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Every Good Deed

Chapter 4

He rolled his eyes. Where the hell was he? He did a quick mental check. Nothing broken. Nothing seemed to be hurting. So far so good. He sat up slowly. He was in a room. On the floor. Very…interesting room. White marble floor. White ceiling. Five walls. Five white walls. Five doorways. One with an ornately designed door, covered with what appeared to be gold. The other doors were blood red.

Okay, what's the last thing I remember? he asked himself. He stood up, began to pace. They'd been cuddled together on the floor, trying to warm up. After being…dead. Yep, he remembered that blast of light from the altar. The pain of being hit. The whispered goodbye to Casey. They'd taken the rest of the team…somewhere. And then…he shook his head. Then it gets fuzzier than hell, he sighed. He did remember… pain, physical pain… and such heartache! As if his heart had been about to break. And…Casey had called something to him…what? What was it that she had said? He tried to force the cobwebs from his mind…

The gold door opened. He was instantly alert, standing as straight as he possibly could, looking for any signs, any clues that would give him a hint as to what was going on. Test! Casey's sweet voice rang out. The word echoed in his head. Test! This was a test of some sort!

A black clad figure entered the room, the deep cowl of the robe hiding the face from view.

"This is a test," Daniel said quickly, wanting to let whoever was in charge know that he understood what was happening. "Why? What sort of a test?"

The Being stopped, then slowly backed out of the room.

"Wait! Where is my Wife? My friends? Are they all right? Are they being tested as well? What do you want from us?" For a few seconds, Daniel was certain that he heard laughter. He followed the Being to the door, began to bang on it with his fists when it slammed shut. "Where is my Wife?"

Frustrated, he began to pace again. Okay, if this was a test, what sort of a test was it? "I won't give you any information," he said out loud. He frowned. He didn't think that information, at least, information about the SGC, was what his captors wanted. So what did they want? He sighed. If only Casey were here, he thought, she'd probably be able to sense what they wanted. Then he could deal with whatever it was. His arms were around his waist again, his broad shoulders hunched forward slightly, his head down as he paced the room furiously. If they'd hurt her, he'd kill them. "I swear to God I'll kill you if you've harmed one hair on her head!" he snarled.

The gold door opened again. This time the figure that entered was dressed in red. The same shade as the robe he was wearing. Once again the deep cowled hood prevented the face from being seen. "Who are you?"

"Daniel Jackson." Memories of the first few minutes in that temple flashed through his mind. "I'm a seeker of knowledge," he said quickly.

"Who are you?"

He frowned. "Doctor Daniel Jackson. I’m an archaeologist, I study past civilizations."

"Who are you?"

The frown deepened. "I'm a man. Just…a man. A man deeply in love with his Wife. I'm Her Husband. Her lover. I'm an explorer. A scientist. A…friend." He said the last quietly, as if not sure that it was true.

"Why did you come here?"

"Because I wanted to know, needed to know what was here."

"Will you die for her?"


"Are they worthy?"

He smiled. His friends were the most worthy of any people he'd ever met. "Yes."

"You hate the Goa'uld."

He started. The question…no…it was a statement, and it was totally unexpected. "Yes, I do."


"They're horrible creatures. They're parasites. They burrow into the body of a 'host', and take over the brain. Leaving the man or woman a prisoner in his or her own mind. They stole my first wife from me. Took my brother-in-law as well. Skaara we were able to save. My wife, Sha're, was killed. My friend had to kill her in order to keep the Goa'uld inside her from killing me," Daniel said softly. "The Goa'uld have enslaved the Jaffa, have enslaved hundreds of worlds. They're…they are evil."

"You would destroy evil?"

"Yes." There was no hesitation. His eyes blazed with his hatred of the Goa'uld.

"For how long would you fight against evil?"

"Until my last breath."

"There are four doors. She is behind one of them. Chose wisely, for once a door is opened, the others will remain locked forever."

Oh, god! He closed his eyes. Took a deep breath. Walked to the first door. 

'Follow your heart, it will never lead you wrong'. 

He heard Casey's words, taught to her by her beloved Grandma Rose. He took another breath, and put his hand on the door. Not this one. He looked over at the Being. "Is there a time limit?"


He was certain that there was a smile on the Being's face, even though he couldn't see it. He heard it in that simple answer. "Good." He walked to the second door. Come on, Angel, help me out, he thought. Not this one either. He hesitated at the third door…there was something… he moved on to the fourth door. Nope. Nothing. He returned to that third door. Could feel…something. He wasn't sure what it was he was feeling. Only that there seemed to be something...Daniel took a deep breath, put his hand on the doorknob. Turned away from the blood red surface to look at the Being. "If I chose incorrectly, it's my fault. Don't punish Her, don’t punish them for my mistake. Let them go home. Do with me what you will, but let Her go, let them go. Please."

"As you wish."

He took another deep breath. Sent up a prayer. Willed his hand to stop shaking. Turned the doorknob…




Jack and Teal'c were on their feet the instant the door at the end of the dungeon room began to open. Both heaved sighs of relief when Daniel stepped through. "Nice threads," Jack teased.

Daniel's eyes were focused on one cell, he was already hurrying toward it. Green eyes met his, smiled at him. Filled with love for him. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

"I'm fine. We're all fine. Just waiting for you to figure it out," she replied.

He grinned. Wrapped his hands around hers as she gripped the iron bars that separated them. "Smartass," he whispered.

"Yeah, but you love my ass," she whispered in reply.

The sound of the locks deactivating caught them all by surprise. As soon as the door was open he had her in his arms, holding her tightly.

The red-clad figure had followed him into the room. "Come," she said.

His arm around her shoulders, holding her tightly, he followed the woman. Sam, Jack and Teal'c fell in behind them.

The bright light was shining in front of the pool once again. The figure led them to the light, then seemed to disappear into the shadows.

"You have done well Daniel Jackson," the male voice said. "We had nearly given up all hope of finding one worthy."

Jack looked over at the archaeologist. "Way to go Danny," he said softly.

Daniel tossed a shy smile at his friend.

"Step forward," the voice commanded.

Daniel hesitantly let go of his Wife. He looked at Jack. Who gave his promise in that exchanged look. He took a breath, stepped in front of his Wife and friends.

"You have been tried, and found pure of heart. You have been tested, and found faithful of spirit. You have been given tasks, and found skilled of body and mind. You, Daniel Jackson, are The One."

Once again a bright light shot out of the altar. But instead of wounding him, the light seemed to surround him. Flashes of blue circled him, then seemed to enter his body. He cried out, dropped to his knees. When Casey would have raced to his side Jack grabbed her, held her tightly.

It seemed to go on forever. It lasted just under three minutes. Just as suddenly as it started, it was over. The bright light disappeared at the same time that the beam from the altar stopped. He was gasping for breath. When Casey pulled free from Jack's grip, dropped to her knees beside him and wrapped her arms around him, Daniel leaned gratefully into her embrace.

"She is your Beloved," the voice said.

"Yes," Daniel managed to reply.

"Then take her as such."

"I don't understand," he admitted quietly.

The altar began to glow. The symbols that were engraved on the sides seemed to float away from it, flames began to dance around it.

"Take her as your Beloved, forever. The One has a Destiny that will not follow an easy path. She Who Was Created For You shall be at your side. Her own Gift shall be a guide to you. Your heart has chosen her. Take her."

The water in the pool began to bubble and foam. A narrow marble pathway led from one side of the pool to the other. Daniel took Casey's hand, and led her toward that path.

"Whoa, Danny, what do you think you're doing?"

Daniel turned to face his friend. "It's okay, Jack. It's a ceremony. A marriage ceremony."

"Yeah, well, just tell…whoever it is back there, that you and Casey are already married."

Daniel smiled. "I think this is important, Jack."

The older man frowned. Whenever Daniel said that, he was usually right. With a shrug of his shoulders, he gave his consent, although the young archaeologist was well aware that it was given reluctantly.

"Come on, Angel," Daniel said softly.

Casey had complete faith in her Husband as she followed him across that narrow path.

The altar was large, and the stone beneath it raised it at least three feet, so that all Jack, Sam and Teal'c could see of Casey was from her shoulders up, Daniel from his chest up. As if from nowhere, nearly a dozen black robed Beings appeared. They took Daniel's robe, and the rough cotton covering that Casey was wearing, and began to wash the couple. When the task was complete, fragrant oil was spread over their bodies.

Casey kept her eyes locked on his blue orbs as hands - several hands - washed her. Her cheeks were faintly pink, but those incredible blue eyes sent love, helped her to maintain, even though she wanted to pull away from the probing, intimate touches.

When they were ready, one of the figures brought out a silver chalice. It was offered first to Daniel, who took a hesitant sip. It was excellent wine, and he took a deep drink. The chalice was then offered to Casey, who drank deeply as well.

The deep male voice, the one that had spoken to them before, began to speak once again. "In the beginning of time, the Great Force that created all decreed that Love above all things would be strong, binding two hearts together as one, able to face even the most difficult of tasks. So it is that heart has sought heart, seeking the strength that comes from the Binding, made stronger still by the Joining. The Great Force decreed that Love above all things would offer solace to the soul. So it is that hearts reach out to one another, to heal, and receive healing. The Great Force decreed that Love above all things would bring joy, and so it is that hearts rejoice in one another, delight one another. As it is for all, so it is for The One. Let Him take now She who was created for Him. Let songs be sung as He binds Her to His side forever, two entities joined together in Love, to become One. Know that together They cannot be defeated. Witness now, the greatest of all Love. Witness the Joining!"

Daniel could feel a flush moving over his body. There'd most definitely been something in the wine. The words echoed in his head, and he could feel the need for her become nearly overwhelming. Judging from the look in her eyes, she was feeling the same thing. He watched as hands gently lifted her to lie on the altar. She was so beautiful, her oiled skin glistening in the flickering light of the torchieres.

Casey looked into blue eyes glazed with lust…with need…with love. She understood what was about to happen. Her heart was pounding with embarrassment at the thought of this most intimate act being witnessed. Her cheeks turned crimson when hands lifted her, laid her on the cold stone of the altar.

"It's all right, Angel," Daniel whispered, climbing up to stretch out beside her. He had no idea what this 'The One' business was about. But he did know that something…incredible…had just happened to him…to all of them. "This has to be, was meant to be. It's okay, Case…sacred…beautiful…so very special." From somewhere behind the altar several voices began to chant, then sing as Daniel began to touch his Wife.

"Oh hell," Jack muttered, when he realized what was about to happen. The little hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He glanced around, barely bit back his gasp of surprise. The huge temple was filled with people. All of them watching the proceedings with rapt attention, happy smiles on their faces. He carefully examined several of the faces, then looked back at the naked couple on the altar. This wasn't about sex. This was about consecration. About witnessing the most beautiful act of love that had ever been created.

Sam felt tears in her eyes as she watched Daniel gently caress Casey, even though she couldn't exactly see what he was doing. She could see his arm moving slowly, understood what it meant. This felt as solemn, as beautiful, as the wedding ceremony she'd been a part of. Something Big was happening, and this was just the final act, the culmination of all that they'd just experienced. When Jack touched her arm, nodded at the suddenly present crowd around them, she fought a surge of jealousy. This was special! Those were her best friends! This wasn't for just anyone! She shook her head mentally. From the looks of the faces around her, they were well aware of how sacrosanct the moment was.

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. He could sense the propriety of the event. To be witness to such an intimate act, the joining of two bodies, two hearts, two souls, was indeed a rare privilege. He took the stance of a warrior on duty, prepared to do whatever might be required of him during this most sacred of ceremonies.

Casey was trembling slightly. She closed her eyes, tried to think herself into their bed in the apartment, the moonlight shining over them as he made love to her, with her.

"Touch me, Angel," he said softly, his hand moving over her face, to her throat, over her shoulder, down her arm to her hand. He lifted it to his cheek, pressed against her palm. "I love you."

"I love you," she whispered.

"Just you and me," he whispered, before he lowered his head and kissed her. He'd make her ready for him, but he wouldn't partake of her sweet honey, not here, not now. This was about the Joining. Of their bodies. Their hearts. Their souls. Two becoming One, for all of eternity.

With a sigh she gave herself up to him, returning his kiss with the same love, the same…enthusiasm with which she always greeted his lips. Her hands began to move over him, one finding its way into his hair. She suddenly realized that he was lying on his side next to her, blocking from view what his hand was doing as it moved over her body. Her back arched slightly as he massaged her breasts, fingers tugging at nipples that hardened at his touch. She moaned softly when his mouth moved to her throat, finding all of those sensitive places and teasing them with his lips and tongue, his teeth nipping gently at her skin.

So sweet, was the familiar thought that filled his mind as his mouth moved over her. He slid down slightly so he could make love to those beautiful, tantalizing breasts. This would arouse her, make her ready for him. His fingers began to caress the soft, warm flesh between her thighs as he suckled; he could feel the flood of honey when he tugged gently on those sweet, hard nipples. He pushed his thumb against that swelling clit, slid two fingers inside her, began to stroke softly, gently; his mouth never left her body as he prepared her for his entrance. She was making soft sounds of pleasure when he kissed is way back to her lips. His cock was screaming the need for release, he could wait no longer. "Ready, Angel?"

"Yes," she whispered. She pulled his face close, held him as she kissed him, felt him shift his body over hers. She opened to him, wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his shoulders.

"I love you," he said once again as he sank into the warm depths of her body.

Her back arched, she gave a sigh of contentment as he stretched her, filled her completely. "I love you," she replied.

He began to move; slow, steady thrusts, smiled against her lips when he felt her hips meeting his each step of the way. Wanting to assure that she'd have as much pleasure as he did, he pushed and ground his hips against hers with every downward thrust he made. "So good, Angel, you feel so good," he whispered, just before he began to nibble her ear.

"So good," she whispered in agreement.

Her body was gripping him, holding him, massaging the length of him, her hips following his in an effort to maintain his presence. The sensations were incredible! Just as she always did, Casey was making love to him with all that she had, offering everything to him. Whatever had been in the wine was increasing his need. The steady rhythm he'd started was no longer enough.

More, she needed, wanted more. "Take me," she whispered, her back arching just a bit more, pressing her body tighter against his. "Please, Daniel…take me." Neither she nor he noticed the flames that seemed to surround the altar were jumping higher now, or that the chanting had become louder, more invigorated.

With a groan he rose up on outstretched arms. Her head was back, her eyes closed, that elegant neck arched and exposed. He lowered his head long enough to lick and kiss that sweet skin, before the amazing feelings that flooded his senses had him throwing his head back and moaning with pleasure.

Her hands were as far around his biceps as she could get them, fingers digging into the hard muscles there. Her legs pulled his hips back each time he tried to move too far away from her. She opened her eyes, watched his as he moved them both closer to that cliff and the ecstasy that lay just beyond. She could feel her climax building, it wouldn't be long now before she was taking flight.

Daniel looked down at her when he felt her thighs begin to quiver against his hips. "Give it to me, Angel. Don't hold back. Come for me," he whispered.

That soft whimper filled the air around them. She could never seem to control that sound, no matter how hard she tried. White-hot flames of pleasure moved up and down her spine, into her belly, settled between her thighs, exploded into sensations so intense that she cried out his name. She was spinning among the stars, her body trembling beneath his has he pounded into her pulsing well.

The sweet sounds of love that she made always hastened him over the edge. The convulsions of her warm well around his aching, throbbing shaft were enough to send him spiraling out of control, into the abyss of pure, sweet pleasure. He cried out, her name echoed in the air around them. He continued to thrust slowly until the spasms ended. He dropped down on top of her, not even aware that the flames around the altar and in torchieres were suddenly, abruptly snuffed out, plunging them into darkness.

Sam looked up at Jack, tears in her eyes. "It was beautiful," she whispered.

Jack had feared that witnessing his best friend making love to his wife would arouse him. It had, to a point. What he hadn't expected was the feeling of awe that filled him. "Yeah, it was," he replied softly.

"It was a most sacred event," Teal'c said, his dark eyes shining in the dim light of the remaining torches.

The crowd of observers had vanished as quickly and silently as they'd arrived. For a few moments, the three teammates stood together, in the afterglow of one of the most incredible ceremonies they'd ever witnessed.

On the altar Daniel gently moved away from his Wife. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

"I’m in your arms," she replied, her voice a soft whisper.

He felt the floor with his bare feet, put his weight on them, slid from the altar. He reached for her, helped her down. Their robes were folded neatly, laying on a protrusion of the stone that surrounded the altar. He held hers as she slipped her arms into the rough cotton, pulled it close around her body. He grabbed the red silk robe and donned it.

The marble pathway was still visible, although the water around it was beginning to bubble. Certain that they needed to get across, and now, Daniel grabbed Casey's hand, led her back to the side of the temple where their friends waited.

Nothing was said about what had just happened, or witnessed. Words would have cheapened it. The knowledge that something Special had occurred was shared silently. A light began to glow over the steps that led upwards. At the foot of the steps were their weapons, their boots, and Daniel's journal.

"I think we're being invited to leave," Jack said quietly.

"Yeah," Daniel replied.

Together the five members of SG-1 grabbed their P90's and boots, Teal'c took his staff weapon, and Daniel picked up his red notebook, and they began to climb the steps that would lead them to the surface of the planet.

"So what does being The One mean?" Jack asked.

"I have no idea," Daniel replied.

"Any clues as to what particular…um…group of people we were dealing with?"

A frown flickered over his features. There had been something…he could remember feelings of anger, anguish, fear, pain, heartbreak…but no distinct memories seemed to surface to explain them. "No, at least, not right now. There was something…"

"You'll figure it out," Casey said, her voice reflecting her confidence in him.

He squeezed her fingers slightly. "Yeah, maybe."

They all blinked rapidly when they stepped onto the grassy ground thirty minutes later, their eyes not accustomed to the bright sunlight. The 'doorway' had vanished, and once again lush grass covered the area.

Jack frowned as he looked around. The remains of a campfire near the Stargate. Grass crushed in very tent-like shapes. "Keep your eyes open, kids. There's been a lot of activity here," he said, his voice low.

"Indeed," Teal'c replied. "These tracks were made with the military issue boots of the SGC."

"You're sure?" Jack asked.

"Positive," the Jaffa replied.

"They think we're missing," Sam said. "Or dead. I wonder how long we were down there?"

"Days, probably," Daniel surmised. "They left our packs. Why?"

Jack grinned. "Because we're SG-1, Danny. We always come back from the dead." He grabbed his pack and headed toward a group of bushes. "I will be damned glad to have a BDU back on!"

With chuckles and giggles, the rest of the team followed suit, finding a private place to shed the robes and pull on government issue underwear and the green camouflage uniforms that were the mainstay of the military.

"Dial us home, Danny," Jack said a few minutes later, tugging his pack over his shoulders. Dressed, packs on, weapons in hand, the team stood beside the DHD.

Daniel's long, slender fingers began to press the 'keys' that would activate the proper sequence of symbols and connect the 'gate in front of them to the one in the SGC on Earth. It opened with its customary splendor. Using the GDO that had been in the top of his pack, something that he didn’t recall placing there, he sent the signal alerting those in the mountain that SG-1 was coming home.

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