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Dream a Little Dream

Chapter 1

She'd only been awake for a few minutes. But she'd awakened. She still wasn't back, however. Not yet. Something was wrong...

"My first guess is amnesia. Which is common in trauma patients when they first come out of a comatose state," Janet said quietly.

"But she'll get her memory back, right?" Daniel asked anxiously.

"I don't know, Daniel," the petite doctor answered honestly. "In most cases, yes, the memory returns. It can take a few days, or a few weeks, even a few months. Sometimes the amnesia is what we call 'selective', she might not remember anything after going on your last mission. Or she might not remember anything after another significant event in her life. Or it could be random memories that she'll be able to recall, but have no point of reference for them."

"What of her gift?" Teal'c asked.

"I don't understand it when she's one hundred percent," Janet admitted. "I have no idea how, or if this will affect her abilities as a seer."

He raised her hand to his lips, smiled gently when she shifted just a bit in her sleep, and her fingers tightened around his. He jumped slightly when Janet put her hand on his shoulder.

"I was going to order SG-1 off the base for twenty-four hours starting at noon tomorrow. But I'm going to change that order," Janet said softly. "I want all of you off the base in no more than thirty minutes. You can come back in the morning...not before six a.m.," she added, warding off the protest on Daniel's lips.

"I don't want to leave her," he replied. "If she wakes up again-"

"She'll be fine. If she wakes up before tomorrow morning. She might have only been awake for a few minutes, but for someone who's been in a coma for a week, that we're aware of, what she did was a lot of work. She's probably exhausted," Janet replied softly. "Please, Daniel, don't make me call the MPs."

He nodded morosely. Knew that it was within her power to do so, and that she wouldn't hesitate to have him escorted off of the base. He stood to his feet, kissed Casey's lips, before slowly moving toward the door where his teammates waited for him.

"I'll walk you out," Janet said, leaving no doubt that she was serious about them leaving the base.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He wandered the house like a caged animal. He'd taken the time to pay the bills that had been ignored for far too long. The late fees and 'penalties' meant nothing to him...what he'd been doing had been far more important than worrying about such mundane matters.

She hadn't known him. Hadn't known any of them. But when she'd pulled her hand away from his, almost immediately her fingers had sought his again. Remained against his, holding firmly. It was as if deep inside she knew, she understood who he was, what he was.

He opened the refrigerator. Apparently Lydia had cleaned it out. Other than a few condiments, one jar of pickles, and two jars of jam - one grape, the other strawberry - it was empty. The freezer still contained a few of the casseroles she'd made...no, he wasn't that hungry.

It had been awhile since he'd gone anywhere without her. The thought of doing so tugged at his heart. When his hip brushed against the island, the most current newspaper fluttered to the floor. With a sigh, he stooped to pick it up. An ad for O'Malley's caught his attention. Casey loved their chicken fettuccini. Which just happened to be the special for the night. He glanced at his watch. They were still open. Might as well eat there.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel continued to wrestle with his emotions as he drove. Anger. Frustration. Grief. Hope. Determination. He wanted...he needed to be on the base...needed to be at Casey's side...He forced himself to focus on the fact that she'd awakened. Had talked to them. Her memory seemed to be affected, severely, but he had hopes that she'd regain all of her memories in a very short amount of time. That once again his happy, wonderful life would continue to be just that. Happy...wonderful. One thing...one person...had made all the difference in his world. "Casey," he whispered.

The parking lot wasn't very full...a sure sign that it was the middle of the week. He pulled the jeep into the first spot he came to. The last time he'd been to O'Malley's, he'd just used his 'power' for the first time. And they'd found out that General Hammond and Janet were being offered Immortality. He looked around as he walked in. This was the first time in well over a year that he'd been here without Casey.

Gina Thompson looked up when the door opened. And held her breath. He was alone! For the first time since he'd brought that blonde bitch in, he was alone! She nearly ran to his side. "Hi, Daniel."

"Oh, hi, Gina."

He looked awful. Poor man. She'd left him! That ungrateful bitch had left him! Was she nuts? "You look like a man who could use a drink and a sympathetic ear."

Daniel completely missed the spark of hope that had flashed through the brown eyes that gazed longingly up at him as she tightly gripped his arm. Which was something else that didn't register with his weary mind. "Just came in for the special," he replied softly.

She gave an exaggerated glance toward the door, as if she were expecting someone to walk through any second. "Just you?"

"Tonight it is."

She didn't know whether to continue to be excited that his wife wasn't around, or disappointed that the blonde might still be in the picture. She chided herself. For all she knew, little wifey was just having a girl's night out with Major Carter and that short, dark haired woman; she'd seen the three together here at O'Malley's on several occasions, and they always seemed to be having a good time. "Oh. Just 'baching' it for tonight, huh?"

He nodded. "Casey..." His voice nearly broke. He cleared his throat. "Casey is in the hospital."

Well, that made her feel about three inches tall! Even if Daniel hadn't known what she was thinking, she did! Besides, she didn't want any man who was on the rebound. Not even Daniel...right? Right. Uh huh. She'd take him however she could get him. Unfortunately, it seemed that it was never going to happen. "I'm so sorry. Is she going to be okay?"

He forced a smile. "Yeah, she is." She was going to be fine. Because he couldn't deal with the thought that she might not be.

"Well, that's good. Come on, there's a quiet corner at the bar. I'll bring a plate of chicken fettuccini right out."

"Thanks," he said, following the waitress into the lounge area of the restaurant. He settled onto one of the barstools, looked up to see what was playing on the television just above and behind the bar. The news was on, and one particular report caught his attention. The photo on the screen showed that nothing had changed. "Can you turn that up?" he asked the bartender...who was, of course, most willing to oblige.

"...news tonight, a Tacoma, Washington woman, arrested late last year for her involvement in what has turned out to be a pedophile ring that included three doctors, an attorney, and four local businessmen; has pleaded not guilty to charges of soliciting minors for the purposes of prostitution. Helen Webster stands accused of finding and supplying young girls for this ring, the head of which had been Doctor Charles Hayling. One of the victims was Webster's own adopted daughter. It was the report of abuse from this daughter which initiated the ensuing investigation. Prosecutors have found evidence linking the other members of this ring..."

Daniel frowned. If Casey didn't have her memory back by the time she was called upon to testify in court, the entire case might crumble. She'd already spoken to one of the attorney's in the D.A.'s office. Their case was hinging on her testimony against Helen. They were certain that they'd get a conviction, and in exchange for a lighter sentence, the woman would give up the names of her accomplices. The implications however, weren't good. If there were others involved, had Casey been lucky, and somehow had managed to avoid exposure to those men, or had more happened to her, things that she'd blocked out? Had she been raped as a child? Part of him hoped she'd never remember if that were the case.

Gina returned with his coffee, gave him a bright smile, and would have engaged him in conversation, had she not noticed his expression. She knew when people were willing or wanted to talk. She also knew when they wanted to be left alone. Right now, Daniel's face had 'Leave me the fuck alone' written all over it. Disappointed, she walked away quietly.

His thoughts were chaotic...worrying about Casey...would she fully recover...if she didn't, would she still love him when she got to know him again? What if she woke up, and he wasn't there? Would she even notice? Would she want him to be there? What about this damned trial? He didn't want any of the people responsible for hurting her to get away. Especially that bitch who dared to call herself a mother! And who the hell was poking him? He looked at the hand that had tapped him, then up into the face that went with the hand.


"Oh, hello, Major," he said quietly. Major Deke Anderson of SG-12 stood beside him, the men of his team watching over his shoulder.

"Mrs. J must be better, right?"

He forced a smile. The only way he'd have been convinced to leave her side was if she was out of danger. It seemed everyone on the base was aware of that fact. "She woke up for a few minutes," he replied. "Doctor Fraiser said just the time she was awake wore her out, so she's sleeping now."

"Doc Fraiser kicked you off the base, didn't she?"

"Pretty much."

Deke shook his head in sympathy. "Damn."


"Look, me and the guys would like to buy you a beer."

"That's not really necessary."

"Well, sir, that's where you'd be wrong. You're the reason that Mrs. J is on the base. And she's saved our butts so many times I've lost count. Seems to me that we owe you as well."

"Straight up," Sergeant Buford Dobson said softly.

He couldn't help but smile. After six years of working around, and with, military men and women, he understood that when the members of one of the SG teams felt they owed someone, they wouldn't be content until that debt was acknowledged, and some form of payment was made. "You don't owe me anything...but I'll be glad to have a beer with you."

Deke slapped the archaeologist on the back. "Come on over to our table, Doc."

He pushed away the plate of half eaten food. He hadn't had much of an appetite after all, he'd discovered. Finding out about the impending trial probably had as much to do with that as the fact that Casey was still lying in a bed in the isolation room in the infirmary; home, but not yet 'back'. Damn! The last time she'd been taken from him, the same thing had happened. Momentary panic flooded his being. How many times could this happen before there was no coming back? Before they ran out of that magical, mystical SG-1 luck? He forced himself to take a deep breath. Blew it out slowly. One disaster at a time, he thought bleakly. Get through this mess, before worrying about the next one. That was Jack's motto. Sounded like good advice to him. He stood to his feet, stuck twenty dollars beside the plate to take care of his bill, and followed the men of SG-12 to a table near the center of the room.

Barely seated, two bottles of Heineken appeared in front of him. He picked one up, tipped it toward Deke in a form of salute, and took a deep pull. He wasn't much of a beer drinker. Hell, he wasn't much of a drinker at all. But it was cold, and it went down smoothly. He took another swallow.

Deke folded his arms on top of the table, leaned forward. "Rumor has it that you took Ba'al out," he said quietly.

The icy cold feeling of revenge that he'd felt while he stood, watching Ba'al die, moved up and down his spine. "Yep."

"Good," Deke said, nodding with approval.

"Just as long as he didn't get tossed into a sarcophagus," Sergeant Rolly Baker said.

"He didn't," Daniel said firmly.

"No, offense, sir, but how can you know that for sure?"

The smile that Daniel gave was as cold as the feeling that continued to move through him. And caused the men sitting with him to shiver involuntarily. "Because I used the 'gate he had on his ship."

The men exchange glances, then grinned broadly.

"Where to, sir?" Dobson asked.

"Somewhere that will be damned difficult to get away from," Daniel replied.

"Way to go, Doc!" Sergeant Larry Childers said, raising his beer in salute.

"To one less fucking snake in the universe," Deke intoned. The clink of bottles coming together over the middle of the table was the only response.

The beer was tasting good...or maybe he was just thirsty after eating that chicken fettuccini. Before he realized it, Daniel had finished the first beer, and had started on the second. He listened with polite interest as the men told him of their latest mission, careful to phrase anything that might be overheard into something totally innocuous. He didn't even realize that he was getting through the evening...an evening alone without her. Nor did he notice as the bottles of beer continued to appear in front of him...cold, inviting...numbing that god-awful fear he'd been living with for what seemed like forever.

The jukebox was playing, thumping out a beat that seemed to rattle the very walls. Deke and his men were playing a friendly game of pool. He stared at the collection of bottles sitting in front of him. Tried to count them, only to find that they continued to move...no, they seemed to swim across the table. Slowly, he reached out, grabbed one of the bottles.

Empty. So was the next one that he was able to wrap his hand around. Damn! One of these still had beer in it, he was certain of that!




Jack walked into the bar, fresh from Sam's place. It had been her idea to check on Daniel, although he was just as worried about his best friend. When he'd driven by the little bungalow on Baldwin Street, there'd been no lights on. The Jeep wasn't in the driveway, although he hadn't stopped to check the garage. If Daniel hadn't already slipped back to the base, he was in bed asleep, and didn't need to be disturbed.

It had been the longest two and a half months of his life. Not only had his young friend been kidnapped, but his best friend had been devastated by the situation. He hadn't just lost Casey, or Daniel. He'd lost both of them. Came too damned close to having that become a permanent situation. He needed a drink, and a good night's sleep. He could sleep now. Radar had opened her eyes. Popped off with a couple of smartass comments. Okay, so her memory was a little scrambled. She'd overcome that problem before, he had every confidence that she would this time as well. Nobody really understood how tough Casey could be when she had to be. He did...because he'd watched her, been beside her through everything she'd suffered.

He ordered a shot of Jack Daniel's. Sat down at the bar, and scanned the group of patrons who mingled in the room. Son-of-a-bitch! Daniel was nearly face down, half a dozen beer bottles in front of him, and it looked as if he were trying to find one that still had a swallow or two left. With a sigh, he downed his drink, stood up, and walked over to where the very inebriated archaeologist sat. "Daniel! Imagine finding you here!"

Daniel looked up at the sound of his name, a slow smile moving across his face when he was finally able to focus long enough on the face hovering above him to recognize that it was Jack standing beside the table. "Jack!" He frowned at the empty bottle in his hand. "I can't seem to locate my beer."

Even drunk as a skunk, the guy continued to sound like the academic that he was, Jack mused. He dropped into the closest chair, took the bottle from Daniel's hand. "I think you've probably had enough."

The younger man thought about this for a moment, his frown deepening. "Probably. But I want another beer. I have to piss."

With a chuckle, Jack stood back up. "C'mon. You're liable to fall flat on your face if you try to go it alone."

"I resem...resen...uh...resemble that remark," Daniel objected, raising one finger in protest, standing warily to his feet...and wobbling slightly. "I am perfectly cabe...cabe...cabe-able of pissing myself."

"I'm sure you are. Let's go." He put one arm around Daniel's waist, tugged the young man's arm over his shoulders, and guided him toward the restroom.

"I can't do it, you know."

"Get to the restroom?" Jack asked, almost panicked at the thought of Daniel either throwing up or peeing where he stood.

"Live without her."

"I know," he said softly, sighing with relief. So far the Space Monkey had been able to put one foot in front of the other, although his balance was shot to shit. Twice he'd nearly toppled over when Daniel staggered against him.

"What if she hates me?"

"Hates you? What the hell for?"

"I couldn't save her. And now she can't remember, but she won't like me when she gets to know me," Daniel explained, enunciating each word carefully.

"Won't happen, Daniel. She's crazy in love with you. That's something she'll never forget," Jack replied.

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure."

"You wouldn't lie to me, just to make me feel better?"

"Not about this," Jack swore solemnly.

They'd made it to the small restroom. Daniel leaned against the wall, fumbled with the zipper of his black khakis. Eventually he was able to free himself, and with only a nudge from Jack, to keep him pointed in the right direction, began to empty his bladder.

"How about I take you home?"

"I don't want to go home with you," Daniel replied. "You're not my type."

"You're not my type either. I was talking about your place. I'll take you home so you can get some sleep."

"Not tired."

"Yeah? You look like shit."

"Thank you, Mr. Blackwell."


Daniel shook his head, which caused him to tumble forward. Jack barely grabbed him in time to prevent him from sliding face first into the urinal. "Guy who writes about fashion."

How Daniel knew about some of the stuff he knew was something Jack didn't want to get into at the moment. "Zip it up, Danny. Let's get you home before you pass out."


"Can't zip your pants?"

Again Daniel shook his head, and zipped his pants, looking at Jack proudly for having been able to do so. Even though it had taken six tries to accomplish the feat.

"What can't you do, Daniel?"

"Sleep. Not in the bed. She's not there. Too damned cold."

"I'll tuck you in on the sofa."

Daniel considered this idea. "Do you know that we've made love on the sofa?"

He couldn't help but grin. "Do tell."

"Yep. It was amazing."

"I'll bet it was."

Daniel leaned closer to Jack, threw his arm around the older man's shoulders. "She can blow my mind when she blows my anaconda," he whispered conspiratorially, tugging on the waistband of his pants to ensure that the other man fully understood.

Now, Jack wasn't opposed to hearing about another man's conquests. Usually. But not if that conquest happened to be his friend as well. And certainly not when the man was too drunk to know what he was saying. Daniel wasn't the 'kiss-and-tell' type; he'd be angry, and embarrassed, to know that he'd said anything...revealing. "I'll bet she does."

"Only woman who ever tried," Daniel continued.

Jack stopped, stared at Daniel for a minute. "You're kidding!"

"Nope. She can't take all of me in her mouth...but Sweet Jesus what she can do with that tongue and her hands!"

Okay, this was so not a conversation he wanted to have! Definitely didn't want to have it in a public restroom like this, where anyone might overhear. "Let's go, Lover-boy," Jack said, leading Daniel toward the door.

He had to leave Daniel leaning against the wall beside the entrance while he retrieved the younger man's leather jacket. He nodded to Deke; whom, he figured, was responsible for the Space Monkey's current condition. He'd talk to the major later about getting his archaeologist drunk. For one moment, he decided it was a good thing Casey didn't know what was going on...no doubt she'd be nine kinds of pissed off to have her husband brought home three sheets in the wind.

Getting Daniel into the truck proved a bit difficult, because he'd decided to discuss the stars that twinkled merrily overhead. Once he was in the seat however, his head lolled from side to side. Jack was certain he'd either be sick, or pass out.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The ride was made in silence. Daniel stared out the window. Casey loved looking at the stars. During the previous summer, they'd spent several pleasant nights lying on the deck, watching the stars...they'd even driven up to one of the nearby ridges to get a better view of a meteor shower. It had been breathtaking, making love as streaks of fire lit the sky above them...a visible accompaniment to the fire in their hearts, and in their bodies.

Whether it was the cold air of an early spring night, or the content of his thoughts, Daniel was more sober by the time the Ford F250 pulled into the driveway. He led Jack inside, stood awkwardly for a moment. It wasn't home...without her, it just wasn't home. He felt the older man hesitate behind him. Needing something to do, he started a pot of coffee.

Jack leaned his hip against the island. "Are you okay, or should I stay for awhile?"

Daniel smiled sadly. "I'll be okay."

Yeah. Right. You're damned near falling apart. Had been for close to three months now. Tonight had actually been inevitable...at some point Daniel had to find a way to release some of the pressure he was feeling, or explode. Thankfully, Jack thought, he'd been there, to see to it that his best friend was taken care of. "Why didn't you call me? I'd have been glad to grab a beer with you," he said softly.

"Didn't go there to drink." He waved a hand toward the newspaper. "They were having a dinner special, and I didn't want to warm up a casserole..."


"Major Anderson and his team were already there, and they wanted to buy me a beer. They said they owed me for bringing Casey to the mountain. Because she's saved their lives-" he broke off again, shook his head. "God, Jack, what am I going to do?"

"You're going to take it one day at a time. More than likely she'll be good as new in a day or two."

"And if she's not?"

"Then you'll help her remember...or relearn."

"What if she doesn't like me?"

This was the second time that fear had been voiced. "Daniel, she fell in love with you damned near the minute she set eyes on you last year. I don't think that's going to be changing anytime soon. I saw her pull her hand away...and just as quickly reach out for you again. And I saw her fingers tighten around yours. She might not be able to access her memories, but they're right where they should be. She'll find a way to get them back. And she won't need them to know she loves you, and that you love her," Jack said gently.

He took a shuddering breath. Gave another small, sad smile. "Thanks. Guess I'm acting pretty pathetic."

"You're acting like a man who's wife was kidnapped...like a man who spent over two and a half months looking for her. Like a man very much in love," Jack said quietly.

"How many more times, Jack? How many more times can we tempt fate before something happens that can't be fixed?"

Like a snake in her head. He didn't need to hear the words, they rang just as loudly as if Daniel had spoken them. "Danny, I can't promise you that things won't go tits up again. But I do know this...Casey has a gift I couldn't ever hope to understand. And you've been granted...whatever...because you're a good man. I think that the two of you are going to come out of whatever happens, just fine," Jack replied. "Remember what the voice in that underground temple said. Together, you and Casey can't be defeated."

Together, you can't be defeated...together, you can't be defeated...together, you can't be defeated...

Yeah. As long as they were together, they couldn't be defeated. The problems ensued when they were separated. No doubt there'd be those who would attempt to keep them apart..."Son-of-a-bitch!"

Jack stood up straight. "What?"

"What if she wasn't...here?"

Jack frowned. "You lost me."

"Casey's been traveling the astral plane, doing searches...what if someone...or something...was trying to hurt her...there?"

"Do you think that's possible?"

"Anubis managed to Ascend, and because of their own rules, the Ascended couldn't stop him. Sadly, I don't think he's the only...bad...no, not bad...evil...he's not the only evil entity in the universe," Daniel said.

"So you think somebody...I dunno...pulled her to the astro turf?"

He paused long enough to smile at Jack's deliberate misnomer. "I think it's possible."

"If that's what happened...if she was there...where the hell was her body?"

Daniel shrugged. "I don't know. She keeps telling me that I'm protected. Maybe those who protect me, were able to protect her, or at least her body."

"You mean she could have been lying there the entire time, and we just didn't see her?" Jack shook his head. That totally sucked! If Radar needed to do whatever it was she did on the astro turf, he could deal with that. Knowing where she was, being able to protect her while she was...gone...would have made the past couple of months a hell of a lot easier on all of them...particularly Daniel!

"It must have been important," Daniel murmured, almost to himself. "Something that someone wanted her to do...or maybe she didn't have a choice...and hiding her, protecting her, was all They could do."

"We could have brought her home," Jack argued. "Saved ourselves a hell of a lot of heartache."

"But it might have...interfered," Daniel pointed out.

"Well, ya know what? I don't really care! I don't like it when anybody messes with my team." He looked around the room. "Do you hear me? You need Radar's help, ask first! Don't you dare pull this shit again!"

Daniel grinned. "Somehow, I don't think that's going to matter much."

"Makes me feel better," Jack mumbled.


Second giggled. "I believe Colonel O'Neill means what he says!"

First smiled. "As do I. I did not believe it possible that The One, or his friends, would understand."

"Perhaps they understand far more than we give them credit for," Third said gently. "And perhaps, as the colonel suggests, we should request that She who is Beloved of The One do what must be done, rather than allowing her to be pulled unwittingly into a battle."

"Perhaps," First replied. "When we give our next report, I will suggest this."

Third smiled. Winked at Second. The One was a brilliant man. And She who was His Beloved would protect Him fiercely. Especially if she understood that was her purpose. It would be much better to approach them in the future, rather than force The One, and his Beloved, to endure such heartache.


Daniel took two mugs from the cupboard, held them thoughtfully for a moment. "Let's hope that if she was on the astral plane, whatever happened to her isn't permanent."

"She's tough, Danny. She'll be good as new. You just wait and see." Jack had no idea how he could be so certain. But the 'feeling' was so strong he couldn't fight it, or argue against it. Casey was going to be fine. And it wasn't going to take her long to get back to her old self. Which meant putting up with her smartass comments. And a numb ass every Tuesday afternoon. Very minor irritations, as long as Radar was okay.

With the coffee poured, the two men sat down in the living room, each taking up one end of the couch. "I thought you'd be with Sam tonight," Daniel said quietly.

"I was. We were both worried about you," Jack replied. "Good thing I decided I needed a drink."

He smiled. "Yeah, good thing. I...uh...I didn't do or...um...say anything...did I?"

"I don't know what you said to Anderson and his team," Jack said truthfully. "You were nearly face down on the table when I got there."

"I sort of remember that."

"Got you to the restroom."

"Nope, not remembering that."

"Then you told me that you and Casey had wild monkey sex on the couch," Jack grinned.

Daniel glared. "I did not!"

"How do you know?"

"Because what happens between Casey and I is never just 'sex'!"

Jack put his hands up in mock surrender. "I was only kidding. You said that you've made love on the couch, and that is was amazing."

"It was...it's always amazing," Daniel said softly.

"And then you said something about blowjobs."

He could feel his cheeks burn. "Oh."

"Daniel, if she makes you happy, and you make her happy, what you do together is nobody else's business," Jack said.

"That's what I tell her. Every time she-" he broke off, looked away. Sipped his coffee.

"Every time she...what?" Jack asked.

"She's so giving," Daniel whispered. "I never...I never knew it could be so damned incredible."

"I knew there was a reason for the permanent smile she put on your face," Jack teased.

"You have no idea!" Daniel retorted.

"So clue me in!"

"Let's just say that any fantasy that I can think of, I get."

Jack stared at his best friend, wide-eyed. Somehow, the thought of Daniel and Casey and wild sex just never crossed his mind. What he'd witnessed in that cavern had been...special. Spiritual. It had been a beautiful expression of love. It had never occurred to him that their lovemaking could be more...intense. "Anything?"



"That's the understatement of the year."


"Well, there is one thing she won't do. Not that I'd ever ask her," Daniel admitted.


"There will never be anyone else in our bed."

Jack looked at the archaeologist. "Okay, now that's just wrong. I mean, I'll admit, I like to fantasize about having two women at once; hell, what man doesn't? But to actually do it? Nuh uh. Couldn't handle it. Two women, and I'd die of a heart attack. A man? No way in hell. There's just no way I could let some guy touch Sam while we were..." he shuddered, nearly spilled his coffee. "No way. That's why they're fantasies!"

Daniel grinned. "It's one I don't need."

He was dying to know. Didn't think he could handle knowing. Opened his mouth...closed it. Okay, just one thing...he just wanted one thing. "So what's something the two of you have done that was a fantasy of yours?"

There was no way that he was telling Jack anything. Even if they were best friends, there were some things that were just too private...too personal...too special. But...he bit back a grin. Doubted than anyone who hadn't tried it would understand the appeal...but it would be a 'bone' he could toss to the man who waited eagerly..."Sometimes, we sit here on the couch, just like you and I are doing right now. And we tell each other, in explicit detail, what we're going to do to one another."

Jack blinked. They did what? "Oh, for crying out loud!"

He couldn't help but chuckle. "Believe me, by the time we get to the bedroom, we're both so turned on that we can barely get our clothes off!"

"Uh huh. You talk to damned much, has anyone ever told you that?" Jack complained.

He snorted. "You do, on a daily basis."

Jack finished off his coffee. "Yeah, well I'm right!" He stood to his feet. "I'll pick you up in the morning. Or rather, later in the morning," he amended, checking his watch. "I'll be here about six."

"Thanks, Jack," Daniel said quietly.

"Any time, Daniel. That's what friends are for."


A  A  A  A  A  A


After Jack had left, Daniel grabbed the pillow and blanket he'd used before. He wasn't going near their bed until she was with him. Sleeping beside him. Between the alcohol, his fatigue, and the relief of knowing - or at least believing - that Casey would be all right he fell into blissful sleep. And dreamed of green eyes and a warm smile, and soft arms that held him tightly.

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