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The Blonde, the Redhead and the Archaeologist(s) 

Chapter 10

Casey had closed her eyes as she stepped through the 'gate, not at all sure she wanted to see where they ended up. She opened one eye, peeked around. Saw the familiar faces...relieved faces, waiting at the end of the ramp. Home! They were home! Her eyes were drawn to Sam and Jack, who stood side by side next to Duncan. Alive. Snake-free. Healthy. In love. Tears filled her eyes as what she had seen on that Goa'uld ship began to set in. During their time in that temple pyramid, with the need to translate text, to find a way home, she had been able to push to the back of her mind the fact that Sam had been a Goa'uld. That Jack had been a prisoner, damned close to death.

"Casey?" Sam asked, worried when the look of grief had flashed over her friend's face.

Without a word the young blonde raced down the ramp, launched herself first at Jack, hugging him fiercely, then embracing Sam just as tightly.

"What happened?" Jack asked quietly. Casey hugged him quite often. Never like that.

She reached up and wiped tears from her cheeks. "Have I ever mentioned how much I hate alternate realities?"

Duncan smiled. He too was aware that something...unpleasant...had happened. Something that obviously centered around Jack and Sam. "I think it's been mentioned a time or two."

Her green eyes moved around, once again taking in the faces of her friends...the people she called family. "It was bad, really bad," she said softly.

"Let's go up to the briefing room," the Highlander suggested. He gave a glance at Daniel, knew that even with the injections he was probably close to the limits of his endurance. "An hour should do it."

The archaeologist nodded. The injection of the Hathor-gene serum would hold him for a bit longer. But then...he hoped his wife didn't have any plans for sleeping any time soon!

Casey made a beeline to the coffeepot, poured two cups, took a sip of hers before even moving. "Oh, yeah," she sighed, the caffeine hitting her system, feeling like a welcomed friend. She carried the two mugs to the table, still sipping.

"So what the hell happened?" Jack asked as soon as they were seated.

"A Goa'uld playing around with a device she knew nothing about," Daniel replied.

"Any idea who she was?" Duncan asked.

"The Purple People Eater," Casey mumbled. She and Annika had had every intention of finding out who she was. But somehow, they hadn't managed to do so. Too many other things to concentrate on, she supposed.

"Who?" Jack asked.

"Bitch with really bad taste and absolutely no fashion sense," Casey clarified. "We really didn't have a chance to find out her name. We were too busy trying to take her ship down and keep Sha're and her band of merry men from storming the place."

Four pairs of eyes went wide with surprise. "Back up and start at the beginning," Duncan said.

Daniel had seen her fingers begin to tremble when she mentioned Sha're. He reached for her hand, wrapped it tightly in his. "The device was identical to the one we found on..." he paused, frowned. "The planet where Malikai, that archaeologist we met, turned that device on and set us in that time loop. Anyway, this one was in a temple pyramid. On Abydos."

Jack jerked. "Abydos?"

The younger man nodded. "Yep. We...Daniel...the other Daniel and I think that the temple was built specifically for that 'gate and device, and that there was another Stargate on the planet." He took a sip of coffee, allowing this tidbit of information to sink in.

"Then there could have been something like this on...our Abydos, you just didn't uncover it," Jack said.

"Possibly...probably," Daniel replied. It was almost a relief to know that nothing of that planet remained after Anubis' attack. "We think we were pulled through first, Case isn't positive, but she thought she heard the 'gate open again before she passed out."

"Passed out? Why?" Sam asked immediately.

"We were thrown into that room, hit the floor pretty hard," Daniel told her.

"So the other Daniel and..." Duncan frowned.

"Annika," Casey offered.

"Annika, they arrived after you did?"

"By mere seconds, I'd say," Daniel nodded. He grinned. "It seems that Annika had a premonition, sort of like Casey's-"

"Wait a minute," Jack interrupted. He looked at the young blonde, working up a good scolding. "You had a premonition about this and didn't tell us?"

"Not about getting tossed crosswise in the universe, no," Casey replied, grinned as she watched Jack 'deflate'. "Only of seeing Daniel happily in the arms of a redhead."

"Anyway," Daniel said, his grin going wider, "I opened my eyes to see Annika about to hit Case over the head with a statue. There was a...conversation...going on about whose man I was."

Casey rolled her eyes. "Her Daniel landed clear on the other side of the room, neither of us saw him."

Sam giggled. "I can just picture the scene."

"Catfight!" Jack chuckled.

"Oh, yeah! Poor Annika, she was pretty lost for a few minutes when her Daniel jumped into the conversation, she kept poking him to make certain he was real," Casey giggled.

Duncan chuckled. "I don't see blood on your uniform, so I take it you were able to work things out before they became violent."

"Barely," Casey grinned.

"We were taking a break from translating, when Case got the idea about being able to contact you guys with Annika's help." He didn't mention the fact that it was actually the second break they had taken, because during the first break, Annika and Casey had managed to reach out to one another, heal old hurts. He was still hoping that the darkest of the shadows had been vanquished forever in Casey's heart and mind.

"Your little surprise visit had the base in an uproar," Duncan reported.

Casey sighed. "I wish we'd have had a camera. The looks on faces were absolutely priceless. Yours especially!"

Jack rolled his eyes. He had seen a lot during his years at the SGC. It took a lot to surprise him. He had most definitely been surprised when a redheaded apparition had shown up in the control room, with an invisible Casey at her side. "So did you make it to her...their reality and give their SG-1 a heads up?"

"Yep. They're about twelve years behind us, give or take a month or two. General Hammond was still CO of the SGC," she replied. "Then on our way back to the guys, we ran into the Goa'uld who had been messing with things. Literally. Well, not exactly...we didn't run into her, just her friggin' ship." A case of giggles overcame her as she tried to describe what she and Annika had done, and the reactions of the Jaffa. Her description of their antics, and how the Jaffa had been so afraid that they were facing the demon of death had her friends laughing as well. She wiped her eyes after she had finished. "We never figured out-" she stopped, glanced at Daniel. Took a deep, ragged breath. "The Sam of that reality was a Goa'uld. I...we...I..."

"Please tell me you killed her," Sam said quietly. Knowing that that was exactly what had happened. And that Casey was feeling torn about having done so.

"We couldn't leave her like that," Casey whispered.

Sam nodded. "I...she...wouldn't have want to live like that," she said softly.

Well that explained part of it, Jack thought, watching his young friend. The tears in those green eyes spilled onto her cheeks when they focused on him.

"You were a slave...oh, god, Jack, they had nearly broken you!"

He winced. Knew that it had to have been bad for him to be close to breaking.

"Annika busted you out, gave you a chance to escape. We...we didn't see if you made it or not." She had heard Annika's request, could only hope that the nomadic tribe of people would take care of Jack, if he had survived.

"Better to die free than as a Goa'uld slave," he said gently.

Casey took a deep breath, wiped the tears from her face. "Daniel was still teaching in Chicago."

Sam frowned. "Why would I be there, and not Daniel?"

"You helped design the dialing computer," Daniel said. "We...that Daniel and I, think that that reality's Catherine Langford knew about the experiments with the 'gate in '45. So she had a basic idea of what it was supposed to do. And she had the Abydos address."

"So Sam and I, and an unknown team, walked through the 'gate," Jack said.

Daniel nodded. "Who knows what the orders for that mission were."

"Without Daniel, there was no way for them to return to Earth," Casey chimed in.

"If we were prisoners of that female Goa'uld," Sam said, frowning slightly, "where were Ra and Apophis?"

The young, blonde Immortal shrugged. "I don't know. But she did mention Geb."

Frowns flickered around the table. Geb hadn't been discovered until they reached the 'Babylonian sector'. "It's possible that the Goa'uld Empire in that reality is...arranged...differently," Daniel suggested.

"So when did Sha're come into this?" Jack asked.

"Right after Annika and I got back," Casey replied. "She and Skaara and the others were desperate to find something of value to sell...for food and water."

"We managed to convince them that the temple was empty," Daniel said quietly. "We sent them to the downed Goa'uld ship." He hoped for her sake, for all of their sakes', that they had been the first to locate the wreckage, and found what they needed. And that they would find Jack and help him. The thought that Sha're could possibly wind up with him brought a sense of comfort to him. If that happened, they would take care of one another. "Annika had a...vision...of the position of the 'keys' on the device when she and her Daniel were hurled into the room. Which gave me the idea of having Casey search our memories for the same information. It took a bit of adjusting, but we managed to get it right."

"So that thing is still sitting there?" Jack asked, a frown on his face.

Casey glanced at her watch. "For another three minutes. We thought we might need the time if we didn't make it through on this attempt." She would never know that the device remained in place for twenty-three more hours, or that when it exploded, there would be...unexpected...results.

The older man grinned. He should have known that Daniel wouldn't leave something that dangerous in one piece.

Duncan sat back in his chair. "It's been a long damned day. Let's go home. Take tomorrow off. And if you think you can go through the 'gate without making any unscheduled side trips, you can go to PX5-726, and investigate those Cardorian ruins the day after."

"That 'side trip' was not my idea," Casey grumped. "I would much rather be examining those ruins...and from the photos I saw, there were at least three stelae, and an obelisk and all of them were just covered with cuneiform and-" she broke off when chuckles began to drowned her out. "What?"

"You are as excited over this expedition as Daniel Jackson becomes," Teal'c replied.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm an archaeologist, I'm supposed to get excited about this stuff!"

It was the first time he had ever heard her refer to herself in that manner. It was about damned time, he thought. "That's right, Angel. They just don't understand," Daniel said, smiling at her. He raised her fingers to his lips. That she was so excited, that she was, and now apparently...finally...thought of herself as an archaeologist, made his heart hammer against his ribs. See Dad, he thought, I married a woman with the same interests, too.

"You should probably get home," Sam said softly. "I'm sure your mother will be relieved to know that you're all right."

"Mom? Is everything okay? My babies! Oh, god what happened?" Casey said immediately, her face going pale.

Duncan raised a hand. "Everything is fine. Just before you and your friend showed up here, your mother called, wanted to know if something had happened to you. Seems all three of the kids sort of...reacted...when you disappeared."

Annika had been 'pulled' to their home, she thought, remembering that the redhead had not been where she expected her to be when the two had 'arrived' at SGC Gamma. She turned panicked green eyes toward her husband.

"Let's change and go home," he said softly. She nearly dragged him from the room, not waiting for Duncan to dismiss them or declare the meeting adjourned.

The Scot grinned as he watched her. "One of these days I'm going to have to sit her down and explain protocol to her."

Jack barked with laughter. "Good luck!"

"She's an artist...and she's a seer," Sam smiled. "I think her...eccentricities can be overlooked."

"She's headstrong and stubborn," Duncan grumbled, although he was smiling.

"She's a snake-baiter with Trouble for a middle-name," Jack added.

"She is most entertaining," Teal'c added, his cheek twitching.

Duncan began to laugh. How often was the laughter that rang in the corridors of the SGC because of her? Yeah, Casey was most entertaining! "Truer words were never spoken."

"Which ones?" Jack asked, grinning broadly.

"All of them. Go get some sleep. I'll see you here day after tomorrow," Duncan said, rising from his chair.


A   A   A   A   A   A


It was late when they arrived home. All three of the kids were sleeping soundly. Erin held Casey tightly for a moment, then explained that each of her children seemed to have been immediately aware when she and Daniel had 'disappeared'.

"Do you think they'll sense every time something...bad...happens?" Casey asked, tugging her lower lip between her teeth. If that were to happen, her babies would no doubt be upset often, and not understand the reason why...and she couldn't, she wouldn't do that to them. If it meant retiring until they were old enough to understand, well, so be it.

Erin shook her blonde head. "No, I don't think so. I was so surprised when Emily came to me, and Nicholas came in crying, almost at the same time, and then Ethan began to cry...I didn't have time to...notice...the disturbance," she replied.

"Disturbance?" Daniel asked.

The older version of Casey nodded. "A very...strong...disturbance. As if the entire universe...shifted. You arrived back an hour or so ago, did you not?"

Two heads bobbed the affirmative.

"It was then that everything 'shifted' back, all is as it should be."

Daniel frowned. "Why would there be such a...disturbance...for two people?"

"Not just two people," Erin smiled gently. "The Chosen, and His Chosen. The power that flows through your veins is...substantial. When that power is suddenly...missing...it creates a 'hole', if you will."

His frown deepened. The explanation made him sound way too damned important. He was just a man, an archaeologist for pete's sake!

Erin could sense Daniel's unease. "It is not an easy burden that you bear, my son," she said softly. "But you alone can bear it, and do what must be done."

Well, he wasn't so sure about that. But so far, there hadn't been any other 'applicants' for the job. Until there were, he was just...stuck...he supposed.

"I will take my leave," Erin said, rising to her feet. "I'm glad that everything is now as it should be."

"So, what did you think of Annika?" Casey asked, as she walked her mother to the door.


"Redheaded apparition who showed up here," she explained.

Erin looked perplexed. "I saw no such...person," she said slowly. It certainly explained what Emily and Nicholas had been trying to tell her. About the pretty lady with red hair who came to talk to them first, and assured them that their mommy and daddy were all right. "I believe, however, that Emily and Nicholas saw...spoke with her."

"You'd have liked her," Casey said softly.

"I'm certain I would have," Erin agreed. She hugged her daughter again. "Call me when I am needed."

"You're always needed, Mom. But we have tomorrow off, so just take the day and relax," Casey said.

The words wrapped around her heart, brought a smile of joy to her face. "I love you, my darling daughter."

"Love you too, Mom."

With on final hug, Erin hurried out to her car.

Daniel was rummaging in the kitchen, searching for something to eat. "There's leftover pot roast casserole," he said when she walked into the room.

"Sounds good," she smiled. "I...um...I'm going to use the computer, do you mind?"

He had a feeling he knew exactly what she was going to do...what she needed to do. She had spent a lot of time with the vibrant redhead. "I don't mind. Could you start coffee before you do?"

"Sure." She quickly filled a filter with coffee, poured the water into the reservoir, and turned the coffee maker on. "I'll be right back."

When she dropped down into the big leather chair in front of the desk, she realized that she didn't know Annika's maiden name.


Okay...she didn't know exactly where the name had come from. Or the spelling that flashed behind her eyes. But she wasn't going to question the information. She waited for the computer to boot. Thought about the fact that in Annika's reality, she was dead. What an odd feeling, she decided. And pushed the rather unnerving knowledge away.

The computer beeped, and she brought up the browser. She clicked on the icon for 'people search'. Carefully typed in the name...A-n-n-i-k-a M-u-r-d-o-c-h. Hit return. Tugged at her lower lip while she waited.

Five Murdoch's came up, two listed as A. Murdoch. What was this? Scrumptious Gateaux Creations. In Oceanside, California. Owned and operated by one Annika Taylor. The acronym was too much of a coincidence. Well, let's see if there's a picture on the website, she thought. Sure enough, the redhead grinned at her from the screen, a man with long dark hair and dark eyes standing beside her, his arms around her possessively. Good. She wasn't alone. In fact, she looked darned happy. And was totally oblivious to the fact that her counterpart in another reality was fighting the Goa'uld. Casey couldn’t help but grin when she read her husband’s first name. So this reality’s Annika worked at the SGC and was married to Dan. So close and yet so far…

Having found what she needed...elated to know that the gregarious woman wasn't alone somewhere, Casey went back into the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around Daniel, pressed her chest against his back. "I love you."

"Love you, too, Angel." He turned in her arms, looked down at her. "Did you find anything?"

"Mmmhmm. She owns a cake decorating business in California. She's happily married, three years according to her website. Her husband is a surfing champ and instructor, and he helps her run her business."

"Good." Thank god, he thought. Now she wouldn't obsess about that particular wrinkle! Now, on to the tough part. "Do we need to talk?"

"About what?"

"I think you know what I'm referring to," he replied softly. He was not going to let her just push this away, bury it in her heart to poke and prod and hurt her.

"You mean Sha're."

"You know damned well that's what I mean."

She sighed. "It wasn't easy, seeing her like that. Wondering if you were...if you wished you could be with her."


"Nope it wasn't easy?"

"Nope, I didn't wish I could be with her. Never even thought about it. Yes, seeing her brought back memories of her...of my Sha're. Of my life with her. Of losing her to Apophis. Of holding her while she died," he said softly. "But even if I could have been with her, I wouldn't want to be. I have you, Angel. My Destiny. You and I were meant to be together, Casey. You. Me. Together always."

She snuggled into his embrace, the meaning of his words wrapping around her worried heart. "I didn't want to hurt her. For me...as well as for you."

"For you?"

"If I had been forced to kill her...you...you never would have been able to forgive me," she explained.

"Casey, where did you ever get an idea like that? I'm glad you didn't have to kill her, too. But only because I know that killing is damned hard for you...on you. Even the Jaffa that go down bother you," he insisted. "If things had gone...wrong...we wouldn't have had a choice. And just so you know, if worst had come to worst, I would have been the one to take that shot, not you."

Her eyes went wide. "Why? She was your wife!"

"No, she wasn't, Angel. The Sha're who was my wife died because of the Goa'uld sixteen years ago. That woman looked like Sha're. Was probably like her in a lot of ways. But she was very different, as well."


"My Sha're never would have led a group of men into thievery, for whatever reason. She wasn't...she was...Sha're was a fighter. She was stubborn. And tough when she had to be. But she wasn't a leader. She was too...temperamental, too..."

"Spoiled?" she offered softly.

"Yeah. She was definitely Daddy's girl," Daniel admitted.

Casey frowned. "I have a feeling that would have caused some problems, eventually."

He hadn't even admitted to himself that the issue had come up between him and his Abydonian wife on two separate occasions, ending in a fight both times. "Probably," he said.

"So, we're okay?"

"Angel, we were never 'not' okay."

The microwave dinged before she could reply. It had been hours since they had had the MREs, and both ate ravenously.

When the coffee pot was empty, and Casey had rinsed the dishes, and put them into the dishwasher, Daniel stood and stretched. "Let's go take a shower," he suggested, his voice low.

She turned to look at him. Could see the bulge in his jeans. "I think that sounds like a wonderful idea."

He watched her undress, felt his breath catch in his throat. God, she was beautiful...and sexy...and he couldn't wait much longer.

Casey knew exactly what he needed...and what she wanted. She took the washcloth and began to wash him, her hands moving over his body slowly, tenderly. She wrapped one soapy hand around his swollen manhood and stroked him gently. "You're a beautiful man, Daniel Jackson," she whispered.

"Only to you," he replied, his voice hoarse with need. He took his turn at bathing her, his lips locked with hers as long as possible. His body was beginning to shake with anticipation. Now. He had to have her...taste her...now! He hurriedly rinsed off, made certain that there wasn't any soap left on her. As soon as they were dry, he pulled the clip from her hair, watched it cascade down her back, over her shoulders, her hard, rosy nipples peeking between the silky blonde strands. How freaking erotic!

When he scooped her into his arms, she began to plant kisses along his whisker-stubbled jaw, clamped her lips over the muscle behind his ear that she so dearly loved. Felt the shiver that moved through him.

"I can't wait, babe," he whispered as he put her gently on the bed.

She settled back, let her thighs fall open. "Worship me, Daniel, take what you need," she whispered.

With a moan he settled between her legs. She was hot and wet and ready for him. He glanced up at her, raised one eyebrow in question.

"It's been a long day," she said softly, giving him a smile. "I need you as much as you need me, Stud Muffin."

His gaze locked with hers, he moved his tongue over her soft, slick folds. Sweet Jesus! Her sweet honey coated his tongue and lips, sent shivers up and down his spine as those special pheromones hit his system. He needed...he wanted more. He thrust his tongue into her, seeking more of the nectar she produced. She was wet, but she wasn't aroused enough to give him more than just a taste. He grinned mentally. Well, he knew exactly how to fix that problem!

She couldn't help but smile when he moved up, his mouth going straight to her throat. He knew every button to push, which touch aroused her the most, how quickly she responded to certain caresses. She closed her eyes as he kissed and licked and nipped at her, setting fire to her very soul as he gave every inch of her throat his attention.

Her fingers were beginning to curl in his hair, he noted, grinning again. Yep, zero to one-twenty with just a bit of attention to that sexy, elegant neck. He had always loved her shoulders, too, and wasn't about to miss tasting the sweet skin, or nibble at her prominent collarbones. She was breathing hard when he cupped her breasts in his hands, rubbing his thumbs back and forth over nipples that were hard as little pebbles. His mouth was watering as he teased one with just the tip of his tongue before taking it completely into the warmth of his mouth.

Her back was arching off of the bed as he continued to arouse her, composing a symphony of sensations with his mouth and lips and tongue and hands, playing her body like the virtuoso that he was. The moan that filled her throat would not be silenced when he began to suckle, fingers of white hot pleasure racing up and down her spine. She could feel his arousal pressed against her inner thigh, hot and hard and pulsing, and creating its own titillation.

Her fingers were clenched now, and her hips were pressing up against him. He slid one hand down her belly, tugged gently at that tiny little navel ring, then ran his finger around it, just barely touching her skin. Her gasp brought a smile to his lips, he curled his tongue around her hard, sweet nipple, teasing it more before taking the entire areola into his mouth again.

"Nngg...yes," she whispered, her body writhing beneath him.

Well, that's new! She was learning to be more...vocal...telling him what she enjoyed. But that...a cross between a sigh and a cry...that was something he'd never heard before. He flicked his tongue over that sweet nipple again, hoping for the same response. No? Okay, how about the other one...he teased it, felt her move again, heard the sharp intake of breath. Like a man on a quest, he was determined to do something that would bring about that sweet new sound. He continued to make love to her breasts for another quarter of an hour before he moved to her flat belly.

"Mmm..." she sighed, tossing her head to the side as he teased her sexy little belly button. She wasn't even aware that she was making a sound, every ounce of attention was focused on what he was doing to her...for her. It felt so good...and somewhere in the back of her mind came the determination to torment him as much as he was tormenting her. "Please," she whispered, pressing her hips against him again.

Even as he continued to make love to her, his mouth blazing a trail from one hip to the other, he worked on the puzzle before him. Something had...changed. It was like...almost like she was freer now; to enjoy, to let him know that he was pleasing her. Thank you, Annika, he thought, when the image of the two women; clinging to each other, sobbing their pain and grief on one another's shoulders, the blue haze that had surrounded them, flickered through his mind. That young seer had managed to reach the darkness that he never could. And had released his lover, his Wife, his Beloved, his Chosen...from its cold grasp.

"Oh, Daniel," she sighed. Once again he settled between her legs, kissing and licking her thighs, his hands wrapped around each one, holding her steady as he continued to send her toward the ultimate explosion of ecstasy.

His heart was hammering against his ribs. Each sigh, every utterance only served to turn him on even more, please him. That sweet floral and vanilla scent filled his senses as he moved back to that delectable flesh. He thrust his tongue into her warm well, and was rewarded with a soft moan and a flood of sweet, precious nectar. Oh, hell yes! his mind rejoiced, even as his body shivered from the 'fix' he was receiving from her. He lapped her warm honey until there was not a trace left on her skin.

If he didn't take care of her aching little clitty soon, she was going to push him away and grab Barney and his little friend to take care of things herself! She was so turned on, her body a raging inferno that it was impossible to lay still, to remain quiet. "Please...let me come," she begged.

Now this was getting downright interesting! What other sounds could he coax from her? He gently rubbed his jaw against the tender flesh of her inner thigh. Another gasp, and a soft moan. He couldn't help but grin when the same thing happened when he rubbed against the other slender thigh.

"Please...please...please..." It was a prayer. It was a demand. It was a plea.

He hoped that this wasn't going to be a 'one-shot deal'; that this was going to become a part of their love making. Her sweet pleas and whispers and moans did amazing things to his heart, his soul, his body. He slid two fingers into her well, began to stroke her as he moved his tongue over that swollen little nub.

"Oh, god yes!"

His heart jumped for joy. 'That's it, Angel, tell me what you want, let me know what you like.'

For a moment his 'silent' command puzzled her. What was he talking about? Her cheeks began to burn when she realized that what she had been...vocalizing...what she had been thinking! She watched his eyes. Had never seen him look so happy...no...that was pure joy reflecting in those beautiful blue orbs. Then...he liked it when she made sounds...when she said things? It wasn't wrong...or slutty...to do so? Her heart clamoring with the need to 'test' this theory, to find out if this new discovery was a good one, she smiled at him. "I love it when you do...that!" Her eyes closed automatically as every bit of concentration centered on her aching clit.

He was swirling his tongue over her when she spoke. When he flicked just the tip of it over her, the reaction in her body sent his spirit soaring.

"More..." she begged, her hips moving up and down against his face.

Coming right up, he thought delightedly. He began to make love to her with renewed vigor. He wanted to hear her cry out before she sang her pleasure to him. She was practically vibrating, her body shaking with need. Time to send her sailing among the stars. He sucked her clit into his mouth, continued to tease it with his tongue, listened as that sweet whimper filled her throat. He slid a third finger into her well, stroked hard and deep, and listened to that whimper build up into an aria of love that echoed softly around them.

The symphony he had been conducting came to a mind blowing crescendo. Colors began to spin, lights flashed behind her eyelids as that most incredible of feelings exploded over her...in her...through her. "Daniel!"

In that instant she was flying, her hips in motion, her fingers tugging at his hair, her well convulsing around his fingers. Sweet warm honey was flowing from her, and he couldn't... wouldn't waste a drop of it.

He was making love to her breasts again when she finally began to come down from the incredible high he had sent her spinning to. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, accepted the kiss he gave her, taking note that he was kissing her as if it had been longer than the few hours since the last time their lips had met. "Um...I...I..."

"You so turned me on," he murmured. "Every soft sigh, every little noise, everything you whispered to me...god, Case, it was beautiful."

She smiled, even though she could feel her cheeks burning. "So you like it when I don't shut up, huh?"

He grinned. "I love it when you don't shut up." He put his head on her shoulder, settled with his leg over hers, his arm around her narrow waist. "I love it," he whispered.

"I don't know why...I don't know what happened...or why..." she said, struggling to put her thoughts into words.

"I don't care about the what or the why," he replied quietly. "Do you have any idea what an absolute turn on it is to hear you beg, and sigh, and tell me what you like?"

She shook her head shyly.

"It's incredible, Angel. I can't even put into words what it did to me...for me."

"I want...I need to taste you, Daniel. I need to make love to you...to make you feel as good...as wonderful as you made me feel," she whispered.

Now just how damned lucky could a man get? he wondered happily. That she practically begged to make love to him, to taste him, to use that sweet mouth and that amazing tongue to send him soaring...how damned lucky could he get? He rolled to his back. "Do it, Angel," he whispered.

She watched his eyes as she moved closer, just before her lips touched his, and her eyelids fluttered closed. He looked absolutely thrilled about something. Making her cry out? Making her beg? Oh, that so deserved just a bit of retaliation, didn't it? She would just have to see about making him 'speak in tongues', get him to do a bit of begging himself. He was just too damned pleased with himself.

How many times had he kissed her, or she kissed him, in eleven years? Too many to count, he was certain. Yet each kiss was just as sweet, just as intoxicating...arousing, as the first time their lips had met. He shivered when she suckled on his lower lip, something she always seemed to enjoy doing. Something that always drove him crazy. Her fingers were moving over his jaw and throat as they kissed. The thought of growing a beard...not a heavy one, just a light beard for her to play with flittered through his mind. He'd have to give the thought more consideration. No doubt she'd love it.

Tonight she would reclaim him. Oh, he would never know it...realize it. But she would make love to him, she would mark him, she would touch, and taste and caress as much of him as she possibly could. Doing what she knew, what he told her that Sha're had never done, had never been willing to do. He belonged to her, and no other woman, not even the memory of his dead wife, could take him from her.

He closed his eyes as her mouth moved over him. She seemed determined to kiss or lick or nip or touch every damned inch of him. He was so damned hard now it was almost painful, his balls ached with the need to come. "Are you trying to drive me insane?" he asked softly as she kissed and licked her way up one arm and down the other.

"I dunno, is it working?"

His grin was automatic. "Smartass." He gasped when her mouth went suddenly to his nipples. Her fingers tugged on one while she nipped at its twin. God that turned him on!

She glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed, his lips curved up in a smile. She straddled his legs, leaned forward so that her breasts rubbed against his swollen cock, pleased at the gasp, and the low moan that filled his throat. She continued to lick and kiss her way across his chest. She could feel the precum coat the skin of that valley between her breast. Hmm...as long as she was already lubricated...

When she reached for his hands, put them on her breasts, he was momentarily startled. But only for a few seconds. He pushed those beautiful, firm orbs against his aching flesh, began to move his hips up and down, sliding his cock between those perfect breasts. She was still licking and kissing his chest, and he was going to lose his mind from the stimulation.

At the first sign that he was getting too close to his release, she backed away, kissed the knuckles of his hands before laying them on the bed beside his hips. He had spread his legs wider, so that she could kneel between them. "Watch me...look at me."

He opened his eyes. Sweet Jesus in heaven! His shoulders came up off of the bed when she gobbled him down as far as she could, her mouth hot and wet and eager. He could see the satisfied glee in the green depths of her eyes, the smile that lurked there as she worked her tongue over his raging hard-on.

It wouldn't take long to have him on the precipice, ready to fly. He was so close to the edge now that she had to be careful, lest he come before she was ready to allow him to go over the edge. She moved down to greet his heavy balls, rolling each one against her tongue, then cradling them with her fingers as she licked him from top to bottom, and all around the girth of his magnificent anaconda.

Insane. Totally. Driving him there. If he didn't come soon he was going to go completely insane. His hips jerked, his legs jumped, and he moaned long and loud when she began to suck just the tip of his shaft, her tongue dancing on that oh so sensitive underside. She had reached up with one hand and tugged at his nipple, the other hand stroking him steadily as her mouth worked to push him to the very brink of madness.

He was throbbing hard and fast. But he hadn't begged yet. She let him fall out of her mouth. Began to lick that pulsing flesh like an all day sucker. A familiar thought that had her smiling to herself. She repositioned herself, so that she was above him. She could feel his body tense even further, thinking she was about to send him over the edge. She continued to suck gently on the glans, her tongue massaging it over and over. Her hands began to move down the shaft, when she reached his balls with one hand the other was already on its way down...according to the book she had read, it should feel like endless penetration.

It was almost more than he could take...it felt so goddamned good he was certain he was just going to keel over dead. He needed to come so badly his entire body was shaking. "No more...no more...gotta come...please..."

That was what she had been waiting for! She closed both hands around him, let him slide as far into her throat as she could take him, and began to swallow.

Goddamn! He was firing off like a rocket, pulsing so damned hard and fast he thought his body was about to splinter into a million pieces.

She took down every drop, continued to caress and lick and kiss his throbbing shaft until at last the anaconda lay still in her hands. She looked up at him, unconsciously licked her lips.

He watched that pink tongue move over her full lips. Holy shit! Did she have any idea how damned much that turned him on? She had just sucked his balls dry, and she was arousing him all over again. "C'mere, you," he said softly, tugging at her until she was laying on his chest.


"Damned near dead," he replied.

"Hmm. Another five minutes or so..." she giggled.

"You are such a smartass!" he laughed.

"I happen to know that you love my ass."

"I most certainly do." He hugged her tightly. "So what was that...whatever you were doing with your hands?"

She giggled again. "Liked that, did you?"

"Oh, hell yeah!"

"Well, I read about it."

He laughed. "You and your romance novels."

"Actually...it was online. Ten ways to drive him insane. Or something like that," she admitted. "So did it?"

"Did it what?"

"Drive you insane?"

He grinned. "Nope. Damned near, though."

She nodded. "Next time, five more minutes."

Laughter bubbled up again. "Just remember, if you drive me insane, you have to take care of me."

She frowned. "Oh, yeah. That is a bit of a down side, isn't it?"

"And if I'm insane, well, no way can I make you sigh and moan and-"

"Okay, no extra time," she said quickly.

Once again the thought that she had brought so much laughter, and love, and sunshine to his life filled his mind.



"I need you."

He looked down into her beautiful eyes. "I need you, Angel," he replied. He rolled them over, shifted so that he was completely on top of her. Felt her reach between their bodies, stroke his hardening shaft, guide him into that warm, wet well. He sank into her, sighed with contentment. Oh, yeah! Home, sweet home.

She locked her arms and legs around him, held him close as he slowly began to move, leading them in the first steps of the dance of love. She loved how completely full she was...he filled her body, her heart, her mind...her very soul. She loved being 'one' with him, their bodies mimicking the entity that their hearts created.

Her love was washing over him in waves. He smiled. She was never aware of sending it, and it happened every time they made love. He sent his in return, wanting...needing for her to feel how deep, how strong his love for her truly was. She was everything to him...all that he needed was her.

Their hips rocked together in a gentle, familiar rhythm. It didn't take long until the fire was demanding more. Flames danced around them as they moved faster, he pushed deeper into her body. He rose up on outstretched arms, began to pull almost completely out of her before plunging back into her warmth...again and again and again...harder, faster, deeper. He moved his hips against hers each time he drove into her, felt her pushing back against him.

When he moved back on his heels, she was ready, clinging to his neck. His hands went to her hips, lifting her up, pulling her back down as he continued to thrust into her. His mouth went to her throat, he began to nip at that soft, fragrant skin, leaving his mark on her as they continued to race toward that amazing climax.

"Touch yourself," he panted. "Make it good!"

She obeyed, her fingers moving over that swollen nub, the action familiar and sending pleasure up and down her spine. "Oh, god...I'm gonna come!"

"Do it, Case...give it to me," he grunted.

She cried out, her aria of love ringing around them for the second time. The sweet sound and the convulsing of her well around his throbbing flesh sent him over the edge. He cried out her name, pulled her close and held her tightly as sent his love deep into her willing body.

They were both breathing hard when he dropped to his back. "So good," she whispered.

"So good," he whispered in agreement.

She snuggled against his chest. "Love you," she murmured.

"Love you, too, Angel," he replied.

It had been a long day, the emotional ups and downs as trying as the physical hardships they had endured. Their love had left them satiated and spent. Locked within each other's embrace, their love a protective shield around them, the lovers fell into the arms of Morpheus, blessedly too tired to dream. They had survived in an alternate reality, taking out a Goa'uld during their time there, and had hopefully righted a wrong or two. They would never know what happened after they left the temple pyramid. They could only hope and pray for those left behind in a reality where they didn't belong. And that the future of that reality would be better than the past.

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