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Aloha Pa'ing

Chapter 5

Casey leaned forward, pressed her breasts against his chest, locked her arms around his neck. "Bastet was very, very impressed by Dan," she whispered, just before she began to kiss his jaw. "Dan was handsome and brave and kind and sweet and sexy and built better than any of the gods she was used to seeing."

He grinned, finding her 'version' of the story as entertaining as it was ego boosting. "Yeah?"

"Oh, yeah. She'd been watching him, you see," she continued. "And she just had to meet him. So she scouted out the road he was on, and found that oasis. Knowing what a wonderful man he was, she knew he'd stop so that his camels and servants and dogs could rest for just a bit."

Apparently Casey was familiar with this particular tale. Or was making some damned lucky guesses, he thought. "Very resourceful of her."

"Hey, she's a goddess," Casey smiled. "Anyway, when Dan was so careful not to look at her, even though she knew how much he wanted to, she fell in love with him. Men were always trying to catch a glimpse or cop a feel, so to find a man willing to offer her privacy, rather than indulge his own baser desires...well, not even the gods were that disciplined."

His hands were moving up and down the satiny skin of her back. "Doing the right thing usually pays off," he replied.

"It certainly did for Dan. Because Bastet walked over to where he was waiting...and he'd already figured out she knew he was there. When she approached him, he kept his eyes on the ground."

Yep, she'd read the story. She'd been devouring everything he had on ancient Egypt. It seemed that she had found the book of fables and tales. He had always loved that particular book. "Must have been hard."

"Probably very hard. And it was difficult not too look, too."

Had he ever laughed as much as he did when he was with her? Daniel was certain that he'd laughed more in the past year than he had in his entire life. He chuckled, and took her hand, slid it down his belly to the erection that continued to grow. Moaned softly when her fingers closed around him and began to stroke slowly, gently.

"Seeing that Dan was hot and weary from his journey, Bastet led him to the pool, and undressed him, then led him into the water." Casey leaned toward the bank, where Daniel had left the ditty bags. She unzipped his, pulled out the soap holder, flipped the lid up and took the soap into her hand. She dipped it into the water, and began to move it over his arms and chest, cupping her hand so that she could pour water over his skin as she did so. Her other hand remained in motion, never varying the speed or way that she held him.

"Then what happened?" He was beginning to breath faster.

"She bathed him, and then encouraged him to bathe her," she replied. Watched his eyes as they continued to darken with desire.

"Sounds like fun," he managed to say. Daniel reached for her soap, and began to wash her as well, scooping water with one hand and pouring it over her, the other following with the soap. He wanted to protest when her hand left him, but remained silent as both soft hands moved over him, cleaning him as carefully as he was cleansing her.

"Mmmhmm." She gasped when he lowered his head and began to suckle on nipples freshly washed and rinsed. Her body arched toward him, urging him on, begging for him to continue.

"Did they make love?" he asked, his lips moving against her skin.

"Oh, yes," she sighed.

He put his hands around her waist, lifted her enough to position himself beneath her, then brought her down, felt her hand guide him between her folds and into the warmth of her body. "Oh, yeah," he sighed, feeling his shaft buried deep inside her.

She dropped her head onto his shoulder. "Oh, yeah," she whispered. His hands moved back to her breasts, his mouth was moving over her shoulder, toward her throat. Knowing what he liked, knowing that it would bring as much pleasure to her as it would to him, she began to massage him, concentrated on controlling the muscles deep inside. Subtle movements of her hips added to the sensations.

"Oh god," he moaned. He allowed her to make love to him until the release that he could feel building in his balls demanded more. His hands slid to her hips, and he held her steady as he began to thrust up into her. "Touch yourself, Angel. Make it good," he panted softly.

She slipped a hand between their bodies obediently. Searching fingers found what they sought, and she began to caress herself in that familiar way. She wasn't even aware of the soft moans she was making every time he impaled her on his throbbing cock.

He was so close he wasn't sure he could wait for her, and the soft sounds of pleasure she was making only drove him closer to the edge. "Give it to me, babe...come for me," he commanded...he begged.

Her climax glittered in front of her...sweet and hot and she was so damned close! As if sensing her need, his mouth closed around that sensitive spot behind her ear. 

The whimper that he loved to hear filled her throat. "That's it, babe, do it!"

She took flight, her body shivering in his arms, her well pulsing around his hard, throbbing length. As soon as she was able, she began to massage him again. Her hands were moving over his chest, toying with his nipples.

Her moan of completion had set him on the path of no return. Her fingers against his skin, tugging the hard brown nubs on his chest, completed the journey for him, sent him crashing into waves of pleasure. His own moan of release echoed around them. He locked his arms around her, held her close, held her tightly, as he filled her completely with his love, his face pressed against her throat.

Breathing hard, they clung to one another as they slowly came back down to earth. "How about we clean up, and then have something to eat? I'm starving!"

He grinned against her skin. "What happened to Dan the Caravan Man and Bastet?"

"Oh, well, he was so good at ringing her bell that she told Ptah to stuff it, told Ra to hire a different body guard, and she joined Dan on his caravan runs. Rumor has it they diversified into used camel lots and real estate."

He guffawed, her comments proof that she had been studying the Egyptian pantheon. "And they lived happily ever after?"

"So the story goes," she replied. After they washed one another thoroughly, she checked to make sure both bars of soap had been returned to their holders, then stuffed the plastic containers into the ditty bags. "You forgot the towels."

"We'll dry quickly enough in this heat," he replied. He laced his fingers with hers, picked up both ditty bags with the other hand, letting them dangle from the straps, and led her back to the hut.




She'd taken the bags, dropped them onto their packs while he picked up the tray, brought it inside and sat it on the table. "These people seem to believe presentation is as important as the Japanese and Chinese."

Daniel looked at the tray and the carefully arranged food. "I agree with your assessment," he replied. "The Chinese and Japanese aren't the only cultures to whom presenting food in a visually pleasing manner is important."

They were seated, facing one another with the narrow table between them, the tray covering it completely. "Really?" Casey asked.

"Really," he grinned. "There are several Polynesian tribes who use flowers to decorate each dish of food. The flowers they choose are edible as well as beautiful."

"I think that life was so hard for the European people that just having enough food to eat was a constant struggle. There wasn't time, or even the energy to worry about doing more than eating it," she mused, between bites of fruit. "This is really good!"

He took the tidbit she offered, licked the juice from her fingers. "That's a very astute observation. If you really examine each culture, the oldest civilizations, the ones established so far back in antiquity that they pre-date all other known cultures, had developed methods of farming while many of the tribes in what we call Europe were still mostly hunter/gatherers."

"Is that because of the migration?"


She nodded. "In Stimpler's book on the migration of early man from Africa northward, he theorized that due to the fact that the tribes spent several generations moving from one place to another, any knowledge of their ancestors was remembered through oral recitation, and that skills such as building and farming were lost as those who remembered died off."

"Exactly. Which is why for centuries the Middle East and Africa, or northern Africa at least, were the cradle of civilization."

"Has it ever occurred to you that the Oriental societies, the Chinese and the Japanese, are so completely different? Not only in physical appearance, but their cultures are radically different than those of the west."

"There have been findings, excavations, that have raised the possibility that trade was going on between people from as far north as Scotland and the Chinese in antiquity. The Japanese were alone on their island, developing their own unique culture," Daniel replied. "Try this."

She tasted the meat. Closed her eyes as it practically melted on her tongue. "Oh, that is good!"

"We have no idea how or why the changes occurred between the Oriental societies, and those of the Middle East and Northern Europe. We do know that those from what is now Russia traveled over the Bering Strait before the land bridge was covered by water and ice. Their progeny populated what is now Canada and the United States, as well as Mexico and Central America."

"There's a mixture of those people and Africans in South America, isn't there?"

"So we believe," Daniel nodded. "There've been excavations that have unearthed statues and walls decorated with faces that have distinctive Negroid features."

"I don't think ancient man was as dumb as we think."

"I think you're right."

"I also think the Goa'uld played a large part in all of it. It's possible that the hunter-gatherers of Northern Europe were the children, and grand-children, and great-grand-children of slaves lucky enough to escape from Egypt and Babylon and India."

Daniel grinned. "I agree."

Casey popped one last piece of what tasted like mango into her mouth. "I'm stuffed!" she declared.

He shook his head. He didn't believe she ate enough most of the time. But he'd learned the hard way that saying anything to her resulted in an argument. So he remained quiet, and determined that in an hour or so he'd suggest a 'snack'. There was certainly plenty left!

"So now what?"

His glance went automatically, and unintentionally, to the bed.

"That's what I thought," she giggled.

Daniel's grin widened. "Hey, this is our anniversary trip, you know."

"And anniversaries are to be celebrated like honeymoons?"


"You're insatiable."

"Only for you, Angel," he replied softly.

She looked at him...the lust, and the love, that shone from his beautiful blue eyes. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you," he replied softly. His body was already stirring to life, needing what only she could give to him.

"My life was so empty before I met you," she continued softly. "Have I ever thanked you for taking the chance...the risk...and flying to Tacoma to find me?"

His smile was gentle. "Once or twice," he murmured. She'd blown his mind with her thanks.

The sight of his body, ready for her, needing her, set fire to her own needs and desires. "I want you," she whispered.

He stood to his feet, held out his hand. Led her to the bed that occupied the middle of the hut. One hand pushed open the sheer netting, the other tugged her gently inside the enclosure. The mattress was thick and soft. The scientist in him wondered briefly what the soft cotton cover was filled with, before all logical thought was pushed away, and he could think only of holding her...feeling her...tasting her.

Casey pushed the pillows out of the way, wrapped her arms around his neck as he gently lowered her to the bed. Even the heat of the tropical afternoon couldn't lessen the comfort offered by the warmth of his body as he settled on top of her, his hands on her breasts, his mouth moving over her jaw and cheek, slowly inching toward her own lips. As soon as his tongue had made her gasp against him, she relinquished all control to him, let him set the pace, let him begin the composition that would leave her crying out her pleasure.

Soft and sweet and warm...and she surrendered quickly, easily...a sure sign that her need was already as great as his own. His tongue stroked, teased, investigated the secrets of her mouth, his lips moved gently over hers. One of her soft hands was in his hair, the other moving over his shoulder, the tender caress sending messages of bliss to his brain. He pulled away just far enough to be able to speak. "You complete me," he whispered, before diving into her mouth again.

She closed her eyes, wrapped her arm around his shoulders, pulled him closer. Before Daniel had entered her life, she'd never dreamed...never allowed herself to dream...of a life as wonderful as she had with him. There had been a few rough spots. But they had survived...their love had survived, and had only grown stronger. She raised her chin as his mouth began to explore her throat, kissing and suckling and nipping until she was breathing hard, her body making demands of its own as she waited for him to move on, to send her flying among the very stars.

The air was filled with the sound of birdsong...as if someone had suddenly flipped a switch. Had the birds been silent because of them...intruders into this beautiful, quiet paradise? Or did they only sing...communicate...in the late afternoon? As far as he was concerned, it was the perfect accompaniment to her soft sighs and moans and rapid, shallow breathing. Again the questions were pushed aside as his body began demanding that he seek out the sweet nectar to which he was addicted. Because he could, knowing that the marks would be gone by morning, he left three bruises on her throat, thrilled when she moaned softly each time.

A sigh of relief escaped when he slid down, licked her collarbones, nipped at them, then settled himself to make love to her breasts. He was driving her slowly out of her mind with the attention he bestowed on each firm globe. He teased, he tormented, he made her want more...when he finally began to suckle with abandon, she sighed again and held his head firmly against her body, unwilling to let him move away until he had satiated not only his own desires, but hers as well. Every pass of his tongue, every time his teeth grazed her sensitive skin she shivered with delight, and felt the fingers of fire race up and down her spine, only to settle in that secret place between her thighs.

His beauties. Round and firm and soft and fragrant and sweet...with sweet pink nipples that hardened against his tongue as he teased them. His hand massaged one breast as his mouth moved over its twin; when he had left not one inch of the soft curves untasted, her skin damp from his kisses, he moved the other, stopping long enough to leave his mark in that tantalizing valley between those perfect orbs. Every sigh, every whimper, the way she arched off of the bed, offering more of that sweet body to his hands and mouth, served to make his own need rage all the hotter, made his cock throb with anticipation. Her fingers continued to tighten in his hair...god he loved when she held him so close...as if she were afraid he'd move away from her. Not going anywhere, Angel, he thought, taking a hard, sweet nipple into his mouth and sucking greedily.

"Oh, Daniel," Casey sighed softly, as he continued to build up to the overture that would ultimately lead to a finale that would sending her soaring into oblivion.

He smiled against her skin. His heart pounded the rhythm of his love against his ribs as his name passed her lips. The fact that he had three days to make love to her danced through his brain. Just how long could he make love to her breasts before she demanded that he move on...or he exploded? The smile became a grin. Time to find out! He took his time, moving back and forth, until her nipples stood out from her breasts like pink pearls, and the areolas were puffed from his attention.

How long had he been making love to her breasts now? Was he trying to drive her insane? She knew he loved her breasts. He had to 'greet' them every morning. He made love to them every night, if only for a few minutes...but right now he seemed determined to drive her out of her mind with his prolonged, worshipful attention. The more he suckled, the longer he continued to caress her, the harder his fingers and lips and teeth tugged on her nipples, the more sensitive her skin seemed to become. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to remain still...her body was squirming and wiggling and writhing beneath him with every single pass of his tongue. Nor could she hold back the soft moans that filled her throat...moving up from her belly at the same time the fire he built moved down.

As much fun as he was having...as wonderful as her skin tasted...as much as those sweet, soft sounds were turning him on, he had to move on...his own need demanded it. His hands settled around her waist, forcing her body back down onto the mattress, as he kissed and licked his way to her flat belly. She was panting, and he had no doubt that she would be singing her love to him very shortly. It wouldn't take much to set her off, he was certain of that. Those beautiful breasts were heaving as he teased her navel, tugged gently at the platinum ring that pierced that sexy little 'inny'. His mouth followed the undulations of her body as she reacted to his caresses. He was so hard it damned near hurt! And he knew without a doubt that she wouldn't be satisfied until she'd tormented him, and then sucked his balls dry. A thought that had him shaking with anticipation.

"Please," she whispered, "please...please..."

That's it, babe, he thought jubilantly, beg for it. Her pleas renewed his vigor as his mouth continued to move over her body. He thrust his tongue into her belly button, listened to the soft, low moan that filled her throat.

Daniel always made love to her with such fervor that it never failed to leave her weak and breathless and shaking. Today he seemed determined to leave her unconscious! If he didn't offer her aching body relief soon, she was going to do what she had to do in order to survive! As if he could read her mind, he captured the hand that moved over his shoulder, held it firmly away from her body. And he never stopped what he was doing.

She was nearly beside herself with need. And experience had taught him that she'd seek relief on her own if he wasn't careful. He held her slender wrist in his hand, making certain that there would be no 'cheating'. The tremors that moved her entire body, from head to foot, were becoming increasingly stronger. He could smell her arousal...sweet and hot and intoxicating. And that sweet aroma had his mouth watering and his own body shaking. He turned loose of her wrist, and slid down. The soft whimper she gave as he wrapped his hands around her slim thighs made his already pounding heart beat all the faster.

At last! He was finally going to let her take flight! Oh, she was certain that he'd torment her for a few more minutes. But his need to satisfy his addiction would force him to let her reach the climax that she could see...could feel was just moments away. Her body began to tense expectantly. She opened her eyes. He liked to watch her when he was making love to her orally. And he claimed it turned him on to watch her watch him.

He took a deep breath. There wasn't a more heavenly scent in all of creation, not as far as he was concerned! His eyes locked with hers...she was holding her breath, waiting for his first intimate kiss...waiting for him to send her spiraling into the heavens on waves of pure pleasure. He placed soft, chaste kisses on her mons...her thighs. Grinned when she whimpered her need yet again. Then licked her from stem to stern and back again, listened to her moan softly.

She was needy...she was desperate...and she wondered if he'd get the hint if she 'helped' him a bit. Her gaze never wavering, she slid her hands over her breasts, watched the blue darken even more, felt more than heard his intake of breath. When her hands moved down her belly, she could feel his grasp on her thighs lessen. "No," she whispered.

What the hell is she up to? He waited, watched her hands as they moved down to caress her inner thighs. He knew exactly what she wanted when her fingers opened those soft, swollen nether-lips to his view...for his intimate kisses.

"Please," she begged again.

Oh, god, what she could do to him! He damned near lost all control, just before he began to investigate those wet folds with his tongue, nudging her hands out of the way with his face. He knew what she wanted...what she needed. And he would deliver it, in his own time. The honey was flowing from her as much as if she had already come. He lapped at it, felt that wonderful, incredible jolt of adrenaline as soon as those very special pheromones hit his system. His own moan of appreciation filled the air. Her hips moved upward when he shoved his tongue into her, and she gave up more of that sweet, sweet nectar.

The pleasure that he was giving her only served to move her closer to the edge of the cliff. She was in such need at this point that the ache between her thighs was becoming almost painful. When he had pushed against her hands, letting her know that he was in control, and that he would determine when, and how, he tasted her, she had moved them back into his hair. She wasn't even aware of the fact that she was tugging gently on the soft, short locks as he continued to tease her.

He ran his tongue over her clit, the reaction so violent he nearly lost his grip on her thighs. Another pass, and another, and her hips began to move up and down, seeking the climax that he was certain was just out of her reach. Her body was practically vibrating, her breasts heaving, her belly rolling, and she was tossing her head from side to side in absolute desperation. She cried out when he wrapped his lips around that swollen little nub and began to tease it with the tip of his tongue.

"Let me come, please let me come," she begged breathlessly.

He flicked that little clit once, twice, three times...slid his fingers into her hot, wet well, and began to stroke deep and hard, sucking that hard button as far into his mouth as he could, even as he continued to move his tongue over and around it.

"Nngg...yes...oh, god...nngg...yes..."

His heart battered his ribs as he listened to the soft cries that filled the air, just before that special whimper began to build, until she was singing her love to him, her body pulsing around his fingers, her honey flowing like water from a waterfall. He moved down, wasted not one drop of that precious nectar, licking her clean before working his way back up her supple body. When he began to kiss her, she responded with such love that it made his breath catch in his throat. "I love you," he whispered, his lips against hers.

"I love you," she whispered in reply. "Let me show you how much."

He shivered as her softly spoken words filled his ears. When her hands moved down to his chest, and began to push, he acquiesced, and rolled to his back. "Do it, Angel," he whispered. "Love me like only you can."

Her heart soared with happiness at his command. He'd only been intimate with a few women, five if she remembered correctly, including her. He'd been in fairly serious relationships with two of them, married to one. But not one of those women had been willing to give him oral pleasure, to do what she delighted in doing. She was so eager to taste him, to give him as much pleasure as he had given her, that she could barely wait to 'arrive' at the anaconda. She gave his throat the same attention hers had received. Knew from his reactions that it pleased him...could feel the shivers that her touch, her kisses, created.

His hands filled themselves with thick, blonde silk as she made love to his chest, kissing...licking...nibbling at his hard, brown nipples. He was throbbing hard and fast and copiously leaking precum. He was so close that he was afraid just the touch of her soft hands would be all it took to make him come. And he so wanted to feel her warm mouth around him, that talented tongue of hers driving him out of his mind. He jerked when he felt the curves of her breasts against the surging heat of his cock, the sensations enough to make him moan.

She could feel her heart thumping as he moaned, and his body began to tremble beneath her fingers and her lips. She hurriedly kissed her way to his belly, teasing his navel as he had hers. She tried to slow herself, to control her movement toward his hips. But she couldn't wait any longer. She wrapped one hand around his pulsing shaft, and began to lick the swollen tip, around and around the mushroomed edge, until she heard another moan fill the air.

Lick for lick...caress for caress...kiss for kiss. She always gave back in return what he had given her. Although today she seemed eager to get to the anaconda. He closed his eyes, knowing that soon she would be driving him to the brink of insanity. His toes curled when she slowly took him as far into her mouth as she could, and began to move up and down on him. Her hair settled around his thighs, lay over his belly as she made love to him, the sensations only adding to the incredible feelings of pleasure she was giving him.

His hips were moving up to meet her each time she moved down, trying to force more of his impressive length down her throat. His fingers were wrapped around her hair, clenched tightly, as she did her best to make him feel as good as he'd made her feel. She licked him, sucked him, then licked him some more, her hand never slowing, never stopping. She took the time to greet his heavy balls, before taking him back into her mouth and re-establishing the rhythm that would bring him off completely.

He was so close he was beginning to see lights flashing behind his closed eyelids. Not much longer now...

Too fast...he was moving to the edge much too quickly. She let him fall from her mouth, increased the pressure of her fingers around the base of his shaft, let her tongue move over and around him while she waited for him to come down, just a bit.

The little minx was trying to kill him, he was certain of that! Even as his brain pointed out how long he had tormented her, the time he had spent just on her breasts, he tried to push his aching, throbbing cock back into her mouth, to demand that she finish what she had so tantalizingly started.

She could see his intense need...it filled his blue eyes. With a coy smile, she looked up at him as she licked the tip of his shaft.

"Please, Case..." he begged softly.

The smile became a grin of triumph. She took him back into her mouth, held his gaze with her own as she once again began to move up and down on him, intent on giving him the most pleasure that she could. Her hands assisted her in driving him out of his mind, caressing him, stroking him, making certain that his body was as close to release as she could bring him, without letting him fall.

"Gotta come...please...let me come," he panted, unaware that he was begging in Abydonian. He wouldn't have been able to have explained why he'd driven to speak that language when his mind was on overload from the titillation of her attention, even if he had been aware.

Satisfied that she had taken him high enough that his flight would be one of absolute ecstasy, Casey shifted over him, relaxed her throat and took him as deeply as she could, swallowing when the need arose.

"Sweet Jesus!" Daniel cried out, his shoulders coming up off the bed as his release sent him soaring up to the heavens, his cock throbbing as spurts of precious white love shot down her slender throat.

She kissed her way up his body, to his lips. Snuggled into his embrace when his arms locked around her, held her tightly. "Better?"

"Damned near dead," he replied, still trembling from the force of his release...the intensity of the waves of pleasure that were beginning to fade.

"So is that good or bad?" she teased.

"Depends on whether or not you like having me around," he replied, looking down into her green eyes.

"I love having you around," she said, her eyes shining with her love.

"Then killing me would not be a good idea," he grinned.

"But making you feel good is," she insisted, grinning at him in return. "Especially if I can make you speak a foreign language."


"You were saying something in a language I didn't recognize. Um...something like...'please', and then 'let me come'. I didn't catch the first thing you said," she admitted.

He could feel the heat rise in his cheeks. He'd been begging in the only language that 'felt' as natural as his own. And hadn't even realized it! Damn, what she does to me, he thought, amazed once again at the power that the slender blonde in his arms held over him. And the fact that there was no fear, no panic associated with that realization.

"So, what was it?"

He watched her eyes. Would knowing he was speaking the native tongue of his dead wife affect her? Hurt her? "Abydonian."

Well, that's interesting, she thought. In a very chilling way. "Oh."

"Talk to me, Angel," he said softly, watching that guarded look fill her eyes.

"About what?" She put her head on his shoulder, stared at the trees she could see through the open, paneless window.

"Look at me." When it became apparent that she wasn't going to comply, he wrapped his fingers around her chin, gently tilted her head so that he could look into those beautiful eyes. Saw confusion...and not a little worry. "I have no idea why I was speaking in Abydonian. Other than the fact that you were trying to kill me," he teased softly.

"It's no big deal," she replied, shrugging one slender shoulder. Had he been thinking about her...about Sha're, when he'd said...whatever it was he had said?

"It is to me, especially if it hurts you, or bothers you."

She remained silent...as she struggled with the fear that thoughts of his first wife filled his mind often when she made love to him. Did he close his eyes, and pretend that it was Sha're touching him, kissing him, caressing him...loving him?

Damn it to hell! He rolled to his side, put her on her back next to him. "Only you, Casey," he whispered softly.

She refused to meet his gaze, didn't want him to see what she believed were irrational fears. What she was terrified of learning. If it was true, if he did...fantasize...about his late wife, there would be no way she could ever make love to him again with such...abandon, such...joy; not when she knew that it wasn't her that he was thinking about.

"Please, Casey, say something!"

"It's no big deal," she repeated softly. Even though everything inside her was screaming that it was just the opposite.

"I have no idea why that happened," he said, repeating his own declaration. "To be honest, I don't think I was ever very...uh...vocal...with Sha're. It was a couple of months before she could...accommodate me," he said softly.

Again, she remained quiet, staring at his chest as he spoke, holding her breath emotionally as she waited to hear his explanation.

"Even when she could...we didn't make love often, a couple of times a week at the most. Until I started examining that second temple. I...I spent days at a time there."

This admission had her eyes moving up to his face, finally meeting his blue eyes with her own.

"There was passion, there was love between her and I, but nothing like we share, Angel. I was never out of control with her, never as...never like I am with you."

If what he was saying was true, then why would he speak in that particular language? Why not ancient Egyptian? Or Goa'uld? Or French, or Spanish, or Greek, or German, or any of the other twenty-six languages he could now speak? Why Abydonian? "Do you...does she...when we make love, do you think about her? Do you wish you were with her?"

Her voice was soft...small. She was terrified. The fact that her hands were clenched tightly into fists, her arms crossed over her breasts, bespoke of that fear. She was trying physically to protect herself from the heartache she thought was lurking just ahead. He realized that there were times when memories of his late wife and former lovers did dance through his head...but only as he compared them to his Wife - his Destiny - and found them wanting. Never the way that she feared. "Never. The only woman in my thoughts when we make love is you."

She remained silent. Her body was tense, nearly rigid, as she began to fight against the tears she could feel forming in her eyes.

"I was begging, Casey...begging you to let me come. I never, ever begged with Sha're. Never."

She nodded slowly. "So it was just a random thing?"

"I suppose so. It's all I heard, all I spoke for a year."

"For a year. Six years ago."

"It wasn't intentional," he insisted.

"I'm sure it wasn't," she acknowledged softly.

He ran a hand over his face. "It doesn't mean anything!"

"I disagree. I think it's significant that you'd choose to speak in your dead wife's native language."

"I didn't know I was even speaking!" he said firmly.

That was the one thing of which she was certain; Daniel'd had no idea that he was speaking out loud at that moment, certainly had no clue he wasn't speaking English.

"What name do I whisper when we make love?"

"Mine," she admitted softly.

"When you make me crazy...when you make me cry out, whose name is on my lips?"

"Mine," she said again, her voice softer than the first time.

"So how can I be thinking of anyone but you? You fill me completely, Case...heart, mind, body and soul. There's no room for anyone else."

She shivered slightly. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Being so...clingy, so...pathetic."

"You're not being either of those things," he said, his own voice soft.

"I want all of you...I don't want to share you with anyone, not even her...or her memory," Casey said softly.

"You have all of me, Angel. I promise."

"I suppose I should be proud of myself for making you beg like that," she said slowly.

Daniel smiled. "You damned near killed me."

"You say that so often," she replied, a soft smile tugging at her lips.

"Because it's true."

"Hasn't happened yet," she replied.

His fingers moved over her face. Her sweet, beautiful face, he thought. So soft, so delicate. "I love you, Casey. Only you. Always you. Never doubt that."

"I love you, Daniel. Only and always. You don't have to doubt it, either."

"Are you all right?"

She nodded.

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure."

He kissed the tip of her nose. "Good. Let's go for a swim."

"Sounds like fun."

"It will be," he replied. His grin told her everything she needed to know.

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