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Wish Upon a Star

Chapter 8

Sam had located the planet that Casey had 'seen' Geb going to. When they tried to dial to it, the seventh chevron refused to lock. The best guess was that the gate had been buried. They had no idea what was on the planet, and the Tok'ra had not yet responded to inquiries about it.

Methos was going to reprise his role as a System Lord, Daniel would be his lo'taur, and Casey would be his Beloved. It was possible that Ba'al had contacted someone before meeting with Seleconne, so the charade would resume as it had been. The only difference was that Methos would be sleeping on a couch in the room that was his, while Daniel and Casey would sleep together on the bed. Daniel was adamant about that part. No one was sleeping with his Wife except him!

Marine One and Two would accompany them, and the same Jaffa who had been on the Phoenix before had returned. They were pleased to be helping once again the Tau'ri who had shown them the way to freedom.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was lounging in the Captain's chair, her legs over the arm, listening to her CD player with the headphones on. Methos had agreed that she could wear the leather pants and bustier that she had worn to Dracia. And a leather jacket that she had purchased online. He had also chosen to wear leather.

"Are you comfortable, my lady?" Daniel asked, grinning when he came into the room. He was wearing a leather vest, and leather pants, as well.

She pulled the headphones off, smiled up at him. Damn, he looks good! "Yeah, I am."

He looked around, walked over to her, and leaned over to kiss her.

"What a brave lo'taur you are," she giggled.

He chuckled. "That's what you do to me, Angel…make me crazy for you, brave anything to keep you," he said softly.

"Alright, Jackson, that's enough of that," Methos said from the door. He could understand why the young archaeologist kissed her so often. Her soft, sweet lips were enough to drive a man insane with want. He should know. And he'd only kissed her once.

"Just kissing my Wife, Methos," Daniel grinned.

"Don't forget your part," the young/old man replied.

"Al'kesh moving into this sector," Sam reported.

Methos rubbed his hands together. "Okay, places everyone. Goa'uld from now on."

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c left the bridge to hide with the Marines in one of the cargo bays. A force field had been set up around it to hide their body signatures from any scans that approaching ships might do.

Casey sat down on the steps at Methos' feet, Daniel took his position behind and to his right. She looked up at her husband, smiled when he winked at her. She reached out and touched his mind, sighed when he caressed her in return. Thank goodness he was with her this time!

"Has it noticed us?" Methos asked.

"It does not appear so, my lord," the Jaffa replied. "It remains on course."

"Let's move closer, see if whoever it is will introduce themselves," the young/old man said. "Is there anything near here that would be of interest?"

"There are several inhabited planets in this sector," was the response.

Casey pulled her lip between her teeth. She was starting to get a bad feeling.

"Casey?" Methos asked softly.

She closed her eyes, reached out, listened. "Is Pangeria near here? They were attacked before. They guard their 'gate now. Maybe whoever attacked them is going to do it from a ship now."

Methos nodded. "Could be." He looked up at Daniel. "Do you remember the 'gate address?"

Daniel nodded, headed for the computer to find the location for Pangeria. Frowned at the results. "It's not too far from here. Straight ahead for that al'kesh."

"Damn! We don't dare interfere without blowing our cover," Methos swore.

"Contact Duncan, have him send troops in. Is there a Tok'ra ship nearby?" Daniel asked.

"I'm not sure." Methos stood and walked to the communications console. Within minutes Duncan had been alerted, and a Tok'ra ship was on its way. Because of the attack on the small settlement, the Tok'ra had put a ship in the area to monitor the situation. Lady Luck was with them.

"So now what? Do we just go on our way, or do we contact that Goa'uld?" Casey asked.

"Let's just hang back and see what they're up to. They know we're here," Methos replied. "And we have got to remember to speak Goa'uld!"

Daniel and Casey both nodded.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Wade was surprised to see the members of SG-6 and a group of Marines walk through the gate. "Trouble?" he asked. He was learning English from the team of agriculturists who were still there helping them with their fields and gardens.

"Looks like," Major Parker replied. "The Phoenix has picked up an al'kesh heading this way. Since you're guarding the gate and knocking out any Jaffa that come through, we're thinking they're going to try coming by ship. There's a Tok'ra ship on the way to intercept."

The black haired man nodded. "We do what?"

Tony grinned. "What we do now is wait. Sucks, I know, but that's about all we can do for the moment. We'll set up some defensible perimeters, places to fall back to. Might want to let the folks know they should head for those caves."

"Okay." He turned around, located Tyler, barked an order. That man practically saluted and ran to do as he had been told.

Major Parker grinned. Six months nothing! Barely eight weeks and Wade Michaels was running the entire colony. He was the man in charge, and nobody seemed to mind. In fact, it looked as of he was doing a good job of leading these people.

President MacLeod sent a message through…the Phoenix would not engage the approaching al'kesh unless absolutely necessary. They were on a mission, and to do so might blow their 'cover'. Major Parker shook his head. He was glad he was here and not there.

Wade followed Tony to a group of low bushes, watched as the man started setting out explosives. "She is well?"

Tony looked at the man who suffered the same affliction as he. "Yeah. She's doing fine, now."

The dark haired man frowned. "Now?"

"Yeah. SG-1 went on a mission, standard ruin recon. Except that she and Colonel Carter came down with some alien nanovirus. It affected Doctor Jackson and General O'Neill, too. It sort of made her…well …demanding…for sex, that is. Whenever he came in contact with her saliva it sort of triggered something in him, and he beat the crap out of her. Then some demon managed to make it onto the base and crawled into her. She beat the bitch, though. She's fine now, healthy and happy as ever."

"He hit her?" Wade felt rage flow through his veins.

"Hey, he didn't know what he was doing, he was affected by that virus, too." Tony said. He had heard about Dr. Jackson's reaction to the security tape of him beating Casey in his office. The SF's on duty had said that the archaeologist had looked like he wanted to die. Tony had the feeling that was exactly what Dr. Jackson had been wanting at that moment. He knew how much the doctor loved his wife.

Wade clenched his teeth, his fists curled at his sides. He nodded. He had heard many stories from the SGC team here. He knew that many things like this had happened before. But the thought of her being hit, being hurt. Hypocrite! You hit her! his mind shouted. Only to quiet her, he argued. And only once.

"I know, man," Tony said softly. "When he…uh…got…drugged and messed around with Ishtar, I wanted to kill him."

"Her eyes will see no other man," Wade said quietly.

"I know that, too. I'm seeing a great little gal. Becca. She's sweet and cute and…she likes me, ya know?"

He smiled. "I understand."

"So, are you and Ishtar still…?"

He shook his head. "The time for marriage arrived. I have no desire to be married. So she married a good man."

Tony studied the dark haired man. "I sure hope you didn't pass up a great girl because of Casey."

Wade shook his head again. "I don't want to be married. I didn't love Ishtar enough to even consider marriage to her."

Tony nodded. "You'll find someone, my friend."

"I wish for it," Wade said, with a sad smile. "A woman I can love half as much as I love her."

The young SF understood. Becca was filling his mind…his thoughts, his life, his bed. But Becca had yet to fill his heart the way Casey did. He had hope, however, that Becca would eventually manage to find and win his heart.


A  A  A  A  A  A


On the Phoenix, the ship that approached Pangeria was being watched carefully. "Not too close…we're curious, not nosy," Methos said softly.

Casey giggled. "That's certainly a fine line of distinction."

Methos merely smiled at her.

The communication screen came to life. Casey tried not to react. It was the same man she had seen in the palace when she had 'looked' to see what was going on.

"Who are you, and why do you interfere?" he demanded angrily.

"I am Methos. I do not interfere. I merely observe."

The man studied the young/old man. "I am Geb. I rule this sector of space."

"I am merely passing through," Methos said calmly.

"You have a ship taken from the Tau'ri."

"It was easily taken. They are human, I am a god."

Geb began to laugh. "You are a young fool. And harmless. Go away, I have business to attend to."

Methos didn't know whether to be relieved or insulted. He chose insulted. "Young I may be, but harmless I am not!" He was laughing inside. He was probably as old as Geb was.

"You are but a child. Watch and learn." Geb did not attack the village, as was expected. He chose to land. 

The Goa'uld was surprised to find Tau'ri from Gamma waiting with the men of the village. When Geb saw him, he nearly shouted with glee. He sent a full squad of Jaffa to capture Daniel Jackson. He would take the body, and fight the Tau'ri. SG-1 would never kill him, they would never risk the life of their friend. This village was nothing. Not worth the effort. When his men signaled that they had Jackson, he was ready to leave. Let the Tau'ri protect these worthless villagers. He had greater prey to go after.




Wade was surrounded, and he could see no way out. He was taken, roughly, by the Jaffa. He could only hope that the Marines and SG-6 had managed to kill the rest. He hoped that his village was safe, the people that depended upon him were unharmed. Hell! Well, the old man would have to make the decisions until he could escape.

"Sir! They got Wade Michaels…and now they're leaving!"

Major Parker swore. "Damn! What the hell does he want with…" he voice trailed off. Geb thought he had Daniel Jackson! He looked at Texas. "Get me a secure link to the Phoenix. Scramble it good, boy."

Texas nodded, hurried to comply.

The major told Methos what had happened, and why he thought the former slave had been taken. Casey went pale when she heard the message. She turned to Daniel, he held her tightly. "We have to go get him!" she whispered.

Daniel shook his head. "We can't just rush after him, babe. It would get him killed."

"He's going to be a Goa'uld!"

"Maybe not. When Geb finds out he's not me, he'll-"

"Kill him!"

"We don't know that, Casey." Daniel said softly.

"Yes, we do," she insisted. If it had been anyone else, Daniel would be as anxious to rescue him as she was. His own personal feelings were clouding his judgment! She felt that prickle of being watched. She turned to look in the corner, where she felt them. Gasped when she could make out three faint shapes of light.

"Daniel must be told the truth," the First said quietly.

"And that truth is?" Casey asked.

"What truth?" Daniel looked at her, noticed she was staring at the corner as if someone was there. His memory reminded him of her whispered thanks the day she had come home from the infirmary after being infected with that nanovirus. He looked at the corner, thought he could make out a faint light there.

"It will not be easy for him to hear," the First continued. "He will need you by his side."

"What truth?" Casey repeated.

The First smiled, and touched Casey's mind with her own.

Casey turned white, swayed slightly. "Oh, god!"

Daniel caught her, swept her into his arms. "Casey? Babe, what's wrong?" He glanced at the corner again, her eyes were still focused there.

"I can't tell him alone…please, help me," she begged softly.

The First looked at her companions, then back at the young Immortal woman. "We will be with you. This I promise."

She nodded slowly. "Give me time to…time to deal with this."

"There is not time, Casey," the First said gently. "He must know, and he most know now."

"As you wish," she whispered. She buried her face against his shoulder. What was this going to do to him? How would he react? How hurt would he be? Or would he be hurt at all? "Love you, Daniel."

He was frowning now. "Love you, too, Angel. What is it that you need time to deal with?"

"Please, we need to talk…alone."

Oh, god! No! No! He could feel his heart plummet. She was going to be taken from him! What about Emily and Nicholas? Their children needed her…he needed her! He looked at the corner. Knew that someone…someone important…was there. "I won't let you take her from me," he said firmly.

Casey smiled. "That's good, my heart. But that's not what they want. Let's go to our quarters, and I'll explain." She looked at the corner again. "I'll see you there?"

The First smiled. "Yes. We will be there."

She watched as they faded. "Okay, let's go." She held tightly to him, and tried to find the right words to tell him what the Triad insisted that he know. And prayed that her love would see him through this…situation.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Geb looked out through blue eyes. And screamed in anger to learn that this man was not Daniel Jackson. Wade watched in horror from a corner of his mind. He steeled himself against the onslaught of thoughts, images, ideas that were not his own. He had survived Drucilla Seleconne. He would survive this as well. He just had to figure out how to get rid of this…asshole…who had decided to invade his body.



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