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Saturday Night's All Right

"…`Cause Saturday night's the night I like
Saturday night's alright alright alright…"
"Saturday Night's Alright" by Elton John



I love Saturday's. Not just because I don't have to go to the base. Not because we load the kids in the car and go to the library for more 'snuggle time' books to read, although I do enjoy looking through the books with Emily. Certainly not because of the grocery shopping, or the laundry that Casey insists be done. It's not because we take the kids to Dairy Queen or Tyrone's Burger Barn, even though that is important family time. It's because after all of that, we take the kids to Casey's parent's house. By seven at the latest, I have my Wife, and the house, all to myself. Saturday night is when Casey blows my mind, again and again, and again, and if things go really well …again. That's what I love about Saturdays.

It's been like a freaking roller coaster for us the past few weeks, emotionally speaking. So today Casey says we're only spending thirty minutes at the library; she wants to be out of the grocery store in under an hour, and the laundry can wait until tomorrow. She wants the kids at her parent's house by five. I noticed that the leather outfit that she wears as "Gabrielle" has been cleaned, so has the one that I wore. She picked them up from the dry cleaners yesterday. The cuffs and chains are on the chair in our bedroom. I don't dare think about what she has planned, I won't be able to keep my cock from standing straight up at attention if I do. If she looks at me and gives me 'that' smile one more time, that's going to happen anyway. God, I love her! I love how she can surprise me, how she can create a fantasy, love the way she fills our love life with fun and mystery and the most incredible sex a man can have and survive to tell about.

She's making out her grocery list, I can't help but slip up behind her, move that silky hair aside so that I can kiss her neck. She always smells so good! Love to kiss her just behind the ear like…that…so that she shivers…like that. "Love you, Angel."

She smiles over her shoulder at me. "Love you, Sweetheart," she says, her voice soft and full of love. She turns around, puts her arms around my neck and presses her body against me. Oh, yeah! Love that! She feels so good! Feeling the soft curves of her body pressed against me does nothing toward helping me maintain control. "Would you mind getting Emmie ready to go? I'll change Nicholas in just a minute, I'm almost finished with this."

"Wouldn't mind at all." Anything to get us out the door and on our way. So that I can bring her back in that door and…nope… don’t go there, bucko! Gotta stay in control here!

I find Emmie playing happily in her bedroom. Aaron and Erin bought her a little Playschool kitchen. I stop at the door to watch her, listen to her. She's pretending to be her mother, taking care of her 'babies', talking on the little play phone, I hear her say she's waiting for 'her Daniel' to come home from work. How cute is that? Now she's telling her dolly that Daddy loves her very much. Damned straight I do, Princess! I walk into the room, grab her up and hug her tight. She squeals and laughs. She presses her little lips against my cheek and blows, giving me a "Zerbert" kiss. I have no idea how that started. But I love every second of it. "Come on, Princess, let's get you cleaned up."

I toss her upside down over my shoulder, which brings more squeals and laughter. The kids' bathroom has just been repainted, it's a lighter blue now, with fish and seashells and bubbles all over the walls. Casey won't admit it, she claims to have used stencils, but I know she painted it all freehand. I know, because I saw her do it. She did a great job. I'm amazed at her talents. I just don't understand why she tries to hide them.

"Daddy, we get new books today?" Emily asks me, her little face looking eagerly up at me.

Daddy. God, is there a more beautiful word in the English language? In any language? Only one other word rivals that one…Husband. "Yep, Princess, we're going to the library to get new books. I'll help you find some good stories for this week. We have to hurry today, though."

"'Kay. I want big stories."

'Big stories'? I think she means longer stories. My daughter is growing fast, and is showing signs of being like me. I have loved books ever since I can remember. She'll be starting preschool right after her third birthday. Time has gone so fast! My baby girl, three…and in preschool! "We'll see what we can find, Princess."

She nods her little head. I get her hands and face washed, brush her hair, it's just like Casey's, soft as silk. I've learned how to handle the tiny barrettes that Case uses, and put one on each side of her head to keep it out of her face.

"Where're your shoes?"

"'On't know," she tells me, shaking her head.

I pick her up, take her back into her room and look for the sneakers that she prefers to wear. She must have ten pairs of shoes, but the sneakers are her favorites. There they are, beside the toy box. I sit her on the bed, and squat down in front of her, put them on and tie them.

"Me, tie, Daddy," she says.

No, she can't be ready to tie her shoes! She's not even three yet! "Okay, give me your hands." I put my fingers over hers, and we tie the lace of the other shoe. She looks at me, gives me a look that rivals one of her mother's, and unties it.

"A'gin, Daddy!"

"One more time, and that's it." We tie the lace one more time, she giggles, again just like Case, and throws her arms around my neck. I get another 'Zerbert', and she's ready to go.


A  A  A  A  A  A


There was a long discussion, debate really, at one of the city council meetings right after Casey and I moved here about whether or not car seats would be mandatory in Hope for all children under the age of five. There really isn't a lot of vehicle traffic in Hope. The stores are within walking distance for most of the older homes. Older homes. Yeah, they're what, eight, nine years old now? Ours is almost three years old. We live in one of the 'newer' developments, farther from downtown and the grocery store. We still walk to town every once in awhile, it's good for us, and fun to visit with our neighbors on the way. Hope reminds me of a small town on Earth, circa 1940s. Peaceful, quiet, safe. With every modern convenience available. But it was decided that accidents can, and will happen, and that every safety measure must be taken to protect our children, especially those who are Immortal. Having a child become Immortal is a nightmare from hell. So, like all the other parents in Hope, Case and I bought car seats for the kids. I toss the bags in the back of the jeep, and then put Emmie in her seat, while Case puts Nicholas in his.

Jack and Sam are in the front yard playing with their girls when we drive by. We give them a wave, get waves and smiles in return. Jack has suggested carpooling to the base several times. I finally broke down and told him that the reason I haven't taken him up on the offer is because Casey and I slip away a couple of days a week at lunch time and go to the lake for a little…'afternoon delight'. It's always oral, she can't stand the thought of someone smelling sex on her. Case and I both had to laugh when we saw their Bronco at the lake on Thursday. I'm pretty sure I saw the thing rocking.

The library is in a new building, it was only completed a year ago. In order to encourage families to visit, there is a parking lot for families only, which is closer to the entrance than the main lot. There are already a dozen cars here. I get the stroller out of the back while Case gets Nicholas, then I help Emily out. I make her hold onto my hand, and I grab the bag of books. Nicholas looks up at me and smiles. My son. My son. I can't help but lean over and run my hand over his head.

Casey puts the strap of her purse on her shoulder, it starts to fall off, so I adjust it for her. She flashes that zillion-watt smile of hers, the one that makes my knees weak. She pushes the stroller, and off we go. Emily is tugging at me. She loves coming to the library. Sort of like me. My heart is pounding. I'm bringing my family to the library. I have vague memories of a library…I'm not sure where…my parents pouring over stacks of books, putting books in front of me, or in my hands. To be doing something that they did with me when I was a kid, something that I remember doing, makes me happy. I have thought a lot about what Glenna, my mother's Guardian, told me. I wonder if my Mom and Dad are watching us; if it makes them happy to see that I'm trying to do for my children what they did for me.

Emily knows the routine, and proudly marches up to the desk. "We bringed books back," she says, tugging at the tote bag in my hand.

"Well, hello, Emily!" Pat Tingsdell is an Immortal who helped to hide and protect the contents of libraries during WWII. She says she's loved books ever since she learned to read, back in 1387. Her adoptive father was businessman, and had access to books. He didn't believe in leaving his daughter ignorant while his sons were educated. So when the tutor refused to teach her, he taught her himself. She grins at me and winks. "Hello, Dr. Jackson."

"Hi, Pat. Anything new today?" I put the tote on the counter.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. I found a copy of that manuscript you were asking about. I put a hold on it, do you want it now, or when you check out?"

"When we check out." As anxious as I am to get a look at that copy of an old book on Sumerian writings, I can wait. I have a little girl, my daughter, who wants to look at storybooks. I try to remember if my parents found books for me before looking for their own, but my memory doesn't seem to hold that information. Pat nods, and smiles, Emily is tugging at my hand again, eager to begin her search. She has no idea how that tugs on my heart as well.

Casey is already pushing the stroller toward the children's section. We look at the 'new arrivals', and decide that the new Tommy Turtle story is a must. Emily is looking at a book with pictures of rabbits on it. Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. She'll love that story. I crouch down beside her. "Do you want that book, Princess?"

She nods, and grips the book tightly. Okay, two books, one more, and we'll be out of here.

I find a copy of Mr. Wiggles, another story about a rabbit. I show it to Emmie, and her eyes light up.

"I want that one, Daddy!"

"Okay, Princess. Let's see if Mommy wants to get a book today." Sometimes Case will get a book or two, anything Issac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, Jane Auel, or Tom Clancy. She likes the romance stories as well, and reads a lot of Nora Roberts stuff. She buys her romance novels, she calls them 'bodice rippers', at Peterson's Mercantile.

Emily runs to where Casey is standing, near the new arrivals for the adult section of the library. "Mommy! You get a book t'day?"

She nearly drops the book in her haste to put it down. I move closer so I can see what it is. 'How to Make Love to a Man'. She's got to be kidding, right? She could write a book about making love! She looks up at me, and blushes. God, I love it when she blushes...there's something so innocent about it.

"No, Baby, I don't think I'll be getting any books today." She pushes the stroller past me, and I just can't help myself.

I lean over to whisper in her ear. "Checking to see if they know what they're talking about?" 

She looks up at me. "What?"

I nod toward the book. "I figure you could give them a few pointers."

Her cheeks turn a rosy pink. "I don't know about that."

"I do." No woman makes love like Casey. From the complaints I sometimes hear in the locker room, she should be giving instructions to some of the wives and girlfriends around here.

She shakes her head, then starts giggling. One of my most favorite sounds, in case I've never mentioned it before. "As long as you're happy, sweetheart."

I can't stop the grin I feel spread across my face. "You make me happy, Angel. You make me ecstatic in bed."

She leans up and kisses my chin. "Ditto, Stud Muffin."

This conversation hasn’t been so good for my self-control. Just thinking about being in bed with my Angel can make me hard. She gives, and gives, and then gives some more. I have been with a few women in my time. And I have never been with a woman who makes love with such passion, such enthusiasm. Such love. I take Emily's hand, glance at my watch as we go to the check out counter. Twenty minutes. Cool.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The Hope library is on the east side of town. Murphy's, the grocery store that we have frequented since our arrival to Gamma, is on the west side. I glance over at Case as I drive down the main street of Hope. She looks…distracted. That can be a bad sign, given her gift of sight. "Something wrong?"

She looks over at me and smiles. A smile like that should be considered a lethal weapon. That's the smile that did in Framone. And Ba'al. "No. Just…anxious."

I don't have to ask what she's anxious for. She's planning…thinking about what we're going to do tonight…what she's going to do with me, to me…for me. I reach for her hand, raise those soft fingers to my lips. Her skin is like satin, and is as sweet as it is soft. I can't resist running my tongue over her fingertips, just barely touching them, tasting them. I hear her sharp intake of breath, I glance over, see the fire in her eyes. She gently pulls her fingers from my grasp, trails them over my jaw, which sets fire to my skin. "Me, too, Angel." 

When we get to Murphy's, I try to find a spot in the shade. The jeep will be too hot for my kids and my Wife, if I leave it parked in the sun. I make sure all of the windows are down, and the sunroof open; letting the air flow through here will help. Once again I'm glad that we live in Hope. This is the only place I've ever lived where locks are habit, not necessity. Casey takes Nicholas from his car seat, I help Emily out of hers.

"Daniel, I need to grab a diaper and the wipes," she says, waiting at the back of the car. I open the back, reach into his overnight bag and find the needed items. She turns, offers her purse to me. I tuck the diaper and box of wipes into that over-sized denim bag. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." I have to grab at Emily, she's trying to run ahead of us. "Emily Rose, you stay with me. Hold my hand." 

"'Kay, Daddy." She happily wraps her little fingers around my index finger, and hops along beside me. I can't help but smile. The dark days after Sha're was taken, then killed, the lonely days after I returned from Ascension, even the lonely days of my youth are but a memory now, fading more everyday. My life changed so drastically when Casey fell into my arms. She's filled it with laughter and love and sunshine. Then, a miracle happened, and she gave me a daughter. I didn't think I could love any more, be any happier. I look over at Nicholas when he starts jabbering to his mother. When Casey whispered in my ear that she was pregnant for a second time, my mind just couldn't wrap itself around the fact that I was receiving a third, incredible miracle in my life. I have a family. A Wife, a daughter, a son. My family. I never thought it would happen for me.

"Sweetheart, can you hold Nicholas? I have to find my list."

She puts him into the crook of my arm. He grins up at me, beats my chest and stomach with his feet as he continues to jabber. We stop, waiting for Casey to find one slip of paper in that ridiculous, oversized, overstuffed purse of hers. I still firmly believe that the cell phone she lost is in there somewhere.

"Got it!" she says, smiling at me. She gets two carts, one for the kids, one for the groceries.

She lifts Emily into the basket while I get Nicholas settled into the seat. He looks up at me, jabbers, then grins. "Think so, huh?" I get a baby laugh in return, apparently my son and I have just shared a secret. 

Casey is looking over her list, holding it in one hand, pushing a cart with the other. We start out in the produce section. She's loading apples and bananas and oranges, salad greens and celery and cucumbers and tomatoes into the cart. A bag of green peppers, another of mushrooms, two of carrots, we seem to go through a lot of those - they're one of Emily's favorite vegetables. Green beans…cool. Maybe she'll get some ham for them. I know that she loves peaches, they're her favorite fruit. I get a bag and pick out a few while she's looking at the onions and potatoes. She looks up at me when I put them in the cart.

"Thank you, sweetheart," she says softly, her smile warm and loving.

The look she's giving me makes my knees turn to jelly. You'd think I'd just given her the crown jewels or something! "You like peaches, you should have them." She always makes sure that whatever I like is on hand. She makes sure that Emily's favorites are available. She'll do the same for Nicholas. She just doesn't take time to treat herself as well as she does us. So, I make sure she has what she needs…wants…desires.

Diane Murphy, co-owner of the store, stops beside the cart, smiles at Emily. "Hi, Doctor Jackson! How are you today?"

"Hi, Diane. I'm fine. How are you?"

"Can't complain. These two are just growing like little weeds, aren't they?"

I look down at my children. My almost three year old daughter. My eight month old son. "Yep, they are." It hits me again how fast they really are growing. Too fast. Time is just moving by too quickly.

The older woman smiles and nods to where Casey is disappearing around the shelves of the next aisle. "I see she's in a hurry today."

I can't help but grin. She has a good reason to be in a hurry today. "Yeah, she is. Guess I'd better catch up."

"Probably. Have a nice day, Doctor Jackson.'

"You, too, Diane."

I catch up with Casey by the canned goods. Looks like she's stocking up for Monday. She's staying home to cook, the freezer is almost empty. She gives me another dazzling smile, then we're moving on. Up and down each aisle, she carefully marks off each item that goes into the cart.

When we reach the meat counter, she turns to me. "Any requests?"

I walk over to look at the steaks. "These look good."

"Yes, they do. Why don't you get a couple of packages, we can have one for dinner tomorrow, the other I can freeze for later." She stands next to me, I can feel her breasts against my arm. Which send flames shooting straight down my spine and into my twitching cock. I move my arm slightly, just enough to push against her a bit more. The contact is enough to set my very soul on fire for her.

I look, find the leanest cuts I can see, put them into the cart. She already has a small package of ham. Cool! I love her green beans and ham. Two chickens, she's planning a couple of chicken pot pies, it looks like.

At the bakery, Emily gets a free cookie. Casey picks up a couple of loaves of bread, a couple bags of dinner rolls, and a package of chocolate walnut cookies. My favorite. I prefer her home baked cookies, but these are good.

Finally we're heading to the checkout stand. I glance at my watch. Forty-five minutes. I can't stop the grin that spreads over my face. Not much longer and I'll be holding her in my arms.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The hardest part about getting all the groceries into the house is not falling over the kids. Emily races from the kitchen to the jeep and back again, and Nicholas is in the walker trying to do the same. I tell Casey to just stay inside and start putting things away, that will save time, and at least her son will be willing to stay inside with her. If I give Emmie small things to carry, it keeps her happy, and beside me, rather than dashing back and forth in front of me. A half a dozen trips, and the Jeep is unloaded.

Casey has a system for her pantry. I've never been exactly sure what it is, but everything is organized precisely the way she wants it. I let her put away anything that goes in there. I can fill the freezer, or put things into the refrigerator. She pulls a box of ziplock bags from the drawer, and quickly divides up the large bags of dinner rolls. When she's finished, into the freezer they go. Most of the meat goes into the fridge, she'll be cooking it on Monday. The fresh veggies are put away, the fruit bowl is completely full to over flowing, and her potato bin is full again.

Nicholas starts fussing, and she takes him in to change him. I look at the clock. It's already three-thirty. By the time we get the kids fed at Dairy Queen, and drop them off, it will be five. My body is already reacting in anticipation of what will happen then. I decide to fold grocery bags to keep my hands busy while I wait for her.  I should probably find something to occupy my mind as well, given that the thoughts of what I want to do to her…for her…with her…aren't so conducive to maintaining any semblance of control.

When Casey comes out of the bedroom, a clean and much happier Nicholas in her arms, she looks at me, and smiles. Her smile is one of the first things I remember noticing about her, that and those incredible green eyes. She can light up a room with that smile. She can make me hard and needy with that smile. Right now it's the latter that's happening.

Emily is jumping up and down beside the counter. "Dot dog time!" She loves Dairy Queen's hot dogs.

"It sure is, Baby," Casey smiles. She runs her hand over Emily's head, cups her chin in her hand. "What do we do when we're at Dairy Queen?"

"Mind ouah manneah's," Emily replies immediately.

"That's right. You're a big girl, so I know that you can do it."

"I'm a big giwl!" Emily agrees.

"Ready, Sweetheart?"

Oh, yeah, I’m ready! I'm ready to go to Dairy Queen, too. She's giving me that wicked little smile. I feel a shiver dance up and down my spine. I have the feeling she has something…interesting…planned for me. I briefly wonder if tonight will be the night that she succeeds in killing me. It certainly seems to be her intention most of the time. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Makes for some damn great sex! "I'm ready." 

She flashes that smile again, grabs her purse, and we're off again.

Sam and Jack are there, they arrived almost the same time that we did. While Casey and Sam take the kids outside to one of the larger tables, Jack and I order the food for our families. I think the kids who work here have our order memorized; one children's hot dog meal, one order of chicken strips with extra gravy, for Case, their burger deluxe for me, two iced teas, and for dessert, one dish of vanilla ice cream - for my son, one small vanilla cone for Emily, a hot fudge Sunday with the works for me, and a peanut buster parfait for my Wife. We get the ice cream after everything else is eaten.

I take my receipt to the table, I know that Carrie, the young lady who waited on me, will bring the food out to us, she always does.

"So, Jacksons, any plans for tonight?" Jack asks when he sits down beside Sam.

Casey blushes. Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears shit in the woods? "Yep."

Jack chuckles. "Okay. I won't bother asking what. But I want details Monday, Space Monkey," he teases.

"Yeah, like that's going to happen." What happens between Casey and I in the privacy of our home is just that, private. I have told him a few things. Enough that I know it drives him crazy wondering what we're doing on the Saturday nights we choose not to go out.

"A few beers, and you'll be talking," he grins.

"Don't count on it." Casey giggles. I have a low tolerance for alcohol, it's a well known fact. I get teased a lot about it. I know that he thinks the beer is what made me 'reveal' so much when we went Christmas shopping on Langara. It wasn't. I just needed to…brag…a little. He'd been bugging me with questions off and on for months. Casey thought he deserved a bit of 'enlightenment' on our Fantasy Night, after the phone call that I made which made him worry that something bad was possibly happening. No, Jack, my tolerance for alcohol might be low, but my desire to keep my love life private is much stronger.

Carrie brings out a tray loaded with our lunch. "Here you go, Dr. Jackson," she says. She blushes and smiles at me.

Casey says she has a crush on me. I don't think so, but then, I've never been the most astute when it comes to women, I guess. Too much time spent in books, not enough on learning to deal with people. "Thanks, Carrie."

Casey smiles up at the young woman. "Did you cut your hair?"

Carrie blushes more and nods. "Yeah, I did."

"It's really cute," my wife adds. She looks at me. 

Oh, hell no! She is not thinking about cutting her hair! 

"One of these days I'm going to cut mine," Casey sighs.

Oh, friggin' hell no! Better find out just what's going on in that pretty little head. "How short?" 

She looks at me and giggles. "I'm thinking just about even with my shoulder blades." She looks back up at Carrie. "I'd like to have it layered and maybe some highlights put in."

"Oh, that would look so good on you, Mrs. Jackson! If you decide to do it, go over to Silver Scissors, and ask for Marcie. She never cuts off more than what you want, and she's the best when it comes to highlights."

"Thanks, Carrie! I'll remember that."

'You're not serious!' There's that smile again. Damn it, when she looks at me like that, I can't be mad at her, or stay mad at her

'Maybe I am.'

"I like your hair just the way it is."

Sam laughs. "Give it up, Case. You'll never do it. You'll cave in to what he wants every time."

Now that's a disturbing thought. How often does she 'cave in', denying herself something in order to please me? But, god I love her hair so much! It's long enough now that when she's riding me, and she drops her head back as she comes, her hair brushes against my legs. It's a sensual feeling. As long as she doesn't cut it too short…"I guess if it's even with your shoulder blades I could live with it."

She looks at me in surprise. "Really?"

"Yeah, really."

The smile that she gives me takes my breath away. Makes it worth capitulating on this particular issue. "Maybe I'll make that appointment this week, then." She looks over at the swings where Emmie and Evvie are playing. "Emmie, come eat, Baby." She opens up a jar of peas and a jar of applesauce for Nicholas. He must be hungry…as soon as he sees what she's doing, he starts bouncing, his little mouth open for that first spoonful.

I pull Emily to sit beside me, so that I can make sure she's eating. I watch her sneak a couple of my french fries. She thinks she's being stealthy. Jack has seen her also; he catches my eye and grins.

Carrie brings a tray of food for the O'Neill's and we sit and eat and talk. As much as I want to hurry things along, I try to be patient. I even manage to avoid looking at my watch, although it isn't easy. Soon. Soon she'll be naked and writhing beneath me and blowing my mind.


A  A  A  A  A  A


As soon as Emily is finished with her ice cream, I'm ready to go. I notice that Casey hasn't eaten but half of her parfait. She'll put it in the freezer when we get home, forget about it, and I'll toss it out in a week or so. She looks over at me, the Fire is starting to burn. We're going straight to the Desala's. Hopefully we won't be there very long. I glance at my watch. Four-forty. Not too bad. It will probably be five thirty before we actually make it home, though. Oh, well. I'll have my Angel alone until noon tomorrow. Then we'll have lunch with her parents, like we do every Sunday when we're not on a mission.

Casey cleans Nicholas up with a wet wipe, and hands him to me. She takes Emmie by the hand and leads her to the bathroom where she'll wash her hands and face.

Evvie has fallen asleep in Jack's arms. "Guess we'd better get going," he says softly. "See you Monday."

"Okay." I catch a glance at the look on Sam's face. I have the feeling that she's up to something. Hmmm…if Jack wants details about my Saturday night, I might have to demand to hear all about his first.

Casey comes back out, Emmie runs to me and wraps her arms around me. I put an arm around her, kiss the top of her blonde head.

I watch the look the women exchange, the barely suppressed smiles. I'm almost tempted to warn Jack, but decide better of it. Sam must be making a surprise out of whatever it is she's up to. I would have been pissed if anyone had ruined the surprise for me the first time Casey walked into the living room wearing that corset, white stockings and those shoes. The surprise, the shock was part of the intrigue, the…excitement…of the entire night.

"Ready to go to Meemaw and Peepaw's?" Casey asks.

Emily nods. "I stay at Meemaw's?"

"Yes, Baby, you'll spend tonight with Meemaw," Casey replies.

"Peepaw tells me stowies," Emily says.

"He does? Does he tell good stories?"

She nods again. She yawns. She didn't get a nap today, so she'll probably be ready for bed early tonight.

Casey has gathered up all of the trash and thrown it away. She looks at me, gives me that smile, and I am so ready to be alone with her! We head out to the jeep. It's all I can do to keep from racing across town to my in-law's house.


A  A  A  A  A  A


A glance in the rearview mirror tells me that both Nicholas and Emily have given up and are asleep. If Emmie wakes up before we get her inside, she'll be whiny and clingy for a little while. I have become fairly proficient at getting her from her car seat to her bed without waking her up. I can only hope that I'll be able to do so today. I love my daughter. I need to be with her Mommy…as soon as possible.

There's another car in the driveway when we pull up in front of the house. Looks like the Seeney's are here. Apparently these four Ancients are old friends. Casey has mentioned that her mother seems to be thrilled to have an old friend nearby to visit with, and that the two women meet for lunch at least twice a week, grandchildren in tow. Friends can brighten one's life immeasurably.  So it's a nice thought to know that these old friends are together once again.

Casey gently takes Nicholas from his car seat. I unbuckle Emmie's seat, carefully lift her into my arms, rest her little head on the top of my shoulder. So far so good. Erin must have seen us drive up, she's holding the door open. I carry my daughter straight into the guest bedroom and lay her down. She sighs, and rolls to her side. I run fingers run over her cheek, her skin is as soft as her mother's. I push her hair from her face. My daughter. That feeling of absolute awe washes over me. Casey comes in, and puts Nicholas in the crib in the corner.

We slip out of the room, carefully pull the door closed. Casey goes in and hugs her parents. Erin holds me at arms length, looks me over, then hugs me.

"You've been working too hard," she tells me.

It makes me feel…loved…when she fusses like this. "Not any harder than usual." 

She shakes her head. "Then you work too hard."

Aaron grins at me, shakes my hand, squeezes my shoulder. "Don't argue, Daniel, just promise her that you won't work as hard."

I look down at the woman who looks so much like my beautiful Wife. "I promise I won't work so hard."

Erin rolls her eyes, but laughs.

I jog out to the jeep to get the kids' overnight bags, when I come back in, I greet Liam and Amanda Seeney. They still seem a bit overwhelmed at life here in Hope, but Aaron has told me that because of them, several other Ancients will be arriving soon, eager to meet children denied to them for centuries. I have often thought about how it would feel to know that I had a child, but was allowed no knowledge of that child. If I were aware of Emily and Nicholas' existence, but couldn't know anything about them, couldn't hold them, be there for them, it would tear me apart. I don't know how these…Beings…have managed to deal with all of this.

Casey and her mother and Amanda are in the kitchen, it sounds like Case is telling her how to make lasagna. It's all I can do to keep from looking at my watch. I can feel the nervous energy starting to build. I want to get home. I want to make love to her. Now. Right freaking now!

I accept the beer that Aaron offers me. Anything to keep the flames at bay for just a little while longer.

"Duncan tells me that you have…met…Nergal," Liam says. He has a small frown on his face.

"Yeah. Nasty piece of work from what we've learned." I glance toward the kitchen. Come on, Angel, I can't take much more!

"Indeed. He delights in tormenting the Innocent. I would not like to be him when at last he is killed. He has much to atone for."

I couldn't care less if the bastard burns in hell, or whatever fate awaits him when we kill him. I just want him dead. I could feel Casey's fear when she called to me, when she and Sam were with him. She wasn't that frightened of Ba'al. "All I care about is taking him out." 

Casey comes out of the kitchen. She looks up at me and winks. My knees shake when she does that. She reaches for me, puts her head on my shoulder, her arms around my waist. My arm is around her in an instant. Her soft touch has the Fire roaring, has me trembling with desire…want…need. "Ready to go, Sweetheart?"

Oh, hell yes! I wonder if I can make it home before I have to taste her, feel her. "Yeah, I am."

"We'll see you for lunch tomorrow," she says, hugging her parents.

"Have a nice evening," Erin says.

I have to smile. It will be nice, it always is. I’m hoping for some down and dirty, make me scream action. "Thanks, you too."

Casey wraps her fingers around mine as we walk back to the jeep. The touch sends flames shooting through my body. I walk to her side of the car, open the door for her. Nope. Can't make it. I wait for her to get settled on the seat, then lean in to kiss her, just to get a little taste of those sweet lips. My heart is pounding against my ribs. At last…alone at last.


A  A  A  A  A  A


My heart starts pounding a little harder with every block we go. By the time I pull into the driveway, I'm shaking. I look over, she's watching me, that beautiful, mind-altering smile on her face.

"How does a nice warm bath sound?" she asks, her voice soft, seductive.

"Sounds great, Angel." It's what's after the bath that I’m actually most interested in.

She opens the car door, practically bounces up the steps onto the porch. I watch her for a minute, every movement she makes tormenting me, tantalizing me. Soon. I'm going to make love to her until she can't think.

By the time I get inside, she's already got water running, and she's in the bathroom stripping. The sight of that exquisite body makes mine hard in an instant. I reach for her, pull her against me, kiss her like I've been wanting to all day. My hands are moving, won't be denied any longer. Her breasts fill  them, the hard nipples press against my palms. She pushes against me, her signal that she needswantsmore than just the simple touch. I massage those perfect globes, she sighs into my mouth. My cock is straining against my jeans. I need her so damned much!

She pulls her lips from mine, moves them down over my chin, my jaw. Her hands are pulling at my clothes, her fingers unbutton my shirt. Her mouth follows them, leaving a trail of fire over my skin. When she pushes the shirt from my shoulders, she looks up at me, her green eyes full of fire, love…desire. God, what that look can do to me!

I lean back against the dresser, use it for support as she takes off my boots and socks. She leans up, unfastens my belt, the snap of my jeans, tugs down the zipper. Again her sweet lips are following her fingers. She has my cock in her mouth before she's even started pushing my jeans off of me. Sweet Jesus! That feels so damned good! My mind barely registers the fact that she's waiting for me to lift my leg up so she can get the jeans off.

I’m standing naked in front of her, she's working her mouth over me like it's the last time she'll ever get a chance to touch me, taste me. She knows exactly what to do, exactly what drives me crazy. I'm so damned hard, her mouth is so hot and sweet and dear god what she can do with her tongue! I watch her - her eyes are closed, she looks…contented…excited. She's going to make me come if I don't pull away now!

She moves forward, pins me against the dresser. One hand is working the base of my cock, she can't get all of me into her mouth; the other is running up and down my thighs, stopping to caress my aching balls. She looks up at me, winks, and the next thing I know, my cock is rubbing the back of her throat, and…Sweet Jesus in Heaven, I'm gonna come! I can't help but moan as I empty into her mouth, down her throat. She doesn't let up until I've stopped throbbing. When she pulls away, I'm gasping for breath.

I reach for her, pull her to her feet. "Your turn, Angel." I can see the shiver that moves over her body. I kneel in front of her, put my hands on her slender thighs, push her legs a bit farther apart. I can smell her, feel the heat that radiates from her body. I kiss her flat belly, tug at that navel ring, hear her gasp. I lick the skin at the top of her inner thighs, feel her body tremble beneath my hands and tongue. She lets out a soft moan when I run my tongue from the top of her folds to that sweet, wet opening. I do it several times, back and forth, her hips jerk each time I touch her swollen clit. I have waited for this all day…I press my face against her, shove my tongue as deep into her sweet well as I can. I lick at her, that honey so sweet…so intoxicating…I can't get enough. She's nearly panting when I move up, so that I can suck on her clit. I pull it into my mouth, hold it gently between my teeth and flick my tongue back and forth over it. When I slide two fingers into her, and stroke her in time with the movements of my tongue, she makes tiny sounds in the back of her throat that totally turn me on all over again.

"Oh, Daniel," she whispers. Her hands are in my hair, holding me close as she shoves her hips against my face.

I pull away long enough to look up at her. Her head is back, her eyes are closed. I'm as ready to hear her sweet song of love as she is to fly. "Give it to me, Angel." I go back to what I was doing. I can feel her clit swell even more against my tongue. That beautiful whimper fills her throat. I slow the rhythm of my fingers, tease her clit just a bit more, then suck it hard. I slide a third finger into her and push as deep as I can. She cries out, and I can feel her orgasm take over her body. Her hips are jerking against me, her well grasping and clamping down on my fingers. I keep licking her until the spasms stop.

"That was incredible," she whispers. Her hands are still in my hair.

"Good." I'm glad to know that I pleased her as much as she pleased me. I stand up, kiss her, let her taste the sweet honey that I'm so addicted to.

"Now that we're a little more in control, let's take that bath," she says softly.

The water has been running slowly this entire time, and the tub is almost overfilled. She turns the faucets off, pulls the plug to let some of the water out.

I settle into the tub, and recline, the plastic pillow that she insisted on getting right after we moved in comfortably behind my back. I expect her to sit in front of me, lean back against me. Instead, she straddles my legs, facing me.

"Do you remember the night we moved into the house on Baldwin Street?" she asks softly.

Yeah, I do remember that night. It was just before we were married, I wasn't Immortal yet. I was so damned tired; she led me to the bathroom and a hot bubble bath. Just holding her was enough to have me ready to make love, and we did. "I remember, babe."

She leans forward, puts her head on my shoulder. I can feel her hands, she's starting to stroke me, making me hard again. I return the favor…slide my hand between her thighs, gently caress her; my other hand moves to her breasts. She giggles, and I know it has nothing to do with what my hands are doing.


She looks up at me. "I'm so going to enjoy tonight," she says. Her eyes are full of fire, excitement, love…and something a bit…dangerous. To my sanity that is.

"Think so, huh?"

"Oh, yeah." She leans up to kiss me. "Just do what is asked of you, my sweet Master, and you won't regret it."

Yep, she's up to something. "If I'm the Master, shouldn't you be doing what I ask of you?"

She smiles. "Is that what you want? Whatever you want, Daniel, I'll do."

I know she means that. Anything that comes into my mind she'll do, no questions, no hesitation. I can take her anyway that I want, she'll only offer more of herself. That thought alone is enough to blow my mind. She has something planned. I can see it in her eyes. "All right, my Little Slave. We'll play this game your way."

"You won't be sorry, trust me," she whispers in my ear. That simple statement makes me shiver.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Her head is back against my shoulder, I rest my cheek against it. Her hands have worked me back up to full raging hardness. I want…need…to feel myself inside her warm body. "In you, babe," I whisper in her ear. She looks up at me and smiles. Without a word she shifts her beautiful body until she's leaning over the side of the tub, her perfect ass pointed right at me, that enticing pink flesh winking at me. I move up behind her, slide my aching cock into her waiting well. "Oh, yeah!"

She pushes back against me, I know I heard her sigh when I entered her. I reach around her slender hip and slip my hand between her thighs. My fingers reach…search…find…caress. "Right there," she whispers.

She's pushing against my hand now, with each stroke my fingers make. I close my eyes and just savor the feeling of being inside her. Oh yeah…this is it…this is right…in…out…in…out… slow and steady. She's using those muscles to squeeze me… massage me…every inch of my cock is getting her loving attention…it feels so damned good! She fits me perfectly, has always fit me perfectly. I move my knee against hers, push gently, she understands and spreads her legs wider. Oh god! I push deep and hard with each thrust…my thigh is against hers, and I can feel that gentle quiver that tells me that she's about to come

"You're almost there, Angel. Give it to me. Come for me, Case."

That dulcet whimper fills her throat, she pushes back against me, then she cries out my name. I can feel every tremor in her well as her body wraps around my cock like a fist. "Now, Daniel," she says softly. "Let me feel you throb."

Her every wish is my command. I move both hands to her hips, hold her steady, and drive into her, deeper and harder with every stroke I make. I increase the rhythm, moving faster…I feel her get hot and wet, she's just come again. I lean forward, press my chest against her back, reach around her and fill my hands with those beautiful breasts. She's moving her hips up and down against me…it feels so freaking good!…oh god…I can feel it…here it comes…"Oh, god! Casey!" I let my head fall forward onto her shoulder.

She reaches back, her soft hand caresses my hip. "Feel better?"

"Much. You?"

"Much. Let's get washed up, and then I'm going to give you a massage."

A massage, huh? Good things always happen when she does that. I think briefly of the one night that a massage led to one of the greatest nights of sex we ever had. That thought makes me wonder…nah…she wouldn't…would she? Yeah, she would. Oh, hell…I'm in for it tonight! I shiver, and now I can't stop grinning. She's going to try and kill me. What a way to go! I pull out of her body, sit back down in the lukewarm water.

Casey turns around, looks at me for a few seconds, frowns slightly. She's just figured out that I know, or that I at least suspect what she's up to.

She's not quite as sneaky as she thinks. "What's the matter, Angel?" I try not to sound too smug. 

She looks at me for another second or two. "Nothing. And don't you even think you know what's going to happen."

I can't help it, I can feel my grin get wider. "Whatever you say, babe." I grab her scrunchy and soap, and start washing her. When I start to chuckle she grabs my wash cloth and smacks me across the chest with it. It only stings a little bit. "Ow!"

"Oh, that didn't hurt. Trust me. If I wanted it to hurt, you'd know it," she tells me.

"I'm sorry, babe."

"No you're not."

Okay, I'm not. But I'll never admit that to her. "Case, it's okay. You can tie me down and bring out Barney again." The last time she did that, I damned near passed out from need…but the love we made more than made up for the time she spent tormenting me.

She blinks, then starts to giggle. "Okay. If you're going to be cooperative about it. I'm still going to give you that massage."

Hey, no way I'm going to argue with that! I know what's going to happen. And I'm already starting to rise to the occasion.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey has always given great massages. When I come home, my shoulders aching from bending over a desk working on a translation, her soft fingers can ease the pain out of them in no time. I'm on my stomach, and those sweet hands are working over my back with such slow, gentle precision that I can feel myself relax. It helps that I've already come twice. Lots of relaxation from that! Her hands are down around my kidneys now, moving in circles. Back up to my shoulders - now she's working on my neck. Mmm…that's good, right there. Didn't even realize I was tensed up. My eyes drift closed as she continues to work her magic on my back. She's taking her time, that's for damned sure. I'm not complaining, I'm the one laying here, the recipient of her loving attention. When it's time, I'll let her tie me down. Her hands are on my hips and ass now…I always get hard when she works my glutes. She's moved on to my thighs, god it feels so good to just lay here and let her work all the tension out of my body. I should give her a massage. It's as much fun to give as it is to get, when it's done right. I wonder how long she's been doing this now? Seems like it's been at least thirty minutes already, maybe longer. Her hands are on my calves. She massages my feet, making sure every toe gets her attention. I'm going to go to sleep if she keeps this up!

Her hands are skimming up my sides. I feel her hair on me as she leans over, she presses a kiss against my neck. "Roll over, sweetheart," she whispers.

I'm so relaxed it's almost difficult to move. I manage to roll over, she kisses me briefly, then starts to work on my chest. She rubs my arms, my hands, my fingers. It's all I can do to stay awake at this point. She runs her fingers through my pubic hair, god I love it when she does that! I never knew that could be so freaking erotic! She avoids touching my now aching cock, but that's okay, she'll be giving it plenty of attention soon. She's still taking her time, her gentle touch so soothing…so relaxing…

Oh, hell! When did I fall asleep? I try to open my eyes…what the hell? She's blindfolded me! The little minx has blindfolded me! I'm tied down, too; spread-eagle on the bed, tied down, blindfolded…oh, Sweet Jesus she wouldn't do that to me! I feel her get onto the bed.

"Daniel?" she asks softly.

Okay, do I pretend to still be asleep, or do I let her start torturing me now?

"I know you're awake, sweetheart, I saw you move."

Shit! I don't know whether to laugh or scream in frustration. "I suppose I have to lay still?"

She giggles. "If you think you can."

I feel a slight tickling sensation on my left arm. Okay, that wasn't so bad. I can do this. I'll even bet that I can keep from moving. "Bet I can."

Now she laughs. "Really. And just what are you willing to bet?"

She's too damned sure of herself. Before I can even decide what it is I want from her - when I win - something soft barely moves over my belly. I jump…just from surprise, mind you. A few seconds later, that same something is moving over my nipples. I jerk again. Damn! That's…intense!

"Still willing to bet that you can lay perfectly still?"

After the last touch, maybe I should just back out of this bet now, while I have the chance. "Sure." Who the hell just said that?

"Oh, sweetheart, you're just too macho for your own good."

Me? Macho? That would certainly surprise a lot of people who consider me to be the world's biggest geek. That she thinks that of me is enough. I have never felt like a geek, or less than a man, with her. She tells me, not only in words, but with her eyes, her body, her love, that I'm a real man. Every sigh, every whimper she makes when I make love to her only reinforces that. Granted, since returning from Ascension, I've felt more…sure…of myself. But her love has been what has moved me from geek to…whatever it is I am now. A real man. Because of her, I'm The Chosen.

"I'm going to be good to you, Doctor Jackson. I'm not going to take you up on that bet."

Damn! A feather over the bottom of one's foot sure can't be ignored! I can remember how her body tensed and trembled, waiting for each touch; I feel mine doing the same thing. My hips are off of the bed when she moves it over my cock…the reaction is purely instinctual, no thinking involved.

"So how long do you think you can take this?" Her voice is soft and low and seductive and god I love her so much it hurts.

"As long as you can, babe." My response is automatic - simple male pride. I'm not only macho, I'm stupid. Now she'll keep this up until I go totally insane.

She giggles. God I love that sound! "Well, I can keep…this…up for a very long time!"

I flinch when the feather goes over my collarbones. "You win, babe. I give up."

Her lips touch mine, she's kissing me again. She tastes so sweet! "But I'm not finished yet," she whispers.

Oh, hell, things are about to get very damned interesting!


A  A  A  A  A  A


I nearly come off the bed in spite of the restraints when she runs that feather from my throat to the tip of my cock, just barely touching me with it. I'm so hard it hurts, and if she doesn't do something about it soon, I'm going to go crazy. Which, of course, is her intention. Make me crazy before she kills me! When she runs it up my leg, from my ankle to my balls, I can't help but jerk. "Case, you win." I'm panting, I can't take much more of this! I wonder just how in the hell she managed to stay sane when I did this to her!

I feel her hair on me, all around my legs and belly. Oh, yeah! Finally! She's going to suck me off, I know it! "That's it, babe, suck me," I whisper. My back arches when she runs that feather over my cock again. I swear to god I'm going to throw that damned thing away, as soon as she lets me up.

When I feel her take my cock into her mouth I almost scream with relief. She's running that talented tongue around it like it's a lollipop. Her hands are doing a great job of helping her, and if she backs off and stops, I don't think I'll be able to handle it. My hips are moving toward her mouth, I couldn't hold still now if my life depended on it; my chest is heaving with every breath I take. Oh, yeah, here it comes…right there …just like that…"That's it babe, just like that…"  Sweet Jesus! She takes every drop I give her.

"Feel better?"

"Yeah." I tug against my restraints. "So, you going to let me up so I can take care of you?"

She giggles. "Nope." She settles her hips over my face. I'm tempted to ignore her, not give her the relief I know she must need by now. But I can't stop myself. I can smell her, and before I realize it, my tongue is reaching for her. I'm too addicted to that sweet honey to miss an opportunity to taste it. She lowers herself the tiniest bit, making it easier for me to reach her beautiful body. "Oh, god, Daniel, you do that so well," she whispers.

I'll never admit it to her, but being tied down, and blind folded, and having her sweet pussy on my face is one hell of a turn on. I can already feel that familiar stirring in my groin. The woman is going to kill me. 

She tastes so sweet, I push my tongue inside her, just to get a better sample of that sweet nectar. Her hips are moving back and forth, she's as aroused by what she did to me as I was when I was teasing her.

"Yes, right there, don't stop," she whispers as I tease her clit with my tongue. I can't feel her thighs, she's trying hard not to touch me at all, but I hear that beautiful whimper fill her throat. "Oh, god, yes!" Her body jerks, I can feel the sudden rush of heat, I move my tongue to her sweet well to catch that flood of honey.

When she pulls away from me, I can't help but lick my lips, savor the taste of her. I have no idea what she's going to do next, and it's turning me on. I can feel her get off of the bed. I refuse to ask her where she's going, or what she's doing. Let her think I'm not interested anymore.

I hear her moving around in the closet. Mine, I think. What the hell is she doing? There are sounds I can't quite identify. When I hear the theme music for the adult film that we own…okay, it's a porn flick…I understand what she was up to. We keep a small TV/VCR combo in my closet, and every once in awhile we'll put it on the dresser and watch that movie here in bed. Usually we don't watch all of it because we get involved in what we're doing. I wait for her to at least take my blindfold off. But she doesn't do it.

It's a unique experience, listening to a porn flick. The music and dialog are really pretty bad, but the grunts, and cries and panting are all right there, loud and clear. I've seen it often enough that I can visualize what's on the screen. I feel her get back on the bed beside me, but she doesn't touch me at all. Now I hear…Oh, god! She's got Barney going! I don't have to see what's happening, I can imagine it, and it's going to drive me nuts! I can hear her breathing faster, harder. "Let me watch you, babe, please." I'm not above begging to be able to watch her pleasure herself. She tied my hands behind my back on Alteria, then made herself orgasm with Barney. It was incredible! When she finally untied me, I couldn't grab her fast enough, get inside her soon enough, drive into her hard enough! Came pretty damned hard, too.

"You’re sure you can handle it?"

Little smartass. God I love her! "Yeah, I can handle it."

"Okay, promise me that you'll keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them," she says softly.

What's she up to now? "I promise." I close my eyes, and wait. She lifts one edge of the blindfold, to make sure I'm complying. Satisfied, she takes it off of me. I feel her move off of the bed.

"Don't you dare peek!"

"I won't, I promise, babe." As much as I might want to, I understand that the anticipation is part of the game.

I can hear her doing something, but I’m not sure what.

"Okay, you can look now."

Sweet Jesus in Heaven! I hear a moan echo around me, realize that it came from me. She's sitting on the dresser, beside the TV, touching herself exactly like the girl in the movie is doing. Her head is back, her eyes closed, and every move the actress makes, she makes. Oh, god, this is going to make me totally insane! I'm already hard again! Yep, I should be keeling over any time now. The heart is sure to give out soon, it's pounding so hard!


A  A  A  A  A  A


She sits on the dresser for a few minutes, mirroring everything that the actress is doing, and I'm going to lose my mind. She opens her eyes, reaches over and turns the TV off. She pulls Barney out of her beautiful body, then walks over to the side of the bed.

"Feel like taking a little trip?"

Trip? Oh, hell, I hope she's talking about what I think she's talking about! I can't help but grin at the prospect. "Want to go Around the World, huh, Angel?"

She flashes that incredible smile at me. "If you think you're up to it."

Has she noticed just how hard my cock is? Damned straight I'm 'up' to it! "Let me loose and I'll show you what I'm up to." 

She giggles. "I don’t know. Maybe I'll just keep you tied up for the trip."

I need to touch her, taste her, feel her. I want to hold her in my arms, I want her arms around me while we make love on this 'trip'. "Babe, I want to touch you, make love to you."

Her eyes sparkle. "Oh, Daniel, I want that, too." Without another moment's hesitation, she unties my feet, unlocks the cuffs.

"C'mere, you." I pull her into my arms, hold her tight against my chest. "I thought for sure you were going to kill me this time."

She giggles again. "Never would have happened. You're too healthy for that."

"Must be all that extra-curricular activity, keeping all my vital organs healthy." That has been a joke between us since she woke up after falling…throwing herself actually…down the elevator shaft at the SGC after overhearing some very unkind comments about Immortals. The hours before she opened her eyes again were the longest, coldest…most agonizing I had ever experienced.

"Must be. I do my best," she says, smiling at me.

"You do a damned fine job, Angel." It's a wonder I haven't keeled over dead from her attempts to keep me healthy!

She snuggles against me. God, I love it when she does that! "You're not angry with me for what I did, are you?"

There it is, that insecurity that haunts her.  I pull her closer. "No babe, not at all. Why would I be? It was…intense, that's for sure. Didn't think I'd survive a couple of times. But it was an incredible turn on."

"Now you know how I felt. Only I didn't tease you as long as you teased me!"

I kiss the side of her head. "I might have to throw that feather away."

"Don't you dare! We might want to use it again…sometime," she says.

I don't think that's too likely. But then again…Memories of her beautiful body tied down to the bed, the reactions every touch of that feather made…maybe I will keep it. Might have to see if she can lay still any better the next time!

"Love you, sweetheart."

"Love you, Angel."

My heart has stopped pounding, I can breathe normally once again. I should be tired, but I'm not. In fact, I can't wait to start our 'trip'. I roll over, put her on the bed. She looks up at me with those amazing green eyes. They're so full of love it blows me away. I have to touch her, kiss her…I run my fingers over her face, lower my head and taste those sweet lips. Kissing Casey is probably one of the most enjoyable things in my life. She gives everything she is to me every time I kiss her; and this moment, this kiss, is no exception.

Denied for too long, my hand moves down to her breasts. I love her perfect, round, firm breasts. I have made love to them for hours, makes both of us crazy when I do that. Hmmm…I always take my time when I'm playing with them, but I think tonight calls for a little extra attention. Half the fun of making love like this - taking our time - is driving each other insane with need, with desire. I pull away from her lips, look down at her again, push a stray lock of hair from her face, then let my fingers trail back down to where they were, tugging at those sweet, hard nipples.

Her fingers are moving over my face, I turn my head and capture a finger between my teeth. "You are so damned beautiful," she whispers. Her words make my heart soar. I've never considered myself to be incredibly handsome. The face I see in the mirror everyday is…acceptable.

"If you say so. You, however, are absolutely gorgeous."

She shakes her head slightly. "No, not really. You're just a bit prejudiced. You see me differently than others do."

It's times like this when I realize that her self-esteem is still a work in progress. She can't believe anything good about herself. I know just how beautiful she is. So does every other man around here. She told me that Helen Webster is in a home, has suffered a stroke. I can't feel sympathy for that woman. As far as I'm concerned, after what she's done to my Wife, she's getting off easy. "You are gorgeous, babe. Inside and out."

She smiles softly, shakes her head again. "As long as I please you, Beloved, that's all that matters to me," she whispers.

"You more than please me, my Beloved." I want to…need to taste her lips again. So I do. She's got one hand in my hair…love it when she does that!…the other has moved to my shoulder now. Her caress is soft, loving…arousing. The easiest, quickest way to arouse Casey is to pay attention to that elegant neck…so I proceed to do just that. I can feel every shiver in her body, and when I start nipping at her collarbones with my teeth, I hear her soft gasp. 

I settle myself over her so that I can use both hands for this. I'm going to make love to these perfect orbs until she…until I can't take it any longer. The skin is so soft, so fragrant, so sweet against my tongue. I love how her nipples feel in my mouth. I love how she pushes up against me when I suckle her. I close my eyes, I only want to feel, taste…so sweet, so perfect…god, I could lose my mind experiencing her sweetness! I can hear the clock on the bedside table ticking away. That's all right. We have all night. I keep on with what I'm doing, slowly, gently making love to each breast, back and forth, licking every inch, tasting every bit of that soft, firm flesh. Her nipples are hard and pointed, the areolas are starting to pucker around them. Her skin is wet from my mouth, I use my hands to dry them, then start all over again. Her breath has been coming faster and faster, she's practically gasping for air now. I glance over at the clock. Damn, has it been an hour already? My cock is screaming at me. I can wait. I have to give my Angel more attention, take her to that first stop before I let her take me there.

I slide down, run my tongue around that tiny navel ring. She's so sensitive there now, because of the piercing. Her flat belly ripples beneath my mouth. I can feel the heat from her pussy against my chest. I have to taste her. I have buried my face between those slender thighs twice tonight, but I won't be denied, won't deny her. She gives a tiny whimper when I run my tongue over those soft, wet folds. I take my time, tasting her, kissing and licking every bit of the flesh between her legs, ignoring her swollen clit for now. Her hips are already moving, and the tiny sounds she's making are her way of begging for relief. Not just yet, Angel. I lap that intoxicating, addicting honey from her well. When she takes her hand from my shoulder, tries to touch that hard little nub, I catch her fingers, hold them away from her body.

"Please, Daniel, I can't take it any more," she whispers.

I'm not so sure about that, babe. I use just the tip of my tongue to move over that swollen clitty. Her hips come up off of the bed. I tease it for a few seconds, then move back to that warm opening and the honey that is pouring from it. She's trying to move her body, force my mouth where she wants it. Both of her hands are in my hair now, holding tightly. Okay, now. It's time now. I suck that little button into my mouth, hold it between my teeth and flick my tongue over it. As soon as I slide my fingers into her, push deep, she comes. I can feel the spasms around my fingers.

"Oh, goddess, yes!" she cries out, her hips moving up and down against my face.

When at last her orgasm is over, I roll to my side, move back up to lay beside her. She gives me a smile, that dangerous one, and I watch her slide down, her face just inches from my raging hard-on. She wraps her hand around me, and when she takes me into her mouth, I can't help but sigh. I have never, ever in my life had a woman make love to me this way, with such…enthusiasm. Such love. God, what she can do with that tongue of hers! It drives me completely insane when she flicks it around the head like that. She's up on her knees, taking me in as deep as she can…she's getting ready to…yep, I can feel the back of her throat. She's swallowing…Sweet Jesus what a feeling! I can't hold back…ah…here it comes…Oh, yeah!


A  A  A  A  A  A


I pull her up to lay on top of me, we both need some time to recuperate. Hell, how many times have I come now? Four I think. If we time this right, I'll be coming twice more. I love feeling her this way, her weight a sweet burden. She's actually about twenty pounds lighter than the pack I carry on my back on missions. Well, used to carry. Sam has told us there will be times when walking in will be better than riding the ATV's. But it sure as hell helps to ride to that point! I asked Jack if he had any…problems…when we used them the first time. He just grinned and said 'yep'. I guess it must be the Fire. No one else seems to become aroused when riding with a partner on the four-wheeled vehicles. 

She folds her arms on my chest, rests her chin on them. Her eyes are closed. "Tired, babe?"

She opens her eyes, smiles up at me. "I'm not, but if you are, we can stop."

What a little tease she is tonight! Love it…love her! "Funny. Ha ha. Just give me a minute or two, and I'll show you how tired I'm not."

Her eyes are dancing now, I can see the laughter in them. "Really, Daniel. It's okay. If you're too tired, we can stop now. I mean, you are almost forty-five. Men tend to slow down at that age."

I dig my fingers into her sides, tickle her, make her jump. "You are such a smart aleck! You know damned good and well the body is thirty-six. I'm at my prime, baby."

She giggles hysterically. "Oh, please! Women hit their prime in their thirties. Men hit theirs at about puberty!"

"Oh, I don't think so! You haven't had any complaints so far, have you?"

She leans up and kisses my chin. "Nope. None at all."

I tighten my arms around her. My body can never get enough of her. No matter how many times we make love, no matter how many times I come, I can be ready for her again, and again. It's not just because of the Fire, or my Immortality, although both certainly help. No, it's because I am so in love with her…so needy for her…so addicted to her. She told me that she's addicted to my kisses. Can't live without them. I’m addicted to her…her kisses, her body, her sweet honey. I need her like a junkie needs a fix.

"Daniel, really, it's okay if you want to call it a night." Her eyes are still dancing. "I wouldn't want to have to rush you to the ER or anything. I mean, it's one thing to keep all your vital organs working. It's something else entirely to…um…wear them out."

This just cracks me up. I love that she makes me laugh. For years my life had very little laughter in it. Now it happens daily. "Not a chance, babe. I'm just fine." To prove it to her, I push my hips up against her. I'm getting hard again, and every thought that flashes through my brain, of what we've been doing tonight, and what we've done other nights, makes me harder still.

"Well, I'm impressed," she tells me. She sits up, lifts her hips off me and slowly takes me into her warm, waiting body.

Oh, god, that's good! So far, except for in the bathtub, our pleasure tonight has been oral. I not only want this, I need it! She looks into my eyes, and starts massaging me with those inner muscles. Damn, that feels amazing! "Just like that, babe." My hands are on her breasts. I love the weight of them against my hands.

"You like that?" She sounds a bit breathless.

Are Goa'uld egotistical parasites? "Very much." 

She has her hands on my shoulders, and she's starting to ride me now. Slow, gentle movements that feel so damned good! "Oh, Daniel!" she almost sighs.

"I know, babe." Every time we make love it's good, it's incredible. But there are times, like tonight, like right now, that the feelings go beyond mere pleasure. Right now her body feels so perfect that it's almost painful. I move my hands to her hips. She's trying to speed up her movements, and I want this ride to last. I find a nice, steady rhythm, hold her hips firmly. I let her move up and down, but again I keep her from moving too quickly. Every time her hips meet mine, she uses those muscles inside to squeeze me. It's enough to make me crazy.

I watch her…her eyes drift shut, there's a small smile on her face. Her breasts are bouncing slightly as she pumps herself up and down on my cock. That's enough to make me even harder. Oh, hell, I have to touch them, hold them. I catch those beautiful mounds and give them a good squeeze. She whimpers softly, pushes her chest against my hands. Her way of asking for more. I play with them, massage them, squeeze them again.

She's moved one hand between us, she's caressing herself now. That's something else that makes me crazy. I can feel her fingers moving, and when she lifts up, she reaches back to caress my cock with her fingers.

She's getting close, I can feel her thighs quivering. When that happens, my own body races to respond. "Make it good, Angel." 

"Oh, Daniel, I'm gonna come…" she whispers.

"That's it, Casey, come for me. Give it to me."

That beautiful whimper fills her throat. I grab her hips, thrust up into her as hard and fast as I can. "Oh, god! Daniel!"

I'm on the edge…ready to leap…"Don't stop, don't you dare stop." Her hands are back on my shoulders, and she's shoving her body down on me as hard as she can, taking every blessed inch of me as deeply as she can. She has always been the perfect fit, but at times like this she seems determined to take my entire pelvis inside her.

"Fill me, Daniel. Let me feel you throb deep inside me," she begs.

Her words send the Fire right across my brain. It shoots down my spine and into my cock. I'm still thrusting up…it won't be long…oh yeah…here it comes…oh god…"Casey!" She drops down onto my chest, both of us are breathing hard. I run my hand up and down the satiny skin of her back.

"I do so love the way you take me Around the World," she whispers.

"I'm glad, Angel. I like the way you take me on the trip." Just thinking about the next 'stop' keeps me from going completely limp. What this amazing woman can do to me!


A  A  A  A  A  A


She's running her hands up and down my sides. Nothing but pure love in those fingertips. She sighs, and snuggles against me. Have I ever mentioned that I love it when she does that? I do. I tighten my arms around her. "Ready for the last stop, Angel?"

She sighs again. "If you are. I don't mind just laying here like this for a few more minutes."

"Anything you want, babe."

She crosses her arms on my chest, rests her chin on them, and looks up at me. She starts giggling.

"What?" Whenever Casey giggles, there's something worth listening to behind it.

"Can you keep a secret?" She looks at me, then rolls her eyes. "Look who I'm talking to…of course you can."

I can't help but grin. She hates the fact that I never tell her what I've gotten for her if I intend for it to be a surprise. Not even hints. She's tried to get me to let it slip, but it never works. "What secret?"

"Remember the first time I tied you down?"

Oh, yeah. I remember, Angel. I thought she was going to kill me before she finally let me come. It was one of the most incredible nights we've had. "Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, Jack is getting his first time tonight."

Well, well, well. It seems that my Angel has been a bad influence on my best friend's wife. He owes me a big thank-you! "No kidding?"

She giggles again. "No kidding. Sam has Mrs. Peterson taking care of Evvie and Amber tonight. She told me that she had an order arrive from Lover's Package, now I know what it was."

"A Barney?"

Now she's laughing. "Not hardly. She already has toys-" she stops, her eyes go wide. "Don't you dare let anybody know I let that slip!"

"I won't." I can't, won't tell her that years ago, on a surprise visit to Sam's house, when Teal'c and I thought she needed some cheering up, I noticed one of her…toys…on her nightstand when I went to use the bathroom. "So what did she get?"

"Handcuffs, and I think flavored body oil."

"Jack is a very lucky man. Almost as lucky as I am."

She flashes that incredible smile at me. "I'm the lucky one, My Heart."

'My Heart'. Every time she calls me that my heart soars. "I know just how lucky I am, Case. Believe me."

She runs her fingers over my face. She moves up, and kisses me, telling me with her gentle touch just how much she loves me. "So do I, Daniel."

Her nipples are pressed against my chest, and when she moves slightly, I feel them harden against my skin. Yep, that's got my cock's attention! I roll us over, so that she's lying beneath me. I lower my head so that I can kiss her, start moving my hips, not much, just enough so that she can feel it. She's already squeezing me, massaging me. I'll be hard as a rock in no time at all. And, as usual, when that particular thought crosses my mind, I think of the song by AC/DC, and how she danced, and stripped for me. The images fill my mind. Yep, that's got me at full mast now! Her hips are moving now too, meeting mine, rubbing against me ever so slightly.

"I take it that you're ready for that last stop now," she whispers.

"Yep." I move my mouth to her throat, one hand to those perfect breasts. Her hands are roaming over my back, from my shoulders to my ass, and the sensation is adding to all the other incredible feelings she's giving me right now. Her tongue is tracing the tattoo on my chest…I love it when she does that! It feels so damned good! I should pay more attention to her tattoo, I guess, but once I'm playing with the beautiful breasts that I love so much, I just seem to forget about it. I like seeing it, though. She has a couple of tops and dresses that come down low enough that I can see it, and knowing what it says makes it even more of a turn on. 'Heart of the Chosen'. Yep, that's exactly what she is. My heart. The very center of my world…my universe…my very being. If there was a way to look into the emotional heart, all you would find would be her, and my kids.

I stop moving for a minute, she's got her hands on my ass, holding tight, and she's grinding against me with everything she has. She's already breathing hard. "That's it babe," I whisper in her ear. "Take it. Make it good."

She arches her back beneath me, pushing her hips against mine, rubbing them back and forth. "Are you ready for me?"

She's ready to move on. "Yeah, babe, I am."

"Get the oil."

Simple statement. Makes my cock hard as steel to hear her utter it. I reach over to the nightstand. The bottle is already out and open. She used it on Barney earlier. "You want Barney's little friend?" That's what she calls the vibrator ring that I bought.

"Oh, yes!"

I start to move off of her, she wraps her arms and legs around me. "Babe, you have to let me up."

"Not yet, please? Just let me hold you for a minute."

Something flashes in her eyes. Fear. No, that was terror I saw for just  brief moment. Of what I'm not sure. "Babe? What's wrong?"

She shakes her head. Avoids looking in my eyes. "Nothing."

I kiss her. I won't push for now, but that look of fear bothers me, worries me. When I finally take my lips from hers, she's ready to let me get up. I reach for Barney, his little friend is laying beside him. I get it on, oil the vibrator, and hand the oil to her. She always likes to make me ready to take her anally. She sucks me for just a few minutes, that talented tongue of hers making me needier, then she gently anoints me. "Ready, babe?"

She nods, gets on her hands and knees. I can't help but run my hand over her hips and ass as I gently push the vibrator into her well. "Oh, yes," she whispers, pushing back against it. I move it in and out of her…what an incredible turn on!

I move up, position myself behind her, aim my aching cock at that sweet ass. When she feels me, she moves back slowly, taking me in a little at a time. Oh, god, so good…always so damned good! Tight and hot and sweet Jesus I love taking her this way! Her fingers are on Barney now, holding him in place. I put my hands on her hips and start moving…slowly, gently. Before we're finished, I'll be driving my cock into her as hard and fast and deep as I can. But not yet.

She's pushing back, rubbing her ass against me with every thrust I make. She can make it almost impossible to maintain control…loves it when I completely lose that control, and pound into her like a man possessed. When I told her I was afraid of hurting her, or bringing back unwanted memories of the night Wepwawet raped her, she smiled and told me that if I got too rough, she'd let me know, and that I had defeated that Goa'uld bastard, there was no way for him to bother her now. She knows how to stroke my ego as well as my body. What really blows my mind is that she means every word she says.

"Are you ready?" She's whispering, her voice breathless.

"Oh, yeah."

She switches on the vibrators, and begins to moan as the ring starts stimulating her clit. I push deep and stay still for just a minute, I can feel the vibrations as well…it's an amazing feeling. "Now, Daniel, please," she says, shoving back against me.

I move faster, harder…not quite what she wants, not yet. This is the last stop of our trip, I want to make it last as long as possible. Her hips are dipping from the stimulation her clit is receiving, and she's pushing back harder. Oh, yeah, this feels terrific! I lean forward, so that I can put my hands on her breasts, hold them, play with them.

"Oh, yes!" she breathes. "Please, Daniel, take me! Take me hard! Please, now!"

Oh, hell, what those sweet whispers can do to me! I'm upright again, holding those slender hips in my hands, and giving her what she's begging for. So hot and tight and good and she's pushing back against me and rubbing that sweet ass up and down on my cock and the vibrations are going to make me lose my mind!

"Oh, god…Daniel, I'm gonna come…" She's moaning, then that beautiful whimper fills her throat, becomes a cry of pure pleasure.

It doesn't take but a few more thrusts and I'm crying out and filling her full, my cock throbbing hard and fast and god it feels so freaking incredible! I lean over her again, hug her close to my chest. She turns off the vibrators. "God, I love you, babe." 

She turns her head, kisses my cheek. "I love you, sweetheart."

I hold her, just hold her, until I'm soft enough to pull out of her without hurting her. When we go into the bathroom, she puts the toys in the sink, we'll clean them after our bath. She took time this morning to put candles in here, she lights them while I run the bath water.

A glance at the clock on the dresser tells me it's almost midnight. What an night it's been! I love Saturday nights!


A  A  A  A  A  A


I'm holding her, she's leaning back against my chest, I have my arms around her. I'm still concerned about that flash of fear that I saw in her eyes. "Feeling okay, Angel?"

She turns her head and kisses my chin. "I feel…wonderful. What about you?"

"I'm doing just fine." I'm starting to get a bit tired, and to be honest, I don't think I could get it up again for a couple of hours now. By my count I've come six times tonight. And every time was incredible. 

Once again, that look of…terror…that filled her beautiful green eyes flashes across my mind. Something is wrong, unless I push, she won't tell me. "Anything you want to tell me?"

She shifts around so that she can look at me. She glances into my eyes, then drops her gaze to my chest. "No."

Her voice is so soft that I almost didn't hear her. I put my finger under her chin, force her head up gently, wait until she finally lets those green eyes look into mine. "Angel, I saw it. I saw the fear that flashed through your eyes. What's wrong?"

She takes a deep breath, lets it out slowly. "I was afraid."

"Of what, Angel? Me? What we were getting ready to do?" I'm absolutely sure that's not it at all, but sometimes I have to lead her where she needs to go…so that she can tell me what's going on in her head.

"Of course not! I couldn't, wouldn't ever be afraid of you! Certainly not the love we were about to make!" She drops her gaze again. 

I lift her chin just a bit higher. "Talk to me, Casey. Tell me what's wrong."

"I just…it was only a feeling. It didn't last long," she finally admits.

"What kind of a feeling?" Sometimes getting something out of her is like walking through a minefield. One wrong word, and it all blows up.

"Just…a feeling."

"One that scared you to death, from the look in your eyes."

She looks at me, really looks at me. "It did. I…I don't ever want to lose you," she says, her voice a whisper.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. "You're not going to lose me, Angel."

She shook her head. "I got the same feeling I had just before you went to…Arconia."

Oh, hell! This could be trouble with a capital 'T'! "Go on, babe."

She shrugs. "I just had the feeling that I'd never hold you, never make love to you again."

I already know that she had that feeling before we left to go on that damned screwed up 'diplomatic' mission. She was terrified of the same thing then. I pull her close, put my hand behind her head and push it gently to my shoulder. Her arms go around my neck. "Okay, anything else?"

"No. Just that…horrifying feeling."

"You're not going to lose me, babe. I promise." I feel her lips against my neck.

"I'll hold you to that."

I'll talk to Duncan and Jack on Monday. We had been planning a little reconnaissance; we have a working model of Nergal's palace, and with the devices that Thor provided us with, we can beam in and out at will. She was afraid before, and I…we…ignored that. None of us will make that mistake again. I kiss the side of her head.



"Are you hungry?"

Let's see, we ate at Dairy Queen at about three-thirty or so, we've made love for almost six and a half hours…yeah, that would explain the growling stomach! "Yeah, I am."

"Let's wash and get out. I think I have a couple of pizzas in the freezer."

"Sounds good to me."



It's almost two thirty when we finally crawl into bed. She cuddles close, her head on my shoulder. It's been an incredible night. I love Saturdays!


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