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 Desperate Acts

Chapter 7

She opened the door, her ears still ringing from the music that had pounded during the show. Just as promised, the men had definitely been easy on the eyes. Their routines had been as entertaining as they had been provocative. It had been as much fun watching the women in the crowd as it had been watching the dancers. Well, almost as much fun! All those hard, oiled abs and pecs and gluts and biceps...As soon as she found Daniel, she was jumping his bones! She stopped mid-stride. Roses! She couldn't help but smile. She knelt down, buried her nose in the fragrant blooms. Pulled the card from the holder and opened it.



Her eyes went wide. It was then that she realized the lights weren't on. The soft glow that illuminated the rooms was candlelight. He must have lit every candle she owned! The soft fragrance of jasmine and sandalwood filled the air. She picked up the vase of roses, stood to her feet, walked toward the kitchen.

He couldn't help but grin at the wide-eyed look on her face. He didn't have to worry about being 'up' for the evening, either. Just seeing her in that skirt and bustier and the little jacket...and lordy, those ankle strap shoes...and the anaconda was already waving at her.

"Oh, my god!" she breathed, taking him in. Leather chaps. Nothing but black leather chaps. Dear goddess he was amazing! Better than any of the dancers she'd just watched. Much better. "Oh, god," she said again, the words a soft moan of pure need.

"Did you have a good time?" Daniel asked softly. He took the vase full of roses, afraid she was going to drop them, then offered her a glass of wine, which he'd poured the moment he'd heard her key in the door.

"Not as good as I'm about to have," she replied. She took a sip of wine. Her eyes continued to move over him. "You're magnificent," she breathed.

It was impossible not to feel a bit of pride to hear those words. Especially knowing that she'd just spent two hours watching a group of damned buff men strutting their stuff. "Good show?"

She stepped closer to him, ran her hand over his chest. "Mmmhmm."

Her touch was setting his skin on fire. Just as it always did. He knew from the website that the performers went down into the audience, and chose women to dance with. No doubt at least one of the men would have seen her, and zeroed in on her. She was too beautiful to miss. "Did they dance with you?"

She was mesmerized, watching her fingers move over his skin. It felt as hot as she did at the moment. Took note of the soft gasp that passed his lips when she began to toy with his nipples.


"Hmm?" She looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. Lots of desire there. She had no idea that the raw lust she was feeling reflected in her own eyes.

The look in her eyes had his body reacting; his cock began to throb in anticipation. "Did any of the dancers dance with you?"

She shook her head, her fingers still moving over his skin...up to his shoulders, down his arms. Laced them with his, felt the warmth of his fingers as they tightened around her own. "We sat toward the back. We were only interested in watching, not participating," she said, her voice a bit breathless. "You're so damned beautiful," she whispered.

Daniel couldn't help but grin. His Wife was definitely aroused. He could tell by her eyes, the way she kept licking her lips, the slight tremor of her fingers; yep, the woman was worked up. And he'd made things considerably more...intense...for her. Which had his heart thumping against his ribs. "In your eyes."

It hadn't been easy, but she'd tried to ignore the erection that stood proudly as she caressed him. Her mouth watered. Need...desire...heat coursed through her veins. She wanted to taste him...touch him...make love to him.

He watched her eyes as he took a sip of wine. Tried to appear more relaxed than he was. Her reaction was everything he'd hoped it would be. He'd been nervous as he set things up, putting the candles out and lighting them. Pulling on the chaps after his quick shower, following the instructions, finding that the leather felt soft and smooth against his skin. Everything - all of the planning...the time spent in front of the computer; putting up with the salesman at the Harley dealership...every uncomfortable moment; all of the effort - worth seeing the desire that filled those beautiful green eyes.

She drank more wine, hoping that the cool liquid would calm the inferno that was burning in her body. The show had definitely been fun. And it had aroused her. But this...seeing him leaning so casually against the island, his long legs encased in leather, his sexy ass and that magnificent anaconda exposed, his chest bare...she moaned mentally. She was on fire. She could feel the flames of desire licking at her, tormenting her. She dared to look into his eyes. The candlelight reflected in the blue depths. "It's...um...a bit warm in here. Must be the candles," she murmured, sliding the red bolero jacket from her arms, hanging it haphazardly on the back of the nearest dining room chair.

He almost laughed out loud. "You should make yourself comfortable," he replied softly.

"I should?"

"Mmmhmm." He knelt down, carefully slid a three-inch heeled shoe from her foot. Then the other. Caressed her legs gently, rolled each sheer black stocking down to her ankle, then completely off her foot, daring to plant kisses on her thighs as he did so.

She moaned out loud at the soft touch of his lips against her skin. The ache between her thighs was exquisite agony. Her panties were drenched, she could feel it. That hadn't happened until she'd seen him...goddess, he looks so freaking hot! Not one of the men from the revue was half as sexy as her Husband. Especially at this moment.

Daniel grinned against her skin as he continued to kiss her legs. He hadn't even started yet, and she was moaning. With luck, tonight he'd hear the soft scream of pleasure that never failed to send his heart soaring. He stood up. "You look so damned sexy. I almost didn't let you leave, looking like that."

She felt a moment of panic. Had she been dressed...inappropriately? "Why?"

"You're so beautiful, and I'm sure every dancer in that show noticed you," he replied softly. "I'm always afraid that in the crowd of men who gather, just to stand near you, you'll find someone better than me."

Her eyes went wide as his words sank in. "Better than you? Not possible! And, just so you know, men don't gather around me."

He smiled. He'd been out with her. Oh, they might not get as close as their eyes and expressions said they wanted to. But men seemed to gravitate toward her, no matter where they went.

"I belong to you, Daniel. As far as I'm concerned, you're the only man in existence. You're the only man in my world."

God, what she could do to him! It wasn't just what she said. It was the way she said it, the conviction in her voice, the love in her amazing green eyes. "I love you," he sighed.

"I love you, too." Her eyes moved over his body yet again. She finished off her wine. "Is it hot in here?"

He chuckled. That was twice. His Angel was on fire. Burning out of control. For him. How damned amazing was that? "Nope."

"Must be a reaction to seeing you like that," she smiled shyly. "You are so turning me on! I'm about to burst into flames here, you know."

"Like what you see?"

"Oh, yes," she sighed. "I love every amazing inch."

He shivered slightly at the look of pure lust that filled her eyes. He'd never had a woman look at him like that. Never. Until Casey. When those green eyes focused on him like that, he could almost fly...and if she licked her lips one more time, he was a goner!

She couldn't take it any more. The glow of the candlelight on his skin, the warm aroma of jasmine and sandalwood, the scent of his soap...she was felt as if she were dying of thirst, and only one thing would quench that thirst. Her eyes locked with his, she slid to her knees, wrapped one hand around his balls, the other around the base of his cock, and took him into her mouth, slowly, inch by delicious inch.

"Sweet Jesus!" His hands went automatically to her head, his fingers threaded themselves through thick blonde silk.

Oh, yes, her mind cried. Yes! He smelled good, and felt good, and he tasted good. She took a moment just to savor all of the sensations coursing through her, the stimulation of all of her senses adding to her overheated condition.

He should stop her, this night was supposed to be about her, for her...but what she was doing felt so good and...shit!...oh, god that feels amazing! He watched as she worked his throbbing flesh as if she'd never get the chance to do so again. "Just like that," he moaned softly, approvingly.

Her heart did a happy dance as her tongue moved over the swollen head of his cock. Teased that sensitive underside. Toyed with the ridge, delighted that the action made his hips jerk. She sucked on the tip, while her hands caressed him, stroked the throbbing shaft. Still watching him, taking note that he was breathing hard, his chest moving faster, she let her hands move up and down his leather covered legs. Oh, goddess, what a turn on!

All day. He'd been aroused all day, thinking about what he'd be doing for her...to her...with her. She knew just exactly what to do, how to drive him crazy. She could take him to the edge of the cliff in the blink of an eye; just a simple caress and the flick of that talented tongue, and he was there. He watched her with mounting appreciation as she licked him, her tongue moving around him as if he were an ice cream cone.

Her gaze was locked with his as she ran her tongue around and around the swollen tip, taking that teardrop of precum, seeking more. Her hand continued to gently stroke him, the other cupped his balls, the tip of her index finger rubbing against the perineum. Past experience had taught her just how much he enjoyed the stimulation. She pressed her thighs together, aching with need. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of his skin above the leather. Oh, that so calls for a bit of attention!

The gleam in her eyes should have been a warning. He watched as she began to lick down his shaft. Over his balls, rolling them against her tongue. Then she was licking his thighs, and the leather, and then...Sweet Jesus! She was running her tongue just inside the leather, teasing his skin. How freaking erotic! She'd mentioned once that having him tell her what he liked, what he wanted, turned her on. Let's see how she likes hearing it in French, he thought. "Vous moi'excitez, Angel," he whispered. "J'aime la façon dont vous le faire!" [You excite me, Angel. I like the way you do that!]

It wasn't Abydonian. It sounded...French, but she wasn't sure. Her hands went up to the waistband of the chaps, and she tugged, pulling him away from the island. She began to kiss and lick around his inner thighs, continuing to lick him and the leather. Each time she did, his hips jerked the tiniest bit. She wanted more, wanted him totally out of control. When he reached for his throbbing cock, she caught his hand. "No," she murmured.

"Mi stai facendo impazzire!" he moaned, not even aware he'd switched to Italian. "Per favore, fatemi venire!" [You're making me crazy! Please let me come!]

Hmm...different language. She'd actually crawled between his legs. She turned to face that incredible ass. Ran her hands over the firm muscles. Then let her lips follow, nibbling her way from one cheek to the other, letting her tongue dip into just the top of the cleft that separated them.

Holy shit! His last coherent thought was that the seduction wasn't going exactly the way he'd planned. When her hand snaked between his legs, began to stroke him, he nearly shot his load. "...così buona...così buona...così dannati bene!" [So good, so good, so damned good!]

"Turn around," she whispered. Smiled when he eagerly complied, pushed his raging hard-on against her lips. Slowly, watching him, she took him into her mouth once more. He was throbbing hard and fast, and her own desire was in control now. She'd send him flying into the clouds, and then beg for his attention to her aching body.

"Lassen Sie mich, Baby, bitte kommen!" [Let me come, babe, please!]

He was begging. She wasn't sure what the language was. But he was most certainly begging. She pulled away, her hands in constant motion. "That's it, Daniel," she whispered. "Beg..."

"Please," he moaned. "Please let me come!"

She closed her lips around him. Slid down as far as she could, relaxed her throat and took him as far as possible. Began to swallow. His hips jerked, he began to moan, the sound moving up from deep within his belly. His chest heaved, his belly rolled, and he filled her throat with his warm, precious white love.

"Oh, god!" His hips were moving automatically in response to the stimulation. He was breathing hard, his body shaking as the orgasm she'd composed exploded over him, in him, through him. "Casey," he whispered, as he spiraled above the clouds and out among the stars.

She licked him clean. Kissed her way up his body, stopped to greet his nipples, pressed a kiss against his throat. Giggled when he hugged her tightly. "Better?"

"Damned near collapsed. Tonight is supposed to be for you," he replied.

"Thank you for letting me do that," she said shyly.

"You're thanking me? Woman, I should be on my knees kissing your feet for that!" He grinned when she giggled again. "You're still a bit over dressed."


"Yep." His hands moved over her hips. Met on the zipper in the back. He pinched the clasp, worked it loose, then slid the zipper down. Pushed the skirt over her hips, let it drop to the floor. He stepped back to look at her. Black bustier and lacy black panties. "Very sexy," he said approvingly.

"Not nearly as sexy as what you're wearing," she replied.

He slid his fingers between her thighs. The crotch of her silk panties was soaked. Something told him that that hadn't happened until she'd arrived home. Once again pride and excitement filled his heart. "You're wet," he murmured in her ear.

"Your fault," she replied, gasping softly when his thumb brushed over her very sensitive clit.

"Tell me what you want," he whispered, running the tip of his tongue over the shell of her ear.

"Make love to me," she breathed. "Please, make love to me."

"Vais vous faire voler?" He grinned at the little shiver she gave. "Vous chantera votre amour pour moi?" [Shall I make you fly? Will you sing your love to me?]

She didn't know what he was asking...only that he was asking something. "Yes, whatever you want, yes, oh god, yes!"

Her eyes told him that she was as turned on by what he was saying, or rather, the fact that he was speaking in French, as she was by the chaps and what his hand was busy doing. "Tell me, Angel. Tell me exactly what you want."

"I want you to worship me, Beloved. And then I want your body on top of mine, taking me to that place that only we can find," she whispered in Goa'uld, the only 'foreign' language she knew well enough to speak in..

It was his turn to shiver. He scooped her into his arms, carried her to the bedroom. The stereo was already playing softly. Candles lit the room, the soft scent filling the air, just as it had in the Great Room. The bed was turned back, ready for them. The toys and the body oil were waiting on the bedside table.

"Oh, Daniel," she sighed. "You thought of everything!"

He grinned. All of his careful planning was certainly paying off! He put her on her feet. Unlacing the bustier, he slid his fingers inside to caress the soft curves of her breasts before taking it off her. As soon as it hit the floor, his thumbs were hooked in the band of her bikinis, and he dropped to his knees as he slid them from her body. He could smell her...hot, sweet...that heady spring flowers and vanilla and musk scent that drove him wild, made his body shake with need.

His mouth watered as his addiction made itself known. His hands began to caress her hips, moved back to grip her sexy ass. Soft kisses over her mons led him toward paradise. He would partake, just for a minute or so. And then he'd lay her down on the bed and make love to her properly. But he needed just a taste...

Her soft moan melded with his when his tongue began an exploration of the swollen folds of her womanhood. Her fingers were clenched in his hair, her hips pushing against his face as he licked her, nipped at her sensitive flesh. It wouldn't take long for him to set her spinning among the stars, she'd almost climaxed when he had.

So sweet, his Angel. The nectar she provided him coated his lips, ran down his tongue to quench the thirst she created in him. As always, his body shook from the 'high' he experienced as the result of her sweet pheromones. Unable to resist, he pushed his tongue into her warm well, taking honey straight from the honeypot. Oh, god, so damned good!

She wasn't even aware of the tiny whimpers of need that left her throat. All she knew was need...aching need. She was clinging to him, waiting for him to offer the relief she so desperately wanted.

Rather than keep her on the cusp indefinitely, he determined to let her come, and then to work her up all over again, taking his time, making her just as needy, bringing forth the same soft whimpers that turned him on so. Better to take the edge off, so that they could both enjoy the rest of the night, climbing the peak of consummate bliss together, again and again.

When his tongue flicked over her clit, she cried out. "Please," she begged, not cognizant of the fact that it was he who was in control now. "Please...please."

Satisfied that she was a close the flying as he could take her, he concentrated on teasing that hard, swollen little nub, moving his tongue over it again and again. Her low moan when he slid two fingers inside her warm, dripping-wet well made him smile. He stroked slowly, pushing deeply, never letting her little clit rest.

Colors began to twirl, lights flashed behind her closed eyelids. The whimper that always signaled her climax filled her throat, built up until she was singing an aria of love. Suddenly she was there, leaping off the cliff and sailing toward the stars. "Daniel!" she cried out, her body trembling.

Oh yeah, that's what I want, he thought, his heart pounding with love. He licked her clean, then slowly rose to his feet. "There. Now we can take our time."

She smiled, wrapped her hands around his face, pulled him close for a kiss. "That was amazing," she whispered, when she pulled away from him. "And I want to make love all night!"

"We will, I promise," he whispered in return. His hands went to the buckle on the waist of the chaps.

"No," she murmured softly, putting her hands over his, stopping him. Then running her fingers over the skin left exposed. "Leave them on. I want you to wear them while you take me, every way you want to take me."

He shivered, both from her touch, and from her words. She'd worn that little white corset while he'd indulged his fantasies. He was more than willing to let her indulge hers. He nodded slowly, dipped his head to kiss her again. It was going to be a long, hot night. A very...memorable...night.

She backed up, tugged him along, stopping when she felt the edge of the bed behind her legs. His lips never left hers, the kiss never stopped. They continued to take turns exploring one another's mouths as she sank slowly, his body following hers. When she laid back, his arm went around her waist, and he helped her scoot toward the middle of the bed. Still they remained locked in their kiss.

Her kisses always set him aflame. Always stirred his body and his heart. One minute, she was hesitant, shy. The next she was boldly demanding from him, moving into his mouth with fervor. The more he demanded of her, the more she gave. Their mouths opened wider as they sought to take from one another, give back to one another. It was time to slow things down a bit. They had all night. He pulled back slowly, gently, until his lips were just barely touching hers. He traced her lips, nibbled on them. Nudged her tongue with his own, stroked her softly.

When he acquiesced control of the kiss, she knew that he was allowing her to take the same, tender care that he had. She suckled the full lower lip that drove her to distraction. Nibbled at his upper lip. Moved her tongue slowly into his mouth, tasting him, taking the time to note his reaction to each caress. He'd just sent her flying, satiating the need in her body. She could feel the flames building all over again.

He was holding himself up on his arms, his body pressed against hers. He could feel her feet moving against his legs, again and again. She had one hand in his hair, fingers clenched, it felt like. The other hand was moving over his ass, fingers dipping beneath the leather, then back out again. She was definitely turned on by the chaps. He nearly laughed with sheer glee. He'd wanted to give her a night to remember. He wouldn't soon forget the look in her eyes, the flames of desire that had nearly jumped from those green depths. The heat of her body...the almost wild way in which she'd made love to him. How wet she'd been...for him!

It had been awhile since they'd just...kissed. When he angled his mouth a bit, she took advantage, seeking to know every bit of it. She wasn't sure how long it had been since she'd taken control...five minutes maybe...and then he was demanding entrance to her mouth once again. Her hand continued to move over his skin, the touch of the leather, the warmth of his body making her crazy with need. How could she ever thank him? She'd been a virgin when they'd met, true enough. She'd read voraciously on the subject of sex and lovemaking. Enough that she had built a fantasy. One that she'd never believed would come true.

He might not be the biker, only in town for a day or so, the bad boy with a bad reputation who only needed someone to try to understand him...to love him...Okay, so her fantasy was a bit like the romance novels she read, she thought briefly. Still, for a woman who'd had no experience, it wasn't a half bad fantasy...to be taken again and again, as roughly, as gently, in any way that he wanted her. She understood now just how...erotic...how sensual...letting go of her own will could be.

It hadn't been thirty minutes ago that she'd sucked his balls dry. He was hard as a rock and throbbing again as she continued to work her magic through her kiss. She'd suggested that his ability to make love three and four times, one night six times, had come from their Immortality. It was possible, he supposed, given that it kept them in perfect physical condition. His theory, however, was that his body simply responded to hers. They were bound heart to heart, body to body, soul to soul, for eternity. Love that deep could do amazing things for the libido.

Who knew that kissing could be so damned pleasurable? Oh, he'd always enjoyed kissing. But it had been the means to arouse his lovers, a way to move them to the next step, and the next, culminating in his, and of course her, orgasm - he'd never given in, never let go until his lover had been satisfied. Not even with Sha're had he indulged in such long, sensuous kisses. Never had he spent the better part of thirty minutes just...kissing. With Casey, time stood still, sped by on ethereal wings. When her lips were against his, her tongue dancing with his own, time didn't matter. Nothing mattered. They were alone in the universe. Just him and her. Two halves of the whole. Complete.

That familiar ache was beginning to build. She loved kissing, adored his kisses. They were the breath of life for her. She was ready to move on. She wasn't even aware of shifting slightly beneath him. Had no clue that she was sending little signals that he recognized. Her hand had moved from his ass to his chest, her fingers toying with his nipples. Her tongue was flicking against his, tracing his lips, then fluttering once again.

She wanted more. She was ready for him to move on, to make love to her. Every movement of her body, of her tongue, of her fingers told him so. The stereo was still playing softly. One of the love songs that she had always liked, had bought an entire CD for, was playing now.

"...The smell of your skin, the taste of your kiss..."

He had to agree, there was a song out there somewhere for every situation. She'd hidden in music, wrapped it around herself in order to hide from the hell that had been her childhood. Now, she told him, she played it to celebrate her life. His lips moved slowly from hers. He couldn't help but smile when he looked at her, eyes still closed, those pink lips dark and swollen from his loving attention.

"...the way you whisper in the dark...your hair all around me, baby you surround me..."

Placing soft kisses along her cheek, to her jaw, he wrapped one hand in the hair that lay spread beneath her. Silk...it had always felt like silk against his fingers. He began to nibble her throat, suckling the spot behind her ear that always made her shiver. Her arms were around his shoulders now, one hand still toying with his hair. God he loved how she did that!

Every kiss, every time he dragged his tongue along her skin, every nibble that allowed his teeth to gently graze her, left her breathless. Note by note, he was composing a symphony of love that would leave her shaking and weak, and oh so very satisfied. The weight of his body, pinning her to the bed, and oh, goddess, the feel of that leather beneath her toes, all came together in a harmony of sensations.

"...you touch every place in my heart oh, it feels like the first time every time..."

No matter how often they made love, it was always special. Always left him flying high, and feeling so damned grateful that a wild trip through the wormhole to another reality had sent him in search of his Destiny. His Fantasy Angel. He nibbled at her collarbones. Left his mark on her shoulder. His mouth watered as he slid down, ready...willing...eager...to make love to his beauties.

She moaned softly, both with relief and approval, when his lips closed around a nipple so hard it hurt. While his mouth made love to one breast, his hand caressed its twin. She wasn't even aware of her body arching toward him. All she knew was that each kiss, every lick, every flick of his tongue sent fingers of pleasure racing up and down her spine. She knew he'd take his time...indulging himself...arousing her, driving her wild with need.

Sweet, so sweet. Time didn't matter...all that mattered was pleasing her...making her feel good. That what he was doing was a serious turn-on for him was just an added bonus. That making love to her breasts was something he loved doing, craved to do, was just a benefit when it came to her pleasure. He kissed his way to the other breast, leaving a nice purple mark in that soft, sweet valley between them. Curled his tongue around a nipple so hard it lay against her skin like a pink pearl. She was pressing up against him, her back arched off the bed, trying to force more of that succulent breast into his mouth. He laved it with his attention, his hand drying the other as he licked and suckled.

"...You gotta breath her...Really taste her..."

As usual, he would not be rushed in his attention to her. He'd drive her to the brink of insanity before moving on. She watched him, the look of love...of desire that filled his eyes. Watched his eyelids flutter closed as he continued to suckle, stoking the fire that burned until the flames roared around her...through her. An inferno that only he could put out.

He could feel the heat from her sweet little twat as it pushed up against his chest each time he tugged gently on her nipple. He'd foster his addiction to her, taste that sweet honey again, before taking her. He opened his eyes and watched her as he kissed the pink tips of her breasts before sliding down again, ready to tease that oh so sensitive belly button.

She couldn't help but smile at the twinkle in his blue eyes as he ran his tongue over her belly, stopping to tug on the tiny platinum ring that rested there. Her back arched completely, and she moaned out loud. She could see the pleasure in his eyes, clenched her hands into fists as he repeated the caress. The sensations were nothing short of mind blowing.

Her body was trembling beneath his tongue; his hands caressed her, which only seemed to increase the tremors. It was time to make her sing again. He trailed kisses over her hips. Teased the skin at the apex of her thighs, running his tongue over the juncture where those sexy legs connected to her amazing body. Thrilled when she jumped and jerked and moaned.

He settled between her thighs. Watched her eyes as he gently kissed those puffy nether lips. He loved how the green darkened, how the raw need filled those emerald depths. He'd learned a new trick to driving her insane, one that had her body writhing beneath him. One he should have thought of much sooner. He began to write his love on her succulent flesh with the tip of his tongue. Every word of love he could think of, every symbol that came to mind.

She didn't know what he was doing. Only that the way his tongue moved and danced over her skin was enough to make her want to scream with need...with pleasure. His eyes told her that he was well aware of her dilemma, delighted in it. He was going to tease her until she passed out when he finally let her take flight, she just knew it!

"...When you love a woman...You tell her that she’s the one..."

Her legs were wrapped around him. Her fingers were clenched in his hair, soon to be tugging gently. Her body began to vibrate with her need...her back arched...her head thrown back. She licked her lips, which sent a bolt of raw lust rocketing through his body and centering in his aching cock. He began to tease her clit, determined to see more of it exposed, peeking out from the pink hood that protected it.


That's it, make those sweet noises, he thought, grinning to himself. The fingers of one hand held her open to his ministrations, two fingers of the other slid inside her. She was close, it wouldn't take much more to send her flying.


Oh, yeah! Begging is good. Begging made him hard and hot and hell bent to make her climax as incredible as possible. He took her tender flesh between his teeth, held her gently, began to flicker his tongue over that sensitive, swollen clit. Listened as that beautiful whimper filled her throat. He slid a third finger into her, began stroking hard and deep, listened to the aria of love that filled the air around him.

"Daniel," she whispered, her eyes closed, as her body sank back onto the bed, shaking from her flight of ecstasy.

Aching and needy, he slid up, rubbing his throbbing cock against her belly. "Ready for me?" he asked softly.

"Oh, yes," she breathed, her reply a soft sigh. Which left no doubt in his mind that she was indeed ready for him.

He positioned himself over her, watched as she reached between them, stroked him softly, then rubbed the tip of his shaft against her glistening folds. She raised her hips slightly. He pushed, felt himself slide into paradise.

"Oh, yeah," she sighed, her arms going around his shoulders as he lowered himself slightly, his chest pressed against her breasts. So full of Daniel. Stretched to take all of him. Able to take all of him. Eager to feel him. "Love that feeling."

"Me, too, Angel," he replied. It never ceased to amaze him. As slender as she was, she could accommodate him. Every blessed inch of him. He didn't have to worry about hurting her. He could let go, become the wild man that she loved, and not have to fear that she'd be unable to handle him.

She could feel the leather of the chaps against her legs as she wrapped them around his waist. Goddess, that was such a turn on! She had no idea if the fact that she'd watched one of the dancers strutting around in a g-string and leather chaps had anything to do with her reaction or not. She only knew that she'd beg him to wear them...often.

"...Now you make me feel so good..."

He moved slowly, wanting to savor every sensation, every moment. She surrounded him completely...her body, her love...wrapped around him like a warm, protective blanket. Their bodies moved together in that age old rhythm, their hearts...their very souls entwined. She completed him, filled all of the empty spaces that circumstances of his life had left in him. He rejoiced in the knowledge that he was able to fill her, to push away the darkness and the pain, and console her, heal her with his love.

Safe. Warm. Protected. Loved. Cherished. More than just words. Feelings that wrapped around her heart, her soul. Emotions that she'd never experienced before Daniel raced through her with as much intensity as the sensations of pleasure that moved up and down her spine, settled in her belly on their way to her very core. She wasn't even aware of tightening her arms around him. "Love you...love you...love you..." she murmured softly in his ear.

"Love you," he replied, pressing kisses to her throat.

More. She needed more. Her legs slid down, locked behind his leather encased thighs. Her hands moved to grip his firm ass. She began to buck against him, riding him, needing to feel him deep inside even as she ground her hips against his, seeking the stimulation she craved.

"That's it babe, take it," he whispered. He pushed into her, remained still as she moved beneath him. He moaned softly when he felt her begin to use those muscles deep inside, her sweet well tightening around his throbbing cock.

"...Close to you is where I really want to be..."

His lips were moving over her throat...goddess that felt so good! She was climbing again, reaching for the pinnacle, the climax she was striving for glittering just out of grasp...so close...she was so close...

He was panting, doing his best to maintain control as her body moved against his. She was providing all of the right stimulation, and he was about to lose his mind. A soft breeze from the open window moved the blind slightly. He took a deep breath. Jasmine. Sandalwood. The intoxicating aroma of her skin...that sweet, natural perfume of spring flowers and vanilla. The scent of their lovemaking. All combined and filled his senses, causing him to shiver with appreciation.

Lights began to flash when she closed her eyes. Colors started spinning. The whimper she could never control filled her throat. Pleasure...pure and intense and wonderful, shot through her body, dancing from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Fire filled her very being as she raced toward the edge.

"Give it to me, don't hold back," he commanded...he begged. Her song of love filled his ears. He could feel the sudden heat, the wetness, felt her honey run over his balls. With a grunt, unable to deny his own body what it was now demanding, he rose up on outstretched arms, held himself steady on the balls of his feet, and began to drive into her, hard and fast, the sound of their bodies slapping together an accompaniment to the pounding of his heart.

Higher and higher he took her...past the clouds, into the stars. Each time she thought she could catch her breath, he rubbed his hips against her, prolonging her pleasure until it began to build toward an even more intense crescendo.

Her soft scream echoed around them, and he turned loose of the control he'd barely been clinging to. His own hoarse cry competed with the sounds in the room...the music on the stereo, her ragged breathing, the thump of the headboard against the wall as he continued to thrust. Sweet Jesus! His body shook like a leaf in a windstorm as he filled her, his hips jerking as his balls emptied. He rode the waves of pleasure beside her, until he felt himself slowly sink back to reality. Too weak now to hold himself up, he collapsed on her, breathing hard, still shaking.

She held him, her hands moving over his sweat dampened back. She pressed a kiss against the side of his face. His weight was a precious burden, and she savored the feeling of his body, pinning her to the bed.

With a groan, Daniel worked his arm beneath her hips, held her tightly and rolled to his back.

"You're an amazing man, Doctor Jackson," Casey sighed contentedly.

"Think so, huh?"

"Know so. The most incredible lover a woman could ever have."

Now that was a definite boost to the old ego! Not that he had any self-esteem problems. Not since she'd entered his life. To hear her tell it, he was the most brilliant, most handsome, most incredible man in the world. As long as she loved him, that's all he needed. All he wanted. He kissed her forehead. "You're the most passionate lover a man could ever hope for," he replied.

He had a way of making her feel special...sexy. "Together, we're just the best there is."

Daniel smiled. "Sounds like us," he agreed.

She snuggled closer. Ran her fingertips over and around the waistband of the chaps. "Goddess these things turn me on!"

There was no way to stop the grin that spread across his face. How had Cassie put that? Oh yeah. Total score! He'd wanted to give her a special night, wanted to indulge her fantasies. It seemed that he'd succeeded.

"Thank you for the roses," she said softly. "They're beautiful."

"You're welcome," he replied easily.

"Thank you for...all of this. It's all so...perfect."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it."

Casey sat up. Ran her hands over his chest, toyed with his nipples. Felt the anaconda twitch inside her. "You realize that I'm going to want a portrait of you in these." She leaned back to run one hand up and down his thigh.

"Say what?"

"You have a portrait of your Fantasy Angel. I want one of-" she broke off, blushing brightly.

"You want one of whom, Angel?" he asked softly. He reached up, brushed a lock of hair from her face, pushed it behind her ear.

She glanced at his eyes, then back down at his chest. "My bad boy biker," she mumbled.

Well now, that was interesting, wasn't it? So she had fantasies about 'bad boy bikers'. That certainly explained the attraction to leather chaps. "Do you...um...would Tiesha be willing..." Hell, if he couldn't even say it, how in god's name was he going to be able to pose for a portrait like that?

Green eyes went wide. "You mean you'd be willing to? Oh, Daniel!"

His name rolled off of her tongue like a prayer. Her reaction had him pushing away his own discomfort. For her, he'd do anything. Bad boy biker, huh? Yeah, he could do that. Sure he could. He glanced at her portrait. Bad Boy Biker and Fantasy Angel. Very interesting pair. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself at the thought that the Angel most certainly would save the Biker. Nice little touch, if he did say so himself.

"I'll talk to Tiesha on Monday."

Well, Danny boy, you're committed now. Probably should be committed, for what he was thinking! The love in his heart, the desire...no, the need to please her overshadowed everything else - every doubt, every nervous fear. If that was what she wanted, well, then, that was what she'd get!

"You're wonderful, you know that, right?"

He smiled. "If you say so."

"Well, I do! How many men are willing to indulge their wife's rather...um...well...wicked ...fantasy?"

No hiding the grin. Once again that sweet innocence was revealing itself. If she thought her fantasy was wicked...hmm. "Just what does this 'bad boy biker' do in your fantasies?"

Her cheeks turned crimson.

"Honey, it's okay, you can tell me," he coaxed gently.

"It's sort of embarrassing."


Slender shoulders moved up and down. She looked up at him, her eyes accusing. "If I'd known for one minute that I'd have a man in my life willing to do everything that comes to mind...I'd have been more careful what I thought about!"

He began to laugh. "There hasn't been one thing that we've done that you should be worried about, Case. You're a passionate woman. I love that! It turns me on to think about some of the things we've done together."

She remained silent. But his words soothed her heart. There were times when what they'd done in the privacy of their bedroom shocked her, even as those memories brought a rush of heat and desire that was difficult to control.

"Now, what does this bad boy biker of yours do to you?"

It wasn't like they hadn't already done what she'd fantasized about. He just hadn't known that it was a fantasy. But saying it out loud...articulating that particular fantasy. Couldn't do it. Nope. Not at all.


"He...um...well...he..." She shook her head.

"Show me?"

She nodded slowly. Leaned down to kiss him. "I'll try," she whispered, barely moving her lips from his.

He'd become an expert at picking up on the subtle hints that she gave. He was fairly certain that she wasn't aware of that fact. He didn't think she was even aware that she gave hints. But she did. Watching her eyes; listening to exactly what she said, from the specific words she chose to the tone of voice she used, both were excellent ways to determine what it was she wanted. When she sat up again, her eyes going briefly to the toys, he grinned to himself. Okay, toys would most certainly be included in this fantasy of hers.

It was impossible to ignore the fact that he was still firmly ensconced inside her. She began to contract and relax her muscles, pleased at the soft gasp that she earned. His hands went to her breasts, and she leaned into his caresses.

When she added the gentle movement of her hips to what she was doing, he felt his body react in a rush of heat and desire. He watched her face, her eyes, as she made love to him; could see that she was feeling just as much, that the fire was beginning to burn just as hot in her.

It only took a few minutes before she needed more. She curled her legs beside his hips, her toes rubbing against the leather of the chaps that covered his legs. Oh, goddess, what a turn-on! Lifting up until only the tip of his shaft was inside her, she moved her hips in a lazy circle, then lowered herself, taking him back inside completely.

He loved watching her body take him, again and again and again. Watching as those swollen nether lips moved down, wrapped around his aching flesh, until the soft curls of her mons tangled with his own. How freaking erotic!

Oh, yeah! This was good. This was just what she wanted. She continued to ride him, until her need began to demand more...harder...faster.

She was determined to drive him out of his mind, and it would be all over if he didn't slow her down...now! His hands dropped to her hips, held her still for a moment, then guided her into a slow, gentle rhythm. "Easy babe," he murmured. "Make it last."

The man had amazing control. She was about to burst into flames, and he was lying there, ready and willing to just rock gently against one another. Her toes moved against the leather. Oh, goddess, she wanted it now! She wanted him to take her, to demand from her...to dominate her completely.

Her eyes had gone back to the toys. She'd licked her lips twice now. And he recognized the fire that burned in those beautiful pools of emerald green. She was ready. Now, if he just knew exactly what she wanted...

"Take me," she whispered. "Make me beg."

It was a clue. Not much of one. But it was a start. He pulled her close, took a few minutes to make love to his beauties. Then tugged until she was lying on him once again. He rolled them over. Looked down at her. "You're mine," he whispered. "You belong to me."

She nodded.

Her eyes had begun to sparkle. He'd hit the right buttons. If he wasn't mistaken, she wanted it a bit...rough. Not cruel. Nothing painful. She just wanted him to take complete control. "You'll do anything I tell you," he continued, thrusting hard and deep.

"Yes," she whispered.

He lowered his head, began to kiss her, his tongue thrusting into her mouth in concert with his cock moving into her well. She moaned softly, her arms and legs wrapped around him tightly. Wasn't he a lucky, lucky man...that his Wife's fantasies were something that would get his rocks off as well?

She was ready. She was willing. It was time. Now all she had to do was figure out exactly how to tell him.

When she began to wiggle beneath him, he knew that something was up. He pulled away. Looked down at her. Her eyes sparkled with excitement...anticipation. No doubt he'd have to guess at what she wanted now. Bad boy...the thought continued to echo in his head. "Don't move," he instructed. When he rose up, his cock screamed in protest to be deprived of her warmth.

She lay perfectly still, waiting for him to tell her what he wanted from her. A delicious thrill moved over her from head to toe.

He crawled off of the bed. Went into the kitchen and grabbed the first glass his hand could close around. Filled it with wine. Took a swallow, just for good measure. Walked back to the bedroom, leaned against the doorframe. Okay, he doubted that 'bad boys' drank wine. But he wasn't about to spend the time looking for a tumbler and the Southern Comfort. He stared at her, taking in every inch of that creamy skin. Noted the flush of desire that covered her cheeks and breasts. The way her breathing became faster, shallower. He took another drink. Damn, this is fun!

His eyes devoured her. Let her know that he liked what he saw. That her body was turning him on. His erection waved and throbbed, she could see the precum glistening on the tip in the soft candlelight.

He put the glass on the dresser. Walked toward the bed. Her eyes moved over him, from the top of his head to his bare feet, then stopped on his aching hard on. When she licked her lips he groaned softly. And decided to gratify himself...just a little. He knelt on the bed beside her, his knees next to her shoulders. Slowly, he lowered his body until the head of his aching cock was pressed against her lips. "Suck me," he commanded softly.

Her eyes locked with his, she opened her mouth. Took him in as far as she could. Wrapped one hand around that part of him that she could never accommodate. And began to make love to him.

The woman had the most talented tongue in the universe! "Just like that," he groaned. Oh, god, the feeling was incredible!

She continued to watch him as she teased him, tasted him...tormented him. She rolled to her side in order to have more control. Her hand slid from his shaft to caress his balls, then back up, stroking him in time with the movement of her mouth. Another groan from him, one that made her heart flutter with happiness, and not a little pride. She loved knowing that she could bring him such pleasure. That she was the only woman to share his bed who had ever done so.

Both hands were in her hair, he wrapped long soft locks around his fists. Began to move his hips, pushing deeper, taking care not to hurt her, but letting her know just exactly who was in control. His body let him know instantly that it wasn't him! Whatever she was doing with her tongue had to be illegal. It just had to be! Nothing that felt this good could be legal! He should stop her. It wouldn't take her long to have him over the edge. There was no doubt he could rise to the occasion again, take that sweet ass just the way he was certain she wanted him to. But it would take a few minutes for him to recover. Of course, if he spent that time making love to her...taking time to lavish more attention on his beauties...now that was a damned good idea!

His head fell forward, his eyes fluttered closed. She shifted to her knees, he followed suit. One hand continued working that throbbing flesh, the other moved between his legs to caress his balls, back to stroke the firm globes of his ass. She let him fall out of her mouth, licked the girth from top to bottom and back down again, taking time to taste every inch of his magnificent manhood.

She smiled mentally when the thrusting of his hips became more insistent. She took only the tip into her mouth. Shook her head back and forth as she moved her tongue over him. The guttural groan that filled the air pleased her. She wrapped both hands around him, took as much as she could and continued her ministrations, her hands moving over his shaft, never leaving the hot, swollen flesh untouched. When one hand reached his balls the other was moving down.

It just didn't get any better. Couldn't feel any better. He was nearly delirious from the waves of pleasure that washed over him. At this rate, his climax would kill him. He knew the ride was over when he felt his cock slide back and touch the back of her throat. She began swallowing, those soft hands never stopping. Oh, god! "Sweet Jesus!"

And still the champ, she declared silently, proudly. She licked him clean. "Better?"

He gave her a lazy grin. "Damned near unconscious."

She flopped back on the bed, put her arms above her head. "Have I told you how hot you look in those chaps?"

Daniel chuckled. "I think it was mentioned."

She shifted closer to him when he stretched out beside her. Ran her hand over his thigh, let her fingers drift from his bare skin to the leather and back again. "So damned hot!"

He couldn't help but chuckle again. In the year and a half they'd been married, he'd seen her aroused. Had been the one to arouse her. When she'd first seen him, she'd been damned near out of control. More so than she'd ever been before. And it was turning him on! Time to get back into character, he decided. Wrapping his hand around her hair, he tugged her close, kissed her roughly. "I'm going to take you. I'm gonna fuck that sweet ass of yours," he growled softly.

Holy Hannah, as Sam would say! She couldn't contain the shiver that moved over her. For one moment, she wondered just how dangerous this fantasy could become. Until she looked up into blue eyes that were filled with such love that she could feel it. "Please...take me, anyway you want to," she whispered.

There was no way a man could not respond to such a sweetly whispered request. He pushed against her, rolled her to her back. Began kissing her once again, his hand moving over her from hip to throat and back again. When he finally cupped a soft, firm breast, rolled his thumb over the stiff peak of her nipple, her body arched, pushed up against him.

He made love to her breasts as if it had been days...not the couple of hours or so that had passed since he'd last devoted his attention to them. She ran her fingers through his hair as he suckled, held tightly as he took her once again toward the stars.

In just a few moments, he was going to be buried in that sweet, tight, hot backdoor. It never ceased to amaze him that she was so willing to make love in that most intimate of ways, that she found as much pleasure from doing so as he did. His fingers trailed down her flat belly, stopping long enough to toy with that platinum ring to cause the muscles to ripple, before sliding his hand between her thighs. His thumb toyed with that swollen, hard little clit while his fingers moved slowly in and out of her well, making her ready for him.

Her hips were moving up and down in response to his caresses, his mouth continued to move from one breast to the other, until she thought she'd lose her mind with need. Just when she didn't think she could take it any longer, he shifted over her, brushed a leather covered knee against her thigh to open her wider, then he pushed in...hard...fast...deep.

The moan that filled her throat when he buried himself in her made his heart hammer in response. Each thrust was slow...deliberate...he rubbed his hips against hers, felt the reaction in her body as she quivered beneath him. He waited until her breathing had changed - fast and shallow. She was close. "It's time," he whispered. "On your hands and knees."

Her body protested when he moved away. She sat back on her heels long enough to anoint him with the body oil. She put a bit on the tip of the vibrator. Handed it to him. Watched as he slid the cock ring onto the latex toy.

"Hands and knees."

She obeyed. The vibrator was cold, she jerked slightly as it came into contact with her overheated body. Before she had time to register the fact that it was all the way in her, she felt him pushing against her. She relaxed, leaned back, and felt him slide into her.

Oh, god! So hot and tight and good, and god it feels so freaking incredible!

Completely full...oh how she loved that feeling!

"Take it," he whispered, waiting until he felt her fingers on the base of the vibrator before he let go. His hands went to her hips, holding her steady as he moved in and out of her

Her fingers located the tiny switches. When it was time, they'd both benefit from the vibrations. She closed her eyes. Making love with him was the most amazing thing in the world. Knowing that no matter what she asked, no matter what she wanted, he was willing to oblige her. Never laughing at her. Never shocked by her requests.

So passionate, his Wife. Creative. Inventive. One day, he was just going to drop dead from one of their 'marathon' lovemaking sessions. Because she had a way of bringing out the primitive desires that lurked in his soul. Desires that she was more than willing to feed, to build upon. He was giving her a fantasy night, because there wasn't a fantasy left in his head that she hadn't already fulfilled for him! Giving. Willing. Eager. Oh, god she feels so good!

"...Ooh and I need to feel the heart of you, need to reach the very deepest part of you..."

She'd been told that making love like this was wrong. How could anything that felt so good be wrong? As long as Daniel enjoyed it, as long as they were finding pleasure with one another, how could it be wrong? Slow and easy. Time stood still, even as the clock on the bedside table continued to tick off the seconds, the minutes, as they moved together. Love...so much love. Their bodies moved together in love. When he began to speed up his movements, she knew that their night...her Fantasy Night, was coming to an end. The finale would be earth-shattering...leaving her weak and breathless and so grateful that she had a man like him in her life.

"Ready, babe?" he asked, breathing hard as he struggled to maintain control. He had to send her soaring, because there was no way that he could hold out much longer. And there was no way in hell he was falling until she'd been completely satisfied. It was a matter of pride for him.


"Do it."

The tips of her fingers moved over the switches. The vibrators came to life. "Oh, god!" she moaned.

Holy shit! No matter how often they made love this way, that first second of sensation as the vibrators began to work always sent fingers of shock up and down his spine. He was thrusting harder, faster, deeper, and she was pushing back against him, meeting him each time.

"Oh yeah..."

He leaned forward, pressed his chest against her back, one hand on her hip, the other caressing her breast, tugging at the hard, pink nipple.


"Let go," he whispered. "Give it to me."

Her body bucked, pushing back against him...she could feel how hard he was, how intensely he was throbbing inside her. The vibrator against her clit was driving her insane, and the vibrations deep in her well only intensified each sensation. Her body was overwhelmed, and she began to whimper, the need for release an excruciating ache, just barely out of her reach.

"Do you feel me?" he asked softly, pushing one leg against hers, pulling nearly all the way out before plunging back into her.

"Mmmhmm...yes," she murmured.

"Come for me, Case. Don't hold back," he panted. Do it babe, I can't wait, he begged silently.

Like an explosion, her climax rocked her from head to foot, pleasure racing through her and leaving her breathless and moaning.

He was right beside her as she spiraled to the stars, his groan of completion ending in her name. He put his fingers over hers, helped her turn off the vibrators before the stimulation could become painful. He hugged her, held her steady, knowing that her body was at its limit. "Easy babe, lay down slowly."

She complied, felt him move with her. He wouldn't pull out of her for several minutes, waiting until he was flaccid enough that it wouldn't hurt. She couldn't help but smile when she felt him kissing her shoulder, the nape of her neck.

"You're amazing," he whispered.

"So are you," she replied.

He was content to lay on her, supporting his weight on his arms, her body warm beneath his.

"I need a new fantasy," she sighed, using the same words he'd spoken to her on several occasions.

"Good," he grinned. How about that! He'd finally been able to return the favors she'd so lovingly performed for him.

"Just don't put the chaps somewhere hard to reach."

He chuckled. "Got it. Ready for a bath?"


Moving slowly, he pulled away from her. "Go on in and start the water. I'll be right there." He took the glass of wine, went to the Great Room. It took a few minutes to snuff out all of the candles. He grabbed the bottle of wine, filled both glasses, carried them into the bathroom.

Getting the chaps off proved a bit easier than getting them on had been. He eased down into the water behind her. "So, did you enjoy your fantasy night?"

"Oh, yes!"

He grinned. "I'm glad."

"You should be exhausted," she teased.

"That, too."

"I'll make waffles and maple sauce for breakfast."

"Sounds good."

She turned so that she could face him. "You're a gorgeous bad boy biker," she whispered. "And I love you exactly the way you are."

He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close. "I love you, Angel," he whispered in reply. He'd be whatever - whoever - she wanted him to be. Just as long as she wanted him.

Candles were safely put out, the toys were cleaned and they fell into bed, satiated and content. She snuggled closer, and closed her eyes. No way any of those dancers could compare to her Bad Boy. With a smile on her face, she drifted to sleep.

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