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I don't own 'em. Not making any money off of them. All story ideas are original.



Desperation sets Daniel and Casey up for serious trouble, as Chinese agents determine to learn the secrets of the artifact they have stolen.  Ares makes his plans to move against Ba'al, and Kinsey allies himself with Tem's High Priest in order to regain his status.  Ba'al sends for Tieel Mogba, and the Tok'ra are earnest in their desire to get the warning to the SGC in time to protect SG-1.


A/N...The entire love scene for this story was inspired by a wonderful manip done by amazing artist Saladscream.  She was kind enough to grant me permission to use the manip, and you'll find it at the end of Chapter 8.

Thank you, Saladscream, for the enjoyment, and the inspiration, and for allowing me to use this wonderful manip!

(I regret that the link I had for Saladscream's work is no longer active, and I have no idea where her amazing manips are located, or if they're still online.  I continue to be delighted that she consented to let me use her artwork.)

Also, I used Babelfish.com for the French, Italian and German translations, so my apologies to those who speak those languages.  I know that the syntax is probably all wrong.  If anyone would like to send the 'correct' phrases, I'd be pleased to 'fix' them!

Thanks to Renée for doing a great job as beta.  I appreciate it, girlfriend! 


Story Category: Drama, Action/Adventure



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Col. Jack O'Neill
Maj. Samantha Carter
Gen. George Hammond
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Cassandra Fraiser
Maj. Louis Ferretti
Lt. Col. Samuels
Gen. Jacob Carter/Selmak
Ren Au (Tok'ra)
Malek (Tok'ra)
Delek (Tok'ra)
Ares (Goa'uld)
Ba'al (Goa'uld)
Robert Kinsey


Casey Jackson
Miss Eloise
Emma Hanks
Maj. Mark Newsome
Maj. Deke Anderson
SG-3...Maj. Louis Ferretti
           Lt. Patrick Driscoll
           Sgt. Willy Lopez
           Airman Rueben James
Jeri Baker (real estate agent)
Jeanne Fischer (real estate agent)
Sheriff Don Watson
Sheriff's Deputy Jim Peterson
Tem (Goa'uld)
Habib (Tem's High Priest)
Prochoros (Ares' High Priest)
Le Kwan (Chinese Political Bureau Member)
Xin Qui (Le Kwan's Second-in-Command)
Li Yin (Henchman for Le Kwan)
"Raftboy" (Chinese bodygaurd)
Chinese agents.



"Groovy Kind of Love"
by Carole Bayer Sager and Toni Wine
performed by Phil Collins

"Lay Your Hands On Me"
by The Thompson Twins 

by Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey
performed by Lonestar

"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman"
By Brian Adams

"Can I Touch You...There"
by Michael Bolton and Robert John Lange
performed by Michael Bolton




No copyright infringement intended.

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