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Happy Birthday, Darlin'

Chapter 15

"Do you swear that the testimony that you are about to give today is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

"I swear."

"Please state your full name for the record."

"Doctor Daniel Melburn Jackson."

"Please be seated."

Mr. Carlisle approached him. "Doctor Jackson, can you tell the court what happened on Sunday, March Twenty-third of this year?"

"Yes." My whole friggin' world was torn apart! My Wife was shot…injected with those fucking nanobots…my baby girl hurt, my son cried so hard he had a seizure. That's what happened on my Wife's birthday!

"Please do so."

"I was taking my family home, we'd had lunch with Casey's…er…my Wife's parents. Just like every Sunday…"




The prosecuting attorney had led Daniel through the events of that morning carefully, making certain that every detail was laid out for the jury. Thirty minutes later he was just getting to questions about the actual abduction. "Doctor Jackson, you testified that you were jabbed with a needle, in the neck, as soon as you exited the vehicle."

"That's right." Yeah, and everything went to hell…I couldn't protect my family! Goddamn it, I couldn't protect them!

"How long before the drugs injected into you took affect?"

"Just a few seconds. I was coherent enough when she shot my Wife, when she threatened my children." That bitch was going to kill my children…my precious little girl, my precious son…the bitch was going to kill them!

"When did you realize that your assailant was Betsy Harris?"

"When I woke up in the shipping crate she had me in. I played back in my mind what had happened. Realized I knew the voice." If she hadn't had that goddamned collar on me I would have killed her then and saved us all this trouble!

"Doctor Jackson, is it true that Doctor Harris…pursued you…when she worked at the SGC at Cheyenne Mountain?"

"Yes." I almost lost Casey because of that psycho bitch!

"Is it also true that she claimed that you had gotten her pregnant?"

Daniel's eyes flickered to Casey, where she was now sitting beside Duncan. Her cheeks were pale, her eyes wide. He watched her slip her hand into the Highlander's, watched as Duncan squeezed it slightly. Oh god! I didn't want her to know about this! "Yes."

"Doctor Harris did this because she was unaware, at the time, that you are Immortal, correct?"

"Yes." Had she known, the freaking bitch probably would have just turned us over to the NID!

"Why do you think she did this?"

"Objection, Your Honor! Calls for speculation," Ms. Churchill said.

"Sustained. Either rephrase the question Counselor, or move on," the judge instructed.

"Doctor Jackson, what reason could there be for Doctor Harris to make this claim?"


"Overruled. The witness may answer."

Why does a homicidal maniac do anything? "She wanted to break Casey and me up. She thought that Casey would leave me, and I'd…I guess she thought that I would marry her or something if she was pregnant."

"Doctor Jackson, before your…imprisonment…by Doctor Harris, had you ever had sexual intercourse with her?"

"Never." Not even in my worst nightmares!

Betsy grabbed Ms. Churchill's arm, muttered loudly. The attorney attempted to calm her down.

"Was the sexual relationship-"

"There was no 'relationship'!" Daniel snapped. The only thing happening, pal, was my imprisonment! She was doping me up! I don't even remember if we did anything, other than that first night!

"I apologize…did you want to have sexual relations with Doctor Harris while you were her prisoner?"

"No, I did not." Wouldn't want to touch that with a ten-foot pole!

"Were the drugs she injected you with, addicted you to, the only reason that you gave in to her demands for sex?"

"Yes. I had no idea what was happening to me." Because I wasn't coherent enough to know what the fuck was going on!

Betsy jumped to her feet. "That's not true! Tell them the truth, Danny! You loved me! I know you did! You just needed for me to show you that you did! Please, Danny, we're so good together-"

"Ms. Churchill, restrain your client, or I will have her removed from this courtroom!" Judge Andrews demanded.

Daniel stared at the woman, his eyes so full of anger, of hate, that it was tangible.

"One last question, Doctor Jackson. Do you believe that what happened to you during your imprisonment by Doctor Harris was tantamount to rape?"

"Yes, I do."

"No more questions."

Ms. Churchill stood to her feet. "Doctor Jackson, did Doctor Harris display any paranoid behavior, anything that would indicate that she was not in complete control of her sensibilities?"

The bitch is not getting off on a mentally incompetent plea! "No, she did not. She was in complete control at all times. Very cold, very calculating." There, dig your way out of that.

"If you were as 'doped up' as you claim, how could you know how cold or calculating Doctor Harris was?"

"I saw her eyes whenever I mentioned Casey; when she was about to give me more of the drugs she had addicted me to…drugs that are damned difficult to get-"

"Your Honor! Move to strike!"

"Sustained. The witnesses' last statement will be stricken from the record."

"Thank you, Your Honor. Now, Doctor Jackson, in your condition while you were with my client-"

"Held prisoner!"

"Allegedly held prisoner…how could you tell that Doctor Harris was cold or calculating?"

"Like I said before, I saw her eyes. She knew exactly what she was doing."

The attorney looked at him, then nodded. She hadn't expected to trip up Dr. Jackson, or his wife. What she had expected to do was to make them emotional enough to at least make the jury question their testimony. Even having Casey Jackson declared a hostile witness had done her case no good. She was losing, and there was no way to change it. "No further questions of this witness."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was standing on the steps outside of the courthouse. Daniel shoved his hands into his pockets, approached slowly. "Case?"

She turned and smiled at him. Her eyes were shining. "Daniel, you were incredible in there! You completely tore apart her mental deficiency defense!"

"Thanks. I hear you were a hostile witness."

"She was asking stupid questions."

Daniel chuckled. The sound faded as he looked at her, struggled with what had been revealed in the courtroom. "I never wanted you to know. It was taken care of. I didn't want it to hurt you. She'd already hurt you so much," he said softly.

"I know." She reached out, tugged at his arm, took his hand. "I always suspected that something was up, I had a pretty good idea that that was what she was playing. You didn't say anything, so I just assumed that it had been dealt with."

He pulled her into his embrace. "You're an amazing woman, Casey Jackson."


A  A  A  A  A  A


There were only two days of testimony. Dr. Montigue testified about the nanobots, the 'cocktail' of diseases they were swimming in, and the fact that Thor's help had been needed to save Casey's life. Emily's testimony shot down the defense claim that Betsy had not been the one to kidnap Daniel, or shoot his wife and daughter, that it had been done by a hired thug. As expected, Ms. Churchill called in expert witnesses to testify that Betsy Harris was mentally unstable, and could not be held accountable for her actions. Cross-examination had torn holes in that theory, basically stating that yeah, the woman was crazy, but she knew right from wrong, and knew exactly what she was doing. Both facts negated a mental defect plea. Dr. Montigue's return to the stand to explain the types of drugs used on Daniel, and their availability further dented the insanity defense, and strengthened the Prosecutor's stand that Betsy Harris had planned the abduction over an extended period of time. On the third day, the courthouse was packed when the two attorneys made their closing statements.

No one expected the jury to return the verdict that afternoon. But that was exactly what happened.

Casey and Daniel were sitting in the front row, holding hands when Betsy was brought into the courtroom. The woman took one look at them, and tears began to fall onto her cheeks. She began to mutter to herself, shaking her head sadly. She seemed to have aged years during the few days of the trial, looking much older than her forty-nine years.

Court was brought to order, and Judge Andrews turned to the jury. "I understand you've reached a verdict for each count."

The foreman, a tall man with a dark beard, stood and nodded. "We have, Your Honor."

"Very well." The bailiff took a slip of paper from the Jury Foreman, and gave it to the judge. That man read the paper, handed it back to the bailiff, who returned it to the foreman. "The Jury has deliberated on the matter set before them, and have made their decisions. Are you all in agreement?"

Every one of the jurors answered "Aye" for the record.

Ms. Churchill rose to her feet, tugged Betsy to hers, turned the woman to face the jury.

"On the first count, attempted murder in the first degree, how does the jury find?" Judge Andrews asked.

"We find the defendant, Doctor Betsy Sue Harris, guilty."

"On the second count, kidnapping in the first degree, how does the jury find?"

"We find the defendant, Doctor Betsy Sue Harris, guilty."

"On the third count, unlawful imprisonment, how does the jury find?"

"We find the defendant, Doctor Betsy Sue Harris, guilty."

"On the fourth count, endangering minors, how does the jury find?"

"We find the defendant, Doctor Betsy Sue Harris, guilty."

"On the fifth count, possession of controlled narcotics, how does the jury find?"

"We find the defendant, Doctor Betsy Sue Harris, guilty."

"On the sixth count, unlawful administration of a controlled substance, how does the jury find?"

"We find the defendant, Doctor Betsy Sue Harris, guilty."

Judge Andrews looked down at Betsy. "After hearing the evidence presented to them, a jury of your peers has found you guilty on all counts brought against you. Now, I could set a date for sentencing, but that would just be a waste of time. I have full jurisdiction to hand down the sentence immediately. We'll take care of it right here, right now. Doctor Harris, you will be the first inmate in the new Gamma Correctional Facility. I am going to sentence you separately on each count. For the attempted murder charge, I sentence you to not less than twenty five years, not longer than your natural life. As stupid as that sounds, it has to be said, for the record."

The people in the gallery chuckled and smiled.

"For the kidnapping charge, I sentence you to the maximum of fifteen years. The unlawful imprisonment charge will bring another fifteen years. For the charge of endangering minors …Doctor Harris, if I could have you taken out back and shot for what you did to those children, I would order it done! As it is, I sentence you to the maximum of ten years. On the two narcotics charges, ten years each. I am ordering that these sentences be served consecutively. According to my calculations, you'll be serving eighty-five years. I am also ordering that you will serve no less than twenty five years before becoming eligible for parole."

Betsy turned dazed eyes to her attorney. That woman quietly explained what had just happened. Betsy whirled to look at Daniel. "Please, Danny! Don't let them take me away! I love you! Don't you see that? I did it for us! I just wanted us to be together! Danny, please! You love me! I know you do! I can make you love me!"

Daniel stood up, pulled Casey to her feet, put his arm around her waist and headed for the door. He had no desire to listen to the rantings of that woman, nor was he going to allow Casey to be forced to endure it.

Later, not even the surveillance video was conclusive on what had happened, how she managed to elude the bailiffs and approach the judge's bench. Two armed officers, new to the Hope Police Department, tried to subdue the distraught and totally crazed woman. When she had raced for the judge's bench, still proclaiming her love for 'Danny', she had been ordered to halt and get down on the floor. She had refused to obey. Or perhaps her mind simply couldn't process the command. Whatever the reason, she continued to reach for Judge Andrews. She was shot three times before she finally collapsed.

She died at the hospital two days later. One of the bullets had severed the aortic artery, and she had nearly bled out on the way to the emergency room. She never regained consciousness.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel folded the newspaper and put it on the floor beside him. He looked up at Casey. "It's over, Angel."

She was running her fingers through his hair. She loved it when they sat like this…well, she sat, he laid with his head in her lap. "I hear that the people on Terra were ticked off. They didn't get their chance at justice. And what was this deal about blackmail?"

"Betsy blackmailed the man who helped her. Then double-crossed him. Apparently he was having an affair with a co-worker. His wife wasn't pleased to see pictures of him and his lover together."

"Probably not," Casey agreed. "It can't be easy to be lied to, cheated on like that."

"No, I don't think it would be. Anyway, he lost everything; his family, his home, his job, and he's going to do seven years for the kidnapping charge. Mr. Carlisle said that under the circumstances, the man wasn't making rational decisions. And, he gave them everything he knew about Betsy and her contacts."

"Well, like you said, it's over. I never want her name mentioned in my house again."

"I like that," he said. He reached up with one arm, pulled her down to kiss her. "What time is Emmie's appointment?"

She looked over at the clock on the entertainment center. "About thirty minutes from now. Guess we should get her ready to go, huh?"

"Yep." He pulled himself up, kissed her again, then got off the couch. "Emmie! Nicholas! Come in here!" he called from the open French door.

The two came running into the room, wrapped themselves around his legs. "What, Daddy?" Emily asked.

"Time to get ready to go see Doctor Monty," Daniel replied. "I'll clean up Emmie, you take Nicholas?" he asked Casey.


He tossed Emily over his shoulder, she hung upside down against his back, squealing and laughing all the way to the bathroom.

Casey picked up Nicholas and carried him into her bathroom, and carefully washed him up before putting clean clothes on him. "Nicholas Jackson, how do you get dirt in your ears?"

"Wisten for worms, Mommy," he said.

She giggled. "Well, stop listening for worms. Why do you want to listen for worms anyway?"

He shrugged. "Jus' to wisten…they lives in the dirt."

"Yes, I know that they live in the dirt. Give 'em some privacy, huh?"


A  A  A  A  A  A


Dr. Montigue carefully removed the gauze covering. "Well now, that's healing nicely. I think it's time to leave this gauze off."

"I go to the lake now?" the little girl asked excitedly.

"Let's give it another week, okay?" the doctor said.

"Next week, Daddy! We go to the lake next week!" Emily said, smiling up at him.

"It's a date, Princess," he replied, returning that beautiful smile. She looked more like her mother every day, he thought proudly.

"Continue putting the ointment on the wound at least five times a day. It's okay to wrap it at night to keep the ointment off the bedclothes." He made a notation on Emily's chart. "So, Daniel, how have you been feeling?" Dr. Montigue asked as he washed his hands again.

"I'm doing fine."

"Good, good. No…cravings?"

"Only for Casey," Daniel responded, grinning broadly.

"Yes, well, that's a very good thing," Dr. Montigue laughed.

"I have no complaints. See you next week, doc."

"Yes, you will," the older man said. He gave Emily's cheek a pat, winked at Daniel, and hurried out to see his next patient.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The Jacksons slipped back into a comfortable family routine, Emily's fourth birthday was celebrated in the unique, loving way that only the people she knew as family could do. Daniel watched his daughter playing with her friends as he sat with those he called family. Casey had been having nightmares about the child's death, he had done his best to change them, eradicate those haunting fears from her heart and mind. Seeing her laughing, running, squealing with delight eased the fears in his own mind, calmed the pain in his own heart.

It was nearly midnight. Emily and Nicholas were sound asleep, had been for a couple of hours now. Emily was clutching the new baby dolly that Uncle Duncan and Auntie Tessa had given her, wearing the new pajamas that Uncle Jack and Auntie Sam had given her, beneath the new 'Princess' quilt that Uncle Teal'c and Auntie Carly had given her.

Daniel found Casey on the deck, watching the stars. "Penny for them," he said softly, settling behind her, pulling her back against him.

"Just thinking about how wonderful today was. My baby girl turned four today," Casey replied.

"Yes, she did." He held her, his fingers playing with her long, silky hair. After nearly ten years of marriage, coupled with memories of forty-three amazing years with her, he knew that there was something else…something…wrong. "Talk to me, Casey," he whispered, his lips beside her ear.

She shook her head, pulled his arms tighter around her slender frame. "It's nothing."

"If it's bothering you, it's something," he countered.

She shrugged. "How close did we come to losing her, Daniel?" she asked finally, her voice soft, full of emotion.

His heart clenched. He had been struggling with the same question. "I don't know, Angel. Too damned close. Let it go, Case. Please, let it go. It'll tear you up if you keep thinking about it."

Casey leaned back against his strong chest, let her head rest against his shoulder. "I can't help it, Daniel. All I can see when I close my eyes is my baby dead…then-" she broke off. "I keep seeing a sword just above her, knowing that it would have to be done-" The shudder that moved over her body was strong enough to shake him as well.

"I know, Case. But it didn't happen. Emily is fine. Let it go, Angel," he whispered.

"I'm trying," she whispered in reply.

"Come to bed. Let me help you get it off your mind."

She smiled. Knew the making love with him, soaring above the clouds and among the stars beside him would ease her mind, her heart. "I take it you have a plan to do that?"

He nuzzled her cheek. "One or two ideas, at least."

She giggled. "You're the doctor."

He chuckled. "Yep. Come on inside, babe. Let me love you."

Two hours later, lying in his arms, her body satiated, her soul singing with joy, her heart still pounding from their extraordinary flight of passion, her mind finally let go of the fears, the worries, the what-if's. She snuggled closer to the body she knew so well, loved so much, and closed her eyes. Both of Emily's parents slept soundly, for the first time in weeks.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Duncan looked at their faces. He would really prefer to leave SG-1 on standby for awhile, he thought that Daniel and Casey could use more down time. Two months might have seemed like more than enough time to many; however, the team in general, and Daniel and Casey in particular, had been put through hell again and again. Another month would have been good. But…

"So, what's this message we received?" Daniel asked, excitement in his voice as he opened the briefing folder in front of him.

"Remember PY2 498?"

Everyone in the room tensed. "Yeah, we remember," Jack said.

"Seems you've been invited to visit. SG-1 was requested specifically. We were given assurances that you would be safe. No implantations, no devices of any kind," Duncan said.

"They're ready to meet us…or maybe they think we're ready to meet them," Daniel said.

"Whatever there reason, I sent a message back accepting their…invitation. You leave at 0700 tomorrow."

"SG-6 or Marines?" Jack asked.

"Not invited." Duncan turned to Casey. "Talk to me honey, tell me what's out there."

She slipped her fingers into Daniel's hand. Smiled when he caressed her as he moved closer, held her tightly. She closed her eyes and looked. Curiosity…many questions…help?…yep… they want help with something. "They're curious about us…they have a lot of questions. I think, if we answer them correctly, they want our help," she said.

"Our help?" Jack asked incredulously.

"That's what I'm getting," Casey confirmed.

"Okay, team. Let's go make some new friends," Duncan said. He concluded the meeting, and left the room. Jack, Sam and Teal'c followed him.

Casey looked over at Daniel. The excitement was burning in his eyes. The chance to meet a new civilization, a culture that from location alone would be totally different than anything they knew was just too thrilling to pass up. She smiled at him. "Well, it seems your book gets put on hold again."

He chuckled. "Yeah, well, that's okay. The notes were finished a couple of months ago. I'll get it written eventually."

"I know. Then you can add 'famous author' to your list of accomplishments."

"I don't know that it will be so popular, Case. At least, not among the general public."

"Hey, you're the famous Doctor Jackson of SG-1, they'll buy it for that reason alone. That, and the photo of you on the back," she teased.

He grinned. "Let's go, Angel. I want to get that tablet finished up for SGI-9. Then we'll take the afternoon off. I promised Emmie we'd go to the lake this week."

"Good idea. Let's go." She held his hand as the walked toward his office. "Do you think they'll want another…demonstration?"

"I dunno, Angel."

"I'm getting kind of worried about us. We did it for whoever it is on PY2 498, we did it for the people on Dovinia Minor. We even put on a show for…well, you know. Daniel, we're exhibitionists!'

He cracked up laughing. "No, Angel. We were totally unaware on PY2 498. Totally unaware of …her…watching. As for Dovnia Minor, well, those people needed to understand not just sex, but love. Besides, it wasn't like they were all sitting right there."

"Hmmph. I still say we're exhibitionists. The scary part is, I don't think it bothers me."

"So, you wouldn't mind doing it on the dance floor at Esteban's?"

"Daniel!" She was so shocked at the suggestion she squeaked. "No way! Everyone would be…oh…so not funny, Doctor Jackson!"

He chuckled and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, Stud Muffin."


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