commando, eh?"

"Only for tonight...for you. I usually wear my panties," she replied.

He grinned. "I can live with that."

"My Lady, please, we must hurry!" Shanda's voice insisted.

Daniel helped her climb up into the shaft, giving her a swift kiss before she did so. "Be careful, Angel."

"I will be. Love you."

"Love you, too." He watched her disappear into the darkness. His body was satiated. His heart was relieved at finding her, and learning that no harm had come to her. His mind worried about the dangers that they both faced, and the monumental task of getting off of a ship in the middle of nowhere. He stretched out on the blanket, still warm from her body, the scent of her surrounding him completely. He turned off the lantern, and drifted to sleep.




Shanda led the way through the shaft, to a place Casey didn't know existed. O'nan was waiting nervously. "You must pace, My Lady."

Casey nodded her understanding. "I have an idea. I think he was planning to take me to bed, and then eventually having you join us."

The young slave's eyes went wide. There'd been numerous times when one or two of the women from the harem had joined her and her Master. She'd never believed he'd expect the same thing from his Consort! "Whatever you say is the truth, I will say it also," she promised.

She squeezed the young slave's hand. "Hurry, get back to his chambers before he fully wakes up. Tell him I was pissed off and left...umm...angry," she clarified when Shanda frowned.

"I will do as you say," Shanda replied. She squeezed Casey's hand in return, then slipping like a shadow behind the support beams, hurried down the corridor.

She looked up at the Jaffa who stood patiently. "We've put you in a very difficult position."

"Not as difficult as you would believe. I have...questioned...my heart for many months. You, My Lady, have offered the answers I sought," he said quietly.

"You'll like Bra'tac," she said softly.

"I have not heard of this man," O'nan admitted.

"He's the leader of the Free Jaffa."

O'nan smiled. "I look forward to meeting him."




Ba'al opened his eyes. Shanda was cowering in the corner. Casey was nowhere to be seen. "Where is she?" he demanded roughly.

"She paces, My Lord," Shanda replied.

With a growl, he pulled his robe around his body, and nearly ran out the door. He was putting a stop to this, right now. He was tired of watching her...tired of seeing her push herself to exhaustion, in an effort to avoid being with him, sitting at his side. She was his! He'd taken her...he frowned slightly. She was upset...why? The last thing he remembered was watching her pleasure herself as Shanda sucked him to his first release...it was the first, wasn't it? He was certain he'd made love to her again...and then he'd called for Shanda to join them...ah. Yes. He supposed it was a bit early in the relationship to expect her to allow such things, to submit to such things.

Casey nearly ran into the Goa'uld as she turned the corner. "Get out of my way!" she hissed angrily. Damned bastard! If he'd just stayed unconscious longer, she would've had more time with Daniel! Damned inconsiderate son-of-a-bitch!

"I wished to apologize," Ba'al said softly, sincerely.

She looked up at him. Into brown eyes full of love. Shuddered slightly. "A bit late for that. You want two women, you take your sorry ass to the harem. In fact, I don't give a shit what you do there, as long as you leave me the hell alone!"

He grabbed her arm as she started to push past him, jerked her close. He could smell the scent of their lovemaking on her skin, it surrounded her like a sweet perfume. "I am your god!"

"You're a parasite! And I hate you!"

Stunned, the words hurting in a way he'd never expected, Ba'al let her go when she pulled free, watched her run down the corridor. He nodded at the Jaffa who stood uncertainly. Listened to the clank of the armor as the guard followed the distraught woman. It had been days since she'd uttered those particular words. She'd spoken his name, several times, had actually called him to her side, her green eyes speaking for her, telling him that she wished to be with him. In one careless moment of lust, he'd shattered the fragile relationship he'd been so carefully building with her.

He was Ba'al. The greatest of all Goa'uld. A god to mere humans. He could force her to submit to his whims, his pleasure. But that was not what he wanted. Not with Casey. She was beautiful...so strong, yet so delicate. He ached to protect her. He shook his head. After he'd slept, he'd begin again. He wouldn't force himself on her, although, after having experienced her, it would be more difficult than ever. She would see - from his gentle, considerate treatment of her - just how much he loved her, the esteem in which he held her.

Shanda waited anxiously in the chambers of the man she had once called her god. She was still a slave. He was her Master. But he was no god. She jumped slightly when he walked into the room, his shoulders slumped wearily.

"You are free to go to your own chambers," he said quietly.

"Yes, My Lord."


The young slave turned, waited for him to continue.

"She was very angry when I called you."

"Yes, My Lord, she was."

He nodded. "Go. Leave me."

With a sigh of relief, Shanda slipped into the corridor. She must find Lady Casey, to make certain her responses had been the correct ones.

He dropped onto the bed. His thoughts were full of Casey, and how he'd go about making up his lack of good judgment to her. He'd never once considered that she'd object...too accustomed to having slaves in his bed. Women who did what he demanded, not because they loved him, but because it was their duty to please him. A woman of such passion, such fire, would not, and should not be treated like a common harem whore. No, if he was going to call Casey his Consort, he would have to treat her as such. It had been a very long time since he'd had a woman in his life worthy of such effort. All thoughts of the Tau'ri for whom she still pined were pushed back as he worried about undoing the damage he'd done to his 'marriage'.




He was writhing with impatience. How much longer could the feeble human struggle against him? Had his arrogance not been as great as it was, the strength of the young seer might have given him pause. He might have reconsidered his plan for capturing her, and holding her indefinitely, far away from the plane of mortal existence, where her gift would allow her to protect The One. But his arrogance was great. And he was certain of his success. His only difficulty, it seemed, was getting the little bitch to the astral plane. One search, Little One, he thought irritably, and you are mine! You cannot wait much longer...you feel me calling to you. Answer me, Little One!


A  A  A  A  A  A


General Hammond hung up the phone. He'd always followed the orders handed down by his superiors. No matter how much he might have disagreed with them. Or how much he understood, or didn't understand, the need for the orders. "Walter, call all SG team personnel to the 'gate room," he sighed. None of the people working under him, the team members of the SGC, were going to be pleased. He wouldn't be surprised to find a dozen or so requests for transfer on his desk in the hours after the impromptu meeting. Nor would he blame those who made those requests.

Walter Harriman hurried to make the announcement. He'd worked for General Hammond for years, and understood the man as well as anyone. Something was wrong. The general wasn't at all happy. Which could translate into stress for those working with, and for him.

"All SG team members to the 'gate room. All SG team members to the 'gate room. This is an order from General Hammond. All SG team members to the 'gate room."

Jack opened his eyes, stared at the ceiling of the infirmary. Okay, he felt just fine...his kids? In an instant the events of the past weeks crashed into his consciousness. "Crap," he muttered, both hands going to his eyes, rubbing them with the heels of his palms.

The announcement over the base intercom roused Sam and Teal'c. "What's going on?" Sam asked, pulling her BDU pants on as quickly as she could.

"Not a clue," Jack replied.

"Perhaps there is news of Daniel Jackson and Casey Jackson," Teal'c suggested, shoving his feet into the boots that waited beside the bed.

"Don't know that the general would call everyone down for that," Jack muttered. He had a feeling that whatever it was, he wasn't going to like it. Not at all.

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