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Out of the Blue

Chapter 6

Daniel poured the remainder of the wine into the glass. Drank it slowly, holding her, watching the flames in the fireplace. They'd made love three times now, she'd ridden him with zeal, her green eyes full of glee as she drove him to the edge of madness before she finally settled on one rhythm and let him go over the edge; he had pounded into that warm, willing body until he was nearly beside himself with pleasure, and she was moaning and writhing beneath him. She'd surprised him by asking him to take her while she leaned over the dining room table. It had been amazing. Making love to her was always amazing! He had his own request, and then… then he was going to invite Barney to join them, and he was going to take that sweet ass.

Casey sipped on the fruit juice that he'd so lovingly prepared for her, telling her that until after the baby was born, there would be no wine. She leaned back against him, her body satiated, yet willing to love him as many more times as he wanted. He would touch her, and she would be burning for him all over again.

"Do you remember the mission to um…hell, I can't remember the designation…the planet where I went Dell on you?" He still chuckled about her description of what happened to him when he had become the 'interface' for an alien computer system.

"Yes, I do," she replied softly.

"Do you remember making love there?"

She smiled. "Mmmhmm."

"I have no idea how you did that…but…"

She raised up on her knees, wreathed his face with her hands and kissed him. "It might be easier if you were already…inside me…before you raise up," she said softly.

He nodded. "Okay. But I want you ready," he whispered. His hands went around her waist, held her steady as his mouth moved over her throat, her shoulders, to her breasts. He teased her nipples to hardness, continued to suckle until she was breathing hard. One hand slid between her thighs, and he began to stroke her. He wanted her hot and out of control, like she'd been than night. When her body was trembling against his, he pulled his mouth away from her. "Lay down, Angel."

With a smile, she complied. Sighed when he pushed into her. Filled her completely…stretched her to take all of him. Goddess, she loved that feeling! She tightened her arms and legs around him, felt him move up to his hands and knees.

She was gripping him with those muscles deep inside, and it was enough to make him shiver. He spread his legs slightly, making sure that he wouldn't be knocked off balance as she began to move beneath him. He put one arm around her waist, holding her close, the other helped to support them. He gasped when she began to rock her hips. Then suddenly she was sliding back and forth as well, moving up and down on his cock, her well sucking him deeper with every thrust of her hips. His own hips were bucking in response, pushing into her each time she moved down on him. Sweet Jesus! Incredible!

Using her arms and legs, she slid back and forth, concentrating on his pleasure, wanting only to hear that moan that came deep from his belly. Her own pleasure was inconsequential to her at this point, she knew that he wouldn't be satisfied until she was crying out her own release. With luck, she could bring his climax on first. Although, the friction of her body against his was certainly giving her all the right stimulation in all of the right places!

"I love you," he panted. The way she was moving around him, riding him with such…enthusiasm…had him close to the point of no return. A few more minutes of this and he'd be riding those waves of pleasure yet again.

"Love you, too," she replied, breathless, as she continued to move against him. Hot and hard and fast and that was the way she liked it! She tightened her grip on him, was moving her hips up and down as well as sliding back and forth on him. She added the stimulus of those muscles deep inside, gripping him…holding him…squeezing him as she moved.

He was about to lose his ever loving mind! He wanted…he needed…He sat back on his haunches, grabbed her hips and began to lift her up, and then plunged her onto his waiting, throbbing cock. She was still wrapped around him, still working those muscles inside…"Touch yourself," he demanded gently, his breath coming in gasps. "Make it good!"

She held her fingers to his mouth, let him wet them for her, then slid her hand between them. He was out of control with need. She was loving every second of it. His hips were still moving, pushing him deeper each time he impaled her. That wondrous feeling, white hot and intense, filled her belly, raced toward the center of her need. "Unnngh…oh god, I'm gonna come!"

"Do it! Give it to me, Angel," he panted.

She whimpered. Her entire body began to shake, and then she cried out, intense pleasure washed over her…spun her around and sent her soaring among the stars.

All his brain knew was the need to come…his body was beginning to tremble…he continued to lift her up and down, harder, faster, his hips meeting hers with each thrust he made. It was wild and primitive and it felt so goddamned good! The flames were licking the ceiling as they danced around him, engulfed him. Fire ran down his spine, into his cock, and he threw back his head and roared his release as he pumped her full - in spite of the fact that he had already come several times that night. His aching cock continued to throb and spasm, his body jerking with each pulse.

She smiled when he dropped to his side. He raised up long enough for her to move her arm and leg, then pulled her close again. "I don't remember doing that on that mission."

"Nope," he grinned. "Complaining?"

"Never. I love it when you go cave man on me," she giggled.

The thought that he might have hurt her flashed through his mind. "Are you okay? Oh, god, the baby, do you think I hurt the baby?"

She reached up to cup his cheek. "I'm fine. The baby is fine."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure. If anything was wrong, I'd have felt it," she assured him. "The only thing I was feeling was…well, let's just say that I think that was the most intense orgasm tonight!

He kissed her forehead. "For me too." His hand moved gently up and down her arm. "If you're tired, we can call it a night."

"Barney would be very disappointed," she replied.

He grinned. "What about you?"

"Have to admit I'd be a bit disappointed as well."

That she loved him…trusted him…enough to let him make love to her in one of the most intimate ways possible always filled his heart with such love, such awe that it overwhelmed him. After all she'd been through…suffered…endured…sex should be difficult for her, frightening for her, anal intercourse especially. But she never refused him…never balked at whatever he might want from her. She gave everything she was, everything she had when she made love to him…with him. "I love you," he whispered, planting another kiss on her forehead.

"I love you too."

"I think I'll see about getting the family room, two bedrooms and a bathroom put in the basement. We'll need the extra bedroom, and it would be nice to have a guest room," he said quietly, after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"I think the kids are old enough to go up and down the stairs. I like the idea of putting the television downstairs. It will open the living room up more if I can put the sofa against the wall," she said.

"I'll call this week and see about hiring a contractor."

"We won't have to worry about needing the room for awhile. I do think that Emily should have her own room if this baby is a girl. I don't think it is, but, just in case."

He frowned. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with her being in the basement alone. Not yet. When she's older it won't be a problem."

"We have the baby monitors," she reminded him gently.

"It's still too far from our room if she gets sick, or has a bad dream," he argued.

"True. Well, she won't have to have her own room until she's a bit older. I can't believe she's going to be five!"

"I can't either. Emmie is going to be five, Nicholas will be three-"

"And this baby should be born sometime in August, if my calculations are correct. Late July or August."

Daniel chuckled. "Probably July. We'll cram as much into one month as we can!"

She giggled. Their wedding anniversary, which would be number eleven this year, was on July fourth. Nicholas' birthday was the fifth of July. Daniel's birthday was the eighth. "As long as it's not in the first two weeks…we have more than enough to deal with."

She was running her hand over his chest. And it was turning him on. Again. When she ran her fingers down to his pubic hair, then back to his throat, he gasped. One look in those green eyes told him that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"I want you inside me," she whispered.

He moaned softly, rolled on top of her. Felt her arms and legs go around him as he reached between them, guided his hard shaft to her sweet, warm well. One push and he was buried in her.

She sighed. She loved feeling him, holding him, being one with him. She knew that this would be the end of the evening. Barney, and his little friend, would join them. And Daniel would take her, bury himself in her ass. And she would be full, front and back and god that was such an incredible feeling!

Beautiful. Sexy. Hot. Wild. That was his Wife. There wasn't a man breathing anywhere who was as lucky as he was. He closed his eyes when he felt her tongue move over his chest, tracing the tattoo that marked him as The Chosen. He lowered his head, kissed and licked the tattoo above her breast, the one that proclaimed to one and all that she was the Heart of The Chosen.

The gentle movements he was making, her hips meeting his step for step, were arousing… pleasing, and moving her ever closer to that cliff. She wanted to see his face, wanted to watch as the passion filled his eyes, wanted to see the lust when he watched her take him into her body. Wanted to see the love when they moved together.

"Ready, Angel?" he asked softly. He was aching to feel himself deep in her ass.

"Oh, yeah," she replied.

He reached for Barney, slid the vibrator ring around the base. Leaned down to kiss her before leaving her; watched as she anointed him with the body oil, stroking him gently, her eyes locked with his. She transferred some of that oil to the vibrator. "Do it," he whispered.

She loved the way his breath caught, the way the lust flared in his beautiful blue eyes as he watched her push the toy into her well. She moved it in and out slowly, pushing it deeper each time. It wasn't him, but it was close. "Lay down," she whispered.

Daniel stretched out on his back. Watched as she straddled him…as she took his aching cock into her tight, hot, sweet ass. "Oh, hell yes," he moaned. His hands were on her hips, keeping her movements slow and steady. Soon enough the Fire would demand more of them.

So full…so completely full. She loved that she could be free…completely wanton with him. Everything she offered him he accepted as a gift. No matter how kinky she thought it might be, he insisted that if they liked it, what they did together was nobody else's business.

He closed his eyes. Let the sensations roll over him. Gasped when her soft fingers began to tug at his nipples. The stray thought that none of the other women he had ever been with had seemed all that interested in his nipples flittered through his mind. Casey loved to suck them, play with them…probably as much as he liked playing and sucking on those beautiful breasts and sweet nipples of hers. He grinned mentally. Tit for tat. Whatever he did to please her, she was certain to do to him. For him. What an incredible lover she was!

She was getting close. She needed to move on to the next…step. "Mmm…ready?"

"Yeah," he whispered. Moaned out loud when she touched the switches on the vibrators.

"Yes!" she cried out, her head dropping back as the vibrations of the toys began to send fingers of raw, burning pleasure up her spine, back down into her belly. Faster, she needed to move faster… harder.

His hands went to her breasts; holding them, squeezing them gently as she began to ride him hard and fast. He opened his eyes, watched her as she began to climb the mountain…as she raced towards the cliff. "Give it to me…sing for me, Angel," he whispered.

The stimulation in all of her most sensitive erogenous zones sent her flying. She moaned softly, then felt that whimper build up until she was crying out, her body shaking as her climax rocked her from head to toe, and every inch in between.

Hands back on her hips, he held her as he thrust up into her, the vibrations and convulsions of her well echoing around him. Two, three, four…Sweet Jesus! He cried out, held her hips tight against his own, throbbing and pulsing deep inside her. He felt her turn the vibrators off just before she collapsed on his chest.

"I love Saturday nights," she sighed.

He chuckled. "Yeah, it's my favorite night of the week."

She snuggled close. Felt her cheeks redden when a yawn escaped.

"Let's get cleaned up, babe. You need to get to sleep."

"I'm okay," she protested.

"You're pregnant, Casey. You need your rest," Daniel insisted.

"You get so bossy when I'm pregnant," she complained. The love that was shining in her eyes told him that she wasn't as upset by his 'bossiness' as she pretended.

"Just trying to take care of you. Which you won't do," he retorted. "Get up woman. Let's go take a bath."




As much as she enjoyed making loveand baby, she enjoyed making love!…the bath that they always took together after their 'marathon lovemaking sessions' was her favorite way to end the evening. They held one another, caressed each other, whispered their love to one another, then gently bathed each other. Making love was intimate. Bathing someone, making certain that every part of them was squeaky clean, was just as intimate.

The water was warm. He was satiated…for awhile anyway. Life was good. Right now, in this moment, it was damned near perfect. He always hated to even think that it was perfect; that was tempting Fate to rearrange things so it wasn't so perfect. And those…arrangements…could be devastating. He knew that from experience. When she yawned again, he grabbed the washcloth, and gently began to bathe her. Smiled when she took the other and began to move it over his body.

She'd been terrified that when Daniel learned she was pregnant, he would be angry. He had been. He'd been furious when he thought she'd been taking the fertility injections without telling him. She'd been crushed when he had pulled away from her, insisting that there was no way he could be the father of her child. For several long hours she'd been certain that they'd reached a point of no return, where he would walk away from her forever. It hadn't happened. Once again their love, that almost mystical love they shared, that was so deep and strong that even she couldn't fathom it, had kept them together. Kept them in one another's arms. Knowing that the baby was his had certainly gone a long way to helping him to accept the situation. He was actually excited about it now.

"Penny for them," he said softly.

"Just thinking about how happy I am," she replied.

He kissed her cheek. "Me, too, Angel." He flipped the lever on the tub, let the water drain out. Used the washcloth to trickle clean water over her, making sure the soap was completely rinsed from her skin. She did the same thing to him. The comfort of her touch made him relax more, and ready to sleep.

She was asleep against his side before he had the lamp turned out. He smiled, and kissed her forehead. He wasn't far behind her into the land of slumber.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey opened her eyes, yawned. Stretched. Then realized she was in the bed alone. Before she could toss back the blankets and get up, Daniel came into the room, carrying a tray. That looked suspiciously like it held breakfast. Including and most importantly, coffee.

"Good morning, gorgeous," he said softly.

That smile could make her entire body go weak. "Good morning."

"I thought breakfast in bed sounded like a good idea."

"I think you have very good ideas," she smiled.

"I do have very good ideas, don't I?" He handed her the tray, let her hold it while he slipped beneath the blankets beside her.

She looked over what was available. Scrambled eggs. Toast and jelly, an orange for her and an apple for him. Coffee. Juice. And the Sunday edition of the Hope Sentinel. "I take it we're spending the entire morning in bed?"


"What about…um…"

"Making love?"

She nodded.

Daniel smiled, traced her jaw with one finger. "I think I can make it an hour or so. Just don't get too involved with the sports page."

Casey giggled. "I'll do my best."

They spent the next hour feeding each other, giggling over the comics, talking about the headlines. When Daniel put the tray beside the bed, she slid down. She needed him as much as he needed her. It was two hours before they were ready to take a shower and head over to her parents house. Two very lovely hours.

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