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Dream a Little Dream

Chapter 6

"So, Case," Jack said, his brown eyes twinkling, "how did that whole wedding preparation thing go?"

She cocked an eyebrow. "You really want to know?"

"Yeah," he grinned, "I do."

"Six days of sex. It was an orgy. Determined to see just how much stamina I had, and how kinky I could get."

The older man nearly choked to death on his beer. Sam pounded on his back. "What?"

"Yeah. Seems they have their own version of the Kama Sutra. Really bizarre stuff."

Jack looked at Daniel. "That is not what you said it was!"

"I said they'd use the memory device to brainwash her," Daniel replied, laughing at his friend.

"I don't believe it," Jack declared. "I know you better than you think I do. Those guys were still standing and still...intact...when we got there."

She squeaked as she laughed, garnering the group looks from other O'Malley's patrons sitting at nearby tables. "You asked!"

"Yeah, that'll teach me, won't it?"

"Hasn't yet," she retorted.

Sam wiped her eyes. "Really, what was it like?"

Casey rolled her eyes. "I heard about Ba'al, according to Ba'al. For hours. Many, many long, long hours. The whole story, from the time he crawled out from whatever rock he'd been hiding under, to the present. Talk about twisted history! To hear him tell it, he hung the moon and stars! I don't know how long I'd been there, but let me tell you, I was on the verge of going medieval on their asses! Pickle Puss nearly had a heart attack when I stood up and stretched...my butt was so numb from sitting in that chair that it hurt!"

"Ouch!" Sam said sympathetically.

"Oh, that's not the best part. Ba'al was going to bathe me, in front of god and everyone, and then he had plans of getting busy on some alter." She shook her head, took a swallow of beer. "I never would've survived."

"You are strong, Casey Jackson," Teal'c said quietly. "You would have survived regardless of what Ba'al did."

She smiled, shook her head. "I'd have kicked the shit out of him right then and there, and you can't tell me he'd have just let me walk away. I wouldn't have survived."

Her teammates smiled. Daniel pulled her closer to his side - his arm around her shoulder, his thumb making lazy circles on her cheek. "Nutesh said you had his First Prime quaking in his boots."

She giggled. "He was just certain I knew where you were. Which was true, I did. But I let him think that he'd lost you all by himself, and that it was his problem. Then I sort of demanded to see you...which of course, wasn't going to happen, because you weren't where he'd left you. You know, you'd think they'd get a clue. When has SG-1 ever stayed where they put us?"

Laughter moved around the table once again. "When we got the message Daniel'd sent, we were so sure we'd find you both, standing there waiting to come home," Jack said quietly. "I damned near lost it when we located Daniel, almost dead, and you weren't anywhere to be found."

The confession startled him. "You were the one who held me together," Daniel said softly.

"Yeah, well, it was easier to focus on you, and not think about it," Jack admitted. "But I'm telling you both, right here, right now, if either of you pull this shit again, I'm going to bury my boot in your asses!"

"We'll consider ourselves warned," Daniel smiled. He looked down at Casey. "So did anything you hear during the preparations correlate with what we know of Babylonian history and myths?"

"There were bits and pieces that were the same. The underlying story seemed to be constant. It took a bit to cut through all of the propaganda to find any nuggets of truth. One of which was interesting. It seems that the Goa'uld did try to return to Earth. And the Asgard showed up to prevent it from happening. I don't know the dates, but it's possible that it was around the time Thor was moving Vikings off world. There was a reference to..." she closed her eyes, concentrated on the information that she'd done her best to memorize. "To a 'time of great upheaval, when the gods yearned to return to that which they had created, and enemies who continued to plague them stole the people in the dark of the night, taking them from all lands, to those places that were hidden in darkness'."

Daniel frowned. "It's possible that the Asgard weren't sure they could protect Earth, and were going to try and preserve as many societies, and cultures, as possible."

Sam nodded her agreement. "Which means that we have yet to find all of the colonies that were established."

"Sort of makes you wonder why, doesn't it?" Jack asked. "I mean, why all the effort to save us...or them."

"Because we're Tau'ri," Casey said softly. "We're unique in all of the universe. There are other humans. But none like us."

"Guess we're not so bad, even with all our faults," Jack smiled.

"Not so bad at all," Casey replied. "Daniel says that the three of you met Shanda and Nutesh."

"Yep. They're going to be just fine," Jack told her. "What had you so freaked out? I mean, you've seen Jaffa killed, and even if Daniel was dead...well, you know," he said, glancing around. "They said you were hysterical."

"Daniel had been beaten so badly...that alone upset me...but when Ryk'teal fired...at first I thought...Daniel had slumped down, and for a few seconds I thought...I thought he'd...There was so much blood and..." She took a deep breath, then shook her head sadly. "Poor O'nan...he was joining us...he never got a chance to be free, And Dartal was...pulling...at me. I knew I had to fight him, but I wanted to hang on long enough for you to find us. I didn't have the strength to deal with answering the questions I knew Nutesh and Shanda would have...and to be honest, them finding out about...you know, if Daniel had been...well, not a good idea. And I certainly didn't want them caught if Ba'al followed us through that 'gate."

Jack nodded. "Sort of too much at once."

"That's the way it felt."

The pizzas they'd agreed on arrived, and conversation turned to matters closer to home...and much more pleasant to discuss.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She stood in the doorway of the den and watched him. He was engrossed in what he was doing, scratching notes at a furious pace. She smiled. Crossed the floor and kissed the top of his head. "I'm going to bed."


"Love you."


With a smile, and a shake of her head, she turned to walk away. Was startled when he caught her wrist, pulled her back toward him.

"Love you, too. I'll be in soon."

"That's fine. I know you have a lot to get done, especially with us leaving again so soon."

"What I don't get finished will be waiting when I get back," he replied.

"Yes, it will," she agreed. A wide yawn caught her off-guard. "I'm more tired than I thought."

"Go get some sleep, Angel. As soon as I have this finished, I'll be in."

"I'll just dream a little dream until you're beside me," she said softly.

"Dream of me," he whispered.

"I always do," she whispered in reply. "And when you come in, wake me."

"Promise," he said softly. He kissed her, watched her walk toward the bedroom. The nightmare was at long last over. He sat back, closed his eyes, listened to the soft sounds of her getting into bed. He'd only come home a couple of times during the two and a half months she'd been missing. The house had screamed of her absence...had felt so cold and empty. Once again it felt like home. Felt safe and warm. He took a deep breath. The sweet scent of her lingered in the room. It was over. All of it, all of the pain and grief and fear...finished. Once again they'd survived. Their love had seen them through, had been strong enough to bring her back to him, even when her own mind had been sabotaged, used against her. He couldn't help but smile thinking about her description of her outrage with the Ascended Beings. No doubt they'd think twice about pissing her off again!

She closed her eyes, sighed contentedly. Heard Daniel's chair creak slightly as he moved. The sound was comforting; knowing he was nearby, safe and healthy, made her heart beat faster with happiness.


"I'm proud of you, Sunshine."

"Miss Eloise!"

"You did a good thing today. You and Daniel," the old woman said softly.

"It was something we never should have had to do," she replied.

"I agree. There's one hell of a discussion going on right now. You shook them up, Sunshine."


"No, it's a good thing," the elderly seer interrupted gently. "There are times when one must be reminded of one's true purpose. They needed to be reminded."

"It won't change anything."

"Maybe not right away. But eventually."

"And in the meantime, Daniel and I get to fight Dartal's friends."

"Afraid so."

She sighed. "I almost feel badly for him."


"Dartal. I mean, I know he was a daemon and all. But he could have been cruel...horrible to me. Instead, he chose to make me believe I was his daughter. He tried to give me a...pleasant...illusion. And as far as fathers go, he wasn't so bad."

Miss Eloise studied the young woman. "It's a shame you never knew your father."

She snorted softly. "Yeah, well, that's the way it goes, isn't it?"

"Perhaps your father wasn't given a choice."

She stopped, stared at the old seer. "What do you mean?"

"It's possible that your mother, whoever she was, never told the man who was your father that you existed."

She'd never really thought about her father. As a child she'd built dreams, fantasies, around the hope that her mother would someday want her; would come and rescue her from Helen Webster. "I guess."

"I'll let you sleep now. You're a strong seer, Casey. One day soon you won't need me."

"I'll always need you, Miss Eloise," she said softly.

The old woman cackled quietly. "That's nice to hear. Sleep. That husband of yours will be waking you soon."

"I don't mind."

"I know. Goodnight, Casey."

"Goodnight, Miss Eloise."


With a sigh, she slipped peacefully into deep sleep.




It was just after midnight when Daniel shed his clothes and slipped into the bed. He reached out, ran his hand over her, delighted to find her naked. She was on her side, he shifted closer, pressed his chest against her back. Her sweet scent had already fired off messages to his brain, and his body was responding fervently. Leaning on one arm, he moved his hand over her hip, back up to cup her breast. Trailed kisses along her bare shoulder. "Casey?"

She rolled backwards, felt his body, hard and warm, behind her. Smiled sleepily. She opened her eyes, looked up into his face. The small lamp burned behind him, casting his face in shadow. She reached up and caressed his jaw, her smile going wider when he caught her finger with his teeth, suckled gently on it. "You're finished?"

"For now," he replied.

Scooting so that she was lying on her back, she let her fingers trail over his throat, down his chest. "When I couldn't remember anything else, I remembered the love," she whispered.

"I know," he whispered in reply. He cupped her cheek, ran his thumb over her lips.  "My heart dwells in heaven as it lays in thine hands, I reside in the comfort of thy love, and my world exists in thine eyes, my Beloved. Never shall I leave thee, nor turn away from thee. Shouldst thou be taken from me by thieves in the night, though I should have to trek the world again and again, I will search for thee, and return thee to the protective shelter of my arms."

It sounded like Abydonian, although she couldn't be sure. "What does it mean?" she asked.

He smiled in the semi-darkness. "The translation is in the den. You can read it later." He lowered his head, touched her lips with his own. Felt her move closer to increase the contact between them. He moved slowly, taking his time as he kissed her. When he finally worked the combination that allowed him access to her warm mouth, her hands were already in his hair. "I love you," he whispered, trailing kisses along her jaw, to her throat.

"I love you," she whispered in reply. When she'd made love to him yesterday, and the first thing that morning, she'd done so without the benefit of her full memory. Every time they were together, it was incredible. But now, knowing...understanding...how much she loved him, needed him, made being in his arms all the more precious.

Her kisses were still soft...almost shy...as they always were when they began to make love. Not until her need, that passion that burned in her, broke free would she demand greedily from him, take what she needed. Best of both worlds, he thought briefly...the shy virgin, and the experienced lover. To have both in the same woman was more than he could have wished for.

She knew what she wanted. Knew what he needed. The hand that had been still against his chest while they kissed began to push gently. He rolled to his back. She leaned over him, kissed him gently, slid her hand down his chest...his belly, began to fondle the erection that rose to greet her fingers. "I want to taste you," she whispered. "Do you want to taste me?"

"Always," he replied softly. Wasn't disappointed when she positioned herself above him. He ran his tongue over her soft folds, moaned when the warmth of her mouth enveloped him. He grinned mentally. Let the games begin! He wrapped his arms around her hips, held her in place as he began to lave her moist nether lips with the flat of his tongue. He flicked the tip of his tongue over the hard, pink nub that peeked from its protective hood, pleased each time her hips dipped toward him. He alternated the attention he gave her sweet little twat - lick, lick...flick, flick...lick, lick...flick, flick...

Velvet and steel and warm and throbbing and he tasted so good! She took as much of him as she could, resting her forearms on his hips to allow use of both hands. One gently cupped and rolled his heavy balls, the other moved on the shaft of his cock, keeping in rhythm with her mouth. She bobbed up and down, pulled up...swirled her tongue over the head, teased that sensitive underside until his hips jerked, and then moved back down. She sucked steadily each time her head moved up, her tongue moving constantly. Each tiny taste of precum sent her in search of more, her diligence paying off as he continued to leak ever faster.

The clock in the living room counted out the minutes as they made love; gentle caresses - tantalizing...tormenting touches - that swept them higher with each passing tick-tock; the love that they felt, that they shared, filled the air as sweetly as the scent of their lovemaking.

Sweet Jesus what she could do to him! His toes were beginning to curl as she continued her ministrations...he moaned out loud when she shook her head back and forth; the sensations of her mouth, and her long hair against his belly and thighs, sending fingers of pleasure up and down his spine. Her hands continued to move up and down on him, taking him ever higher.

It was becoming ever more difficult to concentrate on what she was doing with the wonderful things he was doing to her...when he began to tease her aching love button with the tip of his tongue, she moaned softly, couldn't control the way her hips began to move against his face. She was determined to make him come before he sent her spiraling among the stars...she relaxed her throat, took him as deeply as she could, and began to swallow.

He wasn't going to last much longer. Sliding two fingers into her, he captured her clit and began to tease it, sucking it into his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth over it. He set up a steady pace, her hips were moving faster now. Give it up, babe, he thought, fighting to maintain control over his own body.

Colors were twirling, lights flashing when she closed her eyes. The whimper she could never control filled her throat as she continued to swallow...waves of pleasure rolled over her, and she gave in to the sensations, moaning deeply, her body shivering as her climax overtook her.

The vibrations of that soft moan set him off, and he was shooting his load down her throat as he worked to capture the sweet honey that poured from her. He held her in place until he'd taken his fill, then let her slide down to the mattress. He wrapped his arms around her when she turned around; held her tightly as she snuggled against his chest, her head on his shoulder.

"I love doing that," she sighed.

He grinned. How in the hell had he gotten so lucky? "You're amazing," he said softly.

"Only to you."

Their breathing had returned to normal, yet they continued to hold one another tightly, content to revel in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Certain he knew the answer, needing confirmation, Daniel took a deep breath. "Case, can I ask you a question?"

"Always," she replied softly.

"Ba'al...he never...he didn't...he didn't...hurt...you, did he?"

She thought about the night she'd snuck to the cargo bay where Daniel had been hidden. "The night I came to you...when we made love...Shanda had put a something in his food to knock him out. Before...before it took effect, he...um..." she could feel the heat in her cheeks. Felt Daniel's body tense beneath her, waiting for her to continue. "I just wanted him to pass out...and he...well, I figured if I did what he asked...then he wouldn't get grabby...but..."

"But?" he asked softly, when she paused. It felt as if his heart had stopped beating as he waited to hear what she had to say...to hear the answer to his question. One that now he wished he'd left unvoiced.

"He wanted to watch me bathe. He...um...he undressed me...and then...well, there were lots of bubbles...and I wanted to be especially clean for you...and he thought...well...he made Shanda...and when she did I was so pissed off...I mean, how could he treat her that way?" She took breath. "I thought if I...well, I thought maybe it'd make him pass out sooner if he'd just...you know...so I sort of told Shanda what to do...and it worked, and he passed out...well, he came and then he passed out. Or maybe he kind of did it at the same time."

What she'd told him was nothing like what he'd imagined, what he'd feared. "Let me get this straight, he's sitting there watching you wash..."

"Well, I think he thought I was...you know..."

"Right. And he made Shanda..."



"And he passed out."

He was infuriated that Ba'al had seen what belonged to him. Had touched her...perhaps not intimately, but his hands had been on her. "But he didn't hurt you?"

"No, he never did, I swear," she replied.

The linguist in him took notice of what she'd said, the fear that tinged her voice. "Angel, you were a prisoner. You didn't have any choice."

"I could've refused," she said softly.

"If you had, Case, he'd have raped you, then and there," he argued quietly. "You did everything right, you stayed alive."

"All I could think about was being with you. I just..."

"You just what, Angel?"

"I just closed my eyes, and pretended I was bathing for you," she whispered.

He smiled against her hair. "I'm so proud of you. And so grateful you're okay."

"You realize I wasn't finished when Shanda interrupted us."

He chuckled. "Yeah, I know."

She sat up, ran her hands over his chest. "When I was on the astral plane, I kept seeing your eyes. Felt so much...warmth and safety...when I looked into them. No matter what happens, you're always there for me, with me. Keeping me safe."

His heart was beating his love against his ribs. Her words wrapped around his heart and soul; soothed his hurt - his worry - his guilt - for not protecting her, like a healing balm. "I love you, Casey. Don't you ever forget that."

"Never." She took his hands, held them in her own. "Right here," she whispered. "Right here, in your hands. My heart. My soul. My life. Everything I am belongs to you. Every breath I take is full of you. My heart beats out your name."

He felt tears fill his eyes. He raised her hands to his lips, held them there for several long seconds, until he was certain he could speak without embarrassing himself. "These soft hands hold my heart. My soul. My life. You're the best part of me, Casey. Without you, there's nothing."

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Angel." He moved his hands to her breasts. "Haven't greeted the girls properly today," he said, giving her a sly grin.

"You are so weird," she sighed. Her eyes were laughing at him.

He rolled to his side, flipping her onto her back. "Yeah, but you love me anyway."

"With all of my heart," she replied. One strong, warm hand was kneading her breast, the arm her head was on held her gently, the fingers of that hand caressing her shoulder. "I love you with everything that I am," she said softly.

There were no words to describe what that soft declaration did to him...for him. He nuzzled her cheek, then kissed her, just as slowly, as carefully as he had when she'd begged him to 'show her' what making love was about, to let the love help her heart remember what her mind wouldn't. Her arms locked around his shoulders, one hand in his hair. God, how he loved that!

The kiss had started softly, gently...but the passion was building quickly...she could feel the intense heat of that passion settle in her belly. She moved one hand to cup his cheek, felt him press against her palm, the day's growth of his beard rough against her skin. She did her best to put her love into the kiss they were sharing, wanting every caress to confirm her words.

Sweet, and warm, and so damned giving! Tit for tat. Stroke for stroke. Caress for caress. He could feel the emotion...her emotion, as she kissed him. Giving so sweetly, so shyly; then moving so boldly, demanding that the he give her what she wanted...what she needed.

He'd sent her to the stars, yet the fire, her need, was raging once again. The kiss was drawing to an end, he was pulling back, ready to begin the journey of love that always sent her spiraling into the heavens. When he shifted, easing his body on top of hers, she couldn't help but sigh. His weight pinned her to the bed, and goddess how she loved that! There was no sense of panic, only the sweet knowledge that he was real, and loved her.

It took twenty minutes to finally arrive at his beauties. Twenty minutes of kissing and licking and nipping her soft, fragrant skin. Leaving his mark on her shoulders. Her nipples were hard and pointed, pressing against his palms as he slid down, ready to make love to the beautiful breasts that never failed to leave him breathless with need.

She wasn't even aware of the soft sounds she was making as he suckled, moving from one breast to the other, giving each ample attention. Nor was she aware of the fact that her back had arched off the bed as he continued to arouse her...please her. She could feel his swollen manhood throbbing against her leg...which was sending messages of need to her brain, had her aching well pulsing in reply.

He would indulge...taste her once again before burying himself inside her. He'd been so long without her that he felt starved...as if he'd never be able to get his fill of her. He shook his head mentally. He was always hungry for her; even before she'd been taken, they made love at least once a day, because of that burning hunger...that need. And his addiction to her sweet nectar had nothing to do with that need.

Her breath was coming in short gasps; when he moved lower, trailing kisses to her belly, she hissed a sigh of relief. He was composing an overture that would end in a mind-blowing finale, and she'd be breathless and dancing among the stars as a result...her body was straining for the release that only he could offer.

His mouth never left her body as her flat belly undulated beneath him, reacting to his kisses, his teasing. He used the tip of his tongue to tug gently on the tiny navel ring, felt her body jump, heard her soft gasp. The reactions only served to fuel his own arousal, making his cock throb harder, faster against her soft skin.

The man was determined to drive her insane, she thought, when he moved back up to pay homage to her breasts once again. She needed...wanted his most intimate of kisses, and yet he seemed to be in no hurry to give them to her.

He couldn't help but smile against her skin as she wiggled yet again. Pushed her sweet twat up against his chest. "Easy, babe," he murmured just before closing his teeth gently around her nipple.

Easy? Was he kidding? She was about to spontaneously combust into a ball of flames, and he was telling her 'easy'? Before she could formulate an appropriate reply, his fingers were moving between her legs, brushing against her clit, tugging it just a bit. "Mmm...please..."

Begging. Oh, he did so love it when she did that! Anxious to hear more of those sweet whispers, he began to kiss his way to the soft curls that covered her mons. Her hands were on his shoulders, urging him to hurry, and he was fairly certain she wouldn't be cooperative if he tried to move back to her breasts again. Which brought a smile of satisfaction to his lips.

She moaned when he nibbled on the junction between her body and her thighs, jerking slightly each time his teeth grazed her skin. Her fingers were curled in his hair, it was taking every ounce of strength she had to restrain from forcing him where she wanted him...needed him. Another moan rose from her throat when he finally began licking her, moving so slowly she was certain she'd go insane with need.

So hot, so wet...god she smelled so good, tasted so damned sweet! He locked his eyes with hers, knowing that the second he pushed into that hot little well, she'd drench him with a flood of precious honey.

"Please," she murmured softly.

He pushed his tongue into her, felt her hips come up off the bed, and her body give a little shiver. He watched her eyes drift closed as he licked her clean, taking down every drop of what she created especially for him. His own body was shaking as a result...the adrenaline that zipped through him, making his heart pound faster, making him feel as if there wasn't a damned thing he couldn't do, as long as she was by his side. He'd teased her long enough. He used the tip of his tongue to trace her soft folds once...twice...flicked that hard little clit and listened to her gasp. He wrapped his hands around her slender thighs, and sucked the nub into his mouth.

"Nngg! Oh, god, yes!"

Flickering his tongue over her, he slid two fingers inside her, began to stroke hard and deep.

"Nngg...oh! Oh, goddess!"

Hell yes! Talk to me babe, he thought delightedly. Sing for me! As if in compliance with his silent demand, her thighs began to quiver against his shoulders. That beautiful whimper filled her throat...built up into the aria of love that sent his soul soaring as high as her body was flying.

She cried out again when he moved up her body, slid his rock-hard shaft into her, thrusting and grinding before she had her legs around his waist. She felt as if she were on the verge of flying into a million pieces.

Tight and hot, her still convulsing well gripped him, pulled him deeper. Her hips were meeting his thrust for thrust, one soft hand was on his chest, tugging at his nipples. He was every bit as aroused as she'd been before taking flight, he knew it wouldn't take him long to join her in the clouds. His heart sang praises to her, reveling in her love; his mind sent out his gratitude that what was his, had remained his, and his alone. That was the last coherent thought that crossed his mind as pleasure, hot...sweet...intense...flooded every sense.

He was pounding into her, his body slapping against hers with each thrust. He'd reached the point of no return, and soon would be pulsing deep within her, giving her a tangible sign of the love she so treasured. His question earlier had revealed his fears to her...although she didn't realize that his concern was not born of jealousy, but of the knowledge that anything she suffered at Ba'al's hands would haunt her, add to the scars she already bore. "I'm yours, Daniel, totally, forever," she whispered.

That sweet whisper burned across his brain, added to the sensations of pleasure that surrounded him, drowned him. With a groan he gave in to those feelings, let them wash him away and over the cliff into sweet oblivion. His hips jerked with each spasm that ushered his essence into her warm, willing body. With a second groan, he dropped down on top of her, felt her move her hips up and down, and then whimper softly as her third and final climax for the night took her.

She was still shivering when he rolled to his back, taking her with him, holding her close. "That was incredible," she whispered, when she could speak.

He grinned, still trying to catch his breath. "Incredible," he agreed.

Casey raised her head and looked at the clock beside the bed. "It's almost three," she said. "I don't suppose we could go in late."

"I'll bet we could just stay home," he replied. He'd already talked to Jack, just before they left O'Malley's.



"Good, we have to go to the grocery store."

"Bummer. I was planning on spending the day in bed."

"Piggly-Wiggly is open twenty-four hours," she replied.

"Well, then, problem solved. We'll spend the day in bed, and get around to grocery shopping tomorrow night."

"Sounds like a most excellent plan."

He chuckled. "Go to sleep, Angel."

"Wore you out, didn't I?"

"You wore me out," he replied.

"Good." She yawned, then snuggled closer to him, smiled when his arms tightened around her. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

Sleep came on gossamer wings, and settled over them with soft sighs of contentment.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel hung up the phone, tapped his pencil on the notepad. He'd forgotten to show Casey the translation of what he'd whispered to her in Abydonian the night before. She hadn't said a word about it. Hopefully they'd worked out the...fears...associated with him speaking what he regarded as his 'second language'. He glanced over at her...she was totally absorbed in the book she was reading. He almost laughed out loud. 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'. He made his decision...the sound of his pencil scratching against the paper the only sound in the room other than their quiet breathing.



He folded the sheet of paper, stood to his feet and grabbed his coffee mug. As he walked by her, he dropped the note into her lap.

Casey looked up at him, watched him disappear into the hallway. She opened the note, read it carefully. Tears filled her eyes. If she'd ever needed proof of his love, of his gentleness, his kindness, this was it.

When he returned to the den, she wasn't there. He frowned slightly. Turned around at the soft 'ahem'. She was standing in the doorway, gloriously naked, the note he'd written clutched in her hand.

"I could've written a poem for you," she said softly. "But I'd rather show you. Come with me, Stud Muffin. I have to thank you for this." She waved the note slightly.

He sat his cup of coffee on the desk. "I do so love the way you say thank you," he sighed.

"Good. I hope you're up to it. Could take me all afternoon."

He grinned. "I'm up to it."

She held out her hand, smiled up at him when he took it, moved to her side. "I love you."

"Love you, too, Angel."


Miss Eloise turned away with a smug chuckle. Their love was so deep, so strong it was tangible! Together, those two were unstoppable. She felt the familiar presence of her teacher. "Have you considered my request?"

"Yes, I have. You know that we are not allowed to interfere."

"I know that. Of course, the strict adherence to that particular rule is what started the whole mess in the first place."

"As I know that. You may not interfere. However, if certain...information...were to become...available...then what is done with that information is totally out of your control...thus preserving the stipulation of no interference."

The old woman smiled. "You've already seen to it that the information will be found."

Oma returned the smile. "Considering our debt, and the fact that there still remain battles that they must fight, battles that are a result of our lack of action so long ago, it is the least I...we...can do."

The sounds of lovemaking followed them as they moved silently away from the small house.



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