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Every Good Deed

Chapter 9

The group was sitting in front of their carefully arranged tents, playing poker, when two teenage boys entered the cavern. Neither seemed to be able to keep his eyes from straying to Casey and then Sam, back and forth, until Jack cleared his throat. The smitten expressions on their faces made it obvious they'd never before seen such women.

Daniel bit back his smile. "You are ready for us?"

Their attention pulled back to the task at hand, and the reason they'd entered the cave, both boys nodded. One led the way, the other waited until the strangers were in the narrow passage way to follow behind.

They were all trying to memorize the twists and turns, noting which tunnels were passed and which were taken. None of the teammates were surprised to be led into yet another cavern...mammoth in size. This one made the others seem small in comparison, and the two caverns that they'd seen so far had quite impressive dimensions.

The woman who'd spoken to them early greeted them. "Welcome to the home of The People. I am Miram. I am leader here. This is my mate Ipuy." The man who stood beside her was whipcord lean, his dark eyes moved slowly over the strangers who had suddenly appeared in their midst, trying to determine whether or not they were a threat.

Hmm, Egyptian names as well as language. It seemed their culture was a combination of Navajo traditions, and ancient Egyptian culture, Daniel thought. "I am Daniel, this is my mate Casey. Jack, our leader, my friends Samantha and Teal'c."

The woman nodded regally. "Why does your leader not speak for you?"

"It is our custom to have one who is a…speaker," Daniel said quickly, hoping to avoid any misunderstandings. "I am that speaker."

"Your ways are strange to us. But that is of no matter. You have sent the cursed back into the desert. They will bother us no longer," Miram said, the gratitude in her voice clear even to the members of SG-1 who didn't speak ancient Egyptian.

"Uh, Danny?" Jack said softly.

Daniel quickly translated all that had been said.

"I sure hope those assholes stay away," Jack said.

"Miram, how do you know that the…uh…cursed, won't return?"

The smile that spread over her face transformed the heavily lined features into a mask of beauty. "Because, Dan'yel, you have sent them away. Your power is greater than that of Emsaf. He will not dare to return here now that he has been shown to be a fraud."

The young man smiled. He'd shamed the old man. Pride alone would keep that group hiding for a long time. The fear he'd seen in the eyes of the braves would be there for awhile as well. If these people had witnessed what had happened, those braves were aware of that fact. "I’m glad that we could help."

"Come, let us break bread together, accept our gratitude for what you have done for us."

Miram led the way toward a cluster of low tables. Two were set in the center, the others in a loose circle around them. It was to the center tables that the woman took them, indicating that they should sit. She lowered herself to the dirt floor of the cavern at the head of the narrow table.

Daniel followed suit, Casey settled beside him, Teal'c on the other side of her. Jack and Sam sat across from them. "Don't touch anything until we know what's expected of us," Daniel whispered.

"Right," Jack whispered in return.

As soon as they were seated, several teenagers, boys and girls, began to carry trays of food to the table. They held the wooden platters towards the guests. Daniel gave a quick look at Miram, who smiled and nodded. He returned the smile, looked up and smiled at the young woman who held the tray, and selected what looked like a piece of fruit, and what appeared to be bread.

The young woman blushed, and smiled shyly. She stepped back, knelt down at his side. Casey was following suit, choosing the same thing that Daniel had from the tray that a tall young man held for her. When she flashed a smile at him, the tray began to shake slightly. Teal'c and Jack were served by young women, Sam served by one of the young men who'd led them from the cavern where they'd set up camp.

Miram smiled broadly. "It is done. Let us celebrate!"

"Uh oh," Daniel said softly.

"What?" Jack said, one eyebrow raised.

"I think we just did something…significant," Daniel replied.

"Yeah, we chased off the bad guys," Jack said, taking a hesitant bite of the fruit. Not bad. A little tart, but not bad.

Casey cocked her head sideways.

"Incoming," Jack said.

Her green eyes turned to Miram. She saw that woman nod again. "Oh, good lord!"

"What?" Jack demanded quietly.

"Daniel, what rituals are there for the…um…well…um…the training…of young people. In the ways of…um…well…" she stammered, her cheeks red.

Daniel rolled his eyes. "You have got to be kidding!"

"Nope," she replied.

"What?" Jack asked, a bit louder.

"We're supposed to…" Daniel shook his head. "Some cultures have a custom of choosing an adult to…initiate...a virgin," he said slowly.

Jack immediately looked at the plump young girl kneeling just behind him. She blushed and smiled at him. "You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not," Daniel said.

"Oh for crying out loud!"

"Okay, how do we get out of this?" Sam asked. She'd glanced at the young man behind her, couldn't help but smile at his eager look, and the shy smile he gave her.

"I have no idea," the young archaeologist admitted.

"Well, get one, fast!" Jack ordered.

With a nod, Daniel turned to Miram. That woman had not missed the looks cast at the young people, nor the frowns that had flickered over the faces of the visitors. "Miram, I must ask you a question. Please know that I mean no offense if I am mistaken," he said slowly.

"Ask, Dan'yel."

"These…children…are here for a reason, are they not?"

Miram smiled and nodded. "They have all passed sixteen summers. They have come of age, and are ready to choose a mate. But they must first celebrate the Rite of Passage. You will instruct Ipi in the ways of a man. Ca'see will teach Paneb the ways of a woman. Your leader will teach my daughter Merytre, Sam'tha will teach Anen, and Teal'c will teach Tiy."

Daniel closed his eyes. "Miram, I'm sorry, but that just isn't possible."

The woman's eyes grew round. "And why not? Did you not accept the food from their hands?"

"Yes, we did," he allowed. "But we had no idea that by doing so we'd be…accepting them. You didn't tell us what was happening. You…tricked us, Miram."

The woman frowned. "To trick you was not what was intended. We…assumed…that you understood."

"Not everyone who comes through the Chappa'ai observes the same…rituals," Daniel said gently.

The woman nodded slowly. "Is there no way that you will honor these who are ready to enter adulthood?"

"No, Miram, I'm sorry."

With a heavy sigh, and a nod, she waved the young people away. Five faces reflected surprise, and the hurt feelings that they were experiencing. The others in the cavern had stopped eating, and were now staring at the strangers. "Their ways are not our ways. They…did not understand," she said wearily.

Daniel quietly translated.

"Oh, those poor kids," Casey said softly. "We rejected them, humiliated them publicly."

"Not our fault," Jack said.

"Doesn't make it hurt any less. Nor will it stop the teasing that they'll face," Casey replied.

"So what should we do, follow through with…that?" Jack asked her.

She studied him for a minute. "I think I have an idea."

"What?" Sam asked.

"We let them come back to camp with us. If the idea is to teach them about…sex…who says it has to be hands on? Why can't we just talk to them about it?" she asked.

Daniel nodded. "It'd save face for those kids, and at least give them an idea of what they're supposed to do."

"I can't help but think living communally like this, they already know all about sex," Sam said.

"Probably. It is the actual sexual experience that's the goal," Daniel admitted. "But this might work."

"You have to make them understand that the only thing that is going to happen is talking," Jack said.

With a nod, Daniel turned back to Miram. He offered the solution that Casey had come up with. Miram had smiled, and thanked him, but replied that if he and his friends were not willing to take the teenagers into their respective beds for the night, that nothing more could be done.

"Oy," Jack said, upon hearing the translation.

"Why are there not adults among their own people willing to do this?" Teal'c asked.

"It's probably considered an honor, and being guests, we were offered that honor," Daniel replied.

Casey glanced over at the five young people. They were huddled together, looks of abject misery on their faces. It nearly made her suggest just biting the bullet and doing what had been asked of them.

"No way, Case," Daniel said softly.


"Don't even think about it."

"I wasn't!"

Sam giggled. "Yes, you were."

She rolled her eyes, damned her inability to keep every thought that crossed her mind from reflecting there. "It's just so sad."

Daniel studied his wife's face, then looked again at the teenagers. He recognized the look of rejection that filled their eyes. He turned to Miram once again. "Miram, what if we take them to the cavern where we're staying, and then…just let them sleep. Will anyone know?"

Again the woman smiled. The strangers seemed concerned about the young ones. Not enough to actually bed them, but enough to worry about reputations and hurt feelings. "There would be a…witness, to insure that no harm came to them."

An idea stirred in his brain. "Could the witness become the teacher? No one else would have to know," he said.

Miram frowned. It was possible. She could choose three men, and say that it was by the request of the visitors that the men observe the daughters of the tribe. She looked around the room, deciding who would be best for the job. "It might work," she said finally. "Let me talk to the witnesses. If they are willing to do this, then it will be done. And no one else will know."

"The witnesses won't let it slip?"

The frown was replaced by a smile. "The witnesses take a solemn vow. As do the teachers. What happens during the Rite of Passage is never spoken of. It is a sacred night, those who are being instructed hold dearly to the memory. To speak of it would sully that memory."

Daniel grinned. This could actually work!

Ten minutes later it was announced that the visitors had been informed of the sacredness, and the honor of the ceremony, and had acquiesced. The teenagers resumed their places beside or behind their intended instructors. The witnesses nodded approvingly.

"Let's just hope this doesn't backfire and bite us in the ass," Jack grumbled. Shuddered slightly at the thought of having to 'initiate' a mere child. Not gonna happen, he declared silently.




When the meal was finished, the tables were moved to the side of the cavern. Drums and flutes were brought out, and the light skinned visitors were entertained with stories, songs, and dances that were as much gymnastic feats as dancing.

When Miram had asked Daniel to share a story of his people, he told them of Earth. Gasps filled the air as he described the number of people who lived there, and the wondrous machines that those many people used.

Casey could feel Paneb just behind her. The young man was anxious, she knew. It was funny in a way. She certainly felt honored to be chosen as the woman to teach him, to be his first. To be perfectly honest, she thought, it was a lovely idea. To ensure that the first experience was one of beauty and pleasure. Her thoughts drifted to the first night she'd been with Daniel. Memories that she'd treasure forever. She hadn't realized that Daniel had stopped talking, and that the drums were beating again, all of the people free to dance now, until he leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"I wouldn't let him. Even if you wanted to."


Daniel glanced at Paneb. Primal instinct, the need to display his possession of the woman filled his mind for one brief second, too quickly for him to recognize and analyze the thought. It did result in him moving closer, taking her hand in his, lifting her fingers to his lips. "Even if you were willing to go through with it, I wouldn't let you. You're mine."

She giggled. "I do so love that primitive beast in you."

Daniel missed the look of anger that the young man tossed in his direction as he laughed. "Yeah, I think you've mentioned that a time or two."

Miram approached the guests. "It is time," she said softly.

The young archaeologist nodded, alerted his teammates. SG-1 stood to their feet. The young teenagers stood beside their 'teacher', the witnesses lined up behind them, and Miram led them back to the cavern where the team's camp awaited.

Miram and Daniel had quietly discussed the matter with the witnesses, and it was decided that as soon as the cavern was reached, SG-1 would go straight to their camp. The leader of The People would then explain to the teenagers what was going to happen.




As soon as the group entered the cavern, Daniel put his arm around Casey's shoulders and led her into the tent that waited. He could hear Paneb arguing loudly. He had to grin at the petulant tone of voice. In that young man's position, he'd be damned disappointed as well.

"At least he's getting laid tonight, he should be grateful for that," Casey mused.

He chuckled. "Yeah, he should be. But I understand how he feels. It would be terribly disappointing to find out that the gorgeous woman you'd been watching all night wasn't going to be the one to rock your world," he said.

She smiled. "What about you?"

"Oh, I plan on getting my world rocked by the gorgeous woman I've been watching all night," he replied, nuzzling her cheek before his lips claimed hers.

Her arms went around his neck, pulled him closer, held him tighter as they stood kissing. She was faintly aware of the sounds of five small tents going up near the cavern opening. When Daniel deepened the kiss, nothing else mattered, the rest of the world disappeared. She was in his arms, and they were alone in the universe.

"There's a pool just around the corner," he whispered as he moved his mouth over her throat.

"I know."

"We can bathe in the morning."

She understood what he was saying...what he was asking. She didn't like to make love unless she knew that she'd be able to take a shower afterward. She hated the thought of not smelling clean. A holdover from a childhood when she'd been denied the right to bathe, and then taunted for it. "Alone?"

"Just you and me."

It was becoming increasingly difficult to think with his hands doing what they were doing, and his mouth and lips and tongue moving over every inch of her throat. "Let's make love," she whispered. Felt the shiver that moved through his body in response. Her fingers had managed to get past the buttons of his shirt, her hands were moving under his tee shirt.

Daniel had already worked the BDU shirt off her shoulders...she shrugged and let it fall to the tent floor. Her pants were unsnapped and unzipped, he slipped his hand inside, gently stroking the soft skin of her belly, moving over the tight curls that covered her mons. He pulled away from her long enough to tug the brown tee shirt over her head, and shove the pants to her ankles. While she stepped out of them, he stripped completely, then knelt down on the sleeping bags. "C'mere, Angel," he whispered. He laid back, held his hand out to her.

Casey lay down beside him, let her fingers move up and down his chest. His flashlight was on, pointing toward the back of the tent, where the rock wall of the cavern was just behind them. It afforded them a bit of light, yet wouldn’t allow any of their movements to be reflected on the nylon walls of the tent.

A soft male cry from outside brought smiles to their lips. "I'd say someone just had his first orgasm," Daniel chuckled.

"Happened pretty fast."

"It usually does, the first time. By morning I’m sure he'll have learned how to control it."

"You can control it?" she teased.

"Yep," he grinned.

"Show me," she whispered.

He rolled slightly, putting himself on top of her, sliding down so that the majority of his weight was on her legs. He kissed her, then began to kiss, lick and nibble her throat. She tipped her head back, offering more of that sweet skin to him, and he obliged her by licking every inch, nibbling the spots that always made her shiver. He could feel the need building, understood exactly how a junkie felt; waiting for, anticipating that next needed, wanted fix. Knowing that he was indeed addicted to his Wife brought a momentary sense of panic, followed by a feeling of such joy that he sighed. He alone knew how sweet she tasted. He alone was addicted to that sweet honey. She'd been made for him, and no one else had ever had her, would ever have her. That thought made him giddy with a sense of possessiveness the likes he'd never felt before. He licked and kissed his way to those prominent collarbones, closed his teeth around them and nipped gently, the shiver she gave enough to make him do it again.

She sighed when he began to suckle, her nipples so hard with desire that they ached. His hands caressed her as his mouth moved over her body; teasing, arousing, pleasing her with each kiss. Her fingers were in his hair, she toyed with the short, dark blond strands as he made love to her, while her other hand gently massaged his neck. Not that she was aware of doing either. Every thought was focused on the sensations that he was giving her, the beginning of the overture that he was composing. How had she survived without him? How had she managed to stay alive without his kisses, his caresses…his love? Another soft cry, the other boy this time. She smiled, felt Daniel's smile against her skin. The thought of any other man…or a boy such as young Paneb…touching her, repulsed her; making her stomach churn for the few seconds that the thought remained. Her attention returned to the man in her arms, the man who owned her totally, completely. She belonged to Daniel. Heart, mind, body, and soul. She knew that as he owned her, she owned him. She wrapped her love around him, holding tenderly to that which he'd given her so freely.

He was so damned hard it was starting to hurt! Never had a woman affected him like Her! He willed his body to wait, intent on sending her to dance among the stars before conceding control to her, and allowing her to do what he knew she'd insist on doing…sending him on his own flight. So sweet, his brain told him. He tugged gently on a sweet, hard nipple, felt the response in the way her back arched and her hips pressed up against him, heard it in the soft gasp that escaped her lips. He looked up at her, watched the way the tip of her tongue touched her lips, her eyes closed, a look of love on her face. It was enough to make him shake from the force of the love that filled him. He kissed his way to the other breast, stopping long enough to mark her once more, leaving another bruise between those beautiful orbs. When he took her nipple into his mouth she sighed again, her fingers tightened in his hair. God, he loved that she did that! It let him know that he was pleasing her, and it turned him on! He closed his eyes and began to suckle with abandon, greedy for more of the taste of her sweet skin.

She was quite certain he did it to drive her insane. He'd make love to her breasts until she was nearly beside herself with need, waiting for him to offer the relief, to give her the pleasure that came only from his touch. Her lips turned up in a smile. He did love her breasts, and had told her that several times. He called them 'his beauties'. She almost giggled out loud thinking of the way he greeted them every morning, kissing each tip, massaging them gently. How eager he always was at night to divest her of her bra. As fixated as he was on her breasts, she was sure that Claire Ballard Jackson had been quite challenged to wean her son. Oh, goddess, she needed him to move on! The ache between her thighs was excruciating - wonderfully, horribly excruciating! She tried to apply gentle pressure to his shoulder, hoping he'd take the hint. Nope, he was moving back to the other nipple, one hand wrapped around each breast, holding, cupping them gently. Yep, he did it to drive her insane.

The tiny whimpers she was making were music to his ears. He grinned against her skin when she oh, so subtly, pushed against his shoulder. She was beginning to writhe beneath him, her need making it impossible for her to remain still. The soft moan she gave when he moved down to greet her flat belly made him smile again. He teased her navel, thrusting his tongue in and out of it. Each gasp she made sending fingers of contentment down his spine. He moved down again, her thighs already wide open, waiting for him. He remembered the very first time he'd made love to her, the hesitation before she slowly, shyly opened to him. He almost chuckled out loud. That had been the only time she'd hesitated. Her hips were pointed toward him, waiting for his intimate kisses. He settled himself between her legs, breathed deeply of the sweet familiar scent. His aching cock began to throb harder in response. The first taste was like a shock wave rolling over him. His body responded with a shake, and he couldn't hold back his moan of pleasure. It accompanied the soft moan that she'd made. He pushed his tongue inside her, rewarded with a rush of honey. He took his fill; then his need…his addiction…satiated, he began to run his tongue over and around the soft folds of her womanhood, savoring every stray drop of that sweet nectar.

When he finally began to tease that swollen nub, her hips rose off the sleeping bag, her hands curled into fists. She moaned softly again when his fingers began to stroke her, slowly, gently; taking her to the edge of the cliff and letting her gaze out at the clouds he was about to send her flying into. What the man could do with his tongue, she thought, just before the ability to think at all fled in the wake of the sensations that were building. Like the final movement of a symphony, the feelings continued to build, taking her higher and higher; until, with a crash of cymbals that only she heard, the crescendo hit its peak. She was flying; her body shaking, waves of pleasure washing over her again and again.

As soon as her thighs had begun to quiver, he'd put one hand over her mouth, knowing that she'd cry out, not willing to share that song of love with anyone; the fingers of the other continuing to stroke her. The whimper had signified that she'd taken off, was spinning among the stars…became a soft moan behind his palm. He lapped at the honey that poured from her, licking until her hips had finally dropped back onto the sleeping bag. He licked his fingers clean, then began to kiss his way back to her mouth.

She didn't say a word as she pushed him to his back, her mouth moving against the skin of his shoulders before he was fully settled on the sleeping bag. The thought that in the tent beside them, Jack and Sam were making love, and near the entrance of the cavern five teenagers were having their first sexual experiences, signifying that they were ready to take a mate, made her shiver. She thought about Teal'c, worried that he was alone, not realizing that one of the women of the tribe had taken a shine to the Jaffa and had slipped into his tent. She bit back her giggle as she licked and nipped at Daniel's Adam's apple, making him swallow. She kissed her way over his jaw to his lips. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too," he whispered in reply, just before her lips closed on his once again. He gasped into her mouth when her hand wrapped around his aching shaft. She wasn't stroking him, just…holding him. It was enough to make him want to scream with frustration. When she slid down and began to kiss his chest, spending way too much time on his hard, sensitive nipples, it was all he could do to keep from pushing her down toward his raging erection.

She was taking her time, tasting every inch of his chest, toying with his nipples, running her tongue back and forth over them until the nubs could harden no further. He was breathing hard, his hips continued to move up toward her hand, trying to move himself against her fingers. She smiled against his skin as he gave a soft growl of impatience. It wasn't her fault he was so worked up! If he hadn't spent so much time teasing her, she wouldn't feel the need to do the same to him! She let go of him, nearly giggled at the sound of displeasure that filled his throat. She situated herself over him, began to drag her breasts against his chest, back and forth, slowly, tantalizing him with the touch of her hard nipples against his skin, rubbing them over his hardened nubs.

"Jesus, Casey!" he muttered, desperate for relief. His hands gripped her arms, he was trying to push her down toward his hips.

"Problem, Doctor Jackson?"

"Not funny, Case," he replied. He let out a soft sigh when she slid down, her breasts moving over his engorged shaft, making it jump and dance in response.

She lowered her head and began to lick his hips, nibbled at his hipbones. Once again his body was trying to force her into the action he needed. She ran her tongue on the underside of his swollen cock, from his balls to the tip, took the teardrop of precum she found there, then moved back down again. She slowly wrapped the fingers of one hand around him, began to stroke him gently. She continued to lick around the girth of that magnificent symbol of his manhood. When his hips pushed up harder, she opened her mouth and took him in, sucking hard and fast, moving down as far as she could, her fingers meeting her lips.

His shoulders came up off the sleeping bags. He barely bit back the moan that rose up from his belly. One of these days she was going to kill him tormenting him the way she did. He ignored his brain when it pointed out how much he liked to tease her before allowing her to climax. He filled his hands with her hair, closed his eyes and let her take him to the top of the mountain. The errant thought that poor Paneb would never know what an incredible blowjob felt like danced through his mind before nothing else could register but the amazing sensation of her tongue moving against him. What an incredible feeling!

Her hand and mouth worked in unison, caressing, touching, making love to every inch of that beautiful symbol of manhood, setting up a rhythm that would have him flying in a matter of minutes. She gently caressed his balls, weighing the heaviness of them in her palm. Yep, her Stud Muffin needed to come. His hips were rising to meet her each time her head moved toward them, and he was doing his best to increase the pace. She smiled mentally. Payback, sweetheart, she thought, letting him fall from her mouth, licking him like an ice cream cone.

He groaned when she stopped, and began to lick him. He'd been so damned close! The woman was just plain sadistic, he decided. She was licking his thighs, running her fingers through his pubic hair and if she didn't get back to business he was going to roll her over and drill her into the sleeping bag until she begged for mercy! Which, he decided - with what little cognitive ability was left to him - he was going to do anyway.

It was time. She took him back into her mouth, re-established that gentle rhythm. His hips were rising higher with each downward stroke she made. He was ready. She shifted slightly, felt his body tense, reaching for that sweet release. She relaxed her throat, let him slide back until the swollen head of his cock was rubbing the very back of it, and swallowed. She continued to suck until the need to swallow occurred, which she allowed to happen, and within seconds his back was arched, and he was giving up that cache of precious white love. She took every drop, licked him clean before kissing her way back to his lips.

His eyes had rolled back into his head when she'd taken him into her throat. His body was still shaking when she settled herself on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, pressed his lips to the side of her face. "That was amazing," he whispered.

"Almost as good as what you did for me," she replied. His answer was the tightening of his arms. She snuggled closer to him, as the feeling of safety and warmth that she always had when in his arms washed gently over her.

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