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Trio of Blessings

Chapter 6: Third Month

Casey waited impatiently for the doctor to enter the examining room. Her fingers were beating a tattoo against the examining table she was sitting on.

Daniel grinned at her. They had refrained from doing more than just pleasuring one another orally since her stay in the hospital. The need to feel himself inside her sweet, warm body was nearly driving him insane. He knew that her need was just as great. But he refused to do anything that might endanger her or their unborn child.

Dr. Montigue entered the room, a smile on his face. "Well, Casey, all of your tests show that you and the baby are healthy. The baby is growing and developing just as it should. We’ll hear the heartbeat next month. Whatever happened last month was just an oddity that we’ll never have an answer to. I am inclined to believe it was nothing more than a menstrual period. Or at least an attempted one. Now, you can go back to exercising, as long as it’s not too strenuous. Once a day is more than enough. Let’s watch your intake of salt, I have notes from Dr. Williams about that during Emily’s pregnancy. So I’ll tell you now, no olives or pickles."

Daniel couldn’t help but chuckle.

"Okay, no problem," Casey said. "But…um…what about…um…making love?"

The doctor smiled. "Can’t see any reason that you shouldn’t. Unless it’s painful. If that happens, you’ll have to…refrain…at least from penetration intercourse, until this baby is born."

She nodded. "Okay, so I can exercise, make love, and no pickles or olives."

"Right. And I’ll see you in two weeks. Usually I would wait four, but I think I’d prefer to keep a close eye on you and that baby of yours."

She nodded. "You’ll get no argument from me!"

"Good. I'll see you both in two weeks." The doctor smiled and left the room.

"We’re calling Mom as soon as we get home," Casey said, her eyes already burning with fire. "Then I’m going to dance for you. I have new bracelets to try out."

Daniel almost groaned; her words sent flames shooting through his body. "Don’t say another word, Casey Renee, or you’ll be taking care of me right here!"

She giggled. "That could be interesting." He shot her a warning look. "Okay, I’ll be good. Just until Mom has Emily. Then I’m going to be very, very wicked."

He battled his body, praying that he could wait until they were in the jeep before losing control. That she was already on the cell phone talking to her mother told him that she was as close to the edge as he was.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Erin had already left by the time they arrived home, the woman understanding their need to be alone. Daniel turned down the bed while Casey disappeared into the bathroom. He took her portable CD player and hooked it up to the small speakers she had purchased, set them up on the dresser, put in the CD that Carly had made for her. His body was ready for her, aching with need, when she entered the room.

She was wearing nothing but the navel jewelry and the bracelets, six on each wrist. She hit play, and began to move her beautiful body in time with the music.

He hissed a sigh as he watched her, his body throbbing in beat to the drums that echoed in the room. She twisted and turned, her slender body looking as if it were completely boneless as she wiggled her way toward him. When the beat intensified, her hips moved in a blur, the action serving to make that aching part of him all the harder. She ended on the floor, her head down.

He reached for her, pulled her gently onto the bed beside him.

"Did I please you, Master?" she asked softly.

"Always, my Little Slave," he replied with a tender smile. Before he could say another word she was on her knees beside him, his cock in her mouth, her hands assisting her. He moaned out loud as she worked her tongue around and over him. She positioned herself, took him deep into her throat and had him coming before he could protest.

She looked at him with a satisfied smile. "Now there won’t be a need to…hurry," she said.

He smiled. "No, there won’t be." He shifted until she was on her back, then began to make love to her. He kissed her, deep and hard, his tongue stroking hers, tasting every bit of her mouth. His mouth moved to her throat, marking her again and again, sucking on that spot behind her ear that always made her shiver. He moved down to her collarbones, nipping and sucking at them as well. Her breasts received his attention for nearly a full hour before he slid down to tease her belly. When he finally situated himself between her thighs, she whimpered with delight.

She arched her back as his tongue began to tease her. He had taken his time in arousing her, she was more than ready to feel his shaft buried inside her. "Please, Daniel, please! Take me," she begged.

He shivered as he settled himself between her thighs. He slid his aching cock into her sweet well. "Oh, god, babe, you feel so damn good," he sighed. Never before had he been denied her sweet body for so long.

"Oh, yes!" she sighed. "You do, too!" Her hips were already moving against him.

"Does it hurt, babe?"

She took time to mentally check her body. "No, no pain…none. It feels so good, so very good," she whispered.

Satisfied that there was no danger to the baby, he began to move, slowly at first, each stroke deep and hard. It didn’t take long until the Fire demanded more.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding his body close to hers. Each thrust of his body brought such wonderful sensations. She was close to her climax, moving ever closer. Her hips were grinding against his, her body trembling, that wondrous feeling moving from her belly to the center of her body, between her legs.

He could feel her slender thighs beginning to quiver against his hips. Smiled when the whimper filled her throat.

"Oh...oh Goddess," she whispered breathlessly.

"That’s it, Angel…give it to me…come for me," he whispered in her ear. He was rewarded when she cried out, her body arching toward his, her breasts pushing against his chest. He began to move faster, his own body clamoring for sweet release.

"Fill me, Daniel, fill me with your love," she whispered, just before moving her mouth to the tattoo on his chest.

He took her legs from around his waist, held them close to her shoulders and began to pound into her warm well. He threw his head back and cried out her name as his orgasm crashed down on him, sending him spinning into oblivion.

She cried out again, her second climax rocking her at the same moment that his took over. She pulled her legs from his grasp, wrapped them again around his waist, held him closely.

He rolled them over, his hand moving up and down her back. "Feel better?" he asked, once he could breathe normally again.

"Oh, yeah. You?"

"Much better," he replied. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too." She ran her hands over his arms. "I’m taking the navel ring out, just until the baby is born. Carly already said she’ll re-pierce me when I’m ready."

"I was wondering about that. You sure you want it re-pierced?"

She looked up at him. "Don’t you?"

He grinned. "Oh, yeah. Love how sensitive it makes you."

She smiled. "I kinda like that too. Hmmm…wonder what getting your nipples pierced would do for you?"

"Just keep wondering. It’s not going to happen. I’m not into pain. And I don’t want you piercing your nipples either. I like them just the way they are."

She giggled. "I’m not that kinky…yet. What about my tongue?"

"Nope. I like your tongue the way it is, too."


"No way!"

She giggled again. "Okay. Just the navel piercing. Although I was thinking about getting another tattoo."

"Are you serious?"

"Well, sort of. Thought maybe I’d get your name tattooed on my upper thigh…and then ‘property’ on the other. Then my thighs would say ‘Daniel’s Property’, right…um…there."

He laughed. "Now that is an interesting idea. I kind of like that."

"Then, I’m getting ‘Casey’s Property’ tattooed on you."


"Right where it needs to be," she said, grinning wickedly.

"Uh uh. No way in hell."

"Okay, what about just above your pubic hair?"

He laughed again. "Might consider that."

She smiled, ran her hands over his arms yet again. "So are you tired?"

He looked at her, rolled her to her back, and showed her just how tired he wasn’t.


A  A  A  A  A  A


They picked Emily up from her grandparent’s, took her to the lake and played with her for the remainder of the afternoon. Daniel watched as Casey took her wading in the shallow water near the bank.

"Mommee! Lookee!" Emily said excitedly, having found a school of minnow-like fish near a clump of reeds. "Fishies!"

"Wow, Emmie! Look at how fast they can swim," Casey replied. She scooped her hands into the water, managed to get several of the tiny creatures, and held them close for her daughter to inspect. She giggled when Emily touched them, then jerked her hand away. "They feel funny, don’t they?"

"Wet, Mommee," Emily replied.

"Yes, they are. We’ll put them back now so they can go home." Casey lowered her hands and let the minnows swim away. She and Emily watched until they disappeared into the reeds.

Daniel sat smiling, content to just watch. Emily looked over at him, ran toward him and flung herself into his arms.

"Saw fishies, Daddee!"

"You did?"

The tot nodded. "Wet! They feel-ded wet."

He hugged his daughter to his chest. Smiled up at his wife as she settled herself on the blanket beside him. "Are you getting hungry, babe?"

"I am a little bit," Casey admitted.

"What about you, Princess, are you hungry?"


"What do you say we go to Dairy Queen and get something to eat?"

Emily jumped to her feet, began to tug on his arm. "Go, Daddee!"

He laughed and got to his feet. He held his hand out to Casey, helped her up, then grabbed the blanket. "Okay, Princess, let’s go."

They ate at the tables outside, which allowed Emily to play on the toys that were there for the little ones. Casey watched as Daniel pushed their daughter on the small swing. She placed a hand on her still flat belly. Life just simply could not get any better.

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