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Chapter 3

Daniel had turned on the stereo, soft strains of jazz filled the air. The candles flickered once again, reflecting shadows of love as they sat in the middle of the bed, Casey sitting between his legs, her slender limbs over his thigh, her hand moving up and down his chest, the other arm around his shoulders as they kissed...slowly, languorously. Taking their time, learning each other all over again with each stroke of their tongues, lips moving gently.

He held her tightly, as if he were afraid she’d attempt to move away from him. Her hand was in his hair, holding him just as closely as he drank from her sweet lips, taking all that she gave, offering back all that he had...all that he was. Her kisses could make everything right, her touch could calm him...heal him...arouse him...please him. Her soft sigh into his mouth, the way she wiggled closer, the way her fingers plucked at his nipple as she became more aroused herself, all let him know that she was finding as much pleasure from the kiss as he was. Her tongue fluttered against his, and when he stroked her in return, she moaned softly, leaned even closer into him, the soft curve of her breast against his skin sending tendrils of fire to race up and down his spine.

Casey had always listened to people when they conversed, not so much because she liked eavesdropping, but because of what she could learn. Without the guidance she should have received as a child, it had become the only way that she could function as a part of the world around her...listening to others to discern what she was, or wasn’t, supposed to do. As a part of the SGC, however, listening to her friends as they gossiped in the showers and the locker room had become a source of entertainment for her. When the women complained about husbands and lovers, she silently smirked at having the most incredible man in the world. Most women enjoyed kissing. Most men didn’t seem to understand just how much. And most men didn’t seem to think kissing was necessary once they’d gotten a woman’s bra unhooked. Daniel, however, kissed her until she was breathless...speechless...the fire of her passion a raging inferno inside her. He took his time, and allowed her the same opportunity to taste him, touch him. He continued to kiss her, even as they journeyed toward their private paradise, wrapped in one another’s arms. Incredible lover, that’s what he is, she thought happily.

Pulling away slowly, gently, Daniel looked down into her face. Smiled to see her eyes closed, her pink lips swollen from his attention. "C’mere," he said softly. Helped her turn so she was straddling him. He was hard...throbbing...and wanted to feel himself buried in that beautiful, warm body.

Lifting herself up just enough to mount him, Casey guided his turgid shaft between the folds of her womanhood. Slid down on him slowly, gasping out loud at the wondrous feeling of being one with him. Let her head fall forward against his shoulder. "You feel so good," she moaned softly.

"So do you," he replied. The warmth of her body as she took him in, her tight well surrounding him completely, had him struggling to maintain control.

With practiced resolve, she began to manipulate the muscles inside her body, holding him tightly, then relaxing just a bit, clamping down on his length again, then relaxing completely. She continued her stimulation, felt him throb each time she closed around him as tightly as she could. The sensations were enough to make her shiver with delight.

"That’s it," he whispered, planting kisses on her neck...throat...shoulders, as she did her best to drive him mad with pleasure. His hands were kneading the firm globes of her shapely ass; felt her begin to move ever so slightly. The motion, coupled with the amazing work she was doing with those inner muscles, was enough to have him panting slightly.

Every time that magnificent anaconda throbbed, she felt it all the way to her toes. The need continued to build until she could no longer deny it. "Take me!" she begged, tugging at his neck, trying to lie back on the bed without letting him move away from her.

He tenderly helped her stretch out, managing to remain sheathed in her body as he did so. Began to move gently; the thrusts slow...easy...deep.

"More," she whispered.

Grinning against her shoulder, knowing that she was about to lose control, knowing that he would benefit from whatever she did, he maintained the steady rhythm he’d started. Barely bit back his chuckle when her legs slid from his waist to lock behind his thighs, and her hands moved from his neck and hair, her arms wrapping around his shoulders.

She needed hard and fast and deep, and if she had to take it from him, she would! Riding him as much as their position allowed, her hands grabbed his firm ass, holding onto him. If she could just get into a better position...wrapping her arms back around his shoulders, her legs around his waist, she used the leverage the position provided to slide back and forth beneath him, her slender hips nearly banging against his, at the same time moving her body up and down against him.

"Sweet Jesus!" His incredible, beautiful, passionate Wife was about to melt his brain. Within minutes his own body was making demands. He wrapped his hands around her calves, pushed her legs against her shoulders, and began to drive into her, grunting with exertion each time he entered her fully

"Yes...yes...don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop," she chanted, her fingers digging into his biceps. "Harder! Take me!"

Lost in the sensations that surrounded him, her sweet demand burning a path through his brain, he clamped his hands around her hips, pulled her closer, pounded into her body. Opened his eyes just in time to see her hands go to her breasts, her fingers pulling and tugging on hard pink nipples. When she realized he was watching her, she reached out with one hand to tug at his nipple. The stimulation was more than he could take. With a roar, he began to empty into her, barely aware of her song of love as she found her own release.

Panting, he dropped down onto her, felt her wrap around him like a soft, warm blanket. Barely had the strength to roll over before his weight became too much for her.

Pressing kisses to his sweat dampened shoulders, Casey looked up into heavy-lidded blue eyes. "That confirms it."


"Only my Stud Muffin can become the wild man I need," she replied, a teasing smile on her lips.

"Only my Angel can turn me into a wild man," he told her, smiling at her, running his hands through her hair, down to her back, where he began the familiar caresses that followed each of their lovemaking sessions.

"Do you think other people get as wild in bed?"

He contemplated her question for a moment, even as he grinned over it. "Probably. There are times the body just needs that type of stimulation."

"There isn’t anything wrong with me because I need it so much, is there?"

The hint of worry in her voice, and in her eyes, was nearly his undoing. If he laughed at her now, she’d never forgive him. "No, Angel. There’s not a thing wrong with you. You’re a passionate woman. I think I’ve mentioned how much I like that fact."

She smiled. "I do believe it’s been mentioned a time or two."

"Case, I never knew making love could be so...so wild and free and spiritual. With you, there are no boundaries. With you, I can take what I want, what I need, and you just offer more." He paused, frowned slightly. "That sounds rather selfish, doesn’t it?" he asked quietly.

"You don’t take anything from me that I’m not offering, that I don’t want you to have," she replied softly. "Sometimes...sometimes I just want to melt into you..." she shook her head. "I can’t explain it...I want to be as close to you as I can get."

"I feel the same way," he told her. "I love that I can give you everything I am, pour my very soul into you."

"I treasure everything you give me...I’ll protect you...your heart, your body, your soul...with all that I am...with my life, I promise," she whispered.

"I know, Angel."



"I have the munchies."

He laughed out loud. "Took that much out of you, did I?"

"Hey, I was doing a bit of work there too, ya know!"

"Oh, I’m well aware of what you were doing," he retorted. He patted her bare fanny. "Let’s get something to eat. A sandwich or something does sound good."

He grabbed his sweats. She pulled her robe over her arms, tied the belt loosely. They padded into the kitchen together, discussing just what they would have. Decided that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sounded good.

"We still have some potato chips," Casey noted, as she took the jar of peanut butter from the pantry cupboard.

Daniel contemplated for a moment. "Nah. But I’ll split a banana with you."

"On the sandwich, or with it?"

He couldn’t help but smile. She had taken to eating her PB&J sandwiches with sliced banana between the two layers. "With it, thanks."

"What's the difference if you’re going to eat it along with the sandwich?" Casey asked.

"I don’t have a mouthful of sandwich when I bite into the banana."

"No sense of adventure," she mumbled, glancing sideways at him, her green eyes dancing.

"Hey, I eat sushi!" And, according to his Wife, doing so made him either crazy or unconcerned with his health. Raw fish, she had informed him, just couldn’t be safe. Thoughts of that particular conversation brought a smile to his lips.

"Yeah, well...as long as there’s fire nearby, I want my sushi cooked, thank you very much."

It was impossible not to chuckle. "Is there any root beer left?"

The two-liter bottle had been purchased to make root beer floats, a craving spurred by late night television commercials that had sent Casey on a midnight run to Piggly Wiggly. "I think so, why?"

"Let’s finish it off before it’s so flat we have to pour it out."

"Good idea."

While she assembled the sandwiches, he poured two glasses of the still carbonated beverage. Rinsed the plastic bottle, to be tossed into the recycling bin. Sat down beside her at the breakfast bar.

"There’s something very romantic about this," Casey mused.

"Sitting here eating peanut butter sandwiches?" he asked, eyebrows raised slightly in surprise.

"Sitting together eating sandwiches," she corrected gently. "Maybe it’s just..." she shrugged slightly. "Maybe the love we’ve been making, will make when we’re finished, is part of the reason it feels that way."

"Could be." He glanced at her. "Could be the romantic lighting."

She had just lifted her glass to her lips and taken a sip, barely prevented herself from snorting the drink through her nose. Began to giggle. "Yeah, that light over the sink is good ‘mood lighting’ isn’t it?"

"It can be," he said, the conviction of his belief in his voice.

"For us, damned near any lighting can be mood lighting," she observed drolly.

"Are you saying we’re insatiable romantics?"

"Pretty much," she smiled.

"You have a problem with that?"

"Absolutely not! You, Stud Muffin, are the perfect man. Sexy, smart, sweet, generous, romantic. You know exactly how to set the mood, how to make me want to cry with happiness. You know how to touch my heart, my very soul. How to touch my body and drive me wild in bed. How did I ever get so lucky?" she asked softly, trailing a fingertip over his jaw, noting the stubble there.

Daniel cleared his throat. There were times when she said something so totally unbelievable, absolutely convinced of the truth of her words, that he was left with no recourse but to kiss her. Which was what he chose to do in that moment. "What you do to me, woman," he whispered softly; his ego soaring, his heart battering his ribs as it pounded his love for her.

"No more than what you do to me," she whispered in return.

"Casey, I wish I could put into words how much you mean to me," Daniel said softly. "You’ve brought so much to my life...happiness, laughter, love. I never knew how much I was missing, how dark and bleak my life was, until you shined the sunshine of your love on me. Warmed me to the very core."

The heart of a poet. The man had the heart of a poet. "I think you just put your feelings into very beautiful words," she sighed. "Not even in my dreams could I have imagined a life as wonderful as I have with you. You’ve offered me things I never thought I’d have...love, safety, happiness. You’re my hero, Daniel, my knight in shining armor."

He took her hand, lifted her fingers to his lips. Took each word she had spoken, examined it, marveled over it, tucked it away in his heart. For a moment, just how close he had come to losing her, of being robbed of all that he had, flooded his senses. Daniel closed his eyes, and whispered another prayer of gratitude.

"It’s okay, Sweetheart," she said softly, her free hand cupping his cheek, recognizing the sadness, the flare of anger, that had filled his eyes for a brief moment. "We were Destined to be together. No power, no force in the universe can keep us apart."

"Destiny," he whispered.

"Destiny," she whispered, smiling gently at him.

The love that filled those amazing green eyes stirred his heart, and his body. "Let’s go back to bed," he suggested softly.

"Excellent idea," she replied.

He stood to his feet, scooped her into his arms before she’d had a chance to rise. "I love you," he said, nuzzling her cheek as he headed back to the bedroom.

"I love you," she responded. Kissed his neck...nibbled on the muscle that connected it to his broad shoulder. Felt him shiver as a result. Accepted, even welcomed, that rush of feminine pride that he responded to her touch...to her caresses...to her kisses. Felt smugly superior to every other woman in the world knowing that he only welcomed her touch...caresses...kisses. Hers. Doctor Daniel Melburn Jackson, PhD, was hers, and hers alone. What a miracle that was. Thank you, Goddess!

The desire that had flared in her at the realization that Daniel was truly hers had her gently pushing him to his back as he settled them on the bed. "Let me love you," she whispered. She tossed her robe to the floor, tugged on the waistband of his sweats until he lifted his hips, allowing her to pull them free. They hit the floor as well.

He could see the flames of lust in her eyes, the need that burned there. Shivered slightly in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to experience. How a geek like him had been able to capture the attention, the love, of such a beautiful, passionate woman, he had no clue. He was just grateful it had happened. When her lips descended on his, he opened to her, allowing her to touch him, taste him. Gave her the control she sought. Best kisser in the world...in the universe. The thought had barely passed through his mind when the results of her kiss had his toes beginning to curl.

She could feel the love that he was sending, each caress of his tongue against hers sent the message loud and clear. Every movement of his hands on her body telegraphed that love. She was desperate for him to know how much she cherished his love...how full her heart was...how much she loved him. She deepened the kiss, intent on sending her love to him just as clearly.

When his hands went to her head, held her steady as he took all that she offered, begged for more...which she so gladly gave him...she could only hope that he understood what she was trying to tell him. That he could feel her love wrap around him as gently as his wrapped around her. She was cocooned in that warm, gentle love.

His heart soared when she shifted slightly, wiggled just a bit, as if she were doing her best to crawl into his skin with him. He dropped one arm to her waist, tightening it around her, holding her as closely as possible. The other hand went to her jaw, his fingers caressing the soft skin of her cheek as he struggled to keep from shoving his tongue toward her throat. She deepened the kiss again, her mouth opening wider to his probing tongue, and he gave up the battle. Her soft moan made his pulse race. She was lying on top of him now, her hands wrapped around his face. The hard points of her breasts had his own nipples standing at attention in loving salute to her touch.

Slowly, she pulled away, looked down at him. The love that burned in his eyes sent a shiver of delight over her. Lowering her head once more, she tenderly licked his lips. Took his full lower lip between hers, suckled it gently. Felt his reaction in the throbbing of the anaconda that was pressed against her belly. Reaching out toward the night stand, her fingers searched for...found what she wanted. She raised up slightly. "I’m gonna blow your mind," she whispered.

He smiled up at her, brushed the hair back from her face. "You do that every time you make love to me," he whispered in return. He watched her sit up. She slid back, her shapely derriere on his thighs. He gasped out loud when she slid the vibrator ring around his throbbing erection.

Taking his hands in hers, lacing their fingers together, she rose up again...slowly lowered herself on his turgid shaft. She was so aroused, her body so ready for him, that there was no need to guide him...her wet womanhood slipped around the tip of his cock, her body sliding easily over him. She closed her eyes and moaned. "Oh, you feel so good!"

"So do you, Angel. So good," he murmured. Her well gripped him like a fist. When she began to use those muscles deep within to massage his length, his moan echoed around them. He tightened his arms when she began to ride him, her hands pushing against his, using his strength for the leverage she needed.

Her slender hips moved up and down, circled slowly as she took him back into her body, every throb of that magnificent anaconda making her well tremble in response. Moving deliberately, sliding back and forth to find the stimulation her body demanded, Casey set a rhythm that had them both panting. His hips rose to greet her each time she slid down on him, thrusting as deeply as he could. They were one entity...connected body to body, heart to heart...soul to soul. The journey to that special garden of paradise had begun.

From the very first night he'd held her in his arms, accepting her gift of love...the gift she had never offered to any other man...Daniel had known that she was special. Precious. Passionate. No matter how many times they made love, no matter how they made that love, or where, it was always as incredible as that first night had been. For just a moment he thought about Sha’re...the flickering thought of her as host to a Goa’uld moved through his mind. And, as bizarre as it seemed, he wondered if she had witnessed passion between Apophis and Amaunet. Had Sha’re compared what the two Goa’uld had shared to what he and she had held between them? Had she found him wanting...had his lovemaking left her less than satisfied? It hadn’t been easy for them, he thought. So many things she wouldn’t do, was afraid to do...or ashamed to try. Too much time had passed before she could take him completely...and by then, he had discovered that temple...

Pushing the thoughts aside, he watched his Wife moving on top of him, her body taking him again and again and again, from tip to root. Not once in his life had he been with a lover as incredible as Casey. Wasn’t he a lucky, lucky man to have found her?

Grabbing at her hips when she attempted to increase the pace, proof that she was about to lose control, he smiled up at her. "Easy, babe. Make it last."

"Easy for you to say," she grumbled lovingly. Moaned loudly when he began to fondle her breasts.

He gasped when her fingers teased his own hard nipples. Tit for tat. Kiss for kiss. Caress for caress. That was her way. The only way she knew how to make love. Giving back so much more than she ever took.

"Faster," she begged in a ragged whisper.

"Easy," he countered, his hands dropping to her hips once more. She was nearly impaling herself each time she moved down, rising up until he was barely inside him, coming down hard and fast, taking every blessed inch.


Begging. Begging is very, very good. He smiled up at her. Slid his hands up to her shoulders, pulled her to lie on top of him once again. Rolled them over, both of them shifting slightly, maintaining their connection while they adjusted their positions. His thrusts were slow...strong...deliberate.

This was supposed to be about his pleasure, for him, she thought briefly. Her body, however, had other ideas. Couldn’t cooperate just once? she grumped silently. Gasped out loud when he ground his hips against hers, stimulating her in all the right places.

She met him every step of the way, their bodies moving in perfect synchronization. Higher and higher they flew, fingers of pleasure moving through their bodies, whispers of love filling the air between them.

Watching his face, concentrating on his movements to judge just when to turn on the vibrator, Casey was mesmerized by blue eyes that watched her with such deep love. Eyes were the windows to the soul...and his beautiful, caring soul offered her love...unconditionally. Deeply. "I love you," she panted softly.

"Love you, too," he replied breathlessly.

He was moving just a bit faster now...she reached between them, found the tiny switch...

"Sweet Jesus!" The sensations were nothing less than spectacular as pleasure shot from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, and lodged in his pulsing shaft. His thrusts became faster, harder, deeper...

Her own body began to buck against his as the vibrations sent her over the edge, the fall sudden and swift and absolutely mind-bending. She cried out, her arms and legs locking around him as she held on for the incredible ride.

Her cry of release mingled with his as he flew over the cliff, the vibrations of the toy causing him to throb so hard he was afraid of passing out. He was barely able to shut the vibrator off before collapsing on top of her.

They continued to cling to one another as they slowly drifted back to reality, their bodies relaxing in the warm afterglow of their flight of ecstasy.

With a groan, Daniel rolled over. "You did it," he murmured, his hands moving slowly up and down the satiny skin of her back.

"Did what?" Her eyes were closed, she was almost asleep.

"Blew my mind."

She raised up, rested her chin on hands folded just beneath his. "Good." Her eyes drifted closed again. Her body continued to twitch; each time it did, she could feel his manhood throb in response.


"Just resting."

"If you want to sleep, Angel, we can."

Green eyes opened, focused on cerulean blue orbs. "No way. I want a full trip."

He grinned. "You’re sure?"

"Unless you’re too tired to do more," she said, her concern sincere.

"Nope. I’ll be ready."

She giggled. "You always are."

"Your fault."

She sat up. Caught the twinkle in his eyes. He was teasing her. He seemed to love doing that. Not that she was complaining. She did her fair share of teasing him as well. To be able to joke with one another they way they did was proof of how comfortable they were together. She reveled in that comfort, holding it close in her heart. "How in the world is it my fault?"

"You’re beautiful, and sexy, and you smell good, and you taste good...toss in my beauties and that sweet twat, and I can’t help but rise to the occasion," he replied. "And you love me like no other woman can...like no other woman ever has."

Casey studied him for a moment. Knew that he meant every word that he’d said. "You’re weird. But I love you anyway," she said finally.

He grinned. "Lucky for me."

"I always thought I was the lucky one," she said softly.

"Nope. I’m the lucky one," he declared firmly.

"The first time we made love...well, the first time we went Around the World," she amended, "I had no idea that you would have such amazing recovery time. I figured that after our first night together, that would change. Not that I cared," she added quickly.

He couldn’t help but smile. Watched with amusement as she rose up, removed the vibrator ring, tossing it onto the night stand, then settled her body back over him, re-establishing that physical connection between them.

"But it didn’t. I listen to my friends in the locker room, and they complain about being ‘left behind’, that the ride is over before they’re even halfway, and all I can think is, I can count on one hand the times you’ve come before I climaxed. Then they complain about having to wait for so long between rounds...and I figure it’s no wonder that most of them declare that any trips around the world never include full stops on the way. I mean, if it takes an hour or more..." She paused, shook her head. "A couple of them think I’m stretching the truth, or flat out lying, when I tell them we make a full stop each time, and that sometimes, we make the first two stops twice."

By now he was grinning from ear to ear. "I’m good, baby."

She burst into giggles. "You’re not just good, you’re incredible."

"I swear it’s you, Casey. I respond to you...your love, your touch. Your body. That’s all."

"Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m just responding to what you do to me, for me." She frowned slightly. "I still say it’s because of Destiny. We were made for each other."

"I’m not arguing," he said. Hissed a breath when her hips began to move slightly. "I take it you’re ready for that last stop?"

"I am if you are," she smiled.

"I’m getting there," he responded.

Her smile went wider. She could feel him beginning to swell again. "You certainly are." She leaned down to kiss him, her hair forming a curtain that hid them from the world.

What he had told her had been the honest truth. He’d always been able to make love at least twice in a row. Could recall a time or two when he’d been able to make love three times in one night. With Casey, he could make love again and again and again; a single touch of her hand, a soft kiss, and he was hard and aching and ready to take her all over again. He firmly believed his body was simply responding to her...her touch, her love, her passion. And he certainly wasn’t complaining. He’d heard a bit of locker room talk as well. Had heard the complaints from his friends about wives and girlfriends who weren’t half as giving, not even a fraction as...adventurous...as his beautiful Wife. Knew for a fact that he got a blowjob more often in a week than most guys got in a year. Understood that the passion between them had never dimmed. If anything, it grew stronger as time passed.

The gentle movements of her body had him ready for her. He rolled them over, began to kiss her, his tongue matching the movements of his hips has he began the age old dance of love.

Oh, goddess! The sensations of being taken in two places as once always sent her senses reeling. Her body reacted. She was anxious for more, was ready to spin among the stars.

The end of the trip was quickly approaching. It never ceased to amaze him that she was so willing to make love ‘that’ way. That she seemed to derive as much pleasure as he did, requesting that they make love anally as often as he asked. She’d not once turned him down.

"Curl up," he whispered, looping one arm beneath her knee, drawing her leg closer to her shoulder, even as his hand continued to move over her.

"Toys?" she asked.

He shook his head. "Just you and me, Angel."

No doubt what he’d endured had something to do with his decision. Although, now that she thought about it, their last trip had been sans toys as well. Not that it mattered to her. No matter how they made the last stop, it was always incredible. "Okay."

It wasn’t logical, but the thought of having the dildo inside his Wife while he took her was more than he could handle. No doubt his feelings would change...would return to ‘normal’, the farther away from this day he moved. For now, whether it made sense or not, he would provide all that she needed...Me. Me alone. I’ll do it for her. He thrust a few more times, coating his engorged member with her sweet honey. "Ready?"

She nodded. "Oh, yes!"

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Leaning on one hand, he guided his aching shaft toward that puckered little opening. Pushed against her, just enough that she could feel his presence. Waited until he could feel her relax before pushing forward gently, slowly.

After the first second or so of his breach, the discomfort faded into the amazing sensations of feeling him entering her body. Nothing that felt this good could be wrong, she thought, for the umpteenth time. Smiled up at him when his hand continued to move over her.

He took one of her hands, lifted it to his mouth; began to suck on her fingers. When he was certain they were wet enough, he lowered them to that soft, moist cleft. "Make it good," he whispered.

Without thought, her fingers sought for and found that swollen nub at the top of her folds. Watched his eyes flare with desire. He’d always enjoyed watching her touch himself. Turn about, she thought, was fair play. And while she’d never considered what she was about to do, she figured he’d oblige her. She lifted his hand. Put his fingertips on his nipple. Her own hand went back to her own breast.

Interesting little turn in play, he thought, watching her...one hand kneading a perfect breast, the other moving against that hard little pearl. He moved his fingers, tweaked one nipple, slid his hand over his chest to the other to repeat the caress. It had been one hell of a long time since he’d stimulated his own nipples. Before Casey had entered his life...during the long, lonely nights after Sha’re’s abduction...there were times when the ache in his balls was more than he could stand. And often, a quick jerk-off session in the shower left him more frustrated than if he’d just ignored the ‘condition’. He’d learned that if he took his time, caressed his body, then slowly brought himself to orgasm, he could find a modicum of relief. He refused to examine the fantasies that had played through his mind each time...fantasies that had Sha’re behaving the way he wanted...giving him everything he desired. Fantasies that turned her into the woman he wanted, rather than accepting her as the woman she was.

She shivered appreciatively. Now that is just hotter than hell! They continued to watch one another as Daniel began to thrust slowly, gently. "I love watching you," she whispered.

"I love watching you," he replied, winking at her.

"Do you like it...does it feel good?"

He tweaked his nipple again. Wasn’t sure whose gasp was louder, hers or his own. "Mmmhmm. What about you? Do you like what you’re doing?"

"Yes," she whispered. "It feels great."

He dropped his free hand to the bed beside her shoulder, shifting the other hand slightly as he leaned closer, the movement of his hips speeding up. Step by step, minute by minute they sped closer to the completion of their night of love, the tapping of the headboard against the wall keeping time.

Her hands continued to move over her body as she closed her eyes, savoring the sensations. Moaned softly when his fingers slid inside her aching well. "Goddess! Yes! Don’t stop," she pleaded.

When he moved his thumb to cover that swollen button, her fingers stayed on top, guiding him, letting him know how fast, how much pressure she wanted.

Tight...hot...incredible. The sensations that washed over him were nothing short of mind-blowing. He could feel the desire burning, the need building. The ride was almost over...

Faster and harder, the thrusts of his hips against hers sent her rushing toward the edge of the precipice. His fingers had found her rhythm, and she was pushing against his hand each time he stroked her. Colors were beginning to twirl when she closed her eyes, as that most wonderful of feelings began to build, the fire in her belly warming her, growing hotter with each thrust of his hips.

Lights were beginning to flash behind his eyelids. Her soft whimper filled his ears...he cried out when she began to sing her song of love, her well tugging at his fingers even as he emptied into her for the final time.

Breathing hard, Daniel continued to run his hand over her legs and belly, still supporting himself with on arm, waiting until he could pull away from her without causing her pain or discomfort. "Ready for a shower?"

"Mmmhmm." She stretched languidly, her arms above her head. "That was incredible."

"One of our best trips," he replied, smiling at her.




After a warm shower, washing each other gently, sharing soft, tender kisses, they curled together on the bed and surrendered to their need for rest.

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