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Dream a Little Dream

Chapter 3

The sky was brilliant blue, and the air filled with the warmth of spring. It had been a pain...literally...driving earlier, after Jack had dropped him off at O'Malley's to collect the jeep. He was grateful now for his best friend's foresight. Daniel had helped Casey locate her sunglasses as they walked toward the parking lot, and she watched as he attached dark lenses to his glasses.

There was so much to look at, so much to see! Daniel answered every question, sometimes chuckling, sometimes not. But his hand remained firmly around hers for the entire drive to the little bungalow that was their home. Excitement raced through her when they pulled into the driveway of the small, gray house. She eagerly followed Daniel inside, looked around, and felt instantly at ease...at home. She should, she thought with a mental roll of her eyes. This was her home!

Damned if he wasn't nervous! It was as if he'd brought her home for the first time, hoping that she'd find his place acceptable...that she'd want to be here with him. This was her home as much as it was his...she was everywhere he looked, from the color of the walls to the arrangement of the furniture, to the plants and candles that were scattered throughout the room. She'd made this place a sanctuary for him...for both of them. This was where they hid from the world...where nothing that happened at the SGC, happened because of their work there, could intrude. "Would you like some coffee?" Daniel asked. 

"Yes. Thank you," she added.

He grinned. With luck, she'd be making the coffee again...soon. She made the best coffee he'd ever tasted. He watched her as she moved around the room, touching the artifacts on the shelves. Her back was toward him as she studied the photographs that lined the mantle.

She examined her reflection in the mirror that was hanging above...well, whatever that thing was. And the shelf that had all of those...faces...so many smiling faces! She recognized Daniel, Sam, Jack, and Teal'c. Understood that she was the woman standing beside them, or wrapped in Daniel's arms. There was a large square...photo! They were photographs! Pleased that she'd remembered something, she picked up the eight by ten frame. She was standing, wearing a beautiful dress. Super-imposed upon the image of her was one of Daniel, looking at her. She could see the love in his eyes. It was as bright there as it was when she looked into those cerulean blue depths. Love. She didn't exactly understand it. Not yet. But it made her heart beat faster. Made her feel so damned happy!

He waited. Janet had told him to let her try to figure things out for herself. If she wanted to know something, she'd ask. He pushed his hands into his pockets, his eyes never leaving her as she continued to move around the room.

"It's nice here," she said at last.

Daniel smiled. "Yes, it is. You've made it that way."

She noticed the hallway. "There's more?"

"Bedroom, den and bathroom," he replied. "C'mere. I'll show you."

She hurried to where he stood waiting for her. Took his hand. He said nothing more, only identified each room as she went in. She stood beside the bed. Knew what it was, although it was quite different from what she'd slept on in the infirmary. This bed was very wide. And had...things...poles of some sort, at the head and the foot...headboard! Foot board! "Brass! Brass bed!"

"We bought it when we moved in," he told her. Please, Angel, please remember! Please remember the love! he begged silently. If she only remembered the love, he'd be completely happy. Everything else he could teach her, she could relearn Goa'uld and Ancient and what she'd been learning of Sumerian. He could tell her about their life together, and they could move forward, making new memories. If only she remembered the love!

There was something...special...about this bed. They slept here, together. She looked up suddenly, caught the look of pain in his eyes. Watched as he quickly and carefully hid it away from her. As much as her...condition...annoyed her, how much more must it bother him? That thought brought such a rush of guilt and sorrow that she gasped out loud.


"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"For what?"

"I can't remember...I'm trying...but I can't...I'm sorry!"

He crossed the room, took her into his arms. "Oh, babe, don't be! It's not your fault! It's just something that happened. The most important thing is that you're home, and that you're safe. We'll work everything else out, I promise."

She let herself relax into his embrace. Wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders. Gave in to her desire to bury her face against his neck. "I want to remember, I want it all back!" she said softly.

"I know, Angel. I know," he whispered soothingly. "Would you like to watch a video? We have DVDs of our engagement party, and the wedding and reception."

"Okay," she replied. Didn't have a clue what the hell he was talking about, but if it was something he wanted to do, it was fine by her!

She followed him back to the living room. Knelt on the floor beside him as he sorted through what he explained were DVDs. Watched closely as he turned on the television and the DVD player. He carefully explained each to her, answered her questions as thoroughly as he could, admitting that he didn't understand the technology of the boxes at all.

They watched the engagement party, listening as each of their friends wished them well in separately recorded 'interviews'. He glanced at his watch. "It's nearly dinner time. Would you like for me to go pick something up for dinner? There isn't anything in the fridge, we haven't been to the grocery store in awhile. I could call for Chinese."

"I like Chinese?"

Daniel grinned. "You love it. Especially General Tsao's chicken."


He picked up the phone, gave their usual order, was told it would be ready within twenty minutes. "You just watch the wedding, and I'll be right back."

"Okay." For some reason, she didn't feel the sense of panic at the thought of him leaving that had gripped her every time he left the room while she'd been in the infirmary. This was home...he'd always come back here. He'd never leave her. Just two more little facts to put with those she carefully collected. 

The wedding was beautiful. They both looked so happy. She couldn't help but smile. She liked the way Daniel held her hand. Didn't seem to want her far from his side. She watched as they danced, the expressions on their faces telling all who saw them that in that moment, only they existed, that they didn't see or hear anyone or anything around them. Safe. Warm. Such good feelings. Something that tickled her heart. Something that felt wonderful.

The DVD ended. She found another one. Like the two he'd chosen, there were only words on the front, no pictures like the others. She didn't recognize the words, but assumed that this must be something else they'd done together. She took the wedding DVD from the player, carefully put it back into the case. Put the new disk in, and did exactly what Daniel had done to make the others play.

She settled onto the sofa. Frowned when there were people on the screen she didn't know; she hadn't met them on the base. Whoa! They're taking their clothes off! And...sex. That was sex! She was too surprised at what she was seeing to realize that she understood; that she recognized what was happening. She was so wrapped up in what was going on that she didn't hear the back door open and then close behind her.

Daniel walked into the kitchen, put the bag of take-out on the counter. The moans coming from the television startled him. Casey had been watching the DVD of their wedding when he'd left...but now...well, now she had on their 'private' video. The 'adult' movie that he'd picked up. He'd never watched the entire thing. He'd pop it into the DVD player, and the next thing he knew, he and Casey were on the floor doing their own version of the film. He watched for a few seconds. He never realized how bad the acting was, or how lousy the dialogue was. He also realized that he was seeing parts of the movie he'd never paid attention to before.

The tantalizing smell of food caught her attention. Casey turned around; Daniel was standing beside the island. She looked from him to the television and back. "Is that sex?"

He smiled. "Yes, that's sex."

"We do that?"

He walked around the sofa, sat down beside her. Took her hand. "No, Angel. We don't have sex. We make love."

She looked from his face, back to the television where two women were busy pleasuring a man. "Just you and me? No one else?"

"Just you and me. No one else. Ever."

The scenes were arousing her. She understood that. Her body felt as if it were on fire. "What's the difference between making love and sex?"

He reached out, brushed a lock of hair from her face, tucked it behind her ear. "What those people are doing isn't love. It's just for physical gratification. That's sex. Making love is when you use your body to physically express the love in your heart, for the person you're with."

She tugged her lip between her teeth. Watched the movie for a few more moments. "Show me?"

Her green eyes were filled with desire...with need. Her whispered request nearly undid him. "Casey, I don't know if you're...ready...for that."

"Do you love me?"

"With all of my heart."

"I love you?"

"Almost as much," he agreed.

"We make love?"

"Beautiful, incredible love," he whispered.

"Show me," she begged again.

His eyes locked with hers, he fumbled for the remote. No way in hell did he want that playing in the background. He shivered as he realized this would be damned near like making love to her the first time. He knew every delicious inch of her delectable body. Knew what she liked, what turned her on, how to take her to the edge and keep her there. She was like the virgin he'd held for the very first time in a hotel room in Tacoma. "I love you," he whispered.

She nodded. "I love you. I know I do."

He smiled. "I do, too."

She leaned forward, ready to kiss him, reaching for the buttons of his blue and white plaid shirt. She needed him. And she wanted him. She might not know anything else. But she knew that!

He wrapped his hands around her wrists, stilled her hands, moved them away from his chest. "Whoa, easy, Angel. If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right."

She shivered with anticipation. "Okay."

He stood up, held his hand out. She placed her fingers against his, let him tug her to her feet. He scooped her into his arms, and carried her to the bathroom. They'd take a shower, and then...his brain nearly melted with the thoughts of what they'd be doing. It had been so long...so very long...since he'd held her!

"You'll tell me what to do, what you like, won't you?" she whispered.

His heart was trying to pound its way out of his chest. "I promise."

She nodded. She thought about the movie she'd watched. The woman begging the man to 'come'. Watching as he did so. "I want you to...come."

Daniel barked with laughter. "That's guaranteed to happen, Angel."


He put her on her feet in front of the shower stall. Reached in to turn on the water, adjusted the taps so it would be the perfect temperature. "C'mere," he said softly.

She stepped into his embrace. Lifted her face eagerly, waiting for his kiss.

He barely brushed his lips against hers...once...twice...felt her shiver in his arms. Settled his mouth more firmly against those pink lips. Traced his tongue gently over them. Then with a bit more pressure...just the tip back and forth over that full bottom lip...and Open Sesame!

She gasped against him as the sensations of his kiss raced up and down her spine. Felt his tongue move into her mouth slowly, gently, just a bit at a time. Touching her, tasting her...She wasn't even aware of the fact that she had one hand on the back of his neck, the other slid into his hair, her fingers curled around soft, short dark blond locks.

She was remembering, at least, her body was remembering, he thought briefly, when he took note of what she was doing. He'd always loved the way her fingers tugged at his hair when they made love. And she was pressed against him as close as she could get. He managed to slip one hand between them. Shaking fingers fumbled for a moment with the buttons on the front of her blouse.

"Not yet," she whispered. "Let's do...this...more."

He shivered. "Whatever you want, Angel," he whispered in reply. Wrapped his arms around her, tugged her closer still, settled his lips more firmly over hers. So long...god it had been so long! She smelled so damned good, and tasted so sweet...she felt like heaven in his arms. She'd always loved kissing...was a damned good kisser. Once again the thought that her body remembered flittered through his mind as she began to nibble on his lower lip. Damned near dropped to his knees when her tongue slipped into his mouth; tasting him, touching him, doing so with such shyness that he felt himself falling in love with her all over again.

She pulled away slightly. "More," she whispered. "More, now."

He stilled her hands when they reached for the buttons of his shirt. "I want you to be absolutely sure, Casey. I don't want to push you, I don't want you doing anything you're not ready for," he said softly.

"I need you," she whispered. "It's the only thing I know right now. I need you. Please...show me what it's like...show me what we've...shared; before...before everything...before everything went to hell for us...please, Daniel, show me."

There was no way to hold back. Not the moan that left his chest. Not the way his hands reached for her, pulled her close. Not the way his arms wrapped around her, crushed her against his body. "I need you, Angel, so damned much!"

Her hands were shaking as much as his as she undid the buttons of his shirt. She pushed it off of his shoulders, shrugged out of the blouse he'd managed to unfasten. She pulled off her boots while he toed off his sneakers and pulled off his socks. His hands moved over her shoulders, down her arms, up her ribs...paused on the lace and satin covered curves of her breasts. She automatically, instinctively arched into his caress. Yes! This is right! It feels so damned right!

Her eyes had darkened with the desire, with the need she'd declared to him. His fingers twisted the clasp of her bra, pushed the lacy material aside. He groaned softly as the warmth of her supple skin filled his hands. He lowered his head, began to kiss her, felt her hands move over his shoulders, until she had them in his hair, holding him close, holding him still as she took what she needed from him.

How she managed to remain on her feet she had no clue. She was shaking so hard with the need that flooded her senses that she was certain her knees would buckle at any moment. When one of his strong warm hands moved down her belly, tugged at the snap of her jeans, she followed suit, seeking to know that male part of him. She struggled with the zipper, finally used both hands to move it past the hard ridge of his erection, pushed aside the jeans. She slipped her hand into the cotton boxers her fingers encountered. Gasped at the same time he did when she began to run her fingertips over the length of him. Her mouth began to water. Need...desire...images began to dance in front of her eyes. She remembered this! She remembered touching him...tasting him...making love to him...Tears filled her eyes. "I remember," she whispered, "I remember! I remember this!"

He felt her tears against his skin as she pushed her face against his throat. He closed his eyes as her words sank in, past the desire and need that filled his thoughts. "I love you, Casey, I love you so much!"

She dropped to her knees, pushing his jeans and boxers to his ankles. She knew what to do, how to touch him, what would please him. She cupped his heavy balls with one hand, moved her tongue from the nearly purple head of his cock to the base of the shaft and back again before opening her mouth and taking him in.

"Sweet Jesus!"

Two and a half months. The old woman...Miss Eloise...told her that she'd been...gone...for two and a half months. That was a long time...at least...for them it was. To not have held one another, pleasured one another... She moaned - the sound one of grief, of excitement, of need...of emotions she had yet to identify, didn't yet recognize.

It had been so damned long since he'd been with her...that stolen time on Ba'al's ship the last time they'd been together. She'd established a rhythm that was driving him out of his mind. His hands were full of blonde silk, holding onto her as his hips moved back and forth. Oh, god! It feels good!

Yes! He was feeling good, she could sense it...could see it on his face as she watched him. His eyes fluttered closed, his head dropped back, his chest was beginning to heave.

Too soon...he was going to come too soon..."Casey...I can't...you have to stop...I'm gonna come," he managed to gasp.

"Good, I want you to come," she murmured. She intensified her movements, took him as deep as she could. Relax, she needed to relax her throat...she felt him slide farther, the head rubbing against the back of her throat...gotta swallow...don't fight the feeling...

"Oh, god!"

He was throbbing so hard, she caressed his balls gently, her hand moving faster on that part of him she was never able to take...gripping him just a bit tighter...


She took down every drop of that precious white love as he began to fill her throat, swallowing quickly...continuing to caress him. She felt his body relax, let him slide from her mouth. "I remembered," she said, smiling up at him.

"You most certainly did," he replied, smiling in return. "You're the only woman, Angel. The only woman who can give me such pleasure. The only woman who ever cared enough to even try."

"Only me."

"Only you," he whispered. "Your turn."

She shivered. Her memory hadn't yet supplied the information of every aspect of their lovemaking. Only that which she needed...which she would use to please him.

He was still shaking...a combination of the incredible climax he was still coming down from, and the anticipation of tasting her. It seemed that he could stop taking the shots now, Casey was home...and coming back a little more with each passing hour. He pulled her to her feet, kissed her deeply, the lingering taste of himself on her lips and tongue turning him on all over again. He slid to his knees, pushed his clothes off completely, then tugged her jeans and panties from her body, holding her steady as she stepped out of them. He'd greet 'the girls', make love to those beautiful breasts, once they were in bed. Right now, he needed to taste her...wanted her to fly. He kissed her flat belly, trailed moist kisses over her hips, down her thighs. He slid his hand between her legs, began to caress the hot, wet folds that waited for him. "Move your legs apart, babe," he whispered.

She did as he commanded, his hand guiding her to the stance he wanted. She shivered when he began to nuzzle the soft curls at the top of her folds, curled her fingers in his hair. When his tongue moved over her, she gasped loudly. Holy cow! That was intense! Her hips moved forward on their own accord, seeking more of that wonderful sensation.

He was amazed at how wet she was. Obviously the movie had aroused her. Making love to him orally always had her ready for him...something that still made his heart flutter in his chest to think about. He tried to take it slowly, to move with deliberation over those sweet, warm nether lips. He flicked her swollen button of pleasure with the tip of his tongue. Felt her entire body jerk in response. Now. He had taste her now. He licked and kissed his way back to that sweet opening, locked his eyes with hers. Shoved his tongue inside her.

She moaned out loud, felt the quivering of her well. More, she wanted, she needed more!

Oh hell yes! Sweet and hot and she tasted so damned good! Her honey rolled over his tongue, coated his lips...filled his eager mouth as she came. He lapped the precious nectar like a dying man in the desert drank life-giving water from an oasis. He pressed his face against her, seeking more...wanting more...needing more, even as the jolt of her pheromones hit his system, making him shake with relief...with delight.

White hot and totally incredible, sensations of pleasure raced up and down her spine. She wasn't even aware of the fact that she was tugging at the short, dark blond curls wrapped around her fingers. All she knew was that it felt as if she were about to explode!

Her hips were moving back and forth, she was pressing against him...she was close. He focused his attention on her hard, swollen little clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue, then gently bathing it with the flat of his tongue. Those soft, sweet sounds filled the air around them. He slid two fingers into her well, began to stroke her.


His heart began to sing as she reacted to his lovemaking the way she always did. He felt her thigh begin to quiver against his arm. Sliding another finger into her, stroking hard and deep, he sucked that swollen bundle of nerves into his mouth, held it gently with his teeth as he teased it, flickering his tongue back and forth over it. He listened as that whimper filled her throat.

Lights were flashing behind her closed eyes...colors spun and exploded. Feeling as if she'd taken flight, she began to quiver, the very center of her body convulsing around his fingers. "Unngh! Daniel!"

His hands caught her around the waist as she collapsed, her legs giving out in the wake of her orgasm. He settled back onto the floor, held her in his lap.

"My god, that was incredible," she sighed, when she was finally able to speak again.

"I'm glad," he whispered.

"I like making love," she said shyly, her cheeks rosy as she dared to look up at him, to gauge his reaction to her confession.

"So do I. Making love with you is one of the most wonderful things in my life."

"Good," she replied, snuggling closer to him.

"Do you want to do more...or would you rather eat?"

"I already ate." The comment was out before she could stop it.

He couldn't help but laugh. "Smartass."

"More. I want more love," she whispered.

"Me, too." He helped her to her feet, stood up and checked the water. At least he hadn't turned it on full blast. There would be enough hot water to shower. Something that he'd gladly skip. But she'd always relaxed when they held one another under the warm spray. And she needed to be relaxed...he wanted her ready to continue making love.

When he reached for the washcloth, something told her that it was wrong. That she should be doing that. She took it from him, frowned at it for a moment. "What do I do now?"

He smiled. Took his body wash and squirted some onto the cloth.

She nodded. Okay, that was right. She rubbed the cloth...lots of nice bubbly foam...she hesitated, looked up at him for confirmation...for permission. When he nodded slightly, she began to wash him. Once again it seemed that her body remembered what her mind did not. She bathed him gently, not thinking about what she was doing...just...doing what felt right...what felt natural. When she'd rinsed the soap from his body, she washed his hair.

She stood stiffly at first, until the gentle caresses of his hands over her as he moved the scrunchy over her skin had her relaxing. She closed her eyes when he washed her hair, the feeling so soothing, so sensuous that she wasn't sure which she was...calm or aroused. Was it possible to be both at the same time? She was ready, wanted to do more...wanted to feel him inside her...she knew how that happened, she'd seen it in the movie. Dialogue from the movie she'd watched played back in her mind. The woman begged, demanded...and the man did what she wanted him to do. "Do we fuck?"


She looked up at him; the short, firm answer making her wonder if she'd said...or asked something...inappropriate.

The look of confusion, and the tinge of fear in her green eyes let him know that she didn't understand his rather brusque response. "Fucking is what happened in that movie. We make love, Casey."

"Okay. So it wouldn't be...right...to ask you to fuck me."

He almost laughed. Almost. He understood what she was asking. What she wanted. "Not really."

"So how do I...what do I...oh," she said, her cheeks going crimson. She wasn't supposed to ask at all! She was certain that was the answer!


"I'm sorry," she whispered, dropping her eyes, staring at the white tiled floor beneath their feet.

He tucked a finger beneath her chin, nudged her face upwards. "You have nothing to be sorry about. Now, what is it that you want?"

How in the world did she ask this question? "I want...I want more love...now. How do I...how do I say that?"

"You usually just say something like, 'take me, Stud Muffin'," he grinned.

Stud Muffin? Another little poke at the back of her head. "Okay, take me, Stud Muffin."

"It would be my pleasure," he whispered. He shut the water off. Grabbed the towels. Decided that he'd dry her hair, the pillows would become too wet if he didn't. "Just a few minutes, Angel," he promised, locating her hair dryer among the clutter on the counter.

"Okay," she replied.

It seemed to take forever, probably hadn't been more than five minutes and her hair was dry enough. He scooped her into his arms once again, carried her to the bedroom, where he gently put her back on her feet. She watched him as he tossed the throw pillows onto the chair that sat between the closet doors, and pulled back the comforter and blankets. "C'mere, Angel. Let me love you," he said softly.

She shivered with anticipation. Crawled onto the bed beside him. Stretched out on her back, looked up into his eyes as he shifted to his side. "I...I love you," she whispered.

He smiled. He wasn't sure she actually did...at least, he wasn't sure she remembered those feelings. Those emotions. But that she wanted him to hear the words...that was so typical of her...so like her. "I love you, Angel. It's all right, you don't have to say it."

She shook her head. She knew that she loved him. It was probably one of those feelings, one of the unnamed emotions coursing through her at the moment, as of yet un-isolated and unrecognized. "I know I love you. I...I can feel it...I know it," she said softly, trying to explain.

"So like you," he whispered. "So like you to want to tell me what's in your heart. That has always made me feel so honored."


"You have a beautiful, caring heart. To be allowed to see it, to know what you're feeling, is an honor. I swear, I'll do my best to protect it," he replied.

She had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. But it sounded nice. One day, when her memory was back, she'd look at those words again, and she'd know. And she knew that she'd understand how special they were. "Love me," she whispered.

He leaned forward and kissed her gently. One step at a time. And each step brought her closer to him. Closer to that complete recovery that he was hoping for...praying for.

Once again her body remembered. She tugged at his shoulders until he was lying on her, her arms went around his shoulders as his mouth went to her throat. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply of the clean, masculine scent of him. Felt the warmth of his skin beneath her fingertips. Shivered from the amazing things he was doing to her.

So damned sweet! He gently, slowly tasted and nipped and kissed every inch of that elegant throat. Felt the shivers that let him know she was aroused. Zero to one-twenty, just from a little attention to her beautiful neck. His mouth was watering at the thought of giving a proper greeting to his beauties. He blazed a trail of kisses to her collarbones, left his mark on her shoulder.

When he slid down, wrapped his hands around her breasts, she gave a sigh of approval. She wasn't aware of the fact that her back was arching off of the bed. All she knew was the warmth of his mouth against her skin, the gentle caresses of his hands. Building a fire so hot that it was raging out of control.

He wrapped his lips around a hard, pink nipple. Sweet. Firm. So damned beautiful. He made love to one breast, moved to its twin to repeat the process, felt her squirming beneath him. When he began to suckle, she whimpered softly, and pressed her hips against his chest. He didn't think she was cognizant of that fact. Her body was in control, and she was gladly following. Making love to her was always amazing...and this time was no different. Even if her mind wasn't totally healed yet. She was in his arms, wanted to be in his arms, and right now that was the only thing that mattered.

She could feel his erection pressing against her, throbbing slowly. Which just added to the sensations racing through her. The ache between her legs was excruciating. "Please," she whispered, begged. "Take me!"

He shifted slightly, slid his hand between them, rubbed the tip of his aching shaft against her to gather that sweet honey. Her legs went around his waist, and he pushed gently, felt his cock slide into paradise. "Oh, yeah," he moaned.

Such an incredible feeling...to be so full! She was full of Daniel...and it felt so good and she never wanted this moment to end! She pressed her lips to his shoulder, wanting him to know how wonderful she felt...how wonderful he felt. When he pulled away from her, for a moment she feared that he was leaving her body completely, and she didn't want that! Her legs tightened, pulled him closer.

He grinned against her shoulder. She might not have her memory, but her passion was certainly intact. He began the ancient dance of love, not at all surprised when her hips met his, step for step. When she began to grind against him, seeking the stimulation she craved, he obliged her by rubbing against her with every downward thrust of his hips. He captured her lips in a kiss, began to invade her mouth at the same time his body pressed into her, the downward thrusts exactly the same, felt her shiver and heard the soft moan. Her arms tightened around him.

Nothing could have prepared her for this...nothing! She was certain that this had to be the most amazing thing she'd ever experienced! The weight of his body as he thrust and pushed against her, into her; feeling his magnificent manhood moving in and out of her, going so deep; the tingles that moved all the way to her toes each time he rubbed against her...it was absolutely wonderful! When that white-hot feeling began to build, settled in her belly, then slowly moved down to her aching center, she almost cried out with disappointment. She didn't want this awesome feeling to end...didn't want to have to go back to the real world where her memory was still a mess and she had to struggle to remember and...oh, goddess it feels so good!

Her thighs began to quiver against his sides. "That's it babe, take it...fly," he whispered. Pushing deep and hard, grinding his hips against her body, she graced him with that soft whimper...then began to sing an aria of love as her body shivered beneath him, her well milking his cock as it convulsed around him. He gave up the control he'd been clinging to, began to pound into her, cried out his own release as he throbbed and pulsed inside her.

When he dropped down on top of her, breathing hard, gasping for breath, she held him tenderly, ran her hands up and down his back. This is what love is, she thought happily. She'd be willing to stay like this for the rest of her life!

He rolled to his back. "We'll have to warm up the food."

Food? Oh, yeah, he had left and picked up Chinese. The aroma of which chose that moment to register in her brain. And caused her stomach to rumble loudly.

Daniel smiled. "I'd say you're a bit hungry."

"I guess so," she replied, blushing at the way her body had reacted. She started to move away from him. Dared to look at his face. "Did I...did I do okay?"

He reached up, caressed her cheek. "You always blow my mind, Angel. Tonight wasn't any different. You did better than okay. You made love to me...with me. Beautiful, incredible love."

"Love," she said, the word a soft sigh. Her stomach chose to rumble again.

"Okay, let's eat," he chuckled.

After tying the belt to the robe she found hanging in the closet, right where Daniel told her it would be, she followed him to the kitchen. Watched as he dumped the food out of the containers and onto plates, then warming each in the microwave.

He insisted that she try to use the chopsticks, telling her that she'd been learning how to eat with them, and needed to continue practicing. After a few shaky attempts, she was able to control the wooden sticks well enough to get the food to her mouth.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The dishwasher was loaded, the empty containers taken to the trashcan outside. When she started yawning, he knew that it was time for her to get some rest.

"Don't you sleep with me?" she asked, almost panicked, when he told her he would tuck her in.

"Right beside you," he replied. "I have a bit of work I need to get finished. I promise, I won't be long."

She was sleepy, and it was becoming difficult to keep her eyes open. "Okay."

He leaned over, kissed her forehead. "Go to sleep, Angel."

Assured that he wouldn't leave her, that he'd be close by if she needed him, Casey closed her eyes. Sleep crept in softly, and surrounded her completely.

Daniel dropped into his chair. Ran his hands over his face. She'd given herself to him so sweetly, just as she had the first night they'd been together. He smiled when he thought about her declaration of love. It seemed that Jack had been right. She didn't need her memories to know that she loved him. A fact that did much to comfort his worried heart. And eased the guilty conscience he was beginning to fight. For taking advantage of her before she was ready...His body blew a fat raspberry. Not ready my ass! The smile turned to a grin. She'd been every bit as needy as he had been. Had he not made love to her, his heart pointed out, she'd have taken it as rejection. Which would not have been a good thing, his mind added. His conscience surrendered, and went back to wherever it was that it hid when it wasn't needed.




An hour later, two short translations had been completed, and he'd made a list prioritizing the work that remained to be done. He shut off the computer, padded into the bedroom and shucked his sweat pants. As soon as he was in the bed beside her, she was wrapped around him, warm and sweet smelling and soft...and he was so damned grateful that she was home!

For the first time in weeks he went to sleep with a smile on his face, and the fear in his heart was silenced. Everything was going to be all right.

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