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Happy Birthday, Darlin'

Chapter 6

He opened his eyes. At least he thought he had. It was pitch black. He waited for the pounding just behind them to stop. He tried to sit up…found that he couldn't…felt around him. Box? He was in a fucking box? Images flooded his mind…Casey slumped in the seat of the jeep, her beautiful body riddled with bullet holes, his children screaming in the back seat with fear, not understanding what was happening…drugged…he had been drugged! Unable to use the Fire to protect them…Something pulled at his neck. His fingers came in contact with a slave collar. Shit! He didn't think he was headed for any slave market. Something else, something more…sinister…was going on.

The voice…the woman who had shot him, threatened to kill Emily and Nicholas…He played it back in his mind, searched to put a face, a name with it. No, oh god, no! It couldn't be! Betsy Harris! That psychotic bitch had managed to kidnap him from Gamma, in broad daylight!

He reached out for her, needed to know she was all right…nothing. Darkness. Emptiness. How long had he been out? Surely by now she should be awake…needle! He remembered… the image was hazy…Betsy had jabbed her with something. He shuddered. What had that demented bitch done to his Wife? He was going to kill her! First he had to get out of this damned box!

His fingers moved along the top, he could feel where it was hinged together. He called up the Fire, sent two blue fireballs into it, blowing the lid completely off. It took a few minutes for him to be able to stand. He stretched his aching frame, then looked around. And into brown eyes full of…whatever the hell they were full of. Surprise…love?…insanity…

"Oh, Danny, I wish you hadn't done that. At least, not yet." She sighed. "Well, as long as you're awake, put these on. Just pull them on over the clothes you're wearing," she instructed, handing him a pair of plain cotton pants and a plain cotton shirt.

"Fuck you. I'm not doing any…AAAGGGHH!" He grabbed at his throat as the collar sent jolts of electricity through his body.

"You'll do exactly as I say, my darling. Here, this will help you calm down." She pulled a syringe from her purse, walked toward him. She pressed the button on the collar remote again, waited until he was bent over, and jabbed the needled into his neck.


"Shh," she crooned. "I know, Danny. I'm sorry, but until you understand that you love me as much as I love you, I can't risk you…leaving."

"You're a sick, twisted bitch," he gasped.

"No, darling, no, that's not true and you know it. I just did what had to be done, so we could be together."

"What did you do to Casey?"

"Why, I killed her Danny! At least I hope I did. Those nanobots had a little…boost. By now she's either dead, or a mindless zombie. She'll never make any trouble for us, I promise, my darling. Just you and me, together, forever," Betsy said, running her hand over his face.

He jerked away from her touch. He was beginning to feel disoriented. It was difficult to concentrate…as if someone had wrapped his brain in fuzz.

"Step out of the crate, Danny. That's it, that's right," she said softly, his eyes telling her that the drug was having the desired effect, holding his hand as he stepped onto the floor of the cargo bay.

He shoved her, tried to grab the remote for the collar around his neck, fell to the floor in agony when she activated it.

"I don't dare give you any more…not yet," she said, her hands on her hips. "You have to promise me to be a good boy until we get through customs. Then I'll take all the pain away, I promise."

He barely heard her. His eyes closed once again.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"I have called Thor," Aaron said softly to the group gathered in the infirmary waiting room. "He will be able to deal with this much quicker."

Erin nodded. "If she can reach him in time…then maybe…just maybe it won't happen."

"What won't happen?" Jack asked gently.

"He won't begin to hate her." Erin closed her eyes, one lone tear made its way down her smooth cheek.

Jack exchanged looks with Sam and Teal'c. If Casey thought that Daniel hated her…he shuddered. Once before she had thought him to be lost to her forever. She had damned near died. He didn't believe that any of them were unaware of the fact that this would be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. If Casey was convinced that Daniel hated her, he knew that she would snap. Not an acceptable situation!

Duncan stepped into the room. "So far, nothing. We have no idea where Harris disappeared to. Obviously she won't be using any Stargates. I think we should notify spaceports at Langara, Terra, Tollana, any other places where we have treaties and trade. We'll post the bitch's picture with a photo of Daniel. If anyone sees him, we'll hear about it."

"Seems that right now, that's the best we can do," Jack admitted. He hated this feeling of helplessness. The inaction was driving him nuts. He needed to be doing something…looking… talking to witnesses…something!

"Perhaps we should send SG teams through the Stargate to these places, and have them wait at the spaceports. If local authorities agree, all persons passing through could be directed to pass in front of the teams," Teal'c suggested.

Jack reached out and clapped the large man on the shoulder. "That's a great idea. Wish I had thought of it!"

Teal'c allowed himself a small smile. "I am sure you would have thought of it, O'Neill. Eventually. Time is of the essence, or I would have remained silent."

Duncan and Aaron chuckled quietly. All of the men knew that the clock was ticking for Daniel. The longer he was away from Casey, the worse his withdrawal symptoms would become. Erin, Sam, and Carly were ignorant of the fact, right now. Each man was thinking that before this was over, the women, including Casey, might learn of the young blonde Immortal's natural 'Hathor' abilities, and Daniel's literal addiction to her. Dr. Montigue had already determined that having been married almost ten years was the same being addicted to any drug for that long…withdrawal would not be easy…or pretty. None of them considered the fact that his addiction could be 'transferred' to another drug, or drugs.

Duncan hurried to the 'gate room, began to call SG teams in for the mission. Hoped that they wouldn't be too late.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"Danny, come on darling, time to wake up," a soft feminine voice said.

He opened his eyes. "Casey?"

A hand impacted on his cheek. "Don't you ever use that bitch's name around me!" Betsy hissed. "You're mine now…the only woman in your world is me! The only name on your lips will be mine!"

"Fuck you, bitch," Daniel said, just before the collar threw him back down to the floor in agony.

"Now, Danny, I don't like using this," she said, holding up the controller. She sucked on her upper lip, then shook her head. "I hate to give this to you now…you haven't been a good boy…" She pulled out the syringe, filled it from a vial, then carefully injected him.

Sweet oblivion filled his mind. No need to think…or feel…no pain…or anger…or fear…just sweet, sweet unawareness.

"That's my good boy," she said, smoothing his hair back from his forehead. "Now, when we go through customs, you'll be good, won't you? You won't speak to anybody, you'll do exactly as I tell you."

He heard the voice, tried to focus on the words. He nodded. He could do that. No talking. Okay, that won't be hard.

She kissed him. She was so eager to get him to that cabin that she could barely stand it!

He felt the soft touch of lips on his forehead. Casey. Kissing him goodnight. He liked it when she did that.

"Don't go to sleep, Danny, wake up!"

Daniel tried to force his eyes open. Everything looked so…fuzzy. "Where are we?"

"We're getting ready to go home," Betsy replied.

"Good. I’m tired," he replied thickly, slurring his words as the drug continued to work in his body.

She smiled. "When we get home we'll go to bed, I promise." She put her arms around him, almost cried out for joy when he hugged her back.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Betsy handed the inspector the passports. She glanced at Daniel. He was having difficulty focusing, it was blatantly obvious that he had been drugged. She had her arm around his waist, supporting him, his arm was around her shoulders. Her heart was dancing at the feeling of that arm around her. Several people were pushing up from behind.

The inspector glanced up at the line of people, could see them pressing forward. He barely glanced at the man and woman, took note of the names on the passports, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson. These were the Tau'ri of SG-1! He frowned, looked at the woman for a second time. On the news her hair had been blonde. She had been thinner too, and younger. The vids he had seen had been of a beautiful woman. This woman was a far cry from beautiful! Of course, he thought to himself, vids could make anyone look good.

Betsy was holding her breath as the inspector took a closer look at her. Damn! She shouldn't have used his real name! She had just been so excited about being 'Mrs. Daniel Jackson' that she couldn't wait. It had been a mistake. One that would need to be corrected as soon as possible. She memorized the inspector's face. It would be better if this man didn't…remember…anything about her and Dr. Daniel Jackson coming through customs, standing in front of his desk…

"Hey, what's the hold up?"

The inspector frowned, glanced again at the woman, and at Daniel. There was no way he was going to hold up a VIP. Let someone else deal with their incomplete paperwork. He ran their passports through the computer to stamp them. He handed them back to her, never noticed the sigh of relief that she gave, then waved them through.

Her heart was pounding against her ribs. She had done it! Dr. Daniel M. Jackson was hers! She had taken him from Gamma, killed that skinny blonde bitch, and now he was hers!

Daniel continued to look around. He was putting more weight on her than necessary, he wanted her to think that he was still under the influence of the drugs. He wanted to wrap his hands around her neck and squeeze until she gasped her last, but he had to wait until he knew where he was. He continued to reach for Casey, his heart breaking a little more each time he encountered only darkness.

He was on Terra. He read as many of the signs as he could as he allowed her to lead him to a land rover that was waiting in the parking lot. She had looked at him when she helped him in. Before he knew what she was doing, she was injecting him again. Damn it! He should have tried to break away while he had the chance! He closed his eyes, let his head fall back against the headrest. Oblivion washed over him again.

"Danny, when we get home, we're going to be so happy," Betsy said, pleased beyond measure at her success. "We'll have a bottle of wine and make love to celebrate, doesn't that sound wonderful?"

"Great," he managed to say. Make love…yeah, he liked making love. Casey was beautiful and soft and warm and she smelled and tasted so good…so sweet. He grinned. She came up with some damned interesting games, too! Yeah, he definitely liked making love!




It was nearly two hours before Betsy turned down a narrow dirt road. She hoped she hadn't taken the wrong turn off! She continued to drive, getting more worried with each passing minute. Just before she had decided to turn around, a small cabin came into view. Yes! This couldn't be more perfect! It was completely isolated, yet not so far from a settlement that getting supplies would be a problem.

She turned to look at Daniel. He was staring at her, his eyes cold and full of hate. She resisted the urge to push the button on the controller for his collar. "We're home, Danny."

"You're delusional, Betsy," he spat.

Angry, she grabbed the controller, watched as he nearly fell out of the land rover from the convulsions that wracked his body. "Please, darling, don't make me do that again. Be a good boy, and I'll make all the bad things go away again, I promise."

Part of his brain perked up at her words. Sweet oblivion. No thinking. No pain. His eyes reflected that interest.

She noticed that spark of light when she mentioned making the bad things go away. She had already given him four doses of the narcotic in less than twenty hours. He wasn't supposed to have more than two in a twenty-four hour period. For some reason the effects seemed to wear off more quickly than they should. She would give it to him, because it made him love her. "Do you want a shot, Danny? Do you want to feel good?"

He tried to fight against the craving that suddenly took hold of him. He began to shake with anticipation. "Yes," he whispered hoarsely. He held his arm out towards her.

She smiled, reached into her bag and pulled out the syringe.

He watched, eager for the prick of the needle. He closed his eyes as the drug entered his system.

"Come on, darling, let's go inside. We'll have a glass of wine, and then we'll make love all night."

He managed to get out of the vehicle, followed her up the steps onto the sagging porch. His brain didn't register the inside of the cabin when she turned the light on. He saw the bed and headed for it. Sleep. He just wanted to sleep.

"Hang on, Big Boy," she teased. "You have to get undressed first."

He pulled at his clothes, managed to get the cotton shirt off before he tumbled face first onto the mattress. With her help he stripped the clothes from his body.

Her breath caught in her throat. The man was absolutely sublime! His neck, which was so strong, not too thick, led to wide, tanned shoulders. His chest was broad as well, with well-defined pecs that had her breathing hard. She hadn't been aware that he had a tattoo. It was… interesting. She'd have to ask him what it meant. His abs were well defined also, damned near 'washboard'; his arms showed the result of lifting weights, well shaped and strong. His legs were long and she could tell that he did a lot of walking. His ass was to die for…and she nearly fainted at her first glimpse of his genitals. How had that skinny bitch taken all that? Probably hadn't, she thought with glee. She was completely confident that tonight, for the first time in years, Danny was finally going to have a real woman who could take all of him!

"Wait here, darling, I'll be right back," she purred. She was already so aroused that she could feel the dampness between her heavy thighs.

He nodded, stretched out on the bed. He closed his eyes. When he opened them a few minutes later, because of some sort of…sound…a throat clearing?…Betsy was standing there in a bright red babydoll-nighty. He frowned. She didn't look… right. Her hair was red, not blonde…and it was short, not like the long, silky locks he loved…her eyes were…what color were they? Not the deep beautiful green he was used to looking into. Her boobs…what the hell was happening there? One seemed…perky…enough, the other hung there, the nipple pointed at her waist. Which was too thick…her belly was puffy, and her ass was…lumpy? Yep, looked lumpy all right. He rolled his eyes, trying to clear the fog from his eyes, and his head.

"Let's have some wine," she whispered. She poured the dark liquid into two plastic glasses. With a glance at him, she pulled a tiny capsule from her bag of 'goodies', pulled it apart and poured the contents into one of the cups. She handed it to Daniel.

He took a drink, wrinkled his nose at the odd, bitter taste. The second sip was just as bad. The lights in the room were looking funny now, long narrow tails extended from each one. He took a couple more sips, then put the glass down. It wasn't worth drinking.

Betsy laid down on the bed beside him, ran her hand up and down his torso. "You are so handsome…so virile," she told him.

He smiled. "Yeah?"

"Oh, yes. What do you think of me?" she asked, running her hand from her waist to her hip and back again.

He frowned now, then shrugged. "Okay, I guess." He couldn't focus well enough to really see her at this point.

The comment was like a knife in her heart. She had heard him call that skinny bitch beautiful! She wanted him to call her beautiful! "Don't you think I'm…attractive?"

He looked at her again. He was feeling flushed, his cock was getting hard and he needed relief. "Yeah, sure, you're attractive…whatever," he mumbled, barely able to speak. His body recognized a woman, and that was what he needed. He reached for her, grabbed her by the nape of the neck and pulled her toward him. He shoved his tongue into her mouth, something in the back of his brain poking him…something about her lips and his tongue and a combination…

Her heart was pounding, her body trembling with desire as he kissed her. Oh, god, it had been so long! She hadn't been with man in nearly eight years…not since she had realized that she loved Daniel Jackson, and no other man would do. She kissed him back, her tongue pushing into his mouth. He jerked away slightly as she did so. His hands were moving over her breasts, squeezing, massaging, pinching her nipples.

He tore at the filmy material that covered her, tossed it over his shoulder. He lowered his head to her breasts, again his brain informed him that something was wrong. He pushed the feeling away. His cock hurt, and he needed to fuck something…now!

"Oh, Danny," she breathed, as he suckled. She ran her hands up and down his arms. "That's right, baby, suck my titties."

He frowned at her comment…it didn't sound…right. Casey didn't call him 'Danny', she didn't say things like…that. He pulled the tiny panties from her hips, used his fingers to open her, not coherent enough to realize that she wasn't ready for him, and shoved himself into her. He frowned, pushed again. What the hell was going on? Something was wrong…

She almost screamed when he entered her…when he continued to push her body instinctively pulled away. She couldn't take all of him…there was no way…at least, not yet. Soon, after they had made love a few more times, she was sure that she would…stretch.

Daniel was thrusting in as far as he could, pulling out and pushing in again. Finding absolutely no satisfaction in a hole that didn't accept him. He rolled to his back and grabbed her by the neck again, shoving her face into his groin. "Suck me," he groaned. If he couldn't fuck her, she could suck him off. He had to get off… he had to come! That something in the back of his mind told him that it was all wrong…the baser part told him that he needed relief, and the body beside him could provide it.

She hesitated. She could smell herself on him…knew that she would taste herself…"No, Danny, please…"

Something dark and angry moved across his mind. He slapped her. "Suck me, goddamn it! Now!"

Startled, Betsy obeyed. When he tugged at her, grabbed her hips and pulled her around so that he could taste her, she started to relax. Danny liked it rough. Okay, she could handle that… she could get used to it.

He shoved his tongue inside her, turned his head away, spat at the floor. Bitter. Too salty. Not right. Should be sweet. And why in the hell wasn't she sucking him off? He could feel her mouth moving up and down, but she wasn’t doing it right. So desperate for relief that he was nearly beside himself, he shoved her away from him. He moved up onto his knees, grabbed her hips and pushed against her virgin ass. That hadn't been his intention, but at this point his brain had shut down, his body was in complete control.

"Oh, god, Danny, no…please…no!" Betsy cried. She screamed when he shoved his throbbing cock deep into her ass.

Oh, yeah, this was better. All the way in now. Yeah, nice and steady. He felt the warmth, didn't realize it was blood. The woman beneath him was sobbing as he continued to move in and out of her, although his brain couldn't recognize the sounds.

The pain was unbearable. She screamed again as he pushed his way farther into her body. An epiphany told her that this was not how it was for him when he made love to that skinny little blonde bitch. She knew, in her heart of hearts, that he was gentle, kind…and that most likely that little bitch was able to take him completely, satisfy him totally. Otherwise he wouldn't have been so…surprised…that he couldn't get all the way inside her. She cried harder. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be! It was supposed to be beautiful and special and sweet and make her tingle from her nose to her toes!

So close…so damned close…he could feel the release building up…but still…something was wrong. The drugs, and the alcohol were starting to fade from his system. His Quickening was working overtime to rid his body of the unaccustomed narcotics. He looked down, gasped at the sight of blood on her ass and his cock. He pulled away from her, she cried out again. He looked around. Through a door on the opposite side of the room he could see a toilet. Daniel crawled off of the bed and staggered into the bathroom. There was only a shower, and a small one at that. He turned on the water, was glad to see a bar of soap on the sink; he grabbed it and stepped under the water. His hand worked over his aching flesh, just like it had that night…he closed his eyes, could see her beautiful green eyes watching him, so full of Fire…could hear her soft murmurs of love…"Casey," he whispered, just as he started coming. It was release, he found relief, but it was not as pleasing as making love with his beautiful Wife.

Betsy stood at the door, tears running down her cheeks, blood running down her thighs, her body sore and abused. At the sound of his wife's name on his lips, she grimaced. She would make him love her…or she would kill him!

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