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The search for the Ancient weapon has reached a satisfying conclusion; and the worst day SG-1 ever faced ended on a high note as that fabled good luck kicked in, with a bit of help from 'above'.  Now Daniel is home, and ready to prove to Casey that he's back, safe and sound.

A/N...For those of you who might be tempted to email me regarding the spelling of Copasetic, please know that it is correct with either a 'c' or an 's', and that I had been using the 's' version when the banner for this page was made.  You know how I am about details...and spelling...*grin*


Story Category: PWP



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Col. Jack O'Neill
Maj. Samantha Carter
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Gen. George Hammond
Dr. William Lee



Casey Jackson
Miss Eloise




"All Right Now"

"All For One (and All For Love)"
Bryan Adams (Featuring Rod Stewart and Sting) 




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