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Aloha Pa'ing

Chapter 6

The sun was low in the sky, promising a beautiful sunset as the lovers walked hand in hand along the white sand beach. They'd made love in the water, Casey wrapped around Daniel as he held her. He confessed that it had long been a fantasy to do so. Only the fear of being 'caught' by other vacationers had prevented him from attempting to do so during their honeymoon. As usual, she'd been more than willing to fulfill that fantasy, with soft promises of filling any and all others he might have.

He tightened his fingers around hers, led her toward a fallen tree. They settled in front of it, Daniel leaning back against it, Casey sitting between his legs, leaning back against him.

"I didn't think it was possible to top our honeymoon," she said softly.

"This is better, isn't it?"

"Well, a little bit. Only because we don't have to worry about being seen by anyone." She was determined that he would never worry that her honeymoon had been anything less than the most amazing experience of her life.

"That is a definite plus," he agreed.

"Although sitting in this sand makes me wish I was at least wearing a thong."

Daniel grinned. "We'll take a bath in the pool before we go to bed. We need to wash the salt off our skin."

"And the sand out of our asses," she retorted.

He couldn't help but laugh. He tightened his arms around her, both of them remaining silent as the sun continued to sink on the horizon. The sky began to darken above them, the first stars began to twinkle. When he'd walked through the Stargate for the very first time, staring into a night sky so different from the one he was accustomed to seeing had been thrilling. He still felt the rush of excitement when he looked at 'alien' stars.

As the sun continued to sink lower, the air around them began to grow cooler. "Maybe we should take that bath now," she said softly.

"Let's go," he replied.




Casey was sitting on the bed, brushing her freshly washed hair. Daniel was lying on his back beside her. The only light in the hut came through the windows from the three moons that filled the night sky. "So, tell me, Doctor Jackson, what type of people do you think our hosts are?"

"Well, considering we only saw the back of our guide most of the time, and I don't understand the language well enough to know what he said, I'd have to make assumptions based on almost no information at all."

She smiled. "And I'm certain you've never done that before."

Daniel sighed. "I don't like making suppositions like that. Too often they're completely wrong. But from what we do know about them, I'd say they're very kind, compassionate people. They obviously prefer to keep to themselves, rather than have unlimited contact with outsiders, or strangers at least. There are many reasons for that, which one is appropriate for this situation, I have no idea. I'd say that this hut is probably similar to their own homes; theirs are probably sturdier, made to last for more than a few days. Obviously they have a source for cotton, but there's no way to know whether they cultivate the crop, or find it in the wild; that could only be answered by visiting the village. Since they don't seem to want us to see them, I doubt that we'll be getting an invitation any time soon."

"From the variety of food we've had, especially the bread, they must at least have gardens," she mused.

He shook his head. "Not necessarily. On an island as lush as this one, and as large as it seems to be, all of the food might be natural to the area. In Northern Europe, grains like wheat, barely, rye, and oats grew naturally, not far from fruit trees and berry bushes. It's possible that there's something like that here."

Casey frowned at the table for a few minutes before realizing that the tray was missing. "It's gone...the tray is gone!"

"I suppose we'll find it outside of the door in the morning," he replied.

"I wonder when they came for it?"

"I don't. Jacob told us that we wouldn't see or hear them. That's the way these people want it. I kind of like it that way, myself."

She tossed her brush toward the low table, pulled the netting closed around the bed. She settled onto the bed beside him, not at all surprised when he rolled to his side, rose up on one arm. The need to touch him had her hands moving over his face, one sliding down his neck to his shoulder.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you," she whispered in return.

"I need you, Angel." He leaned towards her, kissed her gently...softly.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, sighed softly against his lips as he deepened the kiss, his mouth demanding, taking from her, giving back to her as she began to make her own demands. For a few fleeting moments the fear that memories...thoughts of his late wife ...would fill his mind as they made love danced across her brain. She struggled to shove it away, to lose herself in his caresses.

He could feel the sudden hesitancy. Was certain he knew the reason. When they'd made love in the ocean, her warm body wrapped around him as he lifted her up and down on his aching shaft, she'd kissed him, nipped at his neck and shoulder, made love to him the way she always did when they were in that position, which was usually in the shower. Her climax had been as intense as his own had been...she'd even teased him when he'd nearly lost his grip on her as his body shook from the pleasure he'd experienced. Was it because they were back here, in this bed, that the fears began to surface once again?

She was grateful for the darkness when he pulled away from her. She could sense his frustration. Didn't have a clue how to explain to him that she loved him, would always love him. And would often wonder just who he was thinking about as they made love. Even though her mind insisted that it was her name he always cried out, her heart continued to worry and fret that while her name was on his lips, his late Abydonian wife was on his mind...and in his heart.

Daniel sighed heavily. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she replied, regretting the lie. Too wrapped in her own uncertainty to realize he was as hurt by her reaction as she had been by learning he was speaking in Sha're's language. She reached for him, wreathed his face with her hands. Tried to pull him toward her. He resisted her attempt.

"How do I get through to you?" he asked softly.

"I thought you wanted to make love," she said, ignoring his question completely. Because she didn't have an answer for him.

"Only you, Angel. You fill my heart, my soul."

"Except those places that belong to her."

"Casey, I won't deny that Sha're holds a special place in my heart. I won't apologize for it, either."

"That's as it should be," she said quietly. "She was your wife."

"Exactly. Was. Past tense. She's gone, Casey. She died two years before we met." The moonlight played over her face. He reached out to cup her cheek. "The first Monday you were at the SGC...I went back to my office after lunch, and it hit me for the first time that Sha're's picture was missing. It had been on my desk from the moment I'd returned from Abydos, the minute I became a part of the SGC. I'd put it away the day I decided to fly to Tacoma. I was feeling guilty for loving you...loving you so much more than I'd ever loved her."

The admission surprised her. She remained silent. Pressed her face against the warmth of his palm.

"Sha're...appeared...in my office. Told me that you are, and always were, my Destiny. That what I felt for you was right...was meant to be. And that what she and I had shared was special, but not meant to be. She told me goodbye, Casey. And she made certain I told her goodbye...that I totally let go of her. And I did. I belong to you, and you alone. Just because I begged you to let me come in Abydonian doesn't change that, not for one second," he said softly.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Don't be. Angel, I know you're afraid...that you think memories of Sha're will force their way into bed with us. It won't happen. It's never happened before. And it never will. If any memory of her, or any other lover I've had, crosses my mind, it's only when I compare them to you, and realize that I have never had a woman in my bed, in my arms, as beautiful, as passionate, as incredible as you. That no woman I've been with has ever pleased me as much as you do. And that no woman can compare to you."

His softly spoken words were a balm to her worried heart. His understanding was consolation to her mind. His love was warm blanket of security, and surrounded her completely. "I'm being stupid."

His hand moved to her chin. He forced her to look at him in the dimness of the moonlight. "You are never, ever stupid. You're a beautiful, intelligent, talented woman."

"I love you so much it frightens me sometimes...and the thought that anything, or anyone, could...or might...take your love away, terrifies me."

"I love you, Case. I love you so very much. Nothing, and no one, will ever have my love. It belongs wholly to you. Forever. We're bound together, heart and soul, Angel. I took you as my Wife on Earth, and I took you as my Chosen in that cavern temple. I bound you to me, so that I'd never have to be without you."

The fears were shoved down, pushed back, buried in the deepest recesses of her heart. It would take time for them to fade away...to disappear, but she knew that eventually they would. When she'd moved past her insecurities. When she was as confident in his love as he was in hers. "I love you," she whispered again, the words a sigh of happiness.

"Show me," he whispered. "Let me feel it."

He let her pull him in for a kiss. She ran her tongue over his lips. Caught his full lower lip between her teeth, just before she accepted his invitation to touch him, taste him. She poured her love into that kiss, told him with her lips, her mouth, her tongue, how much she loved him...how much she needed him.

The fear that had held her back was gone now, if her kiss was anything to go by. Each time he was sure that she was moving past the pain caused by the scars on her heart and soul, that she was healing, something happened to rip those wounds open again, to let that damned low self-esteem raise its ugly head. It tore at his own heart to know that his actions, or rather, something he had said, knowingly or unknowingly, were responsible for this latest hurt. It wasn't often that Casey tried to shove her tongue down his throat, but she was certainly doing so now! Her hands prevented him from moving as she gave to him...then slowly began to take from him, demanding his response.

Succor for her soul. Fuel for the fire that raged in her body for him. That's what his kisses were. Every stroke of his tongue against hers, every movement of his lips was a caress of love. She could feel that love as it washed over her. It made her fears seem silly... inconsequential. She thought about what happened as she drank from his lips, felt him take from her. As her fears faded, she could see the situation in a more objective light. The fact that she had driven him to beg in any language was something to delight in. Instinct, coupled with what he had told her of his past sexual experiences, led her to believe that never before had he been driven to the point of begging. She, and she alone had done that to him...for him. She began to giggle.

Daniel pulled away from her just enough to speak. "What is so funny?"

"I made you beg!"

He grinned at the pride that filled her voice. "Smartass."

"I'm good, baby."

"You're good," he agreed. Sighed mentally with relief knowing that, for the moment at least, the latest crisis of the heart was over. "And sadistic."

"I learned from the best," she replied. Then pulled him closer once again, began to nibble on the lower lip that could distract her so easily when he was speaking. Her fingers began to caress his jaw.

He chuckled silently. Without a doubt he loved to take her as high as he could, keep her there for as long as possible, simply because she was so beautiful as she hovered on the cusp of orgasm. He also enjoyed the way her body trembled when she finally climaxed; the way she would cling to him, whisper her love to him. That she was willing to do the same to him...for him...was a blessing he wasn't about to examine too closely. It was enough that she seemed to derive as much pleasure from making love to him as he did making love to her. He took control of the kiss once again, eager to send her soaring among the stars.

His hand was moving over her now, from her throat to her hip, gently touching her, caressing her, arousing her. She shivered slightly when his fingers brushed the curve of her breast, stopped to tug at a nipple so hard it ached. When his lips began to move from hers, leaving tiny kisses on her cheek and jaw, she knew that their journey of love had begun. Another shiver moved over her, one of sweet anticipation.

Spring flowers and vanilla. The sweet scent filled his senses as he moved his mouth to her throat, her skin soft and fragrant and she tasted and smelled so damned good! He massaged her breasts, moving his hand from one to the other, shivered as her fingers tugged at his nipples, making them hard, forcing them to stand out from his chest. He knew that soon she would be nipping at them, making him crazy from her attention. "How about a little trip?"

"Sounds wonderful," she replied. She smiled into the darkness at the palm fronds that formed the ceiling above her. Remembered when she had asked him to take her on her first trip Around the World. And wished there had been a way to include their toys in her backpack, without causing too many questions and raised eyebrows. She had no idea how kinky it was, or if it was wrong, but she enjoyed having Daniel take her, and use the vibrator on her at the same time. Drove her out of her mind, as a matter of fact.

What a lucky, lucky man he was! She never refused him, no matter what he asked of her. His mouth moved over her as his mind pulled up the memory of the Saturday afternoon he had found her on the sofa, reading one of her 'bodice rippers'. He'd been able to tell from her eyes that whatever she was reading had turned her on. He'd sat down in one of the club chairs beside the fireplace. And had very calmly asked her to touch herself, to let him watch her make love to herself. She'd stripped, and done exactly that. Then she had slid to the floor, crawled to where he sat stroking his cock, and had sucked him off so slowly that he'd thought he was going to lose his mind before she finally let him fly over the edge. Yep, he thought happily, I'm a very, very lucky man!

He shifted, rolling onto her, both hands going immediately to her breasts. When his mouth followed, she moaned softly, unable to hold back the sound as fingers of pleasure raced up and down her spine, adding to the heat and the ache that continued to build between her thighs. She shivered, her back arched as he licked and nipped and kissed her breasts...sighed when he began to suckle in earnest, no longer teasing her, but pleasing both of them with his attention. She could feel his erection throbbing against her, the wetness of his precum; and the sensations were enough to have her shivering again.

There was something to be said about the 'tried and true' love making positions. It was always fun to try new things, and he had an idea or two that he wanted to explore before their time in this paradise was over. But for now...He rolled to his back. "C'mere, Angel. Let me taste you," he whispered.

She sat up, ran her hand over his chest, then positioned herself above him. She couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face. Whenever they did this, it became a contest of wills, to see who could send whom flying first. Tonight, she had every intention of winning. The first touch of her tongue made him shiver. Pleased, she flicked her tongue over him again, removing all traces of the fluid that was now flowing copiously from him, went in search of more, before sliding her mouth down the length of him as far as she could. His moan made her heart hammer against her ribs.

Soft and sweet and hot and wet...and absolutely delectable. He pressed gentle kisses against that beautiful little twat, before investigating each fold with the tip of his tongue. She was aroused, he could feel the heat, smell the sweet floral and vanilla musk that emanated from the center of her being. Oh, god, what she was doing to him! It felt so damned good! He had no control as his hips began to move, greeting her each time she moved down on his shaft. When she moved down, the sensations she created with her tongue were unbelievable.  Each time she pulled back up, she sucked hard and steady...it was enough to have his toes curling.

Her hand worked in concert with her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down on his magnificent manhood. The only thoughts in her mind were of his pleasure...of driving him to the edge...sending him over...hearing him moan and cry out her name as he gave her what she so wanted from him. She shook her head back and forth, listened with absolute glee when he groaned loudly.

There was no doubt that she was bound and determined to 'win' the little contest that they always seemed to wage whenever they orally pleasured one another. I don't think so, he thought determinedly. His body was clamoring for what she could give him, and he shivered as hard as she did when he thrust his tongue inside her, taking down the first of the nectar she provided him. Oh, yeah...he loved that feeling, pausing in his efforts to please her just long enough to feel the adrenaline zip through his body. With renewed vigor, he began to make love to her, touching her, tasting her, his tongue caressing her everywhere but that hard little nub.

She rested her arms on his hips, leaving both hands free to touch him, caress him, her mouth moving slowly, steadily...up...down...up...down...swirling her tongue over the tip each time she pulled up, holding it gently between her lips. She could feel the quivers in his body each time she did so, and those signs of pleasure urged her on. Her fingers caressed his balls, moved up and down the sensitive perineum behind them. The resulting shiver let her know that the sensations were pleasant. The throbbing of his cock began to increase, she could feel him swell even further. Now, if she could just ignore what he was doing to her...

Dear god in heaven, she was driving him out of his mind! It felt so damned good, all of his concentration was needed to keep from hurtling into oblivion. He began to tease that swollen little button with the tip of his tongue...when he reached up and slid two fingers into her warm, wet well he felt her gasp against him. Good, he needed to distract her, before she sent him completely over the edge. He began to suck gently at her, his fingers moving deep into her with each thrust; the resulting dip of her hips signaled that he had found her rhythm.

Every time her hips dipped against him, something she couldn't seem to control no matter how hard she tried, his tongue would tease her, flutter over her, sending fiery fingers of pleasure straight to that white hot center...where her climax was building...ready to erupt. Her hand began to move faster over his shaft, she focused her attention on the head of his erection, flickering her tongue over the most sensitive places, tracing that mushroomed ridge and then moving back. It was time to send him flying, before her own body went sailing into the clouds.

He felt his cock slide deeper, rub against the back of her throat, then she was swallowing. Sweet Jesus, that feels good! When she began to whimper, refusing to let go of him, the vibration was more than he could take. His eyes rolled back, and he began to come, even as her thighs quivered above him, and her sweet honey flooded his mouth...coating his lips, his tongue, his palate with her sweetness. He moaned as she continued to milk him, taking every last drop, gently caressing him until he had finally stopped throbbing.

She dropped to her side, too weak to remain over him any longer. She was still shaking from the exquisite pleasure he had given her, slowly sinking back down from the stars where she had pirouetted for several glorious moments. She laid her cheek against his thigh, waiting for her breath to slow to normal.

His hand moved over her hip, to her ribs and back again as he slowly came back down. "That was incredible," he said softly. "You are incredible."

With the last bit of strength she possessed, she managed to turn around, and put her head on his shoulder. "You're not so bad, yourself," she replied.

"Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, Stud Muffin."

He grinned at the endearment. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her closer to his side. Sighed with contentment when she snuggled against him.

She ran her fingertips from his throat to the thick, coarse hair that surrounded his semi-erect manhood. Knew that within minutes he would be ready to make love again. "Amazing recovery time."

The chuckle that forced its way past his lips made her giggle as well. "Are you complaining?"

"I'm bragging," she replied. She snuggled closer to the warmth of his body, sighed contentedly.

The soft sound of the water lapping onto the beach filled the air, surrounded them with tranquility. He closed his eyes as her fingers continued to move over him. Felt his body stirring to life. The power she had over him was amazing...sometimes a bit frightening. A simple touch from her soft hand could have him rising to full mast...ready, able, and willing to make love to her. Needing to make love to her.

Her fingers wrapped around the swelling flesh, began to stroke it gently, slowly. "You are magnificent," she whispered.

"You're pulchritudinous."

She raised up, looked at his face. "That's not even a real word!"

Daniel laughed. "Yes, it is. It means...beautiful."

"I'd ask how you know words like that, but I'm afraid you'll tell me," she grumbled, settling back at his side. "And that is the silliest sounding word I've ever heard."

His laugh deepened. "I've always been fascinated by words...by language."

"Thus, the linguistics degree," she replied dryly.

"I suppose so," he allowed. "I didn't actually set out to have multiple doctorates, you know."

"Right. Just sort of happened, did it?" she teased gently.

"Books...and learning..." he paused. "I could hide from the world in a classroom, or in a book. I didn't have to deal with how lonely I was if I was working on an assignment, or a thesis, or a dissertation."

His childhood had been as bleak, and as lonely, as her own had been. She turned her head, pressed her lips against his chest.

Her reaction was typical...when she couldn't find the words, or felt words were inadequate, she would touch him, kiss him, caress him...anything to offer a bit of comfort. Such comfort had been missing from his life for so long that his heart still soared each time it was offered to him. "Casey?"



"With you, always," she replied softly.

He gently moved away from her, knelt in the middle of the bed, rested his ass on his feet. "C'mere," he whispered.

She stroked his cock as she moved closer. Holding him steady, she mounted him, sighed when he filled her completely. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her arms around his shoulders, felt his hands on her ass. "Been reading the Kama Sutra again?"

"Yep." Her body wrapped around him like a warm fist. When she began to use those muscles, he moaned softly. "That feels so damned good."

"I love the way you fill me," she whispered.

Slowly, gently, he began to move her up and down on his aching cock. Smiled when her head dropped onto his shoulder. "Like that?"

"Yes," she replied. "Oh, god that feels good!"

She was sliding her hips back and forth as he moved her; still massaging him, holding tightly to his cock with that sweet well each time he lifted her up. It felt amazing! His hips automatically moved forward when he pushed her back down, burying him as deeply as possible. Time seemed to stand still as they made love, their bodies locked in a primal dance. The soft night-time sounds of the jungle around them set the tempo that they followed.

The air was filled with the sound of their labored breathing as they continued to move together. She knew what she wanted, what she needed. "I want to hold you," she whispered into his ear, just before she began to suckle on that muscle behind it.

That was what was nice about this position, he thought, as he lowered her to the bed. Easy to move...to change...and he never had to leave the warmth of her body. Her arms and legs remained tight around him, holding him close to her softness. Oh, god yes! He began pumping in and out of her, leading her in that ancient dance of love. Wanted to shout with joy...with delight...when her legs moved down to lock behind his thighs, her hands moved down to his ass, and held tightly as she began to ride him. "That's it, babe, take it," he whispered breathlessly.

She could see the lights, feel the breeze as her body clamored for the sweet release that was just out of her grasp. Daniel was pushing into her, grinding his hips against her with every thrust. His mouth locked onto her throat, she knew that there would be a purple bruise by the time he was finished. The stimulation only added to the pleasure she was experiencing. She could feel the tingle begin...grow...deepen...her thighs began to quiver, the whimper she could never control filled her throat, and as suddenly as an explosion her climax burst inside her, making her cry out as her body shook in his arms.

He could feel the heat, the flood of honey that washed over his cock, down onto his balls and thighs. Every time her well convulsed, it seemed to pull him in deeper, as if she were trying to suck him completely inside her. Her mouth was on his chest; nipping, licking, kissing him, her fingers tugging at his nipples. It was enough to send him toppling over the edge, and he cried out as he fell into the abyss of pure pleasure. His hips jerked with each pulse as his cock emptied into her, the gentle massage she gave him adding to the sensations that overwhelmed him.

When he collapsed on top of her, completely spent, she held him tightly. She whispered her love in his ear as he struggled to regain his breath.

Making love with her was always amazing. With a groan of effort he rolled to his back, his hands keeping her with him, his shaft still buried deep inside her. In just a very short while he would take her sweet ass, and complete their trip. He still marveled, still reveled, in the fact that he was the only man she gave her love to, the only man to please her. The only man she had wanted to please.

His hands moved gently over her back and hips. She folded her arms across his chest, rested her chin on them. The moonlight cast his face in shadows, but she could see enough to know he was feeling contented, could see the slight upward curve of his lips. "That was fun," she said softly.

Daniel grinned. "Glad you liked it."

"Good thing you lift weights."

Laughter. He never knew how much he'd missed it, how little had been in his life until she'd entered it, bringing sunshine and love and laughter. "Think so?"

"Yep." She sat up. Began massaging him with those muscles inside her body. Felt him harden, begin to throb. She ran her hands over his chest, stopping to toy with his nipples. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, Angel," he whispered in reply. Gasped when she began to move her hips back and forth against him. His hands sought and found her breasts. He cupped them, ran his thumbs over the hardened nipples.

"Don't move...let me make you feel good," she directed softly.

"You're doing a damned fine job of that," he replied breathlessly.

"Good." She began to rotate her hips slowly against him, still holding him tightly, then relaxing, only to clamp down on him once again.

She was moving her body so that every inch of his cock was being massaged, stimulated, the tip of his shaft rubbing against her cervix. The sensations were freaking incredible! "Sweet Jesus," he murmured.

She smiled in the darkness. She had every intention of making him beg again. And she didn't care in what language he chose to do that begging. Her fingers continued to pluck at flat nipples until they stood out from his chest, hard and erect. She leaned over, captured his lips with her own. Pressed against his hands as he continued to play with her breasts.

When she sat back up, after kissing him thoroughly, he felt her slide one hand down his chest, behind her ass, to cup his balls. When she began to rub them against her soft skin, he thought he was going to lose his mind.

He was breathing harder, faster...his cock was throbbing inside her. Just a few more minutes, she thought, and then she would begin to ride him hard and fast, a sure way to make him come. Although she had no intention of allowing that to happen...not right away.

She was moving him...no, she was shoving him toward the edge of the precipice. He was no fool. He was well aware of the fact that she wasn't about to let him come so quickly. The moonlight played against her delicate face, reflected off of her blonde hair. He watched her, could barely see it when she licked her lips slowly, sensually. The sight made him throb all the harder as the thought of how sweet those lips were, how warm they were when they were wrapped around his cock. Oh, hell!

Casey knew Daniel's body as well as he knew hers. Could tell that he was getting close. She curled her legs beside his hips, began to move up and down on him, holding herself steady with her hands on his shoulders. She moved slowly at first, moving her hips in a constant circle. When he began to pant, a slight increase in the pace had him moaning his approval. Now, if what she had read was true...

She was riding him hard and fast, and he was going to fire off any second...what the hell was she doing? He would have laughed had he not been so damned close. She had reached between them, wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and squeezed gently, holding off the impending explosion.

He was still throbbing hard, she remained still for just a few seconds before she began the routine all over again. Massaging him, holding him...rotating her hips slightly as she moved against him. Her fingers caressed the warm skin on his chest, slid down his sides, back up to toy with his nipples again. His hands hadn't left her breasts, and that stimulation was making her reach for that glimmering climax as well. She shook her head mentally. This was about him...for him. She wanted him screaming his surrender to her.

His body was on fire. He was breathing as hard and fast as if he'd just run a mile with a full pack on his back. Whenever he tried to slip his hand between them, to caress that hard little nub, she stopped him. He was allowed to play with his beauties. That was it. When she began to ride him hard and fast a second time, he learned that his hands on her hips wasn't allowed either.

"Don't move," she warned, feeling him thrusting up into her.

"Damned hard not to," he gasped.

She almost giggled out loud. He was so close...all she had to do was let him fall...she sat still...completely relaxed her body around him.

There wasn't a doubt in his mind that she was trying to kill him. Pleasant enough way to go...hell, it was a damned incredible way to go. But the result would be the same. One dead archaeologist.

The throbbing of that magnificent anaconda had slowed enough to alert her to the fact that he had come down enough to continue. For the third time she began to massage him, hold him...she clamped her muscles tightly around him.

"Sweet Jesus!"

Fifty-fifty. Those were the odds of him being willing...being able...to resist grabbing her and shoving himself up as she rode him for the last time. His hands were becoming insistent as they pressed and squeezed her breasts. He was at the end of his endurance. Now, it was just a matter of prolonging the climb up that mountain of pleasure...just long enough for him to beg.

Her hips moved faster, then slowed down. She held him tightly, then relaxed just enough that he could feel it...and then she would clamp down on him again. He was so close he could see the lights flashing behind his eyelids. He groaned with relief when she began to ride him again. Almost screamed in frustration when she stopped. "No...no...gotta come," he moaned. "Let me come, please babe...let me come!"

And still the champ! It was hard not to hold her arms overhead in victory. Instead, she planted her hands on his shoulders and began to ride him with all the passion, all the love that filled her. "Give it to me, Daniel," she panted softly. "Let go!"

He brought his legs up, pushed his feet against the mattress. Grabbed her hips and began to thrust upward as hard as he could each time she moved down on him. So close...so close...his body began to tense and shake with anticipation...his heart was pounding, his pulse racing, and he was half afraid she was going to stop again.

The roar he gave as he began to come echoed around them, silenced the birds and whatever small animals had been chattering away in the safety of the darkness. Knowing that he was completely satisfied, she slipped her fingers between their bodies, anxious to find her own relief.

He could feel her seeking the stimulation she needed for her own pleasure. He pushed her fingers away, began to caress her slowly, steadily. Her hips moved toward his fingers, then back against his still hard cock. "Do it, Angel," he whispered. She was so wet, her little clit so hard that he knew she was only seconds from her own flight of pleasure.

When he increased the pace and pressure of his fingers, the glittering climax she was reaching for moved closer...and closer. Her thighs began to quiver against his hips, the whimper she could never control filled her throat. She let her head drop back, and cried out his name as her body flew over the cliff and into waves of soft, warm pleasure.

She dropped onto his chest, and he automatically wrapped his arms around her, held her close. "So good," he whispered. "So damned good."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Damned near passed out!"

"You begged. I think it was Abydonian again."

He tensed slightly. He barely remembered hearing himself saying something. Was fairly sure that he had begged in English. At least...part of it, he thought, frowning into the darkness. The last time, which had been the first he had done so, she had been hurt. Would this just exacerbate the problem?

"I so love making you beg," she continued. "I think you should teach my Abydonian. So I know just how much begging you're really doing. For all I know, you could be calling me a smartass."

The bark of laughter that left his throat was filled with relief. "You are a smartass!"

She giggled. "I'm so sorry for freaking out before," she said softly. "I love hearing you beg...knowing that I'm the one giving you that much pleasure."

He tightened his arms around her. "Only you, Casey. You're the only woman who can make me feel that way...who can drive me to the brink of insanity like that," he replied just as softly.

"Together, Daniel," she whispered. "We can only reach those heights together."

"Together," he agreed, his voice hushed, and full of love. "You and me, Angel. Forever."

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