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Trio of Blessings

Chapter 2

The annual Christmas party was anticipated by all those who worked on the base. Everyone crowded into the mess hall to eat, sing carols and exchange small gifts. Becca and Kyle were especially excited this year. Casey hadn’t told them why she wanted them to do this, but they had a feeling it was important.

The party was already in full swing when Casey walked into the room, Daniel at her side, holding her hand. She glanced at Becca, who nodded, then followed her husband to the table where all of the food was spread out. As usual, it was nearly groaning under the weight of all the goodies. Her own cookies, potato salad, and nacho dip were among the bounty…most of the cookies missing, and half of the salad gone already.

"Want some wine, babe?" He asked, reaching for two of the plastic cups.

"Um…well, not right now," she replied.

He glanced at her, but said nothing. Something was wrong, dammit! She hadn’t said more than two words to him since she had returned from Sam’s lab, and she wouldn’t even look at him. He sighed. "Casey, what is going on? You’re pissed about something, I can tell."

She nearly burst into giggles. "Trust me, Daniel, I am not pissed. Although, I suppose that somewhere, under the same circumstances, there are women who might be. But I’m not, trust me."

All right. That made things clear as mud. It also served to just confuse the archaeologist more. He shook his head. If she was starting to get pissy about Christmas dinner this soon, he was going to wring her beautiful neck. Twenty-four hours was bad enough, he didn’t think he could survive several days of her intensity!

Kyle was standing on a chair, gave a shrill whistle to get everyone’s attention. "Okay, we have a special treat this year. Will the Prez, and the General, and Doctor Jackson come over here please?"

The three men glanced around in confusion, but wandered over to where Kyle was standing. Everyone formed a circle around the three chairs that were placed side by side.

Becca walked up, a grin on her face. Casey had just whispered into her ear. "Okay, boss, have a seat," she said to Duncan. "You too, general, doctor."

Hesitantly, the men sat down. They exchanged nervous glances. Knowing this group of people, they could be in for anything.

"Okay, will the lovely wives of these gentlemen please step forward?" Becca said.

Tessa, Sam and Casey did just that, all three of them fighting smiles that threatened to escape. Their husbands were just distracted enough to miss the telltale signs of their excitement.

"Okay, ladies. When I say go, you sit down on your husband’s lapmake yourself nice and comfy."

Casey giggled. She couldn’t help it. The look on Daniel’s face was too funny. He was still trying to figure out what he had done wrong.


There was cheering, teasing, and laughter as the three women settled themselves on the waiting laps of their husbands.

Casey looked at Daniel, her eyes full of love and excitement.

Daniel looked into her green eyes, tried not to frown. Just what the hell was going on? One minute she was acting all pissy, the next she was looking at him like that, which was totally turning him on. Her hand was already moving against the back of his neck, sending flames straight down his spine and into his nether regions.

"All right ladies, on the count of three," Becca said, "you’re going to whisper sweet nothings into your husband’s ear. Or whatever," she giggled, already knowing the secrets. "One… two…three!"

Casey put her lips next to Daniel’s ear. "I’m not mad at you, My Heart. I’m pregnant."

Daniel looked up at her. "You’re what?"

She sighed. "You said the same thing the last time!"

He continued to look at her. "Casey, is this some sort of a joke?"

She shook her blonde head. "I went to see Doctor Montigue today, with Sam and Tessa. I’m pregnant. We’re all pregnant." She glanced over at Jack. He had his arms wrapped around Sam and was holding her tightly. Duncan was staring at Tessa, his mouth hanging open. She giggled, then looked back at her husband. Just as a very disturbing thought raced through her mind. "You’re upset."

"What?" Why should I be be upset about Casey being pregnant? Pregnant? Oh, god! She's pregnant!

"You’re not…happy…about this pregnancy," she said, her green eyes reflecting her hurt.

Daniel put his arms around her and pulled her close. "Oh, Angel, I’m happy. I’m…god, yes I’m happy! A baby! We’re going to have another baby!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yep. And this time I want a boy."

He laughed. "Want to win the pool this time, huh?"

She smiled. "That, too. I just want to give you a son," she said softly.

He reached up and traced her jaw with one finger, then pulled her face towards his. He kissed her, telling her with his mouth, his lips, his tongue, how delighted he was.

"Hey, what’s going on? What did they say?" Kyle asked, watching the faces of the men go from shocked to absolutely delighted.

Becca glanced at the women, who were still concentrating on their husbands. The crowd wasn’t going to wait forever to learn what was happening. She took a deep breath, then giggled. "Everybody, this is so cool. Mrs. MacLeod and Sam and Casey are all…drum roll please…" Several SF’s began to drum their fingers on available tables. "They’re all pregnant!"

Silence filled the room. For nearly ten seconds there was no sound at all. Then the room erupted with cheers and shouts of congratulations.

Duncan was holding Tessa tightly, his cheek pressed against hers. Tears of joy streamed down both faces.

Sam and Jack sat just looking at one another, the love so bright in their eyes that no one could miss it.

Daniel had pressed his face to Casey’s neck, their arms wrapped tightly around one another. "Love you, babe," he whispered. He was already moving one hand to rest against her flat belly. Where his child was growing safe and snug inside her.

"Love you, too," she replied.

"So, you’re not mad at me about anything?"

She giggled. "I’m not mad at you. I was just trying to keep this a secret until I knew for sure."

His arms tightened around her. "Case?"


"Are you happy about this?"

"Oh, yes!"

He smiled, kissed the soft skin of her neck. "Good."



"How soon can we leave? I really want…need…to hold you."

His smile became a grin. "I was just thinking the same thing. We’ll take the jeep to the lake."


"Right now. Get up, babe. Let’s go."

Casey stood to her feet. Daniel stood up as well. Without another word, and to the amusement of all, he took her hand and led her out of the room. Sam and Jack followed, and Duncan and Tessa weren’t far behind. Fire burned in six pairs of eyes.

Becca burst into giggles. "There is the reason those three women are pregnant!" Laughter followed the couples down the corridor.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel stopped the jeep near the edge of the lake. He turned in his seat to look at his Wife. She was smiling at him, her eyes filled with love and happiness…and Fire. He reached to touch her cheek, the need to feel her skin overwhelming. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, Sweetheart."

His hand dropped to caress her flat belly. "For years I was aloneI mean, I had friends, but I was…alone…lonely. Then you came into my life. I didn’t think I could be happier. I guess I never really thought about having a family because of your Immortality, then mine. When Oma…when she changed your Quickening, I was scared. I mean, I couldn’t protect you from Framone, how could I protect you and a baby? The day Emily was born, god, babe, I can’t even put into words how happy I was. You, and a baby girl! I told myself that I couldn’t even dream of having more, of being any happier. Then…then you sit down in my lap and whisper about another miracle in my life. Casey, I…god, babe-"

She put a finger on his lips, a smile on her face. "I know, my heart, I know. I never thought I would find a man who would love me, treat me with as much kindness and tenderness as you do. When we first met, and I started falling in love with you, I was terrified. You’re so handsome, and sweet, and gentle, and kind, and brilliant, and I…I didn’t feel…I didn’t think a man like you could ever love a woman…an average woman…like me. Then…then you kissed me after my first death, and I was totally lost. I would have gladly taken whatever you offered me, even if it had only been…been just an affair. But then…then I walked into the Pit, and you…oh, Daniel, I thought I had died and gone to heaven that night! When Emily was born, all I could think about was that I had you, and a baby, and there wasn’t anything left in the entire universe that I needed or wanted. Now…oh, Daniel…a baby! We’re being blessed with another baby!"

"Casey, there isn’t anything ‘average’ about you. Don't you know how special you are?" His hand moved back up to caress her cheek.

She dropped her eyes, shook her head, shrugged her shoulders slightly.

"Babe, you are the most beautiful, brave, incredible, intelligent woman I’ve ever known. We’ve been to hell and back, how many times now? You went there and back before we even met. Yet you’re still so…sweet, and loving, and giving…You’re an amazing woman, Casey Jackson."

"You’re pretty amazing yourself," she said softly. She wreathed his face with her hands. "I love you so much it hurts, Daniel."

"Right back atcha, Case."

"Daniel, please, make love to me?"

He smiled. "Come on, babe." He reached into the backseat for the blanket that they had started keeping in the jeep. He got out, walked around to her side of the vehicle and opened the door. He held her hand as she stepped out, led her to a quiet, secluded area, surrounded by low bushes. He spread the blanket on the ground, dropped down onto it, held his hand out to her.

She knelt down beside him, her heart so full of love and excitement that she thought it would burst. Fleeting memories of pain and despair flittered across her mind; she shoved them away. So much, she thought, we have suffered so much, and yet, we’re still here, still so in love…still happy. She reached down with trembling fingers to unbutton his shirt. One look at his face, her glance lingering on his lips, and she was kissing him. She shivered when his hand came up to caress her cheek as she took from him, gave back to him all the love that she felt. Finally the buttons were undone, and she could run her hands over his bare chest.

He groaned as her soft hands moved over him, the flames burning hotter with each gentle caress. His need to touch her, taste her, was becoming overpowering. He found the buttons of her linen blouse, undid each one slowly, letting his fingers softly caress her skin for a few moments as each inch of her body was exposed. When it was completely unbuttoned, he pushed it from her shoulders. His fingers made quick work of her bra, and he nudged aside the lacy material, baring those beautiful, perfect breasts. He shifted, pushed against her until she was on her back beside him. He trailed kisses over her cheeksher jawher throattaking time to mark her again and again, ran his tongue over her collarbones, down to that sweet valley between her breasts. He licked each orb, making his way to the hard, rosy nipples. When he sucked one into his mouth, she arched beneath him, offering more of her sweet flesh to his hungry mouth, his eager hands. He pulled away from her long enough to pull her jeans and bikinis from her hips, then returned to the breasts that he so loved.

His touch was fanning the flames that burned in her. One hand moved through his hair, holding him close, the other caressed his neck and shoulder. Every kiss, every caress, every gentle tug on her nipples sent waves of desire to that aching center between her thighs. As much as she wanted, needed to feel his touch there, she would not rush him, would not deny him the pleasure of making love to her the way he wanted to, needed to. When his hunger for her breasts was satiated, he would move on, continue to taste her, make love to her.

He loved that she held his head to her body. Not going anywhere, babe, he thought, his mouth moving back and forth on her breasts. She was breathing hard, her chest rising and falling with each quick, shallow breath. She was grazing his back gently with her fingernails, the touch making him shiver, and his cock grow even harder. Her hips were starting to move the tiniest bit each time he tugged on her sweet nipples. He moved down, his tongue teasing that tiny ring in her navel, rewarded when the muscles of her stomach rippled, and she gave a tiny gasp of pleasure. He could smell her arousal; the flames were roaring through his body, his head; he could hear the blood pounding in his ears. She sighed when he settled himself between her thighs. He licked her wet folds slowly, teasing her with each touch. His tongue moved over her from top to bottom and back again, stopping to sample the sweet honey that flowed from her warm well. Her clit was hard and swollen and she jumped slightly when he finally ran his tongue over it, and around it.

Every caress was sending her ever higher, sent the Fire raging throughout her body. Her hips were moving up and down with each pass of his tongue. He added two fingers to the assault he was making on her senses. Each stroke brought her ever closer to her release. She wanted… needed to taste him, make love to him…now! "Please, Daniel, let me taste you," she whispered.

He smiled against her skin, and moved to lay beside her. "Whatever you want, Angel," he whispered in return. She tugged his Dockers from his lean hips, threw them and his boxers on top of her own discarded clothes. He held her hair back, leaned back on his elbow, so that he could watch her take his aching cock into her sweet mouth. Her hands assisted her, one cupping his balls, the other wrapped around the base of his rigid shaft, moving up and down with her mouth on what she couldn’t take in. He gasped when she flicked her tongue around the sensitive head, felt her tongue probe that tiny opening for more of the precum that was already leaking.

She loved the way he tasted, the way he smelled, the way he felt in her hands and in her mouth. A smile turned up the corners of her mouth when he gasped out loud. She was pleasing him, and that pleased her. She let him fall out of her mouth, then began licking him as if he were a lollipop, her tongue moving around and around his throbbing flesh, up and down, teasing him as he had teased her with his touch. More, her body cried, more! She took him fully into her mouth again, ready and willing to bring him to orgasm.

"In you, babe," he groaned. "Now!"

She gave his throbbing shaft one last kiss, then slid up beside him. He rolled on top of her, his mouth already on her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms went around his shoulders, and sighed with contentment when she felt him enter her body. He pushed until his hips were against hers.

"You feel so good, babe," he whispered. He remained still, allowing himself to enjoy the pleasure of just being inside her sweet body.

"So do you," she whispered in reply.

He had to smile when her hips began to move up and down against him. He pulled out of her, then pushed back in, moving deeper and harder and faster with each thrust of his hips. She met him each step of the way as he led her through the dance of love. Every inch of his body was on fire, burning with love for her, need for her. He felt her thighs begin to quiver against his skin, listened for that beloved whimper.

"I’m gonna come…" she whispered, her head back, her body arching toward him. That dulcet sound filled her throat, thrilled his heart.

"Give it to me, Angel, come for me," he whispered in her ear. He began to drive into her body when he felt her well begin to tremble around him, just as she cried out, the sudden heat and wetness signaling her orgasm.

"Fill me, Daniel…give me your love," she whispered, her lips against his ear.

He rose up on outstretched arms, his body moving with all the speed and force he could manage. She was massaging him with those muscles, grabbing him with each downward stroke he made into her body. He could feel that sweet release building, so close now…almost there…he was spinning out of control, his body pulsating inside her, his own orgasm as fulfilling and as intense as hers had been. He dropped down onto her, panting, her hands were moving gently up and down his back. When he could breathe again, he rolled them over, held her tightly. "Love you, Angel," he said softly.

She snuggled into his embrace. "Love you, too, sweetheart." She was already thinking about the months ahead when her belly would prevent her from laying like this. How she would miss it!

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