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Family Reunion


Chapter 13

Sam waited until they were in Jack's truck before turning to face Rachel, as much as she could. "Okay, here's the deal...you're Major Rachel Tyler. You've just transferred to Cheyenne Mountain. You went to Janet...Doctor Fraiser...for a bad cold and cough. She suggested-" Sam glanced at her notes. "She prescribed an OTC cough suppressant. You came in this morning still not feeling well. So she's doing a chest x-ray to make sure you don't have pneumonia."

Rachel nodded.

"This is your dd2807-1."

The dark haired woman accepted the folder. "What's it for?"

"Medical history. Janet will need that for her paperwork."


"Multiple forms, in triplicate, military style," Jack said, tossing a grin to his sister in the rear view mirror.

"Don't worry, as soon as we're finished, I'll hack into the system and delete every trace of our...um...your...visit...to the hospital," Sam promised.

"You can do that?" Rachel asked, eyes wide.

"With her eyes closed," Jack replied proudly.

"I'm not sure about that," Sam murmured. She pointed to the folder. "The...the device that will be used has already been...moved...to the x-ray lab," Sam continued. "Janet said she'll have to give you a bit of a sedative, to keep you from moving."


Sam glanced at Jack. Took a deep breath. "This...device...is...um...experimental. It's been used successfully in medical treatments before, but it's not...it will be years before the safety protocols will pass the civilian sector to be used there."

"Just what does this...'device'...do?"

Another glance at the man beside her. Another deep breath. "It's an experimental type of laser. It's been programmed to recognize anomalous cells...cancer cells. It's proven to be very...accurate."

"Rach, you can say no. But what have you got to lose?"

She remained quiet for a moment.

"My kids are risking their necks for you, literally. Treason can still result in hanging," Jack said quietly.

"Jack says there's a form I have to sign," Rachel said to Sam.

"A confidentiality contract," Sam nodded. Another piece of paper that would be shredded and then burned in Janet's fireplace.

"Should I sign that now?"

Sam smiled. "Janet has it with her. As soon as we get there. Oh, try to memorize that social security number. That will be the first thing the admitting nurse will ask for."

"Open the folder. The dd2807-1 is paper-clipped to front," Jack said. "Just try not to look like you're reading the number off."

"Why would they want that, rather than my name?"

Sam's smile turned to a grin. "The Air Force doesn't care about your name. You're that number to them."

Didn't prisons do the same thing to inmates? Give the convicts a number that they were referred by, rather than their name? "How charming," Rachel said dryly.

She sounds exactly like Mark, Sam thought. She gave the woman another tight smile. "I know that your doctor is going to want to know what happened. All you have to do is tell him that your brother is in the Air Force, you were offered a chance to participate in an experimental treatment, you agreed, and that you're not allowed to discuss any of the details of that treatment."

"Which is the truth," Rachel said.

"Best to stick with it whenever possible," Sam replied.

She'd be telling Dr. Kulodochuk the honest truth. But not one detail. She glanced at Jack. It was the details that were important. Or...were they?


A  A  A  A  A  A


Janet was waiting in her office on the eighth floor of the hospital. She'd already notified the duty desk that Major Tyler should be arriving, and to call her as soon as she had. She pressed her fingers together. "This must be how you feel when you're on a mission," she said quietly.

Teal'c shifted slightly in the chair beside her desk. "The anticipation of danger is the most worrisome. When we are in the process of carrying out our missions, there is often little time to contemplate what we are doing, or the consequences of our actions. The only things that matter in the heat of the moment are that we succeed, and that we stay alive."

"And when the mission is over?"

He smiled. "Then we have the time to savor our successes."

"I'm so nervous!"

"If Casey Jackson has not foreseen trouble, then there will be none."

She nodded. Jumped slightly when the door opened. Casey and Daniel walked in, trying to behave as if Casey wasn't carrying a Goa'uld device. "You have it?"

Casey nodded.

"Let's go to the lab. You can give it to me there."

"No cameras?"

The diminutive doctor smiled. "Not there. About the only places you'll find security cameras around here are in the waiting rooms, the pharmacy, and the operating theaters."

The slender blonde nodded. "Any word from Jack and Sam?"

"Not yet."

The four headed toward the x-ray lab, passing by the nurse's station and the admitting desk; two nurses, a corpsman, and the airman responsible for checking patients into the hospital barely acknowledged them as they passed. The radiology waiting room was blessedly empty. The group walked straight into the x-ray lab.

Janet looked around. "Be right back," she said softly. Within minutes she returned, pushing a small stainless steel tray on a wheeled cart. There were two folded towels on top of the tray. "Put it here," she said.

Casey dug into her purse, found the small handheld device on the very bottom. She put it on the tray, watched as Janet quickly covered it.

The door to the room swung open. Four heads pivoted as one to stare. "What's going on here?"

All eyes took stock of the newcomer. He was wearing the white lab coat typical of all doctors. A stethoscope was slung around his neck. He looked from one face to the next.

Janet glanced at his tag. "I'm Doctor Fraiser. You must be new here."

"I've been here a couple of weeks," the man replied nonchalantly.

"I'm the CMO at Cheyenne Mountain."

"Doesn't mean anything here," was the response.

"I suggest you brush up on the chain of command for the Cheyenne Military complex," Janet said coolly.

The man smiled. "Well, it really doesn't matter to me. I'm not military. Civilian. Contracted to work here."

"I think you'll find that you do need to know that chain of command," Janet said, using her best 'look'. "Whether or not you're civilian means nothing here. You're required to follow the same rules and regulations...and protocol...in this hospital as the military doctors."

Casey was trying to put herself in front of the tray, moving ever so slightly to do so. Movement not unnoticed by the intruder.

"What's that?" he asked, pointing to the tray, and the slight lump beneath the towel.

"Look, Doctor-" Janet paused, looking at the man's ID badge.

"Brandt. Terrance Brandt."

"Doctor Brandt, there are multiple projects in operation at this facility. Unless you have clearance for them, and since I haven't seen your file come across my desk, you don't, there is nothing here that you need to know about," the petite doctor said coolly.

The doctor's eyes narrowed. "Just what the hell are you doing?"

"If you'd bothered to look at the schedule, I'm getting ready to do an x-ray. The...uh...major...has possible pneumonia. A simple chest picture will tell me that for sure."

Both Casey and Daniel chose that moment to fake a cough. They glanced at each other, then at Janet. Casey continued to cough. "Doctor Fraiser, I really don't feel well. If you need to call security so that I can get the medical treatment I need, I suggest you do so."

"I can deal with the situation, Major," Janet said immediately...and sharply. She turned to Dr. Brandt. "Do I need to call security?"

"No," the doctor mumbled. He looked at each of them again. Obviously not convinced. Then he broke into a grin. "Might want to lock the door, though. If you're going to get...kinky...I have no problems with that. Just don't let the colonel in charge of this place know. He's a pain in the ass." Brandt looked from Daniel to Teal'c and back again, began chuckling. "Yeah, maybe you'd like that though, huh?"

"Get out!" Janet hissed.

"Okay, okay!" Brandt disappeared into the hallway.

Casey's attention went to Daniel. She took note of the look in his eyes. "Don't you dare, Stud Muffin."

Why in the hell did men like that...jerk...always assume he was gay...or bi? Did he give off some sort of vibe or something? He jerked slightly when Casey took hold of his arm.

She wrapped her hands around his face. "Don't let him get to you, Daniel."

"He didn't," he lied smoothly.

"Yes, he did. He's a jerk...he's-"

"Going to be fired as soon as I'm finished here," Janet said firmly. "I'm not CMO for nothing. My word carries a bit of weight around here."

"You can't say anything, Janet," Casey argued. "We can't let anyone know that we were here. Well...it would be best if no one knows. Or very few people know."

Janet snickered. "All I have to say is that I had to examine one of the SGC personnel. Everything connected to that is classified. Colonel Watkins understands that. He won't even ask what I was doing."

"Then why worry about the paperwork for Rachel? Just put down that she's part of the SGC." Daniel said.

"Because she isn't part of the SGC. I can't risk having anyone question who 'Major Tyler' is."

"The paper trail had to lead somewhere to get this set up, or too many questions would be asked." Daniel nodded his understanding. "Let's hope Sam doesn't miss anything."

"She's thorough," Janet replied. Silently praying that her friend would make certain that not one byte of information concerning the fictitious major would remain in the computers.

"The three of you can go to the waiting room," Janet said quietly. "I have to get a couple of things."

"We'll be there," Casey replied. She wrapped her arms around the two men who stood beside her. "Let's go, guys."




Jack led Rachel into the hospital. Walked past the emergency room entrance, toward the back of the large reception room. "Okay, Major, this is where you check in."

Rachel nodded. "I'm Rach...Major Rachel...um...Tyler. I believe I have an appointment."

The airman nodded. "Last four?"

She tossed a glance at Jack. Who looked at the folder in her hand. Last four? What the hell...The last four digits of the social security number had been highlighted in yellow...Oh. She pretended to scratch an itch on her wrist, turning the folder so she could see the typed information. "Seven-four-two-three," she said.

The clack of computers keys was the only sound that filled the air. "Got it. Nine-two-four-five-two-seven-four-two-three."

"That's it," Rachel smiled.

"Okay, I need to see your sick call slip."

Sam nearly panicked. She'd completely forgotten about that necessary little scrap of paper, required for any military personnel who were seen for any medical procedures as a result of reporting to sick call. It had been so long...seven years, she thought wryly...since she'd had to worry about that particular form.

"Major Doctor Fraiser, the CMO of the classified NORAD project SGC, told the major to haul her ass over here," Jack said. "I might be a full bird colonel, and second-in-command, but I can't override her orders when it comes to medical procedures. Not even General Hammond can do that."

"Sir, I need-"

"Son, you're not listening," Jack said patiently. "That little Napoleonic doctor ordered the major to get her butt over here. She did not issue any sick call slips."

"Yes, sir," the airman said, licking his lips nervously.

"Don't worry, son. No one is going to notice the slip is missing," Jack promised.

"Yes, sir. I have orders to call the doctor as soon as the patient arrives."

"Then I suggest you call her. Any idea where the major is supposed to go?"

Sam and Rachel stood by, listened as Jack calmly dealt with the airman.

"Yes, sir. Radiology lab. Down the first corridor, second door on the right."

"Thank you, airman..." Jack made it noticeable that he was looking at the young man's name. "Airman Franks. I'll be sure to let the doc know you hustled us right through."

"Thank you, sir," the young man said, smiling widely.

"Major, let's go."




Casey was pacing the waiting room. Daniel was sitting, but his right leg was bouncing from the pent up nervous energy that filled him. Teal'c was sitting serenely...however his eyes hadn't left the door to the room since he had settled onto the chair he occupied, the only outward sign of his concern.

Sam led the two O'Neill's into the room. "Janet?"

"She said she had to get something, and that she'd be right back," Casey replied.

The blonde major nodded.

Rachel could sense the tension in the air...knew that all of Jack's 'team' was nervous. Because if they get caught doing this, it won't be good, she thought. Looked at each face. Wondered at the respect...the love...that their actions bespoke. They were closer to Jack than she had ever been, and would ever be. The fact that they were risking their freedom, possibly their lives, to help her...for him...proved that. Would she be willing to risk so much for him? To risk everything for him? A few days ago, she would have answered 'of course' to that question. Reality had a way of slapping you in the face with the truth, whether you wanted to face it or not. Reality, she decided, is a bitch.

"Well, the gang's all here!"

Sam smiled when she turned to look at Janet. "So?"

"I need someone to help me with this. Sam, you know more about these laser machines than I do, so if you could monitor it for me..."

"Sure," Sam replied.

Rachel looked at her brother. "Can Jack be there with me?"

Janet smiled. "He can hold your hand, if you'd like."

The dark haired woman nodded. "That would help."

Jack offered his hand to his sister. Who grabbed onto it and held tightly. "Let's go, Rach."

Daniel, Casey and Teal'c watched the four disappear into the x-ray lab. "Well, there they go," Daniel murmured.




Janet led the way into the lab. "I have a form for you to sign. Have Sam and Jack explained that this is experimental, and that as such, it's classified?"

"Yes, they told me."

The small doctor handed Rachel a clipboard. Waited for her to sign it.

Rachel read the form, wondered if she had completely lost her mind. Experimental. As in...the procedure wasn't perfected yet. What if...what if something goes wrong? It won't matter a bit if it does now, will it? What if it works? She signed her name at the bottom, handed the clipboard back to Janet. "Now what?"

Although it wasn't actually necessary, she and Sam had discussed the fact that Rachel was an intelligent woman, and she'd been through enough medical procedures to know what was 'normal', and what wasn't. Janet held up a gown. "I need you to put this on, open in the front. No bra. You can keep your slacks on. When you're ready, we'll put up a curtain similar to what they use during cesarean sections."

The dark haired woman nodded. Glanced around the room.

"Just step into the control room," Janet said. "We'll turn around."

Jack waited until his sister was out of earshot. "Is this totally necessary?"

"If we want her to believe we're using a laser it is," Janet whispered.

"What about that curtain thing?"

"We won't really put that up. There's actually no way to do that. I'll put a drape over her that will give the feeling of a curtain. And don't worry, Colonel, she'll be covered the entire time."

He gave a nod, his relief in his eyes. There was just no way he wanted to see his sister half naked! He gave a mental shudder at the thought.

Clutching the hospital johnny closed, Rachel came back into the room. "I'm ready," she said softly.

"Just make yourself comfortable on the table. Or as comfortable as you can get on that thing," Janet smiled.

Rachel smiled in return. Jack helped her onto the table. Adjusted the pillow beneath her head. "So far this is easy."

Jack chuckled. Nodded toward the doctor, who was approaching with two hypodermic needles. "I knew you wouldn't get out of getting a shot or two. Doc here has a real penchant for needles."

"You have a physical due this month, don't you, Colonel?" Janet asked, one eyebrow raised.

"I'm sure I'd remember something like that," Jack teased. "It's not easy to forget about scheduled torture...er...exams."

"Keep it up, Colonel, and I can invent an injection or two just especially for you."

"No need, Doctor Fraiser. I promise to be on my best behavior."

"Hmmph." She winked at Rachel, who was grinning from ear to ear at the exchange. "I have two injections for you. One is a mild sedative. It won't knock you out, but it will make you more relaxed. That should help you keep your movement to a minimum. The second is a dye that will attach to any abnormal cells. It doesn't take long, just a few minutes. That will make it easier to target the anomalous cells." There really was such a dye, although it was used to make tumors easier to find in MRI scans. She wasn't actually using it, however. "Because we're going to be working with a...um...laser...I'm going to give you these goggles for your eyes. You can't see anything through them, but they'll protect you."

"What about your eyes?" Rachel asked.

"Welder's goggles. We...er...they've found that welder's goggles work fine when operating a laser." Another truth...or at least a half truth. She'd read an article about laser experimentation, and the scientists working with those lasers had mentioned the advantages of using welder's goggles.

The patient nodded. Watched as Janet injected her, noted that the woman had a gentle touch. She wrapped her hand around Jack's. "Thank you. Even if this doesn't work out, thanks for all you've done...all you've been willing to do."

Jack brushed a lock of hair from her face. "It'll work, sis. I promise." He looked up at Sam, who smiled and nodded slightly.

"I'm going to turn the lights down a bit," Janet said. "Go ahead and put the goggles on. Now, you'll probably feel warmth, but that should be all. Nothing uncomfortable. If you do start to feel uncomfortable, or nauseous, or in any way ill, let me know immediately, okay?"

"Okay." Rachel lifted her head, put the strap for the goggles over her hair. Situated them on her face. Janet had been right, she couldn't see a blasted thing. Not, she thought, that she really wanted to watch a laser going into her body! She felt the weight of a cloth on her, just above her breasts. "What about burns or cuts to my skin?"

Janet patted the woman's shoulder. "It's not that kind of a laser. There are various laser spectrums. This laser isn't the type to cut. It penetrates without leaving obvious entry wounds."

"I thought all lasers cut," Rachel replied.

"Not all of them," Sam said. "Some of them are adjusted to operate at certain sound wave frequencies. That's what this does. It disrupts the cells, rather than burns them."

Janet rolled her eyes. Just her luck to get a woman who knew enough to ask questions! "We need to get started, we only have the room for an hour."

"I'm ready," Rachel said softly. Tightened her fingers around her brother's. Felt his gentle squeeze of reassurance in return. Please, let this work, she thought frantically.

Sam slipped the healing device onto her hand. Began to concentrate. Felt the pull of energy from her body as the stone in the center of the device began to glow. This has to work...it just has to!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Janelle had noticed the pictures on the mantle, and was examining each of them. "Gary, she was a beautiful bride."

"Yes, she was. I just wish I'd been there for her big day." He glanced at the cabinet where he knew the couple kept their videos. "I don't think they'd mind if we watched the DVDs of their engagement party and their wedding," he offered.

"Oh, that would be lovely!" Muriel exclaimed.

He knelt down in front of the oak entertainment center. Opened the doors that hid the drawers inside. Started to sort through the DVDs. Pulled out one that had no title on the spine. Glanced at the front of it. That little shit! What the hell did he need a porn flick for? If it bothered Casey, it wouldn't be here, he thought. The thought that it just might belong to his daughter flickered across his mind. He so didn't want to examine that thought too closely! He located the two DVDs he wanted. And determined that he would never mention his...discovery.

He turned on the television, and the DVD player. "Casey told me that their friends set this up, and 'tricked' them into going to O'Malley's that night. She said she'd sensed something, but she hadn't been able to figure out what it was. Seems that she and Janet and Sam had been shopping for her wedding dress and their dresses that day, and she thought it was just a case of nerves and excitement."

Janelle nodded. "She's got quite a gift."

"Yes, she does."

"Comes from your Grandma Franklin."

Gary smiled. "No doubt." He figured Grandma Franklin would be impressed to know just how 'powerful' a seer his daughter was. Maybe because the gift hadn't been 'educated' out of her was the reason it had grown.

He sat with the two elderly women, one Daniel's grandmother, the other his aunt, Casey's great-aunt. Listened as they discussed the engagement party...remarking on the love in the eyes of the couple that danced as if there was no one else in the room. As they oohed and aahed over the wedding. He could tell that Janelle had been impressed. The wedding had been beautiful. Elegant was the word Casey had used. A word that certainly fit.

His eyes filled with tears as he watched General Hammond escort his daughter down the aisle...Daniel watching with a look of awe on his face. Present and future, airman. Present and future.

"Such a beautiful bride," Janelle sighed, wiping tears from her eyes when the DVD ended.

"Yes, she was," Muriel agreed. She was wiping her eyes as well.

Gary excused himself, no way was he going to wipe the tears of anger, of regret, from his eyes in their presence.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Jack watched Sam as she used the device...not sure how it worked...he knew only that it was sucking energy from her. That she was using her own life force, as it were, to heal his sister. Janet had stood observing as well, a frown on her face. He didn't know whether or not to be concerned when she slipped from the room, barely opening the door to do so. Probably, he assumed, to keep Rachel from feeling the movement of air the swinging door would cause.

Janet hurried into the waiting room. "Casey, I need you in there. You're going to have to tell us...Sam...when it's...done."

Casey glanced at Daniel. "Um...I'd have to look...and I'd rather Daniel be there with me."

The doctor smiled, then glanced at Teal'c. "Considering what all of us have risked, and knowing SG-1, I don't think it would be a stretch to think the whole team should be together."

"Now you're talking," Casey smiled.

As soon as the door opened, Jack started to object. Saw Janet shake her head. He clamped his mouth shut.

"We just wanted to see how it was going," Daniel said softly.

"So far so good," Janet replied. Raising an eyebrow in Casey's direction.

Casey stepped in front of Daniel. Wrapped her arms around his neck. Felt his arms go around her waist. She closed her eyes. Centered herself. Felt herself move upward. She looked down at the room...focused on Sam and Rachel, blocking out the slight movements Jack, Teal'c, and Janet made as they waited.


The glow was soft and warm...she could see the slight smile on Rachel's face. It must feel...nice...she thought. Of course, Janet had said something about giving her a bit of a sedative along with the saline that supposedly 'dyed' the cancer cells. It was a good story, really. As long as no one looked too carefully at it. Because if they did it would come unraveled as easily as a knitted scarf with a loose thread.

There weren't many of the black specks now. But that wiggling black thing...

Sam was getting tired. She could sense it. She had no idea how to help her friend. And if this didn't work, well, they'd have taken a huge risk...for which they still might be caught...for nothing.

How could she help Sam? Could she simply 'will' her own strength to her friend? The idea bounced around in her head. Her attention was caught by the glimmer of light against the lens of Daniel's glasses. Power...will...that was it!

She had to let him know...


"Daniel, you have to help Sam," Casey whispered.

"What? How?"

"The cool blue fire. You need to...will...some of it into her."


Casey stared into his eyes, searching for the answer. As it usually happened, the thought...the knowledge...was just...there. She tugged him closer to where Sam stood. Put his hand on her friend's shoulder. Stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear. "Think about the fire. Push it into your hand. Let Sam take what she needs."

He nodded, closed his eyes in concentration.

Hesitant to disturb the woman who held the healing device, knowing that if something wasn't done soon, Sam would collapse from sheer exhaustion, Casey put her hand on the major's other shoulder. Again, stood on tiptoes to whisper into Sam's ear. "Concentrate on Daniel's hand, Sam. How it feels. The weight of it on your shoulder. The warmth you can feel through your sweater."

Sam nodded her understanding. She could feel...something...

"When you feel the heat, just...think...it into the device," Casey whispered again.

Once again Casey closed her eyes. Moved upwards, and looked down on the scene below her.


That damned wiggling black spot! She glanced at Sam, then at Janet. Damn it, she had to stay 'here' to make certain that the device was working. She knew that they would be able to hear her. The problem was, so would Rachel.

She took a deep breath. "Janet, according to the...um...scanner...monitor...thingy...um..." She paused. "Move down about three inches. Concentrate there."

Sam nodded again, understanding that Casey had been trying to keep up the illusion that Janet was using a laser device. She slowly moved her hand.

"Right there!"


The drain was almost more than she could take. Sam felt as if every ounce of energy was being sucked from her body. She struggled to do what Casey had instructed her to do...

There was a sudden sensation of warmth on her shoulder. Daniel's hand felt unusually hot, even with the barrier of the sweater between his hand and her skin. The pull of energy had shifted; rather than coming from her center...it felt as if it came directly from her chest...the energy was flowing into her shoulder, down her arm, straight into the healing device.

The glow from the healing device grew brighter. No one knew if that was a good thing, a dangerous thing, or nothing to worry about. Nervous glances were exchanged between those not concentrating on the task at hand.


Stop wiggling, you damned disgusting thing, Casey thought. She paced above her Husband and best friend as they continued to concentrate their will, their power, into the device, and that healing power flowed into the woman laying on the narrow table beside them.

A glance at the clock had her tugging at her lip. Ten minutes before eleven. Someone would be walking in that door to clean up the room in ten minutes. They had to hurry!

Come on, come on, come on! She looked again. Still the damned black mass continued to wiggle.

Janet had checked the clock twice. She was aware of the time, too.

Another look. Yes! It had stopped wiggling! Just a few more seconds...

Casey watched as the mass seemed to shrivel the slightest bit. She couldn't detect any dark spots anywhere at all. She looked carefully...missing one would mean giving the cancer a chance to survive. No way in hell was that going to happen...

One more time...she examined every inch of Rachel's chest. Nothing but soft glowing light. The wiggling black mass was about two-thirds the size it had been, and actually looked like it was smoking. It was...dead...she was positive of that. Probably be best to take the damned thing out, just to be sure...

Two minutes before eleven...


Casey opened her eyes. "Wow. That was pretty cool!"

Sam sagged against the table. Daniel caught her, pulled her back against him. "We'll just go wait in the other room now," he said softly.

"Sam, if you'd like to go with them, that's all right. I'm turning the machine off now," Janet said, pulling the device from Sam's hand. It felt extremely warm. She shoved it into the pocket of her lab coat.

Jack squeezed Rachel's fingers. "How you feeling?"

"Warm. Comfortable. A little high."

He chuckled. "That would be the happy drug that Janet gave you."

"Is it over?"

"Seems to be."

"It's over," Janet confirmed. "And, from what we can see, we got it all."

"That was so...easy."

"It seemed that way," Janet replied. "Here, I'll take those goggles now."

For a few minutes, even the dim light of the room seemed far too bright, and Rachel had to squint against the glare. Once again she dressed in the small control room, just off room where the equipment was located.

"Why don't we take you to my office? You can lay down on the sofa I have in there," Janet suggested, when she noticed that Rachel had put her hand against the door frame on her way to rejoin them.

"Won't there be questions?" Rachel asked.

"Only if someone comes in and sees you there," Janet replied.

"Let's go, 'major'. We'll see if we can't get to doc's office without being noticed," Jack smiled.

"I'll go let the rest of the team know what's going on," Janet said.

"Right. Tell Sam I'll be right out," Jack said, tossing a smile over his shoulder.

"Will do."




Daniel eased Sam into one of the chairs in the waiting room. Her head dropped forward. He knelt in front of her. "Sam?"

"Just give me a minute," she said wearily.

"Take all the time you need," he said quietly.

The doctor...Brandt...who had confronted them in the x-ray lab walked by the room...did a double take, and then stepped through the door. "Well, another blonde!"

Casey stood to her feet. Glared at the man...then cocked her head to one side. "You really should be careful, doctor. Your days here are numbered. Of course, when the security crew cleans out your locker, they're going to be pretty damned surprised to find so many restricted drugs there. How much are you making on the side, selling those pills on the street?"

The smirk that had covered the doctor's face disappeared almost as quickly as the color drained from his cheeks.

"How about you be a good little boy, and go resign right now...no stops in the locker room...and we won't tell anyone what a totally sleazy entrepreneur you were trying to be."

The man backed out of the room...fled down the hallway.

"Damned piece of shit anyway...make insinuations about my man that aren't true," Casey muttered under her breath. "I'll send you to DC to talk to Samuels. He can tell you what happens when you cross me!"

Teal'c's cheek twitched. "I do not believe that man will be causing any more trouble in this hospital."

"He'd better not, or I'll tell Janet about him. Which I just might do anyway. I mean, isn't there a law or something that if I know some jerk is being an idiot, I have to turn him in?"

Daniel chuckled. "No, I don't think so. It is the right thing to do, though. Those drugs don't belong in the hands of people who don't need them for what they were developed for. Who knows what kind of damage he's doing to innocent people?"

"Good point. Okay, I'll sic Janet on him."

"I almost feel sorry for him," Teal'c said, a soft smile on his face. "Janet Fraiser is a woman whom even strong men would not be foolish enough to anger."

Casey studied the Jaffa. Tried to figure out exactly what it was that he'd said that had tickled the back of her mind. Before she could find the answer, her cellphone began to ring. "Crap! We need to get to the store, Stud Muffin. There won't be any way in hell to put off Aunt Janelle any longer!"

"Sam, are you all right?" Daniel asked softly.

"I'm fine, just a bit tired," Sam said, lifting her head and giving him a weak smile.

Janet stepped into the room. "Sam, come with me. I'm going to give you a couple of vitamin shots."

"I will escort you, Major Carter," Teal'c said, stepping closer to the chair where she sat. "We will all meet at your abode at four o'clock," he said to Casey.

She was tugging her lip between her teeth.

"Go, Casey Jackson. You must 'deal with' this aunt. Daniel Jackson has little time left in the weekend to spend with his grandmother. We will join you this later this afternoon."

She crossed the room, rose up on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on Teal'c's cheek. "Take good care of them," she whispered.



"Go ahead, Case. We'll be there in a bit," Sam replied.

Daniel stood up. "Okay, Angel. Let's go."

"Four o'clock. You too, Janet. Dad will be there."

Janet dropped her eyes. "I'll do my best," she murmured.

Another little puzzle to work on, Casey thought. Way too much going on this weekend.

Seeing the calculating look in her eye, Daniel opted to get his Wife moving before she started asking questions he didn't think anyone would be willing to answer. He'd also picked up on the strange undercurrents in the room, Teal'c's comment earlier was tickling the back of his own mind. He'd figure it out later. He wrapped his arm around Casey's shoulders, and led her out of the room.

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