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Every Good Deed

Chapter 6

It took three days to get the results from the DNA tests. The team was in the briefing room with General Hammond and Dr. Fraiser, discussing those results. It seemed that Janet's theory had been proven correct. Every known 'flaw' had been 'corrected' in the five SG-1 team members. Those who had performed the tests were asking questions about the sources of the DNA samples. They were being ignored, and summarily shut out of any further access to blood or any other samples that might be taken from the team.

"There's more," Janet said softly, her gaze flickering to Casey.

"Being Immortal isn't enough?" Jack asked.

"Well, this only concerns Casey…and Daniel," the doctor replied.

"What is it, doctor?" General Hammond asked.

"Well, sir, I was able to take tissue samples after our…uh…run-in...with Hathor. I also took blood from every man in the SGC, to compare it. I was able to isolate a certain…chemical, well, more like a chemical compound. Daniel has it in his system again."

The young man's blue eyes went wide; the others in the room stared at the doctor. 

"Hathor is dead!" Jack declared.

"Yes, she is," Janet agreed. "However, Casey seems to…produce…that same chemical. It's not as…potent…as what Hathor used, but the chemical breakdown is the same. It's a type of narcotic. And, repeated…exposure…to this chemical is, well, it's addictive."

"Addictive?" Daniel asked hoarsely.

"As in 'gotta have my fix' addictive?" Jack asked, at almost the same moment.

Janet nodded. "Yes. Now, I think I know how Daniel…receives…this chemical. I also know that if he's…deprived, he'll suffer withdrawal symptoms the same way that any person addicted to any narcotic would."

"This sounds ominous," General Hammond said, a frown on his face.

Daniel's brain was spinning. Addicted? He was addicted to Casey? He closed his eyes as the memory of his 'visit' with the Daniel of the alternate universe filtered through to him. That man had told him of the 'Hathor-gene', and of his literal addiction to his wife. "The Hathor-gene," he said out loud. Noted the curious looks he was given. "The…Daniel…in the alternate reality we went to told me about it. I just didn't understand what he meant!"

Janet nodded again, wrote down the name that had been given to the very special pheromones that Casey produced. "Now, my concern is what will happen if Daniel is on a mission, and can't …um…get his fix."

"That could be a problem," Gen. Hammond agreed.

"I just have to know," Jack asked, his brown eyes twinkling. "Just how does he get that…um… fix?"

Janet lowered her eyes. "Colonel, it's a private matter between Doctor Jackson and his wife."

Oral sex. He was certain of it. So damned sweet, Daniel thought. How often had he made love to her, and felt unable to get enough of that sweet honey? He glanced at his Wife. Her head was lowered, her cheeks blazing, her gaze locked on her hands, which were in her lap, and trembling.

"Casey?" he asked softly, reaching for her hand.

With a tiny whimper, she pulled away from him, jumped to her feet and fled the room.

Daniel rose to his feet.

"Let me," Sam said softly.

General Hammond nodded. "I'm sure that this is quite a shock to her."

"Yes, sir," Daniel said, his eyes on the empty doorway that Casey had just run through. He watched Sam disappear as well, dropped unwillingly back into his chair.

"Do you have any solutions for us, Doctor Fraiser?" General Hammond asked.

The petite woman grinned. "Yes, I do. I can synthesize a serum that will mimic the effects of Casey's 'Hathor-gene'. Daniel can carry it on missions, and when he needs a fix, he can use it."

The general nodded. "Get to it. Until that serum is ready, I'm limiting the amount of time that SG-1 can be away from the base."

"Sir, I don't think that will be necessary," Daniel said quietly. "As long as I’m not separated from her…"

"Daniel, unless you're able to be…alone…with her…" Janet started.

In those few words Janet confirmed his suspicions. Realized that even if they were together, being able to…partake…of his Wife's sweet honey might not always be possible. "I understand," he said softly.

"How long can he go between…uh…fixes?" Jack asked. He'd been able to deduce from what had been said, and what hadn't been said, exactly how Daniel dosed himself up. Images of the ceremony he'd witnessed, along with those conjured by his own imagination began to dance his head.

"Well, that depends on how…um…active he and Casey are," Janet said, her eyes dropping to the notepad in front of her. This had to be terribly embarrassing for Daniel, she thought, knowing how shy, and modest, the man was. To have his entire sex life laid out and open like this…she shook her head. She glanced up at the young archaeologist, noted the flush on his face. And was surprised by the slight smile on his lips. She bit back her own smile. He was smirking! The rat was sitting there smirking! "I'd say two days, three at the very longest. The first signs of withdrawal are irritability-"

"He's already irritating," Jack mumbled teasingly. "I suppose that means he'd get whinier and grumpier."

"Yes, colonel," Janet grinned. She focused her attention on Daniel. "You'll probably experience headaches, fatigue, possibly mild nausea. When the shakes start you'll be a matter of hours from full-blown withdrawal symptoms."

Daniel nodded his understanding. Glanced at that doorway again, wondered if Casey was all right. Ached to go and find her, hold her, tell her that everything was all right.




Casey was, at that moment, sitting in a supply closet, her knees drawn up to her chin. She was so shocked, she couldn't even cry. Daniel was addicted to her! Physically addicted to her, just the same as if he snorted cocaine, or shot up heroin. How twisted, how positively twisted was that? He must be horrified! And embarrassed! How could she ever face any of her friends again? How could she face Daniel again, knowing what she'd done to him? "Why me?" she whispered.

A soft light began to glow in the corner of the small closet. Miss Emily looked around, seated herself on a large box that was marked 'Toilet Paper'. "Because you're very special, Sunshine."

She snorted. "Special. I’m a freak!"

"No, Casey. You have been granted a wonderful Gift, one that will protect all of the people who work here. It will protect others as well, when the need arises," the old woman replied. "You were granted the most precious of Gifts, Eternal Life."

"Only because of Daniel."

Miss Emily shook her head. "If you  hadn't been found worthy on your own, you wouldn't be Immortal now."

"And this damn addiction thing?"

The old woman cackled with delight. "That, Sunshine, is something that happens once every ten thousand years. You should feel honored! That gift will attract men to you-"

"Yeah, that's really something to feel honored about. Makes me feel like a slut," Casey muttered.

"Helen Webster was…is...a cruel, jealous woman. Rose taught you better," Miss Eloise said shortly. "The…what did they just call it in there…Hathor-gene, that's it. Well, that Hathor-gene will help you beguile men, Sunshine."

"I don't want to beguile men, Miss Eloise. I am…I was…quite happily married," she said softly.

"Was? Did something happen in the past five minutes that I should know about?" the old woman asked.

"Yes, something happened!" Casey snapped. "My husband found out that he is literally, physically addicted to me! How can he love me after hearing that? Why would he want to be near me knowing what I do to him?"

"Maybe you should ask Daniel how he feels about it before you start running," Miss Eloise suggested.

"Oh, Miss Eloise, how is he supposed to feel? He's probably angry. Certainly embarrassed that all of this came out during a briefing! He won't even be able to look at me without…cringing," Casey finished softly.

"You don't give that young man enough credit," the old woman replied, her voice equally soft. "Casey, in other realities, your…counterparts, and their Daniel's, are living quite happily with that addiction. And they use those pheromones as a weapon against their enemies," Miss Eloise said sagely. "You can do the same thing."

"If Daniel still wants me," was the soft, sad reply.

"And why wouldn't he? Girl, that man is head-over-heels in love with you. He bound you to him, and himself to you...for eternity! This won't bother him at all. If Daniel is anything like his counterparts, he's going to start strutting around, knowing that you were made specifically for him, that you are his Destiny, and he is your Destiny. And that your…Gift, is for him, and him alone."

Casey studied the old woman. "Really?"

A smile lit the wrinkled face. "Really. I understand that in alternate realities, Daniel can be quite a pain-in-the-ass about the entire thing. Seems he loves to taunt Jack with it."

A giggle erupted past the hurt, and fear, that she was feeling. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Your doctor friend has already come up with an idea that will prevent Daniel from suffering if all of you are on a mission. Now, you dry those tears, and go apologize to that cutie of a general for running out like that," Miss Eloise said kindly.

She stood to her feet. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Sunshine. And remember, I'll be here as long as you need me." The light faded, leaving Casey alone in the dark supply closet once again.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Sam frowned as she hurried from Daniel's lab to his office. She'd checked the gym as well, knowing that Casey spent a good deal of her time there. The young Mrs. Jackson hadn't been in the locker room either, nor the commissary.


The blonde major turned around. "Casey, where have you been?"

"I needed time alone to…think," was the soft reply.

"I know this is a bit much to take in," Sam admitted quietly.

The laugh was just a little derisive. "Yeah, a bit. I'm sure that Daniel is totally mortified."

Sam grinned. "Not according to the look in his eyes. I've known Daniel for over five years. We've worked closely together. I know when he's jumping up and down with excitement inside. Trust me, that man is jumping up and down."

Casey looked at her friend. "Why? Why would being addicted to me excite him?"

"Because, girlfriend, he has a legitimate reason to be with you. As in…be with you," Sam explained gently. "He can now turn to Jack or General Hammond, and just say, 'hang on, have to get a fix of my wife', and they'll just say, 'okay, don't take too long'."

Green eyes went wide. And then she started laughing. "That is just so wrong!"

Sam giggled. "Trust me, Daniel will use that excuse as often as he can get by with it! You've already admitted that he's pretty…um…needy."

"That might just be because of the addiction, and not necessarily because he wants to make love," Casey countered.

Now Sam began to laugh. "Oh, I don't think so. I think it has everything to do with the fact that he's crazy in love with you. I know I've told you this before, but I have never seen him as happy as he is with you. And you realize that he's going to torment Jack with this."

Again that giggle filled the air. Faded slowly. "I…I don't think I’m up to facing…anyone…just yet. Could…well…"

"Why don't you go down to my lab? I won't even tell Daniel you're there if you don't want me to," Sam said gently.

Casey nodded. "Thanks, Sam. I just need a little more time."

"I understand. I would too," the major admitted.

The women stepped onto the elevator. Casey got off at level nineteen, giving her best friend a brief hug before hurrying into the lab. Sam continued down to level twenty-seven, and rejoined the briefing.

"Casey?" Daniel asked as soon as he saw his teammate.

"She's…upset. Scared. Right now she needs time to adjust to this," Sam replied gently.

"Did she say what she's afraid of?" Daniel asked.

"Yes." Sam sat down. "When she's ready to talk to you, Daniel, she will. Just give her a little time."

The frown that had been on his face deepened. "Just how long will that take?"

"Probably not long," Sam replied. She glanced around the table. "She's also embarrassed. This isn't something that she can…deal with…easily."

Janet nodded her understanding. "Casey is very shy, and basically a very private person. For this to have come out here," she said, waving her hand in the air, taking in the group of people that sat around the table, "had to have been very difficult for her."

"I'm sure that it was," General Hammond said kindly. No one missed the look of concern in his eyes. Nor was anyone in the room unaware of how fond the Texas general was of the young woman.

"Well, since Doc has a plan to keep Danny on active rotation, I don't see that there's going to be a problem with any of this," Jack said.

"There is one thing we haven't discussed, unless you covered it while I was gone," Sam said, folding her hands on the table.

"And what would that be, Major?" the general asked.

"Well, sir, if we're all Immortal now, how dangerous is it for us to be caught by a Goa'uld?" Sam asked, looking at the faces around her. "We know that Goa'uld change host bodies when the sarcophagus no longer works to keep that body…healthy. We also know that the constant use, overuse if you will, of the sarcophagus causes insanity."

Jack nodded slowly, following his 2IC's train of thought. "Being nuts makes them unpredictable in a predictable sort of way. And it's easier to goad them into doing something stupid, so we can kill them."

"If they have an Immortal body, they won't need the sarcophagus, and might not go insane," Daniel finished. "Although we don’t know how addicted the symbiote might be to the effects of the sarcophagus."

"If the body is Immortal, it's possible that there wouldn't be that effect on the host body or brain," Janet said.

"What it comes down to, sirs," Sam said, "is that SG-1 cannot allow themselves to be captured."

"If it takes three days to reanimated, death might not be a good way out," Janet warned. "If you are killed by the Goa'uld, they might decided to do an autopsy. I doubt very much that Immortality will be able to bring you back when your organs and brains are strewn out across a table."

"Yuck," Jack said. "Not a pleasant mental image."

General Hammond was frowning. "Suggestions?"

"Well, sir, I think we can continue to work as we always have. We just have to take extra precautions when it comes to risking capture," Sam replied.

"It will make it easier, in a way," Daniel said. "We can take risks we couldn't before. As long as at least one of us stays alive to protect the others until they reanimate, we should be all right."

Jack nodded. "It might also provide a way to get into places where we couldn't before."

"I suggest, sir, that we do as we always have, and assess the risks of each mission, and discuss any possible problems then, with an eye toward what risks or advantages there are due to our Immortality," Sam said.  

"I agree, Major," the general nodded. He turned his attention to Janet. "Doctor, I want that serum as soon as possible. Considering what SG-1 has been through in the past few weeks, I'm taking you off rotation until next week. That means, Colonel O'Neill, I expect all overdue reports on my desk by Friday."

Daniel cleared his throat. "I'd like to make a request," he said quietly.

"Yes, Doctor Jackson?"

He looked at the general, and then at the people around the table. "I'd prefer that all of this stay between us. It's hard enough on her when she hears some of the gossip that flies around here. I don't want her hurt by this."

Jack frowned. "I understand. Sir, it might not be a bad idea to keep this strictly SGC for now. I hate to think what those bastards at the NID might do if they heard about it."

General Hammond's frown matched Jack's. "That's a good point, colonel. Doctor Jackson, I think that considering the circumstances, certainly no one outside this room needs to know about this Hathor-gene. As for SG-1's Immortality, I believe it would be better if no one was to know about it, for as long as possible. Inevitably it will come to light. But we have good people here. I'm confident that we can keep the NID from finding out. Is there anything further?" When no one spoke up, the general stood to his feet. "Colonel, don't forget those reports. Dismissed."

Jack dropped his chin against his chest as soon as the general was back in his office. "I hate paperwork," he grumbled.

"Part of being a colonel, Jack," Daniel said, not even trying to hide his grin.

"You are so not funny Daniel," the older man said.

Daniel turned his attention to Sam. "So, where is she?"

"Daniel, when she's ready to talk to you, she will. Go work on translations, or whatever you need to do," Sam said quietly.

He closed his eyes, ran his hands over his face. He knew his Wife well enough to know that she was taking a guilt trip, believing herself to be wholly at fault for his addiction to her. Which technically was true. It just wasn't something that she did knowingly, or willingly. And he certainly had no complaints! If that Hathor-gene was what made her so sweet, so damned…delectable, it was well worth it. Just the thought of her sweet honey had him licking his lips.

Janet gathered her notes. "I'll need another blood sample from you and Casey," she said. "The sooner the better."

He glanced at his teammate. "Well, seeing as how I don't even know where she is, I guess Sam will have to deliver that message," he replied. He tried to keep the hurt, and the frustration, out of his voice, didn't succeed.

Sam gave him a small smile. "I'll tell her." Without another word she left the room.

"So tell me, Danny," Jack said, dropping his arm around the younger man's shoulders, "does she taste as sweet as she smells?"

Daniel shrugged the arm away. "None of your damned business, Jack," he replied. He made it to the door before he turned around. "Yes."

Jack watched the young man disappear into the corridor. "Damn!" he whispered.

"Indeed," Teal'c said softly. He'd worked in close physical proximity of the young woman. Her sweet scent had tantalized him often as he taught her hand-to-hand combat.

The older man glanced at the Jaffa, raised an eyebrow. "Lucky little shit, isn't he?"

"Indeed," Teal'c replied.

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